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This whole investigation has been a shit show.

Jones is reporting that the text messages contained violence, let alone the "secret society" stuff congress is talking about:



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infozog lodge reporting in

Just saying its a possibility. He has been right on other things before.

Yeah sometimes the freemasonic jew trickster tells the truth, it helps later when they need you to swallow a lie.
Him and Luke Radowski are the largely responsible for the 9/11 truth movement getting derailed when it came to the inevitable conclusion of just who was really behind 9/11.

Then ignore it shit head…

You fucking kike shills come here and attack everyone on the right by trying to claim your further right. Post your face you faggot so we can all see you aren't white.

You couldn't be more obvious if you had a gentile toddlers dead flesh in your mouth.
Hysterical. Thanks man I needed a laugh, you do do comedy well sometimes, it's best when your doing the back pedaling ov veying thing whilst squawking about everyone else being a kike.

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pic related

Funny how stories come to light twice on Chans. When they really happen or when information is discovered. Then again when the incompetent mainstream media catches up. Even the not pure evil journos should be fired for being so embarrassingly shitty at their occupations.

One strange thing I remember from the Podesta email leaks was a big lawyer for 9/11 families wrote to Podesta effectively warning him about further investigation into the Saudi royal family and letting him know he didn't want things getting "politicized" because of it.


It's just a social thing. They would on Twitter too, but Twitter is [[[censored]]].

Back to reddit kike.

This kind of shit might get a lot worse before it gets better. We already know that communists filled the State Department when McCarthy was around. And we also heard about Obama's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. I wouldn't be shocked if more comes out.

Oops, didnt mean to sage.

Literally all of the Democrats are communists. All of the kikes, aka "RINO", are communists. The CIA, the FBI, the NSA, all communist.

With so much contaminated, there's no fixing the government as we have it now.

I will of course be accused of being a shill… But… While I accept the possibility that this star chamber we have uncovered in the DOJ and FBI is responsible for 911, I think that info should be in the book after they are all convicted. It shouldnt be part of the discussion at this time…

Literal CIA agent. Note how linguistic software has been used to disguise his/her identity (it causes supreme awkwardness):

I don't think they are responsible in regards to actually pulling it off. I believe if anything comes out it will show that they let it happen, or covered up certain connections that could have allowed it to be stopped.

< chatting with the CIA

are you retarded? he obviously covered it up because the hijackers didn't do shit so the family was innocent

9/11 was perpetrated by the israelis and the zionist neo-cons which trump has many blood ties to

Correct. We know for certain the perps were Israelis. But it is entirely possible the killers were Sauds (they have a really tight relationship).

the killers were remote controlled aircraft, you think they'd trust a mud shit to fly that plane?


There's an amazing video in the article:
^ PJW the kike-denying tranny-fucker

But still an astonishing clip of MSNBC.

but point comprehended

DOTR bump

What he said
Find out about QRS-11 & Abel Danger.
Which lawyer with intials HRC was involved in the patent. What the QRS-11 does.


I'm a glow nigger because glow niggers bump threads with DOTR for traitors?
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< how'd you find me out, fellow user?

Alex looks very uncomfortable in that video. Just sayin'.


Yes he was. When kikes go full nigger like that it's fucking creepy. Do they have souls?

fuck didnt realize the font. I've been experimenting with fonts to see which ones commies are more likely to share without reading/comprehending what the text actually says

also, actors cuz I think coopting the song good vibrations would trigger the shit out of commies

CIA [[[use of degradation]]]:

Jones is at best wildly irresponsible and reckless. At worst he is a disinfo agent funded by Kikes- A more likely scenario. As much as his thesis is congruent with mine, he can't be trusted. You can not let Jones sweep you up in his emotional web. He will make you weaker with all his bullshit.

the fuck you even talking about you stupid fucking nigger?

Here I made some more just for your faggot ass

I just posted it as another possible point. Its really no big deal if you ignore it or believe it. Either way the rest of the stuff that we know is still important.

I made a point to say it was Jones so people could take it with a grain of salt and wouldn't have a fucking shitfit after clicking the link, but obviously that was under estimating the fucking autism on this board.

most people hate jones becuse they have been burned by him. I listened to him in high school almost 15 years ago when Bush was president. He was convinced that FEMA was going to initiate the NWO death operations. You can go on and on about how wildly inaccurate he is. You are better off looking at the facts, then listening to his reckless spin.


Nigger Israel and Saudi Arabia were both involved. They’re fucking cousins ffs. Wahhabism was started by a kike! Iraq intelligence has a report on it, they both needed Iraq destabilized and Saddam gone.

So why doesn't Trump just arrest him or assassinate him using JSOC?

Trump still holds a grudge for what happened on 9/11 and the friends he lost, if this is true Mueller is about to be blown the fuck out

Trump will never forget

Please anons need to be aware of the potential for a huge effort to blame Saudi Arabia entirely. Do not forget the dancing Israelis. Cuckchan is getting heavily shilled, and it normally wouldn't bother me as it has been just general shitting on Trump but they are responding to posts calling out Israel specifically and are shilling for everything being Saud's fault. I don't think Saudis are innocent by any means but that isn't the whole story. If it was why did we attack Afghanistan?

Because it was on the list and the only one left on the list is Iran. Now Saudi Arabia do as they're told and attack the fuck out of Iran like Trump said in his speech to them all when he did his whirlwind world tour to all the important places; OR they take the rap for what the jews did on 9/11. Then Gtr Israel is pretty much complete.

Also don't forget Afghanistan has massive lithium deposits, and that's the next "oil" and they need to control it or they don't completely control the market.

Thought meg said a while ago that many top officials within the "swamp" were given the chance to either dredge their way out of it(side with truth) or go down with it(which sound like a realistic scenario if you understand human psychology). Whether this is true or not Mueller is still a viable asset if indeed he's decided to side with truth. And although trump lost many of those close to him on 9/11, being the mastermind that he is, he wouldn't fail to recognize Muellers worth in draining the swamp and would save any form of torture or grudges he may have against his enemies for the end


We all know what strategic masterminds, and expert fast-learning pilots they are.

Is this a weapon to surpass vietnam fucking shits?

CIA. Note the unnecessary hostility, abandonment of thread topics, abandonment of all WN principles, and lack of a coherent concept, though it seems to almost, nearly, have meaning (due to the use of AI, or laziness of the operator, depending on the situation):

How amusing that they continue to cover up 911.

The (((MSM))) really like to memory hole the fact that Mueller was FBI director for over a decade. I guess people might get suspicious if they find out he was Comey's co-worker for all that time.

Piece of shit faggot the people above you were having a real conversation and you decided to derail it by crying shill because someone slighted your snakeoil salesman. You're no better than a woman, you massive faggot.

This kind of shit is the cancer killing this place. HURRR HURRRR YOU'RE A KIKE


I always figured Trump put him in place to bust everyone, and that he flipped during his interview for FBI director. We've just heard news that Mueller sent the FBI to Australia to investigate why they gave 500 million bucks to the Clinton Foundation, how's that square with the fake news that he's going to bust Trump for something?

If you look at Mueller's charter, he wasn't hired to bust Trump for colluding with Russia. He was hired to investigate foreign interference in the election and "other related matters."

He's clearly one of the apex swamp monsters, though, but this makes sense too. The foibles being foisted on the public were becoming so outrageous that it's possible that "the Cabal" had a few disaffected members. They're an opportunistic bunch and don't seem to hesitate to turn on each other if it serves a larger interest. It takes a garbage man to take out the trash, and I remain about half convinced that Mueller was just such the sanitation engineer for the job. Even if it's true, for his own safety and the sake of ongoing counter-counterintelligence operations he might not ever be able to admit it, and maybe part of his job is to apparently go down with the ship.

