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Afro-Chinese war when?

Funny, but it doesn't really help the white race unless they start killing each other

Stupid niggers. Don't they know the chinks are a mindless termite race, while whites are Atlantean master-creators?

Really splits my pistachios.

Chinese people DO NOT like blacks.

t. Work at a chink restaurant

The Chinese I work for hired a nog. I wish they'd fire him.

Kek. Any country run by people who have it's best interests in mind would ban that degeneracy.

Its odd how simple it is to avert Jewish controlled degeneration.

Its clear that Asians both japan and china have identified what has happened to Aryan western culture.

I just watched a vice documentary really butt hurt about the love for white culture in china. Called it a problem.

Elaborate pls.

Some well known chinese hip hop guy was rapping about doing drugs in da club, this came to the based censors attention and they banned degenerate niggermusic altogether.

Meanwhile still this amerikike chigger propaganda on a (((Sprite))) commercials.

t. ChinaAnon

Chinese people want the suburban white murican life and are happy to learn from white americans on how to make this happen.

If you're white with a solid background in anything Chinese people will regard you as a high level person when you come to China.

Meanwhile Netflix push nigger culture into anime.

Has nigger in costume as profile pic. Still acts like a nigger. They are one and the same.


They're both white as jewish.

Many South Africans have been talking about how they will beg for the white man to be in charge again after giving everything to the chinks and we will simply tell them to fuck off and work with the chinks in our own little separate communities.

China has been taking over this continent I can conform and for the most part they leave white people alone and push black people out of shitholes and then create Chinese shitholes. At least with the Chinese they will work with us as long as we have economic value, the niggers kill us while we feed them.

Yes even the most respectable niggers like Will Smith are still the enemy.

Niggers on cuckchan /mu/ are raving about how China is Holla Forums now. People really don't deserve to live under any form of non-authoritarian government when they can't even fathom what a National Socialism would actually be like.

I know it's old, but it still activates my almonds how there are people complaining about sexism or objectification, yet nigger music and to a lesser extent spic music get a free pass. Fat cunt gets triggered because they call her pretty or someone whistles at her, but has several nigger songs and dances Despacito whil scraping her cunt all over his dick. It's even happening in my spic country, it's really ridiculous.

China already conquered Africa

Chinese are degenerates savages. But they are lesser of two Jews. Let the Chinese whip out israel. Than we deal with China.

implying anyone does

Chinks still suck

It's not a Netflix anime, it's Masaaki Yuasa's adaptation of a 70s manga. And hip hop has been done before in anime, it was a central element of Samurai Champloo in 2004:

Hip hop also doesn't automatically translate into nigger culture.

That's nujabes though. That guy made great music because his hip hop included tons of sampled chill stuff piano.

well dreadlocks is certainly nigger emulation.

It's still hip hop, and this was on the soundtrack too:

Kekkai Sensen Beyond also recently featured some hip hop:

I find it both frustrating and amusing that blacks are so butthurt over our mere existence even in situations where we have nothing to do with them.


Nation of Religion of Cuck™ is pretty funny though.


Where ever niggers go in the world the same problems spring up.

Somebody tell the guy from vid related.


I think this video gave me minor brain damage.

I'm quite confused, china banned hip-hop culture, not black culture. Do these niggers realize that hip-hop culture is not exclusively black?

hip-hop is nigger trash no matter who is doing it.

Kill the snake by cutting its head. The rest of the body will follow.

Only thing left would be to remove the chinkikes and it will be a total removal.

Not sure what this has to do with nigger culture:

No, the Chinese will come for us when they have become the hegemon of the world.

Probably a good move for China in the end since good hiphop is in the vast minority. In reality Jew-produced garbage will be used as a cultural weapon by the Jews to degrade and westernize China in order to get a better foothold

Even niggers hate niggers deep down.

Yeah, no, we're controlled by the same jews that they are.

America needed this 30 years ago


How the hell does the Chinese being the bugs they are make it the white man's fault?

I dont understand why Holla Forums hates the chinese so much. They are fiercly nationalistic, very racist, and keep to themselves. They dont racemix as a general rule, and have a very proud history and have made their own advances. I realize they fly a commie flag, but they hate the western left (who are more communist then them anyway) and have no respect for baizuo. Kung fu movies used to be the shit, and I actually like doing business with them. Although you do have to watch out or they will try to jew you. I mean as long as they keep to themselves (which they do) I think they are the least of the white mans problems. Racism only seems tolerated when its whites or chinese being the victim, and it makes me suspicious that chinese hate is allowed to propogate throughout the normiesphere, if not encouraged.

