Perpetrators (from top left):

Munir Nooraldin - 10 years in prison
Fouad Saleh - Life in prison
Mikael Chamoun - 14 years in prison
Amir Jabbari - 12 years in prison

Police Report archive.is/DspcJ

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Why do you hate diversity OP?

FBI pls. Holla Forums is a board of inaction

OP is a fed trying to get Holla Forums shut down.

Well, thats Sweden for ya.

Well that's a new low. That's the worst thing I've heard coming out of Sweden so far.

They’re sending their best too.

Fuck peace kill all those that oppose you

t. fucking fbi

The only way this could be any more cucked is if they fucking arrested the corpse.

Violence doesn't solve anything user! What we is more tolerance. **We need to start killing traitors and kikes. This is unbelievable.*

By the way only 10, 14 and 12 years for this shit?

Holy shit.

Religion of Cuck™ophobic racist keyboard warrior you are
every race does this kind of stuff, even whites
what is wrong with you, racist?

Fuck off, Holla Forums.

that was the point of posting it
hang merkel
burn soros alive
fry the rest of them

then start going through the list of reported criminals, in prison or otherwise and are muslims or other shitskins, and feeding them to giant wild boars in pits, hannibal lector style.
burn the pigs afterwards.
then give all shitskins and jews 1 week to leave europe, confiscate all assets before they leave.
whichever ones remain after that week, drive them into the cold northern oceans and let them drown.

Oy vey go- guys, why can't you just accept that this part of living in a modern, beautiful, diverse country? These poor children didn't really do anything wrong, if anyone should be blamed it's people like you- these innocent boys who would never hurt a fly can be radicalized to the point of violently murdering multiple people all because of your hateful demands to not let us bring millions more of them into your country and give them your tax dollars! The only thing more sad than the fact that these young victims will now have to spend a few years behind bars is that a white woman died before she could be shown how racist her husband was and make her enrich the world with non-white baby.

Good one Sinead but nobody is ever going to follow you because you fuck niggers and of course are a woman, women aren't followed but follow.

But was it real multiculturalism though?

That'll learn 'em! Fucking Sweden, get yourself together. You won't even be able to afford prisons before these guys have served their full sentences.


Those poor disadvantaged youths were just trying to break out of the systemic oppression forced upon them.
Is Sweden the new South Africa? Is there even anyone left there to save? At what point does Sweden become classified as a third world country?

I've already hit it with my "SHITHOLE" stamp. My world map is pretty my ruined.

Posting documentation relating to factual events is a well-known right-wing racist internet tactic designed to incite racist violence

Any white who does not like whites getting stabbed, shot, and bombed daily by innocent immigrants (who're almost all innocent women and chidren who just want a better life) is another Hitler or maybe double Hitler. We can only hope good authorities jail and heavily medicate OP to correct him


Jesus Christ. It's at the point now where all I read was
and I knew it would be depressing.

I bet they whited the iages of the faggots. Anyways,
That's why, if you attempt/do murder someone, you and your accomplices should all just be executed. Of course, not having trash in your country is another option.

Thank the jews Holla Forums.

Diversity is strength!

Has Trump mentioned it? Does Jr have a copy yet? Because that would be a way to spread this in a way they can't just sweep under the rug. Again.

Trump directly citing stories of the nightmaree in Europe would be a devastating blow to the media silence.

It's time to nuke Sweden.

Spread it then. Although everything in our modern, drowning in information society, lasts but a moment in the minds of the individual. Each of these moments can be taken advantage of to push people to a different worldview. Sure, they'll forget about this particular incident in a week, but the rage/hate/disgust they have towards these people wont. Emotions are nye permanent, even if memories are not.

I hold their lives in my prayers ever night mein Fuhrer. Please god, take the burden of life from your chosen. You hear their cries, remove their suffering. Alas.

FBI is right. There will be blood, lots of it. Just not right this second. We've come a long way no sense rushing off halfcocked now.


I'm speaking to Americans with that post. Europeans: FUCKING FIGHT ALREADY FOR FUCKS SAKE

Does it say anywhere in this thread that the Police chief in that area was complicit in this?
There was a break in this investigation that the police chief sought out information about this and that he was complicit in the suspects network.


Does it say anywhere in this thread that the Police chief in that area was complicit in this?
There was a break in this investigation that the police chief sought out information about this and that he was complicit in the suspects network.