We're through the looking glass here people.

Mueller is a white hat.

Yeah it has to stop. This site is too important for this stupidity. All the people yelling kike kike or lurk 50 years. A lot of that is dipshits trying to discourage participation and stop the power of pol. Fuck em. Keep pol active and powerful

And, actually, that's somethign they do a lot also–the "go back to reddit" or "i'm an original pol and you're not." This is more d&c/sowing discord by shills. Ignore that shit. Pol is very important and must thrive. It is nation-altering.

Able Danger.

I mean to say that maybe some of these people aren't white or black or even grey hats.

All real info now is showing it was a Saudi plot and Saudi funded, but it's extremely unlikely Israel didn't know. They follow Saudi stuff closely. That means they probably knew and let it happen, and they may have actually assisted with some technical aspects like forging IDs or fooling databases etc. to get the right Saudis in place to execute the plot, but the Saudis actually funded and did the deed, no doubt about it. Israel was in on it but not the main perp.

Side note on kikes and who is really dangerous to the US now:

Real danger from Israel is they really want nuke war with Iran. That's where the fearmongering bullshit among kikes comes from re Iran.

The US should not back anything Israel does whatsoever, and this is a good talking point on kikes. Our real danger comes from a random bad actor from Pakistan/Afghanistan detonating a dirty bomb from all the nuclear material and classified info the US government treasonous syndicate sold the terrorist fucks. Nobody knows how much shit TLI/Navy shipped out, nor who exactly teh Awans gave all that classified info to they stole, since they actually stole a lot of it physically.

Anyway, because a 9/11 style nuke attack is the threat, It makes sense NOT to support Israel ever again, including in some bullshit war with Iran, because any support for Israel now just enrages rando dipshit Pashtos out there to attempt to teach us a lesson by dirty bomb snakbaring the US with their newfound capabilities.

It's obvious to people on pol that Israel should never be supported, but this direct threat of 911 snakbar now should be made known to the public especially among the "true conservative" right wing who support israel. but no one in the us should even consider supporting israel no matter how stupid/ evangelical as any such support greatly increases snakbar risk (and of course, israel doesn't care and likely wants us nuked anyway for their benefit somehow). but this is a matter of our survival so any Israel support whatsoever has to stop forever and ever

You're going to get banned for this post, but you're right. They were in it together.

Worst of all, the US government knew and didn't prevent it.

Pretty fucked up world when your own government lets something slide like that. Lot of good people died for no reason.

Are you a Wictard or something? What the hell is with this weird Saudi worship?

Those camel fucking inbred morons are just as bad as any of the other mudslime sandniggers. You don't think they'd fuck us just to fuck us if they could?

You think fucking Mueller is the GOOD guy?

Oh wait, no, you're a shill.

But but but but but Mueller became #ourguy when Trump took office! It's all a sham investigation! He's actually looking into the democrats! That way our based republican allies will control the government for 6 times 6 generations!
– shills

So has 9/11 officially been released as an inside job, or am I still considered an evil pro-trump tinfoil hat nazi by the normalfags?

I'm curious to see, when that happens, if the lefties who railed that 9/11 was in fact and inside job obey their social media / TV masters and deny it was, just for the sake of their own illusion.

I'm sure most will, I'll never doubt the depravity of the left again in my life.

They are one and the same

Don't forget the Muslims user, they're enemies too.

Sometimes I think our roach mod gets a bit too obvious.

can't melt steel beams.

This guy is pure slime: Mueller Worked With Radical Religion of Cuck™ists to Purge Anti-Terror Training Docs Offensive to Muslims of Cuck™ists-purge-anti-terror-training

lurk moar, newfag. Your eagerness is nice and shiny and everything, but you have a lot to learn. Learning is easier when you aren't shitting the place up with your enthusiasm.

I knew this was one of the theories they were throwing around, but it's good to have proof that this was actually possible back then.

This would be the icing on the cake, but I don't see a reference/source for this. How does one go about finding the information on a patent if you don't know the patent number?

Checked for spotting spook botware.

Do a Holla Forums a solid, and prove it. (ntlk example) (Pure Python vs R) (R libraries for use in Python)

Jsoc leadership is compromised that's why

So are we going to see the death of the deep state?

Saudis provided the patsies, Israel did the deed and US assets buried the truth. MSM just went with script and mossad hollywood provided the footage Persons implicated in FISA scandal are the destroying and hiding evidence part of 9/11 and most weird happenings since 80´s"

Fuck that guy. He's calls literally everyone a cia shill. Look at the greater Israel thread.
A blind squirrel will find a nut every once in awhile.

Nigger no, Israel did 9/11 you fucking FUCK
Why is this stickied-oh wait the mods a retarded faggot tranny niggers
K, sorry for forgetting


So why doesn't Trump get on television and say so?

You imply that he cares.

I'm not implying that.

I'm just pointing and laughing at this point. Yes, endless shit-flinging is obviously spam meant to slide actual discussion in threads. It is one of the last few techniques left that actually work. But if you're new, you should just lurk. It's better for everyone when newfags lurk.
redditors should have an additional lurking time of 88 years

Now we're talking about how Pol is so great, and not actually discussing anything. Ffs I wish newfags would take a back seat and let Holla Forums just be. Don't post unless you have something of actuality to contribute to the topic at hand.
And shills, know you will get the gas soon. Trump will read that memo at his State of the Union and then the real fun will start. The people who cut your checks will be hung from street lamps and then we'll look to who took money from these people, who actively contributed to the degradation of our societies.
After we've bathed in blood Or before if it happens, I plan to take a trip to some country side and establish something for myself. I hope any sensible user thinks the same, and may we cross paths someday.

Forgot my sah-gay gonna go commit sudoku. Anyways, this thread obviously has some jimmies rustled, let's see where this goes. Quite frankly I find it astounding a seditious traitor is allowed to investigate the president. Who are these people?

Omg crooked hilarys friend wants to give me the right to do whatever the fuck I want!

Jeff Sessions: If you do something that is the same as drinking a beer, then your life needs to be ruined, because I am not a schizophrenic who believes that a magical man named god who is actually the overinflated ego i developed as a result of my inferiority complex I got from being a goblin manlet told me that I need to destroy people for no fucking reason.

Omg DEEP STATE imprisoners of humanity BTFO! If somebody cooks insurance agents food or does all their plumbing, then after 8 hours of serving other people they want to chill for a little, then they need destroyed because they are the deep state!

I'm more upset at the mods for being completely incompetent in everything they do.

These anons speak truth. 9/11 was an Isreali job meant to act as the anti-middle east Pearl Harbor. Blaming Saudi Arabia fits completely in line with 9/11's original goal and will probably used for an alteration of regime in S.A.

My biggest hope for Trump was the revisionment of 9/11 history into the truth, as it would immediately free America from the middle east and prove to Americans why we can't trust jews to hold influence in any aspect of our country. In this regard he has actually subverted the movement for truth, embed very related and important for anyone still thinking Trump is /our designated emperor/

How stupid would that be…. to telegraph intent when it comes to trigger pullers controlled by the kikes

The dirt's being leaked on him now because he's not co-operating.
The real question is, which side leaked it, because that will tell you what side he's really on right now.