They are yellow jews

Oh, and as special delivery from a EE
go check out every "suicide" or "dangerous" video from bigclivedotcom and see how they cheap out even on basic shit.

I hate them because there are at least 4 million of 'em living in my so-called country.

Lurk two years before posting.
No, communists are not nationalists.
No, the centuries-long attempt at projecting military power by the fucking bug people is not "keeping to themselves".
Chink shill confirmed. 400 YEARS WITHOUT WINNING A WAR.
No, they haven't.
Paid shill confirmed.
Confirmed for never having done business with a chink.

Haven't you learned? Everything is the white debil's fault

Come spend a week in chinknada, and you'll forget all of this horseshit

Chinese doing something good for once!

They are going to cut corners everywhere.

Given that it's the Chinese? Definitely.


They have had a wall to keep people out since 220 BC. Chinese people that racemix are shunned in their culture. They invented paper, gunpowder, movable type printing, alcohol and other shit and have a distinct architecture style (although I dont find it that aesthetically pleasing I see it for what it is, at least its not a mud hut)
You write just like Oliver Willis you fucking idiot and its this shit that makes me suspicious. Anyway Im busy, gotta go buy some shit from the chinks to sell to soyboys at 100% markup.

didn't the nazis give out like $150k low/no interest loans to young people who started families and shit? you know, they invested in the workforce and etc with the whole money begets money thing.

6 million/bazillion whatevers, i'm still wholeheartedly convinced that the reason uncle adolf had to go to argentina was cuz that mofo had some cromulent and a half economic ideas that were deemed ahead of their time and insightful of public hysteria

That's racist man.

Your bugpeople have gone 400 years without winning a war.

Not interest, you repayed a flat amount more than you took out. Thousand dollars? Pay back one thousand one hundred.

Nice. So chinks voluntary remove themselves from culture space so we can take over it.

Chinks just mad they can't dance. kek

Chinks won in the WWII and Korean war.


So no, they didn't win. Got it.

No, they survived it. Like the dogs that manage not to be slaughtered alive in your markets.

Why are they flooding Canada and Australia then?

After both aforementioned wars Chain ended in much better situation than before wars.
Yeah in the strategy it is called proper use of allies, diplomacy, google it.

And stealing territorial waters from other nations, stealing land from India, stealing , stealing, stealing

It's called your yellow ass hid behind the white men doing the work.

Burger is mad cos he was played by superior mind like a violin.

Africa just can't catch a break, funny how quick the anti racist solidarity goes out the window when will to power is at stake

Only to a fucking bug-eater is theft and cowardice strategy. No wonder the Chinks lose everything. They just don't give two shits about their people and zerg all the way in everything they do because fuck it, one is bound to succeed eventually right?

You hid, CIDF. You didn't even play.

And they wonder why they go when the jews do.

No wonder burger officers learn strategy by Chinese book.

What I found hilarious is the "one and the same" thing. If they thought whites were mean to them, boy are they in for a surprise with the notoriously empathic chinks hahaha.

I wonder if they already started genociding them in africa?


They don't, it may be required reading but so far out of date about modern warfare.

Won't happen until enough of them invade and establish a new chink city on a sand dune of some sort that they will claim is sovereign and always theirs etc. and the first nog kills one. Then they'll move a few troops in to protect their citizens and their land.

Niggers wont win that battle, considering chinks are one of the main factors enabling them
Hahaha no. Whites actually tried to help africans to civilize for the africans benefit, chinks decided to rule over them for the chinks benefit the chinks need non chink sweatshops too. Africans will even admit whites are nicer, you fucking subniggers.

holy shit

still, i you umbrella ban hip hop music the nigger music goes away

Hello, china man. Personally i have two beefs with the chinese. Their inhumane treatment of dogs and other animals (skinning alive, ect) and their abuse of the environment in terms of polution. I absolutely do respect their hatred of nigs tho.

Remember, if you buy a square in China you always recieve a perfectly round circle!

We should get behind this sort of thing. Stir the Nogs up against the Chinks.

If they do that in China, fine.

Hmm not sure about this. I know of too many exceptions to make that a "general rule."

