Driver as Archetype of the Aryan Hero

Does anyone else think that the Driver in the movie Drive represents the archetype of the ideal Aryan hero. He is determined on becoming a hero by fighting the forces of chaos and evil, which are very well represented in the figure of two particularly wicked kikes. All the while he has little time for small talk and conforming to the conventions of the dying society around him; he is in a calm and detached manner centered only on achieving the goal of his mission. Overall, a great movie and it is so nice to see positive themes expressed and not degenerate ones such as you often see nowadays in the figure of the stupid white father or types of that nature

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What the everloving fuck.


I can definitely see where you are coming from with that but I think you misunderstand certain things.
IMO the whole point is that he does what he does not so much because he cares about her but for its own sake. He uses her plight as an opportunity for achieving the act of becoming a hero, for attaining to a state above that of ordinary people. You can see that from the soundtrack, much of which involves mentions of becoming a "real hero."

Additionally, the woman in the film is technically not a race-mixer because I looked up the man she is with and he is essentially a "white hispanic" of the particularly swarthy variety. I don't approve of those kinds of unions but technically it's not race-mixing properly speaking.

The one who cucks himself by falling for the used goods of an imprisoned spic gangbanger and her bastard half-breed spawn? Naw, now fuck off with your jewlywood horseshit.

this ruined the movie
it's rough being Holla Forums

actually the actor that plays the "spic" is palestinian and gets fucked over by the kikes in the movies aswell

I hate most movies. I don't support Hollywood but I was just pointing out one of them that seemed different from the rest.

But I think you are missing the point. I don't think he cared that much about the woman for her own sake; he only used the situation as a way of "becoming a real hero" by fighting the bad guys so to speak.

I really do hate that they include the "imprisoned spic gangbanger" though. The movie would be perfect if it didn't have that in it. However, it seems the person playing him is not really a "spic" but a particularly swarthy med so it's not race-mixing properly speaking.

My only vague memory of this film is thinking how stupid it was that they act like the protagonist is a Hitman-style "professional" criminal who blends in and never gets remembered, yet spends 100% of his time wearing a silver jacket with a huge gold scorpion on the back.

The people in this anthroautist forum say he looks Spanish, not Amerindian:

it's like how people rob banks wearing big hats and shit, they take it off and suddenly they've lost their most identifiable feature

I know Hitler called Indians and Mexicans "aryan", but jesus… really?

I really wanted to sage, but other anons need to take a look at this thread and have a good laugh.

That's actually an interesting point. I kind of like the jacket anyway. It's a pity 99% of people would just look like faggots if they tried to wear something like that.

kike thread.
< what do you think about X, goys?

You keep on missing the point. It's not about "chad" or "cucking" or "leftovers" or whatever. I don't believe the character really cares so much about the girl and the child. What he cares about is merely the opportunity their existence for his becoming a kind of ideal heroic figure. And about the Mexican part, I mentioned it before but the actor playing that role shows no Amerindian influence in how he looks.

But seriously isn't it nice that the main enemies are Jews and the climax of the movie is how the main character defeats them. Stop focusing autistically on small details and look at the big picture. How frequently do you see a movie where the end represents a victory over (((them))).

Except for the fact that he is a cuckold who raises his tacoburning wife's son.

He was just showing her how the white man does so she will feel guilty for what she's done. He abandons them after killing the jews

It is a good movie though.

Most of you guys missed the point about the movie, you should have posted this video OP (The video was made by a kvetching kike), Also watch neon demon is also against the kikes

Finally someone that gets it.

Neon Daemon was sadly a bad movie, could have been so good. It looked great, but thats about it.

I cant find the pictures that showed the hidden redpills about the neon demon, but yeah i agree its a boring movie, so the only explication i can give is that the director just wanted to give a message, winding refn has only good movies imo, the pusher trilogy and only god forgives are great pieces of cinema

In fact, it was written by a haji, from the looks of it.

Only God Forgives was a pretty good one, he needs to do more like that.

Well that dumb (((cunt))) just made sure to pique my interest in the movie. Fuckin kvetching kikes, shooting themselves in the foot every fuckin time.

Compassion for the innocent is a courageous virtue no matter which way you slice it faggot.

Try being a real human bean some time.


I got 2:46 in and the kike that made the video has holocausted my sides. I cant go on.

