$600,000 to turn africa gay

It's 14/88D chess!

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This is a slide thread.

Good. Fuck niggers. I hope Trump turns them all into faggots.

You mean the project that was drafted in 2015, re-written half a dozen times through 2016-2017 and only reached voting?
The one Obama wanted to spread the left-Aids back to his hometown?
The one Hillary supported to groom up some young nigglets for ass-dickings as a delicacy in the pedo-rings?

Oh right, that program. Yeah, I guess it's bad.


Good. This is the shit our CIA needs to be doing. Turning African niggers gay stops them from reproducing, furthers the spread of diseases, shortens lifespans, and allows us to create more anti-Religion of Cuck™ propaganda as they slaughter and kill fags in Africa.

Make it fucking so.



In what way? Africa is already used against us. Now instead of African migrants raping women in white countries, they'll rape the men.
Kenyan men in hiding fearing circumcision

AHAHAHAHAH, they're afraid of turning into Jews.





I hope they don't put anything in the water: the niggers are running out of it so it wouldn't be effective.

Killing niggers fair and square is one thing, but I frankly don't think anything good is going to come from allowing more social justice warriors to go amok on the taxpayers' dime. Haven't you ever heard of blowback? These freaks need to be noosed, not funded by Trump's out-of-control administration which apparently has no influence whatsoever over what actually happens in government and a blank check from our grandchildrens' pocketbooks.

did anyone buy rope for the kang nigger with that?

saging obvious slide thread


So Trump is in control and thinks this is a good use of $600,000?


I think our state department needs to spend around six gorrillion more on this.

Its niggers. Against a nigger nothing will ever be fair.
Whoa, Hillary really did win guise.
Boomer detected. If you can't see the advantages of feminizing negro men and turning them all into a bunch of silver back traps you haven't a clue.

My sides are interstellar

Kenya has a population of 50 million niggers.
Assuming half are man, that's 25 million man.
This means Trump is investing 600k to get 25 million gay niggers.
Let's assume the program has a sucess rate of 40% (pretty low, but let's go with that).
That's 10 million gay niggers. On a 600k budget.

A gay nigger cost comes up to 0,06$.
Tell me, where in the world can you buy gay niggers 6 cents a piece?
Not even the philippines sell them this low.
I'm telling you: Trump is making a great deal here.

I don't think half of you even know why you're here or what we do.

If Africa turns into sweden, you think this will lower niggers in europe? No, it will only increase immigration to europe, especially in search for marriage.

Didn't realize you were in Kenya slaying niggers user.



You expected something different?

Keep encouraging and funding kikery and you keep getting kikery. The goal is to reduce the sum total of jewiness in the world preferably to zero, not spread it into new places.

Also educating nogs on feminism and gender means immigrant nogs arriving to your country will be feminists and gay rights advocates. Imagine more feminist nogs in country of your choice.



Pretty sure Kenya qualifies as a shithole country. US may make them gay but they won't be taking no gay niggers from no shithole.

First day user? kek


Your nigger has fetal alcohol syndrome, mate.

Whoever loses, we win.

For $600k that's not a bad deal at all

An influx of gay niggers in Africa means more slaughter by Muslims. If this deal comes of anything, maybe we can create a GayNiggersforIsrael hashtag.

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Sounds gay, but not necessarily homosexual. If it weren't for the program's alleged complaints about heterosexuality, I would assume it would actually develop stronger social norms if only because males talking to other males will result in deviation from productive social norms being mocked and ridiculed. Of course, these are fucking Kenyan niggers so who knows what actually runs through their head.

None of this seems to be to the US' interest unless it stems Africa's out-of-control birthrate, but it does seem to be a useless project you can use to quarantine problems in the state department bureaucracy (that you can't outright purge 7th floor group style). Also, linking feminist shit to a social experiment on goddamn Africans who are going to behave the same way whether or not they get indoctrinated by faggots is a nice little automatic BTFO to the idea that these programs are effective when they're used on Americans (because these people assume race doesn't matter/exist, they can hardly differentiate).


