What are YOU doing to combat (((Esperanto)))?

You've probably heard of Esperanto, the supposed universal language. But did you know:
So what are YOU doing?

Ignoring it?

And the threat it poses to White languages? Notice how fast it's growing by the stats.

It was created in the 19th century, and it's basically a language college commie LARPers try to learn.

If esperanto is a danger to established languages, so are the Tolkien language systems. Call me when a country makes efforts to recognize it as an official language.

this tbh

Does "more than half as many people learning it as already speak it" mean anything to you? In terms of proportional growth rates, that would be like if 300 million people were learning Hindi, or 400 million people were learning Spanish.

Those numbers can be heavily flubbed. It's like how the inflate the number of Gaellic Irish speakers for the purposes of nationalism.

Also that's still between 8-20 million given the number of speakers is stated at 4-10 million. Given this is a worldwide phenomenon, it's an absolute joke.

Create a more cooler language…?


Who does that remind me of? WHOOOOOOOO

But its not. Because its only a small number of childless leftists and heebs learning it.

(((Esperanto))) is shit and I will discourage anyone whom attempts to learn (((Esperanto))) language.

My point exactly.

Languages aren't created, they evolve from cultural clashes, admixtures, borrowed terms and experiences of a PEOPLE, not by sitting in a lab masturbating to the thought of establishing an African Khanate where people speak Klingon with made up grammatical rules that >muh books tell you are correct 100% of the time. Trying to create or dismantle a new language is an useless pursuit, because it's about destroying a culture, no matter how cancerous it can be. Actively DEFENDING a language, a slang, even memes however is a much easier and much more important objective. The best way to combat Esperanto is focusing your efforts into keeping all the languages it's trying to replace alive, AND to dissuade those that are trying to learn it by showing them the beauty and culture of another.

Of a shitty vidya villain, when one of the most beautiful and technically cool engines ever was wasted in order to retcon Naked Snake into being a villain for the purpose of the continuity.

And yet somehow people speak it. I've seen people speak it, George Soros was raised speaking it, did you forget?

I never understood what the big deal about Esperanto when everything from Hollywood movies to fake news is all put out in English.


Because gotta LARP as the commie NWO!

It means a jew wrote the marketing. Fuck off with your slide.

I literally linked to the Duolingo stats where you can see there's more people using Duolingo to learn it than Chinese.

But why is that bad?

The entire Chinese language isn't a Jewish plot?

Reminder that Monero 'the official cryptocurrency of the alt-right' is an Esperanto word for money

See? We're being infiltrated!

I've never seen a book in Esperanto. I've never known anyone who knew any words in Esperanto. Esperanto was never offered as a class in any school I attended. No job that I've done has ever asked me if I could speak or read Esperanto. Esperanto is not used as the official language of any country. It has a presence on Duolingo because linguists enjoy studying languages, including useless ones like Esperanto. There are hyper-nerds out there who can speak Klingon and Elvish fluently. I'm not worried about Esperanto. It's a meme language invented by a kike. It's only seeing a minor trend of fleeting popularity right now because idiotic libshits are nostalgic for a glorious age of Communism that never happened and they want to #resist Bonald Blumpf. Everything it was invented to do is already done by English. If it ever does become any sort of commonly used language (it won't), I'll learn enough Esperanto to tell Esperanto speakers that they're fags.

The Esperanto Wikipedia literally has more articles than in Greek, Danish, or Bulgarian, so I don't know why you're not worried.

Literally who gives a fuck

I hope it gets even more popular

That isn't applicable because esperanto is constructed to be a Babel tier universal language. It wont impact the native speakers because there are no truly "native" speakers

There are people who are raised speaking it and knew it before they knew any other language. I met one once, it was freaky.

I don’t know what game you were playing, but MGSV looked like shit. Blame the 360 and PS3 if you want, but FOX isn’t very technically impressive. MGSV handled beautifully, yes. It’s a joy to control. But the engine is ugly and it’s LIMITED. High numbers of NPCs insta-crashes the system.

As for the message related to the topic, begin watching at 2:00 and stop watching at 3:00. Kuckjima doesn’t comprehend the “melting pot” lie and gets shit wrong in the rest.

Monero is the Esperanto word for 'coin'.

