Are you a cuck if you were with a girl who was a virgin for 6 months and never fucked her until the very end only once...

Are you a cuck if you were with a girl who was a virgin for 6 months and never fucked her until the very end only once but then you find out she was seeing some much older guy and telling people shes single and was on tinder for the last half of the relationship. And you don't know if she was sleeping with the the other guy or not. But you get mad pussy otherwise and wanted to really give monogamy a shot that time with this girl (mostly becuz virgin). Slept w over 50 women. Made a decision to trust this one, after a life time of trust issues and whole array of fucked up events childhood and otherwise. Turns out even that was a mistake.

Basically I'm saying are you a cuck if you didn't know the girl was seeing someone else and all sorts of other shit and were committed to her? Can one be cucked without knowing?

Also what are the implications of this politically

Welp there's your problem. You dated a younger version of your shitty mom. Grow up and marry a woman with her shit together.

The implication is you should consider suicide for making this shit thread.

If you have to ask then you already know the answer.
Fucking the absolute state of shareblie


Youre both correct

But can one be a cuck without knowing?

Does one have the moral culpability of being a cuck if one is unaware that theyre being cucked?

Can a cuck be forgiven? Taught even. If not to be not a cuck, then to at least to learn of one's cuckness?

You gotta work on yourself, man.

You got cucked. I think that makes it pretty cuck and dry.



Cuck by definition, bud.
How you deal with it determines whether you're doomed to a the cucklyf eternally.

Are we being raided? There has been a serious uptick in garbage threads in the last 72 hours or so and mods don't seem to be deleting them.

How should it be dealt with then?

You're only a cuck if she fucks other people, and you're aware and/or approve of it in the meantime. That's the very definition.

I consider the people replying seriously to said garbage threads (like this one) a far more concerning issue, to be honest.

Not your personal helpline


Maybe next time you have a stupid question you could post it in the QTDDTOT thread or reddit or something.


You got cucked, but that's not the same as being an intentional knowing cuck

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presenting a hook is not bait (((Op-berg)))

I didn't even read most of this shitty attempt at sliding, but

2/10 OP, would slightly kek again