Why is Everything in CHINA FALLING APART

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tl;dw, no one cares about community property, and often even their own property. There's a striking anecdote about an elevator. Which had a broken light that would cost a few bucks to fix. All the residents of the building had a meeting about it but no one wanted to pay any money to fix it. So the elevator has been pitch black for 7 years.

There's a number of other similar anecdotes. They compare to Japan which doesn't have these problems. They say it's not because of poverty. Because even the rich communities do this. And the cost of fixing things is actually very cheap because all the cheap labor.

What's up with all those ghost cities?

Couldn't we create an ethnostate by moving there?

Nice try CIDF.

It's called Communism. That's why everything is falling apart. That's why there's no sense of community. Why bother fixing shit when it's the governments responsibility to build you a new one anyway.

Chinks are suffering under the commies's hands. This is what happening.

chinese are subhuman at this point

In China, nobody actually owns the land thanks to communism. All land is based on leases that expire after a few decades, so no one give a shit about property since it might be expropriated once it's valuable anyway.

Chinks are starting to piss me off and not just because of things like in but because they want to keep globalism alive once the US, which up to now kept globalism alive, will have fallen. This is what the belt and road initiative is ALL ABOUT: maintaining globalism but with China at the top instead of America.

I wish more anons would understand this and the implications of it.

It's worse than America because chinks are actually occupying every western nation, their populations in the West are increasing by the day, and let me tell you one thing, they are filthy subhumans and a plague.

Short term plan: Crash the chink with crypto. The Chinese are attempting to save their economy with deflation right now, they gave out too many loans and the Shanghai stock exchange blew up in 2015. There's not enough money to go around and poor chinks are bailing from the cities due to lack of work since rich ones would rather dump the money into places like Hongcouver and Australia than subsidize their retard population.

Long term plan: Right now they're attempting a colonization of the West, since all the students they send over stay here for the money and no one here buys shitty chink technology that they are investing in. The chink can't fund himself because the government constantly devalues their money to keep their manufactured goods affordable. Therefore, to access Western markets for funding they are sending folks like Jack Ma to negotiate with Trump to conduct business within the West, with the ultimate goal of selling goods here to send American capital back to China.
Boycott Chinese electronics.
Invest in domestic automation.

The combination of these factors will lead to the decline of the Chinese economy as a) there won't be enough internally to fund their growth rates b) they won't be able to draw Western capital c) their current cash cow, cheap manufacturing, will be eliminated
This will force the Chinese to devalue their currency to zero, causing a domestic crisis as the average person can't afford anything.

No anons, it's not communism. They were like this before communism, and they are like this even after communism has basically ended. People in the West maintain community churches and public places without need for capitalist incentives. The elevator light example affected only the people in the building and was only a small cost to fix. And they gave several other examples. There's videos of dozens of Chinese just walking past dying people and not helping them. That's just how they are.

Wait till they completely recolonize Africa and do things way worse than Europeans ever did. Who knows if they will stop there.

They're ant-men, what communism and collectivism wants to reduce the individual to. Absolutely useless without authority to govern them, the product of centuries of Confucian suppression of individualism and imperial demand for stability.

Case in point: thousands of chink officials had to worship the last emperor, a three year old. Whites would realize that that is retarded. The 2000 year imperial system crashed shortly after he took power. The Chinese can't govern themselves without external rulers (invasions from the Mongols, the Manchu, the Japanese, Soviet influence, American capital), they don't have the autonomy except for the worst among them like Mao.

Well, they are clearly a threat. Does the West has any plan or they're busy sucking jew cock?

Even in the big, modern looking cities it's like that. It looks great from a bit further out, but look more closely and things fall apart at the slightest touch. I think another user once said "it's all held together by duct tape and bubblegum." That's pretty much how it is.

They won't. Too many people completely underestimate what is going to happen even in the West, starting with Canada and Australia. Once China is big enough to really start throwing its weight around, I don't even know whether you could reverse it past a certain point.


Maybe there's some plan to cause a revolution in China and make them fight against each other. But considering the chinese communist party does everything they can to keep western influence away from the country… it will make it hard.

Regarding growth rates, it's well known that China manipulates it's economic statistics (as does India) so it's possible that economic downturn has already begun.

The latter of course.

By the way, another thing which a lot of anons don't know is that China supports the EU. There are tons of accords between China and the EU.

And it's perfectly logical when you think about it, since the EU is inherently globalist and China is a globalist entity (like America, which created and also heavily supports the EU).

Globalists gonna globalist, basically.

People have been saying it for a long time but it still hasn't really materialized. I read something a while ago that said even a lot of middle-class Chinese are unhappy, which nobody would have thought of (given it was always thought they're happy to be well off and too busy making more money), and that the government is at a loss over what to do. But still, it seems to be holding together, at least from the outside looking in.

Watching at the moment, very good video. Thanks.

Just like how the USSR politburo didn't understand what was going on in the 80s; the Chinese will attempt war, either economic or actual.

The big risk with going to war against China is that they have millions of their agents already in the west. They are also embedded in a lot of professional firms/government departments and as such have access to sensitive information. Not to mention that they have been well aware, for centuries, of the value of spying and intelligence gathering. There's an entire section dedicated to it in The Art of War. They consider it to be the most skilful form of war as opponents can be beaten without lifting a finger.

The other factor is that they can probably draft and mobilize many millions of troops, whereas it's going to be difficult for the west to do so because we're packed full of soyboys. Add to that I've noticed a fair amount of people reading Maoist texts who may form a sympathetic column within the left.

Oh yeah, on top of that we have fuck all manufacturing left in the West, and are going to be struggling with re-skilling an entire workforce to sustain the war effort. China can simply and quickly retool existing factories.

Honestly, I can't see how we would win in a war with China, I mean I'm not 100% on the west's military capabilities but our technology would have to be vastly superior.

Stop thinking of war like its the 1930s. Nuclear weapons exist, Chinese population is densely concentrated in their cities. A real war between Nato and China will end with the devastation of both parties, but arguably worse for the chinese.

Automation user. Also Chinese factories are designed to make cheap plastic toys not war materiel; they don't have the industrial capacity and capabilities for war of 1940s America.

That was a critical mistake and I can't believe we ever allowed it to happen. Can you imagine a white person anywhere near sensitive info in China? So why are they allowed anywhere near ours?

I don't even think we should have let them into our universities, except for maybe a select few who aren't allowed to be privy to the latest advancements. They would never show the same courtesy to us.

Maybe there's some secret virus developed already that can target asians and niggers directly

It was part of Cold War strategy to contain the Soviets, that was the main reason why. Since the Soviets are gone there is no reason to continue the courtesy, provided that we pivot towards Russia.

in a slide thread

Any thread "Why is…." is bait.

I recall reading that, for once, it's not because the Chinese are ant people, but because of their cancerous Communism/Capitalism system mish mash. The State owns any property built on Chink soil after about x-ty years, so the construction companies reduce the standards of living and building materials to levels that would fare better in a speedrun for SimCity to maximize their usage and minimize their expected losses once the property gets recollected, also the State gives huge subsidies to construction companies to keep their workers from realizing they're breathing the heaviest, most cancerous substances on Earth and not getting paid right for that, and that's why there's these huge, empty mega-cities complete with "working" infrastructure (but dilapidated, concrete insides) that work both as tourist traps (the chinks recreated the entirety of Paris just to do so, then I recall them lending it to other countries to shoot movies) and as money sinks to avoid civil war (little known fact, even though Han Chinese are the vast majority of China, there's about thirty different populations, like the Uyghurs, the Manchurian etc. living under Beijing's rule and if that wasn't enough there's also plenty of Triad bosses, political extremists and ex-Taiwanese nationalists that really really want to fuck the whole country up).

This is definitely the case. Coastal China is rich beyond belief, but the rest of the mainland is a mix between a desolate wasteland and poor as fuck farmers living in a Communist utopia of soulless concrete buildings and hazardous materials.

So we can pull a French Revolution on them?

Aren't these the guys who married chink women and are shitting out hapas left and right?

A war within China itself can only go one way.
A resounding if costly Chinese victory.
Their entire military doctrine is built around that fact. They unlike the USA don't care much about force projection because they don't need it or want it.
They'll just sit in China with an absurd quantity of long, mid and short range rockets. Waiting for any potential enemy to come to them.

While the quality of troops and equipment are poor they're sufficiently comparable to the developed nations that their numbers become an overwhelming advantage.

For the USA there's no way to successfully invade China either.
They couldn't pull off a landing operation from the sea and the North Korea route is dead on arrival since they'd be unable to maintain supply lines through the ruins of Korea.
And the Chinese are well aware of this as they posture about and laugh at the USA's increasingly dangerous attempts to present itself as some kind of threat to China.

Unfortunately you're wrong.
Their industries are just poorly run because lol Chinks.
But when you buy from anyone that's producing for the government you find the quality inexplicably becomes much higher. Because they know their government has no problems just executing them if the product isn't up to scratch.

