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Fucking Kikes!





And not a peep by western leaders of course.

No, YOU out.

Welp, wish em all the best against Hezzbollah, FSA, Russia and the kurds.

By the way, an interesting bit from the article:

>Over the last two years, Israel started building out the first phase of a safe zone in southern Syria. The project enabled the Israeli army, through humanitarian organizations and military personnel, to gain access to opposition-held areas in return for supplying aid, medical treatment inside Israel, and basic goods.

Remember how Israel supporting and indeed medically treating moderate beheaders was deemed a conspiracy theory?

Reported for trying to slide the most important thread in months.


Long live to Israel, our greatest Ally !

Rapefugees is a subject which reveals the jew-muslim alliance like no other.

Muslims support refugees because they want to take over western countries for several reasons, jews because they want to destroy their biggest rivals (whites) and empty the ME (less people because they're all in white countries = easier to ethnically cleanse prior or during take over).

No shills in here. It's just getting slid. Have a bump OP.

I wonder how strong the bonds are now. God knows their little earth monster is just waiting for the right moment to turn on them.


How long before the golden lashes out at its master?







Like fucking Zerg creep.

Called it.

Wow, you got it stickied before I could even call you on it. Here comes another wedge from a cancerous fuck.

Thank you based g*d-Emperor

Good! Every zionist rat that wants to die for 'muh chosenites' can renounce their citizenship and fuck off

The board owner really is a roach isn't he?

Glad America didn't vote Hillary. Might have gotten all of Syria with her giving orders.

Hand, timestamp, a single shiny (you) from the pile. Not asking much is it? kek

I sure fucking wish so.

They are trying to block off syria completely from the oil in the golan.Not that I give a single fuck about sandniggers accept anything that is good for israthotel should be opposed until the final solution.

thieving rat parasites.

Yup. The kikes never stop though, so they're nibbling away.

what's going to happen to the people living there?

Imagine if Trump was actually playing the end game. He knows it will be ours and he's letting the kikes do the work before we take it all.
One can dream

They'll be kiked to death. Assad will probably put a stop to it, I have a feeling.


can't watch the whole of that demented fucking lying sick kike video
they really are poison on the earth.

someone drop a few dozen dirty bombs on israel right now.
leave it a radioactive wasteland for a thousand years.

They've been eating away at palestine like fucking pacman for 100+ years.

Yup Pissrael and Mecca. Turkey definitely has to go too. I'm on the fence with the Vatican.

Because the thread was stickied?

Well the whole point of the war was to take over Golan to begin with. It's the largest source of fresh water in the Middle East and 10-15 years ago they discovered massive oil reserves there as well.

Pacman is quick though. The kikes chew like rats.

The shills have no more narratives left to them, so they've gone full nonsensical. They'll be speaking in tongues next.

As was ousting Assad. Golan is rightful Syrian clay. This is ripe for conflict.


Those fucking lying bastards.

Because of the evidence piling up against him.

Are you the white meet up spammer?

Fuck no, I have that twat filtered.

but seriously the only reason israel can get away with this is because its neighbors are useless infighting spastics

And it has nothing to do with the kikes pulling the strings making sure the US doesn't let them get a little TOO uppity for pissrael to handle right?

If the big players all took a step back except for say shooting down any nuke they put in the air, pissrael would be a bloodstain in the sand.

I made that.

I also have that saved. Keep it up, and know your memes are good.

Let them spread. They won't be able to hold it, and the fatter they get, the loader they'll fall.

even more reason for them to stop being idiots

Well sure except it's not a meme and they aren't sending women and children and families unless you consider the terrorist cell a family unit in the stinkbeard culture. My question is, if it is simply a meme, good for who?

Its too bad its becoming more and more apparent conflict in the ME doesn't put America First.

Shitskins are terrible and useless, they can't even prosecute wars against each other properly.

Look at Pakistan and India, at war for thousands of fucking years. Saudi Arabian and Yemen is a giant fucking mess that has been going on for ages.
Even the Syrian civil war started 7 fucking years ago, and it took the Russians stepping in for an actual fucking victory.

If the kikes and shitskins ever fought it'd just be another unending slapfight because they're all a bunch of bitches. A couple battalions of white men and I bet I could genocide the whole fucking middle east.

Hope to god that's Trump's plan. So many ways it can go that even seeming (((defeats))) aren't and they are just moving pieces around for better positioning. It's playing out in a most entertaining manner.

Isn't that a good thing? More people realizing it and maybe we can finally stop. Boomers can't keep the focus on pissrael much longer.

