Race Realism Fallacy Explained by using multiple fallacies

has race realism been debunk in this video?


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Also known as the continuum fallacy.

And in your first image, notice how the Jews are smack in the middle of those three groups. This is so that they can blend into any group. As parasites, they need to be invisible to the host.

Is this nigger serious?

Now, that really makes me think, what if this was a small-scale rehearsal of things to come?

Since the Chechans are Muslims, I'd say that the Russians did nothing wrong. A virus of the mind like Religion of Cuck™ takes precedence over race. They do say to kill a traitor before an enemy.

Well, and because of retards like you Israel engineered the Religion of Cuck™ic boogeyman. I hope you're proud of yourself.

I'm not saying chechens dindu nuffin, or that they should be muslims, but they are no more traitors to Europe than others and the whole talk of killing the traitors first - we shouldn't withold a single bullet from killing a demonic jew. No, the traitor will get to watch the consequences of his treason and THEN get shot. You can't risk letting jews go alive. Jews are all traitors to everything good.

A truly despicable virus. Once it has a suitable host, it proceeds to tell other potential hosts that it is harmless.
A man cannot sleep next to a mad dog; it must be put down, for the sake of the whole villaige.

Actually jews aren't traitors because there is no good in them, but they are much worse than any traitors.

HAH! No. Religion of Cuck™ has been eating white western civilization alive for 1400 years and it destroyed white classical civilization altogether. A nigger is just dangerous wildlife that needs to be culled. Religion of Cuck™ is a cancer that must be eradicated with extreme prejudice.

I don't want to start shit, but that's christianity.

Religion of Cuck™ has always just been a subhuman cult that leads subhumans to do even more subhuman things.

And, in both cases, behind things, it's the jew in the end…

Chechens aren't white

Nigger, what? Christianity amalgamated and took in the customs of the pagans. Wove it into its own story. The level of violence toward Pagans as committed by Christians pales in comparison to the barbarity that the Muslims did unto others. And Religion of Cuck™ NEVER incorporated the local traditions into itself. It just flat out eradicated everything in its path. Just like it killed all the Hindus en masse, and destroyed Buddhists as well. It even demolished the unique Greco-Buddhist alcove in modern day Afghanistan when it arrived.

And is correct. At least so far as Europe is concerned. Jews would open the gates and let Religion of Cuck™ in to conquer. It happened multiple times throughout Visigoth Spain. How did you ever think a small army of Berbers could seize almost all of the Iberian peninsula? The Jews themselves wrote high praise for those that opened the gates of cities like Toledo.

That's the argument made by the video creator in OP.

The christian problem isn't about violence. The problem is that it preaches a universalist morality that makes no distinctions between in group and out group


Yeah, but the "classical civilization" that you referred was largely destroyed by the time Religion of Cuck™ came in (and to even find the remains of the ancient world, we have to go to ruined places like Pompei, that escaped the deliberate destruction) and picked the remnants of the Byzantine empire…

But yeah, the violence done by the muslims was a lot of bigger (probably because they are non-white subhumans), but they, arab tribes, wouldn't have been able to cause such a destruction upon Europe and "white western civilization" if not for "internal factors" (jews), like displacement caused by the christian subjugation of Rome and Europe (or do you think they had troubles dealing with arabs before they had their empire shaken up?)… Sorry for de-railing - it's the jews in the end.

This is not about race, but belief. To say that christianity wasn't universalist before and that passages like "There is no jew or Greek" aren't what they mean is just not accurate.

Maybe there is nothing in Christianity to support that "all races are equal", but they didn't concern themselves with that, and preached to everyone since the beggining - ultimately, the Race Realism "debate" has nothing to do with religion, it's not proven by religion, and does not need it to be proved…

Religion of Cuck™ is a kike machination from the start you dunce

Yes, and perhaps because they also wanted to use it as a boogeymen for their actions - "fucking white muslims doing shit and being the lackeys of the jews, I want to genocide them (but not the kikes)!!!!"