How about a source for that so we can say that in this thread, faggot?

True, thing is with Whites it's 1 in 100 million, with sandniggers it's 1 in 2. It's fine if you like the odds, but you go to their land, bringing them here means they and you have to die.

10 to 14 in a 5 star hotel

I don't care how "sensible" it is to run for help rather than (probably) dying in combat, how does a man come face to face with those who have just murdered one of his family members and have any thought other than ending their lives. I genuinely can't imagine how you could do it.

Wait, if the person could ID all the suspects why werent they already arrested? It sounds like they were allowed to be free until a trial.

It's a little difficult to fight against an armed gang empty-handed.

How soon before they all start getting upgrades to their immigrant package?

How did they found out it is him?

In a random location with no readily available weapons, sure. But in your own home, where you already know the location of every weapon in every room?

I never said you would win, beyond taking some of the shitskins with you.

you have my vote for global emperor

If he went head-on he'd die for nothing. Being the good guy doesn't mean you win. Even if he went vigilante on them (which going to the police doesn't prevent) how the fuck would he track sandniggers? Approach random sandniggers and ask "hey have you seen mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Ahmed mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker?"

Either they have a buddy who's a cop or they paid a cop. I'm guessing the former, since they're dumb enough to kill people in the open I doubt they'd be able to locate a cop they can bribe without going to jail.

You run to the kitchen to grab a knife, the sandniggers shoot you and laugh. Only a retard would bring a knife to a gunfight against four.

I suppose we do live in the age of the cuck, instinctively fleeing from danger even if it means abandoning family members is the new norm.

I didn't get the impression that the sandniggers had guns though.

It's Sweden. If it were the UK the guy wouldn't even have a kitchen knife.
From what I understand she was already dead.
In the OP it says
I assume they weren't taking pics.

There's the distinct possibility that no one involved in this was white.

or a spoon, and the next of kin would be fined for getting blood on the murderers.

Good point. The shooting at the beginning slipped my mind by the time I was replying. Fair enough then.



play cattle games, win cattle prizes

Thanks, Ill spread this one a lot unless I go braindead and forget it happened by tomorrow. Theres so many atrocities, I guess I should write it down. Anyways, this is the fate of every single white if we dont do something. They infiltrate the police and then there is no justice, its just "open season" on whitey, and we are about a 5-8% population shift away from that in most our countries. Swedens already there.
The race war is already happening. Why arent you participating?

Decentralized P2P crowd funded vigilante Hit Men when?

Because this is the most cucked thing since lars watched his gf get railed and eaten by the jamar patrol


No need for P2P vigilante hitmen, soon it'll be total chaos and you'll be able to do it yourself and not get busted as long as you study "the craft" a little.

The moron OP failed to mention that the murder victim and his wife were both colored south americans and that their murder was ultimately caused by different opinions about how the spoils from the victims narcotics distribution business should be distributed. He witnessed because the gang were extorting him for a slice of his drug money. That was how he could identify them. BTW since religion and not race is so important to some formerly white christcucks, the murder gang consisted of christians and moslems, the victims (drug peddlers) were christians. No swedes involved. No white people involved. No non-criminals involved. Only moslems and christians.

I had a feeling nothing of value was lost. Still a good redpill on the worthlessness of shitskins in white countries.

this.. soon chaos will overtake the streets and you will be able to kill at will since the police will have either quit or will be too busy

Don't all Sweeds have mandatory army enlistment? They do 4 years of combat training of some kind?


To arrest the witness for a hate crime, right?

Six months to a year and that was a long time ago. By 2010 when it was scrapped entirely only a few candidates were trained each year.

They had a cop friend that taped into the intel that the cops had in their logs and they went after witness and locations in real time. The cops picked up on this coinkydinky and it got leaked out on the internet. But there is no sources or documentations of this. The cops just cover up their own shit.

This is pretty much the state of all news that filter out of Sweden to international news media. This place is going into the gutter fast but it isn't Mad Max yet as some would want you to believe.

Still worth talking about.

A few murders, police corruption, defenceless persons needing to call the police to live. Its got legs, even if all the parties involved are shitskins.

So gang members kill someone they're involved with, the witness gets pulled for something else, snitches, gets fucked by gang infiltration of the admin structure of the state, and eventually the judge goes Sweden Yes! and pretends its all youthful hi-jinks because it happened in Hallonbergen.
Apart from the police I'm betting no real swedes were involved in any of this.