Don't tell that to the Simpsons


But user, it's the (((Simpsons)))


yeah you can see the pump and dump with David Seaman pretty well at the moment. He'll be reasonable, say good things for a few weeks, and then comes the dump where he just shills

Watching the Simpsons now is like meeting an estranged friend while he is fixing in an alley

Now tell me if I just described the Simpsons or the entirety of liberal/kike propaganda in every form of media

It’s even worse than that. They’re associating “give your money to nonwhites” with joy.

Jew York Slimes is saying Trump actually fired Mueller but backed off

saudi arabia needs glassed


If you are trying to psyop them I'm down with that.

Please explain to me the motive for the CIA to promote #ReleaseTheMemo

Look into the artfag group "B-Thing" who were able to infiltrate the WTC a year earlier and build a crude balcony. Blackcube-Israeli and the same ones that worked for Harvey Weinstein to shut Rose McGowan up.

I don’t even think Mueller himself is much of a threat, but he’s been so painfully forcibly memed into some kind of boomer folk hero that I want to see all the normalniggers LARPing about him eat shit.

just a white hat

heil'd. comey met in new zealand discussing offing trump. these people are evil lumps of shit. we have pure evil permeating our gov

trump needs to declare martial law and kill all of them


Keep spamming that Q shit; see how far it gets you.

Feel free to back those statements up with facts, we dont spread malicious bullshit designed to harm whites by making them look crazy and ill informed around here.



The Void is quite literally everywhere

By the time you notice what's happening, it's already too late

nice digits

This video will never get old.

Fire this shill and hire someone half competent for us to stack stones on

An effective way to take down the Jews is to be systematic and start by going after the Saudis. The Jews are too good at hiding and evading to name them immediately, because that tips them off and they shapeshift/evade.

The Overton window can be shifted so facts get forced out. That means applying massive public pressure for details of Saudi involvement along with various pending lawsuits showing the same.

I'd say focus on the money flow to the Saudis and why the Israelis, who watch the Saudis closely, would have missed that, plus mention the tight Jew intel connection to the Saudis

Starting with money flow, it points to the Saudis. This means (an important transition point for gradually shifting public opinion) Israel, at a bare minimum, which always tracked everything relating to the Middle East, saw where that money was going. What the money trail shows, and this is just one example of stuff Israelis saw, is an Al-Queda-linked Chicago charity sent money to a San Diego charity. A shitskin in San Diego worked with the Saudi Ministry of Religion of Cuck™ic Affairs Da'Wah bureau, which is the Wahhabist proselytizing branch. That's the Saudi government involvement smoking gun. It's in a lawsuit now, so this is on the record. The shitskin in San Diego sent money using Dahabshiil (shitskin money wiring system) to Khalid Sheikh mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker in Pakistan. KSM gave cash to his nephew who took it to Dubai. From there, it was was wired to hijackers in the US.


The money transfers were done by people and nations and using systems Israel watched. This opens the Overton window to discussion–AT BARE MINIMUM, kikes definitely, 100% knew about 9/11 before it happened. There is no way they didn't, even if you want to pretend the US didn't–Israel certainly 100% knew.

So, Saudi money flows watched by Israel and Israeli-Saudi intel ties should be pushed on by the public.

Last, a simple way to apply public pressure in an easy-to-understand format is spread this ISRAELI newspaper article around as a reminder. Remember–Haaretz is ISRAELI. Nobody can claim "anti-semitic" or "conspiracy theory" because of the source. The material in this article isn't something like dancing Israelis or anything anyone can possibly dismiss as conspiracy theory. They cannot question the source or content. This sort of thing is important to shift the Overton window.

*Side note. I typed a lot because this is personal. All New Yorker natives know at least if you lived in the city that 9/11 was insanity that's always present. Good white non-kikes died, including many from Long Island where I'm originally from. So many fucked up cancers and random diseases and shit that came after and never go away. A lot of psychological problems, too.

And this is not to mention all the dead American troops, half a million dead Iraqis, completely destabilized Middle East, 16 years of non-stop war, you name it, 9/11 fucked shit up and killed a lot of very good people for no reason except to keep perpetual kike murder and chaos going.

Therefore, the Haaretz article above needs to spread. People need to know that fucking kike rat cockroach parasite murderous piece of shit Netanyahu said Israel benefitted from 9/11. EVERYBODY needs to know he said that and be reminded constantly. If I still lived there, and maybe some enterprising NYC pollacks can look into something like this, I'd take copies of the article and tape them up by each 9/11 set of pictures out in front of FDNY/NYPD stations everywhere in the city. Every single white non-kike out there needs to know this fucking cockroach kike Netanyahu said Israel benefitted from 9/11. Everybody. Particularly those in New York who suffered through this and continue to suffer to this day.

How? All media outlets and search engines are jewish owned.

You're basically saying it's hopeless, because the Jews control everything, so let's just give up. YOU HAVE TO USE JEW CONTROLLED MEDIA TO BEAT JEWS.

Start by going to kike run boomer sites like Kikebart and shifting the discourse. Pol is like a base of real info. Take real info from here and focus on those who are 1488'able. All you need is enough people–you don't need all–but just enough people on the "right" who are actually Israeli-controlled brainwashed idiots to see enough redpills. This actually takes effort.

Literally go to the discussion section in any article about Israel or 9/11 on any site.
Link people to this:

Ask them why would Netanyahu say something like Israel benefitted from 9/11?

That one article is enough to make people question stuff. No possible allegation of anti-semitism (Haaretz is Israeli) and the information is an actual statement made by Netanyahu. It cannot be dismissed as conspiracy theory bullshit.

Maybe also link to some pictures of dead people from 9/11. Point out that Netanyahu says Israel benefited from that.




You'll find that if you actually read the article, Watsonstein links to TruePundit. He's not the first-hand source.

Creepy how fucked up things are.

CIA revenge against former rogue member (Osama). Spooks hate when their agents run away from them.


CIA agents are flooding the board, right now more than I've ever seen.

CIA agents will post images of themselves. It's very interesting. We are soon to have more and more of the CIA's operations revealed to us.

What you need to observe is that the CIA is controlled by the kikes, who have given the heads this task: kill white people.

The murder by the CIA at Las Vegas is but one example of this. They are at work all over, throughout, seeking to slay white people.

Recently, on various sites, Twitter, here, they have attempted to implant thoughts of suicide. This is an old method, they used it, under cover as "FBI", though they were CIA truly, when they attempted to get the magic nigger to commit suicide. It's called the "FBI Suicide Letter" - it's CIA.

Kill yourself, redditor. Watch the mentally defective shill go off on a tirade about how being told to kill himself is “CIA subversion”

Example CIA post:

Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

The question is, why are there so many CIA agents attacking here?! And why now? Generally, Friday is one of the slowest times!

Reported. Kill yourself, redditor.

This thread devolved into a back and forth about who's a cia nigger. Assume everyone is a cia nigger or no one is. Problem solved and debate over.

You people realize CIA niggers get power from instilling irrational fear of their presence, right? This is how they disrupted political movements back in the day. Go around accusing everybody of being a fed to disrupt.

Whites need to unite in this country and can't sit around wringing their hands about who's a fed or not. Not only that, whites aren't doing anything wrong by uniting.

Here's the thing. Practical shit matters. Not discussions about cia niggers.

That was my post earlier re 911 and Jews before this thing derailed into cia nigger v. no u the nigger discussion.


I think everybody should post these article all over any articles/forums talking about Israel or terrorism and just ask why Israel says it benefited from 9/11 given how terrible it was. Maybe include some victim pics. That's the kind of thing that shift the discussion and move us a step closer to Einsatzgruppen death squads.

Traitor to what exactly? The US? That shit died in the 1800’s.

