Paul Nehlen has been banned from Twitter

For the foreseeable future it seems he will not make a return

This comes shortly after he posted images of four top ranking news aggregates that showcase the plethora of jews that work for these outlets. It also follows an article that was titled "Paul Nehlen's Twitter Army: Active but Impotent"
His account can still be viewed but he has since been locked out of the platform. On Gab, he stated that he has made an appeal but his recent update seems to imply that the appeal has been denied. The four images that got him banned have also removed from his twitter feed.

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Update to his appeal

The four images that got him banned and that were removed from his feed.

Swap him for Paul Ryan? Wish I lived in Wisconsin so I could vote in the primary.

They won't make that mistake again. It's too late to ban Trump, they'll ban Nehlen before the election even begins.

I think this election will provide a good demonstration as to what will happen if you name the jew at this point in time. Look for reactions from all political sides and organizations to see how the chessboard is set up now in the USA.


He could try to file a civil suit. It's what Spencer and Duke did when they got banned.


If he would have been nicer to esoteric immigrants, would they be getting more support? I'm sure something good will happen to him though, I'm sure. He has done so much fighting for our cause, someone in Trump's team will givr him more than what he needs.


Why are they so based lads?

Heres your (You), kike.

Laugh while you can kike




it gets replies, but gets a proxy banned

I'm gonna dump some of Nehlens best before I get off to bed.


And before the kike get in with their cont-op bullshit and start attacking his Italian wife.


really makes me think

Twitter should pay for interfering in the sacred electoral process.


Fucking hell, he became shitlord incarnate.

Almost forgot


Paul Nehlen shouldn't have revealed his full power level. Just by his appearance on FtN he showed that he knew, but at the same time fuck all of that. He was a good boy who didn't do nothing wrong.


My fuggin sides.


Wow, he's so legitimate now. Just like when Spencer got banned amirite?

Uh oh, the shills woke up.


Except Nehlen actually calls out the kikes while Spencer goes on about having a white people problem.
Don't bother responding. Your faggot ass is filtered and reported. Mods better fucking do their god damn jobs for once and ban your d&c, stupid non-white ass.

Low energy, no real effort. Sinead you're always so obvious.

Holy shit this guy is the best.

pic semi-related: The current state of America.


All I'm doing is posting Nehlen's own words and pointing out the spic he took for his wife. Why are you so buttflustered? Is it because while Enoch and Spencer didn't totally pan out, Nehlen was supposed to the controlled opposition that literally all the evil nazis fell for, but that isn't panning out either?

It really is genius.If you get on his feed, you'll see he's aiming to redpill christians on the jewish menace. Case in point third pic. He knows exactly what he's doing and his audience.


Watch the interview. It's a female.

Big surprise, marxist tech giant censoring politicians they don't like.

I'm not sure if he's losing his mind or just doesn't give a fuck anymore, but let's see where this goes.

Son of a bitch. They always fuck it up somehow.

See He knows his audience and he turning the golem.


If he turns the golem then okay, but if this turns into an evangelical circle jerk it will blow up in his face. It's all about walking that line of inspiring the base, but not letting them develop that sense of untouchableness and feel like they can do anything. That's where the left fucked up. Keep them leashed, but excited.

Really? And what is it that Nehlen is preaching? That that a few kikes in some positions of power are acting badly, but most kikes are good people. You call that a redpill? Give me an honest answer.

He wouldn't like this meme, user. The last time somebody called him an anti-semite he got offended.

This is how you turn the most normal of the normalfags into a commie. Consider also that he himself might be relatively new to this game, and is only beginning to reject literal decades of programming. Being raised a christcuck would leave an unmistakable kike-mark in the mind of the young.

I almost forgot;

Look at the stupid kikes shitty meme number 3 in
>possibly not even most of you, but I'm pretty new to "noticing things".
Stupid kike btfo of himself with his own shitty meme, kek.

Wasn't there supposed to be some action incoming to make this shit illegal?

Oh fuck so it isn't a gay jew? Is it an ugly dyke kike or an ugly tranny kike?

The latter.

So you're making an assumption that Nehlen says "most jews are good!" because he's either trying to redpill people slowly or he's in the process of breaking the conditioning. Damn user, that's the first decent attempt I've seen to defend his defense of jews. But it's still just an assumption. The only way to see if it's right is to wait for Nehlen to drop the actual redpill instead of the "not all jews" bullshit he's been peddling so far.

In the meantime I'm going to point out all the shady shit he's said.


Now I feel bad for assuming he was controlled opposition when threads about him started appearing all the time.

Oh and also, his support for (((TRS))) and ((( sucking his dick makes Nehlen seem like Richard Spencer 2.0 or Kike Enoch 2.0

Oh boy did you fuck up.

That was one news cycle quite some time ago. It’ll be all about the budget and amnesty for the forseeable future.

Are you seriously fucking implying there's no Christian genocide?

SA has nothing to do with their religion dipshit, it's purely their skin colour.

