BBC accidentally redpills people on Muslim immigration

(video's too long for webm)

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I watched this some while ago and thought the same,
they are really losing all control over anything

Bump. Expect this to get shut down, the current game plan is neither to confirm nor deny that Muslim immigration is a bad thing, just let the whites stew in it. I suspect this is a tactic of desperation, a calm before the inevitable violence of an Anglo Saxon reprisal

That might be the old 2007 documentary, they actually revisited this week and things have got worse - and everyone acknowledges this.

It's so obvious that it hurts, the re-edit of the video is aptly titled "White too polite - how multiculturalism divided Britain" rather than "White Fright: Divided Britain".

They can't blame this on polite whites moving out anymore.

Oh I'd say (((they))) are counting on it. Better hope all those ZOG bots are on our side. They're not

This is the 2007 documentary for anyone interested.

In a SHTF scenario most are and will be. Its only when society is intact they are against us. If/when their bills stopped being paid and their fellow whites are dying around them, they will help.

Democracy and multiculturalism is two failures.

Deciding which jew gets to take your money, make your laws and control your borders, then pretending that's not what's happening has never been democracy. Anglo Saxons have never been offered democracy.

Well I hope you're right but the ruling classes will not risk it. If they are able to pay them, give them food and/or keep their standard of living at any level above the rest of us, they will not take our side. Look at Venezuela. People are starving but military and police get first pick of any aid or imports, so fuck everyone and hail our glorious leader. What good are their attack dogs if they let them off the leash after all?

You are correct and the brainwash they receive is more severe than the general population. They have been taught to view everyone not in uniform as an enemy, but to back-down from non-whites and any minority, leaving their lust for "justice" only satiable on whites. They are hollow husks, zogbots to the core. Corporate enforcers.

Prior to knowing about the jews I wanted to be part of the police force and help out as I respected them quite a lot, not knowing they're probably one of the scummiest people alive, especially in the UK. Fucking leaving out all the extremely criminal shitskins and niggers and just focusing on whites. I don't even care if you're white or black, you should go to jail if you commit a crime but it pisses me off to no end that it's somehow ok to just ignore or let someone off because they're a poor 'refugee' or minority. Now I'm just pissed off because the only thing I wanted to do in my life was just erased. It's probably too hopeful to believe they can be changed from the inside.

That's the core issue. As long as the bread and circus keeps up, they will never truly be on our side.

I've seen things on my doorstep in the last 2 years involving the police, council, and social services that make me want to abandon hope. And that's part of the strategy clearly. Make the indigenous population suicidal or violent psychopaths. Both play perfectly into their hands.

I'm planning on doing neither struggling at least but I'm hoping, while it is extremely unlikely, that my writing skills pick up and I can actually get a following. With enough money, maybe I can right at least one wrong in the world.

Writing is at least a pressure relief valve, it's way too early to go bang, you have to wait until you see the whites of their eyes.
I have written a few pieces of terrible but funny to me, poetry. Also taken up an instrument, if the worst comes to the worst I can always wield it like an axe on my individual or the collective judgement day.

But this is basis on which all law enforcement and politics operates. They never can be punished for the falure, this is their "social contract", "no liability". People are killed and robbed, criminals are not found, would be police failed to find criminal in jail? Of course not. This creates immense corruptions potential. No other job has such low responsibility for a failure.

Never underestimate the power of compression and a complete disregard for quality.

Not in the UK apparently, I understand it happens rarely but it still happens. The UK's police force at least is cucked to the end of the earth, saying how they have no money to spare on us but then they can go ahead and paint all their gays with rainbows and fucking muh lgbgtqpd123456 bullshit all over it. I used to have respect for them now I just see them as another pawn used in our demise. I won't become their pawn.

That's right, it'll be years before anything major happens I hope at least and by then, I hope we'll all be prepared.
I've been writing for well over a year now, on and off. I've improved but I've been told my grammar is all over the place, keep using comma's instead of these things ; :
Pens and pencils are tools of war if you know how to use them correctly

Thanks user!
and a complete disregard for quality
Well it is about muzzies.

You know, people always go on about devious acts involving masalems and pigs, but I never see the same attributed to juden. Why don't Texans hold "name GOD" conventions to, at the very least tease kikes in the same way one can do to the mudslimes?

I believe you answered your own question there m8.

And that's why poetry is easier really. Artistic license to rape language.

Because the people who do this stuff invariably are jews. Thought leading and political agitation is what they do because it drives their circus.

I do like the sound of poetry honestly, but I like to write stories more than poems because it's creative and shit. Poems are creative too but they feel limiting, one because mine would be laughably shit and two I would have a set amount of lines to write, whereas on a book I could just write what I want. to be fair I know nothing about poems so I could be basing all this on literally nothing

You may split that into parts.