Dr. Michael Scheuer has been writing some hard hitting open letters to President Trump lately. We must ensure he reads them. They name our domestic and (((parasitic))) enemies.
Get this to Trump, goys!

>>The QRS-11 GyroChip sensor is used on commercial aircraft to rotate the antenna to receive signals from satellites for the in-flight entertainment system, radar tracking and flight controls. If the aircraft is equipped with an uninterruptable autopilot, signals can be received from a satellite to remotely fly the aircraft.
>>signals can be received from a satellite to remotely fly the aircraft.
>>We believe that the patent for the device was originally obtained by the Rose Law Firm of Little Rock, AR, specifically by patent lawyer Hillary Clinton, for BEI Technologies, Inc. headquartered at that time in Arkansas.







You do fucking realize whites aren't the only folks in new york city right?

You do realize that whites aren't the only ones in the trenches right now?

I was also here during 9/11 and can tell you first fucking hand that whites aren't the only ones pissed at this false flag ops, an ops were larry S. gained millions and missed his breakfast at the top of the building that day bc he was out having a fucking walk. We also know the reason why fdny and first responders died was because of poor comms equipment, overloaded channels and lack of of a centralized incident command leadership

Souls inside every human in this city mourns that fucking day, so stop with the white bullshit. My chest tighens just picturing all the smoke I saw that day.

At the end of the day Is you and I against the same fucking assholes raping away what little liberties we have left.

Years later a lot of us have now taken on the fight ourselves and aligned with like minded folks, regardless of skin color and historical conflicts we might've had in the past. Finally, we know who the common enemies are, that is a fucking blessing in itself. despite all the economical hitman bullshit CIA, .gov, deep state, etc did to Latin American countries and the islands, we are still willing to remain in the trenches as Americans instead of leaving to another country with shitty .gov and currency.

And i get it user, whites have had their battles against the fake kikes quite longer then the rest of us. This was and will always be your fight first. I might sound like I just contradicted myself, it is what is. History is a bitch.

However in order to win you need manpower and brains. Not every non white in the states have a sub-par IQ, alot of us know what the fuck is going on. Hell, alot of us understand how the constitution is being burnt to fucking ashes. we also understand that the bill of rights was a fucking scam to undermine the latter.

So help me help you and put the race shit aside for once and let us help you. I hate to say it but thanks to the economical hitman shit in the 50-90s alot of immigrants came to the "land of the free" to wash dishes and send money back home to their loved ones, having American kids in the process. kids who pledged their allegiance to the flag every day in grade school.

the fight against the fucking kikes, 1%, Corporatocratic assholes is our fight and 9/11 was also my turning point. I'll be damned if I don't see heads hanging from a lightpole before I die.

Love ya,
The truth is out there.

Grammer and spelling checkers, bite me…

You're a nigger

Promoting civic-nationalism

How about this, you can help fight the kikes and you leave right after back to apefrica? You should have known already that are enemies aren't just kikes if you've lurked.

"Promoting civic-nationalism"
"You're a nigger"

You clearly weren't born and raised in a metro area like NYC. Some of us were born into these trenches and have been working for the same 50k salary regardless of race you fucking fool.

You and your fucking labels are the reason why citizens in this country are the way they are rn. you compartmentalized everybody in order to put your kind first, failing to realize that there will never be common grounds and you will continue to be the new minority with less and less say in the political and social conversations.

Open up your fucking eyes.

We will loose our entire country to progressive globalist assholes after this current admin, and all the shit your boy trump is accomplishing will be undone within the first year If you keep this shit up.

"You should have known already that are enemies aren't just kikes if you've lurked."

reread the fourth to last line in my post you meat head.

Between IRCs, trading chatrooms, ZH, and all the chans created in the past few years, I might have more time knowing who the enemy is then all those around you.

Wrong. Our kind is in as dire a state it is, because boomer and gen-X morons like yourself lived in your comfy bubble and refused to 'compartmentalize', whereas people of every single other ethnicity happily do so. You sit by idly and watch as your likes get stripped of all they have and killed because muh values and muh patriotism. You're not an oldfag, you're a blind bandwagoner who maybe joined in a few years ago, but is too hold to expand his mind to things that may contradict the world view that was cultivated in the bubble you built in NYC. Get the fuck off of here or lurk for 2 years, not one. Because your outlook is toothless and impotent and in regards to it's consequences, you may as well kill yourself right now so you don't drag the rest of us further into the mud
meaningless if you don't use it to give your fellow White person a leg up. Get out or get fucked.

you dragged yourself further into the mud by thinking that in this side of the ocean you can win this fight on your own with your fellow whites.

You are right user, people of every race compartmentalize often, and coming from the health care field I hate seeing it.

I was the one scrapping bodies of the floor in the corner of streets and never did I once give a fuck what color you were. I've held death in my hands more times then I cared for and never questioned if I should not do my best because of who you are.

muh 50k salary has taken me to countless of journeys helping out those less fortunate then me again without looking at the fucking color of your skin, IQ or backstory.

I am not white. I am American born from immigrants parents who came here legally and busted their ass to make sure I have a leverage over close minded individuals like you. and by you i mean those that only care about their own kind until you are the one about to fucking kick your shoes up in the air and the one saving your sorry ass life or the life of your innocent kids are fellow Americans just like you. Just not white.

The difference between you and I is that I actually give a fuck about fellow man and woman. You only care about your own kind, I have no beef with you dude. I am going to fight my fight and the day you need me you'll see how quickly I cover your rear or patch you up and give you food.

Knowing your history, you might kill me and take all my gear afterwards. but thats ok, you get to live with that. Not I.

PS. I am not a babyboomer or gen x. I am one of the few level headed millennial that can still count cash without a calculator.

Get out, namefag. Get out, redditor.

So why are you spamming kike media?

fuck off, go do hw

Reported for being underage. Get out, namefag. Get out, redditor.

That's why you will be scrapping bodies off floors for the rest of your life.

I think the admins have better things to do then to ban an user with a few true words.

Is not my fault the truth hurts ;)

Nothing you’ve said is true, redditor.

What classified information did Polard steal? He has a cult, so I'm wondering if it has to do with nuclear weapons.

So IIRC you claim to be a nigger. So what are Blacks doing in the administration? The Donna Braziles? The Ashley Lynches? What are Black Nationalist orgs and marxist pro-Black orgs doing? Covering up large scale criminal operations, creating smokescreens for robberies and looting, pulling White democrats out of their cars and beating them up on camera because Trump got voted in. That's right, they're acting as the enforcement arm of these people and they do so happily and willingly. I am certain that you're just larping there and you're less Black than Shaun King, seeing as otherwise you'd be well in the know that non-Whites don't share your ethnically neutral, well-intentioned outlook. That is something specific and exclusive to Whites. They all in their natural state, put their own doing well first, and in their current state, put taking down Whitey down a peg at every turn first. Everything is good if it's to the detriment of Whites.

And there's a reason why I accused you of being gen-X or a boomer, and why no doubt others think the same of you. It's because in those generations, a lot of people had your exact outlook on life. A lot of White people across the west that is. And where did it get us? Whites can no longer so much as flirt with a woman without losing their job and landing in jail. Shitskins get fucking probation and fines for manslaughter and people are just okay with it when men and children alike are killed. Whites in Europe can't defend their own lives in the comfort of their own homes, without getting jailed for 'excessive self-defense', while in those same court systems, niggers and shitskins get fines for raping and murdering women and children because 'cultural incompetence' and 'sexual emergencies'. Half the university curriculi across universities, the entirety of arts courses to be exact, consists of nothing other than defaming, demonizing and dehumanizing white men, in part by blaming them for things they didn't do, in part by falsifying ethnic trends in past historical devlopments. All of fiction evolves around portraying non-Whites as innocent people with the best intentions and every criminal in fiction is White or in some very few cases, hispanic.