But he wasn't even talking about SA. He said Africa and M.E.; shitskins. This is again where Christianity shows what a liability it is for the white race. Christian first, white last. Always an afterthought to these people. This is why Nehlen needs to be careful. If he riles up these dipshits it's going to isolate him and possibly damage the right.

Ahh, Moshe. The oven walls close in on you, day by day, inch by inch. Are we starting to feel the heat?

This dumb nigger forgot to switch IPs.

Funny how no one said anything about niggers or dune coons, you filthy fucking fedora-wearing yid.


The Christian genocide in SA and the ME has fucking everything to do with the fact they're Christians. Only the white ones can come here, though

Well would you look at that. Another reason I'm convinced Nehlen is controlled opposition is because 99% of the anons shilling for him can't come up with an actual argument in defense of his "not all jews" nonsense. Let alone the fact he married a spic.

That's torpedo to you, jew.

And to clarify: I understand he's trying to motivate people to get out and vote for him instead of Ryan, but where I see the problem is that he is supposedly trying to get these white people to take their own side while simultaneously trying to get them motivate in defense of shitskins because "muh brothers in Christ". He's all over the place.

this, pic 4:
Try again.

again, they arent being killed because they are christian, they are being killed because they are white.

No way, Ahmed. Not white.

What's the difference?

Jewish lightning is in today's forecast it seems.

Truly has an abundance of zazz.

Fine; show me where I said a goddamn thing about the middle east. Go on, moishe. Show me. There's a genocide of Christians EVERYWHERE, particularly in white nations. And fun fact: the Christians in the middle east being slaughtered? They're white. Not just caucasoid, but caucasian.

Nigger, curb your autism. You jumped on me because I pointed out Nehlen was trying to use shitskins to put on heartstrings. YOU decided to lose your shit because YOU immediately felt you had to defend your religion over your race.

Fuck you, you anti-white kike.

There's a general genocide going on against Christians whether they're white or not. The shitskins can get fucked, the white ones should come here as legitimate refugees.

Not even close to what I'm saying. Also, goon detected. Enjoy your ban.

Is he, though? What shitskin Christians are there in the middle east?
Okay, reported. Since you can't reply without a strawman, you can't reply.

Yeah sure, everyone is white now. White Hispanic, White Asian, White Arab, White African. We can all be White brothers in Christ.

Yeah, did you read the tweet yet or are you just responding CIDF?
Where are you people coming from that regurgitate that same line. Are you the same jackass from the other thread?

Literally all the Arab Christians for one thing. Fucking hell user, Christianity is a religion not a race. They come in all colors. and all the ones that come in colors besides white can fuck off

Reminder not to vote, goyim, and especially not for Paul Nehlen because he's secretly a jew and jews control all elections anyways that's why they were fighting so hard to prevent Trump from being elected so don't vote goyim and especially don't vote for Nehlen or Trump again remember don't vote don't vote DO NOT FUCKING VOTE


Did he C r e a t e A p p o i n t m e n t ?

Look at how the asshurt kike just repeats what was said to him because he can't think up any sort of response.

Like the "I'M GOING TO CONTACT MY LAWYER I'M GOING TO THE PRESS etc" bullshit always worked in the past and he wasn't ready for a "Fuck off" like that.

it's truly fantastic that we get to watch the kikes go insane in real time.

He got fucking utterly crushed by Paul Ryan last time. Do you think he actually has a chance now after this LARP of his? Whatever his plans are they obviously don't involve winning.

But he's a race-mixer?

What the fuck is an "esoteric" immigrant and why do you think one type of shitskin is better than another type of shitskin?

Absolutely not.

Strawman. Was not said. Learn how to read.
So no, he's not using shitskins. Got it.
Translation: "Wow how is everyone here smart enough to see through my bullshit"

Levantines are white, user. They're caucasian, not just caucasoid.

I think the last year has proven that literally anything can happen in this timeline. The only way for sure it would never happen is if you convinced people not to vote for him.
Oh wait. :^)

Meh. I think he's just making an argument to the christcucks that follow him, not that he's actually set up a bill to relocate them here. Unless it's the boers in SA. I'd be okay with that.

You asked what shitskin Christians there are in the middle east and I told you. Don't try to claim they're white. I give you a picture, user. White Christians and non-white Christians both exist in the ME. Why the fuck are you trying to deny that?

Keep dreaming.

The problem being that the only way he seems to be able motivate people is by proxy:
It just perpetuates the situation we're already in where whites on the left and right are fighting over who loves niggers more.

Classic jew tricks in pic related. Attempt to say the accuser of jews is also jewish so to confuse and dumbfound people. Nehlen is not a kike.

lel that equivalence couldn't get any more false if you tried. Trump had massive popular support that carried him to victory despite the kike's kvetching and lies. Nehlen ran against Ryan before and got squished like a bug. I'm not saying that to be mean. Look at the fucking numbers.

