2018 Midterm Predictions

Post em! Also, if anyone has any insight into how many House seats we can expect to take, that would be much appreciated.

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I am totally uninformed on what to do with these elections. What does Florida look like? I don't even know who's running.

I don't know the contender in Florida, you'll have to check. For Senate I tend to KISS. If Trump won it in 2016 and the economy stays good (which I estimate it will), we should take those states I think.

McCaskill has an uphill battle in MO, Trump won it soundly and she only won the last election because her opponent said, "If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

Florida is allowing 1.5 million felons to vote in 2018, so Florida will be as blue as is possible.

Fuck that noise. Hopefully we will have countermeasures for it.

The Democrats are so fucking scummy. They know that most of the prisons are either black or beaner and none of those people ever vote Republican.

Floridanon here. I think Ron DeSantis will win the gubernatorial race, if he wins the primary. (Putnam seems weak for an election, but he's still strong in the primaries) The Senate election is a tough one. Rick Scott is obviously the only person who can depose Bill Nelson, however, the election will still lean towards Nelson's favor. Scott wouldn't want to ruin his streak by ending his political career with his only electoral loss, so he's been delaying declaring his candidacy. I think Scott would win if he campaigned hard, and got support from Trump and other Republicans. I want to say that Mast and Curbelo will be reelected, but they're (((moderates))), so they wouldn't be the biggest loss. It's important to note that a lot of republicans here have to cuck out to Hispanics. Although Curbelo is definitely a lot weaker than Mast.

Overall I'm a bit worried about 2018. Republicans should be picking up seats, despite the MSM shilling that the dems are 100% going to retake the Senate. West Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio should be in the bag, but there's always the risk of bullshit rape accusations and McConnel sabotaging his own candidates. I'm not trying to black-pill, but it's important to understand that there is extreme risk here. If we get complacent and arrogant like we did in Alabama: dems will win. If we put in even a fraction of the enthusiasm we did in 2016: we'll get the wall and enough votes to pass a budget without the dems being able to shut it down. Godspeed boys. Got mit uns.

Wrong. The 2018 ballot will contain a vote on whether to allow felons to vote or not, they will not be able to during the election itself; however, we should make sure to stop this otherwise Florida will go blue in 2020.

Did felons vote in 2016? Tons of 'Ricans moved to Florida after the hurricane, I think it will be blue in 2020. The only way it wouldn't be is if felons were allowed to vote in 2016 and will not be in 2020, and even then, it'd be close at best.

Cucks will win.

Only this

Governor Scott banned felons from voting when he took office 8 years ago, they did not vote in 2016. Trump won by a solid 100k votes, and has high (((approval ratings))) here. Considering the economy is doing so well, he should be able to carry Florida in 2020, assuming felons cannot vote. Puerto Ricans did move here, and that sucks for our demographic make-up. However, I don't think it will be too severe. There are 200k of them, and a lot of them are young. (which means low turnout) Hopefully we can pull a Texas where even though the state is mostly non-white, it's still reliably red. The Rural-Boomer-Cuban alliance should be able to sustain the state for at least another decade before the demographic crisis becomes too severe, assuming we don't find ways to lower non-white turnout. (or preferably non-whites in general)

Kek has not abandoned us

Holla Forums has to be actively involved with the midterms like how we were with the presidential election. If I have to explain why, you need to find a tard wrangler to help you live. The (((left))) is so desperate to maintain their stranglehold and repeat a Moore-type election no matter the state.

Here they're going to use a variant of the zognald type shilling and insist all of the republican candidates are zionist stooges and cuckservatives. The goal is to find the closest thing to /ourguy/ and push that person. We need a list of them since last year.

It's important to differentiate between shills and realism. In all likely-hood there won't be a democratic solution; that is something we should accept. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight in any way possible. If men fought the Jews simply because they expected a reward then those men would never be willing to die for their cause, they are effectively mercenaries. Whereas the men who fight without even considering what the effect will be on himself is the stronger one, he fights because he enjoys it, because he wants to.

Just remember that next time you get called fox news because you tactically support a candidate who isn't literally Hitler.

If you don't know how to participate in the midterm elections, here is what I've worked out so far:

The first thing you need to do is find out what is up for grabs in your state, and who is available to take the positions. I make the assumption this can mostly be done with a brief search. It might be a good idea to do some shallow digging on the candidates in your state and return any notable info here to save other anons some time.

Second you need to find your polling place, some more advanced anons may already know theirs, but I went to this website I found since I don't know anything else and forbid me if I make a new thread for one question:

On the website, choose "Find Your Polling Place" and follow the prompts. It is fairly straight forward, at the end it will award you an address that is supposed to be your polling location.

Of further note it might be a good idea for some anons with developed graphic design talents to make instructographics we can spread to our spheres of influence since I'm not sure this process is taught anywhere with any consistency and we need all the participation we can get.

I hope this helps somebody.

==FOR TEXANANONS:== The senate and gubernatorial elections are having its primary soon on March 6th.

This. We're going to see every reiteration of posts like before the midterm elections close.


it aint 2007 anymore, goon

¡Jeb! takes every.single.precinct. user.

literally who the fuck cares?

Going maximum kikerdrive huh? Here's a bump


Broken window policing, stop and frisk, these are things that are serious game changers. How do you think jewliani essentially ethnically cleansed New York City? Taking back towns and cities requires LAW AND ORDER.
I don't need to explain this one, obviously if you're on this board you know why.
Again don't need to explain this.
If we actually get a candidate who says he is pro-white in anyway, then we should support him.
We need /ourguys/working hard for us to make shit happen.
you'd be surprised who you meet and the networking with other Holla Forumsacks you can make like this.
spread Holla Forums's good word, plus most of these are run by boomers who will probably just be happy younger people are interested in the Republican Party plus many of these chapters are small, if you get like 4 or 5 anons and hold your cards right you could easily overrun these things
Think local politics don't matter? Guess again, local ordinances and politicians can make a massive difference in your neighborhood. Even simple things like allowing section 8 into your neighborhood is decided by local politicians.

Do you think the American Revolution happened because Washington was busy LARPing at Mount Vernon? He was involved in politics and local affairs as were most American revolutionaries of the day, and they tried every peaceful avenue of reform first. Don't be a fucking sperg, go outside and get involved in shit.

