ICE detains Polish doctor and green-card holder in Michigan who has lived in the U.S. for 40 years

BASED ZOGBOTS arrest Sl*vic wh*toid scum for opressing PoCs by having A FAMILY!
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Niec, now 43, never fathomed that his legal status in the United States would become an issue. With a renewed green card, and nearly 40 years in the country, his Polish nationality was an afterthought for Niec, his sister told The Washington Post. He doesn't even speak Polish.

Because Niec was convicted of two crimes involving "moral turpitude," stemming from two separate incidents, he is subject to removal, immigration authorities wrote in the notice to appear, citing the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The second of those convictions was eventually expunged from his criminal record, his sister said, as part of a guilty plea through Michigan's Holmes Youthful Trainee Act, a program intended to help young offenders avoid the stigma of a criminal conviction. But even though the crime was scrubbed off his public record, it can still be used against him for removal from the country, his sister said.


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ouch, shitty greentexting on my part


"He can't be deported," his wife said. "He can't speak Polish. He wouldn't know where to go. He would be lost."

This is the kind of shit that (((they))) want in order to justify DACA.

Of course its an entirety different scenario. Intelligent whites do not equal brown gibs monkeys.

You've go to go, kielbasa

Why would he still have a green card and not gave gotten citizenship come on

Poland is a great country. He'll be fine there.

Who knows the full story honestly. I man in a high position like that could have been involved in some shady shit. Who knows.

Be a pole, pay the toll. Or don't be a convicted criminal, that works too.

Poland doesn't take back coward traitors. True patriots stayed to fight communism.

Also the article itself states in the first sentence second paragraph
So what the fuck? Is he legal or not? Hes married too, I thought that marriage had something to do with granting citizenship as well. If hes illegal, he's gotta go back but this isn't adding up for me tbh.

His wife's daughter.

Get this cuck out of my country


so this is what the jews are going for now? They'll deport some whites back to their homelands and say "see, goyim? Now put an end to all this nonsense and let the mexicans stay." If some whites have to leave while all the illegal shitskins get deported, then good. Hay, I wonder if he was crying, kicking and screaming that he can't go back to Poland because it's too dangerous even though he's said everyday in the US how great Poland is, you know…like mexicans.

It gives you eligibility but you still have to go through the naturalization process, take the tests, pay the fees, do the paperwork etc.

lol ok kike

That makes sense. I wonder if he can try to file before ICE carries out the deportation. What do you make of the
Part? That's not citizenship, just residense in that state?


Global report.

global report is only for CP you newfag kike. lurk more?

I mean, it's not like these white people are getting deported to shitholes where they'll get killed instantly, unless they're from Kosovo, or some shit. Running from your homeland and your people in their time of need is utmost faggotry, anyways.

Notice how they are changing tactics. Shareblue and co. are trying to turn us against the immigration reform. Do not give in, hang all lefties amd commie sympathizers.

He was fucking 5 you retard, jesus. I bet youd call the Germans that escaped the de-nazification cowards too god damn faggot.

wtf I hate immigration reform now

Global reported.


Nice nigger tier argument faggot.

I'm talking about his parents, and emigrating in general, not his specific case, you fucking autist.

Alright, I worded that one poorly, my bad. I'm calling his parents cowards, since he was obviously fucking five, and couldn't choose shit in that situation. He still shouldn't have been a convicted criminal.


Anywhere in the European Union where they speak english so pretty much everywhere. If he came to England he would be treating mainly immigrants that barely spoke english, so it's all good. He will earn well wherever he ends up.
Deport him without remorse.

Fuck you. Communism devours what it does not kill. I'm glad they made it out. People feeling east Germany were cowards too, right?

See for my position you dumb nigger. I'm shilling for white doctors, too many chink, kikes and pakis in that field. If he has a means of becoming a citizen, fuck yes I will support it.

This is good because it gives plausible deniability against racism accusations. Illegal is illegal. I like slavs but there's a lot of crime problems with the 2nd gen ones now in their early 20's. Time for a clean start, deport everyone breaking the law. Sorry doc, go make Poland great again.

he had 40 years.. lazy

awwww OP is probably a wetback and is upset that ICE is doing its job

beaner, polak, or nigger, doesn't matter, break the law, pay the toll

mial 40 lat zeby zalatwic sobie legalne papiery, chuj mu w dupe

notice the tactics, "its ok because he is a doctor", if you agree with this then they will to apply the same logic to all illegals


That's what you get for fucking up and not securing your legal shit tight. Either way, dudes a medical doctor from the states, going to Poland. He will do more than well out there. The spics are useless here and in mehico.


