The OTHER memo

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wait wut

Now THIS is an esoteric thread!

What the fuck is this nonsense.

Ok so.. Followed the link..


esoteric as fucking shit.

thats some fucking wew right there

This isn't shit. You can cause real problems for judges and lawyers if a) you actually know what you'e doing and b) not trying to steal money.

t. ended three legal careers in leafland by sending letters

court documents detailing 'foreign agents who are a threat to all existence' which explicitly names soros, et. al. is most definitely some shit.

As near as I can tell, this is just some schizo's ramblings delivered as an aside in a legal proceeding involving the lien on their trailer (see complaint M related to payments owed to Buddy Greg Motor homes).



Ok there is a lot of juicy shit in this but can we confirm that it is legit? It is seemingly outlining the 'illuminati' cabal and a shit tonne of detail around them

also please tell me they use red stamp ink and this nutter hasnt cut his thumb and done it with blood.

Thats the residence of the retired army guy who "was kidnapped". There's a lot of highly power accusations going on in that document.

That doesnt seem like some ordinary lien proceeding. And it seems the defendants entire defense revolves around these two people were kidnapped, threatened and coerced into participating in crimes.

this is pretty fucking interesting

Also. upon further reading this has nothing to do with a lien like the cock sucker above suggested. The indictment was for money laundering which that dismissal document establishes was the result of kikes pulling some fucky shit trying to steal the guys deed or some shit.

Page 4 Section F
Are they really talking about natural law and esoterics or am I missing something?

thats what it seems like. If you scroll down the page a bit there is another set of documents about court proceedings. The entire thing seems very interesting.

What are these documents. OP called it the other memo. Do we know what this is?

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Trump is liked worldwide, i believe. In the first world, anyway.

This site looks like it's run by a low-budget spook, are there any other sources corroborating this or also hosting it? Interesting and still reading through it, but the wording and information seem fishy to me. Hoping to be proven wrong.

iv'e had a cursory look at the case listing and everything seems legit. There seems to be a bit of a following of this HATJ defendant online that are talking about it and are quit sure its legit too.

I've found some of the same, though I'm having difficulty making serious sense of it. It seems like the two of them - Tucci and Beane - could be patsies rather than orchestrators.

Psyop or not I'll probably be in and out of this thread for the rest of the day as we dig.

I think this is what the case is trying to prove and with the judgement against the USA, it would appear the courts have dismissed the charge against at least one of them. This would imply that the evidence presented therein was solid enough to convince or at least disuade a judge from a guilty judgement. It is this last implication that makes this so interesting to me.

The way I read it that HATJ woman had all charges dismissed. Which going by all the court notes disallowing certain defenses and denying what appear to be reasonable motions is interesting. The court didnt start dropping the bias until the defendants started representing themselves and managed to produce a document that cucked the judge hearing the trial that had to be sent up to a magistrate judge.

The Order document the first document on that page seems larpy as shit at times, and the wording is definitely in admiralty law-ese but everything short of the personal "I did this, I did that" accounts everything passes my shitchecking. The names dropped read like a Holla Forums thread.

Court case has been dismissed with prejudice against this woman. Plaintiff is the US Government, defendants are a man and a woman. The docket paperwork reads like an attempted cover up. The document that earned the female defendant getting her charges dropped reads like a Holla Forums wet dream. "the foreign agents lists the rothschilds, soros bush, cheney, etc etc were trying to sabotage Trump and make an example of anyone who would defy them, these two were kidnapped and forced into a situation where they were coerced to do something illegal but the only crime listed is money laundering pertaining the the male defendants property, which apparently the document that they provided (the larp fest) blew the fuck out of

also interesting in that 'dismissed with prejudice' give the plaintiff no recourse to lodge the case again. The evidence was enough to have it dismissed and any further motion blocked, it must have been a near smoking gun to get that outcome.

indeed. I agree.. I glossed over a lot of it but from what I saw the whole 8 or however many pages of docket paperwork shows the court trying to railroad them and then this one document is submitted and one witness is heard and then the court cries uncle.

What is this?

Section S

Since July 25, 2017, record has been duly established and provided to POTUS, US Military, and Law Enforcement of the national security threats within the structures and operations of all the entities, branches, departments, agencies, states and districts of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and who created them, including, but not limited to, deceptive acts against the people in America, ignorance, collusion, corruption and subversion done specifically in the above referenced alleged action, and the perpetrators have been duly referred for appropriate action under EO 13818

and the executive order for reference;

Executive Order 13818 of December 20, 2017
Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

No you autizmo, it just means hes well liked by the people.

Looks like scitzo kike crap, look at the rest of the site. Disinfo most likely.

who better to identify schitzo than the peoples most susceptible to it, eh chaim?

