Ajit Pai's Work Schedule With Emails Regarding Industry Meetings


-Your welcome
Don't give up


Pajeet Pai is a badass. The entire Soros army directed at him for months, and the guy hasn't fucking budged.

Ajit Pai performing a mockery of his opposition being Youtube obsessed morons was genius. He captured the uselessness they submerge themselves within during his Christmas gift scene. They're only opposed to him because their favorite jewtube star or rule34 advertisement told them to be opposed.

Only an Indian could have the power to shit all over reddit

This guy's just won the lottery and the system can't do anything but throw kiddie slurs at him to avoid showing their true colors, fantastic

Don't give up what? Are you a useful idiot who fell for the (((net neutrality))) meme?

You have been visited by the Pajeet of leftist salt.


Fresh OC 4U

Yet you still shit in the street, Ajit.

Ajit is an honorary aryan and should have a nice, but smaller monument, after we win the race war.

No, he's still a fucking street shitter. The only reason he's doing this is revenge for the memes. I'm glad it generating salt but he isn't an ally.

Hi Holla Forums


You do know it 18 right? Modern day modern age +1

I know nigger, I know.

Do not worry about the details my friend. Now did we answer all of your questions to a satisfactory resolution?

Nope. I want a white manager topkek

Is this another one of those "enemy of my enemy" sort of things? I hope the moderators aren't enforcing this kind of opinion, or there will be a sort of clash with the general non-white disliking types here.

Of course my friend, please hold.
My friend, my name is Bob, we hear you are having much difficulties and are sorry to hear this very much. Please how may I help you resolve your issue to satisfaction?

The kikes have been trying to wedge this issue along with every other one really, for a while. Schumer really set them off and they ran out of fucks to share.

SOYBOYs, Literal fat cuckholds think they can stop based poo

Well, just because leftists get mad at yidland for being "racist" doesn't mean I'd consider them my friends, and for non-whites, that's certainly the case. It's the same case with that nigger sheriff. Based as he can be, he's no nigger of mine.


What makes him based, user?


"peak 2017" was a salt crystal from a Redditor complaining about the repeal that I particularly enjoyed.

This might work better. I rushed to finish it last night, so maybe I'll put some time into a better revision tonight.


Reported. Kill yourself fed/pantyfa/soroscuck.

Net neutrality didn't help Fag Anglin when they kept demolishing his Thai Fuck Shack. I torrented a few days ago, and it went fine. I'm posting on Holla Forums right now and didn't have to pay an extra fee. None of this neutrality shit matters. Face it man, you got duped by Soros into fighting for nothing.

take your facebook meme and return straight to where you belong.


this is you, please off yourself


They literally did exactly what people are bitching about which brought this net neutrality shit up. Fucking jews.

Could you please elaborate on what ISPs treating packets equally has to do with CDNs and domain providers not wanting to do business with Fag Anglin?

About as much as Title II had to do with anyone's internet use. You're not going to win any friends here. Go cry about it on Reddit.

He's only an ally if he doesn't crumble or strike a deal with the opposition. Either way, I'm glad he poo'd on reddit.

I'm glad your shitskin-worshipping thread is anchored.

If you still have this thread open, art in the direction which you prefer has been prepared.

So you're posting strawmen on purpose?

Can I borrow your account? Because I don't have one.


Pai is so goddamn based. I love the fucker.