NON-US Citizen Driver License

Why are we giving Illegals Drivers licenses?

From KikeBook

>*UPDATE: This post wasn’t intended for anyone to feel sorry for me. I am not a victim. This status was to ask for basic human respect to be given to me. I am tired of being treated like less than. I am sick of being treated like trash. I was asking to be called by my name and not by the word ILLEGAL. This was to inform people of what a label can do a human’s life. To give people an insight of what not belonging anywhere means. Clearly I’ve proved my point with all the hateful comments being left.*

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In hindsight, I should of removed the *
From her post, instead of crtr c/crtrl v

Either way, I hope she gets deported.

Buh bye.

You're racist if you question this. California is automatically registering all illegals to vote. Nothing can be done to stop this. 2018 will be a shitshow.

That is terribly disrespectful that people won't say that to her face. I want to make it right.

And we want your gibs.

Commiefornia has been doing this shit for years to inflate their democratic stranglehold on the state. Jumping beaners just bounce down to the polls every 4 years and use this to vote.

I'd tell her one better and inform her she should go to Hell, I wouldn't wish Mexico on anyone.

I found her Kikegram

Boonsville, MS

CA DMV had a marker for if the license was to an illegal and then that marker suddenly disappeared one day. In regards to illegals voting, it really depends on your poll workers. I truly think most the illegal voting is done through mail ins that the Dems already have blocked out for their housing districts. This past election I saw a spiclet vote and then get her illegal dad to vote right in front of me. The poll worker said " I know what you're trying to do and I won't accept it". Dude couldn't even spoke English. No one else in the room spoke Spanish so I said "Adios Basura Mestiza" as I left

Its a shame that I'm not geographically close enough to tell her to her face that she needs to go back.


She's in love with some community college manlet kek. She's gonna want some little dead eyed anchor babies

A Ginger landscaper lmao



All those dead eyes.

Well, yeah, that's what happens when you break the law

She should be grateful that she was able to leech a Western education and will face no consequences for being a criminal beyond having to leave the US.

Does this log people's addresses? Could President Trump forward these people straight to ICE?



More in your face than 'federal limits apply' like in CA.

Because ZOG, stupid question.

At least in Europistan politicians do their kikery on seemingly legit grounds while in the US it's just: Open borders, businesses not persecuted for employing illegals, make it illegal to profile meximoots, give drivers licenses to people illegally in the country.


That's just a cover. They sell those at Walmart.

this is exactly it. this is her deportation insurance policy.
reminder that marriage for the sole purpose of immigration is illegal.

Even on the prison isle of the UK you'll get your ass raided and pay huge fines if you employ illegals.

I know a place where they'll respect your humanity. The country you're a citizen of, bitch.


"cause you're cute or whatever"

fixed that for her, that whatever obviously means she cringes at her own compliment

in b4 dropped for murderous ms13 pepe

Heres her resume on linkedin
Updated: November 17, 2017

Her parents must really like the guy considering they gave him a job.

someone tell her he works for US LAWns ENFORCEMENT and he'll get her 100 pepes family deported



Actually, I've never considered this. How do regular Mexicans view spics that illegally enter the US? Do they dislike them for abandoning their country and/or giving it a bad name? It will be hilarious if after being deported they spend the rest of their lives as pariahs in their own country.

notice how she is only attracted to white males, and there's apparently plenty of them in Mississippi who are willing to race mix and and knock her up for the citizenship scam.

Illegals don't need driver's licenses from the U.S. govt. to drive in the U.S., they're all more than eligible to receive an international driver's permit from their country of origin

report all of these businesses to ICE, hiring illegals is illegal.

these DLs all expire in 5-10 years brah

3524 Center Hill Rd
Blue Springs, MS 38828

Rossetti Dental
(662) 534-5826
110 North Camp New Albany, MS 38652

Blue Springs, MS
she's also committing tax fraud by operating a business without a license.


from what I've heard many aren't considered real mexicans if they grew up in the US and migrant field worker pepes are generally the poorest of the poor there and life is cheap

They hate them is most likely.

Cubans hate those Cubans who came as refugees.