We have to remove Bill Nelson

Not true the majority has to be vote yes the new amendment in the next election for that to happen

It's hard to tell the deadline is May 4 but the Potential against Nelson's spot is

Realistically I can see 5 blue seats flipping red unless there's pedo accusations or some shit. Missouri, Ohio, West Virginia, North Dakota, and Montana. We need to keep an eye on Nevada and maybe Arizona, but for the most part I don't think the red states are safe.

We need 4 more seats to have a filibuster proof majority.I can see maybe Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine, and Virginia as all possibilities.

Honestly if we keep the majority but don't get 60 the Republicans can just get rid of the filibuster. There's no law that says it exists. Maybe we should just try and meme that away.

Jeb comes in and takes all the states, every vote everywhere, ever.

I would say we need at least 8 new senators, to make up for those who will continue to vote against Trump or White America, McCain and Corker are perfect examples not to mention a few others as well.

Nevada will be blue, lost cause, too many women and Mexicans at the polls

Wisconsin—-Leah Vukmir will win the primary against Kevin Nicholson and beat Tammy Baldwin by a very narrow margin; Baldwin will challenge and prolong the recount process waaaay into December/January

the VA race for govenor was pretty close and a lot of people think Stewart would have won over Gillepsie. I think he'll beat out Kaine, but I also don't trust the new gov to not pardon another 200,000 felons. The 4 Dem seats in the house are all in districts that include niggertowns, so those probably won't change, district 10 is the only Rep seat that is questionable, should probably expect to lose 1 seat in the house from VA.

Does the 90day ban limit still exist here on Holla Forums?

bans are listed as "will not expire" but I dont think it is enforced like written

It must be hell to be a conservative in a blue state like Washington state or Minnesota where you have NO voice at all.

In Washington it wasn't so bad, but we just lost the state Senate and now Dems have total control as of last November.

But if you live in Seattle it's pretty shit.

This election is really important, and we have to start doing everything we can to make it so the Republicans win as many seats as possible. Despite RINOs being cunts who deserve the rope, Trump is now at the top, and the best chance of getting policies through that favour our position is to get as many seats for Republicans as possible. Hopefully some proper nationalists can win.

Go out and vote! Don't let Alabama happen again!

For OHIO anons:
Primary Election:
Candidacies must be filed by Feb. 7. — Write-ins by Feb. 26.
Voters must register by Apr. 9.
Election day is Tuesday, May 8.

For Governor, it seems professional speed eater and noted presidential/spoiler wash-up John Kasich understands that he's a universally reviled carpetbagger and hopefully will return to his home state of who the fuck cares where PA after vacating his office. The presumed gubernatorial nominees appear to be former Senator and current Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine (R) and former Atty. Gen. and five-time Jeopardy! champion Richard Cordray (D) who recently resigned from an Obama administration appointment. The only other noteworthy (R) name is the Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor. These two exact people will likely be pitted against each other for the same exact office again after the same thing went down in 2010 for the Attorney General's seat. I don't really believe in (((coincidences))). Keep in mind that Ohio is a battleground state, so there will not likely be many extreme choices either way anyhow. I could see this going to Cordray in large part because DeWine has a longer track record of not really doing anything noteworthy.

For Senate, frankly, I don't think anyone would want to vote for raspy Mr. Brown (D) if they could get away with it, but again with the old people. I haven't checked his voting record, but he's not liable to make many campaign stops if he was part of the government shutdown vote. Most people in the state would be more likely to support shutting down his face. The main problem right now though is that the clear front-runner for this seat, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, went to the bench citing his wife's health. The current candidates:

Rep. Jim Renacci — Likely the front-runner, dropped out of the gubernatorial race to run for Senate after Mandel left the field. Abstained from voting on HR 3364 (the Russian sanctions bill which famously passed 419-3…surely user remembers). Haven't dug further into him than this.
Master of Theology and Public Administration, Don Eckhart — A Wharton alumnus like the God Emperor; it's been tough trying to find out any other information about the guy besides that he really likes the bible.
Melissa Ackison — Pro-Trump tradcon. Otherwise, just some no-name small business owner.
(((Investment Banker))) Mike Gibbons

I may do further digging on rep. seats, but for now I know that the districts were drawn by the red team.

I predict more losers controlled by jews.

I've been reading conflicting numbers. I've seen 300k and 400k as of a couple of weeks ago. Who knows what it will be before November? Puerto Rico hasn't emptied out yet.

For 2020, I think Florida going blue is a foregone conclusion.

The GOP will not lose either the House or Senate. It will gain in the Senate and maybe even the House. This will be the result of the improved economy and the massive, worse-than-Watergate shitstorm that hits this year:

- Hillary and Obama illegally using the FBI/DOJ/NSA to spy on Trump (and maybe others) and be seditious after the election: the FISA memo etc.
- a corrupt FBI fixing the Hillary investigations
- the Awan IT scandal
- Uranium One
- Operation Cassandra, or Obama gives billions to Hezbollah and ignores their weapons and drug dealings and money laundering in the US
- Hillary’s classified emails investigation reopened
- the Clinton Foundation investigation reopened
- Trump's EO about corruption and human trafficking
- the (rumored) Antifa investigation, which connects to various Democrats and donors

The Democratic Party will be in chaos once a bunch them are indicted.

There's a good chance that one or more leftist billionaires, such as Soros or Tom Steyer, will try to tank the stock market in order the end the Trump boom. That's a wild card whose results I can't predict.

Maybe you've forgotten that Soros already made that gambit literally the day after the election. It created a blip for half a day and was immediately erased the very next day. It's been all upside since. Soros has very little power in this area. His entire fortune would amount to very little in the daily traffic of the global markets.

Anyone know anything about Pennsylvania? Our supreme court ruled that the lawfully drawn districts have to be redrawn because democrats don't like them. I didn't realize it was illegal to draw district lines if the dems don't approve it first, but that's what the court says (the judges are 5-2 favoring democrats and votes on this issue were along party lines).

Will the new districts have to be drawn before the midterms? Is PA fucked? I wouldn't care if Toomey got his shit pushed in but we can't let another democrat in the senate.