Muslims would have no problem zerging jews if it got them dead jews and heaven. The only reason they never get to is because uncle sam is still giving uncle schmuli a blowjob.


They'll send them to Europe.

Keep trying.

its been a depopulation and colonization plan from the very beginning. its not about "FREE-DUMB!" its about kikes trying to create a kingdom that never existed based on s book of fairytales called the Torah.


Anything that gets shared memetically is a meme. It doesn't even have to be true (cf., "the holocaust is a bad meme").

And it's good for raising awareness of the Yinon Plan you fucking newfag.


That is why your (((memes))) fail.

That bald headed kike makes my skin crawl

If you're already fucked, you might as well go balls deep.

Wait, so Russia was just bombing jews then?

It's the Refugees Welcome iconography bro, it's recognizable, it registers.
Why don't you make a superior fucking meme or edit the existing since you're obviously the authority on memecrafting. Except you won't cause they only skill you have is talking shit on an imageboard and derailing threads.
Fucking tryhard faggot.

Can we all admit now that the war in Syria was just because Assad wasn't walking in goosestep with the global banking cartel? And so, what we now see happening is nothing but a naked land grab from neighbouring powers who are no longer shackled by the rules of engagement - because they know no help is coming for the Assad regime outside of Russia. Russia itself being mostly a paper tiger.

Think everyone here already agreed with that.


I know what it is. I simply corrected the cunt. It isn't a fucking meme. I already stated how it could be improved. Kill yourself.

We know how you kike fucks work. You jews are ISIS. It doesn't matter if you manage to drag a few idiot stinkbeards along for the ride you don't get to point at them and say, "vasn't us!"
But hey, keep up with those logical fallacies, they are why we keep winning and jew keep losing.

they're being lured to their death

That's not a meme, CIA agent Reeetardooo.

He is CIA, whoever he is.

By one method or another they are kike slaves. Kikes are the god of America, of the Vatican, of all the churches. Oh, they'll hold some guy making minimum wage to a fucking high standard, but Israelis can do all manner of heinous acts, and it will be kept in darkness, for they aid the wicked, and are of the damnedable "church". Damn those complicit fuckers.

You know remeber the US setting up its own (((buffer zone))) in Syria a couple months back


Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

any meme that is not true is not a meme. Without the truth it is nothing but propaganda and can only work with a multimillion dollar propaganda campaign. This is why the kikes, and the left in general, find themselves frustrated that they can not meme. The truth is their enemy as much as we are.

Anyone ever posit possible goals for this shill campaign?

everywhere on the internet is a fucking honeypot
If you think theres a single site that is 100% safe to be on you are a fucking moron

and moreover, so fucking what? No one is getting v&. The kikes have been trying to scare us with that boogieman since for fucking ever. And who has been v&?

The only censorship happening here is literature and space elevator threads getting baleeted. Thats bullshit but cri moar.

Like.. Why bother? I could come up with a more goal oriented spam post by translating the skid marks I leave at the bottom of the toilet.

Oh boy I can't wait to hear how this is all Trump's fault! /s

Don't respond to the bot. It posts that in every thread.

Shills are so fucking lost they are litterally (you)ing each other lmfao Trump played you kikes

CIA agent. Note the suicide-oriented implantation of thought in a non-meme. Exploiting existing cleavages too. Behold, stench-in-the-dark:

We're working on the kike thing Achmed, why don't you?

CIA. Not a meme. I have seen this form before, [[[jumping to conclusions]]]:

Once accused, no protestation shall avail. Why? He smells-in-the-dark. s/He's [[[CIA]]].

See, now we don’t have any reason to believe you.


A raghead finally managed to bootleg a bollywood film. Not gonna lie kind of impressed. Like if a nigger learned to read.

They keep getting away with it



The fact this is a sticky means every single fucking kike shill will flood in here using every trick they have



Hello, rachposter. You're a rapist.

What the fuck are you talking about?

What the fuck is a meme then and how am I CIA? I go to make fajitas, come back and I'm told memes aren't memes, I'm CIA, and the thread has barely progress in discussion of a major topic. What in the fuck is going on?


Apparently they're now hiring spergs.


💯 CIA:

Any semblance of an argument at anytime would be great.

Yeah, I'm not revealing proprietary sources and/or methods.

Shut up retard. Filtered.

< you won't give me information
< i'll punish you!
< by pretending to ignore you
Yeah. That's… preddy gey

I will say again, Assad was prepared for this moment. He has prepared for this moment all his life. The Israelis enter a trap - without knowing it is one?