All she would have to do is apply for citizenship. If one of her relatives is already a citizen they could sponsor her and she'd get her citizenship even faster. Jesus Christ what a lazy, stupid, whiny cunt.

the real fast track is spawning out 10 anchor spics with a white father.

if she was protected by daca then her parents are 100% illegal
they should be found and reported

Why illegals granted anything at all?



Top Kek

California was already offering non-citizens of all types the ability to vote back in early 2016, enshrining it into law that they would not actively prosecute anybody for committing perjury and abusing this ability. Now, they're simply making that an opt-out process instead of an opt-in process.

Trump needs to address this on the public stage and get the media to blow up about it and defend California. Any outlet that does will get their shit stomped, any California gets fucked no matter what the media says as long as they say something about it.

not to defend california but how voting works in a state is kind of a states rights issue.
it has to be illegal federally for non-citizens to vote in federal elections though right? I know in california it's 100% legal for cities to declare anyone, legal or not, to vote, you don't even have to live there, in some places you can vote if you've simply made a purchase that day. that's a total state/city thing though and has nothing to do with federal elections.


So go home and write a letter to the democrats.

Shouldn't that be a legal grey area though? After all, voting for the state elections effectively determines the electoral vote for the federal election (as well as their popular vote). In addition, it leads to them being able to travel interstate (since they're states, not countries) with ease, thus gaining the possibility of screwing other countries. See CA, TX, and other states bordering CA.

Oh god, what a lame appeal to emotion with this babble.

No you haven't.

"Muh story". Shut up. This means about as little as when dumbasses on The View ad whatnot say, "Tell your truth".

No, if you had been you would no longer physically exist.

Well you are an illegal.

You are.

Criminals are enemies.

I'm not American but I think these people that you describe are pretty cool. 8/10 would eat a burger with.

Why would you even want to stay then?

False. You belong there because as you say, it's your country.

Which you didn't have to leave.

You mean the place that you call home illegally.

As you should if you're not deported (which you should be).

Just go back to your country and you won't have to fear this any longer.

Yes you do. That's why you're trying this sob story shit that will work on women's motherly instincts and cuckold men who don't want to rock the boat by telling the truth and enforcing laws.


People are only up in arms over this because you're brown and they see any sort of law applying to you as racism. I've said it a dozen times and now once more: if the issue of illegal immigrants entering the US revolved around Canadians coming down instead of Mexicans going up, the rhetoric that the border needs to be secured and illegals needing to be deported would be far better received because the perpetrators would be (mostly) white and thus seen as having the ability to have laws applied to them.

that's a blatant lie. cut it out

The constitution states that no official or state shall abridge a citizen's right to vote. It's federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison levels of illegal to WILLINGLY enable this level of voter fraud, but if an 'investigation' determined that it was more of an (((absent-minded))) "oops, we didn't intend any voter fraud" with some minor paper shuffling to 'fix' the issue, people would get a slap on the wrist.

I mean, we all know that California was doing this back in early 2016, and protests never made it into the public eye. O'Keefe made a public showing of just how easy and widespread voter fraud is, and nobody lifted a finger after someone was recorded in New York City literally walking in and asking for a ballot under Huma Abedin's name. For fuck's sake, Terry McAuliffe pardoned and registered several hundred thousand felons, which is outright illegal. Then, there's always Broward County in Florida, known for numerous historical issues with votes.

All of the studies and statistics are there. Dead people have voted for decades after passing away. People have been bused around for decades. Voting machines have so few protections on them. It's all practically an engraved invitation to commit fraud.

