A tsunami is heading to washington oregon california and hawaii first waves will hit washington and oregon around 4:55...

a tsunami is heading to washington oregon california and hawaii first waves will hit washington and oregon around 4:55 am.

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The whales warned us about this! Many natives from a tribe in WA moved to the hills, refusing to come down until after winter, because the whales told their shaman.

It's an Alaskan Earthquake so it won't really effect mainland US

I'm not finding any reports to back up op's claim.

Horseshit, that's not how these work.

Are you retarded? I saw this happen on the earthquake map and there are reports from kodiak about how the water completely pulled back from the coast. Cops are going door to door to get people up and out, while twatter is exploding with panic.

Huh… Its real.

Well fancy that.

Do a google search for Tsunami Alaska. It's true

Gibs vidya

Anchorage here. The channel in Kodiak just drained out and they might get hit with a 40 foot wave.

Yeah, earthquake happened about 12:30 local. Felt it myself, about 300 miles north of the epicenter.

kodiak island fire silence is that good.

we need global ocean lowering so that tsunamis can't get us so well.

I’m guessing OP means 4:55 am PST, which is an hour and 40 minutes from now. I’m gonna get comfy for the aftermath

please let tsunami chan miss oregon and just splash into california

Alaska's Kodiak Police Department told residents in a video posted 20 minutes ago to evacuate their homes and move to ground at least 100 ft or higher amid tsunami alert.


Trying to find a new stream. Warn the fucking leafs who are surviving in the occupied lands of BC!

my bad.
news site i was lurking finally update.

any live cams


On twitter there's video of sirens going off on kodiak and people fleeing, but no visuals thus far, though a few people have mentioned that the channel emptied out.

but then it'll miss portland
The coast is the shithole of Oregon

There'ss one up on kikebook. Someone posted it on GLP.

How's this going to compare to the Japanese tsunami? That quake was closer to land a 90 dagrees and iir about 7.0

It's all over twatter. #Alaska was trending when last I checked.

Huh, apparently two volcanos erupted today too.
Japan and Philipines.

I thought that was a 9 or something

FUCK! There have been no fucking aftershocks!
This could be a fucking foreshock. Oh Kek, KEK!

There was a 7.0 aftershock in Kodiak.

Livestream everyone.


The west coast will be submerged for 100 years, but only if you reply "GOODBYE COMMIEFORNIA" to this post.

It was… But it STARTED as a 7.9, when reported. Then quickly rose over time… Which is weird.

Fake news.

um do boat park like that.

The fakest

Thats pretty normal for them to up it. The first number is an estimate, the second is after going over the data. It's at 8.2 now. Could also have been an asteroid. It was far enough out that it could have been missed visually.


For all of you anons in that area - it’s been an honor shitposting and memeing wth you. SIEG HEIL!

The liberal west coast deserves to be hit with a tsunami. The USA won't miss them or their safe spaces and rampant political correctness.

Any ships of particular note?


someone catch it



The jews are ensuring the survival of the most communist of US states by warning them of tsunamis.

what if this is God making right for america?

Go ahead and hate me but …Qanon predicted a major earthquake within the next 5 days.

Probably 20mins until the wave comes to kodiak.

god I hope it only gets portland and not the rest of oregon

before or after this happened? and don't earthquakes happen every day?

then we must pray that only the shittest of skins and commies are washed away.



101 is fucked. Get your tillamook cheese and icecream while you can. ffs I moved off the coast way fucking inland a lil while back because I felt something like this coming. That and hipsters.

Before, he specifically said to watch for it, digging for the post now.


I bet this is Trumps falut, he must have caused it. Tsunamis are obviusly racist

Wipe out commieflornia tsunami-kun

He caused the last Hurricane, he could do it again.

It's in the name
It's Japanese and we all know Japan are racist Nazis

what if…
the tsunami that was released IS the memo and the memo is being released?
what if the memo isn't a memo?
what if…
the memo is actually the meme-oh and it's a giant tsunami of our collective memes overtaking the biggest evils in the world in the first ever known case of a massive scale meme attack?
meme-oh sounds just like nem-o. finding nemo. like the fish, in the ocean, ocean=water water=meme tsunami. finding nemo is a movie, movies are made by hollywood.

Holla Forums is fucking up really bad, my lord.

A well built Villa survived a hurricane better than 3rd world shanty houses
Must be racism



I'm losing control of my life watching this shit happen in real time. It's like an endless, glorious movie with no pause button. How can I look away?

According to usgs.gov there have been numerous aftershocks in the 3-4 ranking mostly, but not being felt in Kodiak.

Screencap of an user predicting Alaska quake.

Yeah. I went through that phase too.

I think this ones gonna be a dud though.

supposedly the tsunami warning was just canceled, guess its not happening today

Woah! It looks like you actually predicted the quake holy shit!

Link the post mong

Hawaii only, far as I've heard.


faggots in periscope chat are saying kodiac was hit by 30 feet wave, no idea if its true though.


And just like that, the bluewave was nothing.

Hawaii wants to be peurto rico. If move tourists die in hotels on the beech, they can blame it on trump and also demand gibs.

How could anyone believe anything on video nowdays. The technology to fake this event is no issue to produce for them.

Oregon as well.

I live in the valley and am paranoid anyway

If no proof, don't buy it.

Wuh wuh wuuuuuuuuuuuh.

Man, even if it doesn't hit the towns bad, it could cut off 101 in multiple places by taking out some of the brittle fucking coast that's been creeping closer and closer to the road.