Im lying, of course I can. This kike is showcasing that patented kike paranoia x 6,000,000. Its hilarious. Also providing tons of potential meme material

I just wanted to add that the reason I thought the movie was about an "Aryan" type of hero specifically is that it is as if the character comes straight out of IE mythology about figures like Achilles seeking a glorious death or like Sigurd seeking fame from killing the dragon. It also helps that Ryan Gosling could easily be taken out of an SS poster in terms of his general phenotype as well though of course what's important is his behavior which reflects both the IE myths I mentioned as well as the well-known stoic and laconic character of the Spartans as Plutarch describes them. You simply don't see this in movies in general because they're all filled with niggers, faggots, cucks, and mudsharks and, even when their is a better "hero" he usually shows little depth of character and is more like some kind of animal that fights off its enemies as opposed to rationally reflecting on a course of action and pursuing it until the very end. And I am just going to say it one more time that the character the girl is with is not at all a spic because ancestrally speaking he is predominantly if not wholly European and in terms of phenotype he is wholly European just of a very swarthy Southern variety. So it's not at all the case that he's some "cuck" for a "spic." I would prefer if the part wasn't included though because it is truly a great blemish upon the movie.

Kill yourself retard

Look at what the people in the following thread say about him:

They seem to know the differences between how people look from different regions to autistic detail and pretty much all of them say they see no spic in this person. He's essentially a white hispanic so it's not race mixing properly speaking. I don't recommend this because I don't recommend subracial unions as a rule but it's not race mixing even so. The character is essentially a swarthy Southern european who speaks Spanish not an Amerindian spic.

shit > spics > european spics(portugal included)

They pretend to know the difference, but they really don't. He is clearly at least 25% native

you're still a cuck condoner

White hispanics are White not semi brown.

He was a she

Yes he does
What a guy, he only sat through listening to her bullshit so he could find those kikes and kill them
And then he drives off
We should all aspire to be jewkillers

the "spic" is clearly at least a quarter moor

What the fuck did I just watch?

Some Spaniards (a minority though) can be fairly swarthy. The guy's skin is not that dark actually. Here is a picture I found him where he doesn't even seem particularly swarthy…I don't personally see any Amerindian.

because I enjoy one of the only movies ever made that takes the shit out of kikes I'm a cuck condoner, you just can't win I guess

Directed by
(((Nicolas Winding Refn))) (Jew)

Produced by
(((Marc Platt))) (Jew)
Adam Siegel ?
(((Gigi Pritzker))) (Jew)
Michel Litvak ?
John Palermo ?

Screenplay by
Hossein Amini (Persian)

Ryan Gosling (good goy; played a "Neo-Nazi")
Carey Mulligan
(((Bryan Cranston))) (Jew)
Christina Hendricks
(((Ron Perlman))) (Jew)
Oscar Isaac (Guatemalan-American)
(((Albert Brooks))) (Jew)

(((Newton Thomas Sigel))) (Jew)

Oh lord usually I'm too triggered to click anything made by kikes but this is fucking fantastic.

Jewish Varg?

to be fair a couple of those play actual jews in the movie

He is a real human bean and a real hero.

I knew I liked that movie for a reason

Doesn't matter, if you're looking for the perfect Aryan hero I've got three more for you right here.

Now your speaking my language.

That some Holla Forums-tier paranoia. Hilarious.

The movie does have a lot of important themes though, whether it was intentional or it just slipped through the cracks.


Just finished watching that. Fucking gold. They truly have no self awareness.

the part with the director is amazing. He goes out of his way to not say "I had no intentions of anti-semitism" To the contrary he highly implies that he did.


Fantastic stuff, man. This is why I made this thread. Not to get derailed with figuring out whether one insignificant character in the movie is a castizo or a med lmao.

The protagonist you describe would be hated by most people. How many of those traits do you share?

(((most people)))

The denim trucker jacket he wears is cool too though


The fucking cross got me

also notice how the shot of the kike laughing is from the perspective of being on the cross

The film is about an autistic man that has no ability to properly function in society. He uses his autistic focus to help him make money but the only way he can get female attention is from a single mother looking from resources. Even then he doesn't get laid and she drop kicks his ass to the curb. Yes he kills a Jew but not because he is proud of his race or because he wants to end ethnic genocide, it's all in the service of m'lady. All of his attempts to be cool or stoic just come off as the writhing of an aspy.

Also this is Refn lifting tone from 1982's Thief which was directed by Michael Mann, starred James Caan, and scored by Tangerine Dream. That is a far better film than this piece of shit.

Because the scorpion is the kikes. He never takes it off because even after he killed those two the kikes still exist.

Michigan whites are ultra cucked.

I fucking hate kikes so much. This is retarded "im the victim" bullshit.