See .

trump won most of these states on the economy, which has greatly improved since he got elected, the democrats will cheat but I'd be surprised if they can cheat enough to change anyrthing

thanks user, must have missed this one

Didn't have any countermeasures for Virginia. Terry McAuliffe flooded the state with illegals and let thousands of felons vote. (((They))) targeted the shit out of Virginia because it was the heart of the Confederacy.

I'm trying to amass as many funs as I can before VA goes the way of MD.

Here's the proof that Greg Abbott is a typical Zionist cuckservative. He denies the Texan town of Dickinson relief funds from being affected by Hurricane Harvey, for not supporting Israel.








The purpose of this thread is to provide Holla Forums a convenient guide to the 2018 midterms, and a platform to take action to achieve specific objectives that will prevent any semblance of a “Blue Wave.”


November 6, 2018 → THE BIG ONE. This is when you’ll cast your votes to elect your choices to the House of Representatives and the Senate

March 18, 2018 → Pennsylvania special election for the 18th Congressional District; likely Republican but the Democrats have a strong candidate and you can bet your ass that they’ll be gunning for this seat

other things to do once those are done

[ ] sign up for the Democrats’ mailing list on obstructionistlosers.com/ to keep an eye out for what they want to do in your area

[ ] sign up for the Republican’s mailing list on gop.com/ to keep an eye out for what they want to do in your area
[ ]think of all the family members and friends you know who are willing to vote against the Democrats, and get them to register to vote if they haven’t yet, and CONSTANTLY REMIND THEM THAT NOVEMBER 6 IS THE BIG DAY. Do whatever it takes. If you have a younger Gen Z sister who hates the Democrats and recently turned 18, get her to stop taking selfies and take some time to register. Prepare a family / friend party for November 6 or close to it. Anything along those lines. If you’re a hot chick (or a girl who isn’t a landwhale, really) get your beta orbiters to vote.

[ ] if you know people willing to vote Democrat, think of all the ways to redpill or demotivate them; obviously this will vary on a case-by-case basis

[ ] share what you know about how each candidate is perceived in your area (e.g. I live in Indiana and Joe Donnelly isn't even popular among progressives; I live in NYC and many people here won't even bother going out to vote for Gillibrand)

[ ] share your ideas on how to improve this general

2016 Presidential Election: 2,841,005 Trump (51.69%) to 2,394,164 Hillary (43.56%)
2016 House Elections: 2,996,017 GOP (58.17%) to 2,154,523 DEM (41.83%) 1.85% downward GOP swing from 2014
2016 Senate Election: 3,118,567 GOP – 58% to 1,996,908 DEM – 37.2%

Who here lives in Ohio? How many people do you know will vote this November? What will you be doing for the midterms? Any ideas?

2016 Presidential Election: 2,970,733 Trump (48.18%) to 2,926,441 Hillary (47.46%)
2016 House Elections: 3,096,576 GOP (53.91%) to 2,625,157 DEM (45.70%) 1.63% downward GOP swing from 2014, 1.24% upward DEM swing from 2014
2016 Senate Election: 2,951,702 GOP (48.8%) to 2,865,012 (47.3%)


2016 Presidential Election: 2,279,543 Trump (47.5%) to 2,268,839 Hillary (47.27%)
2016 House Elections: 2,243,402 GOP (48.03%) to 2,193,980 DEM (46.97%) – 0.55% upward swing from 2014 for the GOP, 2.2% downward swing from 2014 for the Democrats
2014 Senate Election: 1.290,199 GOP (41.3%) to 1,704,936 DEM (54.6%)


2016 Presidential Election: 1,405,284 Trump (47.22%) to 1,382,536 Hillary (46.45%)
2016 House Elections: 1,270,279 GOP (45.8%) to 1,379,996 DEM (49.75%)
2016 Senate Election: 1,479,471 GOP (50.2%) to 1,380,335 DEM (46.8%)


2016 Presidential Election: 1,405,284 Trump (47.22%) to 1,382,536 Hillary (46.45%)
2016 House Elections: 1,270,279 GOP (45.8%) to 1,379,996 DEM (49.75%)
2016 Senate Election: 1,479,471 GOP (50.2%) to 1,380,335 DEM (46.8%)

2016 Presidential Election: 4,617,886 Trump (49.02%) to 4,504,975 Hillary (47.82%)
2016 House Elections: 4,733,630 GOP (54.71%) to 3,985,050 DEM (45.21%)
2016 Senate Election: 4,835,191 GOP (52%) to 4,122,088 DEM (44.3%)

2016 Presidential Election: 1,769,443 Trump (44.41%) to 1,981,473 Hillary (49.73%)
2016 House Elections: 1,843,010 GOP (48.74%) to 1,859,426 DEM (49.17%) – 4.82% downward swing from 2014 for the GOP, 9.55% upward swing from 2014 for the Democrats
2014 Senate Election: 1,073,667 DEM (49.1%) to 1,055,940 GOP (48.3%)

2016 Presidential Election: 1,322,951 Trump (44.9%) to 1,367,716 Hillary (46.4%)
2016 House Elections: 1,334,686 GOP (46.73%) to 1,434,590 DEM (50.23%) – 0.03% upswing from 2014 for the Democrats, 0.20% upswing from 2014 for the Republicans
2016 Senate Election: 850,227 GOP (42.9%) to 1,053,205 DEM (53.2%)

2016 Presidential Election: 512,058 Trump (45.5%) to 539,260 Hillary (47.92%)
2016 House Elections: 498,104 GOP (46.19%) to 508,113 DEM (47.11%)
2016 Senate Election: 495,079 GOP (44.7%) to 521,994 DEM (47.1%)

There is a 99% chance that this guy, Josh Hawley, Missouri's current AG will be the Republican nominee. The entire MO republican leadership has already come out in support of him and Trump even told him to run when he gave a speech with the governor here a few months ago. The downside is that he is one of McConnell's proteges, but he has begun to show open defiance to him. He is young, articulate, inoffensively likeable, and as far as I can tell squeaky clean. The fact that he is not a Boomer is a giant plus, too. Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin was a retarded evangelical who blew an easy election because his entire platform started and ended with abortion.