Also as part of their national defence policy, almost every factory has a wartime production plan.

So they have no other option than to go with war to avoid a revolution.

Nukes is a lose-lose outcome really. I don't know if either side has the balls to do that.

Realistically is automation really at that point? Not to mention the Chinese probably build most of the robots and shit anyway. Chinese factories make just about everything, cars, iPhones, laptops etc. They don't just make plastic toys like 20 years ago.

The banks can give them fresh loans which pumps money into the economy. Banks are happy, government is happy, wider business community is happy.

I also recall Chinese officials admitting that the numbers are all made up, and to look at cargo/haulage numbers as a more reliable proxy to economic activity.

Not really.
While the public are rife with discontent in China, they're incapable of organising to an extent that makes them a threat.
So long as the Communist party maintains its monopoly on effective organisation it's in no real danger.

This is why they've gone after religious groups with such fervour. They understand its a potential line of resistance organisation.
And indeed religious groups have been one of the primary means of organisation for anti-government groups in China.

Very true. It's no wonder they try to be as close with Russia and Belarus as possible. "Hey, white dev-I mean, Mr. Lukashenko, Mr. Putin. We still friends, right?"

Do you have those numbers?

With Russia its more the fact that they're neighbours and share geopolitical opposition to US hegemonic goals.

No I don't sorry, if you do a cursory search you'll find a lot of related articles that probably link to statistics.


That points to electricity consumption, rail cargo volume and bank lending as somewhat reliable statistics.

I mean who knows at this point, they probably fudge those numbers as well honestly.

The government can only enforce its quality controls on a small amount of corruption. If it goes to war it will be en masse extortion of the central bureaucracy.

It's cheaper to build robot factories in the West than it is to build them in China. Closer to final destination of goods, lower land values, no chance of PLA spies.


Ha, true.


Non-whites folks.

They make it work via uncertainty, fear and paranoia.
Any factory providing for the government faces random inspections at any time. With no warning.
Said inspectors don't know when the last inspection was and when the next will be. They're also rewarded for finding faults but punished if a subsequent inspection finds fault.

So everyone is kept paranoid and afraid. Determined to avoid punishment by a very heavy handed government.

Overall it works. But it's not extended into private industry just government projects.

I've read some confucius and it seemed quite sensible, the ant likeness is genetic

Mao was just another kike puppet

Just waiting for the 3 gorges dam to burst
it'll happen within the next couple of years

China is the cancer of the world, they destroyed the western manufacturers

I am pretty sure it is the red dragon of apocalypse

That's until there's too many inspections to do, and you get the Mao Famine from government inspectors not realizing that the massive grain harvest this year was actually a bunch of stones in disguise.

From what I've seen Confucius' original philosophy wasn't that bad but the imperial administration and the eunuchs made it complete trash later on.

Don't forget every phone and computer made in china reports back to them.

Yeah true.
But then it's worked for them so far and they don't really bother with food. Just anything the government has a direct interest in.
So anything relating to the military typically.
This is why you can't just laugh off the Chinese military.

Specifically, they made it so that you had to go through the Imperial Examination system, run by the government, to work in government:

Imperial China ended with weak emperors manipulated by eunuchs and women, dependent upon a corrupt and self-serving bureaucracy. Sound familiar to any other state?

yes it sounds familiar to EVERY other state
such is the cycle of empires
no cure has been found yet afaik

No, but the Chinese probably are working on one for white people.

Why does the Chinese have to worry about the Triads? They seem like are more concentrated in colonizing California and the West.

Yes, but they biggest problem is it's directly correlated to the West:
The cure is probably to have a parallel to all these institutions on the nationalist side ready to seize power.

If we don't make moves, and soon, the West is going to collapse, and Trump is going to be what Constantine was to Rome or the Qianlong Emperor to China – the last great ruler before a century of humiliations.

I don't believe that video is from China. The Chinese have the highest IQ in the world.

Wow. What a shock.

Actually, come to think of it, Trump's more like the Emperor Julian:

But the Chinks suck at war.

Basically yes. There's prototype AIs and robots in labs right now that can do things that were considered completely impossible 10 years ago. It will take time for them to proliferate.

But we're talking like robot waifu that does all your housework. And fabricates other robot waifus from raw materials in her free time. With just hand tools. In 15 years. The "muh cheap labor" advantage of china is irrelevant with robots.

THAT'S THE BEST PART. WE'LL SLAUGHTER THEM ALL. If we get their neighbors to help us, there might not be any chinamen left alive.

Could you perhaps not repeat marxist lies designed expressly to create universal basic income, please? Thanks.
There is absolutely, positively, no evidence of this happening within this century, within ANY of the fields of technology that would be required to carry out this task. You are COMPLETELY INSANE. And to prove it to all the fine fascists here who might not know anything about general purpose humanoid robotics and the attendant problems therewith, I'll ask you one question you won't answer:
How do you plan to solve the energy storage problem, shlomo?
Our current battery tech is about as jewish (or chinese) as you can get: ludicrously limited usage time, charge time is 2-4x longer than use, and a lifespan that only nets you a couple (COUPLE) years of service before it starts dropping off its initial storage rate. Seven years down the road and you get maybe a third of the original battery life, which was shit in the first place. And they're big. And they're heavy. And, oh, they're fucking poison that people just throw away all the time. Never mind explosions if breached. You want your kikefu (sic) exploding on you as you stick your dick in a machine, degnerate?

You can't kill all the ant men unless you use some sort of methodology that renders the concept of mercy obsolete.

Robotic soldiers of some sort, perhaps.

But that is a pipe dream. You can't go to war with China. They have nuclear submarines and nuclear tipped hypersonic missiles.

I was thinking "Ally with the Vietnamese and tell them to have at it." Wouldn't that work? Or better yet, rearm the Imperial Japanese Military and tell them, "Shit, guys; sorry about that whole FDR thing. But we got you a present! A billion chinks survived our initial bombing runs and they're not really going to be using their coastal land anymore, so go ahead and create that greater east asian co-prosperity sphere you always wanted!"

I wasn't even going to bother commenting on this, but they haven't won a war in 400 years and they're physically incapable of building a product that doesn't shit itself. I'm not worried about this at all. Lasers fly faster than missiles, anyway.

The ant men meme is real though. Look at first image in there's a story about how their soldiers have no investment in the cause, and stop fighting the second things get hard. They had the largest military on Earth, yet abandoned entire cities to a handful of pirates rather than fight them. They built the biggest wall in history, and invaders just bribed the guards to be let through.

Even today, asian immigrants are highly underrepresented in political causes and the like in the West. They don't have sports like the west does. Their academics are a sort of cargo cult imitating western scientists moreso than doing real science. There's no such thing as chinese charities or philanthropy. I'm not too familiar with their religious practices, but you can see how they treat their temples. I can't really find the right word to describe it. But it's like they have a general disinterest in things that don't directly concern them or their family.

Yes, China will probably pick on some easy target like Japan / Taiwan / Philippines / Vietnam or if they're retarded, India instead of direct confrontation due to incompetence.

No, they are either human like us, and thus have mercy, or they are inhuman, like the chinks, and thus lazy and cowardly. Or some perverse blend. In any of those cases, it is impossible. No, you need something where one psychopath (I volunteer) can push a button, and the AI controlled microdrone swarm takes care of the rest.

I am drinking coffee out of a Yeti cup which is the absolute height of engineering. Precision work that could easily be a machine part.

Designed in Austin. Made in China.

Along with everything else on my desk. Also the desk.

Lasers aren't that effective either. You have to acquire the target before it hits AND you have to keep the beam on it long enough to disable it. Hard enough to do with a regular ICBM, pretty much impossible with a hypersonic missile, as you have less than 30 minutes to take it out IF YOUR DEFENSE SYSTEM IS IN SPACE. On the ground, you have seconds before it flies from one horizon to the other.

Yes. The South African guy is in an even more pitiful state, some of us could sympathize with him escaping the tightening vice of living in South Africa but on top of white flight he fucking rice mixes.

the most incompetent military in history vs the strongest country in the world 5 times over, gee, that's a tough one

all their stuff is shit, their soldiers are shit, everything about china is shit; we could whoop them more easily than we could whoop fucking france for fucks sake

gimme a break, you fucking shills

Robot waifu caries a long power chord with her. It is a downside. But irrelevant for replacing most human workers.

Found the assmad fiddycenter. Go kill yourself, chang.



That sounds very familiar. Like a lot of the systems in place to oversee various things in many Western societies, such as health inspections for restaurants. In the US Navy, most of their inspections and observed maintenance items were known ahead of time so people never had the fear of God put into them that if they fucked up or tried to cut corners they might get caught.

As far as your comments in I agree with you mostly. They should have extended it to food and increased the number of inspectors to compensate to ensure that they had solid continuation of food production, but that would require more money and coordination.