Do you seriously think his twitter LARPing against the jews is going to make him beat Ryan this time? Come on. You can't actually believe that.

This guy a jew?

My point is the only way to actually guarantee he loses is to tell people not to vote or try to convince people that voting for him is hopeless.

There is absolutely no way to know what will happen for sure. This last year is proof of that.

Are the odds stacked against him? Absolutely. But there is exactly 0 harm in trying. Plus there are 0 better alternatives.

Ordinarily I'd call this kind of thought being a blackpill shill, but Paul Ryan is pretty fucking entrenched. I'd still love to see Nehlen win but it would take massive mobilization and campaigning. And better memes.

Hasn't there been a significant push to get him to step down after the "Ryancare" bullshit?

The fact you have to ask means it hasn't been significant enough.

Next you'll say Slavs aren't white, shlomo.

Nice strawman, yid. Keep D&Cing.

Jews will steal the election. They have stolen every single election since 1964. They even stole 2016, just in the wrong states. That's the only reason Trump won and the reason that it is (was) absolutely essential that nationwide voter ID be implemented before the 2018 election, but that's a fucking pipe dream now.

There was a rumor he'd be retiring after the current term, but that was disavowed I think.

Its Holla Forums trying to be funny with soy sarcasm.

It's already guaranteed. The overton window is sliding right but normalfags aren't ready to vote for a guy who openly talks shit about jews yet, regardless of how sincere Nehlen is or isn't.


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Do you think his "turn" against the jews, whether it's legitimate or not, is going to make Nehlen pick up enough votes to beat Ryan after what happened last time? Real fucking talk.

I didn't say it's "all hopeless". Fuck, I think this country will go full NatSoc. But if you think a majority of normalfags are currently ready to consider antisemitism a selling point then you need to come back down to reality.

Checked. Look at how white that group is. They must be very fragile.

Well no I shouldn't say antisemitism because Nehlen's shitposting really isn't, but you know exactly what I mean

I'm not sure it's a matter of Nehlen being too weak and fringe as it is Ryan just being in too good a position. Hillary, for example, was full of exploitable holes and she was corrupt and retarded from top to bottom, and Trump could make really really easy use of that. Ryan simply isn't anywhere near that level, even if still corrupt. Nehlen could be a fucking saint but Ryan would still need to be completely humiliated in some manner for him to have a decent shot, his current position just makes this first task that much harder.

He knows he's got no chance of winning and is taking the opportunity to use the platform to dispense redpills. 10/10 showing on his part,

That's the implication he made.

That's a good point. Regardless of anything to do with Nehlen, Holla Forums should be trying to meme Ryan into oblivion.

His chances grew, that's for sure. I hadn't even heard of him until a month ago.

Fuck off nigger.

Bbbbut hes a shill.

I'm fairly certain Nehlen was trying to get himself banned. He had to know it was going to happen if he was going this hard. So I suspect he's already planned out a course of action on how to handle this and possibly even use it to his advantage. I guess we'll see

These are the images that made CNN dox that kid over the summer. I remember how it had nothing to actually do with his little Trump wrestling video. Their ownership of the media must really be the crux of their control. They get very scared by people knowing this. These images need to be spread further.

Yes people are sick of being lied into wars, sick of the one sided media and every other Jewish scheme. It don't matter if he's controlled op, once others see he can win on this platform the floodgates will open. Do you realize the Jews are trying to get us into war w Russia right now.

Our next infographic should show one of the tech giants. Which one should it be, famalam?

seriously, just being on ftn was the best move he could have made. spilling his spaghet was a mistake. i seriously considered donating real money to his campaign, but campaign contributions are public record, so now if i donate my real name will be attached to donating to a nahdsi. can't have that in my professional life atm..

google first, of course. Fb last as it's already known to the public, using it last also validates other prior info

That actually is very intelligent–pretending to concede part of your position–it's called pushing the Overton Window. Anyone who gets actively censored is doing something effective. Most people cannot handle the full truth about anything because we live in a society that is 100% lies.

The way to redpill people is to focus fire one principle at a time with no other baggage, then move on the next when they accept your point. Trying to include other shit (true or not) will make your redpill attempt fail. Shock and awe full redpill is only for us and enemies we are not trying to convert.

LOL. Thats whats been triggering the fuck out of the "dont vote" shills. He says hes ok with Israel, however he clearly states he doesnt want kikes in our govt. I think Paul is a good guy. Hes much better than Paul Ryan by a long shot. Nehlen was also on board the trump train early.

We got about halfway down the page before "nehlen is a kike" shills showed up. Not a bad run actually.

Nobody had heard of Paul Nehlen in 2016 and everybody hates Paul Ryan now.

is there an archive of his postings?

You going to start posting about "muh Kurds" next?

Thanks for being incapable of replying to the topic, shlomo. Take your lactose intolerance and get out.

you fucking should

I knew the Proud Boys go to Holla Forums

This is the real reason twitter banned Paul Nehlen. They fear his power!