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Feel free to explore the site, to my understand it is a deeply esoteric group of people who believe that larping will bring about reflection in reality, the basics of meme magic taken to a logical extreme.

so by that merit, anything hosted on mega can be instantly dismissed because kim got cucked by his 1st wife, therefore he could be cucking to anyone.

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and would you look at that, a simple search of the case information give us;

oh and the original memoradum order

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Why the fuck does Antarctica have quotations around it? What the fuck is this?

I wrote that user off as a larp. reading this…. I don't know anymore.

You know why user

What a fucking goldmine of a website

Anyone who has a sanatized machine want to put all the pdf pages up as images here?




I'm retarded. What does this mean?

Obama’s going to jail.

Lad.. that shit grabbed my attention so I looked into it a bit. And later that day.. You remember that FBI user that started a thread posting his badge without censoring all the doxable info? And the whole thread quickly devolved into "HAHA STUPID OP YOU DOXED YOURSELF YOUR GONNA GET FIRED"


That caught my attention like fuck so I googled F.A.K.E. and it leads to a whole bunch of very interesting acronyms. One of the was for a unified computer chip architecture design that was designed specifically to implement a universal back door and agreed upon by the UN in 1994.

That was fucking Octorber 1st, or 2nd. I've posted that shit so many fucking times and anons just ignore it.

Some FBIfaggot tried to tell us about the universal backdoor and everyone called it fake and gay without looking into it and then reacted like retards every time I brought it up since. The thread was deleted and no one screen capped it.

And then theres shit like the military jet that was stolen hours before the vegas shooting and then was found "inside a mountain halfway across the country as if it was making a B-line for DC". And that shit got called fake and gay, everyone sperged into the new vegas false flag and forgot both the nesara larp post and the jet, and the fbifaggots warning.

Sometimes I wonder if I should redirect my hatred of kikes towards newfaggots.

From what I can suss out, this is based around an idea that the government creates an account in your name at birth, lets it collect interest, then when you die pockets the extra because no-one claimed it.

The idea seems to be that if you use your social security number as an account number and the fed's routing number as a routing number, you can write checks against this account to pay bills. The problem with this idea is that what has happened to the people who tried it is entirely predictable. The bill shows as paid, until a few days later it comes back plus late fees. Why? If you submit a check, the company is going to show your bill as "paid" while it clears the money. If the check turns out to be bad, they'll revert the status of the bill being paid. So what you get is people who don't know any better thinking "Well it worked but the fed just reversed the transaction!"

Basically, some piece of this revolves around convincing people unknowingly to write fraudulent checks. The people promoting it may sincerely believe that it exists themselves, but from what I can tell it's just the same as writing any other bad check.

Notice also she lists off all of the standard conspiratard names but doesn't mention the Jews?

I'll give you a minute to process the stupidity you just dropped

Not once in the entire fucking document is any such shit mentioned.

Not once in any of the documents is any such shit mentioned.

The case was about money laundering, thats what these two were charged with. The case was dismissed when they produced a 10 page document naming the rothschilds, soros, saudis, bush, cheney, etc as coconspirators in a coup attempt to regain control of the goyim.

When KNOW they've been doing shit like that because we KNOW shit like soros spending 18 billion fucking dollars this year on "something".

More than half of the names mentioned are kikes, rothschilds, soros, etc etc etc

What is this post and would someone post it?

right after vegas someone posted a screen cap of a word document. If I have the cap idk where it is


The Marines intercepted intel about vegas and were able to prevent a much larger attack from happening but the shooters were already in the tower so they could not prevent the shooting from happening.

There was also another large scale operation going on that wasn't elaborated on.

One of the Marine's at Trumps disposal doesnt explicitly state that it is one of the 4 generals, could be but could also be a 5th has gathered information and entered into a I forget the latin phrase "lawsuit on behalf of the government where the person who put the lawsuit together gets any monetary settlement above the damages owed to the US Government" and he is senior in rank to General Mattis, so if Mattis decides to cuck out he wouldnt be a problem.

It seemed a bit wierd back then because.

Pence's son is a Marine officer. So that's one possible explanation. It could also be about General Conway, Generals are considered senior based on commission date.

But I've also been thinking about this a bunch. For some reason for the past while this idea has been bouncing around in my head. Everything that they have attacked Trump over has been proven to be false. Trump did really well in school, smart guy of great character.. What if upon graduation the military approached him and gave him a commission in secret? I mean its not impossible, right?

If you look up the two people who are involved in said document, the whole thing seems to have started when one of them used his "individual treasury account" or whatever to purchase CDs from USAA and used them to buy an RV. Hence the money laundering. Whenever there's something promoted I like to look up the people involved and see what else they've been up to. Look at any of the other pages on their site.