Nice try, JEW

Sometimes I get tired of the idiocy on Holla Forums. You want to know why Chrstianity was required to keep the Roman world together? Because the Pagan Romans were too bloody multicultural, too loving of immigrants, too damned progressive - and had essentially fractured their entire Empire, and even Italy and Rome itself - because of their love of immigrants. Germanics were to the Romans as Spics are (or at least soon will be) to the Americans; disloyal foreigners who outnumbered the natives and posed a very real threat to the continuation of the status quo; which manifested in the Germanic soldiers siding with whatever Roman general they took a liking to, and then attempting to overthrow the entire Empire and proclaim their General as Emperor. The average Roman was an apathetic failure, and the few that remained nationalistic and patriotic were hugely outnumbered by the Germanic scourge. The solution was to integrate the Germanics into Roman society. Christianity allowed this to happen freely and easily, and allowed everyone to prosper for a good while afterwards.

That's not to say there was nothing spiritual or good to anything that went on, but on a purely secular level; it was the Romans being such immigrant-loving cucks that caused all the problems. There was no way back for them because they had fucked their demographics due to them having a bunch of faggots as their leaders who had a hard-on for tall blondes. Your beautiful classical civilisation was the exact same rot that we hate in our current civilisation.

Next point. Christianity became the European man's religion. Rome was synonymous with Christianity and had as its 'crown jewel' the true cross of Christ. The Sassanids (Parthians, Persians, Aryans from the Middle East) had been at war since forever, but were more or less evenly matched and despite small gains being made on either side from time to time, very little changed over hundreds of years. The status quo was maintained. 613AD, the Sassanids invade Syria and defeat the Romans, and claim Antioch as their own. Spotting their opportunity the Jews of Jerusalem invite the Sassanid army to come, they open the gates and partake in the slaughter of the Christians themselves - even going so far as paying the Sassanids so that they would be allowed to torture and execute Christians. The Jews were also sure to go with their new Persian masters back to their capital, taking many Christians and loot with them - most importantly they took the true cross of Christ, the symbol of Rome.

And so the Romans and the Sassanids spend the next 24 years annihilating one-another. With their armies utterly shattered and their financial situation one of bankruptcy; the Romans would eventually win, and would reclaim the true cross of Christ and free all the slaves. Sadly however, just two years later Moohamad would emerge from his desert with his arab hordes, and would find the rich and bountiful lands of the Romans and Sassanids ripe for the conquering, and completely defenseless. And so you see how from the very beginning, had the Jews not invited the Persians in, and had they not taken the cross with them back to Persia (something the Persians themselves certainly regretted) - Religion of Cuck™ would never have gained a foothold in our world.


So the problem with Rome was solved by Christianity making it even worse? That's not to say Rome wasn't a degenerate society corrupted by jews, hardly anyone will deny that, but they at least destroyed the "Second Temple" and killed millions of revolting kikes. They were a multicultural society, but as you said, this worsened after christianity. And the Romans didn't "import migrants", in fact, they colonized other lands and moved people in as slaves.

The reliance on Germanic soldiery came mostly after the Crisis of the Third Century and the many plagues that shortened their manpower - and after adopting Christianity.

The empire fell after Christianity was adopted. The Germanic tribal societies had no foreigners among them, but the christian kingdoms that followed accomodated the existing roman society, including jews. That was a major setback - one could see that, without Christianity, the Germanic conquest of Rome would have meant the wiping out of jewry in Europe, or, at least, the maintenance of an empire that was on it's track towards doing the same.

In regards to the Roman-Persian wars, it's true (although that situation was also worsened by the christians assassinating a Roman Emperor on campaign against them in the 4th century), they enabled the rising of Religion of Cuck™ - but you're only beggining to grasp the full extent of the jewish actions… The main idiocy here is people shilling "christian identity", even above race…