What was holomodor you stupid jewish fuck?

Eat shit

Laughably false. They're Arab.

Christcuckoldry, not even once.

That's funny; your image shows them being genetically distinct from the arabian peninsula…

Reported for strawman. You yids are terrible at this.

I believe he was. He is trying to push that social media free speech bill, so it could help if he gets himself banned.

Yet still within the greater non-white shitskin Arab block.

And btw, the "western Europe" in this picture are southern France and Spanish/poortuguese mongrelized shitskins. Real whites are not even on the picture at all.

The holodomor wasn't about religion. How are you going to bring it up when you can't even spell it?

Your reports don't seem to be working.

Even Dr. William Luther Pierce stated that not all jews are directly involved in the subversion and most live their lives day-to-day like normal people. I guess that makes Pierce a shill too, right?


Good. I don't want anymore spergy grandstanders after Sloppy Steve. Considering his Twitter history of attack, attack, attack, I don't see anything that suggests he would be interested in helping Trump to MAGA. And everyone knows the President's position on aggressive opportunists after what happened to Bannon. Hint: They're fired.

It's pretty obvious that nehlen was just hiding his power level or is only going through the stages of the newly redpilled.

This is true. Trump has never used his twitter to attack.

Really makes me wonder if your bots are able to parse images yet.

And there it is. Thanks for outing yourselves.

Thanks for outing yourselves.

Hmm. My gut tells me that's not true, but I can't remember any instances off-hand…

You're right, you know. Trump counter-attacks. That's much, much different than being the first to go on the offensive, and you damn well know that. May Paul Nehlen's campaign be as successful as David Duke's.


This is true. Nehlen attacked the kikes first and the tribe was only defending themselves.

I understand the implication, user, but your sentence structure is odd.

Uhm, its called sarcasm sweetie, okay?
Do I have to r*ddit it for you?
Now do you get it?

Arab doesn't mean only those from Arabia. It is used for all people of sandnigger extraction, which includes Levantines (and Jews). And if you look at the image, most of Europe is outside the bounds of the zoomed in square. Those are real Europeans. Those within the square are mongrels leftover from Arab occupation. And Caucasus are not white either. Nobody considers them white.

Many aren't. This is just a fact. I'm not saying "Spaniards aren't white," but there are many who are mongrelized, mostly in the south. Same with France and Italy as well. Again, these are facts. Most are white, but there is a large minority of mongrels, just as in the USA there is a minority of mongrels.


Typical of a Christian to make everything about their religion.


Not now. Not ever.

Never made that claim, that's you moving goalposts. To say religion wasn't a factor in holodomor is simply a lie. Consider this your last (you) on your derailing efforts friend.

It really didn't

Has this thread been flooded by the "NEHLEN IS A KIKE" shills? Like EVERY Nehlen thread?

you have to go back

You're all the same. Same rhetoric. Same lines.

I know its hard to learn new terms shill but your boss should have at least told you that naming the jew is not "LARPing".

surprised he lasted that long.

oh fugg


Those infographics with the news network (((personalities))) must be kyrptonite for kikes;
First, 'HanAssholeSolo', now Paul Nehlen.

>Its another twitter censoring opposition yet people still use the platform cause they have no where left to go to shout their facts/opinions at normal faggots episode


What the fuck did I just read????

he could go to minds, or, right?


for real? (any evidence?)

They seriously need to be murdered on a mass scale.

crazy people have a lot of free time, and this one spends his on the internet.

Bump to counter the thread full of kvetching kikes.


Nah, there’s no evidence, goy. Pure coincidence.

Not saying you wrong or right but that sunshine is a real and fear is a mind killer.

Just because they're innocent doesn't mean they shouldn't be killed

Fuck your shilling for kikery.

You need to lurk more as well as learn how to read IDs.
And stop with the fear. It will only paralyze you.

If Holla Forums were to give him enough money to fund a standard campaign then normies would at least know who he is. The initial phase is the hardest part, but /our guy/s do well with republicans once they actually have a proper campaign set up. Getting him his sheckels is the most important part, but also a resource that Holla Forums is heavily lacking in.

He's worth hundreds of millions but yea, he'd appreciate the help, I'm sure.

Go to reddit if you want to be remembered, you fucking attention whore. Gabbai is jew-owned and jew-controlled. They ban anti-jew posts. It’s fucking controlled opposition. Kvetch more, faggot. We’re on to your shit.

And filtered.

Nehlen names the Jew, Israel, Blacks


Reported. Kill yourself, yid.

Source? All I saw is that he's the VP of some company, which is six figures at best.

Hmph. My estimates may be overshooting but based on his career starting in the late 80s I'd probably ballpark estimate him at around 50mil easily. Who knows what his portfolio looks like, that's also something to consider.

This was the best I could find.


Wew boy, asking a lot of questions. Spicy.