Anything is fair play in the game of mass genocide, only requirement is being more efficient than your opponent. It’s nice to have a long term plan in effect to kill niggers while a more direct approach is taken to eradicate jews.


He's better than Hilldog but choosing between a broken leg or a broken arm is still going to result in something being broken



Was just about to post that lel. I watch these videos and they remind me of that old archive footage of pre-Wright flapping "flying machines", only degenerated into a cargo cult. They're not even experimenting, they just weld shit to a flatbed truck and pretend it's a tank/helicopter/rocket ship.



You should learn to use your left hand because gonna need it for everything you do.

lel I don't know how you fags can get BTFO so many times and still come crawling back.


wtf I love africa now

I dont even know what means

Trump is a good president but he's too Israel friendly. His policies have done well, quite a few of his ideas are good doesn't stop him from being a jewish pawn though but very often he'll say shit that is just retarded. Like the thing, he said a few days back about it being unacceptable that babies are born on the ninth month.

did you just pick apart my comparison

That's because you're not from here.

Apart from the three years here yeah sure.

You mean aborted during the third trimester. Fuck you are retarded.


This is the agenda of the technocrats and has to do with population reduction.


Fathers not running away.


that would be too easy

put fluoride into their water and replace meat with soy products

It's what he said, misspoke or not, it's stupid. But like I said earlier, he's done some good and some bad (catering to kikes)

ok, but not really

How's the wedge strategy working?

Kek that's pretty funny. Seriously tho. End yourself.

It's about perfecting and weaponizing AIDS to use as a leash for the populace while also having the perfect opportunity to get rid of any particularly pesky independents.

The State Department doesn't need to fund anything. It's not considered unusual for a black man to fuck another black man. Their just showing their dominance, as far as they're concerned. They think that as long as they are the ones doing the fucking, not being fucked, that it's not gay. Filthy animals.

as long as they don't breed..

I'm not trying to say, Trump is the worst thing in the history of anything ever, I'm saying he's catering to kikes too much.


You know what, I agree with Trump. You shouldn't have been born at 9 months. It was wrong and reprehensible.


HONESTY is how we win.


If you're implying that 8gag sucks off drumpf sucks off russia sucks off chabad-lubavitch you couldn't be more right. What a thread. Full of redditors unironically supporting social justice.

user, I…


Gay Nogs?

Not what I said.


not what I was saying, I was talking about his occasional foolishness and catering to Israel. Do we love Israel now? No, let's just ignore it. The issue will be fixed by itself I'm sure. I have literally no issue with 60% of Trump, half the time the hate he receives is autistic, like his small hands, or orange skin. Like who the fuck cares what his appearance is, I'm more interested in his policies and what he's doing, he's doing well for the country immigration is down and jobs are up but also again CATERING TO ISRAEL. We are supposed to hate these animals, yet here we talking about loving Israel and calling each other shills because we dont believe in Trump.


And the assblasted gook outs himself.

gook? that's random. are you another triggered nigger because the chinks are now plowing your monkey women and colonizing the continent? tough shit matumbo, bet you realize now how good you had it when whitey was in charge,

enjoy your future!

Doesn't matter what you say, his job is to be a contrarian. Shilling 101.

Shows what you know, everything whites claim to have invented were actually invented by blacks

God damn.

These fucks don't get it. Yes Trump is blowing smoke up their ass. He is paying lip service to get his ducks in a row. He is catering to the status quo until he is ready. Kind of like you don't just run and fight a battle when you don't have the advantage of positioning your troops etc. He's not a nigger.
The cherry pickers that cannot accept and recognize the fact of his actions are fucking shills. Period. End of story.
His appearance is one that supports Israel. There is no questioning that with every fucking public statement on the matter he has made regarding it. Now what most of Holla Forums knows is that while he says one thing, his actions have a not so desirable outcome for our enemies. B-But he ISN'T NUKING THEM! No, and he probably won't need to with everyone else starting to take sides against Israel.
One battle at a damn time. The jews have entrenched themselves in many many places and until everyone is on board there won't be anyone walking in to destroy the hive. The jews prepared for that inevitability with samson but we're working on that issue.