I think McCaskill will be gone. She will be only running on pity support since she has breast cancer while shilling her "moderate" record in the Senate. And this time she won't have the black turnout that boosted her to victory when Obama ran for reelection in 2012. Still, there is a lot of niggers in St. Louis and KC that can be bused around…


Red Alert:

The Florida State Legislature has just approved Amendment IV - The Right for Felons to Vote Act to be on the November ballot after the nigger rights supporting the measure claimed it got around 800k signatures on its petition. The GOP-controlled State legislature is thinking of passing a bill that will restore the nigger's rights only if jewdge grants his/her approval. If not, this amendment requires, I believe, a two-thirds majority (if not just sixty percent) to officially pass so it's a tough sell, but it's Florida - there's enough cucked-up people down here for it to pass.

So Governor Scott, DeSantis, and Putnam (if he beats DeSantis in the primary) now have it even more tougher thanks to this.

We're talking about 1.5 million felons who'd get their voting rights restored if this amendment passes (the vast majority of them niggers, of course.)


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discord server number→9atThU join outer heaven.

This is true. We can’t however overlook the fact there are certain families who have power over the financial world that make Soros look insignificant. They don’t seem to want Trump out particularly but they are smart enough not to give any indicators before pulling a scheme.

AZ is only technically red. McCain and Flake are both RINOs who need to be voted out next election. Add in all the commifornia idiots moving in, and we might flip. Probably not in the next election, but easily within the next 10 years, if we don't do any corrective action. If there are any AZanons who aren't politically active, get your asses to the GOP meetings in your area. You will be received with open arms, more so if you sign up to be a precinct committeeman.

Is there any guide to ethnically cleansing your area, but not actually going full 14/88? Democrats call everything under the sun racist, so it's hard to tell what would actually be an effective tactic. I'd love to try shilling for pro-white policies at local meetings, under the guise of some cuckservative nonsense.

The ricans plus felons would sink this state. There's just no way we could overcome all of that. Hopefully this is 4d chess, and their plan is to vote on it while there's still a good chance of it not passing, so that they can say they already tried and failed if dems try again once the state is less white.>How do you think jewliani essentially ethnically cleansed New York City?

They are. That's just a fact.

The Complete Red Storm Todo-List


[ ] use a disposable email and sign up for The Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and any other online leftist space you feel like; start racking up posts masquerading as a leftist (shouldn’t be hard, just rant about Russian bots, mimic their quirks like “yet another scared little white male afraid of losing power”); become a reputable poster so that you can set things up for later psy-ops

[ ] make a fake leftist Twitter account, follow a bunch of leftists and masquerade as a soyboy / SJW harpy by writing up a bunch of leftist sounding tweets

[ ] make a list of all Trump supporting / right-leaning people you know on social media, Steam, forums, etc; pm them to ask if they’re voting in the primaries and this November in the midterms; keep track of them every once in a while to ensure that they do

[ ] compile a folder of memes and a word document of copypastas to make certain things more efficient


[ ] register to vote; register for the Republican Party if it’s required to vote in the primaries in your state; mark the date for the primaries for your state on your calendar; mark November 6 on your calendar)

[ ] research the primary candidates and incumbents in your area for the House, Senate, and Governor races; decide who you want to support, and keep track of them;

[ ] make a list of people you know in real life who support Trump

[ ] make a list of people you know in real life who lean right (but aren’t really in support of Trump, e.g. NeverTrumpers)

[ ] make a list of people you know in real life who are politically apathetic or on the fence, but can be swayed to support Trump and/or vote GOP (e.g. people who dislike feminism but see no point in voting; people who used to vote Democrat but feel disenfranchised by the party)

[ ] make a list of people you know who are on the left (anyone from avid progressives, neoliberals, socialists, etc)

[ ] have a conversation with or send a message to everyone you know who supports Trump; ask them if they’re voting this November in the midterms, and get them to commit to voting (use whatever means at your disposal; for instance, plan a party on November 6 so you can all get out to vote together); ask them if they are voting in the primaries, and get them to vote with you for the Trumpian nominee

[ ] have a conversation with or send a message to everyone you know who leans right but doesn’t necessarily support Trump; ask them if they’re voting this November in the midterms, and get them to commit to voting for the GOP (stress that despite their grievances with Trump, they still need to be aware that the Left is salivating for a ‘Blue Wave’ and that they need to join in to prevent that)

[ ] have a conversation with or send a message to everyone you know who is apathetic or on the fence; if they have left-leaning sympathies, don’t bother letting them know about the midterms, just talk about how you wish everyone would shut up about politics or something along those lines; if they have right-leaning sympathies, coax them into considering voting in the midterms by talking about all the things that could be fixed and what it could mean for them

[ ] have a conversation with or send a message to everyone you know who is on the left; ask them if they’re voting this November in the midterms; if they are voting, keep track of what they’re up to; if they’re the deranged type, use their offputting behavior as a means of swaying the people you know who are on the fence or have right leaning sympathies (e.g. ask them “hey, what do you think of that thing Alison McSJW posted on facebook”); if they’re not voting, keep track of whether they change their mind

[ ] IMPORTANT: Log your experiences on /rsg/ or /ptg/ (e.g. “I just got my 18 year old Trump supporting cousin to register; “this one black guy told me he’s not voting this time around because he thinks it’s all BS and the democrats care more about illegals than blacks”; “I have a cousin who keeps ranting and raving about Drumpf and am using him to sway my other cousins against the Democrats” ; “I just registered to vote thanks to this thread!”)

Flake the Flake resigned so his seat is up for grabs. Joe "No More Tacos" Arpaio is running for his seat, and he's firmly in MAGA territory. Hell, McCain and Paul Ryan didn't like Trump's pardon of him, which is all you need to know.

Personally I'm expecting democrat gains.
The establishment are suffering too much at the hands of Trump so they'll go to extreme lengths to ensure his removal.

I hope for their despair. Desperate people make mistakes. Let's see if they have actual voters or (((actual voters))).

Repiblicans for sure.

They'll go all out, but we have the high ground. It needs to be meme'd HARD when McConnel inevitably starts campaigning against /our guys/. It would be nice to get low dem turnout, a blackpill campaign might work, but the media is definitely going to shill about dems taking the Senate. It might be best to reverse it and make people think the dems are 100% going to take every seat in the country, so that they don't come out to vote. It would use their media shilling against them, just like in 2016.