The weight of this mans balls.

annnd then he's banned lulz

kikes are in charge of literally everything. Consider Snowden: not banned, even though he revealed literal top secrets, and encourages others to do so. Wikileaks releases top secret materials of the CIA, and even a bit of their software. The result? Oh, they can stay on Twitter.

But Paul reveals the schemes of the kikes which control the world, and what happens?



Someone's gotta protect the stupid animals from this madman.

Holy shit, that set up tho.

names the jew
controlled opposition

how long until this bad goy ends up "suicided" with 5 bullets in the back of the head?

This. Twitter is a bunch of fucking russians.

Well, they don't have to kill him if they can steal the election. That's plan A. Plan B is what they've been doing to Trump: inventing controversies. Nehlen, unfortunately, doesn't have the media reach, nor the popular support that Trump has relied on to outplay the media through the rigged primary, rigged general election, and the fake controversies through it all, so I think he's safe from being murdered.

Really, though, I don't think he's animated the base enough to animate zog. He's an irritant, but he'll have to put forth a compelling platform, and somehow get that platform into the public consciousness ahead of his reputation as Paul "KiKeKrusher" Nehlen.

Yep, this is not the place of freedom. Freedom is coming, I feel. Soon.

[[[trained losers]]]

found the shill

I love it how he used the exact images that we created recently.

Paul, if you're reading this, I hope you know that we're with you 100%.
Time to form some paramilitary squads.


Promised chan confirmed.



Mein Gott. He is posting our memes. Witness the power of 8ch.

And now Nehlen has absolutely fucked Twitter into a corner. I wonder how much he had to pay the kike to get him to put those words on that page.

I think we deserve a pat on the back for that, gents. TRUTH ABOVE ALL.
That's our primary, unspoken motto. The other mottos are just more fun.

kikes are so triggered by these kek

Why does this thread feel like a genuine thread and tbe other thread feels like an autistic screeching match?

This man needs to be protected at all costs.

You jews are so damn noticeable. Ryan has been utterly despised since Trump ran and even before that but now it's intensely worse. Piss off with your Talmudic mind games faggot.

Except gab doesn't ban anti jew posts you rat faced prick.

I'm not much of a complainer but mods need to get this shit under control.

Dubs demand the formation of Right Wing Safety Squads to guard whites from this threat.


You are missing the point, at the time of their first real fame both Snowden and Wikileaks were way too big for banning. Nehlen until now was not a name anyone really knew which is why damage control was immediatly applied. it won't help

excellent, this guy has some serious balls, and my total support.

Rek them all, Paul !

Dont fall for the kike trap
This nigger is a kike supremacist all the way
Is everybody here retarded?

Just you and a few other itt, it seems.

I agree but even should (((they))) ever get to him, he will make one hell of a martyr.

Wasn't there something with that Anglin guy being required to remove a post by the founder? I don't think any social media platform is truly uncensored these days.


that's what happens when you don't hide your power level. It's an interesting way to commit political suicide, i'll give him that. If any of you niggers decide to run for office, just a word of advice, don't do what nehlen just did. He's a fucking moron.

At the demand of the host. Gab had no choice.


no you fucking idiot, he should have kept quiet about it until AFTER he was in office. Use your head.

Fuck that. We need more people like Nehlen running, now more than ever. This position needs to be solidified. You know how many trans faggots are contesting incumbents in red states? Its fucking staggering. Stop being a p ussy for once in your life. He's not even sperg about it, unlike Duke. Just be presentable, respectable and have some pride in what you preach and watch the enemy kvetch and flounder before you.

Doesn't matter. He serves his purpose. Waking up normalfags and crashing this country is the goal. Anything that works towards either is fine. Not saying Anons shouldn't attempt local elections but the kikes wont let people like usproud whites into federal office. Just look at how they openly planned not to seat Roy Moore if he won. From info gathered on the ground I'm certain he did win

You think Hitler would have come to power had he not won elections?

Yes the deck is stacked against us and it may or may not be the most important arena to fight in but that does not mean we should ignore it altogether. You loose 100% of the matches you don't show up to.

Even if we cant get "our guy" elected we can still help swing policy in the direction we wish.


Maybe he scouted one that was too out of it or self-hating to care.
Doesn't the kikes' inherent tendency at subversion and destruction also mean that they sometimes directly fuck with eachother?

Germany was 99% German. America is almost 50% shitskin. There is no comparison.

That's going to change quite rapidly after immigration reform, the wall, and deportations kick into full gear. White birth rates are already on the upswing as well.

Good thing you fuckers have that 2nd ammendment for either before or after the final election.

America didn't have very much non-whites before the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, if Germany doesn't fix it's problems it's gonna have the same problems.

How do we get a meme campaign for this man targeting a single state? How many Wisconsans are on this board?

