It's New California Republic time, babies


Discuss about the 51st state proposal for New California, aka conservatives telling liberals to go fuck themselves in their faggot cities

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Couldn't happen any sooner.

Patrolling the Mojave makes me with for a nuclear winter.

How the fuck do I vote in the midterms?

Is it time for a midterm thread yet?

Daily reminder that Caesar's Legion did nothing wrong.

Seriously though, good luck calibros.

We won't go quietly. The Legion can count on that.

We already have a thread on this.

Already threads nigger.

Not a bad idea, but the elephant in the room here is the Privileges and Immunities Clause; namely, the right to free travel in the U.S. Nothing would stop California from flooding New Cali with spics and leftists, which is what would immediately happen. Hell, they would probably do that before any kind of ratification, to pre-empt the establishment of any kind of white refuge.

BASED® Black E-Celeb™

Who do you think is cuter, Dr. Klein or Dr. Borous?

We should call it Kekistan

There's your barrier right there. Don't be welcoming to low-incomes. The federal benefits are not worth it.


for the coastal areas

Kek, saved.

The illegals are free to travel straight into an ICE Deportation Squad. Do you really think they would go through with it without heavily leaning on the Feds?

We already are. Check the fucking board next time.

I agree fellow user. And Sargoy of Mossad can be our new emperor! Fucking BASED!


This is strait out of the fucking Turner Diaries wth