Why would you watch a loser like this?

Bump for importance. Figure in how you can remind/educate voters of current events, especially redpilling people about dems and their complicity with trying to hide the memo. Even if it doesn't directly implicate them, all that needs be shown is just how fishy they act.


2016 Presidential Election: 2,819,534 Trump (36.52%) to 4,556,124 (59.01%) Hillary
2016 House Elections: 2,530,437 GOP (35.56%) to 4,464,934 DEM (62.74%)
2016 Senate Election: 27.2% GOP (27.2%) to 5,221,945 DEM (70.6%)
Who else here lives in New York? How many people you know will vote this November? What will you be doing for the midterms? Any ideas?
Over here pretty much everyone my age doesn’t seem to care about the midterms. That will change come November, and I’ll make sure the right-leaning people or those disenchanted with the left who I know (and I know plenty) will vote even if it’s an uphill battle. There are many people here who can be flipped to vote for the GOP…some former leftists (like myself) who used to support the Democratic Party, some people on the fence, and some people who didn’t care about politics until now.


2016 Presidential Election: 345,790 (46.6%) Trump to 348,526 (47.0%) Hillary
2016 House Elections: 316,001 GOP (48.4%) to 336,451 DEM (51.6%)
2016 Senate Election: 353,632 GOP (47.8%) to 354,649 DEM (48.0%)


2016 Presidential Election: 2,146,015 Trump (38.76%) to 3,090,729 Hillary (55.83%)
2016 House Elections: 2,397,436 GOP (45.74%) to 2,810,536 DEM (53.62%)
2016 Senate Election: 2,184,693 GOP (39.8%) to 3,012,940 DEM (54.9%)


2016 Presidential Election: 2,089,104 Trump (51.1%) to 1,877,963 Hillary (45.9%)
2016 House Elections: 2,272,460 GOP (60.26%) to 1,498,437 DEM (39.74%)
2016 Senate Election: 2,135,806 GOP (54.8%) to 1,599,726 DEM (41.0%)


2016 Presidential Election: 2,362,631 Trump (49.8%) to 2,189,316 Hillary (46.2%)
2016 House Elections: 2,447,326 GOP (53.22%) to 2,142,661 DEM (46.6%)
2016 Senate Election: 2,395,376 GOP (51.1%) to 2,128,165 DEM (45.4%)


The kikes are trying (((they're))) hardest to get felons to vote and a couple days ago a Obamao-appointed jewdge reversed the state's long-standing ban on felons voting. There's also an amendment the state legislature approved that will lift that restriction on felon voting, called Amendment IV.

DeSantis should win the governorship if there's relatively few shenanigans by (((them))), if not and the felons get their way we might have a nigger governor by this time next year, the current mayor of Tallahassee.

Governor Scott's job just got that much harder because of this bullshit. Now his staff has to file an appeal to the higher court to overturn this bogus decision and hope (((they))) won't pull another rabbit out of the hat and stall it so the crooks can vote in November.


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Does McCain rig things, how can he win time after time? He's been stuck in a hospital for two months now. I bet he would still win.

Thanks for outing yourself. Reported.

Arizona has the same problem as Florida, it gets flooded by boomers hoping to harvest shekels from the fruits of our labor in the last years of their wicked lives. And as you know, mctumor was a war hero dog bless, he fought the bad guys during his nightly radio broadcasts in Hanoi praise jeebus.

Been seeing ads for (((Philip Levine))), democrat for governor here in Florida. Anyone know about this kike?

I wouldn't doubt it. His wife is from an old mafia family, and they probably have a way of rigging it.

These kike courts are insufferable. They undermine the government at every turn, and use personal whims as their excuse… I wonder what stops us from subverting the courts.

Am I the only one that is ignoring any attempts at putting down this politician or that one as a zogbot? Without plain evidence of working for israeli interests they go around claiming that someone saying anything positive about israel must be a zogbot.
Those types of spam posts just need to be ignored.

Does anybody have the required autism to assemble all the main candidates into an easily shared meme with a heading suggestively asking which one will the Democrats accuse of sexual assault first?

Literally nothing. The courts have exactly as much power as the Executive pretends they do. Even the Supreme Court ultimately rules only by the consent of the other two branches, and it's the Executive that commands the men with the guns.

There you sit with your laws, and here I stand with my bayonets, and we'll see which prevails in the end.

They all are. It's just a fact. If they want republican party support and donors, they must cuck for Jews.

WVanon, can confirm that every candidate is either a cuck, a kike shill, or both


Dems will win. Take that racist bastards.

I work for SOROS!!!! LOL!!!

He's the mayor of Miami Beach. He's apparently raised over a million dollars over the past month while his demoncrap rivals couldn't muster barely ten percent of that. Looks like your standard kike communist progressive, wants to raise taxes to the extreme, probably wants to institute a state income tax, most likely wants to employ a bunch of legislation" for the sake of "diversity", you get the idea.

He held a rally in basically the Orlando-area's most influential suburban county's demoncrap HQ the other night, and he was greeted to a standing ovation in the end. I'd consider him the favorite for the demoncrap nomination unless the jewdges continue to intervene with the felon voting situation, giving Gillum a decided advantage in that respect.

I don't think a progressive of that variety could carry Florida. Senator Nelson and attempted Senator Murphy were all "moderate" democrats, the kind that could easily rebrand as neoconservatives if they changed their rhetoric a bit. Also advocating a state income tax sounds like suicide. Won't the boomers declare Jihad in defense of their shekels?

Long Island here, voting R this year like I do every year; Republican & Reform. Most people I know are either not voting or voting R's

Holla Forums needs to be more than actively involved. We need to take some local and state level seats.

Wonder how well Holla Forums fares with DNC bashing propaganda campaign.
Smearing shit on the party itself
And general redpills

just keep in mind, it was memes and funposting ie mocking liberals that won that election. anons were having a blast and good comradery came of it. it galvanized us. the shills will still be here and there, but we must acknowledge that no matter how much they get exposed (((they're))) probably not giving in.

quality discussion and conversation stimulated by equally quality memes is what must be maintained on all chans.

laughing my fucking ass off if you think Cruz is going anywhere in this state. The guy has support from Trump supporters AND never trumpers.