Yes. People fleeing east Germany were fags, people currently fleeing Germany are fags, and anyone who abandons their home and blood for the sake of themselves alone is a fag. Economic emigrants are even worse.

You are putting on quite the show. Yea, if hes illegal hes gotta go back, as ive already stated but white immigration is best immigration and I hope he has time to fulfill his immigration status.

You are a retarded kike.

Kek, can you be more obvious? If he's illegal then he has to go back, if he is legal then he stays, what's the problem? If you want to drive a wedge between ICE and Holla Forums you need to try harder, bluecuck spic.


So much for putting your race first…. but then again, you're not white, are ya?

Reported. All illegals go home.


Yea, you're a fucking retarded kike for wanting whites to stay under a communistic rule that controls everything in their lives and seeks their destruction. Fuck you kike.

No free rides, Chaim. You should know this the best.

Based Mexican americans.

Stupid asshole. He's going back to a better country anyway. ICE did the man a favor.

If I didn't know any better, I'd guess you were Bosnian.

You're right. Let's send home all "illegal" europeans and keep all seventeen petrillion legal beaners, at least they filed their papers!

Yeah, at least all the kikes and shitskins are here legally! Fucking based!

yeah, more than a little retarded. At least they'll be sending him somewhere arguably better than the US.

Yeah, it's not like he's being deported to South Africa or Zimbabwe.

deportations should be based on race, not legality.

Bootlicking civnats btfo.

They all have to go back. No exceptions. Sounds like he's well qualified to re-aply for citizenship though. Doctors have MERIT. Why he didn't bother trying to become a citizen in 40 years is anyone's guess. I hear Poland is nice.


Typical yid.

Because "being an illegal" is a mindset. He preferred mooching to working.

No the argument is sound. You prefer legal shitskins to white illegals.

Keep it up, moishe.

put some effort into the next post, article says he works. retard

Your whole argument is based on legality retard so obviously you are okay with legal shitskins immigrating to the country.

Should have been deported in the 90s when he received his first criminal conviction. The current situation is unfortunate, but it only exists because ICE failed to do its job 26 years ago. He'll be perfectly fine in Europe, and honestly I would question how loyal he is to the idea of being an American when he has never bothered to pursue citizenship.

Either way, the parallel they're trying to draw between him and so-called "dreamers" is false. This is a case of somebody entering the country legally and then being deported for committing crimes, not being deported for the crime of entering the country illegally.

Does he pay the taxes that a citizen pays, moishe?

You're TERRIFIED of us.

Nothing of value.


Invented? Nigger, immigration laws were invented centuries before my time.

I can't tell if you're retarded, or simply an illiterate nigger. Same thing at this point really. Article states the guy was only 5 when he was brought over. Hardly cowardice. Or do you think child soldiers are a legitimate tactic in battle? Because that sounds like sand nigger logic to me!

No exceptions, kike. If the guy is illegal, he can come back the legal way. Seeing as how he's a doctor, and not some welfare-collecting leech, he'll be given priority because of the merit-based system Trump now has in place. 0/10 for making me even reply to you.

Fuck me, you're not even remotely pretending to have read anything. Or your reading comprehension is really that bad.

He probably thought he was an legal citizen since there's mention of his mother having become a naturalized citizen. If they can find the paperwork to prove it occurred before he turned 18, then he's golden!

Keep crying out in pain, moishe.

This is completely pathetic.

Answer the question. Does he pay the taxes that a citizen pays, moishe?

Immigration reform and the RAISE act haven't been passed you dumbshit. Jesus, you're more retarded than the user suggesting euros stay in commie shitholes and duke it out in the gulags.

This is your position on immigration
Legal > white
You're a civnat bootlicking faggot that needs to off himself.

This is the best the kikes have to offer.

So what's your excuse?
Yeah, this guy isn't shitting up anything. Like user said above, calling east germans traitors or cowards for escaping is extremely retarded of you. The entire history of the white race is a story of migration and nation-building. Read Alfred Rosenberg.

not an argument autismo

Lmfao. His wife's daughter. The memes are real

That's right; you have no argument. Does he pay the taxes that a citizen pays, moishe?

He is/was a legal permanent resident and a doctor. So yeah, he probably pays more taxes than most immigrants combined.

You tell me.