It get's even better guys

"autistic focus" is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact a mild amount of "autistic" traits is not a bad thing provided the person can still function well enough in society and doesn't start doing crazy shit like flapping their hands or what not. People like Hitler or Himmler could be said to have "autistic focus" and really it's absolutely necessary in order to achieve anything at all of note. In fact it's one of the main traits that distinguishes Europeans from niggers. Also, you miss the point that the character's intention in all this is not to get laid. You know this if you listen to the soundtrack. His intention is to be a "real hero." Getting the woman is only a part of this wider idea of becoming a hero i.e. serving the cause of good in the natural order and what that means practically is as he does in fact do opposing the jews and their nefarious ways.


Further more, the protagonist is an archetype of the retro car vapor wave genre. The car/driver always survive no matter what damage they take they always pull off the impossible, sometimes defying an overwhelming enemy that will defeat them, but the race war always continues.


Color me surprised.

Why do I find the way this kikes brain works so attractive? Not in a gay way, just in a way where you want to engage him and debate him. Most people are boring as fuck to talk/listen to and have zero cerebral-personality to them but this kike is quite the opposite. You just know you could have incredibly stimulating conversations with him and perhaps learn something new about yourself or your perspective on the world.

You cannot deny that they have sharp minds and resist the media-poison they disseminate quite well on average.

Looks like an FtM tranny.
Got any pictures of "him" bare chested?

Yep, a known FtM tranny.
Which makes this thread a perfect example of what the kikes have been trying to do for decades. Make men aspire to be women and women aspire to be men.

You've obviously never dealt with one in person. Their high verbal IQ is mitigated by the fact that they're neurotic, jealous and illogical. It's like arguing with a woman.

Oh look there's a male version of this brain addled psyop


My buddy showed me this fucking guy, has hundreds of uploads and everyone ever is a tranny. Are you an actor/actress? Tranny. In government? Tranny. Have kids? Still a tranny.

Why do their names look like they were created by pounding a keyboard?

Because they are (((Danish)))

I want nu-Holla Forums to leave.


I felt a certain kinship to the boy when watching the movie.
The fact that he had such a strong drive (pun intended or not, whatever) for noble conduct is indicative of his Aryan heart despite circumstances of modern degenerate society.
But he was kind of a cuck t b h

Drive director Nikolas Winding Refn—also directed a movie called “Valhalla Rising”…

On the subject of archetypes and juden/Religion of Cuck™, LoTR is honestly mind-blowing. Tolkien was a genius. Grima Wormtongue is an obvious shtadlan, invading orc armies, etc. There’s a reason why those memes are so accurate.

I actually thought the same thing while watching the movie a few years ago and here you are making a thread about it. Nice.

Drive is really just a great movie.

Great, great movie…

uh, sorry to be a party pooper, but I watched the early parts of the movie, after finding it through random zapping, and I thought it was shit, i remember the music was weirdly placed, I didn't know what the FUCK was going on other then this guy driving around a bunch, and whatever it was trying to convey was just pretty badly done. The entire thing felt off, so I quit watching.

That was a while ago, and I only watched the beginning. Am I the only one here that did that?

Are you this obnoxious in real life?

Driver movies (like Bullitt or are a bit meditative in nature. Hard to explain. Either you like it or you don't.

Kike/10, would not buy

Im curious about his word, are all archetypes really related to Carl Jung?

I know is unrelated to the thread just it made me think if the Driver persona fit any of the classic male archetypes of the animu aka Warrior, king, Magician, Lover, and even more, if those archetypes are Jungian archetypes or just some postumous theory I heard of that anexed itself to his work.

rant over.

he was a cuck at some point but he dealt with what he had, is not like there was another aryan qt giving him any time of the day.

his actor, Gosling, aint shit either but he is good on these parts.

He made Valhalla rising? cool, I overlooked his name on both movies

Drive, the 2011 award-winning art-house crime thriller, is a modern retelling of the story of the knight in shining armor who saves a damsel in distress from the clutches of evil. Being modern, however, this is not a fairy tale that ends with “. . . happily ever after,” for the modern world cannot offer happiness for the heroic.

The film opens with a handsome young Nordic man (Ryan Gosling) driving through the dark streets of Los Angeles, alone in his 1973 Chevy Malibu. The Driver is never named. He is a silent loner in the tradition of the Man with No Name. A Hollywood stunt driver by day, he is a calculating getaway driver by night. His rules are simple: he will wait for five minutes. If you show up during that window, he will drive. He won’t wait any longer. He won’t assist you. He drives. That’s it.

Early in the film the Driver meets the young, white, seemingly single mother Irene (Carey Mulligan), who lives in the same apartment building as the Driver with her mixed-race son Benicio (who’s half Hispanic). There is a mutual attraction, and a relationship begins to bud. This ends, however, when Irene reveals her husband Standard (Oscar Isaac) is getting out of prison soon, and for the sake of her son, she has chosen to stay with her husband.