The two people involved in it's whole thing is the slave name accounts. They've been promoting it for a while from what I can find. And, like I said, they likely believe it themselves since they attempted to do it and hence are dealing with legal issues for money laundering.

Of course there's a coup attempt going on against Trump. Even the normalfags know that - half of them cheer it and half of them fear it. I see no reason why if these individuals were a threat to organized kikery et all they wouldn't be seth rich'ed. By all means dig, if I'm wrong and you find something useful in their shitposting more power to you. I just wanted to warn anons why the "write a check with your social security number and the fed's routing number!" is a bad idea.

Here's another link from the same website going on about the slave name account thing.

I mean that none of the rest of their shit talks about the Jews, not this particular document.

I have been. Its shaky. But

Corroborates part of her account in that document that she went to the white house in order to have them run her passport to "set off an alarm" so that she could not be assassinated.

Wierd shit.


what would this have to do with free man or admiralty law bullshit….. not to mention that any of the core arguments used by that ilk had been prohibited by the courts before commencement of proceedings. This is almost as bad an argument as 'the website its on looks shit so its fake', but i get the feeling that's the direction you are headed in next, so have at it.

Good god I could want nothing more for than this to happen. Trump's actually a 5 star general.

For what it's worth, I think a lot of people dig somewhat close to the truth, realize the grim meathook reality we're facing, and try to find some magic bullet that will fix it all easily with no struggle or suffering involved. Hence the sovereign citizen types thinking they can trick the law into letting them go, or these people thinking they can save the country through a court case in backwoods Tennessee. They understand the law is force that has been crystallized and weaponized against us, but they don't realize that they're not going to get a resolution within that same system. They realize that they've been enslaved, but they think they can fix that slavery by tearing up a piece of paper.

I don't think there's any cavalry waiting over the horizon to come and save us. There certainly wasn't for the people trapped under the Soviets, and if you want to know what we will be facing at some point, the soviet example is instructive. It's by our own struggle and labor that we can find a way out of this mess.

They don't list any of their evidence that they claim to have provided. Anyone vaguely involved in any sort of conspiracy reading has heard about that EO by now. She can claim that charges have been referred under it all day, doesn't make it true.

While we're at it, from taking a second look through the thing, it seems to be a motion being filed by "Heather Ann Tucci-Jarrah", the defendant. It's her list of reasons that the charges should be dropped, not the court agreeing to drop the charges. The first time I read it I thought it said the charges had been dismissed, but looking back I can't find anyone else who had signed it so I think it's a filing not a court action. I'm not a lawyer though so I may be misreading it.

Life isn't a fucking action movie.

would you like me to wipe your arse too?

I didn't mean to imply this was going to be a golden bullet to take down the kikes. We all know there is not going to be some easy, clean, way out of this mess. And yea… A big problem is that many people see/have seen what is going on and a whole lot of them even manage to get some uncommon knowledge about the situation. This goes for more than just the sovereign citizens.. It could be said about the lolbergs and even SOME of the commie faggots.

The mistake they make is they find a piece of the problem, sometimes its a tiny piece and sometimes its close to the whole picture, and then they zero in on "what they interpret as the cause of this problem". In the case of sovereign citizens they see it as the old families of the world agreeing to abide by a second, higher, set of laws from a couple hundred years ago.

It is patently erroneous logic predicated on the assumption that these 'people' are 1) not entirely evil and 2) the same as us.

Even if we were to forget about the kikes for a second and just assume it is nothing but "old families who are exactly like us but managed to secure power a long time ago and consolidated their control to ensure they are always in power" or something along those lines like these "woke plebs" believe.

The mere act of them removing themselves from the common gene pool and only breeding within their families, over hundreds and hundreds of years, is enough to if science werent kiked recognize them as a distinct subspecies.

There will not be a calvalry. The concept of a messiah, a savior, is entirely kiked. The only thing that will get us out of this is continuing the fight to spread knowledge.

Which is a bit perplexing to me.. We have been waking the plebs up at an accelerated pace over the past couple of years. People are starting to wake the fuck up in numbers. I couldn't see them just allowing that to happen. And I couldn't see esoteric old order families not having significant failsafes in place.

And that shit in antarctica is interesting as fuck. There were a fuck ton of VIP's visiting it. And there were some discoveries there that were hushed the fuck up. I have an autistic feeling that I know what but its based on nothing but pure unadulterated autism so its not worth mentioning.. yet.

Which doesn't even list the document she has posted on her website. The latest filing listed on that site is on Jan 19th, the document you were quoting is from the 22nd. I'm sure she did file it with the court, but I see nothing that suggests that her request to have the case dismissed was granted.