So he is a violent thief. He can go back too.
Wondering how he managed to avoid becoming naturalized after so many fucking years but he's polish and we cannot expect too many neurons to be diverted from breathing.

Not the question, you filthy fucking worm. Does he pay the taxes that a citizen pays, moishe?

Thanks for confirming he does not pay the taxes that a citizen pays.

Apparently not.


So yes, thanks for admitting that the illegal immigrant does not pay the taxes that a citizen pays. Thus he does not work in the same way that a citizen works.
Strawman. But what should I expect from a yid who harbors illegals?

I'm just a passerby, nigger. I'm not whoever you have been arguing with. Don't let your anger control you.

Yeah, he's probably neither now. Sucks for him, but if I were him I'd have gone for citizenship as soon as I became a doctor, if not sooner.

Are idiots ITT actually trying to say it's ok for whites to behave like niggers?

Yeah. Like as soon as you're eligible. Jesus, an educated man should know better.

This is a good point, there's really no excuse for him not being a citizen at this point. It kinda sucks since he's a white european, but I'm sure he'll do fine in Poland, and he'll probably get an opportunity for re-entry at some point.

Prove that he doesn't pay taxes. You made the assertion he leeches, so either prove that he doesn't pay, or go off yourself nigger. But you won't. You'll keep screeching that everyone is a kike because reasons.

If you think directives haven't been sent down already, you're the retarded one. You don't have to pass anything to enforce current laws. Both the Reform Bill, and the RAISE Act are a formality at this point! Kind of like how Obama didn't have to pass anything to order ICE not to do their jobs.

resurrectedbeta, enough that is not how arguments work

Yeah, fuck off

Immigration law and giving feds orders are two vastly different things. No reform has been made and the RAISE act has not been passed. Just because its real in your mind does not make it reality.

I wouldn't say he dindu nuffin, but he certainly had his life in better order than most deportees.

Right. It's an unfortunate situation, but he's a white doctor. He should really have had more foresight.

Really, niggers?

Shills are trying to start a wedge against deportation after being raped on the shutdown. They know they are going to lose the DACA vote in the Senate, so they're getting desperate.

Omg, whites are showing preference toward their own? Get New York Times on the phone.


Our own don't act like niggers, jew.

Whites have always been willing to condemn white criminals. Reflexively supporting criminals and insisting that they dindu nuffin because of them being the same race as you is a nigger thing.

If you can't forgive something retarded and insignificant like a 14 year old stealing a snickers bar then you may be the nigger. Don't misinterpet me here, I don't know what his crimes were, but if he already paid for them why put him on the same pedestal (in terms of punishment) as a raping and murdering spic?

Thank God we deport Whites first and not brown criminals.

He's a fucking doctor. Negligence on his part does not make him a nigger.

But he dindu nuffin, hes a reformed man that's a major contributor to society. And sincerely hope he retains his citizenship.


Strawman. I don't want any nonwhites in the west. Can you give me a meaningful reply if you consider both this post and my previous one?

You know, you could at the very least hope a white illegal who has lived here under permanent resident status for the last forty years is able to retain his citizenship. Otherwise you may as well be screaming "whites out too!".

Idiots meaning jewish shills, yes.

Nice strawman. Read the question again, YID.
Sounds like you’re a ban evading kike shill.

Kill yourself, yid. Law is law.

I'll give you that he's a cuck, but to hold him and a nigger/shitskin to the same level of law is foolish. The tiers are as follows:
white smart > white dumb >> nonwhite smart > nonwhite dumb. Where, as a white country, we shouldn't even allow the last two.


Getting your citizenship status verified has nothing to do with precedent you disingenuous kike.

This is why your kind gets the ovens. There is no hope in reeducating you like there is with whites. Even attempt to take away the fact that whites were jailed by whites for acting like animals long before you cunts came around and got put into a camp. Not a jewish invention.

And he never bothered to get citizenship? I have no sympathy tbh, Poland is bretty great too.

He did do sumfin, and was never a citizen, just a 'legal permanent resident'. Usually that's a precursor to trying to get a citizenship, but he didn't.


You know, you could at the very least get into the oven yourself.

(quads duly checked)

I'm fine with him finding a proper legal avenue to avoid deportation as well, if one exists. I just don't want the law to be ignored, because the only reason the MSM is running this story is to plant the idea in people's minds that deporting currently law-abiding individuals based on previous crimes is unjust.

Nothing wrong with Poland and I'm not making excuses for the guy. Just saying I hope he retains his citizenship. White doctors are in short supply in America.