Most don't even know of it as a concept enough to hate it.

Then you are literally the only person I've heard that from.

To me it's the contrary. It makes me suspicious when it doesn't exist or when it's praise.

Heh, I only hope the chinks kill them all. It'd be much easier to convince the populace to fight inhuman insect people with no values than it would be for apes.

Truly a race of superior beings.

I hope they nuke Israel when the jews stage a financial crisis in China similar to the 2008 one in Afrimerica.

So Chinese teens can't freestyle rap & beat box anymore ?

they are worse.
you'll find out, nigger…

Dubs checked.
Read the OP, nigger

It's uncertain if China can even beat niggers in a full war due to their ability to fuck up wars in general. But they can definitely suppress their population since niggers have never consolidated for more than tribal warfare anyway.


It would be interesting to watch. The incompetent zerg rush of a bunch of sick men of asia vs. a bunch of ebola teeming savages that will eat people.

top kek
muh dikk

they go crazy for 2nd rate Ukrainian former cam models.


I doubt it'd ever be a full on confrontation like that, niggers are more of a environmental hazard than a warforce.

it means we're winning

I remember we had a PMC thread where an user was talking about his buddy doing merc work in Africa and saw a bunch of niggers mistake a squad of Chinese PLA soldiers at a rest stop as unarmed foreigners. They tried to rob them only to get slaughtered.

This is fucking great! China is going full CHINA NO! This niggery hiphop shit was a program first implemented in the 90s with psyop hubs like MTV. By that time, CIA had become very adept at forming and guiding countercultures from their time building the Psychedelic/Dead-Head/Archaic-Revival counter culture.

Sounds like China is trying to pull out the deep state's worldwide cultural control plugs. With a Chinese auditing firm downgrading US Treasuries, the tariffs, the trade sanctions on N. Korea, it seems like the US and China are sliding toward a state of war. I would invest heavily in both sides' war-machine contractors.

Canadafag here - you're full of shit. Every Chink (same goes for Pajeets and every other non-white race) goes after white women (pretty much regardless of looks) like a fatty goes straight to the food court in a mall.

Remember, user. Every post they make nets them only eight cents. Not even a dime for their work. Pennies, I tell you.

Oy, the fatties need breathing fuel shitlord.

Only tree bruddah, get one silva nickel. Let me show u de wey.


It's a shame the only military branch we have that's allowed to lay waste to niggers is the coast guard.

Because "raycissss"

Most "chinese" emporers weren't hanbots.


"Keep to themselves" is code for manchurian-candidate/sleepers.

They are buying up everything in the West. GTFO chink apologist.

What was the documentary. I want to see the butthurt.

Go the fuck back to reddit. God damn communist niggerlover.

The very little decency the american nigger had was Jazz culture and Malcolm X. Majority of niggers initiate their inner ape over MLK but glance over Malcolm X

Your "strategy" is horrible and you should feel bad.

Truly niggers have killed any form of progress they may have been privy to.

We must stand firm against opposing China in Africa. If we go into Africa with the goal of defeating the chinks, it must be paired with the other goal of actually conquering and enslaving the blacks.

None of this dying to liberate niggers from the chinks who we financially supported in the first place so the Jews can make a shekel of war profits. Either we stay out of Africa completely, or make the whole continent our bitch.

As someone who delivered for a chink restaurant a few years ago, can confirm. Moreover, they prefer whites to deliver as they'll bring in higher tips.

They'll probably kick his ass out in a week, at the latest.

Oh wow what a bunch of winners.

That video with the bugman torching that dog while it was trying to escape is stomach churning. Something that will make a passive man full 1488.

The nigger is ultimately self defeating.They are purposely making their use equal to a slave.More pathetic is the "Pro White" nigger who is only in it for their interest.

We can combine this with Blaxit.

Win a fucking war once in a while, you soulless bargain-counter Asians.

I cringe thinking about how shit these chinese bootlegs are.



They even bring the niggers body to the police station still bleeding, instead of to a hospital, I guess as a way to force the gooks to have guilt. Its their only option, their only ability.

I'm pretty sure they make strange noises while they fly.

How about the gooks leave the US and end their Asian colonies across the West. There are no good Asians, everyone wants something from the white man.

FEATURE! That so you know it work.


The only thing Asians have wanted from me was friendship. There's nothing wrong with having friends.

That said, everything in China is a lie.