Despite being friend-zoned, all goes well for the Driver until a Jewish mobster, Izzy (Ron Perlman), who goes by the name of Nino to sound Italian, blackmails Standard to rob a pawn shop for him as payback for prison protection. The Driver, who would otherwise let a prison rat like Standard go through with the heist alone, decides to drive for Standard, for the sake of Irene and Benicio.

As is mandatory in such films, the heist goes awry. Standard is killed by the pawn shop owner, and the Driver is left in possession of $1 million in stolen money. Izzy calls on his fellow Jewish mobster, Bernie Rose (Albert Brooks), to clean up the mess. The Driver must die, because he has the money and because he can tie the robbery to Izzy.

By breaking his rigid rules out of altruism, the Driver is thrust into a world of needless chaos and killing. Such actions are reminiscent of modern-day liberals, who, out of altruism towards outsiders, have opened Pandora’s box, destroying their formerly successful societies.

Throughout the film the Driver dons, like a suit of armor, a retro silver bomber jacket with a large golden scorpion embroidered on the back. This symbol hearkens back to an old fable:

Like the frog, the Driver’s well-intentioned sensibilities are used against him by less virtuous creatures. His decision to ignore established well-reasoned rules for the sake of keeping together a family results in his almost perfect world crumbling apart.

But the Driver is determined not to let Bernie and Izzy win. First, he drowns Izzy, then calls Bernie up, asks him if he has heard the story of the scorpion and the frog, and tells him that Izzy didn’t make it to the other side. The Driver is no longer the frog, he is the scorpion, but he does make it to the other side.

Then the Driver meets with Bernie, who offers him a deal: return the money and Irene and Benecio will be safe. The Driver, however, will have to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. Minutes later, as the Driver pulls out the bag of money from his trunk, Bernie stabs him from behind. The Driver, however, is wise to the mobster’s propensity for betrayal and stabs him in the throat, killing him. Like many European men today and throughout history, it is only after he is wounded that he is ready to fight and win.

This confrontation recalls the stab-in-the-back of post-WWI Germany. Germany did not lose the Great War but rather was betrayed by disillusioned citizens led astray by Jewish anti-German propaganda. More important than historical circumstances, however, is the origin of this myth. The “stab-in-the-back” is a reference to the ancient Germanic myth of Siegfried, the quintessential hero of Germanic society, who is literally stabbed in the back by the half-dwarf Hagen (the dwarves, as depicted in Wagner’s Ring, being symbolic of Jews).[2]

The Driver is an archetypal Siegfriedian hero. He is a man without fear, a man who keeps his cool under pressure. He gallantly defends the weak. He is a “real hero,” as the song at the end of the film suggests. But the Driver lacks Siegfried’s innocence. He is, after all, a criminal. Both are literally stabbed in the back by dwarven foes. But, unlike Siegfried, the Driver saw it coming and survived – whereas the dwarves did not. Like Siegfried, the Driver is capable of great physical violence. But his innocence is wedded with cunning, which saves him in the end.

The Driver’s world in L.A. is incompatible with the honor code of a real hero. It plays by different rules. The Driver could have let Standard go alone, assuming he would either die or face imprisonment again, therefore allowing the Driver to once again pursue a relationship with Irene. But this doesn’t even cross his mind, because he is incapable of harboring deceit. The Driver, like honorable whites today, exists in a world that exploits his values at his expense–ultimately threatening his very existence. The Driver is seen as just another animal to be used and discarded by the kosher powers that be. In the name of honesty and family he allows his woman to leave him, ending his chance to pass on his blood. In the modern world his values are inverted.

Irene, whom the Driver saves at one point by kicking in the head of a hitman sent to kill her, responds with terror. Her knight in shining armor has turned out to be a violent savage according to her warped, modernized mind. She doesn’t respond by giving her dragon slayer a kiss, but stares in absolute fear of him. Does this event not illustrate the current predicament of the heroically-minded white man today, whose women are taught to berate him as a sexist, reactionary Neanderthal, despite his efforts to do what his instincts tell him, namely to protect them from evildoers who would defile and destroy them?

It is no wonder the Driver has been living a life of isolation. How many young single men reading this review can relate to him as they’re forced to find camaraderie among a bunch of fellow nameless and faceless bloggers. I, for one, have lost valued relationships for my embrace of traditional gender roles and rejection of today’s standards of “polite society.” Many men choose — wrongly, in my opinion — to “Go Their Own Way.”