Probably not enough at the moment. 8ch is pretty slow right now anyway. Closer to November you'll see a noticeable increase of activity and suspect thats when both chans will start working in conjunction to push /ourcandidates/.

lol, this faggot thinks Gab doesn't ban anti-jew posts

user, this is a large part of why that is unfeasible. Hence why I said user's should concentrate on local and maybe state elections and waking up normalfags. Victory will only be accomplished through a great struggle. Since fedniggers regularly browse here my Aesopean language will have to suffice.

This is fucking genius.

Mostly kikes.
Quite a few were kikes.
kek, is that Bobby's grandson or something?

Is there any chance of this guy getting elected?

Gab has its own issues but I see plenty of people naming the jew on it without having any ramifications.



I love how he used the echoes

We need to create a Nehlen mind virus
kind of like the holocaust mind virus
but actually real

No shit Vox, you're talking about women and their feminist subspecies
Oh course you are going to get a gathering of retards when you make 'shortbus kids - the pride march'

Not really. The biggest problem is not illegals. The biggest problem is shitskins who have already been given citizenship, which is nearly half the population of the USA. And nobody is talking about deporting them. It is not an option that is on the table for anyone. Even if everything Trump wanted went through (which is unlikely), whites would still be a minority in a few years.

I bet Nehlen himself is ITT


Real holocaust soon.

She's a bean. He's better than Ryan and it's great that he's naming der jude, but ultimately he is in fact a race mixer. Not Hitler, just a step in the right direction. If he's /yourguy/ that's your business, but go into it with your eyes open.

I know there are a couple others, and there's at least one besides me, so at least 2 in his district.


Meh. He never claimed to be a natsoc or even a white nationalist.

Which country is she from? I tried researching her. Apparently she's hard to research. (thread in pic related is 404, no cache either)

>New nsa surveillance program set to start development with (((AT&T)))
>Everyone forgets that there's (((one party)))

It's just Jewish things.

Of course.

where is the best place to find a Latina wife? asking for a friend.

My brother married a hot Latina he met in a church meeting. Spics tend to do "after parties" with close friends/family after a celebration. It's not totally hard to get wife material, but I would recommend going for someone with a more "esoteric" status as they are easier to managed (NOT get the state or her white friends that "divorce = retirement")


Wisconsanon here, I can't vote for him but I'll campaign for him. I had some brief contact messaging him in 2016. I believe he is legit, he has stayed the course and done what most reasonable National Socialists would have done while running for office, including misleading the kikes about his intentions, and telling MSM he isn't a white supremacist.

You're the fucking moron.
Either that, or you're a shill.
Imagine how much we could make the KIkes sweat if EVERY STATE had one or two Nehlens running, SIMULTANEOUSLY.
And as for the "optics" argument, I have only this to say:

Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, This Time The World

If we don't get Nehlen elected - we all need to fucking neck ourselves, because clearly we're not taking this seriously enough. We just had a politician banned off of Twitter with no excuse from the executives, because he posted a factual picture that illustrated the gross over representation of Jews in power. They must be terrified of him.

Do you know what would make that even better? If those other Nehlens weren't mentored by Goldman Sachs shabbos goyim who run likud mouthpieces.

If Holla Forums Nehlen isn't /ourguy/ no one is.

Who is this Holla Forums you speak of?

Why do they ALL look like maddox


Get the fuck out.

Paul Nehlen is a CIA/SOCOM intelligence agent.

False. What we want is redpilling everyone we can first, no matter the cost. How are you gonna change the system from within, when you lie very point of the way about your power level while getting there. Jews fear naming the most, if everyone who has those views would come right out and say it, it would convince millions of regular people that it's okay to think that way. What do you think self-censorship is all about? They want you to keep quiet. We will not be quiet and it's time to clean up our race. Truth above anything else.

Nehlen is based, ryanfags need the gasser



Shills ITT:
Shills BTFO. Nehlen is doing Gods work.

does anyone know what nehlen's net worth is?


There's a perfect storm brewing for the kikes. They really pushed too hard going all-in against Trump. A large part of the population now sees the mainstream media for the propaganda outfit it is. When the memo comes out it's going to implicate the MSM as complicit in a plot to oust a duly elected President. Add the fact that they are entirely Kike owned and controlled, and what have you got? A Jewish plot to subvert our democracy.

Seeing through the media lies and looking at who was behind it is what brought me to Holla Forums. Spreading this information should be a top priority.


Kike niggers trying to bump their shill thread and knock this one down.

Kek anons are lining up to meme a poo in office who hates niggers in but it's the guy who names the jew who is controlled opposition. lmfao.

Starting to look like the mods are hijacking this thread.

He’s back with a vengeance, motherfuckers.

Slowly, I began to hate them…

He's going all out kek.

The absolute madman

A lot of WN are tbf, it's like a curse. Spics are somewhat acceptable imo because they sometimes are 50% white and your children will be 75% white. Any other race I have strong doubts.

Nehlen isn't a white nationalist though, has never made that claim. He's basically a white advocate. He fills the political role of taking on white interests as part of his platform, and does so openly while naming the jew along the way.

He's not the end game, copulating with anyone not of your race will not end well for you or your kin.