It's sad, though, that China's military is so scary, because they've historically proven that they can't stand up against the big boys. The Chinese military has gotten slapped around by armies less than half their size for hundreds of years. You would think as the world's largest producer of so much shit from guns to food to personal protective equipment to electronics, they'd have the resources to be able to properly feed and outfit their soldiers, but so many of them are underfed and unprotected; they won't even outfit them with flak jackets.

A lot of people in this thread have brought up the most important point I've heard about war against China in a while: you can't simply attack them, their geography makes that nearly impossible unless you're willing to grow some balls and use a nuke, and nobody is willing to do that. Their mountain ranges make ground assault impossible and air strike easy to defend against, attack from water only takes you so far, and the intelligence battle is heavily tilted in their favor.

What do you do?

They aren't as smart as they think. They've slowly, systematically poisoned their populations with pollution and smog in their major cities, cut major corners in every aspect of society outside of military and government, likely, but it takes more than tanks and bullets to win a war, pissed off most of their population, and begun turning other countries against them. Any prospective armies they raise will likely be hordes of weak-willed, underfed, underprotected people who will probably not last in a long-term engagement for a variety of reasons. I highly doubt China would have the sack to launch long-range missiles for fear of having the international community rage at them, and it's doubtful they'll ever actually develop an AI powerful enough to do anything worthwhile though, in my mind, that's probably the worst-case scenario.

The only option China really has is economic warfare, and they've been waging that against the entire world for hundreds of years already. The Opium Wars are proof of how fiercely they are willing to fight for their economic power. I feel like the tide is slowly turning on them, but they've gained so much ground that if someone in power doesn't make moves to turn that around on them, then it will be nearly impossible to extricate them from our lands.

That said, in my opinion, the answer should be simple: turn their strengths into their weaknesses. Economic warfare should be the primary front in any war against China. Apple is unknowingly making one of the first steps in the process by repatriating billions of dollars and creating tens of thousands of jobs in the US. "America First" tariffs being announced has the chinks scared, as well it should; any inkling they get that we don't want to do business with them will likely reverberate into the international community. If Americans at large stopped buying Chinese-made goods, we would see a massive shift in the economic power structure and a massive stoppage of funding flowing overseas, and that would result in bigger corporations shifting towards domestic automation and local factories for handmade goods.

With that in place, China without money is nothing. If they have no money, they can't outfit an army of millions with nothing more than cheaply produced guns and battle armor. Their people would flee at the thought of war; if they were properly weakened, we would literally be able to march into Beijing and just plant a flag in the center with little to no opposition, since China's policies and lax attitude towards pollution and toxic materials eventually creates a dysgenic population that hates their own government more than we ever could.

Their empirical war plan is infestation and economic warfare. Infect us with spies and real estate brokers, leech our economy dry, and destroy us from within. If we use that against them, then turn the tables on them with hardened facts, they don't stand a chance.


So… not made by bugpeople. Made by humans, constructed by bugpeople. Got it.
Tell that to GRBs.
Okay. And? You realize that a laser travels at a fraction of light speed that is almost functionally identical to a beam of light itself, right?
Okay. And? It's not like you're launching a rocket in 30 minutes. The system is already floating around up there.

The biggest things with robot workers: they don't strike, they don't ask for wages, they don't tire., they don't lie, they don't steal. Those three are enough to replace chinks. And guess who's leading in production.

Because China is a failed commie state held together by spit, child labor, foreign money, and Chink work-ethic

Yes the only way to beat China is to cut them out of the global economy.
They exploit capitalists by allowing them to exploit the Chinese people.
But with governments unwilling to allow such exploitation at home or abroad we can cut off the main source of Chinese power.

China has always been shit.

Why would China care about their navy?
It's not in line with their strategic doctrine.
Force projection is utterly irrelevant to them.

I said if we want to eliminate them, we have to use a method that is automatic. You want to rely on subhumans who are literally the definition of unreliable.

Jesus Christ what a fucking retarded autist.

That's a key point. The Chinese military doesn't issue body armor.

Then we already know how we'll win the war. We'll just starve them to death.

Not true, but go ahead and believe it.
No, see, shill, I haven't said anything about what I want in this thread. At all. Go project your own inadequacies onto someone else.

I see the old communist tactic of "have more bodies than your enemy has bullets" is still their only means of assault.

Typical Chink strategy - copy everything America does. They even copied the F-35 for fuck's sake, and that thing's even overpriced for Americans.

I didn't even notice the pipe, what the fuck.

After reading the image in I can really see why Trump has always felt the way he feels about the Chinks. He feels the need to save his people from themselves in their dealings with them. It is a good thing.

Fuck a trade war. Trade genocide. Block all Chinese goods. Rebuild OUR industry on favorable terms.

They are dumb enough to try to expand. You really think they care about anything other than growing larger?

Quiet now, autist.

Just filters now. Maybe next time don't act so cringy and we can have an actual discussion.

Maybe we should stop calling Chinks ant people, ants can build hives that can last for decades.

He's not wrong. A blockade enforced on China would cause mass starvation very quickly. IIRC they have something like 12 percent of the worlds population and produce like 9 percent of the food. They have to import a metric fuckton of food.

Cut off the food from the US/EU and China starves to death, and fast.

Thanks for admitting that you have absolutely no argument and can't refute anything that you were told. Fuck off, chinklover.

If you don't engineer them properly, then maintenance and/or replacement becomes insanely expensive and can potentially endanger people and the integrity of both product and buildings.

I agree, but you can't simply say, "Hey, everyone needs to boycott China," and list of 500 true facts about how they destroy the global economy, lead people to suicide, and pollute the environment and the world population, all with their penny-pinching policies. You have to lead people to discover this shit on their own so they feel smarter and more empowered when they follow your lead.

If America simply ordered every major company to abandon all their production, call centers, etc., then China and India would receive a massive outpouring of support from the EU. However, if you leveraged a few small things into public outrage over Chinese practices, led that into the "America First" tariffs, then the inevitable Chinese outrage could be led into, "Oh yeah? Get your spies out of our government and we can talk," upon which you grab every mole you can find and imprison them as much as I hate the CIAniggers, chink moles getting them killed plays into our hands in this effort.

I want to drop China entirely and force American companies to hire domestically for jobs, just the same as everyone, but you have to think 10 steps ahead and plan out your responses appropriately. Everyone is so impatient these days, and nobody is willing to sit down and work out the problem ahead of time.

Looks like that pipe might be a type 85. A chinese SMG.
Or something similar.
Like the rest of the guns it does not appear to be loaded.

Also the USA uses lots of plastic weapons too.

Well no shock. They're making a lot of parts for it and why not copy it when your enemy has spent so much money developing it?

The sad thing is if the fascists had won in WW2 we could have avoided this altogether.
And the shitholes of the world would be better for it.
Especially the ones in the British Empire.


That guy you're arguing with is too well written for a fiddy center. Probably a cuck, or just ignorant of how chinks are.

They have given China as much shit as china has given them. Japan on the other hand has just straight up raped them so far.

Since it sucks, the only thing good about it is the electronics package. It's like copying a car design without the engine and having it drawn by horses.

In fact it's another thing on the list of things non-whites copy the exterior of but not the actual function of; they had to have the British make their clock internals in the 1800s.

Curious this has lasted a few years now what happened to their skilled artisans?

Yeah the same thing happened like when the Viet Cong got their hands on a 1911.

And forgot to cover this too.
The chinese military generally doesn't issue body armour to its main forces as body armour mostly just turns lethal wounds into non-lethal ones.
As such they have to provide medical care to said wounded.

The idea is that if the cannon fodder dies it's better for the Chinese military overall as it has to provide less medical care to low value troops.
It also encourages their troops to pursue more high value career paths within the military, increasing competition for those spots and in theory producing better troops in those spots.

Specialists and other high value troops get body armour. Since to the Chinese military the chance that they'll be able to return to service or train their replacements is worth the added cost of both armour and medical care.

There's a logic to it.

But it is a logic at odds with our general behaviour of placing high value on life. For us WebM related is the ideal soldier regardless of cost.
For the Chinese it's whatever maximises cost/benefit.

That doesn't look much better.

It was a crumbling ruin until it was repaired for tourists to come visit.

Check out the niggers vs. chinks thread to see just how jewy the bugs are.

They got invaded by Manchu nomads (related to the Mongols) after the last ethnic Chinese emperor ordered the general in charge of the wall executed over enemy propaganda. The last dynasty being nomads didn't give a shit about the wall.

You've not seen the controversial repairs.
Crumbling ruin would have been preferable and safer.

It's a simple SMG.
Uncomplicated, reliable and one version has an integrated suppressor system designed for use with subsonic ammunition for ludicrous levels of quiet.

That's the rub, isn't it? If your country puts so much emphasis on imitation and production for everyone else, then what hope do you have of producing an independent thought? The Chinese will lose because there won't be any unique thought into warplans, any independent development of new weapons, or any in-depth design of automated designs.

Compare the El Camino and the Ranchero. Copies of shit are still shit, wang.