Though, if that ever came to light and officials got off with nothing but some angry finger-wagging, you'd probably get some actual marching in the streets. If people actually knew on a widespread level how bad things actually were, we wouldn't be where we are today. Not for very long, anyway.

it's in the same realm as the gerrymandering you get with districts all over the place to ensure democrat control over a city or state. illegals voting in federal elections should be outright illegal though.
§611. Voting by aliens

(a) It shall be unlawful for any alien to vote in any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing a candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner, unless-

(1) the election is held partly for some other purpose;

(2) aliens are authorized to vote for such other purpose under a State constitution or statute or a local ordinance; and

(3) voting for such other purpose is conducted independently of voting for a candidate for such Federal offices, in such a manner that an alien has the opportunity to vote for such other purpose, but not an opportunity to vote for a candidate for any one or more of such Federal offices.
" section:611 edition:prelim) OR (granuleid:USC-prelim-title18-section611)&f=treesort&edition=prelim&num=0&jumpTo=true

It's funny you should ask that question. You see, America, and the West in general, is in the grip of delusional thinking brought on by the ruminations of a vicious hyper-kike named Karl Marx. He died and went to hell 140 years ago, but his minions have since discovered that there's an easy path to power and money and luscious, beautifully fuckable gentile children by parroting his insane horseshit about egalitarianism and fairness. As a result of this, and his communist disciples in the '60s-era KGB, who carried out a campaign of demoralization against their class enemies in the West, our race now lacks the steel to execute traitors and defend itself from invasions by shit-skinned dope perverts.

If we do not unfuck fast, then all of /our/ grandchildren will be brown-skinned bisexual Kampfy is a faggot®s who put their asses up to pray to Mecca five times a day, and to commit sodomy twice as often. This will be against the general backdrop of Haiti-tier living standards that are held together only by the vast but dwindling white slave army of castrated laborers.

Considering that white men now pay 78 percent of personal income taxes, and that white women only have 1.8 children apiece, we're actually halfway there. Which is why we must dehumanise ourselves and faces to violence.

Please remember that this is entirely the Jews' doing, and that literally every one of them must die in the first-ever holocaust. Every one of them, except based kikes like Bobby Fischer and Roy Cohn, delights in the thought of literally yoking you to his plow, as foretold in their satanic book of Isaiah.

Welcome to Holla Forums. You'll never be normal again.

they automatically register all holders of a drivers license to vote, but the california DMV verifies citizenship before putting them in to vote. so if the DMV does an "oops" and the illegal votes because california didn't stop it then the illegal did nothing wrong and can't be punished, and we all know nobody in california is going to jail over it either, it's just an (((unfortunate accident))).

Screencapped. Made me lul. Best time to do it for sure.

beancunt looks kinda qt in pic, but then…

lol nope

makeup needs to be banned

She's looks better in the second pic in my opinion. Not saying much though since she's not very good looking in either one.

she's barely holding 200 pounds right now in 5 years she'll be 350. she's only holding it down to look attractive enough for a white man to impregnate her and seal the citizenship deal along with the gibs.

Calm your shit, faggot. I never said that I wanted to muh dik her. I just said she was better looking in one pic over the other.

Mississippi is filled with niggers and coal burners. Also a huge number of southern 'bells' whom are nearly problem glasses tier attitude about not 'needing' an man, so they can justify dating the scum of the earth and ignoring solid males. Thanks to decades of our system waging an systemic attack on anything white male few men have actual solid male guidance and instead have to look to blowhard faggots as the model of pride and power in an male, thus generating an massive number of mostly shy and socially inept near neets whom actually believe you should understand and listen to women instead of disregarding every fucking word they say. So massive numbers of the women there are either too difficult to obtain, or damaged goods even an shy perma virgin wouldn't debase themselves enough to fuck. This is an massive problem across the deep south from Georgia to east Texas. Nobody is teaching white males how to chase females btw, which is an massive problem considering that the average white male actually needs to 'know' something before they make attempts, while shitskin males have no such ability to regulate their own attempts on anything that breaths and has an hole while feeling 0 shame at such.

Shitskinn females oddly enough know how to recognize and treat white men whom have worth. While white females expect extra effort put forth from any non 9/10+ males that desire them. And considering the gains they make biologically, economically and socially in obtaining an white male many will put in extra effort to pull one, often chasing down or asking out such men before the males are even aware of the female. They especially target those they notice are being passed up by white girls but have no big detractors against them. Most shitskinns have already fucked at least their cousin by the time they are 16 so don't play any real games when it comes to sex, only withholding to make it seem like they are proper and decent rather than an raging whore like so many white girls try to make themselves seem to be even if not. Their families also encourage obtaining such an mate and let them run wild with their new dates compared to the overbearing attitude most have when they are dating in their own 'race'.