I wonder how many years until Sweden declares Religion of Cuck™ as its national religion and Arabic as its national language. At this point I'm just waiting for the day when the whole country implodes on itself and causes a massive civil conflict that will result in millions of lives taken and billions in damages.


Are there any military or intelligence manuals to read? (Strictly for educational purposes.)

The worst part is swedish whites will migrate to the rest of the west and shit up those places too. Reject swedish migrants.

Non-whites can't be christian anymore than a parrot is for repeating the lord's prayer. Shitskins can't be marxists, capitalists, or any political, religious, or social ideology. They don't have ideology they just unga-bunga around a totem made in imitation of something a white did or a kike told them to do.

10 to 14 years behind bars is pretty light for what they did. It's basically a slap on the wrist. Triple homicide, illegal possession of firearms, breaking and entry and rape. They won't even get deported. In a couple of years they will be back on the streets causing a ruckus again.

Incinerate them all.

Prison is stupid as fuck.
There are about three levels of punishment that fit crimes

-Publicly call him a dumbass and humiliate him.
-Give him a solid ass whupping, and an ass whupping each time you catch him even thinking about doing it again
-Shoot him in the back of the head.
-Shoot him the the back of the head, do his family too, burn everything in the vincinity down to the ground, and do the neighbors if they look at you funny.

Sticking someone in a box for years on end is stupid as fuck.

Holy crap….Reads like the plot of an 80s action movie.


You guys see the latest alt-hype video? He makes a rather convincing case that the death penalty is what made Western Europe advance. For hundreds of years we slaughtered the most violent 1.5% of the population each generation. And vastly reduced the number of "violent genes" in the genepool.

The worst thing about prison is that prison actually furthers criminals.

An example: a petty criminal goes to prison. He then comes into contact with real criminal networks, which then recruit him, teach him stuff and once he comes out of prison (which doesn't take too long since he's only a "petty" criminal), he has a "job" in that criminal network. A "job" which in all likelihood would be higher than his original, petty deeds.

The whole penitiary system is, in large part, a literal vocational college and job fair in one for criminals.

Prison only works as part of a program of reform or containment.
As it allows you to purposefully design every aspect of the inmates life in order to change their behaviour and thus condition them into well behaved citizens.
Or contain them permanently for study if they can never be reformed.

The current system of sticking them in a box with other criminals with no plan beyond that is bretty fuggin dum


The most violent had a good living plundering the enemies of their rulers. We got rid of our niggers, not our warriors.

That's retarded. Every single civilization ever has had some form of death penalty, why did it only advance the west?

Except this guys not here to there to save your ass.

I was thinking about pic related rather than Terminator but yeah.

I'd take a note from the Romans' book and introduce branding as well.

Yeah but he didn't marry a Kennedy.

and that's the pic I had

Who said it didn't? Asians are more advanced today and less likely to commit crimes than even whites. Africans and amerindians didn't have as much civilization and were much more tribal for more of their history. So they have higher crime rates today, and are less adapted for civilization.

But that's not the only effect he talks about. Europe did something unique under Christianity. It broke up tribes and clans and forced intermarriage. The effect of this is hard to pin down exactly, but probably pretty significant.


It's not a bad movie and the plot ressembles the stuff in the OP a lot.

When I was a kid, I watched a lot of these movies (ninja movies as well) and thought to myself that this would be reality when I'm grown up and that it would be cool as hell. Fast forward a few decades and here we are. Not as cool as I had imagined it though.

Did anyone notice the "OP is an FBI agent" posts stopped during the govt shutdown ?

"Yes, actually, what a weird coincidence", user says facetiously.

this is some south africa tier shit
to all swedish men, it is ok to shoot these dangerous animals on sight you know
dont wait to be a victim

stop cucking out
we finish it properly
and take the planet, then the universe

Every day, my hatred grows.
Sweden has become South Africa-tier in one decade, and it's going to be Somalia-tier before the next decade is out.

One of alt-hype's worst videos imo, and he's usually bretty gud. This is Ancient Aliens-tier conjecture with no hard evidence to back anything up at all.

First thing to put a smile on my face today.

One thing everyone has forgotten, THEY WERE IN AN APARTMENT!