Thank god the only modicum of power you will ever have is clicking post on an imageboard after typing out such tripe.

Wew can't argue that.


No way, Ari. Not today. Not ever. Cuck Schumer got roll, and now your little DACA dreamers are going to get rolled right out of the country.


Ok moshe.

He was a CC scammer in training. Got popped before he could defraud anyone.

Ah. I see you are a fellow liberalist.

What kind of hellhole do you live in? To my knowledge I've never even known anybody who has been arrested.

My point was that "14 year old stealing a snickers bar" is making his teenage behavior sound much more innocuous than it really was.

That's what the "financial transaction device" bit means? I wondered about that.

Yup, a CC reader. Either manual or electronic. If he managed to steal an ATM it wouldn't have been a misdemeanor. kek

But dats what niggers be doin to survive yo, white man make them steal to eat yo. dindu nuffin but eat mang.
I really hate these jews.

I sold weed in high school. Helped me trick out my Integra. Where doth white? I am become nigger.

Definitely sound like a nigger.

Please don't tell ICE.

you knew this would happen

Why, are you in the country illegally too?



Dumb fuck should have gotten his citizenship, really. He shouldn't really be deported but he does kinda deserve it. Poland's not that bad of a place anyway.

Calm down user. My papers are in order.

Then you're just stupid and don't know what ICE does. You should go back to slinging weed.

The argument holds water only if you think beaners are equal to whites. They are not, retard.

Kind of weird right? All of the pro-Poland threads showing how nationalist they are and how they're keeping Religion of Cuck™ our, and suddenly when the DACA vote is coming around the corner and the left is set to lose:
Organic bread is best bread.

I'll happily watch a Polish guy get sent to Poland if it means every mexican gets sent back and the wall gets built. Whites definitely need special status though, especially Rhodesian/SA whites who got fucked over by our foreign policy while china funded the niggers who were killing them.

No the beaners are not are not. However a low IQ pole that can't follow the rules is equal to a beaner.
See how language works?



Pack those bags. You're going home.

I see it this way: If the guy is pro-White he will accept he has to go back for our sake, and if he wants to return he will do it the right way. If the guy wants to play subversive then fuck him.

The best part of you leftyfags is how your arguments unravel.

Nice reading comprehension queer.

Switching IPs or just a (1) and done for a (((you)))?

I expressed quite the opposite
But lets visitor your argument again. Here you say whites should be above beaners when it comes to the law
But here you post the enlightened liberal notion of blind justice.
So which do you actually prefer, I'm curious?

No, just a lurker telling you that you can't read. I suggest you go reread and consider why you look like a retard.

That's pretty much an american by this point. Deporting him seems like a PR stunt. Why would you want to remove from your country someone who already has proven himself to be avaluable citizen? I don't get it.

You might want to check those IDs.

Nice one.

How civic.

But I did tell you why, it's because you can't read and you just keep reinforcing it instead of going back and rereading the post and just simply admitting a mistake was made in how you read it. It's not a big deal to anyone but you, don't let your ego control your actions so much.

lel I feel superior in my reasoning now.

Because we've got a bunch of cuckolded traitors in power who think this mind of 'principled' bullshit will keep people from thinking them racist.


About that….>>11182473

You are also reading one post out of context. Thanks for playing.

Nice job retard. This is what happens when you let emotions rule your posting.

Did you check those IDs yet:
Sell your wedge bullshit somewhere else, kike.


I made a mistake. At least I can admit it.

But you didn't admit it. I had to throw it in your face twice.

Oooooh. Do you feel in charge?

Hit the end of your shill script?

Nigger you outed yourself a long time ago.

Listen and believe, right?

lol you just made the assertion nigger. This argument rings hollow. Should have thought it through a bit more.

They're getting desperate.



I'm not the one who made the assertion he doesn't pay taxes faggot. But like I said, you're not going to provide anything that proves you right in him being a financial drain of any kind. Easier to scream kike while throwing out words that you don't even know what they mean. The burden of proof is on you to prove yourself correct. It doesn't fall on me to prove you wrong. Learn to argue better than a nigger before you post again!

initial assertion about his taxes*

The D&C’s hitting hard today, huh.