I love how it's a thrift (((store))), not a place where the needy can get free stuff.

Schools and hospitals are honestly tools of enslavement.

Sickening. To think I used to like this guys sardonic banter.

He and Shapiro redpilled me the most on hating the jews when I listened to their podcasts years ago. The amount of Kvetching and championing of Israel they performed day in and day out was worse than the most patriotic american on the 4th of July.

trump and Hilary are cousins it would have been the exact same if she won. they are both zionist rat kikes like a cancer they are

Why won't Russia put an end to this?

A reminder to simply filter them.

checked for the kek

Feed the beast that is >>>/rolo/
with your memes

No thanks.

one of two possibilities:

I'm thinking the second is most likely.
Affraid what you saw over there Rabbi?

"Oy vey!!! Shut it down!!!"

Incoming info. Syria false flag. Mossad gassed some women and kids, blaming russia because they were in control of Assad.

If anyone wants to bake some bread.

Jews want to nuke Medina, where that black cube is.

1. Mecca.
2. There's absolutely no evidence of that statement anywhere and plenty of evidence to the absolute inverted contrary.

Not really. They want to use their black cube to keep them focused on destroying whites first.

If Trump starts a war for Israel we know he's just another puppet. Syria will be proof.

Trump, get us the fuck out of Europe and the middle east!

Even if they did.

Sigh, checked.

Fuck bring democracy to the entire middle east. Fuck em. Gas the jews. Teach the savages some manners, put them to work pumping oil, they get fed and watered if they behave.

Lurk 2 years before posting, user.




Reagan Star wars program tbh. Seal off the borders, radio silent for 5 years. Watch the world burn without us. End of the 5 years… Emerge. Profit

What is that hopping on your nuts? A filtered #metoo? kek

That was a Reagan program? Sort of brilliant.

your post was so retarded even if it was suppose to be sarcastic

And they called as mad. Lo and behold greater yisrael is happening

>Syrian (((civil war))) fails.


Golan Knights operate out of Jubata al-Khashab.
The only people left in this region are "rebels" because of the civil war.
So lets see who inhabits Jubata al-Khashab.

According to: pic 1, "HTS operates out of Jubata al-Khashab.
Who the fuck is HTS?
HTS is an Al-Nursa front

Who is Al-Nursa? It's ISIS/ISIL/Al-Qaeda.


What's this aconym again?
Hayat Tahrir al-Sham

The significant link is the "Quneitra offensive"

anyone that disagrees with me is CIA

that was making phony programmes that the USSR couldnt afford to counter, since they didnt print out money out of nothing from the FED.

no, the only thing that would happen is the US economy would collapse and in the end theyd have the same GDP as fucking Brasil

I wonder what would happen if Israel got itself into a war and Trump decided not to help.

Trump moving the Embassy embolden the Jew, and now they are gaining more ground and more power.


trump would resignate after a closed doors meeting

I literally got the chills

The kikes want Syria's coastline so Israel can continue to be the middle man in the oil trade.

You're forgetting memes which are not yet true and are aimed at altering the future. Which is why for instance white sharitards are so cancerous. You meme something and you might just get it. So meme responsibly. Pic related.

how about you finish puberty first

Actually that's not true. The mods ban you for all kinds of idiotic reasons. They do this to stifle anyone discussing international politics reasonably.

>>Syrian (((civil war))) fails.
Um… Israel is literally moving in like a vulture to take the spoils. I'd say that things worked out well for Israel, as usual. At least it would seem so on the face of things. However you're right that the kikes never learn from their mistakes. Overreach is endemic to jews as opportunistic violence is endemic to Africans. And you're right, the jews never learn from their mistakes. That's why they've been kicked out of over 109 nations so far

So christains and pagans unite

Muddying the waters like a glow-in-the-dark you are, you've been denied your (you) for low-energy posting.

Most likely, those heebs will struggle to even keep discipline on their own diaper-wearing troops as Hezzbollah ruins their days.

Reminder you can and should be posting this stuff on Gab TV now so random people stumble upon it and learn about kikes. Everyone is rapidly waking up to facts such as those of cultural marxism, of communism being Jewish, of white genocide etc etc. The redpills cant be stopped anymore, and those people on Gab distribute your memes in a slow drip into the rest of social media, since they still use twitter and kikebook etc.. but other than Gab, I dont really know anywhere you can just throw a webm about greater israel in their face. Not even cuckchan allows sound on them.