This is just lord of the flies tier, if you want to protect your family as a swede you need to claim asylum in eastern europe….


not even once

that's what cradle to the grave government dependence does, turns you into a sheep

After the Day off the rope i want to murder these assholes, slowly, and painfully as possible.


soon brother. eat right, exercise and connect with other whites. tell them the truth about the kikes and their pets, even if they end up hating you for it. a real man is ready to be hated at the end of the day for doing the right thing.

Nothing to back it up? He showed graphs of exponentially falling crime rates in Europe. I agree that he didn't make a strong enough argument for why it caused the industrial revolution though.

But I think the seeds of a good insight are there. And even without that connection it's an interesting and useful fact.

So is this why Americans support gun rights so much more than Europeans? We've been dealing with diversity for far longer.

No shit people don't call the cops. No shit they take forever to show up. Get yourself a weapon. It doesn't even need to be a gun.

O that ironing


Meanwhile, in America. . .

Now this looks more interesting. Tell me OP. Do you have more info on this case? Specifically names and facebook/Twitter/instagram profiles of the victim and the later killed witness. I don't speak Swedish, so if there's a Swedish source that features their names, I have trouble finding it.

They will be hanging out on the streets selling/buying drugs. Parks, outside malls, street corners. Where the open low end drug sale goes on
everybody knows this. That and you can use you network of contacts to locate them, but this leaves traces

If a door opens inwards, it is very easy to just kick it open user. It's even easier than in the fucking movies…. One kick by the lock, boom you are in. People think they people can't just get through that door that easy, but they can..

If however you have one of those security doors, the situation is very different. It's very common in parts of eastern europe, but not in sweden.

Why do I tune in YT and don't see people talking about this? Do I need to start doing the Matome thing here?


Nah I don't think Sweden can topple having a transgender muslim couple marry each other in a cucktholic church.

Fuck that makes my blood boil.

I like this, except for the part where we wait 1 week before brutalizing the kikes and the niggers.

Sweden is a protestant country and he didn't to that in a church, it was at some gay parade.

Swedes are just getting what they deserve.

There are more important things to worry about than some racist and his wife's cultural enrichment OP!

Wow, why are these Swedes getting so violent and subhuman lately?

Jokes aside, it's absolutely disgusting that they're not all getting a life sentence (not that they should even be in Europe to begin with). And I'm sure that guy who did get life will be out in 20 years on good behaviour (see: only called for the death of infidels a few times per day and was involved in sex trafficking little girls while behind bars a few times).

The west is absolutely insane and suicidal, and it's no wonder that apes like these have very little fear of consequence.

maybe americans shouldn't comment on shit they know nothing about

What exactly could the Swede even do against a group of guys? It's not like he's in Texas or something where we could have more guns than he could use in a hundred lifetimes if he wanted. Was he supposed to go in like Rambo with his standard issue tactical dildo again Ahmed and friends?


Reminder that Swedes allowed for this, and after all that has happened, they learned nothing. They deserve this.

[citation needed]

It's going to take so long to remove all these shits, at least a generation of fighting to clean up the mess which hinders a vast magnitude of progress that could have been made by whites in a stable society. Those responsible for this need to suffer the most.

A roach is fooled into a parking lot by other roaches. Roaches kill fellow roach. One less roach in the world. Good riddance.

i want to throw that shitskin screaming into an oven.

A decade (that will be shortened) in basically a vacation resort, then they get nationality and gibs. Deportation is not on the cards, obviously.

Fuck off Griva.

Sweden is reaching Mexican cartel levels of fuck up.
The right thing to do would be to publicly torture them to death, to impale their mutilated corpses in refugee camps and to cut open their bellies so their viscera are displayed for everyone to see.

That is just barbaric, user.

Getting sent to prison in Sweden is like vacation though?

If SD doesn't win this year my pity levels will reach zero

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"


That's because you're searching in English.
"Dubbelmord i Hallonbergen" gives plenty of results, including Swedish news articles.

t. Swede.


I'm not the one to advocate for violence online but let's just say that you Swedes need to realize that voting is not going to fix this and the best method of stopping these things is to direct your hate towards the people bringing them into your country. Repeat until problem is fixed.

In a just world, that dunecoon wouldve been chopped to pieces right there and then

Murderous parasites deserve to be exterminated.

Even the anti racist swedes are beginning to open their eyes and see what is going on.

I have seen several Swedes that were anti racists turn into some decent racists and nazis the last year. Within 10 years there will be fullblown civil racewar in Sweden.






