Schumer withdraws offer on Trump's wall

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Have a semite free bump OP

This fucking kike thinks he has any leverage at all. He already got the spics turned against him, he's basically isolated himself.

to late, the nahua horde smelled blood and they wont rest until his beating heart has been ripped from his chest

Acting strong while you are weak.

Meant for

I don't believe that kike offered it in earnest in the first place

This kike won his election in 2016 by 70.6%. He's been in the Senate since the late 90's. Unfortunately he's not going anywhere.

Of course he didn't. He's slimy and he looks like a child doing this.

how is this not a good thing?

Fucking kikes and their loopholes

They're going to try to pull the same shit they did to Reagan, make a bunch of promises in exchange for amnesty and then renege on their part of the deal like they did 30 years ago.

i think depressed or suicidal anons should just make attempts on the lives of these globalist jews.

T. the fucking FBI

Just sell nameplates for the wall at whatever the construction cost is and build the fucker with that.
Eminent domain and telling the EPA to fuck a porcupine has already been done.

Oh no, 10% of the necessary funds for the wall got 'taken off the table' by a kike who never was going to follow through anyway

can't have that now can we?

No ( ((they) )) cannot

No kidding. This repulsive hebe has plagued our nation long enough. His greasy excuses for the massacre of Waco were bad as it was.


They are not in a position to do anything.


well at least he is honest


You're completely right. Pic related.



Was the normalfag media really talking about a burger summit? That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

I like my burgers with swiss cheese, steak sauce, and a golden onion ring, plenty of grilled onions too.


All he has to do is name the Jew and picture is complete. I mean, he'll never do that, but it's very, very close.

Meme it

yeah I agree. but to max damage, we do both sides. SchumerCopKiller & MURDERER to extend that attack vector . SchumerTraitor as you suggest. Both are really, well - true. This faggot is only concerned about money

It's weird how this is presented. Schumer wanted to keep chain migration and the lottery system, but would give money for the wall. If Trump took the deal it would have made the wall basically irrelevant except to the cartels.

Trump did the right thing and will get what he wants.

No, Jewmer offered completely meaningless "authorization" for funding and not one cent of actual funding. He probably thought Trump was too stupid to know the difference.

Art of the Deal, lads.

>>>Holla Forums

Schumer likely doesn't have long for this world. Simply being a tribesmen isn't going to undo the fact that he humiliated his (((betters))) Calling it now, he takes a bath with a toaster and somehow gets seven nails in his noodle.

>Simply being a tribesmen isn't going to undo the fact that he humiliated his (((betters)))

Isn't it beautiful? Chucky thought he could play hardball like he was the biggest baddest kike on capital hill. But for all of his career he had been playing against fake opponents who let him win. It went to his head and he thought he was actually hot shit. Then on his very first time facing he a real opponent he got absolutely fucking destroyed. That's what happens when some bush league bitch thinks he's a pro.


Very nice.

It's more than that. Schumer and the other Dems have been running around talking about how if DACA lapses then it's because the Republicans and Trump "failed" to act in time. At first I thought this was dumb because failing to implement the left's agenda isn't a failure condition for Trump, it's a success, but then I realized he was saying this to the left, not the right. In other words, he's attempting to run pre-emptive damage control. When DACA falls over, they're going to tell their base that everyone tried to get DACA through, but the useless republicans let everyone down. It sounds a bit better than 'we're shit negotiators and blew everything resulting in a total Trump victory'. But all Trump needs to do to suck the oxygen out of it after that is to turn around and go back to talking about law and order and enforcing the nation's immigration laws as he said he would. Trump has the latitude to respin it like that and eventually get the wall anyway. I don't think it's occurred to them that Trump could reverse over them like that.

The democunts are desperately trying to get out of the grave they have been digging for trump but found themselves inside of.
I don't know much about spics, are they smart enough to see through the dems bullshit? If yes, are they going to have a chimpout in current day +17?
And if no, how can we best reveal the dems uncaring nature to them?


Guys I justed CuckChuck

Lowry: Chuck Schumer overplayed his hand
Chuck Schumer started a government shutdown he couldn’t finish.
The New York Democrat, among the shrewdest operators in national politics, stumbled badly because he succumbed to the siren song of the anti-Trump resistance. He believed that any charge could be made to stick to President Donald Trump, no matter how implausible, and chose the dictates of an inflamed Democratic base over common sense.
Schumer sought to attach an extraneous matter, an amnesty for so-called Dreamers, on a must-pass government funding bill and, when Democrats inevitably didn’t get what they wanted, blame President Trump for the ensuing government shutdown. This effort depended on gravity-defying spin that proved sustainable for less than three days.
Nancy Pelosi didn’t back the deal to reopen the government, and the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus said of Senate Democrats: “They are getting their butts kicked.” The co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee pronounced it a “cave.” The political director of CREDO, a progressive advocacy group, called Schumer “the worst negotiator in Washington.”

The spics dont care if the dems dont care. They came from mexico after all, they're used to it. They just want their free shit.

Lmao. Trump had already inflated the wall price, so when it's done he could pop up saying "i even saved money". He has no use for a larger budget. He is always many steps ahead.

Add to the fact trump doesn’t even need congress to build the wall he’s just playing politics, ya I don’t get this move by Schumer lol

Don’t be a faggot, user

Gee I wonder why.

This is an attempt to make up with the spics over his cucking on Monday. Although with no wall funding, I expect Trump to just hold out for another month, until it's deportation time.

I got that so far but what will these mustard monkey do when the dems can't get them their gibs?

Good, they need to go back and it's on YOUR head now.

Cuck, it is STILL not a negotiation.

>shut the government down over DACA to try and get it passed for a pitiful fraction of the actual cost of the wall, that is just (((authorization))) that will never happen
what exactly was his goal with these negotiations? He made himself look bad to illegals and dems, and took away the only patheteic excuse for a bargining chip he had.

< not even trying

Everyone knows that niggers now know the Democrats care more about spics than about them.


Trips of truth. Hey they wanted the progressive stack, they got the progressive stack.

The border is a national security issue, isn't it? Why doesn't Trump just order the military to build it? We literally have the Army Corps of Engineers for this exact purpose, and as it's not war and the President is the Supreme Commander, Congress wouldn't get to say Shit.

Add a glorious fried egg on top. Consider a slice of muenster as well. You won't be sorry.

really makes you think a certain (((semitic))) country in the middle east uses them for that purpose btw, what you're proposing is entirely reasonable

What they didn't know was that this particular stack was actually a game of ethnic Jenga.

This guy is a riot. Tries to spit down america's throat and call it water then tries to act like denying the spit is a punishment.
Whole hell of a lot funnier than Amy.

All it takes is redirection of 3% of the military budget and he can send the army to build the wall.

any concessions on the left's part is just icing on the cake.

he's retarded. Good thing his followers are as well. Surely protesting at didney worl will stop le blumpf! Shutting down the government, cucking, and then shutting it down in a month is great. The democrats are digging their own grave for the midterms. Tax cuts have already guaranteed republicans success in the midterms.

It'll probably go something like this

The best thing about the progressive stack is that niggers will never accept being anywhere but the top.

Employed by the people yet they can't be fired. And people didn't stop this shit when they first began pulling this crap why? How the fuck were people not bitching about it in 92 when they fucked with the 27th and really fucked the people by consolidating their power and gibs?
When you use amendments to destroy the country it is meant to protect and don't give the people a means to address said destruction, they are left with the 2nd.