We ought to launch a greater nuke to celebrate :^)



>thread is about (((Israel)))
saging JIDF™ product

JUST that image is like eye sandpaper

Old OC related


>not knowing there are (((mods))) on Holla Forums

What the fuck are you even talking about?

Reported for not even attempting to try to hide your shilling.

kikes like these that get butthurt over getting outed—v


Outed for what? A thread about how kikes are working towards greater Israel>? Sit the fuck down Michael.

It doesn't appear in the least bit odd to you that along comes a properly made thread right in the middle of a shill raid, where EVERY thread is bs…and the properly mad thread happens to be all about GREATer Israel?? Really? You think that is a normal (((cohencidence))) ?


Global report, then.

Quit advertising in stickies, you attentionwhoring faggot.

Da fug is this?
You brainlet pull this out of your ass?
Show me where I said I wanted greater Israel? You can't you kike loving brainlet - because I fucking didn't!

Seriously? You think this thread is EXPOSING, not PROMOTING it?
How dumb can you get? Look at this post:

The kikes are rubbing your face in it, and you're lapping it up like a good goy. Fuck! The absolute state of this place!
I'll see myself >>>/out/

Global. Report.

Okay, and? What are going to do about it? But before that, what are you even hoping for?
As much as Holla Forums hates the Jews, "muh Greater Israel" is one meme that gets pushed around and fawned over for some reason.

Who the fuck are you trying to fool, shmoloko?

Learn what words mean before you use them.
No, you're just fucking retarded. The last century and a half of human history has played out for the sole purpose of granting the jews Greater Israel. This has nothing whatsoever to do with your claims, even conceptually. It's just fact. The plan continues to this day. You are making no statements thereon.

Is this…dare I say it…the end for Holla Forums?


What a great shitpost. Aren't you glad you posted this now?

Yeah actually, considering this board has been contained to a point where no one does anything, everything posted is just a blackpill saying "YOU LOSE". No new content, no self-improvement, preparedness threads etc. Everything is a honeypot so don't do anything yadda yadda. Everyone is a kike, everyone is a shill. You might aswell be happy that greater israel is coming considering no one wants to stand up against it. Should we wait then, it's no time for action while we are still a majority am I right? We'll be doing much better as a minority that I can tell you!

Speaking of blackpills


It was never conspiracy, there is video evidence and admission of it.
Kikes were at that stage of the war, brazen slippery cunts.
This 40km buffer bullshit will fail like every other plan they have tried to make. Kurdniggers being mopped up, ISISrael is practically dead, FSA/SDF cianiggers and mossadniggers are getting reamed. Not looking good for the kikes there at all.

So kill yourself. Reported.

Yes Trump truly is a real Nazi and fighting the Jews

>According to (((Syrian opposition))) and Israeli sources
Meanwhile nothing on the ground has changed, this is like their constant claims of that Assad will be removed


Im still not sure. You never know until his time is over. If i had a plan, I would play good dog until I worked myself into to really make a difference.


Are you cereal, budy?

Nah m8, you'll know the instant any sort of amnesty is given.
Im not saying such will be given, mind you, just that we'll know the score right then and there if it does.
Doesn't really matter though, given he's just a stepping stone.




Looks like conflict with Russia & Syria is inevitable, just be prepared for a major push to stop the U.S. from getting involved, all of us must be ready to take action, in protests, putting pressure on congressmen, etc.

When Israel goes to war with Russia/Syria, we must make sure they have utterly NO U.S. backing.

What complete horseshit.

Lying about Assad will surely work this time!

They will false flag the shit out of whatever they have to to get US involved. The US will be hit hard, something to rival 9/11 or even beat it and Trump will have to get involved or look weak, something he wouldn't let happen.

Checked. Gas the kikes.

Holla Forums is ALWAYS fucking right.

Ah, that classic jewish humor I hear so much about.

Or the MSM for that matter.

Seriously why aren't we sending refugees back to their home countries already?


Holy. Fucking. Shit. Just shut the fuck up and leave, nobody gives a fuck. Get the fuck out

Checked those shill dubs

He didn't get into a war with syria after they (((Gassed))) kids with chemical weapons and did everything in their power to try and trip him into it, meanwhile Bush and Clinton went to great effort to go to war repeatedly for Israel the most ridiculous flase flags that no one even remembers. He has undoubtebly zionist ties and still tried to fuck around in Syria to show he cared but he is the first president in a while to treat Israel as an ally and not a master. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump wouldn't get into a war to protect Israel, but I would be surprised if he didn't do anything to help as well.