The film ends as it started – with the Driver, having survived a near-fatal knife attack, driving alone into the night. This time, however, he is driving away from the corrupt world of crime and chaos, leaving behind the stolen money, Bernie Rose’s corpse, and, therefore, any breadcrumbs connecting the whole affair to him.

Unlike the Driver, we can never really walk away from the hostile anti-culture we currently inhabit. We will always be looking over our shoulders unless we face and slay our dragons and dwarves. Going our own way is not enough. A real hero does not merely walk away from a fight and say “fuck it” (or, in the case of MGTOW, “don’t fuck it”). He walks away when his quest is finished.

Hispanic isn't a race, for fuck's sake. Mestizo - the word is mestizo, i.e. a mixture of white and indian blood.

Taxi driver shits on drive for hitting too close to home

Literally whose fault is that?
He was a good looking "strong silent type", most women would give him the time of day (as evidenced by the wetted panties of the actor's massive real-life fanbase even in spite of him not possessing any of the noble qualities of his playtime characters) but he just went after spent scraps because she happened to need her car fixed and he worked at the autotune shop.
Inferior mindset and bad role modeling typical of Hollywood "heroes".


>>>Holla Forums1093024



its a fucking palestinian you egregious newfaggots

gas your ass

why are people on 4chan, Holla Forums and related sites use autism to define antisocial behavior when in reality autists are literal retards?

I cant tell ya how many fucking times when I was younger I had girls come directly up to me and talk about my aesthetics and I basically came and started farting.


tell me, why are you a faggot?

so you have no idea what you're talking about, cuck

I think the who had the brilliant idea of creating more autists with vaccines did not count on the obsessive and hyper focus effects being used against them by a significant number of their "victims"
I say victims, but I don't really feel like a victim, if I was a normie I would wish for death with every waking moment.

autism spectrum includes aspergers, and I would suggest a lot of anons are aspies to some degree
aspies are not retards, just awkward
it's just amusing to exagerate, hence socially awkward, maladjusted people calling themselves autistic

It's only in the current age that so much emphasis is on placed on the idea of being "well-balanced" and all that. Really what is so great about liking to engage in meaningless chit chat and not really having any special interests in things but just conforming to the present society and all its degenerate fashions and tastes? That's why I think there is nothing wrong at all with a borderline or very mild form of autism provided it doesn't make you become non-functional. Also, to me its clear that people like Hitler had this very mild form of autism just from reading Mein Kampf. you can see that from the way he was obsessed with various subjects and also from the initial problems he had with certain social situations. However, all this was in a very mild or borderline form and not extreme as he was clearly able to achieve great things and, if anything, his obsessiveness played a great role in that.

interesting theory


or maybe what you describe as being autist was the norm before ww2.

after ww2 and with the introduction of technology, people became less focused.

Real Aryans and particularly American ones are only good if they are prepared to die for the much less fortunate non-white American. Thus passing on that only good white trait, dying for what you believe in.
See Gran Torino.

Ryan Gosling has the ultimate aryan phenotype as well.

Autism is actually the most essence of whiteness.




>(((Hollywood))) Aryan Hero
No Moshe, ask your boss to reassign you to shekel counting. You have no place here.

He gets involved with a race traitor with a half-breed mongrel, then gets cucked when the husband gets home. He then proceeds to white knight for both the spic-in-a-hard-spot, the race-traitor whore, and their half-breed mongrel. No, this is not the ideal Aryan role model. This is a blue-pilled faggots version of the Dark Knight.

Cliff Martinez killed it with the original score.

The theme “A Real Hero” by College and Electric Youth, for anyone who’s into it, came off of College’s label “Valerie.” A great collection of French artists from the tail end of the electro era, look up their mix tapes. Awesome stuff.

Also Katyna Ranieri’s “Oh My Love” is a gorgeous tune.

A lot of thought went into this project, I’d say 9/10 /ourfilm/

Incorrect. Pure Aryan faces are much more angular, so much so that their females are not exactly beautiful. Look at Arno Breker statues to see the extreme type. Gosling is some celto-germanic mishmash, which isn't an insult, of course.



Due to the girl having a spic baby already, it would have been better if he chose not to fuck the girl at the end. It would have served to show that he's better than her and really was only helping her for her own sake. The lack of external reward would have underscored this and made him an even more admirable hero. I can imagine non-whites watching the film and wondering why he would go to all that trouble of helping her if he didn't want her in the first place. It would have to be clear also that he doesn't take her because he can do better, or people would assume it's because he's a giant beta faggot with women.

Siegfried is the ideal Aryan hero. (((Fritz Lang's))) movie Die Nibelungen is a good example.

How would a person become like and live as a Driver archetype hero?