People like you applied an ethnically neutral outlook and made every decision based on it, and would even attack people that tried to push against what other ethnicities did. Because other ethnicities, among them certain (((subversive elements))) relentlessly pushed to marginalize the indigenous populations of western countries, for decades, and decades and decades. And with success, because people like you not only didn't give them no pushback, but acted like good little doggies and attacked everyone who would for being an ebil nahtzee wayciss.

Great points all across your response.

I agree with you on the current state of all all politicians and .orgs pushing this leftist progressive agenda. But again let's be realistic here, it ain't only blacks/latinos creating the smokescreen you speak of. Left-marxists whites are just equally evil as the rest. Look at comey, muller, clintons, Storzck, Pelosi, Deblasio, Bushes, Regan, most of the keynesian bankers, etc.

You cannot sit here and use them as a representation for the rest of us though, atleast I wouldn't.
Their moral compasses are out of wack and they are using their skin color to further whatever agenda they have. and their pockets..

You know what helps me wake up at night? knowing that a fool and his money will soon depart. Helps me sleep like a baby everyday.

I do not think "well-intentioned" outlook is exclusive only to whites. This comes from learning to have compassion for ourselves and for those around me. White, black, latino, asians, europeans, even some kikes have it. A lot of us are able to see behind the smoke, a lot of us know that there is no better time to be human then right now.

It takes pain to see the kindness, compassionate and empathetic side of you.
Add the right to defend yourselves and your loved ones to the mix as well…

In regards to your second paragraph,
Bullshit, If I so much as look at a hospital employee or corporate employee the wrongway I have a fucking sexual misconduct case coming my way, followed by me being fired. and guess what user, I'm not white. If they pursue it hard enough I end up in central booking followed by rikers with the rest.

Those who held power in dc and wall street during the 60-90s and raped for profit the Panama canal, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, and the rest of the south and east (Indonesia, India, Philippines) are the cause of the whites being demonized in colleges and business all over the country. (Read Diary Of An Economic Hitman by John Perkins) Those in South America and east asia had no choice but to come up here and make some USDs instead of their useless fiat. Was that your fault as an individual rn? absolutely not, but those that caused it unfortunately had similar last names and skin color. It fucking sucks.

At the end of the day we all have skeletons in our closets..

I'll be honest with you to.

I've been trying very fucking hard to find an alternative to having a "ethnically neutral outlook." Do I make every decision based on it? Absolutely not, I have my own biases I deal with everyday. For now, I favor my principles which are loving those around me and watching the rear of those who will watch mine regardless of race. Sooner of later the smoke will clear, rifles will be raised and sides will be chosen.

I will choose the side that gives me back my liberties without any conditions attached to it. I'll be damned If i remain "neutral"
I accepted my historical memories and I suggest we all begin to do the same in order to move forward against these treasonous and seditious assholes and bankers who backs them.

Confessions of an economic hitman by john perkins**

Great job sidestepping the absolute state of you niggers, the murders the drugs the rapes the welfare slavery the broken homes the crime the lack of ambition the worship of crime, the list goes on and fucking on. And before you claim your immigrant status as not "African American" think of whatever nigger country you came from and how any of the points I made differ there.

"the murders the drugs the rapes the welfare slavery the broken homes the crime the lack of ambition the worship of crime"

That's part of the human condition and it goes way beyond race. Pick up a book and learn something will ya.

"And before you claim your immigrant status as not "African American" think of whatever nigger country you came from and how any of the points I made differ there."

Doesn't apply to me user, like I stated in my previous posts I am American. Same blue passport as you, only difference is that your ancestors came from Europe and mine came from elsewhere.

Lot's of hate in your heart buddy, go write a poem.

Kill yourself, redditor.

It's a beautiful god damn day to be alive, why would I wanna do that?

Don't like my words? It's ok
It happens..

Kill yourself, redditor. State the following if you want to keep posting here:
“I admit there are no good jews.”
“I admit there are no good blacks.”
“I am an ethnonationalist.”
“I disavow communism–which is judaism, socialism–which is communism, and neoconservatism–which is a foil for socialism.”

You sound like the pope, the rest of the religious cucks and anyone else trying to take my humanity away.

I am a free man chico, and so are you.
There are bad apples in every tree yet the tree still stands.

I think your book of poems will sell millions of copies. Maybe the ROI will finally release all that hate you have inside.


Reported for supporting jews, nonwhites, communism, and being a reddtior. You have no humanity.

This is one autistic niggerjew lover

I like it when they advertise for filtering versus wasting my time.

kikes did 9/11

No way! I thought he was /ourguy/!?!

Its been obvious from the start his job was not to "prosecute Trump" but to go in and cover up all the stink from Clinton/Obama while preventing Trump from doing anything to "Lock Her Up(TM)". Jeff Sessions was complicit in all this.

The absolute state of nu-pol.




If you say the Saudis are cryptokikes, why refer to them as Saudis instead of Kikes?

Sounds like you need an attitude adjustment. This is Holla Forums, not /hatetrump/.

Because the distinction IS important for the purposes of explanation and differentiation on the world stage. Cryptos being kikes doesn’t mean we shouldn’t call them cryptos. The duplicity is often the most important aspect.

We already know the planes were remote controlled. As the passenger manifests and phone calls from the plane were forgeries.
No debris from United Airlines Flight 93(Shanksville) has ever been found.
None of the 70+ cameras at the pentagon were able to capture any frames of footage that prove it was hit by American Airlines Flight 77 as opposed to a cruise missile.
We know the towers(alll three) came down with controlled demolition while Lucky Larry was at the dentist.

All of this seems more like stuff the Jews in the intelligence agencies(CIA/Mossad) and our military would be involved in.

Please detail exactly what Saudi Arabia did instead of deflecting for Israel.

Learn how to read.


Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

This is correct.


The massive and unfixable problem with whites even considering allying with any shitskin is that the overwhelming majority of your shitskin racial colleague are low IQ and/or hostile to whites. America's policies and, therefore, future, are determined ultimately by majority or plurality group/identity voting. When you have masses of people who average roughly 85-90 IQ (and in the aggregate, despite individual outliers, the aggregate numbers are extremely significant when it comes to making serious long term policy through representative vote). Your people, for the most part, just not give a fuck about anything they perceive as "white," like, idk, brilliant constitutional government structure, the rights&responsibilities of citizens, history, and white culture generally. Whites, especially the younger non-boomer faggots, are tired of this shit and ready to take up arms to fight back.

You niggers and spics and other shitskins will NEVER be able to function in this country with whites. Never. It will never happen. Whites who want a future have to write off America as a fucked up experiment called diversity, learn from the mistake and never do it again, and move on to better pastures. Let whites leave and form our own country. You can kill the kikes on your own. A new white nation cannot have kikes period, but that's not our problem. They're on your side. You keep the kikes who love you so much.

It's a natural right for all whites who are concerned about the future to do whatever it takes for our own independent nation free from niggers and spics. In fact, this situation is not what the white founders ever wanted. The white founders explicitly warned against any non-whites participating in the brilliant democracy the founders created.

It's obvious how you've fucked this country hard with your low IQ anti white presence and shit culture. Just as a political matter, shitskins are NOT SMART ENOUGH and NOT SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE enough to function in the brilliant system our founders created. It's a brilliant system and you animals fucked it up.