I daresay the commies ripped this idea off the chinks, who applied this tactic well before communism was a thing.

They are stuck copying tech so they will always be behind in that aspect. You can be sure the black projects don't have chinks working on them. At least in those areas they don't have to pretend to care about optics and being PC.

Issuing SMGs to your military forces (not civilian police specialists types) is a bit out of date when you have to face off against opponents with body armour. Even with suppression a short-barrelled rifle is more flexible.

The chinks probably conduct wargames against themselves and don't realize their opponents think differently, instead of focusing on conscripts and the lowest common denominator Western armies have become specialized during the Cold War since we couldn't beat the Soviets on a numerical basis.

Yeah, reminds me of the model of the Forbidden Palace some rich chink built in a Houston suburb. I went to go visit it just before they shut it down. I was amazed at how they had just allowed it to crumble like that. Guess I know why now.

I took some pictures but I don't know where they are now. If I find them I'll post some.




You have to consider the environments and situations the Chinese expect to be fighting in.
They're training and preparing for two scenarios.

Scenario one: Internal unrest meaning scratch militias who are lightly armed and armoured. Probably Religion of Cuck™ic ones.
Or just rioters rampaging.
In either case body armour is not a factor.

Scenario two: US invasion of China. In which a good chunk of Chinese forces will be focusing on targeting US support staff who are accompanying US ground troops.
With the overwhelming majority of fighting taking place in highly urbanised environments. SMGs remain viable in such an environment even against troops in body armour.
You probably will not outright kill him but a few shots to the centre of mass at close range will still knock him out of the fight.

They probably expect to be pressed in CQB in apartments etc. They consider their own population density and where they have to hit them. Their military also has to consider it's own people and how to put them down in an effective manner.
Our military just plans for everything.

you know.. it could be wired or work for only 30 minutes and then recharge it.

Just no.

Government tech is a bit more advanced. Know those graphene batteries and capacitors they are talking about? Already in use. You're running out of ways to fuck us moshe.

all this shit about Chinese military being weak can change instantly if you consider one thing:


substantiate your claims, spook

Also, their only aircraft carrier comes from the Russians, and a story on the state of their navy:
The submarine in question:

Pretty dumb scenario to plan for.

We have shit for the rabid dogs too.

No. Good luck explaining to a nigger that a 50$ pair of nike shoes made in USA are better than a 10$ pair on nike shoes made in China

Holy fucking christ, kill yourself. None of those batteries will see adoption in consumer products for 30 years.

all this shit about American military being weak can change instantly if you consider one thing:

Exactly. As terrible as China's military may be, most of the world is far worse. They could just absorb Africa overnight if they wanted to, and they seem to be investing there.

That stat is a bit misleading. In the US most of our agriculture output goes to feeding animals. But if there was a crises, we could slaughter the livestock and redirect the food to human consumption. And increase food production 8 times.

Have the niggerball players advertise American. They already buy overpriced shit like Supreme.

Germany had better tech, but Russia more bodies.

Same now with USA vs China

The corn production also goes to ethanol.

We don't border China (yet).
Number two, the Soviets got raped without (((Western))) material support. The Soviet offensives of 1943 onward weren't possible without American trucks.



There's no one who will be giving lend-lease to China. We'll be fine this time.

US made ones are far less likely to have defects or cut corners.

Africa and southeast Asia are about the only places where they can expand and get away with it. The west (and some parts of Asia) on the other hand…

As for that stat, it can be. I only gave the most basic of information. The point (for anyone that misses it) is they don't make anywhere near enough food to feed themselves. There would be mass starvation if suddenly the world stopped letting them buy food abroad. I can dream of this happening and China eating itself again but I won't hold my breath.

The russians actually had comparable tech to the Germans provided by (mostly) the US. For instance, the T-34 was an American design, but adopted by the soviets. Of course they were shoddily put together but this was designed partially with that in mind.

Here's a bit from 2010 that isn't where they discuss it. arl.army.mil/arlreports/2010/ARL-TR-5283.pdf

Hopefully not India, Russia, or the Europeans.

They can't afford it.
Who will be on our side against the bug people? Really?

We have to stop the CIANiggers from alienating them.
The (((EU))) might have some funny ideas. I wouldn't be surprised if the jews running it pivoted away from the US towards China soon.

Russians maybe, EU I highly doubt. India… LOL. They are far more likely to take advantage of any shit starting in China to go fuck with them.

Other lend-lease nations might be the South Koreans, Israel, and the Arabs, more so in the selling technology to the enemy style rather than providing direct support.

Non-explodey lithium is also nice to have around when bullets are flying.
We're balls deep.

I specifically mentioned the military already has it. It doesn't take long before much of that gets out. Especially when the tech has uses in the civilian sector like power use and efficiency.
Keep kvetching.

Well the Chinese acknowledge that the USA's hegemonic goals are at odds with Chinese sovereignty.
Sooner or later the USA will want to control China the way it does other parts of the world and has been flexing its muscles in the region trying to intimidate China for about half a century.

So the Chinese operate on the same assumption as the Iranians.
It's not a question of IF the USA will invade or try to instigate a coup.
It's a question of WHEN.

China wants useful things from Africa.
Resources, more labour it can exploit to relieve some pressure on its own populace.
It doesn't want to control these nations its using though, that's effort and requires too much commitment.

Except controlling china hasn't been a goal. If they stay the fuck where they are and respect everyone ELSE's sovereignty, people would ignore them. They don't so they are treated like the kikes they are.
So tired of these chinks and their justification for stealing and behaving like jews.

South Korea? WTF are you high? They fucking hate China, and cuck themselves out gladly for Uncle Sam. Israel I could see happening Arabs are a bit of a mixed bag - it really depends on what is happening at the time and which arabs we are talking about.

Lend-lease to China is very unlikely in any scenario. They do a great job of pissing off pretty much everyone.

There's this problem of when you're so focused on external factors that you forget to take care of internal ones.

The Chinese have been funding infiltrators in the South Korean government to pivot away from the US and towards an alliance with China and the North, that's the issue.

That was true during the 5 goddesses, or whatever. The new guy in charge is kicking out English teachers, and the schools are starting to focus on learning Chinese.

You already had an answer, OP.

Reminds me of an African "technology fair" that was just wooden mockups of real and fictional western technology.

We really don't invest enough in biosecurity and antivirals. They will make us pay for this mistake. That thing were everyone freaks out over minor ebola and flu outbreaks is actually good for preparing us.

That's not a get out of jail free card. You can't just assert something is true merely because you can't be [easily] proven wrong. Like the orbital teapot hypothesis. Abandoning the burden of evidence invites misinformation. Don't do it.

If you want to claim the government has something that is classified, you can still provide independent reasoning and circumstantial evidence.

The thing with the 5 Goddesses was it was a batshit insane feminist cult trying to goad the US into WW3 that was being funded simply for being anti-North Korea. Now the new guy is a lefty.

Because they think garbage is a good substitute for concrete as a building material.

You got some sources cunt, stop trying to kike out of it.

Even Leonardo da Vinci drew mock-ups before building did he not? We wuz being scientific n sheeit.

Guys, the implication that we're even IN a bugwar implies preexisting white solidarity (or at least white non-aggression). It's not going to be able to happen otherwise.

Yeah, I know. That doesn't mean a goddamn thing.
It does, in fact. We're still waiting for supersonic passenger jets. Battery tech like what you describe has no manufacturing base and will be DECADES before prices can put it in consumer electronics.
Use does not equal viability.
Keep lying.

Da wepan ta suppass Metta Geer!

We need to gas the jews before they trigger the bugwar.

Some other anons have noticed as well that worst korea is getting worse faster and faster. Kpop is very pro feminist and is becoming even more hiphop. USA has already lost the Philippines. Looks like they are going to lose SK soon, too.

It's funny you mention this. The other day, I had a conversation with a slightly older coworker (central/eastern leafistan) about politics. I mentioned how they're willing to trample out individual rights to produce things a few cents/unit cheaper and he basically said the state trumps individual rights over there, and he legit said it's like an ant colony.

He's not the sort of redpilled racist, but it's funny that even normalfags can see through them, sometimes

The older ones have the chink in front of the tank stuck in their head.

That reminds me that CIA color revolutions obviously won't work over there.

PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT ok there Sun Tsu how is the Chinese going to win a war with a super power that is across an ocean, that has better trained soldiers, and a navy that consists of more than one aircraft carrier that was designed by the soviets in the 60s?

No iphone for you!

Considering the gave Trump the red carpet and even let him inside the Forbidden City they seem to be banking on somewhat good relations with him.

They know Trump a white tiger.

You think they have zero interest in colonization? A country with such an exploding population they have a child limit? And not enough land to feed themselves? They could fill Africa with tens of millions of ant men in a generation and solidify themselves as THE world power forever. It's a shame Europe abandoned it.

I honestly don't see them attacking Japan if they are still somewhat sane. They might still be pissy about the last time but their anus just stopped bleeding a few years ago and they are NOT ready for round 2.

the cure is remove the kikes

What is this image supposed to be representing? The willingness of the French to be fucked by their superiors?