He is no a jew, (((someone))) is adding that to their wikis, but theres not a single source of refn being a kike


Remember the name of the spic? His name is Standard. He tells a story of how he first met the woman in the movie and her response


What movie were you watching dude? He didn't fuck her, ever.

T. Never read any of the racial literature. The square jaw is not a part of the ultimate aryan phenotype, sure it is common in German propaganda because of how widespread the Fälisch phenotype is in Germany in particular.

Most of the Aryan type was pretty much a mixture of Cro-Magnid and Nordid but leaning toward Nordid. I think the guy in my picture is a good example though there are less robust versions such as, for example, Max von Sydow.

You're right square jaw is pretty much the classic Cro-Magnid characteristic that the Faelids have.

RIP Dan.

Great example in the context of this thread btw.



you'll niggas even racist?

Oscar Isaac is a spic, he's Guatemalan you dumbshit.

They sell it on Amazon.

Why are there so many people repeating the lie that he is a Palestinian? A lie created by a kike for his video kvetching about the movie being anti-semitic. A lie which appears no where else and which can be easily checked out simply by looking at his fucking name: Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada.

Because they're pedantic morons whose days are so empty, they have to read nonexistent themes into Hollyjew garbage to have any meaning in their lives

Movie's not garbage though it's pretty good quality and, like it or not, on the whole the themes are very much existing.



Weird; mine was golden blonde and faded out at 4. It was a brown so dark most thought it was black, and now in my late 20s it’s 50/50 that color and pure white because I’m suicidally depressed. I just want it to go solid white as fast as possible.

Shit, I forgot my sage.

Women are beautiful as seen under eyes of sexual attraction, otherwise they are not that beautiful.

Did anyone else notice that Blade Runner 2049 is 99% white? There's 1 nigger in the whole thing and it's a druggie identifying WOOD.

K is an Archetype of the Aryan Hero

Haha, shit. I watched that whole thing and didn't realize that it was an anti-racist thing–I thought it was sympathetic to us. Don't you just love it when stuff like that happens? On a similar note, I miss that J-Dar site that told you what percentage of a given film's cast and crew were jewish.

I'm gonna turn that into a webm and post it here. I'm aiming for 480p.

The citation links to the Refn interview, he says he's Jewish right in it. Also, checked.

Anyone else notice the climax to Blade Runner is effectively almost the same thing as the ending to Drive? By the ocean, waves crashing in, driven off the road, executes the bad guys when he shows up, with a gun. Its like the same guy wrote it and just couldnt think of any other scenario.

Seems I got ahead of myself.

It should be spread with critiques far and wide. Funny shit. My fan started dying and I thought the kike's nose was coming though.

The movie also reminds me I need a set of bracers.

Are pajeets getting Drive remake in 2018? jej

Drive to the loo

I never noticed that, user. I think the shore scene in 2049 is better than the one in drive tbh.

what did he mean by this?

his wive has a jaw like a fucking d9 dozer blade.

I like those jaws

his wive has a better jaw than him!

Feeling empathy and mercy towards lower lifeforms is the distinguishing trait of the White person.

Of the christcucked white person.

Is he identified as a spic in the fucking movie, faggot? If so your point does not matter, you disgusting retard.

his wife looks like the guy at B


and it's one of the best movies in 20 years

Where do I get this literature asking for a friend.

Vid related is top content.


Of course OP is fully aware racemixing ISN'T the ideal so one has to wonder what his true intent was in sliding this in.

You like their stubble on your inner thigh too faggot?

Tired of eurocuck halfchan faggots with their forced cringe trying to push that shit, perhaps? Awful funny this movie gets shilled at the same time the cunts are pushing that garbage. Even more of a coinkidink because they should be aware, racemixing would be a huge fucking no-no. It's the fucking alt-right trying to cuck people into accepting "light-enough" shitskins.
The kike is in the details.

What would be some other examples of this heroic archetype in movie, books, tv etc?