And socially, I don't give a flying fuck about your shitty, inferior awful nigger and spic cultures, and the fact the kikes who run media and entertainment and academia try to force me to accept your shitty godawful culture and shit on my entire people's history and way of life–well fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

I'm willing to take up arms and kill to defend my people and culture, but it doesn't have to come to a massive civil war–unless it does. You people need to let certain whites go when they want to leave this country. Non-whites can have Jew York. The brown shit streams need rare quasi-intelligent outliers like you to lead them. Stay in Jew York with your people. All the niggers, spics, and other shitskin foreigners and all the filthy nasty kikes–stay right there. I'd say any good whites left in New York can leave or stay. That's not my problem, just like any other whites who want to remain. A brexit is always going to be controversial but it has to be done, period–there is no other way–and if it leads to war, then that's the way it is

Remember you'll need to deal with useful idiot SJWs who distract and simply pretend facts don't exist.
The MSM will doll up any retard to look almost human, and have them say why the truth isn't real. Anything to distract from fact.

To take care of useful idiot SJW, look into this:
"Dangerous Personalities: An FBI Profiler Shows You How to Identify and Protect Yourself from Harmful People" by Joe Navarro
The segment on Paranoid Personalities perfectly mirrors how SJW behave.
Learn how they think, learn how to annoy them into shattering their social mask, make them less appealing to be associated with.
People are mocking them slightly now, but it needs to be turned into overdrive.

Your's is more important of course, but it'll go smoother if SJW aren't fucking things up.

Lol. Nice catch.

What fed disruption campaigns do is instill paranoia in a group that the group has been infiltrated. The answer is pretty much just yes, go ahead and assume infiltration if your group is large enough, BUT IGNORE THAT SHIT. Don't waste time focusing on the deliberate distraction and attempt to instill paranoia. Use common sense and op sec and just never do anything illegal.

Think about it. There is NOTHING illegal about whites unifying. There is NOTHING illegal about media/internet smoking out serious treason. In fact, the people behaving illegally are infiltrators attacking First Amendment protected activity. THAT'S illegal.

Keep everything legal and don't waste a lot fo time worry about bullshit.

There is, in fact.
And so what? Nothing has been done about it.


"Redditor" accusations are typical d&c tactics and designed to discourage participation and interest.

All 1488 whites are welcome here. Fuck anybody who says otherwise or discourages participation. Fuck them.

This even goes for shills who're federal whites now. All federal whites paid to shill: have you considered the fact that all the niggers and spics in fed gov and all the kike political money behind them that influences our government 100% wants to destroy whites? And that means you, too. Look at all the policies your own gov employer has enacted over the years to fuck whites. Where do you this is headed? They'll play nice suddenly later?

White genocide is real. It's where whites are headed. Even federal online shill whites will ultimately get fucked just like all other whites solely for being white. Niggers, spics, and related kike money will not give any whites a special pass. They fully intend to flip fuck all whites. These are tribal animals. Whites have to be tribal now in response, or whites are fucked. Note, also, that it's perfectly legal to be part of a white political movement advocating white unity.


And LOL at you, you goddamn fucking nigger. You people lie about base line legal rights like 1st Amendment protected political activity and freedom of association.

Yes, nigger, black is white, up is down, there is no freedom of political speech nor freedom of expression, and white unity is illegal. FUCK YOU.

A party unifying whites and a website promoting white unification is 100% FIRST AMENDMENT PROTECTED POLITICAL SPEECH AND FREE ASSOCIATION.

THE 2013 NDAA (itself is of questionable constitutionality) IS STILL SUBJECT TO FIRST AMENDMENT BASELINE PROTECTIONS FOR POLITICAL SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION. Yes, faggot, your shilling may actually be illegal. Fuck off.

Side note: all the shitskins with zero understanding of the First Amendment say bullshit like "white unification is illegal" and that exemplifies the basic problem–you fucking niggers and spics have NO understanding or respect for the Constitution–NONE.

Go play in traffic.

Reported for being a ban evading redditor. Every word you type has proven that.

Nice job calling me a fed, FBI.

Redditor confirmed. You aren’t wanted here.

Nah, kill yourself fednigger.

Thanks for outing yourself. Reported.

Sad. Obvious shills are obvious. Fednigger filtered.
Remember Anons, recruit from your those you know well and can be trusted. Form unaffiliated splinter cells. Then carefully plan and commence action phase. During this period seek out promising potential recruits within your own communities. Repeat. The only person who can compromise your operations is you at the end of the day. Take great care in your OPSEC and that of your group. Most importantly of all use your head and proper contingency planning.

Reported for admitting to being from reddit.
So not reddit.
Great going, FBI. We sure believe you now.
Translation: Make sure to get at least five federal agents, like me, in it so that we can kill you all.

This is good. I'd add use pol as resource for unfiltered info and discussing ideas as well. People who are 1488 or close to it should be encouraged to contribute. This is important.

People like 501ff0 and 6aec0f sow discord and encourage fear (go away redditors, lurk more, accusing everybody of being a kike, whatever).

Pol is too important for whites to have this sort of idiocy wasting time and discouraging people to read because it's very annoying to wade through bullshit. That's a major group discord tactic online. Also, they definitely stoke fear of feds. That's a very old strategy to break up unity. I say focus on what matters like said, but make sure to keep pol as a central resource for unfiltered information and ideas and encourage participation. The goal is unifying whites, and pol is important for that.

Do any of you morons above know how to just filter and continue on? ffs filtering is the best way to not be distracted by shill. it's like newfaggottry is suddenly in style here.

Hi, redditor. Eat shit and die. You don't belong here. You don't believe what we believe. You are the discord. You are the fear. You're civic nationalists to the core. You don't name the jew. If a nigger kid looks sad, you say, "Keep it in a white nation, and its family, too."
So… like what the people you're defending are doing. And the opposite of what the people you're attacking are doing.

user I appreciate the effort but lurk a little more please. There are valid reasons for these rules.

True, sometimes I feel the urge to expose it for the lurking newfags but it does derail discussion.


Oh I think I see what happened here

these Dubs

were meant for this post.

and this kike was meant for the oven

It's always nice to dream though user, just do it on 4 chan.

9/11 truth is coming

▶Contents of The Memo!





▶ PROJECT PELICAN – Larger crime then Uranium One!!

Q Research board larpers do not allow this info to be posted. Q Research Board on 8 chan exposed big time.

No one gives a shit about Q-LARP.




① Covered up investigation into Miami family connected to 9-11 terrorists.

② Projects his terrorists Uzbeki trukers. One of them ran over people on the streets recently.

③ Is the leader of The Uraniumn Crime Syndicate.

④ Protects Jihadist terrorists.


Which is connected to this

▶ PROJECT PELICAN – Larger crime then Uranium One!!

⑤ These criminals hide their money in Bitcoin.

⑥ Sessions, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Obama, Hillary, the CIA, members of Congress, the State Department, the AWAN brothers crime syndicate, ALL URANIUM CRIME SYNDICATE ENABLERS.


Reminder that this redditor has personally admitted that he likes jews.

Meuller is fine

Robert Swan Mueller
14443 Bromley St
City: Orland Park
State: Illinois
Phone: (815)-460-6877, (708)-460-6877

Robert Swan Mueller III is a traitor.

In March of 2004, FBI Director Robert Mueller, along with Acting Attorney General James B. Comey, offered to resign from office if the White House overruled a Department of Justice finding that domestic wiretapping without a court warrant was unconstitutional. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft denied his consent to attempts by White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card and White House Counsel Alberto R. Gonzales to waive the Justice Department ruling and permit the domestic warrantless eavesdropping program to proceed. On March 12, 2004, President George W. Bush gave his support to changes in the program sufficient to satisfy the concerns of Mueller, Ashcroft and Comey. The extent of the National Security Agency’s domestic warrantless eavesdropping under the President’s Surveillance Program is still largely unknown.