Most Americans underestimate how much illegal aliens cost us each year. Looking at the Heritage Foundation study, you will find that the average illegal household pays about $10,334 annually in taxes. The disparity lies in the fact that the average illegal household receives around $24,721 in government benefits (this includes direct benefits, means-tested benefits, education benefits, population-based services, interest and other spending, and pure public goods expenditures) annually. For comparison, the average households with college-educated heads received $24,839 in government benefits while paying $54,089 in taxes. Now, looking at these figures, we can conclude that the average household of illegals costs taxpayers $14,387 per annum. The Heritage Foundation estimates that there are 3,444,955 households of illegals in the US, containing “no more than” 12,708,875 illegal immigrants. This estimate is flawed, however, because it is based off of a census study conducted in the year 2001. It’s strange how immigrants flood into our country and hop the border in droves, yet the amount of illegal immigrants has stayed roughly the same… A more apt estimate would be the one conducted by Ann Coulter in her book Adios, America! in which she cites a study by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Barlett and Steele that estimates an average of 3 million illegal aliens are coming in yearly–enough to fill 22,000 Boeing 737-700 airliners. Coulter also cites a study Fred Elbel done in 2007 that estimates there were 20 million illegal immigrants residing in the US in 2005.
Taking these new figures, we can calculate that there are close to 50 million illegal immigrants currently in the US. However, since I understand these studies are just estimates; I will use a more conservative estimate of 35 million. This new number of illegals is close to 3.5x the Heritage Foundation’s estimate, so we arrive at 12,057,343 households of illegals. AII of these households are costing US taxpayers $14,387 per annum. Multiply these two numbers and you get the cost of illegal immigration to the US: $173,468,986,547.
The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) contractor, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) completed 651 of nearly 652 miles of fencing mandated by Congress in 2005, which was a part of the DHS’ Secure Border Initiative (SBI). The price per mile (PPM) ranged from $400,000 to $15.1 million, for an average of $3.9 million PPM. The USA has close to 2,000 miles bordering Mexico and other areas illegal aliens typically trek though. Assuming the best option is the option for $15 million PPM, it would cost taxpayers around $30 billion to build a comprehensive wall. The price to build a wall that would last a lifetime is less than 17% of the yearly cost of illegal immigration. The choice is extremely clear.
The areas mentioned are not the only areas in which we would save. If we decided to deport all illegal aliens, we would save the $173 billion that is spent yearly on the illegal aliens. This would allow us to increase the border patrols budget by $15 billion–a more than 100% increase–$10 billion towards defense spending, $50 billion towards paying back the national deficit (or $60 billion; whatever), all while cutting taxes by 2.5% across the board. In addition, close to 29.3 million jobs would be open. This number comes from multiplying the amount of illegal aliens by 89% (the amount over the age of 18), and then multiplying that number by 94.5% (accounting for just Obama’s fake unemployment rate in May 2015). With the amount of job openings caused by deportation, everyone drawing unemployment in the US would be able to find a job. And there would be close to 21 million jobs left, which would allow for an extraordinary amount of economic growth and would cause a massive surge in the Labor Force Participation Rate, which is seemingly lacking. When US citizens fill those jobs, the government will see a huge leap in tax revenue. The average US citizen pays close to 30% in taxes on their average $44,888 salary. The average citizen pays approximately $13,466 in taxes per annum to the government. Multiplying this by 31.3 million (the amount of jobs that now pay income tax to the US government) gives us $421.5 billion. Allocating these funds could give us $50 billion for infrastructure repair, $10 billion for education, $15 billion for defense spending (or, again, no more than we’re spending now at all), $150 billion to pay back the national debt, and would allow us to lower taxes again, this time 5% across the board.

Freeing up all these jobs would allow us to completely cut all unemployment benefits, which would discontinue FUTA (6%) as well as SUTA (5.82%) taxes on business, while saving taxpayers 108.5 billion USD annually. 10 billion of these newfound funds could go to paying back the national deficit, all while cutting taxes yet again, another 2.5% across the board.
In conclusion, building a border wall and deporting all illegal immigrants would allow us to spend per annum: $15 billion on border patrol, $25 billion in defense spending, $50 billion for infrastructure repair, $10 billion for education, and $210 billion towards paying back the national deficit–in addition to their current budgets–while cutting taxes nearly 12% on business, and 10% for citizens.


A white doctor should be given different consideration than some cartel spic. It's not hard.

Get that wedge in, Shlomo.

An anecdote: growing up my neighbor across the street was a Mexican naturalized citizen married to an Irish woman. He put his kids in a Catholic private school because he didn't want them going to the public schools filled with Mexicans.

Only to you, kike.