True, they are, as i like to call them, "Worthy oponents". Not in that, that they are honorouble or sincere in what they do, but they are on such a cunning level that I would feel even more pride in conquering them. They sure are the most intelligent threat that our race had to overthrow. We conquered others, in the ancient age and before that, but never such a well-adapted race.
And they have learned to thrive on our weaknesses. They are truly like a parasite that attaches itself to it's host, but think on the hardness of such a feat. It's so bizzare how they, numebing in 14 millions had such willpower and ferocity to enslave most of our 800m people. Half, let's say.
But in their numbers and their bickering we should strike, separating orthodoxes and leftists. There are so many fracture points, so many divisions against them. They are united by the holohoax, by their "antisemitism", by their disguting look, by their religon. But, in every one of those things lay fracture points. Maybe not in the holohoax or their anti-semitism, but in the faith, for example.
Separating the orthodox from their lefitist, anarchists and non-religion. We can't give money to them, we can only change them by propaganda. I've seen that the young Israeli teens like 4 chan and they are laughing at our memes. We control the memes of production for the entire world! Let's insert in them a little bit fighting rabbis, and quotes form the Talmud that contradict each other. Let's do what they have done with Christianity. Send it spiraling into eternal explaining. Lets attack the faith, Judaism, by transmitting the image of a fighting rabbi into the minds of impressionable young Israelis.
This an easy point, since we are experienced at it. You know what to do on that front. Make sure you make the Israelis and the jews in other countries think and feel that their leadership is failing. Point how "fucked" are they in the UN, with Trump trolling them, and how there are far-right parties going up in the whole world.
This may be difficult to explain, but we basically have to keep the jews "busy" I mean, there are 800m of us, and 14 million of them. It may be difficult, but we need to help and in some cases even "befriend" jews to keep them occupied without them schemeing. I think it's a controversial technique, but think about it. Lots of jews are lawyers, doctors, proffessors. Keep them full of cases, patients and papers. Also those in journalism. Give them phony news and laugh at them when they report it. It's all good. Those in the goverment too, remember, they are all public officials, they should be open 24/7.
If anyone thinks of any more fracture points, i can make a list?

Really good movie, shame about the cuck scenes at the start

thanks for that user

plant of the apes and dark city had similar endings


don't think it was cucking, she was meeting someone else. more cucking was the black guard that was practically the only morally positive character

you can watch then TRIPLE 9

highly underrated and there's no cucking. better than Drive too aryan story wise

Really? The guy who turns his back to the jew and lets himself get stabbed in the gut isn't blind to the signs?

Drive was amusing but it's only "Aryan" in the sense that the "hero" is a hopeless romantic who stupidly gets himself into trouble with non-Whites over and over again.

This man gets it.

A shitskin is a shitskin

oi vey muh based ovendodger

He's supposed to represent a knight stranded in the modern world. He rides a metal steed in shining amour and fights under some obscure flag/symbol (look at the jacket)
That's why he leaves the girl and the money behind. He's completed his quest and is onto another.

Is that jewish varg?

You dumb cunt the scorpion is explained, the driver even directly mentions the parable of the scorpion and the frog

He leaves her at the end dumbass, and only romanced her when the guy was in jail, THE DRIVER was doing the cucking

Doesn't he save a mudshark and her bastard son?

great take

They are mostly insane user.

It's implied that he "gets the girl". It would have been better if it was clear that he didn't want to "get" her.

It's kind of implied he doesn't care much about getting her just from the soundtrack. The songs reflect his state of mind and what they all have in common is the notion of becoming a hero and not of a romantic relationship. That's the main emphasis at least.

I came here only to say this:
You fucking niggers.
Look it up.

A movie about the ultimate cuck is one of the best movies in 20 years? What the hell is wrong with you?

what cuck? it was his child

Can you explain this further? I remember reading some time ago that Naughty Dog made Jak talk in Jak 2 because Naughty Dog found out that people who played the first Jak game felt that Jak being a silent protagonist made him look weak rather than strong. I hope that if you were to elaborate upon the point you made that I've highlighted, I can better understand it and then apply it to the situation regarding the drastic tonal upheaval in the Jak games that occurs in the transition to the first sequel.


He's the one that's doing the cucking actually. Do you even know what cuck means? And he doesn't ruin his life but fulfills it and he doesn't do it for the girl so much as just for the sake of achieving some meaning in his life by taking the role of a knight of fortune essentially.


? In Dark City the camera pulls back and you see they're in space. How is this similar?

The greatest movie ever about God, family,friends, country & why it's our duty to fight to protect our values.

This was a better Star Wars than 'Star Wars Last Cuck' and the hero is a Fucking WHITE THOR!!!shut it-down-shut it-down!
NOT shilling just noticed how ((some)) act like this wasn't Kino.Best movie of 2017.

Please just commit suicide.

Already did,why I shitpost
Welcome to Hell

A-user? Tbh pure white hair would be sick though

These guys did a pretty good job of covering this movie from our perspective.

Thanks a lot, man. Will listen to it.

That jew guy always plays as a disaffected white boy.

or maybe the beginning


The Races of Europe is a good place to start for a cold scientific read.
The Passing of the Great Race is another, but a little more entertaining.


She and the kid get blown away in the book.

