Help me

Hey pol i need help
Some qt3.14 contacted my antifa troll page and wants to meet up for coffee and do a story. But i have no idea what antifa really is other than they are sjw commie faggots.

Wat do?? We are meeeting up on friday?

Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll. Make antifa look more fucking stupid than it already is

Killing yourself is always a good idea

Try this:
>Most people don't even realize how many power structures still need to be dismantled. Consumerist culture is still deeply exclusionary and one of the primary tools that the 1% uses to perpetuate its colonialist, exclusionary agenda. For starters, take breakfast cereal; millions of kids start off their day with something that is essentially capitalist and white supremacist propaganda. It's 2018 and breakfast cereal mascots are still exclusively male, able-bodied, english-speaking - It's like where still in the 1950s.. What does that teach kids? Where are all the MoC (mascots of colour)? Aren't women good enough to provide a balanced breakfast?

Good opsec would dictate that you assume the account has been flagged and the contact is attempting to establish your identity. I would abandon it immediately if I were you.

At the very least, try suggesting that this interview take place via the net instead of face to face and see what the reaction is. If "she" will seemingly say anything to get you to be at a certain place at a certain time, just walk away.


never stick your dick in crazy

I would set her ass up with some freak I recruited off craigslist.
Sit back and videotape from a distance.
Then post video here for keks.

inb4 its a man

This faggot is spamming shit threads.


Pump then dump her

Classic ego exploit combined with a honey trap.
You really think anyone, especially on the left, gives a shit about what you think?
OP is a great example of trying to run before you can crawl, assuming it's not an out and out slide thread.
tl;dr you're being set up, idiot.
never talk to the press



bad idea

A true cuck.

Jokes aside, this is the safest route.


This, op is crazy. At best, you can send a hobo wearing a wire to BS it for you.

Act like the meme nazbols (not the real ones, those can suck dick) and drop redpills on the Jews, the holohoax, etc. Finish the interview with "cultural marxists get the bullet too".

Since most fags here are worried you will compromise yourself, just wear a mask, it will make you seem more authentic considering all antifags wear 'em

forgot my autistic images

also if she asks for a name say Sam Hyde


Place pressure cookers 30 min before the meeting.

Problem solved.

shoot her in the fucking head then rob her. if she is a kike, pull her DL from her dead body, find her family and finish the job.

oh Hi Matt

those are dank

yeah I'm one of the non-meme ones. Niekisch and Thriart had good ideas.