Look, the law is the law, no one can contest that. Nevertheless, it can be stated as fact that, because whites >> nonwhites, that the law is not a proper reflection of white values.


You're so transparent.

I don't care what the person "is" come here legally (if we let you, preferably not) or fuck off.
Hermit mode domestic strengthening mode should be full steam ahead if we want any kind of future.

Go be a PRcuck civnat elsewhere.

If Holla Forums has no power why are you so worried about kikes and shills? Guess how I know you don't belong here.

Okay. It's official for me now;

Democrats think this says
When they are actually saying

Kike finally got his deserved ban.

He rejected spic "culture," which is crude, ugly, debased. Most messcans can't get enough of it, like pigs rolling in shit.

He deserves this

No, it doesn't make sense. This should have been top priority. It's literally a test equivalent to a grade school government test and a $725 fee. This guy is retarded.


Nah, no D&C.

We know the history of the bolsheviks and the history of hatred for Slavs, moishe. You can’t fool us.

Boy, you kikes are just throwing everything at the wall, aren’t you.

Doesn't work that way automatically in immigration law but ultimately it's the judge's call. It is an unfortunate situation that they must've been reaching in order to boost their diversity quotient, there are definitely people out there who've done much worse and are more deserving of being raked over the coals.

This kind of thing is going to happen some of the time with the increased focus on prosecuting alien offenders. On the whole though, most of those being arrested won't be white – and believe it or not when they do arrest whites a lot of them are likely low-quality whites who got involved in some bad stuff, the guy in this article being an exception.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

They all need to go back (to their third world, roman catholic cesspools).


They're frantic. Shutdown blew up in their face with DACA coming to the end of Trump's deadline the dems are standing there with absolutely nothing to negotiate with. They're going to give Trump everything he wants and have to explain to their base why they caved on the wall, or they are going to have to explain to their base why they didn't save the "DREAMERS". Their last ditch is to hope Trump screws up by giving some Pole amnesty so they can go: "AH HA! SEE IMMIGRANTS GOOD! GIVE DACA OR TRUMP IS A RACIST."

The entire thread is bait. If the guy wants to come back let him fill out the proper forms. Meanwhile we'll be getting our wall and deportations, and he can be having a fun time at Polish Nationalist rallies while he waits for the paperwork to process. Win-win.

Civic nationalism is cancer.

Pack your tacos, Paco. Let us know how the wall looks from Mexhico.


absolutely civic

I swear all the ICE cocksucking is by people who have never been around them. They hire shitloads of spic thugs, who look like they've all been to prison.

According to you, nations are not real… according you, we should be open borders just because some people are too stupid to decide where they're born.


noscript is suffering

I see three possibilities for this happening:
1. Guy was simply unlucky and was redflagged due to his priors
2. ICE targeted him opportunistically as a means of dispelling the narrative that it is targeting non-whites exclusively
3. Local gommunists and/or kikes knew of his situation and reported him either out of spite (i.e. because they're dicks), or in an effort to win sympathy for beanpeople.

Discounting the first option - which, personally, I think is the least likely - of the remaining two either way you look at it, this guy getting nicked had a political motivation. Can't help but feel sorry for him being used in this way. But legally he doesn't have a leg to stand on because he had ample opportunity to apply for legal citizenship. Making any concession for him weakens the case against DACA (which is precisely why the kikes will try and blow this up in the media).

anyone think that this is deliberate libtard polictical theater?

This whole drama with DACA and wall is divide and conquer. Stick together so we can put a end to the Synagogue of Satan.

It shows that immigration laws are not being applied in a racist way.

I feel bad for the guy too, but the rules are what the rules are. A less sinister explanation than political theater would be that someone reported him or he got picked up in some kind of a screen.

Ok we'll see, never mind the fact that a Jew from Center for Immigration Studies and former head of the AJC wrote a paper in Oct 2001 where he reveals the plan to and I quote
"the Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to divide and conquer and enter into selective coalitions that support our agendas." Dr Steven Steinlight
Stick together, or we'll never and I mean never be able to gtet these Jews off our back. Moving forward watch how much they use the wall and DACA to stoke division.

Ding ding ding!

Like they don't have infinity more important and more dangerous things to address.

And get this as of now Dr Steven Steinlight is labeled a white supremacist by the SPLC for his racist views on immigration. Look it up, he's leading one of the diversion groups.
Stick together it's our only chance and it's the right thing to do.

Congratulations on being an honorary beaner.

I feel like there's gotta be a statute of limitations for this kind of bullshit.


