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Hello Holla Forums,

Just a reminder that the world elites are as smart or smarter than you. There are threats beyond your knowledge that must be dealt with.
Consider this, but move along.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Considering Trump's election victory despite them controlling kikebook, twatter, and traditional media, and their recent military failures in the Middle East, they're not that smart.

Perhaps, its either that, or they are all too smart.
What do you think is more likely?

Treat success as a failure to confuse the enemy.

Hahahahaha, that's where you're wrong kiddo.
Consider this, and go fuck yourself.

Start small then go big, we can't just storm military facilities and find as much incriminating evidence as we can then start the day of rope.

I know every single detail worth knowing, I am unlimited, invulnerable and invisible. OP knows nothing.
Shit thread, fuck off.

The question is whether Jews are intentionally or unintentionally evil, whatever it is, neither is better or worse than the other.
The other question would be if Jews are descendents of Satan or if he send them on earth to plague us.

Elite here.

We're just genociding whites, destroying european culture and inciting niggers to hate you for your own good and protection. Trust us, it's necessary lel.

Consider you are a massive faggot and were so ass blasted about something that you came here to larp as if you were not. GTFO and join your other faggot buddies for their morning media strap on ritual.

if we are as smart as the elites, doesnt that mean that we are smart enough to understand the threats? Why dont you post them about them here?

They have the advantage in that they don't even need to be smart - they have more information than we do.

You are a step below the rest.


There have been studies done that the "elites" are just above average intelligence (110-120 IQ) they are just the most Machiavellian amongst us. The true cognitive elites with 150+IQ lack the EQ to rule over anybody.

Correct, so find out what they know.

I have thought of situations of unimaginable darkness and know my limitations. My mind has been consistently extrapolating the worst case scenario of every possible situation since the day I was born. I knew death all to well by the age of 4, I have envisioned threats that even our masters would vomit at, the deepest recesses of my mind are as unfathomable as they are expansive. I keep that shit locked up, in my head, but I know there is at least one other like me and I only hope they have even half the restraint I have otherwise you will truly see a benevelont hell on earth.

Trust me user, some of us here are fairly confident in what we know. The Elites are genetically similar to us - they just have the advantage of being part of the State and the increased perspective classified information gives them. I am loathe to admit this - but I don't think they're smarter than us, at least not on average.

The "elites" or the elites?


Smarter than nu/pol/, yea. But real Holla Forumsacks would blow these retards out of the water any day.

Smarter, dumber, bigger or small, at the end of the day, the king and the pawn go back into the same box. Move that along.

My name…? Heh, COLDSTEEL, kiddo.

Eh, fuck em. They're sweating harder every day. They'll lose. The cycle will continue, but we will always win


Nah, they're a pack of retarded, inbred sandniggers LARPing as Jews. Have been since the days of Moses, although they're more inbred now. Also, this time the last few of them WON'T be spared.

When does the day end?

From where I stand it looks like they got empty mouths and I got a dick that needs sucked. Tell em to line up for a cock-meat sandwich.

No, dear user. You don't even bother looking for evidence. We already know what needs doing, and when we storm the military bases it will be to arm ourselves. This isn't about making a case in a court of law. These people have made that impossible by corrupting the judicial system on all levels. This is about eliminating the enemies resources and support. Any agency, on a nation or local scale, must be dealt with as enemy combatants. We no longer require proof. We've had ample amounts of time to determine who's on our side and who is not. Now is the time to start purging. There is nothing else left to do. The time for words and works is over. It's not to punish the enemy of our people.

this thread again? you already tried it last week and it was the same shit where you said nothing except empty kikery
your hollyjew-teenage-comedy-grade "beyond your knowledge" prophecy gloom is just as stupid as it sounds
guillotine plans are open source motherfucker
you will burn in hell

Nice OP. Thanks for telling us shit that we already know and doing it in a cryptic, edgy fashion insinuating that you have some secret knowledge that we don't have. This Q larp shit has it's own boards, you know.


Apologies but I don't know which one whoever is pretending to be Q this week is larping on presently. But I'm sure they'd be happy to assist you.


Typing too fast when tired.
Meant to say, It's now time to punish the enemy of our people.

Knowing is half the battle. The purpose of this thread is to teach you how to know.