Great flick. Driver is a great example of a knight-errant, almost like a ronin, who lives by a code of honor helping those in distress. His silver jacket is emblematic of the armor worn by knights, and the stunt mask becomes his full transformation into a werewolf.

You losers read way too deep into this shit though. If you liked Drive check out Ghost Dog by Jim Jarmusch.

I tried that last year. Got me a mess of PTSD and accidentally made me a gang investigator. (I have no formal police training.)

She became pregnant after she cheated on him, and he decided he forgave. Which man with more than half a ball forgives a woman that cheated on him.
My piss on her face and my foot on her ass for her to leave quicker is all she would have gotten from me.

no. it's the scorpion fable

hang in there user, God loves you

I'm aware of the symbolism retard.

they only became powerful because they submitted to Satans rule. the modern "jew" is satans creation, even down to their dna and proclivities (through eugenics).

The cinematography is lifted straight out of a creature-feature from the 50s.

It is a werewolf movie.


That's the bait, user. See . Unless you don't know how they operate they'll just pile fallacy after fallacy in a knot so tight you won't understand what hit you. The principle is that it's easier (less costly in terms of effort) for the kike to produce a lie than it is for you to refute it. The more I age the more I find that the best way to argue with these people is at the barrel of a gun. Talk is cheap for the kike. (learn what pilpul is. They, especially the pedigreed Ashkenazi types, are educated in this form of hair-splitting from a very young age.

Oscar Isaac isn't a spic but his *character* in Drive is certainly meant to be a spic

It's based on a book, the author of which looks white to me, by my account.

You just blew my fucking mind.

It's amazing the effects stories like Drive have on us. It is important to have those ideal archetypes acted out for us so we have an example of how we should conduct ourselves in the world.

not really. Their relationship seems to be only about a few months or so, and she seems, romantically, more interested in him than he is in her. Watching the film you get the feeling that shes is regretful that she married somebody like the spic gangbanger and not somebody like Gosling.

You are a fucking degenerate if you watch movies.

Refn certainly has some interesting imagery in the Neon Demon as well…

This is where you go?
Keep that shit off of this board.
Obviously a porn addicted faggot. Obviously likes the (((pron cock)))

was he /ourguy/ ?

Yes. The book is even better. It's meant to show how fucked up the kikes are, especially in the business world.

On the one hand she is fucking retarded.

On the other hand I wish that a case like that would happen because it would killy hollywood.
You could get your money back from every movie you saw because the trailer wasnt identical to the movie.

You smell like a kike.

>>>Holla Forums1108610


Time to kill some dwarves then

Probably just saying that to troll people. Imagine all of us claiming to be jewish like those "black hebrews".

Do I even have to say it?



Not just any kike. The lawyer for this woman Martin H Leaf

say what?

4 Shame


Just found out there's a fucking book.

Anyone read it?

Why I get the feeling in the book there was no cucking?

I think Drive and Bladerunner will be remembered as quintessential 10's cinema.
But did this really need a new thread?

OGF was fucked-up, left me feeling disturbed in the same way Old Boy did. Still excellent, though.

How the fuck that left you disturbed? How can a movie leave you disturbed?


Kike spotted.

Oh yeah, this is totally not a spic

They slip that shit into everything. Go back and watch a few Will Farrel movies. Taledega nights, Semi Pro, Old School etc… all have cucking and infidelity humor in them, semi-pro even has a racial component.

They could have picked any Jew. They picked Ron Perlman. The choice of having him leaning back laughing like this, at such a climactic scene left me with the only possible impression that its supposed to be perceived as the Jew laughing at your expense, designed to provoke.
Hes like the jewiest Jew face you could find.

It posted the picture I didnt want, and erased the one I said to keep : /

If only they picked lead who wasn't a leaf like the Goose.

Good movie, most of the way through it.. only a kike could come up with the sick shit to do with his child though. No way a white person thought that shit up. I could see people walking out of the movie that was so fucked.

Zahler. German and Ashkenazic name. I think its safe to say hes the latter.
Thats a good guess, huh? Spoiler alert, they threaten to cut his unborn babies limbs off and then let the baby be born crippled. Only a Jew.

Speaking of Aryan Archetypes and jews, do you really think an empathy numale in 2018 can defeat a jew?

You never read the bible did you? Oh wait, you'll come with a kike excuse for that too, cuck. Maybe you should go watch some Disney movie.

What the fuck is this shit?





We have the makings of a great banner, there

Keen observation. Yeah, Driver fits knight-errant figure perfectly. Comes from nowhere, strikes everyone with his chivalry and refinement, saves the weak, punishes the evil and disappears continue his journey of finding Holy Grail.

He's not /ourguy/. He's /us/.