Sorry but he's had 30-something years to get his citizenship, there really is no excuse

Don't care, he ain't Anglo.

Ok, come live here if you think it's so nice

The way I see it, user, by allowing the law to be applied to this guy, we are sticking together. It's a tough decision to make, but the outcome for the race as a whole must be put before the outcome of any one individual.
If we were to argue for concessions for this guy because he's been here over 30 years, they will argue the same concessions should be made for brown illegals. If we argue for concessions because he's a doctor and a productive member of society, they will argue the same for brown "doctors". There is no possible concession we can ask for this guy that won't lead to a weakening of our position to deport DACA beaners. That's why this story is being forced into the news cycle; it's bait, and we need to be smart enough to see it for what it is, and strong enough to resist taking it.
The reality fact of the matter is this guy had decades to apply for citizenship legally, and he was negligent in doing so. Now he must face consequences for his negligence. I don't like to see this happen to one of our own, but actions (or in this case inactions) have consequences.
Remember, there's much more at stake than the fate of this individual.

good. But I better be seeing spics getting kicked otu for 26 year old crimes


He's had 40 years to do the paperwork, show the state he's married etc…still not a passport carrying American. Also a filthy yankee that probably votes democrat.

Come back when you do it right, Polack! Poland probably needs a few good doctors anyway.

Poland needs doctors too, right? He'll be fine.

Also, we need to make room for all those future doctors coming from the middle east.

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>This is the kind of shit that (((they))) want in order to justify DACA.
bingo. I wonder how long they spent searching immigration ad criminal records searching for this guy to use him as an example?

wtf I hate ICE now

This thread is deeply embarrasing.

And you wonder why Americans are called Zogbots

deserves it, tbh, being white doesn't exempt you from the law.

So? DACA still has to go.

Protip: ICE isn't actually in charge of deporting people. All they do is round up motherfuckers and throw them in jail.

Courts are the ones who decide whether the aforementioned motherfuckers are thrown out of the country at that point. It's basically down to the judge to decide whether he stays or goes, and given how Obongo had eight years to train black robes to tow the party line, it's a good bet that the majority of them will still be doing so.

To know how this is going to go, you're going to have to check the judge's history of decisions. I forget how or where to begin with that kind of thing, as I've recently sobered up and forgotten nearly everything I once knew about the glorious act of digging.

Really wish my hands would stop shaking, holy shit.

Unfortunately this polish guy will be a sacrifice the island demanded. I would rather stand my ground on immigration than bend one fucking degree.

Everyone knows this. They are just waiting public outrage so they can have their gotcha moment.

Stay strong man. You are going to be ok.
I overcame a nasty drug addiction and eventually life just got a lot better. It's worth it.


Faggots still cant fucking read

The basis for his deportation is:


He only had 40 fucking years.


He can go to Britain. They love the Poles~!


What the fuck, lets defund ICE and let 30 million illegal Mexicans stay now.

It's strange, given his situation, that they didn't immediately just release him on recognizance. A friend who works law in that field told me that the immigration courts and jails are basically overrun with Salvadorans and Africans, all backed by hosts of curiously well-funded, pro-bono Jew lawyers trying to have their clients released on sob stories that sound very compelling at face value. And so the authorities found it necessary to basically ignore it whenever they're getting shit from lawyers and the media about how evil it is that they're not letting some dindu from Sierra Leone go drive his Uber to pay for his seven children to come join him in the United States, while he's waiting for his case to get pushed through. Essentially it's a system that's been refined according to the necessities of dealing with shitskins. So those unlucky white immigrants who are scooped up, finding themselves in a system designed for spics and niggers, probably assume Drumpf is to blame as many of them are liberals – but in fact they're doing their civic duty by paying a nigger tax. It's nothing to really lose sleep over, most of those European immigrants are liberals who escaped the vibrancy of Europe in order to live in America and lecture white Americans about how racist they are. This Polish doctor's probably a liberal. Fuck these people.