Don't worry user, you get a chance to form a RWDS soon
Even better than joining the police because the justice you will be serving will be Righteous and Divine Retribution
Serving the Aryans Race with spilt blood of traitors and invaders and returning order to our lands in the traditional way
Open Warfare, No Quarter Given

If you want to try to change things with a work of fiction it would obviously need layers of allegory. Unfortunately the people wrecking our shit work that way themselves and control publishing and marketing. So it would be hard but nothing good comes easy so keep at it.

meant for

"Oh im so sorry, let me get you a hanky"
Fucking traitors have to be killed. This is why I have more trouble respecting women nowdays, since a lot of the studies on their natural instincts and mentality are starting to show and makes me want to just become more aggressive to put them into their place

And we'll see if we can't get you and your extended family an upgrade in accommodation at the expense of these filthy bigots who aren't really Britiish because they don't follow the four pillars of British culture I just detailed. You madam, you are the real Briton. Those excuses for people who object to their displacement, shall henceforth be known as "so called Britons", similar to the "so called moslems" that support "so called Religion of Cuck™ic State."

Watching this irritates me, not this is something I've been thinking about for while but does anyone here actually hate these people individually or as a whole? I hate their religion and how they act, but I don't hate the individuals. I hate the people who are shipping them in more really. Not saying muslims are based because they're not, they can fuck off. But if Muslims are saying Muslims are becoming an issue in England and 100% other countries then surely they should leave rather than start a few hundred civil wars in the future Pic related is another thing that irritates me.
It's annoying how cowardly I am as well, I just don't want anything bad to happen to anyone, unless they deserve it, most muslims do, as do most jews. The future worries me.

also I'll sage for faggy redditblogpost, needed to vent.

Well, I'm way off that for now, my writing is still god awful, it's better but still nowhere as good as I want it to be.

Just like Hitler, he didn't hate them as people, he respected their culture for what it was, as long as they kept it in their own area.
For me, muslims can do whatever the fuck they want but in their fucking quarantine zone. I hate them now just like I hate niggers and gooks because they left theirs to ruin ours for their own selfish benefit.
Kikes on the other hand I hate with a raging passion since they have been evil since they were born.

Just because your government is corrupt doesnt mean you cant go around stopping Religion of Cuck™ic rapists from raping kids. You just wont get paid for it, and should probably not talk about it. I mean, if it was your lifes goal.

I have no reason to hate Ahmed Ali Abdullah if hes in his ugly sandy shithole with the rest of his pack of desert rats.
I hate him because he's here, in my proximity, and hes in my proximity because of a genocidal EU controlled state that I live under.
So I would say I hate every single non-white in Europe, individually, because of that fact.
I would like to see a state-sponsored holocaust, a real one this time . I would re-engineer jet engines to make insta-vaporize ovens. And I would use the military to discriminate based on race and religion, and round up all semites, africans and various asians. When my people's future is secured again, we can consider tourism.

I don't think they were ever in control

Exactly, I've redpilled a few on the jew asking them what happened to Bedouin culture and why are the Saudis so tight with Israel

I want to start this trolling like with iotbw, offline en masse.
Good idea?

Yeah, it's the racis white guy's fault for not wanting to have his head cut off. kek
Fucking jews.

Why not?

This is useful particularly in areas where Liberals go, but that are really dodgy parts of town. Ethnic/trendy places.

So is it just like Canada where the Chinese are buying up all the property?

no, bongs are special snowflakes and in bong english asian means indian/paki..

>Be professional in ALL you do.
Right Wing Editing Squads?
If there was a board to post/critique writing (based on form/rhetorical choices/grammar more than substance) I'd gladly offer objective, rule-based analyses. Workshopping is a huge but invaluable hurdle to writing.
There's a (not very) shocking dearth of resources on grammar/linguistics as a hard science. Quick suggestion: make outlines to emphasize hierarchical thought over linear (sort of like coding).
Commas vs. semicolons: If the two clauses are independent (can stand alone as complete sentences), they take a semicolon, are two separate sentences, or are a run-on. Commas indicate nonessential embedded clauses/phrases—think of parentheses in mathematical equations.
Start here with the basic sentence patterns and how complexity is just embedded iterations:

I hope that's sarcasm, user. (Most/shit) poetry is on par with (((modern art))) in this regard.
sage for wildly off topic

Great taste in music

For democracy to succeed and be a thing multiculturalism must not be intertwined.


You can't really hate an individual until you know the individual. So you hate the group.

The left makes this out to be wrongthink, to hate entire groups or peoples, but it isn't. The individual might be fine, but him being part of a group can still earn him hatred from another group.

no thanks

I don't even know Leftists and feminists would support sandniggers and Religion of Cuck™ when the sandniggers literally have their own version of National Socialism and kill off faggots (not saying it's bad). I guess it's only bad when Whites become Literally Hitler. Since Marxists actually see "centrists" like Sargoy of Mossad and his butt buddies as Literally Hitler as well, it shows how much they know about politics.