Literally nothing wrong with that pic, in any case, Hitler was a police informant so what's the problem?

Checkin em.



This "target them for unemployment" theme is, I believe, part of the memo.

Looks like his website is down, given the timing it probably got kiked, anyone have the Jew list so I can post it to /baphomet/?

Got ya fam.


Thanks, but the "faces of hate page" had more detailed info including phone numbers, oh well, even if the site is totally kiked I can DM him or ebola on twitter to get the full information.

This is Q-LARP-tier “numerology”, but I don’t give a shit. It’s fun to think about.

Why are you unable to write “God”, user?

That part made me Kek.
Oh man.

God god god.

We gotta start taking advantage of the nose emoji lads.

deserves its own thread tbh
lets get the nose emoji banned from iphones
Best timeline.

The nose emoji comes in a variety of skin tones. Unfortunately, Windows (and other OS’) don’t always render them correctly. Instead you just get the normal emoji with a colored square next to it.

Though perhaps it’s best to just use the yellow nose, as kikes aren’t white and it highlights their foreign nature.

Paul Nehlen live with Baked Alaska

Self sage for e-celeb

Rupert Murdoch should have a kike star, too. First pic related.

You're right, second pic related.

This is what I don't get… Why is it not legal for me to kill this fuck?
He's talking about 'destroying White Alabama' and the White population is expected to just sit quietly and take it? Why?

Why doesn't the government defend us, now that Trump is in power and the Right controls the legislature?
Just what the fuck is going to have to transpire in this country for the people governing it to take the side of the people who put them in power?

What we really need is to get Trump to befriend Nehlen on some level.

Try it, then claim self-defense if you get caught.

If we meme it.
Maybe we should move a ton of people into Wisconsin to work for local businesses and share housing in the district Paul is in.
When is the deadline for residency?


Having it both ways THIS HARD

I don't get why this isn't stickied. Joseph Goebbels is being proven right as I type this

Do you realize how much autistic screeching would fill this thread if it were stickied?
Fuck that.

Paul Nehlen for Texas when?


I wish he's wasn't about to be publicly shoah'd. He's as close as we're gonna get in the present "waiting for Hitler".

Gut keeps saying this.He's a deep-psyop.

holy fuk lmao that pic is gold

Why would a zionist neocon civic nationalist befriend an anti-zionist hard-right ethnonationalist?

Nehlen isn't an etnonationalist retard.

Ann Coulter campaigned for Nehlen in '16 and was quoted saying that "In his heart, Nehlen was the candidate that Trump wanted to endorse."

Typical shilling.


lol 3 and a half minutes in and the host has to reframe the narrative already.

Trips of Truth don't lie, circle back when you're at the end of the video. It doesn't get any better.

I would love to ask for an honest take on the book Nehlan recommended from someone else reading it or having read it. The Culture of Critique
I am thoroughly enjoying it but one can never truly tell how much they are being mind fucked. But I am truly enjoying it, he very methodically makes his points, factually cites where he found what he found to make the point, and the conclusion he can come to is better than any I have read.
The way they subverted gentile research into racial difference from IQ to behaviour was amazingly written, ot that much further into it but enjoying thus far. Anyone one else dabbled?

7 minutes in, this is already one of the most hostile interviewers I've ever heard. Dealing with this type of person is a rare skill, and although I don't know much about Nehlen, he at least deserves props for that.

How did this interviewer even get this job? He's just following a script of gotcha questions, and completely shuts down if the answer is different from what he wanted.

That is such an amazing webm, and then the ending you can tell that the plan was to trick him into taking a bleeding-heart position and say "I hope they repent, but they are bad and I have no respect for crime" or something only to follow it with "David Duke, a man you support, is one of the criminals you don't respect!"

The audacity of these retards, man. They don't even improv, they just skip to the next question.

He was pointing out hypocrisy, not trying to create US policy. That said its certainly more preferable to help Christians than it is to help Jews (Israel) or Muslims (Bosnia). The US has been doing some seriously dodgy stuff of late - and the American populace, if they truly understood what was happening, would not be happy.

Nehlen is a good guy. He might not be 100% Holla Forums, but he's closer than any other mainstream figure by a LONG LONG LONG way. Trump might be 15% Holla Forums, Nehlen is like 95%.

this may be a dumb question but what is gab, and why cant I find it at the app store? im perm banned from twitter for telling a nigger to kill himself.

Iys twitter where you wont get banned for wrong think. Is it really still not on the app store? I thought they were put back up. There was a work around for it but I can't remember.

Don’t bother, Gab is terrible.

Its really not.

He's moving the overton window. Soon, antisemitism will be just as acceptable as any other position.

Culture of Critique is amazing for redpilling people who already like political/social/historical reading. It's immaculately researched and very well written. As a secondary redpill, the incredible criticism of it from Jews as some anti-semitic screed stands in sharp contrast to its dispassionate academic tone.