In March of 2012, FBI Director Robert Mueller said he was not sure if it was illegal or unconstitutional to kill American’s without arrest or trial. He went on to say he would have to go back and check with the Department of Justice whether Attorney General Eric Holder’s “three criteria” for the targeted killing of Americans also applied to Americans inside the U.S.

Pressed by House lawmakers about a recent speech in which Holder described the legal justification for assassination, Mueller, who was attending a hearing on his agency’s budget, did not say without qualification that the three criteria could not be applied inside the U.S.

“I have to go back. Uh, I’m not certain whether that was addressed or not,” Mueller said when asked by Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ga., about a distinction between domestic and foreign targeting. Graves followed up asking whether “from a historical perspective,” the federal government has “the ability to kill a U.S. citizen on United States soil or just overseas.”

“I’m going to defer that to others in the Department of Justice,” Mueller replied.

In other words, Robert Mueller in his official capacity as Director of the FBI wouldn’t exclude assassinating American citizens within the United States of America. This clearly makes him a traitor, for he must know the so called legal framework Eric Holder laid out for doing so is unconstitutional.

To Hell With Justice.

FBI Director Robert Mueller is in no hurry to get to the bottom of the IRS’s multi-year abuse of conservative groups, despite Obama and his administration’s promise to investigate.

Attorney General Eric Holder promised in mid-May 2013 that the FBI would get to the bottom of the IRS’s behavior by opening a criminal investigation.

“I can assure you and the American people that we will take a dispassionate view of this,” Holder told congressional investigators on May 15 2013. “This will not be about parties, this will not be about ideological persuasions. Anybody who has broken the law will be held accountable.”

But in separate testimony before congressional investigators June 13, 2013, FBI Director Robert Mueller seemed completely unaware of the progress of any such investigation.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan lit into Mueller for his lack of knowledge during a House judiciary committee hearing.

“This is the most important issue in front of the country in the last six weeks, and you don’t know who the lead investigator is?” Jordan asked, sounding shocked.

“At this juncture, no I do not,” Mueller responded.

“Do you know if you’ve talked to any of the victims?” Jordan went on. “Have you talked to any of the groups that were targeted by their government? Have you met with any of the tea party groups since May 14, 2013?”

“I don’t know what the status of the interviews are by the team that’s on it,” Mueller said.

To put it simply, FBI Director Robert Mueller and the Obama cult have again lied and refused to abide and enforce Constitutional Law.


But why do the shills hate him?

He IS the shill. Since when have shills hated him?

Like major. They're like breathing fire & shit.

That makes zero sense. Why haven't we seen any of them?

So Holla Forums, are you finally ready to admit that you were either lying or pantsu-on-headeru retarded when you claimed that Israel/Mossad/da j00z! did 9/11?

Because it sounds like you've done just that.

ugly, dirty, anti-trump hippie feminist who doesnt believe in modern medicine and wont take her kids to proper doctors or give them vaccines:

email: [email protected]



Drown yourself in semen.




Get the fuck out of here you commie spic. The Bill of Rights is the only thing keeping you Marxists from passing EU-type "hate speech" laws. Go shove Das Kapital up your ass sideways and then self deport to whatever third world country you came from.

Spot on. Great post.

Great fucking job.


Full moon.
Next dubs meme Skippy dying in traffic accident/or another way if specified by Kek


T i c k - T o c k



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Is truth

Follow badung

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Its there


Zero chance of that. The memo is likely exclusively about the fake dossier and subsequent wiretapping. It will expose treason by a few members of the Obama administration (who won’t be charged), multiple felonies by Obama himself (who will be pardoned), and completely and utterly destroy the Russia narrative for good (no one in the media will be punished for spending an entire year on a defamatory, treasonous hoax).

My post was wishful thinking. Everyone knows about Fusion GPS user working with Fisa courts. The Memo has to have something a bit more substantive. Like it ties Obama to the Dossier. That said, even though I never put any stock in Q user there was post about the Saudi's and Democrats ties being exposed. I actually wouldn't be too supersized if this Memo goes deeper then just Fusion GPS. It could potentially exposes Hillary Arms sales that lead to the Benghazi incident for example.

I see invoked ZOG.

This means your body will likely end up in a drainage ditch in Anacostia, apparently shot in a "random" but highly professional hit by unknown persons who will have been likely paid by set of odd transactions through various car dealerships affiliates with GSA and other government contracts. The killers will have been sent by various other contractors working with G4S/GCHQ surveillance contractors doing illegal surveillance work for our deep state agencies. Everything will apparently point to radical Religion of Cuck™ic terrorists, and it will be actual radical Religion of Cuck™ic terrorists involved, but they will just be weaponized tools of the kikes down the chain. When you trace the bizarre series of financing transactions that ordered your hit, it will turn out everything leads back to kike private investment funds.

All kidding aside, that isn't far from the truth of how they treated probably dozens of problematic people to cover up their massive treason.

The memo has already largely been published through the FISA opinion. The Nunes memo is designed to get the point across to the public merely about the coverup, the FISC application based on falsified information and manipulated 302s by the FBI to produce the bullshit piss dossier, which was ultimately designed to cover up what really matters, the massive horrifying treason underlying all of this. The public is mostly too too stupid to understand the insane degree to which they've been sold out by unbelievable treason in federal government for a decade or more. The memo just opens the door to one aspect of the coverup.

THE BIG ISSUE is that underlying treason. The reason these people go to such insane lengths to cover up what they did is it's essentially nation-ending treason. They were selling tons and tons of nuclear weapons material and tons of classified intel to many literal enemies including those connected directed with radical Religion of Cuck™ic terrorist organizations, as well as compromising and blackmailing thousands of people in important national security positions, all putting Americans at extreme risk, so much risk they cannot possibly fathom, and these satanic kike fuckers and their Religion of Cuck™ic pets chose to cover up by deliberately increasing the risk and provoking goddamn nuclear war with a nuclear power like Russia, all to hide this horrific treason. There were rotten parts of the Navy, numerous agencies, rotten parts of the Air Force (probably), and tons of intel agencies and law enforcement agencies, all operating to sell nuclear weapons and intel to enemies who associate with terrorists, including those orgs that did 9/11. It's bad.

This memo is barely the tip of the tip of the iceberg just of the coverup, and it's over a year after this FISA surveillance and why they did it was obvious to anyone paying attention.

The REASON they went to such lengths to cover up is what matters. It's unclear what the public reaction might be to sudden disclosure of massive, massive treason like this, so it's a risk directly exposing all the truth instantaneously, and the traitor syndicate also very likely still has a lot of people in sensitive positions living in fear both of facing justice and of their own people killing them, and that means they are incentivized to allow, say, a false flag nuclear terrorist attack using their sensitive position. It appears to be somewhat of a standoff.

This is very likely going to take action from we the people. At least longer term it will, since all the incentives are in place for this sort of massive, massive treason to continue, all protected by total surveillance capability and all hidden behind the veil of overclassification.

And yes, this entire thing goes straight back to the kikes. Look at the actions of Och Ziff and Dan Gertler, George Soros, the admirals associated with Giustra, Ivy Funds, etc. Kikes all the way. Private fund money moved around by kikes (and in the case of Gertler, for example, right to Mossad and those at the top in Israel) enabled the whole thing.

This is a fucking nightmare.