Selling off my XMR at the next peak.

Does anyone here actually know esperanto? I've only ever seen commie males claiming to know it.


There's actually a board for it on this site

Funny how the kikes roll this slide out every so often and expect it to work. I wonder if they schedule this shit out or if they just randomly pull up a useless folder full of general kikery to post every so often just to throw off the newfags? The script never changes. It is just a matter of when you will see it again.

And why would they be warning people about their own plot?

Esperantofags are a bunch of autist, that's why. Only two million use it and the popularity is decreasing since the 90's.

Checking those semi-wasted trips.

Anybody who would actually learn it is already a lost cause. I have no doubt that it was originally intended to replace native languages and destroy the culture they represent, but it has clearly failed. I'll start worrying about it if and when (((they))) make any real attempt to push it into schools or media.

what are you doing to combat the metric system?

Mi, por unu, ampleksas miajn novajn lingvajn superulojn.

Being an American.

Fucking (((Esperanto))). I remember I was doing research on how to learn new languages and every single site or blog I came across was shilling Esperanto as 'the best and easiest possible second language to learn'. Bullshit. The easiest possible second language to learn is one that is either closely related to your first language, or one that you have a vested interest in learning. The whole reason why (((Esperanto))) is being shilled is because it's a language without history. It's also why archaeological artifacts and discoveries are being covered up when they're not outright destroyed, and it's why kikes want a mullato underclass. Because when the NWO is finally achieved, that is how it will always be. The mullato slaves always spoke Esperanto, they were never anything but Mullatos, there was never anything before their civilization, and the Jews were always their masters.

Duolingo is not a good source. According to duolingo I am learning French, Spanish, Greek, German, and Klingon. I am not learning any of them. People tend to go on there, but rarely keep up with it. Also Esperanto is a joke language that will never really catch on.

I noticed it too. It is like every three months we get this thread.

Oh no what do

Googly translate mouse l likely

I read this whole thread and I cannot find any reason to be alarmed about this. Esperanto will never catch on.

So as many people are learning it as speak it. Why should I believe that any significant percentage of those learners will become fluent? For all I know, there's always been 2 million people learning Esperanto, and they fail most of the time

Watching anime.

Mi lernis Esperanton Duolinge. Estis tre facila. Mi sxatas lingvon kiu estas perfekte regula.

Gxi estas sxatokupo por autistoj kaj mi pensas ke gxi estu amuza. Sed mi neniam parolis kun iu ajn. Do, mi neniam renkontis komunistojn.

ironic shitposting is still shitposting, faggot.

Esperanto is newspeak from Orwell's 1984.
Newspeak is a language developed to control thought by controlling vocabulary and grammar.
If there are no words for a thought or, or no grammatical way to express a thought, that thought becomes almost impossible to transmit.
This means the status quo is much easier to maintain for those in charge.

the only people I know who liked Esperant were Sikh people. bujt later one rejected it because it was "too european" for a universal language.
it's fucking retarded.

I'd rather learn High Gothic

By learning other languages

iirc, my high school had a club for this bullshit. It was mostly asians in it, I believe.

Esperanto is stillborn, just like all other aritificial languages. It does not have an organic component, it does not have history and therefore it lacks any connection to the people. Yeah, the kikes constantly tout it as "da best language evah", but no one except a bunch of nerds and antifags is going to learn it, plus an occasional linguist. It is no threat to English, either.

Fun but slightly unrelated fact: the university I went to had a shitton of language study programs, from German and French to Korean and Farsi. But when a bunch of students (mostly Middle Eastern studies guys) petitioned the administration for opening a Hebrew program, some kike showed up in a few days and started yelling at the rector, accusing him of training spies to be sent to Pissrael and threatening to sue. No idea what came out of it, though.

Does it have a grammatical dubitative mood? If so, how do you say, "OP has ever in his life gotten laid (dub.)"?


Basque or Georgian?

I spent a few months studying it before I realized how pozzed it was.

Even the Holla Forums mods don't like the language

Basque. At least it has some life left on it, but I'm not sure if it's much.

If you use it almost exclusively in everyday life, see newspapers printed in it, street signs written in it and TV broadcasts in it, it's pretty damn alive.