That's now how the USA works.
As far as the USA is concerned the entire world belongs to it (or its masters in Israel)
And everyone should do what the USA says.
Hence why the USA constantly fucks around in other nations, happily overthrows governments, etc.

For the USA the Chinese have long been a problem because the Chinese aren't afraid of the USA.
Uncle Sam screams, threatens and demands but the Chinese just laugh.
For the yanks its a serious problem as they're just not used to this. They're used to other nations obeying and being vulnerable to US "regime change" if they don't.

In the eyes of China the China sea region is their territory and much of asia is their "sphere of influence"
Making the USA the foreign interloper infringing on China's sovereignty.

Well for both of them it's a safe assumption.

Because you weren't paying attention faggot.
The first thing you must do is define victory.

To the USA: Victory is Chinese compliance with US demands.
To China: Victory is repulsion of military threats to the Chinese homeland.

For the USA force projection is essential to victory. For the Chinese its mostly irrelevant outside of China itself. So long as they can quickly redistribute forces internally and keep them supplied, they're good.

For the same reason the Russians were keen on him until the political establishment forced him to go full cold war warrior.
Trump is ideologically opposed to the USAs long standing hegemonic goals.
Meaning he's more inclined to recognise and respect Chinese authority in their sphere of influence. Or at least more willing to accept it as a concept.

The Chinese government have shown repeatedly they have learned from Chinese history.
In this case that foreign adventures are death to a Chinese government. That ruling China is a full time job that leaves no time for distractions in foreign lands.
Hence why we see so little interest from them in foreign military projects.

Well, it took time but I've read them and found nothing to strongly suggest the military has graphene supercapacitors. The first is a feasibility note, and shows that there is still very little known as well as identifying a whole bunch of hurdles that need to be overcome. The second is about a new battery that has a different shape so that you can put it in your ballistic vest in front of the plate carrier. Nothing about orders of magnitude more energy density.

Confidently asserting bullshit does not make it true. I don't believe you because what you propose has a fuckload of implications, and you haven't provided even compelling speculation, let alone evidence. Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? No. Do you sound convincing to anyone who doesn't already agree with you? Fuck no. If you believe it is the case, I want to know why. If you spread disinfo, willingly or not, I will call you out.
Asserting bullshit and kvetching when questioned is kikery. Trying to objectively determine the truth is not.

They don't have the right military make-up to support any sort of colonization efforts. Their navy is practically non-existent and last I heard they don't even have any military presence in Africa outside of a bunch of supply bases.
I don't think what they're doing in Africa can be considered proper colonization, just more economic invasion like they're doing everywhere else.

Well then they failed that faggot as the US has a navy to blockade China and China will starve without it's ports. So who isn't paying attention now?

I know there are more ant colonies in china, but it's still a good way to cause chaos

It is so cute when they try to imitate white people, like a child playing dress-up. If they weren't so disgustingly violent I would love to keep them around just for the comedy value. I'll miss them after the chinks kill them all.

How did I forget the glorious african helicopter?

Pretty much.
Their goal is to extract from these regions.
They're happy to work with whoever is in charge there and the ones running these african nations are happier working with China as Chinese "investment" and "aid money" doesn't come with any preconditions other than compliance with Chinese economic interests.

Provide resources and labour. Get money. Spend it how you wish.
Much more simple than western equivalents.

With a gigantic land border and multiple sympathetic nations on said border?
Russia? Vietnam? Afghanistan? Tajikistan?
China will have little trouble bringing in what it needs via alternative routes and they've already built the infrastructure to do so as part of their efforts to tap those markets for exports.

The USA can't blockade half the planet.
And it's blockade of sea routes into China isn't going to be flawless considering they will be forced to avoid getting too close to China in order to avoid rocket spam.

Good luck getting enough food through all of those mountains and desert with terrorists all over them and no roads. Also if you wanted to fly in enough food to feed a few billion people that would cost you so much money that you would be bankrupt before the week was over.
Like they will fire rockets at the US navy without getting fucked by air and missile strikes from said navy.

Looks like the PLA showed up. The Chinks couldn't invade 'Nam right after a war, they're shit teir military.

That's kinda superficial.

Communist china was slower to take land off people than the Soviet Union, and has increased private property rights since the mid-1990s.
Chinese can lease land off the government
for up to 70 years and enjoy profits from its sale and development. Anything above the land, such as homes and apartments, also has
certain property rights.
Whenever the government builds new developments like roads or shopping centers
you always get a few people who won't move until they get better compensation. So houses are left in the middle of highways. (pic related)
Also if people think a road is going to be widened they build a shell of a structure
on their land, hoping to get compensation for its demolition in the future. These holdouts are called "Nail Houses", because they are like
a stubborn nail you can't remove from a piece of wood.
The man in the photograph is holding his certificate which shows his "ownership" of the land the house is built on through a long term 50-70 years lease from the government.
He also has certain rights attached to the structure above the land.
Of course the Chinese could take away all property rights or limit them tomorrow, if they wished.

First off, eat shit. China is our enemy and we deserve to have as much understanding as possible.

Second off, doesn't ChIDF sound better?

The Chinks are also wannabe jews. They see Israelis shilling for Trump, they're going to shill for Trump too.


You're gonna have to use fire.

The absolute state of China.

This is not going to be world war 2. China has 400 nukes, the US has thousands. The Chinese are concentrated into ant-lile cities and held together by threat of violence. It would be one of the shortest wars in history and definitely the bloodiest.

Bro, confidently asserting bullshit is 90% of what we do here.

Roads already exist.
And you're forgetting many these terrorist groups are primarily anti-US.
Which along with Chinas general willingness to payoff/work with such unsavoury groups. Means they're unlikely to present much of a problem.
The enemy of my enemy.

As for the rocket issue.
If the Chinese rocket strategy is even a quarter as effective as they're hoping. Then US naval losses will be catastrophic.

Nobody will use nukes.
Because nobodies victory conditions make it feasible.
The USA needs China to continue to exist to provide a source of exploitable labour. What they want is for China to be compliant.
Can't be compliant when it's dust.

The Chinese just want the USA to be outside their sphere of influence and outside of China.
Nuclear weapons will only drag more nations into the conflict which is against Chinese interests.

The problem:
Japan hates China
As long as China is assblasted over WW2, Japan is sure as fuck not going to let go of the alliance.

It's not really an alliance.
The USA wanted authority and power in the region after WW2 and thus Japan became the largest nuclear aircraft carrier in the world.
Mostly thanks to the Japanese refusing to be a proxy.

< not VX

Yeah that's going to happen
Nigger the US has bases in fucking Japan and Korea that could shoot into China. China would get fucked if it ever came down to a war between them and the US. Not to mention you are betting on rockets made by the Chinese being effective. Have you ever used something made by the Chinese? The rockets will probably explode in their fucking face. Not to mention they will be operated by the Chinese which have a history of being terrible at all things military. The US navy could probably just fire some warning shots at them and they would all fucking scatter.

The US is developing automated manufacturing. It won't need low-skilled labor that the Chinese offer anymore, and China can't take advantage of the technology without driving its own people out of work.

It's going to become an actual alliance the moment the Chinese turn their sphere of influence to encompass them, say over the islands in the Sea of Japan.

Yeah that's not true either as automation is becoming more and more of a reality it's going to be cheaper to have robots in the US that it is to have slaves in China where you need to deal with the Chinese trying to jew you and having to pay to ship that shit to the US.

Who's that? I've always insisted on staying objective, even if I've mostly been in the minority. Strength comes from truth. Denial or bullshit are blindspots, exploitable weaknesses, sources for mistaken judgement. By uncritically believing things you like the sound of you're committing the same mistake the commies did and the cultural marxists are doing now.

Why do you think the japanese were so happy when Trump suggest they arm themselves and nuke up?
What we have with japan/south korea isn't an alliance. It's another form of force projection on our part and they really rather not have us in the equation if they can help it.

Korea's case isn't too different either. They're our nearest proxy to the chinks and they don't like it one bit. They rather have the problem of the north be settled peacefully with help from the chinks than be caught in an eternal standoff that can only end in total annihilation of either side.

There are no victory conditions without nukes. Both sides lose by trying to play conventional war, unless it's some limited skirmish over some islands - which the US would win quite easily as it has in the past.


Isn't the same in USA? The government just rents the land?

USA will sooner go into civil war mode than China if ww3 starts

The Japanese need American naval capacity to help repel China in a future war, as much as they don't want Americans in the equation. In the past they've allied the British and then the Germans, but the Germans couldn't provide much aid due to the Royal Navy during WW2. The US then island hopped all the way to the mainland of Japan as it couldn't replace losses as quickly as the Americans. This time it could be the same case unless they can muster up both the quantity and the quality to defeat the Chinese.