If you want to knock white males whom accept the affections of shitskinns you need to address the major issue with white females not being there to counter that problem. Bitch and moan all you want, but young males require help or they too end up being 'lost' to such degeneracy and will become an threat to our own goals for our race when we move to purge their spawn from the nation along with the rest. They will be bound by their own bonds and duty to protect their shitskinn spawn. Making fun of them for accepting what is likely the only feelings of female desire ever pointed in their direction will net you 0 support in countering this threat unless you clearly understand the reasons and can counter them full.

We are the exceptional ones. We may pass up opportunity due to our newfound awareness and loyalty to our volk rather than chasing an cum, but they are not us and still will see their partners as human and us evil. This is nature and your feelings about such mean nothing. So how can you instead push white females into their arms before these savages taint even more of our kin?

>sheboonsvilletake that nasty shit beyond The Wall(™) bitchass

If they don't see the light, then they shall be damned.

Days of illegals are finished.

Well said user. If any one hasn't noticed we have a hot grip of demoralized newfags from 4cuck Holla Forums since the incident yesterday

Is this the new wordfilter du jour?

Sadly we do this shit in Texas as well, it's so all the spics can get auto insurance per state law and stop running up insurance rates with hit and runs. Obviously deportation is the better solution.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Well, at least this amigo is honest saying she is nothing more than an illegal.

Trump 2020.

Its not that simple. Such men are every bit as motivated and capable as you are give or take individual capacity. They are white men, like you. Every white male whom is converted and captured under the domain of the mongrel defense is another chance to effectively counter anything we do. We are already fighting an major uphill battle, the average white really doesn't want to be bothered to do anything about what ails us even if they are somewhat aware of the problems of shitskinns, they would rather not rock the boat and just live life. Every one which is more, whom has reason to actively protect and defend this system is another one whom ups the chances that we cannot obtain our goals. Disregarding why men are choosing to race mix is every bit as ignorant as those white liberals whom refuse to entertain logical arguments because of feels.

Before modern tech, whites could crush most mongrel races easily 10 to 1 in battle, even when on paper the differences are minor when both are using pointy sticks. Ages past our tech advances upped that rate to unassailable rates, bringing even massive empires of shit under white dominion. But now that such tech, and even more dangerous shit is available to shitskinns, we have to rely on our superior ability to into tactics and strategy. With every white man on their side, that ability becomes less capable. It eventually swings in the favor of our enemies. How many white men will it take to fight thru an army of shit and piss lead by white traitors, most of whom didn't really choose their side but ended up there? For every one white we kill how many aware whites like us will have to die as we fight both thru an avalanche of mongrel races and directly fighting against said white. Mongrels are expendable but even mongrels can be somewhat effective troops with enough numbers and led by capable whites. WE are the minority, most whites are not going to rise up and fight against this system anyway, so every loss of our own fighting them hurts more than any of their losses culling us. Pyrrhic victories are an thing we must be aware of in this fight.

We must figure out how to counter this threat. Every man we save is one less whom is fielded against us, and possibly one more whom becomes one of us. Discounting why they are turning is undermining your own goals, making fun of them will not work either. To the young their dick is more important than almost anything else, as they mature eventually they may be turned logically by our arguments but if they are corrupted before that point, it is OUR loss moreso than their own individual loss.

Stop blackpilling yourself. This is important, an white man can still breed more white children after shitting out mongrels, but the real threat is far more direct against us once they have produced half breeds or fallen for these females. Mans loyalty is to his family first, we must remember to be THEIR family least we become the forever 'other' in turn.

its not the whites fault you are a lazy spic who refuses to make their home country great.

they are considered a cheap meal ticket, but otherwise scum, but legal spics hate them far more usually.

Very eloquent user.

You ever laugh so hard that "My sides!" just doesn't even begin to describe it?

Holy fuck I hope they deport this goblin. Why the hell are they given drivers licenses? It's so blatant that they're forcing these people on us so that they can steal our sovereignty forever.

So entitled.


Jesus they multiply like rats.

she's already spawned an anchor
fucking hell.