Who the fuck is this weaselly shit? Insufferable.

Awe shit, he gon' and done it now.

Everybody keeps trying to come up with the next IOTBW campaign when it has been staring us in the face this whole time. Anons need to get gud with their printing ability and start posting color copies of these everywhere. This is clearly a pressure point with the kikes.

It's certainly a point worth pushing. We probably should develop a version that prints out well in black and white on a sheet of A4 to make it more cost effective.

Bump cause the other thread is shit.
Minus the get.

Wasted digits.
Gab is where it's at.
Don't phonepost, though.

Look retard


John Cardillo, ex NYPD and current Rebel Media employee. @johncardillo

Don't forget Katyn and the Polish officers murdered by the NKVD. Somebody remind him – I don't use twatter.


Not saying I'm not curious how this strategy will turn out. But I wish somebody had taught this guy a little “white taquiya”, since before I thought he was going crypto wn. In mid 2017, when I found out he was running again, I was like, damn, I hope he can hide that 2016, post-election interview he gave on that wn podcast; that's gonna be an issue for him if he gains national traction. But then he goes onto the same podcast again in 2017, and this time he's naming the Jew and everything. The 2016 appearance was, afair, lower in key. He just talked about getting railroaded by the GOP locomotive, not getting a fair shake, etc. But then, after his 2017 appearance on said podcast, he starts posting shit like, "NEW BOOK I GOT" [posts MacDonald], albeit along with some red meat with more mainstream conservative appeal, e.g. "Just shoveled a heap of global warming off my driveway" after a blizzard.

He says he was railroaded and never given a fair shake. Which sounds plausible.

Paul Nehlen has posted some of my infographics on Twatter. The reactions are hilarious.


These numbers get bigger ever day. Even the high end "official" numbers put it at 12 million total.

He got suspended again

The official number has never been more than 6 million, ever.

Fuck off. Every time any good leader emerges, you fucking glow-in-the-dark niggers try to call them a psy op to spread paranoia and distrust.

(No, I'm not going to respond to any "go back to reddit" "ur a kike" or "no ur a cia nigger" dumbass response you give.)

You glow in the dark pieces of shit are really terrified of this man.

kys faggot, you're worthless



Kek, lots of people are stealing his profile configuration and tweeting.


You're such a kike it aint even funny.

For those that have a sock on Twitter that wanted to join in on the fun.


It's that kind of shallow thinking that leads you to be so easily manipulated.



You and I in a Twitter lock up
Talk to Paul Nehlen bout the problems we've got
Get set free at the break of dawn
Till one by one we're all gone
Back at base, sparks in the software
Flash the message (((someone's))) out there
Tweeting to the summer's child
Ninety nine Paul Nehlen's go by
Ninety nine Paul Nehlens
Tweeting to the summer's child
Blue check marks, verified
There's (((someone))) here from somewhere else
The sockpuppets spring to life
Unleash bantz with eager eyes
And focusing on the verified
The ninety nine Paul Nehlens tweet 'Hi'

Ninety nine derisions tweet
Ninety nine shitposters meet
To worry, worry, super scurry
Call out the bots boys in a hurry
This is what we've waited for
This is it boys, this is war
The narrative is on the line
As ninety nine Paul Nehlens go by
Ninety nine knights of the net
Ride super high-tech sockpuppets
Everyone's a super hero
Everyone's an Agent Smith
With orders to identify
To clarify and classify
Rustling their jimmies, child
Ninety nine Paul Nehlens go by
As ninety nine Paul Nehlens go by
Ninety nine dreams I have had
In every one a Paul Nehlen
It's all over and I'm standing pretty
On this platform Oh so shitty
If could find a souvenir
Just the prove the world was here
And here it is a Paul Nehlen
I tweet at you to let you know

Any user who wants to set it to music or tweak the lyrics for improved keks, fire away.

Jews have making lists like this for decades, if not longer.
Wanna know why so many of you lack jobs, lack opportunities, lack a future? at some point you made their black list.
And Jews have an intelligence network like no other. If you are reading this, they know about you.

I've been waiting for this moment my whole life. Gentlemen, start your engines.

Ninety nine derisions tweet
Ninety nine shitposters neet
To worry, worried (((chosen))) scurry
Call out the bots boys in a hurry
This is what we've baited for
This is it boys it's meme war
The narrative is on the line
As ninety nine Paul Nehlens go by
Ninety nine knights of the net
Ride super high-tech sockpuppets
Everyone's a super hero
Everyone's an Agent Smith
With orders to identify
To clarify and classify
Rustling their jimmies, child
Ninety nine Paul Nehlens go by
As ninety nine Paul Nehlens go by
Ninety nine dreams I have had
In every one a Paul Nehlen
It's all over and I'm standing pretty
On this platform Oh so shitty
If could find a souvenir
Just the prove the world was here
And here it is a Paul Nehlen
I tweet at you to let you know

>they can't be that gullible and blind to tactics we have used hundreds of times?