Wait a second… Link?

lol it's fake

Goddamnit major blue balls if real.

shit you're right, hope the non fags are ok


Meh, saw that posted awhile ago.

This happened in 2014

welp even if nothing happens stream is up anyway

just checked again, it's been deleted. Guess the bluewave is back?

3rd up date.

If this is true, due to the elevation of where I live - I'm literally dead.



Is there a desk you can hide under? I heard that's what to do in an emergency. Also try rolling.

Ten more minutes, then I'm calling dud.

Current year +3 is really starting off great imho.


I'll be damned

I'm almost disappointed; the people in my town suck and I don't want to go in to the shop today.

I mean I'm already below sea level - if there's an Earthquake or Tsunami on my portion of the West coast. My hometown will sink like Venice.

Im right across the bay on top of a hill. I can see SF from my house. If its BTFO I would cheer in the street


The city I live in is over 60% Chinese. So I'd be cheering too as I drown.

I know, I know. I should meme responsibly

I would smile as I burned if I knew ((they)) were coming with me.




because retards can't link it right

but yeah… 3 days 14 hours ago predicting 3-5 days

No dead commies and no dead me, a loss on all fronts.

Sounds like you're safe. I hope you're happy.


I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet:
(sorry, I can't find my webm with the Holla Forums-made image)

god damnit why cant we ever have nice things (west coast tsunamis)

Nothingburger 2.0

Why can't we have nice things?

Since were on the subject of California, I thought I would share a video I made with you all. This is the fruit of the liberal agenda. The pinnacle of progressive existence. Welcome to the Bay Area.

would be nice to see venice cleaned up. all of those homeless spics and niggers need to get the fuck out along with their kike enablers.

don't worry, we'll all go to heaven eventually.

Any Alaska anons want to give us an update?

Imminent catastrophic dam failure soon, bros


maybe try to have a flotation device nearby?
once in an rpg, my character survived by having a wineskin, drank the wine, passed con check to be not too drunk, inflated the wineskin and could float in the water with it
do you have a wineskin, or some barrel of beer or something?

nigga u high

NOAA Websites Down During Tsunami Warnings Because Of Government Shutdown That Ended Monday Night

tfw in landlocked state

Acosta's subconscious orgasmed when he read that. Liberals HAVE to be liked. They have no individual free will, so "acceptance by the collective" is the only thing that keeps them going. Acosta might not consciously understand his own emotions when reading this (and if he does, probably hates himself for feeling them), but he was made happy by his father figure acknowledging him.

Anyone post this yet? Cuckchan with the premonitions again.

From this thread




Tsunamis are Japanese, you retards.

All-Encompassing if verifiable

Shouldn't it have hit land already?

What's the damage report?

Happening cancelled

I live over near copalis beach and there wasn't shit.

Go sleep off your new weed, man, fucking shit.

I wonder what (((they))) could have done during this "warning" when people were escaping from houses?

So that's what that was. I need to work on my aim. Sorry guys, I was practicing my entanglement. I'll be more careful.
Seriously same time I was actually practicing

That is quite the prediction. Have there been earthquake swarms that would lead making such a prediction? Also, I don't think I've ever seen it discussed in detail.. How exactly could an earthquake be intentionally triggered? A disruption of the earths magnetic field?

have you found that the phase of the moon and whether it is visible in the sky has a large impact on how that goes? asking for a friend

What moon?

the illusion up there

They are very very commonplace.

When you realize reality is what you perceive of it you will know de wey.

Not of this magnitude. Anything I've 4 is pretty rare in the region.

Over 4*

Indeed. I found 'the room' by accident, never was very well read on the esoteric But what of the signals that only come through in waves? Only simple questions?

That's one theory I suppose. My guess would be nukes but who knows what kind of tech the kike have.

The "prediction" wasn't for a large one. IT was intentionally vague because the quakes happen all the time. These bigger ones do happen and they tend to follow all the small ones that happen all the time. The entire ring is going through a lot of crap right now so you can expect a few more of the "larger" quakes.
This isn't a magical prediction, it's playing statistics.

Jesus fuck you don't even want to have a rational discourse. Filtered.

It simply stated "the quake" so I'm not sure what you're trying to imply. Look at the link you provided and narrow for quakes over 4. Theyre not common and thats what's been going off.

Lol wut? I was just spittballing to that anons question.

For Anons who want to stay up to date with global seismic activity.

Commiefornia Delta user here, no flooding and the water visible from my window hasn't risen.

We're still here faggots

It's a shit tier LARP. Earthquakes happen in Alaska damn near hourly. In other words, water is wet. One could also predict an earthquake would happen in California, and guess what? They'd be proven right!

Knows what's up.

t - lived in AK for over 20 years

Snake eyes checked. Was thinking much the same. Workers at the nuclear facility in the northern Negev have been praying in a bomb shelter there for many years and American billionaire and (((philanthropist))) Ira Rennert responded to an initiative for their new synagogue within, which was launched last year. Hopefully the shelter will remain permanently sealed and the 300 kikes inside will never see daylight again.

Fuck i've got relatives living in the puget sound area near seattle, will they be okay?

Considering it's been over 24 hours since the earthquake and the tsunami was a nothingburger, no, they won't be okay, they're living near Seattle.

But at least they won't drown in a tsunami.

word on halfchan is the earthquake was caused by a DUMB collapsing into itself somehow.

i don't know if i believe that shit but that's what's been said. i don't know how you'd predict an earthquake other than pure luck