Since when has that mattered? People don't give a shit. They don't know what treason is. They have no fucking idea what the Constitution says. The Civil Rights Act ended civics class in schools across the nation. Three generations now don't know what our laws are.

Judicial Watch Chief Investigator: "Alphabet Nogs are threatening POTUS."
>thegatewaypundit. com/2018/01/judicial-watch-chief-investigator-fbi-threatening-president-united-states-grave-threat-constitution-video/

Andrew McCabe Under Active DOJ Investigation For Sitting On Weiner Laptop Emails
>zerohedge. com/news/2018-01-31/andrew-mccabe-under-active-doj-investigation-sitting-weiner-laptop-emails
>archive. fo/7skCU

The problem is, by selling nukes and intel and compromising all these people now incentivized to enable a terrorist attack using free-floating nuclear material (like a dirty bomb), the crime is so serious that the public has to be forced to learn civics and all the complexity immediately. A critical mass has to learn right now and in full, complex detail (because there is really no other way–they deliberately created an enormous web of entities/individuals to confuse, which enables hiding) why the system cannot fix itself, and we the people are required to fix it.

(1) Rumor (PURE rumor) has it that Comey and some friends were plotting a JFK option at a meeting in NZ long ago. This is rumor only. They've been pushing the meme of Trump has a bad heart. Classic deep state tactic is heart attack people. Trump has so many enemies in deep state, so it's probably a lot of agencies trying to get at him. Our whole government is made up of pure traitor sons of bitches.

(2) On this article, one interesting aspect is how they compromised many, many people, including locals in NYPD and FBI under the JTTF umbrella. A lot of those people knew about Weiner's bizarre military shit and did nothing. That's because some higher ups in the JTTF functioned as a task force to enable massive treason. This means those people who are responsible for protecting a city like New York from an attack are actually probably totally in on the syndicate, and since they're looking at possibly facing justice or getting Arkancided (or even having their blackmail exposed since most people are blackmailed anyway) they have a direct incentive now to enable a false flag etc. in exchange for being allowed to get out of the US, for example. The incentives are there.

The JTTF and NNSA are notable things that directly affect where nukes go and how our cities are protected, and both of those agencies were just arms of the treason syndicate, and both undoubtedly still have a lot of very compromised people. That seems like at least one threat to think about right now.

I don't see how anyone actually cares about this. They sold uranium to terrorists (not Israel this time, to clarify). So when Israel nukes one of our (smaller, where no jews live) cities and blames [insert country stopping them from achieving Greater Israel here], every single media outlet will say it was [insert country stopping them from achieving Greater Israel here]. The entire Internet will be censored to stop anyone from saying anything other than the official story. No one will be able to get the information because we'll be shut down. Think 9/11 but… well, think 9/11, because that was pre-social media and pre-imageboard. We didn't exist then, and we won't be allowed to exist for their bigger false flag.

Remember that 90% of people are lemmings. They don't give a shit about anything as long as their physical needs are provided for, and The State will still be doing that even after a single city is nuked. They'll parrot what State Media tells them is true because it will make them less scared and The State is the one providing for them, anyway. The point is that nothing released through official channels is going to be fact. The only way even Uranium One causes people to listen is if it's outed by Wikileaks or similar.

You don't see why anyone cares that they and their family now stand a decent chance of getting whacked by a dirty bomb by a non-state terrorist actor, all because our own government sold it to them?

Lemmings don't care about the future. Jews are brainwashing whites to behave like niggers.
They will be told it is by a state and told that it is time to declare war on that state. They will not care that it is done by a different state. They will follow what they are told, as they have since WORLD. WAR. FUCKING. ONE.

Right. Take it a step further. Use the thing that makes today different from the past–information on the internet– to try to get the word out. Massive ignorance was what they preyed upon in the past. At least the internet may provide a shot to prevent total horror, but there is never a guarantee.

Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit. All 100% controlled. All will be 100% censored after the attack. They will blame the Internet for the coordination to carry out the attack in the first place.

Lock him up

It is important right now to get the word out. The idea is to prevent them from being able to manipulate an attack later. People need to know why we got attacked–the fact they were selling uranium and plutonium to terrorists along with intel. If they know that now, they are less susceptible to being manipulated into some foreign war later. Use news site message boards and other discussion forums. Not everything is shut down now, but it certainly will be if shit hits the fan. Now is the time to do it.

That Mueller Feel:

Did kikes do 9/11 or did Saudis do 9/11 or did they do it together as a joint action against the goyim?

House of Saud are crypto kikes

I know that but wasn't also the Mossad directly involved in 9/11?

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Chelsea Clinton has a passport under a phony name? She isn't anyone special or even a government employee. Why does she get a special fake passport?

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seem fairly triggered by

a claim which, on its face, is clearly unsubstantiated, so it's unclear why they feel the need to respond at all to such a bullshit claim.

But given the FISA scandal, the delay relating to reporting content of Weiner's laptop, the "insurance policy" texts of Page/Strzok, and the modified witness interview forms, it does seem at least some bad people engaged in very bad conduct even though they had the highest public duties not to do so. Willingness to betray the public trust by engaging in such serious misconduct seems to suggest a very strong motivation of some type to stop an outsider president from exposing something, perhaps. Maybe whatever they're hiding is so serious they were willing to do whatever it takes? Can we really rule anything out and put anything past them at this point?


No, but hopefully the public wakes up to this fact.

You’re delusional.

You understand.

Will there be visitor section at GITMO?

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I like to imagine the reactions someone who actually worked for the CIA would have from reading u guys accuse each other of being feds whenever some1s worldview doesn't match up with urs


A cynic might respond to a cia guy like you saying

Hi there. My understanding as a casual observer is that certain parts of the military aren't happy since you sold nukes and classified info to enemies for over a decade through people like the Awans, Huma, the Podestas, etc. And you people clearly don't give a flying fuck about our constitution or democracy and you've attempted a coup.

A cynic might say, hey you fucking nigger worms! We're gonna slit all of your throats and every member of your family, too! (just cynic talking here….I'm not like that)

You nigger worms cockroaches may be able to pull of shit like what you tried here in shithole countries regularly and even do supporting psy ops like internet bullshit, because you've operated for a long time in dumps against a bunch of shitskins and you've faced down a bunch of tinpot dictator nigger pieces of shit. Donald Fucking Goddamn Trump is going to slit you and your childrens' throats slowly. Torture your kids in front of you. Then torture your wife. Then maybe kill you over a three day span, depending on who you are exatly.

Huuuuwwwwhite folks including many in the military in the meantime might fuck up your capabilities while the folk fights in the mountains…what do you think in terms of irregular warfare, there, you glowworm nigger fuck (again, this is ALL parody, I do NOT believe this stuff)…would that be a tougher battle than central america? What do you think? Tougher than Syria?

(again, channeling a cynic–this is parody that I do not agree with) - Hey glowworm, what's the meaning "rifle behind every blade of grass"? Is that tough for you? Do you think it'll be hard to conquer such people? Why don't you fucking start something and watch the blood flow you motherfucking rat. (ALL parody here)

Shouldn't you fed niggers be attempting your false flag about now? (parody)

This is all stuff a cynical person might say who doesn't believe in peaceful resolution to conflict. I, on the other hand, trust very much in the system and believe peacefully voting out the perpetual deep state is definitely possible. Best of luck in the future democratic elections. (this part is serious, not parody, i am serious about elections and peaceful process as I am a pacifist and do NOT support massive bloodshed for any reason)

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I had an interesting reply, but last week I was banned for being a liberal, so all pol gets is this shitpost.