>(((the intercept)))

>If the Jews ran America, we wouldn't be $14 trillion in debt, knuckleheads

Again, a reminder to report and filter all kikes who have a problem with this thread. Why does it make them so mad?

(((They))) don't want discussion of israel foreign policy in view of any viewer passing by.
Its as simple as that

Why do Amercians complain about Jews taken land that promised to them by God, when they literally stole land off Natives that NEVER belonged to them. Cognitive dissidence is a major for you guys.


iron feces

Fucking shityids just can't help themselves, can they?

That video cant be fucking real.

wew, didn't know they were expanding it.

kikes really just keep pushing it don't they

The article itself is basically projection that they can make isreal project totally real, which they can't do anymore because Hezbollah shot down that project back in 2006, anything about it getting mentioned at this point in time is either doing fearporn posting or blackpilling like (((they))) usually do, because the Syrian War is about to be won by the good guys.

Тест оверчан + орбот

It exposes the migrant displacement for what it is. How is it not a meme?

The trump administration ending programs to train, arm, and fund terrorists, their removal of the goal of deposing Assad, their work with Jordan and Russia to de-escalate the conflict, all of this scares Israel. Us doing what is best for the region and best for our interests literally gives Israel anxiety. How anybody could think they're on our side…or that our interests matter to them in the slightest…I'll never understand. We need to stop giving those cretins money. We could fund the wall entirely with the aid we give them.

You have no idea what a meme is, it seems.

How is this relevant to Europe and America?

Genuinely intrigued

Bump and global report. You will NEVER defeat us.


How enlightening.

Good redpill talking point for normies re Israel–

Al Queda/Raqqani/Taliban terrorist affiliates have likely obtained nuclear weapons material and intel to put a dirty bomb on a US city. This is what the Awan/TLI treasonous syndicate was doing. That means ANY US support for Israel just increases the risk a random enraged terrorist will set off a dirty nuclear bomb in the US.

Not only that, Israel doesn't care if we get nuked. They overtly say they benefitted from 9/11.

Israel also funds and arms combatants in Syria, and that keeps the war going which creates a flood of refugees going to Europe and America. Yet, Israel refuses to take in any of those refugees itself.

This means, if anything, it's in the US's best interest to oppose anything Israel does, whether it's in Syria or Iran. Israel clearly does not care about the US and just uses us for support and applauds dead Americans like 9/11 while Israel sends a stream of refugees to destroy the west from wars it created! It's insane, people. All Israel support has to stop.

go back to reddit newfag

No. How exactly is this in any relevant to USA or Europe?
Here is how
It isn't.

Global report. You will never stop us. There is nothing you can do.

Bro I stopped you already.
This is your future. Watch the salt intake

Global report. You will never stop us. There is nothing you can do.
It’s interesting that the “anti-shareblue” image spammer is against Holla Forumsacks spreading the word about Greater Israel…

You look like a large, fat mouse.

Reported. You will never stop us. There is nothing you can do.

if israel wins then US global hegemoney wins and everyone loses.
if israel gets killed, the old baathist league + iran and hezbollah take out saudi arabia and thus take out the petrodollar.
the US collapses and everyone wins


fuck off with your retarded burger crap to your containment threads. its bad enough half the threads in the ctalog are irrelevant burger circlejerking, but we dont need your anglosphere cancer here

Who is "you"?
I think that is a valid question to ask
If you are having a mental emergency, please seek help.

It's been a rough 6 months for you.

No one cares what you think, paid jewish shill. You will NEVER stop us from talking about it. Reported.


Esa imagen me dio cancer.

If only.

That account is a joke/parody.

I recon his Jewish daughter, son-in-law and ancestors wouldn't be okay with it.

What was the excuse for invading Syria again?

I mean Libya.

"helping peole get democracy and overthrow some dictator"

exactly the same

the only difference is that in libya NATO managed to conduct strikes, but in syria russia told the US to go fuck itself, so the terrorits didnt have aircover

Holla Forums needs to see this. there are jews flipping the fuck out over this. I'm not saying we should trust them, but there might be something worth doing related to this.

http s://
http s://
http s://
http s://
http s://
http s://
http s://
http s://

and an interesting conversation. Holla Forums will laugh hard at this one.
http s://

I'm sorry those should have been hooktube links. I apologize.

and an interesting conversation. Holla Forums will laugh hard at this one.

that map looks familiar.