., improve faith in sweden , improve swedish care , improve swedish identity , and improve swedish health , they can learn to aspire instead of ambition those they revere enough to venture their lives to as far as faiths , nations , peoples , and lives , gudnet , thanks be to Θε Δελτα-Διφινιτυ ,.

Sweden just has to embrace their inner ancestor. No guns for them doesn't mean helpless as there are trees and tons of things in Sweden to make defensive/offensive weapons with. Do they not think a fucking bow and arrow or spear will work? Man… they act like they literally want to be killed off.

Make some fucking axes, bows, spears and embrace your inner Ivar and go fucking literally medieval on those invading your country… it's not like the punishment is a big deal anyhow.


I went to a shit tier school full of violent muslim savages.

That's pretty much the reason why I avoided getting into fights with them. If you beat up one of them they'll show up with their whole family and murder you zero fucks given and with the lack of guns and the ZOG enforcers who'll come two hours later there is no chance you'll survive that.

That's why muslims are #winning in Europe, because they don't give two shits about going to prison and have dozens people one call away who'll help them out to murder random people that pissed them off enough.>>11185730

German here, Germans were made to think via ZOG brainwashing that hurr durr if guns are legal we'd all kill each other, just look at murica…

Germans are the goodest goys walking to their slaughter and those I knew that wok up just like me via muslim enrichment didn't know wth to do about it because the ZOG has such a strong power over you.

Don't worry brother, it's looking dark but we will win.

Which one will you hang first:
- commies and other antiwhites
- niggers and mudslimes
- kikes (pretty much the same as the first)

Look at the youtube video. Even after all that's happened, Swedish men are rejecting ethnonationalism, they're rejecting taking a stand for your own religious or ethnic group, whereas multiple others have actively pushed against them, they're being killed in garages and chasing them into their homes and the Swedish justice system is not only giving the perps extra time to kill the witnesses, but also giving them a slap on the wrist AFTER it came out that the perps not only have no remorse for what they did, but also tried and succeeded to kill a witness and the witness' wife because lol it was funny. Reminder that the witness and his wife were parents. There are kids that are now orphaned because Swedes allowed the justice system to operate as slowly and impotently, that allowed for activist judges to delay trials and go easy on culprits, allowed the border tobe open to criminals from the near and middle east. And in spite of that, Swedes aren't standing up for themselves. Fuck Sweden, let that shithole collapse as fast as possible, in fact I encourage ethnonationalists in other countries to endorse and support progressive politics so long as they do in Sweden.

the real reason that they're winning in europe is because the european governments are helping them and WANT to be conquered by Religion of Cuck™

Why do you insist on spreading lies? Whats wrong with you? The guy who got murdered was a latin american darkie named "José" and he used to employ the murderer (ethiopian) as a salesman for narcotic substances. There are so few swedes left in large parts of swedens major cities that the darkies have no choice but to prey on each other.

Why? SD is cucked "must preserve muh jewish civics" civic internationalism. Their migration expert is a jewess. You are fail.

Immigrant sexually assaulted a woman at a bar, grouping her shamelessly.
She slapped him.
Immigrant responded with his fists and a bottle as a weapon.
Swedish cuckpolice have closed the investigation.
The immigrant is still on the lose.

I think you are confused, american.
The ones orchestrating this since the 60s have never been Swedish, I'm quite certain that their blood can be traced back to a small part of the middle east.

"You asked me what I think the future will be like? Imagine a jew rubbing his hands while a boot stamps on someone's face forever."
- Albert J. Einstein, 1983.

You are correct. If enough people amass, nothing will stop them.
Even if they are using hockey sticks and kitchen knives. The viking blood is the strongest in the world, physically and mentally.

I think an action that would show the world something truly spectacular, would be if a decent sized group of people broke into Sweden's main prison, went in an executed every last shitskin, and freed anyone who had been arrested for the thought crime of swedish nationalism.
Do the same to all the other prisons in sweden, people might start backing it.

Use your brain and read the post again.
He was talking about the fact that NOT ONE of the surrounding APARTMENTS did anything to intervene, no one shouted "shut the fuck up", no one called the police, no one went knocking on all the other doors of the building and shouting outside for a mob of people to come in and confront the situation.
There is the consistent psychological phenomenon of people waiting for someone else to do something, and so everyone waits and no one reacts. It is called bystander syndrome.
Only 5% or less of people will spontaneously react and jump in to be the first, the rest just wait or follow that first one.
Even so, if you hear murder in an apartment block, you phone the police for your own safety, surely.