The Rush shows will be interesting

I'm confused you contradicted yourself.
Did you mean that he will stay there or something?

This might be fucking weird to share, but I love that I can go on the internet and read well thought out opinions like this.

Like I'm a fat bastard from Illinois and I'm talking to some fag in Florida and he's telling me all this important shit that he's passionate about for absolutely free because he cares about it and I wanna read it.

Thank you, user. Give em hell.

This is probably the best tactic. Dumb niggers usually don't vote anyway. What operation codename are we assigning this?

How is that a contradiction? He has practically zero chance of being voted out because of galvanized support.

I read is that he has support by both parties, ergo votes.
I imagine the situation being the opposite. Everyone in the Trump camp knows lyin' Ted Cruz on and never trumpers remember how he bent the knee.

I certainly do remember both instances



I'll vote for SECEDE Kilgore again but the state is too cucked. Abbott wins easy every time. Last time we almost got rid of Kevin Brady but he barely scraped by in the primaries and not enough show up in the runoff.

It would involve Holla Forums astroturfing as leftist shills, so something like /hill missile/ or /shoahblue/ would be kind of funny. It wouldn't be too hard, because we could just brigade online polls and shit in favor of the democrat candidate. They couldn't even oy vey it because that would involve supporting the republican candidate, which works in our favor.

It's still important to think this out though. I think it'll work because republicans don't seem to be effected by black pill shilling, but it's very easy for them to get complacent. There's also the danger that this would require cutting off support for a candidate from Holla Forums. /our guys/ need a full meme war, but this might be a good way to begrudgingly help neokikes because a 50% chance of agreeing is better than a 0% chance, and none of us actually want to defend neoconservative shit. I'm not sure about swing states though. It seems like this would backfire hard in a close election where every bit of support matters. I think at that point it would end up being detrimental. Similar to how there are enough mexicans in Texas to make the state go blue, but it's so red that they're all demoralized. Instilling overconfidence and complacency is an art form.

Cheers my Illiboi. It's always nice when people appreciate an analysis.

1.5 million felons are newly allowed to vote. Florida won’t ever be red in any election ever again.

get fit

get in here lads

So… We'll know where their money come from before or after the elections?

Not that anyone care about where their money come from, or how does that relate with their opinions or positions…

Bumping again. Now that perennial shitbag Mitt Romney is running for UT, do we still even consider that a win? Will he even caucus with Republicans? I mean, I get he is one of those cultists, but he's clearly not on-board the train.

Tattoo on the back left shoulder, user?Kimochi warui desu.

Romney is 100% going to stab us in the back multiple times, but he's also pretty much a Senator already. No one else has the name value to compete with him, and a Mormon neocuck republican in Utah is obviously going to be any democrat. These mid-terms aren't all that sexy because you have to support (((people))) just because there's a slightly lesser chance of them trying to fuck you over. These mormons are starting to get pretty suspicious. Why are they all so fucking cucked? They thought niggers were fucking cursed up until like the 70's.

Romney will also likely become Senate Majority Leader. McCuckell is old and basically useless and he will give up the position in probably a year or so anyway. Remember that Romney's daughter is the current head of the RNC. Trump will have to deal with both Romney and Ryan in order to get anything legislation passed.

Florida has a lot of white trash and Cuban felons who tend to lean Republican, and felons in general have an extremely low turn out. I'll also bet most won't even know they can vote. However, elections are rigged by busing niggers around and having them vote under the newly added names, or by having poll workers cast a percentage of the no shows in their ward for Democrats after the polls close.

The real issue with Florida is making sure all the Puerto Rican hurricane rapefugees go back to their shitty little protectorate before 2020.

It's gonna look like this because conservatives are too drunk over the 2016 Trump election that they think they can sit on their laurels clear out until 2028

Ted Cruz is the best shot. He's a solid win. Elections are largely name recognition, and while Ted Cruz is a kike lover, he's also not a fucking Democrat.

You are making this too easy, CTR-Chan~

Didn't they change things because of a garry mandering court case?

What are McCain's chances?

Yeah, it's like people forget that the government isn't just the President. It's looking that way. Dems have a good bottom grassroots organizing strategy at the moment. They're riding off a wave of populism like the right has, but an overconfident right refuses to see it that way


Minnesota is basically a purple state now and could easily go red in a few years. This election is especially important because both senate seats and the gubernatorial seat are up for grabs. Klobuchar will probably be re-elected but it's not impossible for a Republican to take Franken's seat.

Our current government is an alcoholic mental case who literally told residents they should move to another state if they had a problem with 80,000 somalian refugees moving in. Anyone, even a cuckservative, who isn't fully on board with this program will be a major improvement.

i meant *governor not government

I saw an article on (((The Washington Post))) that really wanted to get the message across about Romney trying to appeal to neoconservatives, but still not being actively anti-Trump, like the person he's trying to replace. It seems like he's a bit too green to be majority leader though. Who would Holla Forums want to be majority leader? Cruz?

I'm still brainstorming over ideas to make the dems over complacent, but still keeping energy in the republicans. It's kind of hard because there isn't as much of a smug assurance of victory on the dem's side anymore. Pushing the fact that the Senate has blocked Trump the most is probably the best way to try and appeal to the drumpfkins, and a lot of the candidates seem very neocuck'd so they might turnout too. We should win this, but so few people give a fuck about the mid-terms that it's rather concerning. I looked at the 2020 Senate election and we're not going to have many opportunities to pick up seats there, so this is a make or break moment. Every senator who wins in 2018 would be in office at least until 2024, the year Trump's second term could end.

There's been a lot of "suburbanization" in the rust belt. It's really a godsend because, demographically speaking, we cannot hold onto Florida forever. It would be hilarious of Illinois started going red despite chicongo.

Cruz would be a better majority leader, yeah.

>caring about (((US)))(((elections))))
This board really has went to shit, hasn't it


t. brainlet varg follower who doesn't understand the impact politics has on demographics

My Prediction:
Nobody here will vote, but everyone here will sperg about the results.

Screencap for future evidence.