Yes and so will Western corporations. Africas GDP and shit is still stagnate or falling. The african leaders can't run an economy. They can't build infrastructure, roads, rule of law, etc. Unless they just want a few walled off mining facilities, they will realize they need to take a more active role.

Any islands in the Sea of Japan will be a dispute between NK/SK/Japan/Russia. China has no presence if the area if I recall.
If you meant the East China Sea, then there's already disputes and dick waving aside no party really gives that much of a shit that they'll go to war. Besides last I read, those islands area already controlled by the japs.

But that is illegal user. Besides we don't want the innocent animals to suffer just because we're killing bugs.

butthurt kike

China likes to disregard laws if they're not helpful.

the first african country to do eugenics, will rule over africa

Well lets examine which nations are reasonably going to have this problem in numbers sufficient to present a challenge.

Afghanistan: Which soon as the US pulls out of it will revert to Taliban rule which will be sufficiently anti-US that a deal can be arranged between the Taliban and China.

Russia: This is not a problem.

Pakistan: Has been drifting from US influence since the end of the cold war and is well connected to Religion of Cuck™ic terrorist groups throughout the world. Potential problem.

As for the rest? The problem is minor to non-existent.

And rockets. Yes the USA can hit China from Japan and Korea.
But Korea won't be a factor for long and Japan is in range of Chinese missiles/rockets.
But there is also the question of quantity and ability to resupply said quantity.
The USA doesn't have enough in the area to be able to quash Chinese manufacturing capacity. Nor can it reach a lot of the militarily essential factories which are located deep within China. Almost like they've fucking planned for this.

But on top of that the Chinese have a lot more rockets/missiles.

We've been hearing this for decades but it turns out Chinese slave labour remains cheaper than robots.
I'll wait until we see entirely automated factories in the west before saying they're a relevant factor.

You're not paying attention.

Western corporations will. But western governments make unreasonable demands.
Buy this off us. Hold these kind of elections. At least make an effort to not appear hopelessly corrupt so our media don't whine.
Chinese don't give a shit. Spend all their money on bitches, guns and drugs. So long as they get what they want they don't care.

Is this what happens when jews and bugmen team up? Terrifying.

They want to have nukes. If they have nukes, any future attempt at an invasion from the chinks will be unlikely in the first place.

Yeah but I mean the japs are physically in control of the islands. When there's boots on the ground words don't mean shit and the chinks aren't going to start a massacre of jap soldiers for fun.

Shooting Japan with missiles is a good way for China to get a nuclear boot up it's ass retard.

How long before China slaps it's name on the Pacific and claims it's theirs because their land has always been touching it.

Soon as the USA deploys its nuclear weapons its game over for the USA.

Then I guess China is going to do what the US wants as it doesn't want to be a glowing hole in the ground huh?

Yes and no. Much of the land (especially further west) is government property, but not all of it.

That said, eminent domain laws so they can seize it even if they don't own it and there's fuckall you can do.

Yeah this would be the best approach. Cut China off from the Anglosphere first of all. Japan would be on our side in an instant, Worst Korea would probably come around pretty quickly too. India would probably be on board as well, as would much of SE Asia. You have plenty of countries there who have had enough of China's arrogance. You sabotage its belt and road initiative and whatever else you can, and you don't have to set a foot inside Chinkland and just watch it implode. Then you see if you can't play whatever opposing forces develop inside off against each other, and you make damn sure they won't be in a position to pull the same crap again.

The bugs even admitted the stuff that belongs to the nips wasn't theirs back in the 60-70's. They just gave/give zero fucks.

Did those two marry gooks? lmao, why would you want to marry into a shithole?

If you don't pay your property taxes and they can take it from you, it isn't yours. We have official government owned land and then we have the rest that is still theirs and we are allowed to use it as long as we pay and toe the line.

from what I've read on Holla Forums, it isn't the writings of Confucius that lead to the suppression of individualism, but the government or something thought it was good or something, so they suppressed everything else

Hell even the Germans back in 1875 had a map showing Japan's claim. The chews forged their documents to justify their thievery.

Most chews rolled their eyes at Confucius like we do when liberals wax eloquent but it was a means of control so the chews in power used it.

Why would they?
The USA can't use it's nukes.

Because China needs the US more than the US needs China. Or are they going to start selling plastic crap to the Russians who inject fucking bleach into themselves to get high because it's cheap?

Manufacturing nations are rarely short of customers.

Mosley always makes me shed a tear. He too was right.

Chinese growth is slowing down due to slowing global demand for industrial products while internal investment can't keep up and their population is aging. It's a time bomb.

Losing your biggest customer is not a great thing to do for your economy or do you think the people China is all ready selling to are going to start buying enough plastic crap to make up for losing the US?

No but they can better survive the loss than the USA which relies on Chinese industrial capacity.

Up until now, Japan has had someone else hold the nuclear reins due to Hiroshima even though they have the technology to develop nuclear weapons within a short time span.

China needs food.

Oh no what will the US ever do without cheap Chinese crap that never works longer than a couple of years. They might start to make things in the US again and improve their local economy what a horrible loss for the US. Oh wait those are all good things.

Do you like electronics?
Most basic electronic components are made in China these days.
Even if they get assembled into something useful elsewhere the parts were made in Chinese factories.

It's debatable if on its own the USA could even build the factories needed to produce these things.

What did you mean by this user?

Now you're just being retarded. Why would the US not be able to build a fucking factory? That doesn't even make sense especially since the companies that design the electronics are based mostly in the US.

Almost everyone I talk to who has spent a significant time there (including expats who have been going to China for 20 years or more) feels the same way about them.

Interesting about the first pic is the date of the book - 1933. A lot of people, particularly overseas Chinese, blame a lot of the bad behavior and backwards culture on Mao and the Cultural Revolution, but there are anecdotes from well before that time that show it was no different. It's things that are inherent to their culture.

Mao was the product of their inherent culture – they hate him because he reminds them of what they are.

Need running water for factories to work and China is running out

This is what happens when you dump battery acid into your water table.

Because the USA's own industrial capacity in a lot of basic areas is now non-existent.
There's more than a few tech related goods it simply doesn't have the facilities to produce.

Dubs demand Donald.

Yes, but they really much rather have them than we hold it for them.
After WW2 we stepped in and forced ourselves on everyone we could. Now I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but pretending the japs and koreans love us and want us around is just being delusional.

Facilities which could be built from the ground up and running in under a year if there was demand for them. It doesn't take decades to build a factory.

user there was no industrial capacity in places like India / China / Russia before somebody built it. Why do you think that they can't build it again? The principal reason why it doesn't produce those goods these days isn't because it can't, it's because of pollution laws and avoiding poisoning the environment. Something the Chinese forgot.

Oh it was like this long before communism.
The only time it was not like this was pre-opium wars. That's about the date when all things like this stopped being built

The city walls, they were maintained, as was government property as it was done with direct command. Once government authority waned however, even this was ignored.

Once your entire culture as been destroyed with something like opium and you have to worry about your kin and neighbors turning on you to get their next fix. You stop giving a shit about anything not directly under your control that directly benefits you. Likewise, you stop giving a shit about any community resource apart from how to get the most benefit for yourself at the cost of all others.

The only reason this didn't fall apart so much until recently is due to the family restrictions. It's not uncommon at all to see a single child with 7 or 8 aunts and uncles. To the point where they don't even refer to them with names, but instead using numbers based on age. (Aunt 1, Aunt 2, Aunt 3, etc)

With that large family, there was always *someone* around to maintain shit. But now, as their grandparents die, you see families destroyed in rapid order. There is fighting over inheritance, fighting over land. As it's no longer possible to just say that this is "family land", it must belong to one person. And the instant someone is short of money, they dump it.

Why bother to maintain something that's not yours? Why bother to maintain something that only makes you a target for thieves? Why fix a spoke for 10RMB or take the time to oil a chain or rust proof a frame when you can just buy an entirely new one for 150RMB in a few years?

The insurance policies and dealerships go so far as to give you coupons for free oil changes, just to get you to change the damn oil, and even then they had a problem with them just being sold off as they were "something of value".

It's not even a low-trust society, it's a zero trust society, and that's what a zero-trust society looks like.

Great the bugs are cloning niggers.

No worries the jews here will keep selling them ours as fast as they can pump it.

Which is most of the reason that manufacturing in China is cheaper and why it is done there. If China had to compete fairly with western countries western countries would suddenly be doing their own manufacturing.

In the long run the Chinese will probably all die because only whites care about the natural world.

It was like that before opium too user they have been doing this shit since history has been recorded. Christ even in their made up fan-fics of their history one of their rulers fucking smashed his baby on the ground to make a point ensuring that their kingdom would be lead by a retard.

Their cardboard empire will probably collapse under it's own weight before they all die off. They are already having problems with Trump lowering taxes in the US making it cheaper to do business in the US than in China since you don't have to deal with the Chinese in the US to get your goods shipped wherever.

This is funny.


Global population is a scam. There are much less people in China than is reported on census data. They can get away with this by concentrating the populations in large cities where visitors go. Same with India.