I was in Philly when this happened. Was a grad student at Penn at the time, but University City (Penn and Drexel area) is generally quiet because of the immense police presence (Penn employs the biggest private police force in the US for nigger control).

I've heard of these young nigger flash mobs forming in Philly where they organize over social media, but I've never actually seen one. I spoke to a local detective about this and they are working hard to track these social media accounts after the Temple incident. The area surrounding Temple is extremely nigger-infested so this does not surprise me at all. A Temple student was beaten to death by niggers when returning from a party.

The detective said that when you see more than 5 niggers congregating in an area, its best to flee the area because there's a good chance there could be more. If you can't flee, you're better off running into a store and if you cant run into a store and you're armed, the best thing to do would be to empty your magazine into the crowd and then make your escape.

Hmm… pretty cohencidental these criminals seem to have an uncanny ability to track down witnesses. This stinks of inside job. Like (((someone))) wants to make it clear to people, talk to police and you will pay the price.

If you have a large collection of them, and the time and the will to do it, make a website listing them all.
Find a host in a country that isn't completely (((controlled))).
Keep it simple, use a pre-built site maker like wordpress or similar. Makes it less stressful.
Then add tags with country, type of crime/event, and maybe give it a rating based on how much it is covered or hidden in the normal media channels.

Okay, I'm trying to extract all the details from a slew of articles. And stumbled upon a problem. Most of the time, it's easy to deduce what the correct translation would be from context, but there is an important detail that I can't quite discern. In pic related, what does the 'persecuted' in 'persecuted car' mean? Cars can't be persecuted so it must be something associated with that word. Does it stand for a car often used by minorities? A foreign car? Does it mean a car chase?


Specifically I'm struggling with establishing what exactly happened in detail if I get this correctly, it's pretty crazy
> Faoud (((somehow))) finds out about police informant

no, we need to destroy the (((root))) of the problem

get a life bin that knife

Do we need to start taking trips to Sweden to help our white brothers out?

I've hunted for years now and the most devastating weapon while hunting is a bow. Powerful enough to take down a bear and yet silent and very difficult to automatically get a lock on where it is coming from.

Bows and throwing knives, both legal in nearly every single country, are completely devastating in the right hands. Right now those in these countries are like sheep waiting for the day their number is called. Sorry to put it that way but it's true, you are. You want to survive and fight back in a country where no firearms are legal? Get a bow, get some throwing knives and practice and in several months you will be able to defend yourself very well. Add hand to hand knife combat to that mix and you will utterly dominate the vast majority of those fucks destroying your country.

They do it there because you let them. Notice they don't do it in the US, in China, in Japan, etc? Why? Because they know we would hang them from a fucking tree.

I bet if a white dude attack a single mudslime in sweden the police would eradicate him within minutes.

I have to believe that at a certain point the Swedes will snap and then slaughter the foreign invaders.

I like the idea of scalping, we should collect scalps like the Injuns imo.
t. FBI

I mean seriosly, look at these scrawy sandniggers and tell me you wouldn't enjoy snuffing their life out with your hands.
Just imagine them wrapped around their necks feelling their heart beat slow down while they look into your eyes with the light in their eyes being clouded with sheer terror while the beat slows down.

a walking venereal disease. she is not holier than thou. hopefully this event steers her off the path of normalfaggotry.

Look at them, look at how small their arms are.
They depend on the system to carry them, to give them a slap on the wrist while they play pretend hardcore.
Let them die, but spend time killing them.
Let them feel it over the course of a week before strangling them with their own entrails.
Look at that cocky sandnigger in the op and tell me you don't want to nail him to a cross and flay him slowly.

I read a story awhile back that took place during the very deadly prison riots going on in Brazil. Anyhow, during the riots (it was filmed and on LiveLeak) the inmates got their hands on an inmate that was convicted of raping something like fifty so girls and then killing them. They tied him up feet first so he was dangling from the ceiling and, initially, were very calm just asking him if he regretted what he did. Seemingly trying to get the guy to confess. He put up a hard front saying these young girls liked it and deserved it, still they remained calm and nobody touched him as he hung there spouting BS and talking down on those kids he raped and killed.