..because (((we))).

I count 29 in that photo alone.
Only 800K 'Nightmares' my ass!

Thank you for posting with us user. You bring up an excellent point about those whites who do go mix, and how at the end they could be the most dangerous enemies of all. Every white liberal flipped is an ally gained and an enemy defeated. The biggest problem I see for those to do go mix, or are non-chalant about mixing is that they are stuck. My cousin, my brother, my brother in law all have said they would have no problem marrying outside their race. Why would they do this? Because they are average men. When our people have to compete with so many different people to find good mates ultimately it is the common among us who loses the most. All non-whites are out seeking white women, along with white men of all grades. This power, along with other (((typical tricks))) has corrupted the white women. So when Joe Average has been denied over and over again and all of a sudden a non-white woman shows interest in them and acts like a woman, well it's their natural response to reciprocate. These are the ramifications of the globalization of the dating marketplace. I agree that we must teach young white men how to obtain women but I don't know if that's the chicken or the egg because we need to teach our girls how to be women again


it is like lifting a rock and finding a nest of insects
really gross repulsive ones

You know 99% of us see straight through your pathetic D&C attempts, right? Now, don't you have some shekels that need counting, Chaim?

a hero amongst men

so, every one of them?
don't cuck out on me
let's not have to do this twice, i am pretty sure an attempt was made before but whites cucked out

Fucking evil. Wetbacks confirmed ugliest race? Motherfucking god

pic related

Absolutely this, whites are the most diverse race in terms of hair, skin tone, and eye color… yet WE are the ones who need diversity. The narrative is so blatantly disgusting, look at Africa, brown skin and eyes/black hair that's it. Look at India and the middle east, brown skin and eyes/black hair. Look at Asians, clammy skin sure, but still black fucking hair. The globalist dream of everyone being the fucking same is the opposite of diversity. Really makes you think…

Yet she staunchly refuses to return to her country of citizenship where all these problems would be solved.

citation needed.

These fucking beaners have nothing but greed and appeals to feelings. They have absolutely no facts to defend their breaking the law and continuing to stay in the US.

ffs, she can't even resist publicly backhanding her backup meal ticket…

I mixed (no kids), my wife is Chinese, married for a decade now without issues. I won't have kids as they might end up being Elliot Rodgers but I have never come across a white woman that I wouldn't consider to be problematic one way or another.

That's what happens when you don't oven the kikes early enough, a generation of unmarriable women…

A non-US Citizen Driver's License is actually a valuable thing - this helps people who are in the process of legally immigrating get to their job.

Of course, illegals like this trash should be deported in a casket


she's not going to be contributing or paying any taxes. she's a "owner of a small photography business" despite not having a business license, this is a resume filler fake job. she's going to be living off welfare and WIC and in a year she'll dump the race mixing "white" boyfriend in exchange for guaranteed child support now that she has her anchor baby.

Cook the rice, pay the price.


how many seats are (were?) reasonably in play? is this like worrying about NJ going blue?

there's so many non-whites in california now it's never going to go red again until it's purged.

Native mexicans hate us mexicans.

it doesn't look like there were any Senate seats to be gained.
there are 5 Republican held House seats representing CA that might be in play (probably more like 3)

I don't care if it is a legal immigrant with an up-to-date Visa, non-Citizens should be forbidden from driving or getting driving licenses at all.

If they want to go places they should have to pay citizens to take them places. Better for the economy.

Also: using public transit should require an annually updated ID card which proves you are a legal resident.

Tax breaks should be afforded to Uber/Taxis who can prove they also enact a similar policy.

this is dangerous

citizens should not be required to carry ID. it's required for driving because it's a "privilege" which I don't agree with either. I don't know how to deal with it with illegals though, racial profiling, but shoving that through congress is not going to happen. Instead what we're going to get is a national required ID, which for the longest time has been considered taboo and the mark of the beast but people are more tolerant towards it now, imagine what wonders the future goyim will accept.

This x1000

You should have killed yourself, but it's not too late.