All of Chinese History is completely made up and stolen from events in Europe.

China is like a house made of straw. America is the Wolf. Chinese piggy might feel secure in their nice straw house, until American wolf comes to huff and puff and blow it down

Also, can someone explain too me what GDP measured for PPP means, supposedly its a commie metric used to measure wealth equality, and China has been shilling that it has the highest GDP in PPP for years now. but the metric doesn't make any sense, since their GDP per capita is among the lowest on Earth and their nominal GDP trails behind America by the order of trillions of dollars. Who the fuck are the Chinks trying to fool? Considering they have over a billion people compared to Americas 300 million their economic performance is absolutely abysmal

GDP by PPP is supposed to equalize the differences in currency between nations but it doesn't work that well since the Chinks rig their markets and currency values and can't actually take money out of the country. That's why their GDP per capita is so absolutely shit.

I look forward to the day we start to cleanse the xenos from our turf and the corruption from our towers.
The Emperor protects.

>>>Holla Forums

Whatever happened to that bank that Russia and China were planning to setup to challenge USD? Did Putin realize the Chinks were about to rip them off?

What if the robots have artificial wombs?

China had to blow up its stock exchange in 2015 I think has been a big obstacle to this. The Chinese gave out too many loans and the government had to bring it under control, causing their currency to drop in value. They want to back it with gold but that risks people going to the bank and demanding gold in returns everytime they devalue their currency to keep prices down for world markets for the plastic toys.

Also forgot to mention, GDP includes dubious measures of "market activity" like building houses in the middle of nowhere that don't produce any money.

Graphene and Graphite supercapacitors are piss easy to make. you can make them with shit lying around.

I'm amazed it's not worse. Maybe the human body is more resistant to pollution than I imagined. "Only" 10% infertility is bearable, if they increase their n-child policy a bit.

2 Gorillion bugmen

It's inevitable and you know it. I never said it was GOOD. But perhaps we could use it to our advantage. #robotWaifusForIsrael
What in gods name has happened to imageboard culture? GTFO newfag.

This is how you get antmen factories. We're doomed.


See this is the biggest problem with the antmen: when you adjust for income per pouplation and inflation, they're almost flatlined.

Your a dumb nigger. We had that since the 80's

I imagined it more like a government funded project. Find the smartest people, clone them a bazillion times, take over world. The west could easily beat them at this competition, but we are far too timid.

Energy storage problems only exist because of (((them))) lithium is only progressing cause of actual investments by elon and (((they))) are forced to release competition to appear to be advancing. oil is about creating a dependent population on a product they supply. with energy storage and solar they cant make you dependent.

I assume that's a rhetorical question.

When you are bred by soy and evolve to produce women and external forces only want boys they break and produce nothing.

I get what you're saying user but the message is lost to distraction when you comment on one's intelligence and fuck up while doing so.

I nearly spilled my drink over the keyboard you little shit.

Defeatism is one the Hallmarks of the Kikes.Makes sense seeing as how the kikes want better for there new pet, China. We don't need or want there plastic shit and nothing bad would come of us ditching there shit.

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But all 3D is PD, user. You should know that already.

Yes. My fellow burger's still like to pretend they're free though. They say you own it, but neglect to pay your "property tax" and it will be seized. Some asshole wants to build another empty strip mall for the tenth time? Seized. With (((just compensation))) of course.

They won against Tibet.

These kind of graphs really point out you know nothing about economy. The peasants life quality has nothing to do with the power of the country. And the country is what troubles 'muricans

I just shit myself in fear of the people's republic.

The same way as Evangelions did - a long power cord plus a battery that can last a few minutes for emergencies.

that's a STEN nigga

You realize all that shit IS made in china for $10, then sold for $300?

That faggot commenter is implying that the West "took" without "paying" even though it was normal exchange of knowledge between civilizations.

It does when the peasants can't pay back loans that the government gave to them to boost economic growth. In addition you can't run a modern computerized economy on peasant antmen.

Okay the chinks are adopting turbo-jew business strategies and orcish architecture. Why do we care? The slant-eyed fucks who actually stay in their own country are fine by me, its the ones mooching off of the west I have a problem with.

Completely false. China doesn't have enough nukes for MAD to work, and even if they had the numbers their missiles don't have the capabilities to really threaten the USA. The Chinese have no second strike capability, and thus are powerless were the US to initiate a first strike and destroy their missiles in their silos. Not to mention the complete unreliability of their missiles and the fact that most can't even hit the US mainland even if they functioned correctly.

Why the fuck was this anchored? They a new Chink mod who got butthurt?

I thought the plan was not to save the West but ensure it's vital essence(the white race) survives and free of the taint that lead to this decay

The same reasons that the Chinese never really adopt any outside things: complete indifference and completely useless cruelty,
to quote from Ways That Are Dark'':
An American Consul related to me a personally witnessed occurrence at a place up the Yangtze where he was stationed, one that strikes a Westerner as incredible, but which would not impress a native Chinese as anything remarkable. It happened that a sampan loaded down with a cargo of live pigs, and crowded also with Chinese, was caught in a treacherous current and overturned a little distance from the shore. The Chinese and pigs aboard were spilled out into the water. A number of other Chinese along the shore, seeing the upset, immediately put out to the scene in their own boats, and began greedily picking up the live pigs swimming about. The drowning and pleading humans who wailed to be taken aboard were knocked on the head as fast as they swam to the arriving boats, and were all washed downstream and drowned. The Chinese minute men of the sampans returned in high glee with their unexpected catch of fresh pork, and life went on as usual. Once I was present at a Chinese dinner, the main guests at which were several ranking officers in one of the Chinese "loyal" armies. These officers were vastly above the common run. As I recall, two or more of them had been educated in Japan, up till recently the main training ground for educated Chinese officers. Several of the Chinese present spoke English, and as my knowledge of Mandarin was feeble, they put in an explanation of the conversation now and then for me in English. It appeared that in a recent campaign a group of higher officers had been captured, and a colloquy followed to decide how they should die. The means finally Chosen was that each of the captured officers should be forced to eat a handful of loose needles. After this relish, they were lined up for their captors to watch the effects of this diet. They died in about two hours.

I heard not long before I left China this year of a procedure in meaningless cruelty even more jarring to Western sensibilities. This was related by some missionaries who had come down from a very remote and wild mountainous country inland in South China. A village of about sixty inhabitants was raided by a bandit chief, who according to custom summoned the elders and demanded what valuables and money the village possessed. The villagers were evasive, the bandit leader concluded, and in return he hit upon the most unusual punishment I heard of anywhere in China. He ordered his men to cut off the feet of every man, woman and child in the village. This was done, and the bandit gang went on its way. Because of increasing dangers the missionaries evacuated the territory, and I was never able to learn the subsequent history of the village of feetless families.

It would have been interesting to know what number survived, whether they became in their helplessness a prey for neighboring villages, or have managed to carry on, stumping about today on their little plots among those remote and wild mountains of inland China.

Chinese ferocity is at least democratic in the fullest sense, with women admitted to all privileges. An acquaintance of mine was stationed in a town where on one occasion the army was urgently in need of burden bearers, the soldiers never carrying their own packs if there are any helpless persons in sight who can be bayoneted into the job. The supply of men was insufficient, so the soldiers went through the streets seizing women and clubbing them into submission. Then with the caravan of women pack-bearers the army was off to new territory. This procedure was that of a "friendly" army among its own people. Of course in the case of an "enemy" army such acts, only worse, are expected, though sometimes, infrequently, a surprising leniency is shown.

The Chinese are impressively accommodating. It is both rite and instinct with them to agree with whatever comes along, profusely with words, sometimes superficially with action. Then when the propagandist is out of sight, the amiable Chinese goes his way as before.

Agitating ideas have died in China as naturally as the once fine canals there have largely filled up, and from the same cause - indifference. Even now, when able, they are fond of buying modern tractors and other construction machinery, thus agreeing with the wisdom of fluent salesmen. But after buying them, they resume their torpid scratching with hoe and shovel while the tractors rust unused nearby. Some of the Western ideas have found a ready and eager market. Phonographs, lipstick, foreign shoes, perfumes, automobiles, moving pictures, flashlights and thermos bottles attract those who can afford them to shops that in imitation of the West have plate glass windows and electric lights. Of course, these things are visible in the large cities, particularly the port cities, but they are but little in evidence in the country as a whole, for the reason that transportation inland is next to impossible over most of the country, and also because the majority of the Chinese are too poor to be prospective purchasers. But the point is that these articles, even if they become much more general than they are now, as is probable, represent but superficial accommodations to foreign thought. They imply no changes of inner character on the part of the Chinese. They may induce changes in the civil, economic and cultural order in China, but the conviction on the scene is that they will do little or nothing any time soon to effect alteration in the characteristics of Chinese mentality in respect to its widest differences from our own. This is a reasonable, deliberated inference from the fact that Chinese character has in the past maintained itself intact through strenuous upheavals of the social and political system. Reenforcement of this belief is found also in the observation that Chinese who have been exposed to foreign influences retain inwardly their seemingly inherited traits in full measure, though making deceptive outward accommodations to the influences of environment. If this is true of those who have lived and been educated abroad, the possibilities of Westernism changing those who merely buy Western lipstick, phonographs and automobiles, and remain in China, are clearly limited. . But pushing on into this inquiry intended to reveal what the Chinese are today, it is immediately pertinent to search their background a little, to indicate which traits have been in evidence a long time, and may be thus inferred to be pretty well rooted, and likely to last through the lifetime of any of us concerned with them now.