This went on for about twenty minutes and eventually he came to realize (it seems) that this was the end for him so he changed his tactics and began to beg for his life or to make it fast. One of the prisoners pulled out a huge blade, very skinny, something like a longer version of an ice pick and the guy really became petrified. So they asked him why he did what he did and he started to cry. They never touched him, they asked again. He said he "has a problem" and "can't control himself". They asked again, and he said he "had" to because he heard visions. They asked again and… finally…. he said it was the only way he got off.

The words stopped and the guy with the blade started to repeatedly shove it into the guys ass as he hung upside down and the others held him in place. After about what seemed like a hundred thrusts he stopped and the guy, with colon hanging out his ass, and blood running down his body began to cry saying "I am sorry" and they started in again pushing that pick into his ass. He begged them to stop, they didn't.

Eventually (he didn't die) they left him hanging there and apparently it took him several hours to bleed out and die while his entire ass and inside were undoubtedly ripped to pieces.

If that isn't justice and if that didn't make those men who did it feel absolutely justified and so very good I don't know what would.

Angerfucking the degenerates and subhumans is attractive, but personally I'd just want to push them all into unmarked graves, wordlessly.
Not a single word exchanged between them, just push them into graves and shovel them shut.
Rinse, repeat.

Okay, this is starting to take on shape. Does anyone have a good goldmine of immigration-related tweets from Swedish SAP MPs or ministers?

It could only have ended one way.

First the traitors, then the invaders.

Oi you cheaky wanker, is that a butter knife? Life imprisonment bad goy.

Should i use my legal "defense weapon" rape alarm to bash the heads of the pakis?

The majority of Christians are non-white. If Christians go to heaven, then heaven is going to be 24 hour BET, baxskitball and grape flavored fried chicken.

The behavior of the shitskins will keep most of them out.

I can't remember the last time I was this fucking mad. That vile smirking cretin is making me grind my teeth into dust. He knows he's getting off scot-free for his atrocities. I have seen so many of these subhumans with the same smirks, the same lack of any morals and propensity for violence. They started a political party by and for mudslimes called DENK in my country (this, as the height of irony, means think) and have already gained a number of seats in parliament. There are already ghettos full of this filth, as they segregate themselves and fester like an abscess. Every major party (all leftist) just lets them in and lets this happen, spinning a narrative while showing a picture of a poor little immigrant girl whenever anybody wants regulation, safety, doesn't want to keep throwing absurd amounts of money meant for schools and the elderly at a population of immigrants they can't even house, or presents statistics. It just never ends. I want to EXPUNGE them, each and every single one.

I think in a situation like yours there truly are only two options. The people don't bind together, they lose more seats and eventually once the invading group is strong enough they South Africa those who's country they took over. Or the people bind together and strike first and get rid of them as one unit/heartbeat.

I logically cannot see any other conclusion than those two because there is simply no chance they let those of you who are not in their group live once they have the numbers.


I absolutely fucking hate to read about this stuff. I know the Swedish government and a lot of Swedes are hopelessly cucked, but I also know there are Swedes who aren't. And they are really fucked right now. It's absolutely pitiful.

Hallo Nederlander!

I always wanted to travel there, I've had second thoughts due to what you're talking about, I heard about them too. Geert all the way bud. I actually think I'd still live to move there just to help fight with good people like you. If I was you I'd get into 3d printing metal and start building some guns, suppressors, and ammo reloaders, make your own powder, etc. and start stocking up to help your fellow patriots. Is there any good uncucked militias over there? Of course just keeping to yourself about things like that is your best course and is what I suggest. The day of organizing will come though and it's good to start making contacts. I live in the states though currently.

There are many tourists whom nobody likes and the place is still mostly safe and free in the sense that you can legally do nearly any degenerate shit you want (drink in public, smoke a joint with a cop, hop in one of many red lights districts) as per the Dutch stereotype, a far cry from Sweden or Germany. You will probably have a good time. But the signs are already showing that we are headed towards the state France, the UK, Germany and Sweden are in. Mudslimes fill our schools and immigrant-pandering is draining state funds.