You're not going to have any kids with your slap faced monkey and the thought of never seeing yourself when you look at your son is going to be a millstone around your neck, every night as you try to sleep. I would rather have a recognisable son by satan's daughter than have to sleep next to a chink for the rest of my life. Luckily I do have 2 daughters and a son and even though their mother ended up being a treacherous whore after 18 years it all just slips away when I see myself in my son's eyes. There is no greater thing in this world than the bond between a father and son.

t. fulltime father who won full custody via Sun Tzu, Musashi and Clauswitz.

They are laughing at USA who let the spics in illegally and illegal spics are like nothing to them. Try to deport the spics to where they come from. They will get mad because that means more criminals and the government is very corrupted. No sympathy for the illegal spics.

Is a word filter or just autism

Hahaha for a second because the UPDATE was hidden I thought OP was saying that and thus the woman in the picture. Oh well, OP wasn't a faggot in this thread only a bad formatter.


Because they charge less
Expand labor supply
Vote correctly
And don't ask a lot of stupid questions


the wordfilters are getting a little fucking ridiculous, i think it's a wordfilter for s p i c spic


I just reported her and her buisnesses to ICE. You should do the same or else it might be a ghost in the system. 1 report = 1 hate = 1 notice by ICE officials

Basic human respect is only for the law abiding.

Take your door of its hinges OP i want to come and go as i please. I want to smoke your weed and eat your food maybe fuck your gf. I mean borders are bad. Right?
Fuck you you have no center no pride and you will not die for this soil you are a selfish child scavenger

if they haven't been deported you might wanna send them another report if you only made it right after the election, a lot of things didn't take effect until later


Boomers get out.

More profit for the petroleum companies, the car companies, the insurance companies, more state taxes, and when they do the inevitable hit-and-run, the judicial system, the prison industry, the hospitals and big pharma.
Why wouldn't they give them driving licenses?

Where did user state his age?

How about you shut your myopic newfag mouth and lurk for a few years?

You still haven't shown me where user gave any clue as to his age.
Do you even know what a boomer is?

I think the real question is why you're so adamant about defending a racemixing genetic culdesac on a cambodian lithograph archive you IP hopping ricefarming sack of shit

Show the post where I defended racemixing? I just want to know how you determined the user is a boomer.
Show us.

Make a fucking effort, sherlock

The coastal communists in Chinafornia billed this a decade ago as 'for insurance purposes' and to reduce the number 'hit and runs' Registering to vote w/an id was on the honor system, now it "still is" because they're automatically registering to vote w/id issuance and it's up to the person to 'opt-out'. Either way, they're still ineligible to vote and committing a crime if they do…said crime which will undoubtedly go unpunished.

I've spoken to a few first-generation legal immigrants from Mexico about this, and nearly all of them took no shame in confiding to me how they despise the selfish, short-sighted illegals that only come for the most degenerate indulgences our culture offers.
From what I was told, and this was agreed with when I asked another Mexican to confirm, well-to-do communities of modest wealth still have a few young adults that grow up to be scum. They easily buy into material things and escapism in the most pathetic forms, and they never learn the value of work, personal growth, or responsibility.
There are plenty of white males growing up in America that can be described the exact same way. The difference in Mexico is that they are not coddled, they are not given multiple summers between school years to "feel like finding a job," they don't get away with living like a NEET with social deficiencies and a sympathetic mother.
They're labeled as the trash they are, they're shamed by their parents, who by all middle-class Mexican standards are a well-to-do success story. If they're not outright thrown out of their homes, they're socially abandoned and financially cut off until they get the message that they're not welcome as they are.
But there is always a drug den with an empty corner for them to take a seat and go on a multiple day bender.
I've met upstanding black men that give off some of the same sort of, well, social cues, body language, whatever I picked up on. I can't get them to outright admit it like that, though.
I don't know what drives a well-meaning Mexican family to migrate here, but they do seem to know that some among them are lost causes. I must admit, I like that they're willing to point it out. I am rather confrontational by nature, though.
"If there's a problem, say it. If you're feeling too pussy to speak certain words, I guess it's not as big as you say."

yep, i never understood how illegals can get licenses and go to school, and doing anything you would need to flash an id anywhere else.

it's not like they are trying to ethnically cleanse you, user.