Another thing is I don't even know why cuckservatives and Evangelicals support Pissrael when every kike living in that hellhole supports faggotry and trannyism. They support open borders only for the goyim because they are too chosen to be diversified as well. One day I will ever so much enjoy seeing all of them being gangraped and murdered by the sandniggers and other shitksins some day. #OpenBordersForIsrael is not a joke, it's a promise.

Ethno Nationalism taken to its logical conclusion mutes the consequential severity of any feeling one may have for any group other than their own. Repatriation would not be a “bad thing” for these people; to the contrary it would be mutually beneficial. To this end we are the only truly compassionate ideological position.

Just as planned
if you think their stand down is accidental think again. They want to abolish nation state so they can rule over the rubble and muslims are the perfect tool for that.

Keen observation. Suffer, keep your wits about you and be ready to strike, metaphorically, when the time comes.

One doesn't need to hate in order to want divorce or separation. Sometimes it's the only peaceful way. The other user three posts up, said it probably better than I.


For fucks sake, they don't even have their own music anymore. I assume it's all rapshit and techno garbage. Fuck man. No more Smiths, no more Madness, no more Clash, nothing. What a fucking wasteland we live in.

You really have no idea how corrupt British cops are. On paper the UK has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, rates of official corruption in the world. In practice corruption is rife. The British police are essentially the enforcement wing of Cultural Marxism, their demographics have changed radically and these days you're just as likely to be dealing with a Muslim, feminist or fag as you were 50 years ago to be dealing with a burly man with a sense of fairness and justice. Then you have the masonic element, which is very real.
Just one little personal anecdote. A friend of mine was violently assaulted on his way back from work in an unprovoked case of "road rage". The attacker broke the man's teeth and broke his nose. But he was a mason. Now, my friend is well educated, very well spoken and very intelligent, yet the witness statement read out in court sounded like it was spoken by a 3-year-old. The cops had deliberately and maliciously edited his verbal statement to create a bad impression and the magistrate let the man walk with a small fine and some words about "obvious remorse". No damages for the significant costs incurred as a result of the criminal action were awarded.
There are thousands of stories like this. If you're a Freemason in the UK, you can - sometimes literally - get away with murder because the police are your "brothers".
Same applies to non-White criminals, but the mitigating factor there is the Cultural Marxist beliefs of the police. On the other hand (another personal example), if you get into a fair fight with someone who happens to be non-White then you WILL be found to be the aggressor and you WILL have a racial aggravation enhancement applied to your sentence.

They aren't the same people as they used to be.

Punk was invented by the kikes. Morrissey is a white genocide enabler who personally saved "Rock against Racism" with a cash donation from his own sticky pockets.

has autism gone too far?

I wonder whats the matter with the (((teacher))) and her passion for that number.

I have hated almost every Muslim I've ever met/worked with with the the exception of one, a Kurd, who was a decent person. I live in the north west not far from Blackburn and my parents live in a town that's half paki shithole.

I can tell you that they are the most duplicitous, back stabbing pieces of shit you will ever meet, apart from jews obviously. They have no respect for the civic environment or even their own property, they leave trash everywhere, even their businesses. Almost all of them are engaged in some form of fraud, petty crime, drugs or violence and they treat white people with utter contempt when they know they can get away with it, especially when they deal with public services. It's not just pakis either, I've met a lot of nigger Muslims from Manchester too and they are even worse, both the ones born here and those that come from abroad.

If you walk around my parents town, especially when the weather is bad, it can seem like a scene not to distantly removed from that film "Children of Men" a hellscape. Personally I won't be happy until every rat faced paki has been buried faced down in the dirt. I hate them for what they've turned my country into.

Do you need hate to defend yourself? There's no time to answer that when it's life or death. Is it not generally upsetting when someone is trying to kill you, rape your women, and destroy your country? What's more important than that? Are you afraid that someone is going to question your morals in the face of complete utter destruction? What happens if you do have to defend yourself or a mudslime and end up killing them? Are you afraid someone will ask you if you hated that person? Stop fixating on "hate" being in the equation. It's not important to pin hate onto the scenario where you need to defend what you love.

It cannot be ignored what their semitic and nigger genetic stock, culture as a product of that, and sand religion has produced. If you're more worried about hate being an issue you're not ready to defend yourself or others. Think about what's more important and you remove the noise that prevents you from taking action.

*have to defend yourself from a mudslime

Nothing really wrong with those.

First redpill for normies is showing how Religion of Cuck™ is totally incompatible with the current world order of neo-liberalism.