A lot of people vote for Geert (2nd biggest party of current parliament at 20 seats), but if anybody knows you voted PVV you will lose your job. He is a joke to most Dutch not in small part due to a longstanding character assassination campaign by the media but also his own brash behavior giving them more ammo. Newspapers are headhunting for Geert voters to publicly out them, most people are either indoctrinated leftist yes-men or cucked right lite VVD voters. There is a new right party called Forum for Democracy (FvD) that gained two seats, is anti-immigration and for preserving Dutch cultural identity. I will probably be voting for them if they gain steam as Wilders' entire electoral platform is a handful of lines on the PVV website about combating Religion of Cuck™ization, which I don't disagree with, but coupled with his reputation makes it impossible to actually accomplish anything in our system. Denk gained 3 seats which may look like only a few, but is projected to keep growing.

i agree. that sounds like a report out of chicago or something. you rarely see this level of senseless hyper-violence in europe (wartime excluded). and even when you do, its normally something gang-related in some urban population over in either the states, or mexico or fucking el salvador or something.

but scandinavia? obviously we all know how far many of these countries have fallen recently, but to see this kind of shit over there? it is uncanny, even by recent standards. and the psychopathic horde that perpetrated these sickening crimes are (aside from the one) getting out scott free in approximately 10 years? those judges, jurors, lawyers, and everyone else even tangentially related to this case must be sweating bullets right now. they are going to have to disappear in a decade. these boys are going to being masturbating for the next 10 years over how theyre going to get out and kill the people responsible for locking them up.

no, no implication of violence. only actual psychopathic violence against a complete stranger, as well as an innocent witness who was under the swedish witness protection halal slaughter program.

also this
the fucks get to live in a room thats bigger and more comfortable than some college dorms.

and this
sweden, as well as the rest of the totally fucked EU countries, will hang on for exactly as long as the EU does, by staving themselves out on government handouts; but due to the massive welfare state they have built for themselves, it will be on par with, maybe even surpass (due to most of the civ population being unarmed), the type of fall we are likely to see over in the states. traumatic to say the least. and when the prisoners get out, it will be even fucking worse.

as a side note, i have to assume this was some sort of gang initiation ritual or something. does anyone know what gangs, if any, that these kids were related to? i know that in sweden they have problems with lebanese "clans" (drug-pushing gangs) as they call them. i can only imagine that this has something to do with either that, or a literal "terrorist sleeper cell", just like the ol' GWB era meme that they were always fearmongering with back then. its just too brutal for it to simply be out of fucking

Do not give them too much credit.

I hope so.

Decent theory but I don't think its accurate. That's always been part of our national fabric even when this country was over 90% white, we enshrined it into the constitution and even our poor typically had arms.

It's hard to find good stats of east asian vs. white crime rates since good goy countries like the US likes to add Mexicans as "white" in the crime stats, or in Canada or France you can't get race-based crime breakdowns at all.

I'd guess a car chase.

Swedish reporter from Dagens nyheter celebrate the "hijab day" in Stockholm Sweden.
Wears Hijab on live TV.
Explains Hijab is not in any way oppressive towards women.

Sweden did build some max security prisons for brown people that are essentially total hell. So there's atleast that.


The Dutch try to pretend that everything is going smooth, while in fact their largest cities are governed since years, decades by Moroccans. They are worse off then the UK or France. Already in the 70’s they had shitskins taking hostage whole trains!


a few years later another group of South Moluccans seized a primary school.

Pure coincidence
not a warning that jihadis are taking over

Yeah, in the USA hundreds of niggers just get bussed into towns of less than 2000 population over one weekend.
No problems there, america.

That isn't happening. No chance that has happened, none. They are moved into inner cities which is bad enough but there are no small towns that had happen what you stated. Link?


This one is interesting, The Authority for Social Protection

and Preparedness, MSB, recently taken over by former national

police officer Dan Eliasson, point out the Swedish Democrats as

a threat to Sweden and equate the party with the National Socialist

Nordic Resistance Movement, something Niklas Svensson on Expressen

was the first to report.

Original story here with snippets of the video


The film is now removed from their account but available here


still here since the first exodus, newfag. we're well beyond the point of fear mongering about being shut down.

Do you think the jews will handle the building of your pyramid in just one week? BTW, lovely ideas.

Lessons learned:
1. Don't talk to the police.
2. Don't talk to the police.
3. Don't talk to the police.
4. Your safety is in your hands only.

Fuck this gay earth. We need to stop wishing for it to be heaven and earth and make it. Kill all the shitskins and kikes.

The very near future for USA as well.

How long will it take before Swedecucks finally bring these guys into the streets to bring some law and order?