Marriage can be used to obtain permanent residence, which he already has, so it's not relevant for that. It can also be used to reduce the minimal required duration of being a permanent resident before you can apply for citizenship, from 5 years to 3. Since he's been a permanent resident for 26 years, that doesn't help him, either. The marriage is basically irrelevant here, aside from establishing a case before an immigration judge for why he shouldn't be removed. The article's use of the word "temporary" is misleading here, since permanent residence is a permanent benefit; you aren't technically required to have a card. As for the card, it's generally valid for 10 years and then you can have it renewed. You aren't in legal violation for letting your card expire without renewing it. It's just that you need the card to show to employers and when dealing with other government agencies such as the DMV, etc. He's a permanent resident with or without the card. But then what can happen – and what happened in this Polish doctor's case, apparently – is that you can lose your permanent residence if it is discovered you committed a deportable offense. Then ICE arrests you and presses criminal charges. Eventually your case comes before an immigration judge, who will decide whether to strip your permanent residence or let you stay. They will probably let him stay, but who knows.

Good catch user, I almost missed that part.

It's not about lack of papers, it's that he has a deportable offense on his record that nobody bothered to pursue until now.

The same offense may well prevent him from naturalizing – and applying for naturalization could also result in that offense being brought to light and having him placed into removal proceedings.

Kill yourself, yid.

But the worst possible outcome is Poland acquires a skilled physician. It's not necessary or even desirable for the United States to brain-drain every eastern bloc nation's talent. I guess also his wife's daughter grows up without a stepdad.

You can just tell who is fucking retarded and a goalpost mover. Yes, with respect to the law, he maybe should face deportation, but all of you who are actually happy about this fail to realize: the laws for humans (whites) and subhumans (nonwhites) should be different. They aren't at the moment, yes, but the ideal law should be where whites have there laws, and the nonwhites have there (well, actually they wouldn't have any since they wouldn't exist in our societies).

I'm not talking about allowing beaners and niggers to stay. I'm talking about not deporting productive white people.

I don't really see any anons in this thread that would qualify as 'happy' about this, other than one or two yid shitposters that ought be dismissed. Of those I see in favor of deportation, most are grudging acceptance of a distasteful situation (deportation of productive white guy) necessary for the greater good (maintaining a strong position on DACA).
That's true. But as you pointed out, we don't have the luxury of such an ideal today. Further, we don't have the power to implement separate rules for whites and non-whites, nor will we have that power any time soon. Thus we must work within the framework provided by the law as it exists today, and choose the best strategy accordingly. Arguing for concessions for this guy would be grave error, for the reasons outlined here: .

think of it this way, first off he didn't put his poland groid genes on to his american wife.

he probably married a single mother that already had kids, if he's a father figure atleast in a general perspective he's taking care of other white kids instead of niggers, he's still a cuck though but not the type of pathetic cuck you'd want out of your country, only nigger lovers, remember the 14 fucking words faggot, but to never resort to it in a perverse manner like this guy.

Let the naionalism flow through you, yanks. White countries will get their rich and sillfull whites back and untermenshen will get their waste of DNA back.

I know an asshole who has a worse case in every conceivable way, except perhaps being convicted. Much older when he got here. Not a doctor. Literally guilty of moral turpitude and assault even if not convicted. He's white too but not nearly as useful as this doctor sounds. It's nice to imagine Mr. Trump's ICEmen might be tossing his sorry ass out the country soon. See ya, faggot.

This is blatant D&C. Let me construe the shill arguments here
True, but the law as it is is still the law. Dura lex, sed lex. This is one of the cornerstones of white legislation. When we get in power we should change it to accomodate race-bias and putting whites before non-whites. But we can't, right now.
See point above. For the time being, everyone is equal before the law. No one is equating whites to spics and everyone knows that a hard-working doctor is different to a lazy spic. Nevertheless these exeptions don't void the rule. If he is illegal, he must go back (Poland is a nice country and we need doctors). If he is legal, he stays (although the USA still needs to deport legal blacks and other races.)
We see what you are doing, and, unfortunately, you will continue to do, since such exceptions are easy to manipulate. But, you fail to see one move which will be your undoing. By pointing to us that it's unfair for a white doctro to be judged the same as a spic, you yourselves admit that the best thing we could have is a white ethno-state.
So, in tl;dr gas yourselves kikes, your digging your own graves.

I hope his parents are going to be raped by uchodzcow (Polak for refugee).

This thread is nothing but fake news and misinformation. This polish doctor is a money laundering criminal, a communist, and couldn't even be bothered to properly apply for citizenship.


Way to bump it.

Even resurrecting this dead fucking thread won't turn us to your daca cause cunts. He knew the rules, if he was too dumb to follow them, he is too dumb to practice here.

If as you say it is a waste of DNA, we don't need it here, do we? Eat shit moshe.

Get this slavic bag of garbage out of my country. Poland is better anyway

The happy ending is Poland is now a nicer place to live than michigan.

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