Have they tried inventing winning or success yet?

It's like pol is being turned into R the fucking Donald. There's a difference between treating Trump like a god and treating them like a fucking human, he's catering to Israel too much BUT he's also doing good. Like I said before, broken arm or broken leg, ww3 now or catering to Israel hopefully for now and not in the future


They like niggers over at reddit I hear.

He stuck that wedge up his own ass there, didn't he?

yes, but wypipo stole that too like everything else



Whatever you say, Kikelberg.


10/10 deduction

Yes, this was totally Trump’s doing and not the glow in the dark nigger faggot Obama holdovers. You’re a true genius and a credit to the board, Shareblue.

So what you're telling us is that Trump has very little actual control over the machinery or expenditures of the US government?

Because actually, that I would believe.

Without fail, the mask comes off.

I'm not sure how subsidizing aids production in the 3rd world is going to help if they are still coming here

I hope Oliver kills himself after Shareblue's owners are arrested. That lying fat fuck better get on his knees and beg Trump for forgiveness.

Go jump off an overpass, Oliver.

nob ab abrumenb


niggers are disgusting in any context no matter what they do.


Interesting flavor of autism you got going there, user



that first image

i had the exact same thought, user

Trump was working for GNAA all this time?



SJWs are such a nonfactor that its laughable. Threats in decreasing order of importance.


5.numale SJWs

Hilarious. These cargo cults started during WW2 in the campaign to drive the nips out of Papua New Guinea. Supply drops would have been a thing of wonderment full of food, metal utensils and other gifts from the gods.

Someone in the state department has been watching too many Ted talks.

Medicalfag here. Specialized in trauma medicine. Not crying over spilt nigger but it infuriates me that burn victims wind up looking so horribly deformed for life, It's all a result of the kikes fucking up any science that doesnt explicitly help them. I could fix that niggers problem, I mean obviously I wouldn't but I could. It's not even that hard a tube of A&D creme costs about tree fiddy.

I dislike that its greater than 0 cents, but reducing africas population is not a bad thing. would rather china, india and the middle east be reduced though.

He fucks kids


This guy gets it

I can remember when Trump told Schumer and Pelosi that he wasn't serious about the wall or opposing DACA, and the black pills immediately jumped on it claiming we'd been had. Yet, only a few days ago, Trump told Schumer to fuck off, called his shutdown bluff, and shutdown the government. In only a couple of days, Schumer cucked, and Trump made a fool of him and the rest of the Democrats.

Don't let these cucks meme that Trump is a kike puppet.

Well… 600k is like the price of one good missile so the question is, did this result in more dead niggers or not? There's so much AIDS in Kenya that I don't think it was needed. Better to target the sheboons and make them extra whorey. Some girl p0wah type bullshit. It's like giving bait with poison to insects that take it back to the colony/hive whatever.

This has more to do with the depopulation agenda of the technocratic elite than Jews or Shareblue.

I doubt this is anything more than an obvious way for some kike to get paid 550,000 to pretend to do something, but it's still funny.

I never understand these posters all those things doesn't mean she's not a drunk.

so she's a drunk that makes doughnuts?

These people know that fry bread is only a thing because of government gibs right? It was literally made by government flour, salt and lard and just deep fried.


Hey, kikes showed it works :^)

But in all seriousness

This guy has the truth of it. If you create a liberal subsection of people in an African country, you still wont be able to turn the majority liberal. If you can't poz the majority (it'd take decades even for nigger countries) then all it'll do is make them want to immigrate to where the majority is already pozzed and laws are more to their liking.

They want to reduce the niggers because they are dangerous and breeds like the rabbits.

We are all gay Africans, gentlemen.