It's sufficient for the robot to switch itself to a different power outlet when needed.

I believe it is French Propaganda atttempting to ridicule and mock Hitler.

No but the capacity existed elsewhere so things could be imported.
These days there's limited capacity for making this kind of equipment in the west.

Pretty much this.
Genetic engineering and human cloning are going to be huge in China and I wager a good chunk of their government are banking on this as a long term solution to their problems.
Jewtube related.

Nothing bad would come of it if we took the time to prepare.
Disentangling western economies from China would take years at a minimum and require considerable changes in our governments.
A fascist government could and would do it.
But our existing "democratic" order would never consider it.

Yes but the USA will at that point be targeted by everyone else.
In a nuclear first strike scenario the one engaging in the first strike will inevitably be targeted by multiple uninvolved nuclear powers on the basis that the first striking nation has proven itself too dangerous to be allowed to continue existing.

Fuck off chink.

Yes, China is a shithole run by crooked ant people.

Try to do better shills.

that fat news guy has the best deadpan face I've ever seen

The robot has spare batteries in an external charging station and it picks up a new battery when its current battery is running low.

But the thing is, there really is nothing that can beat a gorillion 150iq olympic athletes besides a gorillion 150iq olympic athletes or AI of your own. If the Chinks go down the cyberpunk genetic engineering, technological augmentation route, the only way to beat them is to match them and surpass them.

The US was originally invested in China politically prior to the commie takeover and was looking at China to be its proxy in the East but then the war happened and that all fell through and the Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan had that status. Though really the huge holdings in the pacific islands makes this less of a big deal. China was a soft empire but due to incompetence and being surrounded by powers which are militarily stronger in real terms(Russia, Japan, America) or have similar shitskin level capabilities (India and Vietnam) or just don't like them and are allied to one of the former(everybody around them) all they can do is try and expand into the sea or buy out local states like the Philippines. Not a hopeless strategy but not a winning one either.

China is frustrated by the fact that it has no security from foreign attack. It doesn't have the armor or air force to defend against Russia. It can only temporarily deny attacks by the US navy.

Not to mention that the US and Russia could destroy China simply by not allowing their goods to travel via their territories and slapping huge tariffs on them. If anything that is why the Chinks have been screaming as hard as the kikes and liberals over here about the Putin/Trump cooperation. That is the worst possible situation for them.

No, the US already has 2.7 times the total industrial output of China its deficit is entirely due to the monetary and trade policies(ie Chinks being allowed to do what is in their interest while kikes/libs/neocons completely forbid the US from doing the same). If you slapped 300% tariffs on Chinese goods or for that matter all foreign goods white males would offer such support that you could commit a full coup and have them all on your side.

There is no economic reason for whites not to either forget or destroy China the only reason is because they do have a relatively decent defensive position due to their large population and there is essentially nothing to gain from attacking them directly unless this was a genocidal war of annihilation but that seems unlikely.

By the way the chink rail infrastructure doesn't move shit for tonnage moving less in a year than Singapore's port moves in a day. If you think that large cargoe ships which cannot hide and must move through naval choke points couldn't be stopped and searched or seized by a hostile naval power, let alone one which has essentially an uncontested and under current circumstances incontestable dominance over all blue water activity you are kidding yourself. Now think what would happen if the Russian submarine fleet got involved.

Anything which could draw the US into direct conflict with China is likely to draw in Russia. If Russia sides with the Chinks then the war is a no-show and will never start. If Russia sides with the US the game is over before it begins. And given how pissed the Ruskies are with the Chinks at the moment I don't see them intervening on China's behalf.

So just Russia then. Because Russia is the only other nuclear player with any significant arsenal. Or do you think that the French and Limeys are going to get into a shooting war over anything or have enough nukes to matter?

When it comes to nukes there are exactly two powers the USA and Russia, nobody else has the capabilities to engage in strategically meaningful bombardment. The rest have it just to make a stink if they were invaded, and thats all it really amounts to, a wet fart.

It seems to me that a lot of this stuff is irrelevant. The US spends billions of dollars on an aircraft carrier and a few new airplanes. And china spends millions on a handful of missiles capable of shooting them down. It's reminiscent of world war 1, where the highly trained Calvary units just got mowed down by new machine guns.

You clearly have an American level of understanding in regards to nuclear conflicts.

Nuclear weapons are used for dismantling key components of a nation.
Large population centres, infrastructure and transportation junctions along with administrative and military hubs.

The only ones who think a total scorched earth policy is what you need are the yanks.
Everyone else is more sensible and actually has a military history with successes in it.

This actually makes the UK one of the more dangerous nuclear powers.
Since nobody is currently able to track UK subs and its nuclear arsenal can come into play even after the fall of the nation itself.
Even a yankee doodle scorched earth attack wouldn't provide protection.

Or how the Religion of Cuck™ic terrorist spends fifty dollars on an IED and does about half a million Dollars in damage and cost liabilities to the US military.

300 yanks in pontoon boats could conquer your island, Cornwallis. Get back to sharpening your spoons.

Actually the South Africans developed a bioweapon which targets blacks.

Not really.
Yank infantry is some of the worst in the developed worlds relevant military powers.
Nations like Germany, Sweden, Spain, etc all fall into the irrelevant category.

On a man per man basis UK infantry vastly exceed the capabilities of their American counterparts in both Army and Marines.
Problem is the US marine corps on its own outnumbers our entire army.

Large numbers, a well organised support network and combined arms are what make US troops dangerous.

You missed a golden opportunity to post some Yang there, friend.

His quote about the Genejack factory is particularly suitable.

What I don't understand about these guys, is that they are two guys who are shit talking China and showing how terrible the entire country and the people, but yet they are both fucking a Chinese woman and shitting out half breed kids.

Why continue to live there for so long?

Holla Forums Is Compromised


Hard to do, especially since the French Revolution only got started when the military and the (((merchants))) got fucking tired of the Nobility's bullshit. AFAIK the closest thing China has to that kind of upperclassmen with utter disdain for the status quo is the rich graduates they send all over the world to spy on American and European universities.

I disagree. While the nuclear option would obviously favor them and their large numbers, non conventional warfare would be disastrous to them. Recall that they have a very small amount of arable land, all their electronic manufacturers are concentrated heavily on a few cities on the coast and that their factories are already pretty unsafe and poorly maintained. Some older red-user commented on how poor the living conditions for most of mainland China are and how half their soldiers are just undergrads trying to use the army as a way to pass their entrance tests and how the US could easily wait out a couple of decades before marching into Beijing with minimal losses. Add to that the fact their military doctrine is the same as the average non-Syrian middle eastern one - which is, your superiors are always right 100% of the time and they're only as useful as their intel allows them to be. The only real combat they ever had to partake in the last few decades are skirmishes in Korea and some guard duty in the African horn.

Nah, they're pursuing the much more profitable long term strategy of buying out everything and anything and being the sole producer, so that even if they get targeted the rest of the world falls alongside them. Trump knows this, Putin knows this, both are doing their best to counter it with their own political stances.

That's also true, but I don't really expect any country on Earth to fully disclose the amount of soldiers and guns beyond a general estimate that makes Joe Public understand the balance of powers. People keep claiming that Norks are a force to be reckoned with but best they can do is covert operations and parade menacingly.
This is also a very passè mentality, at this point the facts that actually matter in war is the ability to intercept ICBMs via both aerial forces and anti-air and the ability to sustain an economy enough to keep the whole nuclear program up and running. Do you think that Pakistan has the same projected strength as India or France because they also have shiny toys that explode violently when launched long distances? Also, the ACTUAL effectiveness of a nuke is the amount of people it's able to directly and indirectly fuck up, China itself stands to lose a fuckton of people and jobs because their major economic and industrial centers are all bordering their coastline, while America and Russia are both massive and with plenty of regions where they could potentially evacuate and rebuild. The only thing China has got going for themselves is the fact that none of its hostile neighbors barring India have nuclear capabilities and the one country that has it can't go for a land invasion that easily. That's also why Japan rearming is treated like such a big fucking deal.

Because they're taking all the gold that the Chink govt would very easily sweep under their elite's feet and they're pouring them in off shore apartment-banks. Chinks move in a country, they buy up a lot of space, build a bunch of barely sanitized industries and leave when the heat gets to them or when they get found out by their government. The Triads are the middlemen that ferry their young and their riches.