Did you even look at the link you sent me? What is it that you think your link proves?

I agree with pretty much everything you said, and I also want to know what the fuck is going on in Antarctica.

For what it's worth, I think their power is far more tenuous than they want to let on. Their analogy of us being cattle is apt in a way. Cows will walk passively into the slaughterhouse, as long as you never let them realize they're bigger than you. As soon as a cow realizes that it can crush you, you're fucked. People are indeed waking up - now is the time to develop skills, make connections, and try to improve your position as a stand-alone actor. No feds, that doesn't mean shooting people in the street.

I don't get what "universal cleanup" is.

OK so where is this data?

It's the history of the case, from the initial indictment sealing to the last order before the latest preventing certain arguments from use.
again, do you want me to wipe your arse?


No, I want you to explain what you're trying to use the history of the case as evidence of. Is it that there is a case against the two people in question for money laundering? I never disputed that. My point is that the document you're talking about is a motion to the court from the defendant, requesting that the case be dismissed for the reasons listed therein. The court doesn't seem to have responded to her arguments yet. You can write absolutely anything you want in a motion to a court - you can even send them a printed out copy of Mein Kampf and force them to put it into the official records of the case. Doesn't mean the judge is going to let you off.

Despite your fixation on my arse, what I want you to do is to explain what it is you are claiming. I don't see anything that suggests that the court case was dropped, though I also interpreted it that way on first glance. The link you referred me to certainly doesn't say the case was dropped, and the document on her page is signed by her, not the judge. The 8th page where it says "IT IS ORDERED…DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE" is signed by her. In other words, she is ordering that the court drop its case against her.


Isn't that red thumbprint shit a schizo sovereign citizen thing?

he's also liked in shithole countries too for calling them out on being shitholes…

The saddest thing I can think of is survival of the least fit. Every once in a while, you get niggers like this who decide they shouldn't be a race of wretches living a miserable existence. They TRY to rise above the mud. But, improvement involves facing the truth and admitting faults, so they get devoured by the other niggers who want to preserve the delusion of adequacy. And so the dysgenic status quo persists another thousand years.

This is just about what you'd expect. We're through the rabbit hole here people, why not all this too?

What about Wanta's trillions?

Do you need me to wipe your ass too? How many anons need to wipe your ass?

They are morons for thinking they can beat the system that way. But nothing that they say is incorrect.

read what you wrote and then consider being an user trying to wake the plebs up to what is going on in the world around them. Perspective, lad.


So the case against Heather Ann Tucci was dismissed, I'm curious now as to what happens with Beane. From what I read she was his legal council so obviously she was held unlawfully. But Beane will probably still serve his sentence on the TDA wire fraud charges. Hope she is holding some damaging info yet to be released.

Never mind case was not dismissed apparently this document was entered into court records. It is a document she constructed claiming sovereign citizen status. According to a news report, trial resumed today.


Are you talking about the currency correction bill that disappeared or something more esoteric than that?

I remember the FBI badge user, and his/our subsequent sperging and mishandling. Do you remember the name of the chip manufacturer by chance? inb4 freescale


Most of us are aware that the sovereign citizen concept is logically flawed and based on a fundamental misunderstanding of authority, re: beaver posting.

We wonder what cargo gulftainer brings in or even who owns it and their background

This. It's just something this lady had filed in court, not any sort of judgement by the court. Sage for time-waster.

archive wasn't working for me so didn't archive.

Must have missed that post, was exactly that a time waster. Not bumping.

Lawfag free legal advice of the day:


This case was not dismissed. This is a motion filed by the defendant asking for it to be dismissed. The motion—like all things sovereign citizen—was filled with no valid legal arguments. Therefore, the court denied this crap and these people are still facing the criminal charges they were indicted for.

The United States has jurisdiction over criminal defendants. Deal with it.

get your fringe off of my flag

It's preferable for more and more people to outright refuse to aid police, to comply with laws, and so on. A legal system exists only when the people, generally, provide assistance as is necessary, in the form of ratting out supposed fellow humans, and providing whatever physical restraint they may. But most of all by compliance. That is why there is so much talk of "legitimacy". No police force is large enough to deal with non-compliant citizens. Niggers became slaves. But the Indians, being fiercely free, did not. How is this possible? Because law only exists if the people's minds are enslaved.

That said, everyone, obey whatever laws exist wherever you are. This, I exort you.

After all, if I do not, the brutal state will grind down upon me, won't it?

You could do exactly what those nutters did and use your SSL or DL# as a checking account number with a Fed Reserve routing number to go and buy shit.

Just don't expect the court to recognize some bogus document saying you are a sovereign citizen exempt from US law.



Without Prejudice UCC; 1.207 / 1-308

I'm curious