Hey OP , checked
Fuck them and fuck YOU

Do you really know who you are talking about?

daily reminder, this is the end game of the elites


Mike Tyson might not be the smartest man but he can still kick Albert Einsteins ass.

Ah I remember you from the previous thread too.

It's about getting you to think for yourself, be rational.

It isnt about whether Mike Tyson can kick Albert Einstein's ass, rather is that really a good idea?

What do the elites want? Why?
What motivates them?

What do you want?

Incorrect. Jews are neither very smart nor powerful, they're simply a parasitic race who possess unparalleled deceit and malice. They only get as far as the host is unaware of their actions due to unwariness and misplaced trust. It's only a matter of time until parasites are discovered and forcefully dispelled, history books show how in the end kikes were always removed without exception, otherwise the white race would already be gone. This time we simply have to make sure to exterminate the parasite completely and wipe it from the face of this earth, lest our descendands forget the parasite and allow him inside again.

The metaphor was brute force will beat intelligence if enough brute force is used.

for the latter part of your statement, would you not pay PPV to see Mike Tyson beat up a over hyped Jew?

I understood that, I was asking the question, is destroying the elites the best path to go?

Uhhhh yes. Yes it is
Why would you have to question that user?

Lets make something clear
World elites dont care about you, they dont need to care about controlling you. All they need is the city, the rural is unimportant.
The only reason they might care about rural folk is for one of two reason.

What is a city?

Are you thinking deeply about it?
Perhaps consider that a change of who the elites are would be a better option.

Jewish elite? Most likely. Other elites needs to be controlled or be elites helping their volk like the old elites and giants among men did.

Destroy the elite and others will take their place a never ending cycle, hierarchy is natural. We know what happens when we rebel against nature.


Believe it or not you are closer than ever to becoming an elite when you are striking truth on Holla Forums
As long as you are not striking fools gold and as long as you act sensibly and rationally, they will welcome you.

I'll have to agree with you there
The ( ((elites) )) have been that way for so long due to theft wars usurpation treason basically being a kike for many thousands of years. We're all done with that shit. Yep , remove elites and the meritous system will take its place and the cream will rise to the top as it were


I think you both know what I'm getting at. Be the cream that rises to the top, assert your place in the hierarchy.
Do it by being smart, knowing the truth, and acting with deliberation.

That's all from me, threads anchored, I'm out.

You shills are just sad.

Why did you bother to upload this picture?
Why do you call the elites "Jews"?
Is Donald Trump a Jew? Is the Pope a Jew? Is Kim Jong Un a Jew?
Is every Jew an elite? Was Anne Frank an elite? Was the homeless Jew I met the other day an elite?
Are all Indo-Europeans good?
Are there no elite Indo-Europeans?
Is being elite wrong?
Which is greater priority: eradication of parasites, eradication of elites or eradication of Jews?
Do you want to eradicate parasites or merely take their place?

On contrary. Einstein is safe because Tyson can't into time travel. You can't say the same about Tyson…

Have you tried not sucking cocks?


Well give me the fucking rundown you larper schweinehund, until you do with solid sources i'll just assume the elites want to kill all the goyim.

World elites are degenerate usurpers who use dark magic in alignment with the greatest threats which include offering up the rest of us as sacrifice to secure their dominance. The men against time are coming once again, and this time there will be more of the flashing lightning than the radiance of the sun.

The Jews are of the antirace, which has no true identity but is inherently evil. They are born of the mixing and debasement of the races and seek to drag down everything to their vile level.

So smart yet they are being taken down by a bunch of basement dwelling autists. The only advantage they had was their inherited wealth and power. They had EVERY advantage and we're destroying them.
I'm felling breddy gud

bullshit. The purpose of this thread was to misdirect and sow doubt.

I had a dream about this the other night. I was one the solders conducting the raid. We worn grey uniforms with white masks. The masks looked like a combination of the ones in these images. In the end of the dream the United States still existed but a lot had changed after ZOG had been defeated. The politics consisted of various strains of right-wing thought and a mostly white country, so not a total POL victory, but close.


Damn thought I was banned already
Incompetent mods

On another note 3 trips in a 60 post thread isnt too bad

Why is this thread bumplocked at only 63 replies?
Is there a technical reason or the mod just didn't like it?
Is it normal here?

The elites can suck my yuge dick.

There is a cure for that.