Reported for not even trying.

I mean, I'm voting for sure. My prediction is there is very little Republican vote in general. We need to get white conservatives involved in politics in general.

There's a lot of that here too, frankly, but that might be just chronic (1) shitposters like
diluting the discussion with blackpills. There was a constant drumbeat of how R's are going to lose big midterms because Trump sucks so bad, but I do think that that talk will taper off since they don't want to energize Republican voters. In the presidential race, they had to cave to voters and let Trump through because it was watched so closely and people on the right were a razor's breadth from insurrection. This is where and when the kike chicanery will happen, at the midterms and in 2020, so we specifically must be vigilant and active.

Not even joking, I'm happy to hear your prediction about your state's politics, but is this considering all the shitskin 'refugees' being given citizenship and generally shitting up the Minneapolis/St. Paul area? Please tell me there's good news on that front somewhere that the rest of the country isn't privy to.

Blackpill libshits on the DACA question when it fails to be passed while Trump practically begs them to pass something. "See, your politicians don't want to better the DREAMers, they want us to suffer, just like in Flint, they just want our votes but back multi-billion dollar corporations as they poison us." Blackpill normies/whites against democrats using the same DACA question when dems fail to go along with Trump immigration reforms the majority openly want and agree with as his only precondition. Even if those shitbags cave and come to eat the wall/chain migration/visa lottery 'poison', you can still point to this because they deliberately dragged it out for months because they care more about their political posturing than getting what they claim to want.

I predict the Capitulation of the Democratic Party youtube.com/watch?v=Z7rdQNeGECw&list=PLobKZwtnCJylz5hb3mw-4WDsiVIypIzyf&index=7

Seeing as to how the world trends move across the board regarding mostly popularity…. I have no idea what the New party will be called, most likely something extremely open.

This is what I Spitfire Predict.

I Hope that we are headed for Turbulant times and NOT all out war with….

The Left must be given to blacks and the left must be abandoned by every serious institution, the ADL needs to be renamed to survive.

I cannot tell You Everything, You must figure it out or die.

t. literal boomer I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass who thinks trump will change anything


Howdy my fellow american comrades, I an registered republikan and vote of strong party for keeping america stable and great leadership. Make amerinka great again!

Last time I checked there wasn't a national socialist party with a chance of winning elections, so probably 0.

As if the NSDAP didn't gain its political victories by working with conservative and nationalist parties.

Another important election to keep an eye on is the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election. A lot of you might remember how their (((supreme court))) arbitrarily decided that it had the power to redistrict Pennsylvania's house seats. Well the Pennsylvania Governor is not just trying to get rid of gerrymandering, he's trying to gerrymander it in favor of the democrats. It would be a big win because the redistricting is likely to be delayed until the 2020 elections, meaning that a new governor could stop their kikery.

oh and the guy running against Wolf insulted Soros by calling him a "Hungarian Jew who set the country back 8 years" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Wagner

There's no reasoning with posters like him. Insults is all they understand. He seriously thinks a Clinton presidency and a Trump presidency would be the same. This is the political version of "I fucking love science".

He has no reason or logic behind anything he says. He'll call everyone who says something he just doesn't like a Jew, a kike, or anything else, but never actually argue for his point. I'll be voting, but he's too autistic to leave his house. He rationalizes his social ineptitude instead of actually changing things.

Honestly, it seems like you guys are a bit optimistic. Not a bad thing, but encourage people to vote, if the dems get a majority they will immediately call to impeach Trump.

If the Dems run on banning guns that will do a lot to energize the republican voters. There are lots of "principled conservative" cucks who are nevertrumpers and would have prob not showed up for 2018. But guns will bring them out.
Guns are a solid wedge issue and the dems are fucking retarded to push it now.

competitive races are
-north dakota(D)
-minnesota x2 (D,D)
-west virginia(D)

The obvious ones that SHOULD flip if you take away the possibility of running retards who no one likes are:
missouri, west virginia, indiana, north dakota, montana

west virginia is a little tricky since manchin is supported by coal miners there but still votes with dems so he might lost but not for sure even in a strong R state

indiana is a strong R state which now is like R+15 or so, run a decent candidate for an easy win there.

same story in missouri, dem senator mccaskil doesnt even pretend to be a centrist, total dem in a R state, should be easy to flip with a decent candidate, the state is like R+20

north dakota and montana have the same type of situation as west virginia, where you have democrat senators that people don't hate and are kinda open to voting for SOME conservative things, but not much, and those are 50/50 ones.

gop can win florida if they run a centrist pussy who appeals to cubans,

arizona will probably be a gop hold but a lot of beaners there so it is possible to lose it, trump won by 3.5% in 2016

Some important general things to remember:
niggers and beaners DONT show up for these midterm elections, or anything besides presidential ones. However, with gronald grumpf, there will probably be more than usual.

The gop WILL fuck this up to some extent, they have a golden opportunity to reach 60 votes. If they won all the states trump won in 16, they would have 61. (That wont happen since they wont win michigan or wisconsin again, but still, they're gonna blow a huge opportunity to actually be able to do something)

anyway here's my prediction
DEM 42 - 58 GOP

Florida and ohio centrist white normies are going more and more right, cleveland niggers in ohio wont show up, and ohio doesnt have enough mexicans to make up the loss. Florida cubans will vote gop by a small margin while the rest of the florida beaners dont show up much, which should be enough as long as whites show up there.

Nevada is a pure 50/50 one but i think it will stay with the GOP since mexicans in vegas won't care.

Again, the main targets SHOULD be, MT, MO, IN, ND, WV.

One other thing i want to mention, if the dems run on more anti-white stuff, banning guns, etc, they will lose worse. minorities dont bother showing up to those, that strategy would energize whites and get higher white turnouts and bigger white gop margins.

banning guns would hand the gop a win in WV, MT, ND, and probably OH

Yeah, the anti-gun rhetoric is one thing that the left WILL lose, and anti-white politics are good for getting whites out of their stupor.

Dems win when it comes to public services and welfare. Republicans lose when they try to cut services and cut taxes on the rich. That kind of shit doesn't look good.

