Poland arrested leader of a Neo-Nazi group Duma i Nowoczesność

Page of the group:din.org.pl/

I don't know if you will find an english version at this time
I have no idea how to archive either

I am not a member of the organization,they have pride and "modernity" in their name which seems strange to me,The leader and 2 other guys were arrested following an investigation done by TVN-a tv station,for "celebrating Hitlers birthday" and for "Propagating a nazi governmental system"-which is "illegal",also the Leader alone got charges for illegal weapon possession
…So yeah that's very fucking (((democratic))),my second gut reaction is ,The PM had to do something for the EU ,and I hope these people were either willing to get arrested or not important,Maybe the next leader of the group is going to be better at Op-Sec
On their page someone from the group wrote thanks to the TVN for free publicity

Following as the PM is having a press conference as I write this,he said"I wish to delegitimize and ban all neo-nazi and all communist organization(I don't think we have any of those,but blocking future Soros proxies would be nice)

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Fuck those kikes, just go underground. You cannot change anything playing along rules anyway. Parliamentary system is set up to keep status quo.

Nice numbers, impressive id.

If anyone unironically shaves his head and acts like a degenerate,
then he only deserves the rope as well.

One one hand, gay as fuck that such things are illegal.
On the other hand, Neo-Nazis - in Poland of all places - is not gonna go over well.

Die nazi scum.

I did some more digging-this is my first time making a thread

So here is the entire TVN video it takes 20 minutes

Politics got into this hard now,they went with"Our predecessors did nothing about this group and other ones like it , we are going to delegalise all of them"-Which here is like a meme , because every political party likes to gain power that way

I keep my hair short, but being a member of any group is untactical right now

forgot to add , tv news caster said that prosecutor’s office want to arrest other people that were present at the party
(I assume they won't arrest the TVN dude that was there undercover.So just for laughs make a newspaper or some blog and if anyone ask say that you were there undercover for that newspaper or blog)

For me this part is more important ,There was like 50 people there,except for the illegal possession they didn't commit crimes , that's one step from arresting for Holla Forums folders


I'll never understand why larp as nazi if you're not german.


some people just dont have a national identity

There are still some vestiges of Sudeten Germans within the lands of their true forefathers.

People who spread shit like this are always the most larpy.
Legitimately retarded.

Fuckin PPD, what a troll

Any Nation can be National Socialist.

Have you not listened to a single thing that Der Fuhrer has said?

You are talking to a subhuman pole.

Don't talk shit about my summer coat!


TVN is an american owned private TV station btw

Go back to israel

Yeah, they should celebrate together with their government in Jerusalem

I shave my head, but only because I started balding really fast in life. Can I be spared the rope?

No, because based, totally not kiked 3D chess RWDS, can not tolarate such degeneration.


rly makes u think

The left can't statue

b-but I though the Polish PM was a "good" jew?

Underrated post.

wait, whats wrong with the northwest front?

Whats his face is a FBI dude or some shit.

There's no real evidence of that, but he's a chronic infighter and shit-stirrer who was a maybe of Frank Cohen's party. He also says we should back Spencer because the jewish media made him our leader.

go look at a map of national socialist germany at the height of its power. how many countries do they have under their control who aren't german?

Good. They'll only make NatSoc look bad.

Oh fuck that last part is a big nono if it's true, imho fuck spencer.
I'm glad I asked, but I still like the whole northwest imperative deal, cuz I'm in the area already, but I guess I should just stick to asking myself "what would Hitler do?"

based single dubs, checking in to laugh at my formatting with an unredeemable double-post self-check pre-exam-procrastination quasi-schizo paragraph seriously lacking in punctuation, gods help me to change the things I cannot accept!
also bump

This whole stuff is like kike describing his dreams. The group fell for the hollywood nazi meme or are a psyops by the opposition. Merkel media has not shut up about it for 2 days now.

/gaschamber/ immediately
I hope you realize it's 23rd of January 2018 and Hitler's Birthday anniversary is on 20th of April.
Why would the TVN (think lower than CNN-tier fake news) journo wait 10 months with his bombshell report?
Why would the ebil 5 gnatzees go to a forest and burn a swastika?
why would he say "I love Hitler and my homeland Poland" and not something that's actually catchy and doesn't sound made up for shock value of lugenpresse?

>get an order from (((above))) to make something about gnatzees in forest since Tillerson is in Warsaw

And it was founded by (((someone))) who stole 1 billion dollars from International Debt Management Fund in times where median wage in Poland was 20$, guy who agreed to cooperate with the Police (((hanged himself))) in a 24/7 surveilance cell, the other sat 10 years with his mouth shut.
Most of its journos are kids of soviet operatives or crooks who got bribed into working there with government housing funded from the robbed billion.

