So Emily Youcis just came out with an alt-right cartoon pretty much aimed for an audience from 8-12...

So Emily Youcis just came out with an alt-right cartoon pretty much aimed for an audience from 8-12. And I have to say this is is so important to winning the young generation because there is no need to discuss HBD and history for endless hours with a young kid.

ANYWAY - THE POINT IS we need to spread this stuff on big platforms. I know alot of you guys own group pages whether it be on facebook, instagram, or twitter, but its crucial that this type of content needs to be peddled out.

1. Instagram
2. Twitter
3. Snapchat
4. Roblox
5. Steam
6. Minecraft
7. Facebook

Here is the video link

and here is a download link so you can put it on your platform

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Yeah, we don’t care about the alt-right. Fuck off.

why dont you care about the future of kids?

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you dont see the big picture

this has so much potential you dont even realize

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if the language was cleaned up and the drinking and smoking scaled back and the gore toned down… might be acceptable for a child. the way it is now no one should show their 8-12 yr old this filth

That was a pretty good cartoon.

She mis-spelled straya "stralia" though.

Will help to spread.

This is shit. 'Take Back Our Future' was simple, concise, and aesthetically pleasing. Even if someone didn't agree with the content, they at least wanted to see where it was going. This, on the other hand, loses me in the first 30 seconds on some Flash 1.0 type animation.

Shut the fuck up Satan shill, this is the shit we need to win and you need to fucking lose.


Yo i literally put it through a converter and it didnt work

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Judging by the OP and the replies, I'm going to assume this you posting, Emily.
Kids aren't going to relate to a washed-up adult character. Focus on a protagonist that is the same age as you are trying to reach.
Also focus on a faster pace, Gen Z may be based, but they're attention spans just as shit as Millennials, think of the social platforms you listed.

LOL, "Deutch can take them, remember when he took on us and almost won?"

Truly how times have changed. Don't know why this is anchored, though no way I could show this to my 10 year old.

Doubt OP is the author, the author didn't try to make something for 8-12 yr olds. Not even close. OP doesn't understand the author at all.

I gotta admit I have a soft spot for her, shes a cute. Regardless I don't care for any eceleb drama.

I appreciate your creativity and effort.
Anything that imprints White culture into the normies minds has my approval.
I will help to spread it.

This. We want to be spreading hope

I love how quickly the shill patrol jumps on this. At worst, it should be ignored. Making cartoons that appeal directly to Holla Forums types with a bunch of imageboard culture thrown in should be encouraged. Looks like a decent amount of effort went into this, it's not perfect but I give it a solid 6/10. Keep going.


keep it up

Got around to watching it and it was pretty funny.

Fuck all the negativity in this thread; this is actually pretty good, though I think it's more suited to an audience 12 and above.
pewtube, on the other hand, is an utter piece of shit that won't let me download the file.

this is way too gay for roblox, what the fuck were you thinking OP?

Emily who?

Instead of being a contrarian sperg why don't you try to wrestle the term "alt-right" from the media?
If the media is trying to label you then you make that label either serve you, or you make it meaningless. You are doing neither.

And before you reply with it being a futile effort one only needs to look at Trump to see how he stole the media's labels from them.

This was a little heavy handed

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