The main problem with Ohio is what I enumerated in , namely that the candidates for the senate seat are effectively no-names. I really did mean to dig into Rep. Renacci to see if there was anything to the fact that he was one of the sixteen people who didn't vote aye for HR 3364, but work and life are taxing. As a reminder, Holla Forums understandably went ape shit when this bill passed 419-3 and it was seen as a (((message))) to the Trump administration. All the same, I think that this race could use an extra memetic push, which wouldn't be too hard since Sherrod Brown sounds like he has a tracheotomy.

I agree, but I feel that's the beauty of the ape crate proposal. It feels justifiable to middle class whites and lower class whites (if they're honest and feel any sense of guilt) feel that it makes sense and probably don't mind much despite the loss of cake, steak, soda, and lobster gibs. It also opens kikes to ridicule and demoralization if they think locally or U.S. grown produce and shelf-stable foodstuffs aren't good enough for them. By the way, if it ever does actually take off, expect kikes to contaminate the gibs so they can rail against the 'substandard' quality handouts.

The reality is, very few people actually give a shit who their senator is and will just vote by party, unless their senator has done something good at the state level.

So i dont think this is as big of an issue as people believe it to be.

I would consider ohio to be like a R+4 state but i wouldn't know if thats enough to beat an incumbent senator

Ohio is sadly a name recognition state and the population is predominantly drug addicts, niggers, and boomers. Boomers are the largest voting cohort and they'll be god fucking damned to know anything about politics or care even one iota about their children, hence why the rest of the state is predominantly drug addicts and niggers but I repeat myself.

On the matter of Ohio's vote, I want to draw attention to the fact that Kasich won the primary here in 2016. No one I know voted for him, and surely the libs didn't cross over to vote for corndog man. We have no particular love for him either, he's not even from this state. Presuming that shenanigans did not occur, which I am not, but if I were to, then I'd say that this bodes poorly for any challenger to Brown, even though Trump won the state handily against Clinton. One thing I'll give Ohioans is that they tend to be pragmatic and don't put up with shit that smells bad. It's just a shame most of them moved west to get cucked and didn't even get anything for it for the most part.

I have to disagree. Black and Hispanic turnout was fairly average in 2016, so there's no reason to expect a major surge of them now. The media will shill that, but if it were going to happen it should have. The Alabama election had a high nig turnout, but that's purely the result of more money and campaigning by dems, while republicans thought it was safe, and spent their time undercutting their own candidate instead of campaigning. I definitely agree with you on the fact that republicans are going to do everything in their power to shoot themselves in the foot though.

Republican politicians and voters still treat elections like politics as usual circa 1978. They don't seem to know or want anyone else to find out that there's a war on. Yeah, yeah I know, controlled op, but I really do think that many R's have a common interest with us in terms perhaps of principles, if not tactics.

That aside, I really do think Moore was a set up of some type even though I don't feel he actually did anything wrong, the neocohens backed Strange and kikebart and assorted shills backed the other contender. I believe they let him slip through the primary because they knew he could be buried, or at least that no one would question the vote fixing.

A lot of people who totally aren't shills have trouble understanding the idea of National Socialists working with cucked conservative types. En masse, they would prefer the far-right take power rather than the far-left. (This effect is what helped the NSDAP take power.) If conservatives are willing to back us instead of the socialists then it is perfectly rational that we collaborate with them, especially when we stand to profit. It doesn't mean we have to compromise on any beliefs; it just means that the people who have consciously realize the issues facing our world should work together with the people who subconsciously realize the issues facing our world. Most people who object to working with the conservatives are shills, but there are a couple of really dedicated NatSocs that refuse to work with them. They fight the racial war like a young man, with nothing held back, admirable, but mistaken.

Your idea about [honorary] Senator Moore are interesting. They've been shilling literally who elections as "referendums on Trump's presidency," so it's perfectly logical that they would attempt to do the same thing in republican primaries. That is to say they shilled the person running against the guy Trump endorsed as the "Trump candidate" because they knew they could send a message. A guy like Moore obviously wasn't going to get much support from higher up on the food chain, in fact guys like McConnel ran ads against him. Meanwhile Jones had absurd amounts of foreign money, and the media shilled the slander that he was a pedophile non-stop. The only loose string is why they chose Moore over the guy both Neocons and Trump chose. The answer is likely that he drove the Neocons away because he was very principled instead of being a liberal in disguise. Drumpfkins would have voted for Strange, simply because of the endorsement; however, Neocons would rather stay home than vote for Moore.

Also I'm still not sure I buy into the theory that Alabama was rigged. The Secretary of State investigated that one guy who talked about voter fraud on live TV, and there hasn't been a single peep from the bureaucracy. If (((they))) have so much power that they can rig elections without anyone saying a word then it's probably gg. Although the recount never happened, so we may never know for sure if it was rigged. (don't get me wrong it's obvious there's a lot of voter fraud, but it's hard to say whether or not Alabama was rigged or BLACKED)

Anyone have info on how to get on various Election boards in this country? I figure we need to push another agenda similar to 2016 and force paper ballots as the only accepted ones to cut down on (((Voter Fraud))) so those filthy (((Russian Hackers))) can't steal our democracy.

There's more than one way to rig an election. You can add votes (perilous) or you can subtract votes (harder to prove). You could also do what they did, which was rig the narrative in advance and coincide the post-primary phase of the special election with release of info that's impossible to debunk and trickle it in wikileaks style.

These can be state or county government run, depending on your state, and the majority are literally just panels of the top county major party officials. So, basically, you need to become the Chairman or Vice Chairman of your state or county's R or D party to be on the board. I don't see many anons here playing that long game. I agree with the verifiable, recountable ballot requirement, it should not be difficult by any stretch to do. The God Emperor has already called for moving in this direction, as well as with a national voter ID, after the voter fraud commission uncovered mass fraud even while their efforts were stymied by the Democrats. archive.is/Vjoue

I just moved to AZ from CA haha. I can't wait to vote against McCain, given he even survives till his next election.

What do you think of the whole McSally, Joe, Ward race? Ward seems ok but it's hard for me to support any woman in gov't since they are inherently prone to liberalism. Joe is awesome but no way he will win. McSally seems like a globalist kike and McCain 2.0, but from what I read she is (((favored))) the most in polls and news.