It's totally legit man, listen and believe, especially to newsweek, Wapo, and TVN

Groups invoking totalitarian forms of government are illegal here already - it's in both the Constitution and the penal code. Amusingly enough, use of symbols is not illegal unless intent to promote the ideology is found - that means you can draw swastikas. You can also own Nazi-themed stuff provided the intent is not to distribute it or use it to somehow promote forbidden ideologies (which these faggots most certainly did with their cosplay.)
As far as these LARPers go, they're idiots. The main reason why they're in hot water today is because these absolute morons registered an organisation and got caught on tape - existence of a registered organisation can easily be used to prove intent.
Why do you even pity them?

I live in Poland and take a lot of interest in those happenings.

My opinion is that it is a false flag video report by (((TVN))) on how the nationalist movement is growing in Poland. Based on unconfirmed group of radicals burning swastika in a forest and some meet up on Adolf's birthday. That is crap evidence out of the blue, stinks.

Also, tt couldn't be far from the truth, you will not meet a single sane person that would promote NatSoc in Poland. I know the truth of (((NWO))) conspiracy and the part nationalists played in there, I don't demonise AH but I don't like him bombing my country either, I have respect for his leadership skills but no tolerance for his ideology must be kept in Poland, there is no other way from Poles perspective. He had grand ideas but driving my country to the ground on the way is a 'no go'.

I wish Poland had the same kind of leader one day (maybe tone down with the fucking master race, we are adults and can live together without getting trapped in 'divide and conquer = die for (((ZOG))) as a result scheme). I bet Germany and Poland would fight alongside against (((usury))).

To sum up, this attempt to project Poland as a Nazi country is aimed at more regulations towards based organisations in Poland and more censorship and (((no hate))) policy. I will also bet they will spin it to further their (((guilt))) implementation in order to accept (((diversity))) and (((LGBT+2-4=666))) organisation and alike.

Cucks truly came out of the woodwork after this little show. Jews, Christians, liberals, conservatives, and even shabbos goys among more mainstream nationalist groups shat their pants hard. The amount of kvetching was immense. After shit like that you really see who's with you and who's just another traitor.

are skinheads not fbi honey pots?

Anyone who hasn't had to keep it a secret clearly isn't fighting the Jews and is working for them.

Burning swastikas, swastika cakes and those hails in uniforms. I was laughing my ass off while watching the news. Whole thing reeks.

My brother was a skinhead. He and his friends never did such weird 'hollywood nazi' bullshit. They just drank wine, watched football, sometimes talked about Hitler(I swear mein kampf was the only book he ever read) and beat the shit out of others.

burning swastika is not even the (((best))) part
Surely a coincidence!
It reminds me of the Uniwersytet Warszawski(IIRC) profesor who was beaten up by a aut-right KKK neo nazi fascist from ONR for speaking german on a Tram over the phone (speaking over the phone in public transport is seen as rude, some companies issue tickets/boot you off at the nearest stop for doing it)
the perpetrator even recited his motives loud and clear so that everyone will be really shocked, just as his tardwrangler from three-letter agency instructed.
And the first thing the profesor did was post on faceberg, then contacted (((Gazeta Wyborcza))) and calling the police was tertiary

He also authored the follow up to Collin's "Deguello Report", which alleged that every major WN figure was either a kike, a faggot, or a communist. Ironically, that became true with the aut-kike.

The whole (((MOWA NIENAWIŚCI))) being pushed really hard now and talks of banning various nationalist movements really pisses me off.
When PiS used 'muh hate speech' (((polish))) couple of years ago media said it's just silly. Now it's everywhere. Fuck this.

Fresh from the press: the leaders of "neonazi" group were released today. They were put on police watch and were forbidden from leaving the country. Ain't that neat, huh?

Big acceleration.

Burning swastikas especially…
If you follow the symbolism of the KKK, burning the cross was done because they were against christians… So does this mean that these idiots are anti natsoc while supporting natsoc?
Doesn't even make any sense.

A tungusic family from far east russian steppes, Russia is a multi ehtnic nation with hundreds of ethnic groups living in the same federation, what is the point of your post ?

Solid effort; thanks user.

It happened in April - something (((TVN))) is now being probed about by SPD (Society of Polish Journalists) since withholding information about a possible crime is against the law (sadly, without a penalty - it's a moral law)

Source for Polacks ITT: sdp.pl/informacje/14997,pytania-zarzadu-oddzialu-warszawskiego-sdp-do-tvn24-,1516819239

why is anyone surprised?
if (((they))) can force your PM to resign and be replaced with a kryptokike (((they))) can pressure you to do anything


It's not crime.

Also, Ziobro is a fucking retard
>4-5 journos and probably (((WSI))) employees LARP in a forest
That's just like in 1946 when Soviets lost nuremberg trial about Katyń massacre so (((Berman))) called in a pogrom then proceeded to do everything to make it so that hat Poles are seen as vile, cruel, jew eating monsters that the noble soviets and even Nazis were saving poor kikes from
(((council))) for >imfuckingplying Ethics of Media

That's score one for the "resurgence of nazis is real threat to democracy everywhere" because they've been proven to be capable of using a calendar, and assembling a swastika from chocolate waffle cakes. (^:
However question stands, why wait until Tillerson comes to Poland to air the EXTRA SCOOP?
Answer: because it's fake and gay journo larping