Negro here

negro here.

What’s the best way for me to an hero if I lived in a cucked anti-gun state? I want off this shitty ride.

Just get a plane ticket back to Africa and commit suicide by dying in a blaze of glory after having gone commando for months or years, exterminating negroes indiscriminately in the jungles of Nigeria.

Tie a cotton gin to your body and use it as a weight to drown yourself. Or just hang yourself preferably out in public. Get creative.

Please don't go anywhere near the federal reserve.

Massive truck borne IED into a bank nigger
Do it. An hero and escape the shackles of your black skin and sub human dna

Forgot muh sage

Go back to Africa you lazy nigger.
They need you.

top kek

But honestly you might want to try get a massive gang war going, ideally between nigger gangs and spics.
No one is a bigger hero than the guy who starts the race war.

Stop posting here.

The problem is not your to fix so you should seek a new home in Africa. USA is on the way out within ten or more years. I strongly doubt Trump can fix all of the problems. There is a lot of Nero from USA in Africa so why not go there?

_ liberals until cops __ you



do a swan dive off a tall building

go to africa renounce us citizenship and rule the africa niggers as their kang

Checked ought dubs
Nigger should livestream the drop and splat

Excellent idea, except that a plane ticket & munitions cost money. He probably already smoked, snorted, or shot up all his gov cheddar.

You're just a jew. Negros aren't smart enough to use computers because of slavery and shit.

Go to Africa and try to not make it a shithole. Convince your people that they're better off staying in their own countries.

It's not hard, you just can't be a pussy for it.

suicide by cop should be pretty easy for ya

user, suicide is not the answer. cheer up, you deserve to feel happiness


Go to a club, chain the doors, and scream klan?

Show dem de wey?

If I were a black, I'd go to Africa. Stop the Chinks' imperialism, those mongoloids are gonna rape Africa for all it's worth and have no problem machine gunning down a mob.

There are a lot of resources that the chinks want to steal. They're trying to infest for a reason.


to maximize your placing in the next life either go out while wearing a moonman mask or do a classic sepukku

Pure nitrous oxide (laughing gas) tank and a gas mask. You will feel pleasant and loopy, while inhaling zero oxygen, and suffocate within minutes. You will not suffer the pain of conventional suffocation because that sensation is caused by the buildup of carbon dioxide, not the lack of oxygen. Since your lungs will be filled with nitrous oxide, you won't feel it. It might even put you to sleep (literally) before your actual death.

If you'd rather not do it with laughing gas, helium would work as well. Or you could simply start a car in a closed garage and sit in there awaiting death, glass of Champagne in one hand, Romeo y Julieta cigar in the other, Free Bird playing through the car's speakers.

It's a nigger, it would be malt liquor a swisher sweet and 2pac til I die.

Suicide is a cardinal sin, don't succumb to sin.

I encourage you to do exactly what we encourage whites to do; Live a healthy life in your homeland among your race. You're in a valued position. I gather you've been living among whites; take the knowledge and experience you've gained to your people, have a family with them and die a fulfilled man.

Return to your homeland, Africa, and teach your people the ways of National Socialism.

Although I'd agree for he himself, going to his homeland would be optimal. Your phrasing makes me wonder if you'd cuck out if you had to commit genocide on DOTR if a group persisted existing as invaders in your homeland. (Or is this one of those, killing is ok, but suicide isn't kind of things?)

Helium won't work because they started putting oxygen in it. Where do you get nitrous oxide?

Fun fact, your body doesn't really care if there's oxygen in your lungs. They start to burn when you hold your breath because it really doesn't like carbon dioxide being in there.
Pretty much any gas that isn't poisonous, acidic, or carbon dioxide should give a relatively painless death.

Simple my man, you just gotta beebo finna skibbidy bop bix nood gumma wumma mufugga, na mean?

What I said tbh. As far as the rest is concerned, you've got to understand the difference between Murder and Killing. Murder is a sin, Killing is justified. You kill in self-defense; if there are persistant invaders, you kill them out of self-defense. Murder more equates to abortion, moral absolution does not permit murder.

Car shops. You won't get med/dental. Or you could get helium at a welding supply. They won't oxy you.

Niggers lost all legitimate claim to Africa after Rhodesia. Niggers will never have a rightful homeland.

Bleach and ammonia. Mix them don't drink them. Well you can still drink them I guess.

>>>Holla Forums

I don't know about a tank, there's those whipped cream crackers but they're only a small amount. Not suicide-worthy.

If you're white, continue to live. We need you.

Kill yourself.

We agree on the distinction of killing and murder, however, although self-defense falls under killing, killing is a superset of self-defense. After all, in your Bible they certaintly do eradicate other people's under God's command, and one could claim killing in the name of the law is also justified (as long as it doesn't contradict scripture–i.e. obey laws of earth as long as not contradictory to heavenly laws).

I agree, that's why I said:
It is in his best interest to do so (as opposed to dying).

Redeem yourself by going tactical bowlcut on a synagogue

But jeebus said turn the other cheek.

Top fucking kek you're setting yourself up for disaster

Niggers can't shoot straight. They would barely manage to hit a couple noses.

Better to have two good cells than a bunch of cancer cells.

I will always be here to call you out for your seditious kikery and your unfunny, lab grown memes.

Best way to go is to remove as many of your coethnics as is possible. Put up a manifesto when you do so.

That's called a nigger. White Americans are actually white. Multiple European nationalities is very common, but not non-white admixture.

Every race but whites should be eradicated, yes. Especially the Jews, Moslems, and niggers. Perhaps the Japs could be spared, I don't care either way, but they'd have to be contained within the current territorial extent of Japan. They don't want hapas either so hapas should be sterilized or euthanized.

OP, just tell other niggers how great africa is and how they should go back. The freedom to do whatever they want without whitey oppressing them, really jazz it up, make it appealing.