Can confirm. Did business in Shanghai 2008, am white with degree in Math / Physics. Respected by Chinese, even had a few guys start Math conversations for fun. They were trying to show that they were good enough. Hard workers too. I get the insect thing from many Asia trips but insects accomplish a lot and work together



It's not a jew and it wouldn't be affected as they are already open and flat like apes. That is the wrong way, wong.

Niggers don't have a culture user. Hiphop culture is nigger culture. You honestly ever see an alternative?

You lost, son? Respectable nigger was a good laugh, but Will Smith being the monkey you thought of sent my sides into outer space.

So, anyone troll this nig channel? Tell the fucker, yeah, everyone hates your black ass.

found the chink

Goo ruck ChinaAnon

Holla Forums doesn't hate China, it's all the ShareBlue shills and kikes who jump on what they see as a fracture point and post the same old tired crap.

Who the fuck does like blacks? Even white liberals only pretend to like niggers, they live miles away in the suburbs or in all white gentrified neighborhoods away from niggers and spics


you should spoiler that filthy smut, user

oh, and Holla Forums does hate china
I'm sure you've seen the anti-chinese pictures floating around

The fact that people go "lol soulless insect people" yet at the time go "we need to bleach asians" means the zog machine has successfully indoctrinated the west into hating and subverting asians for them.

Divide and rule. The (((British))) proved that the best way to rule to world is to make everyone hate each other more than they hate you.
Its nice to see old tricks still work.

Even with the tap cut off on their petroleum supply, Japan beat China's sorry ass so hard they had to invent their own 6 million and call it Nanking.

That's like killing a single anthill for the bugs.

The japanese themselves admit Nanking happened, their contention with the chinks is over the death count. Both parties are on the same page when it comes to the degree of degeneracy and insanity that took place there.

If I remember right, the chinks claim it to be 300k based on the number of bodies buried/thrown into the river by the aid workers doing cleanup.
The japanese historians say the numbers are too hard to tell and its probably anything from 50k to 200k, based on witness testimony, reports and news articles celebrating the killing contests that took place.

Westernize chink have less problem racemixing with anyone that has a lighter skin tone, since we know the child will look like us, can't say the same for niggers or mud-monkey.

It's a gamble, if the child chose to be a full chink with more exotic facial features, he/she's going to have a good life in many parts of asia. But if my son became supreme gentlemen then better luck next life.

t. Seachink

actually no, some of the most fierce warriors came from Asia.


Yeah but they weren't bugs.


Tell ya how all hip-hop is nigger-related, most of them have low IQs and the top two musical genres that appeal to low IQ people is rap and country, go figure.

Well, I don't hate them. If the whole world were just white and asian, I doubt we'd have nearly the same amount of problems. Especially if it got to that point because we had to work together to eliminate the rest, then we'd have a mutual respect of one another. That's something that whole jew-ran show "Man in The High Tower" got wrong. If anything, I'd imagine there would even be some sort of push to integrate the two into a Eurasian master race that was a synthetic blend of the two. It's known that many in China fly out to South Korea for plastic surgery in order to acheive more angular noses and thinner faces, and I've heard about how they find European facial features as desirable. Lot of whites love their eyes because they think they're cool on guys and cute on girls. I think we can come to an agreement. But you're right, they are very nationalistic, and at least according to a book I read once "The China Choice" as well as elsewhere, economically, they're as capitalistic as we are if anyone knows the history of their economic reforms. Actually, I wonder if Mussolini were alive today he'd think China turned out quite alright. Some say they're only "communist" in name only, and that the only remaining marxist element is the belief in a one-party authoritarian government. Xi emphasizes "socialism" a lot more than communism now a days. In a way, they're sort of like national-socialists. They sort of have an economics that mirrors the original natsoc pioneering of social-capitalism. I'd say the only other marxist quality is their sort of materialistic view of things. That's what give them a real upper hand. They don't moralize about exploring and developing cloning and CRISPR. Oh and another thing, US taxes got lowered to what, 21%? It's 15% in China. Although I don't know what other sort of limits they may or may not have, they had that one billionarie who left from there, but I don't know the whole story about what REALLY happened with him. He said all rich people get harassed or something. I'd doubt it would if your company works in the interest of the people though, and if that's what they uphold, then perhaps that's a form of Corporatism I could get behind instead of liberal-capitalism.

Leaf people are cucks and they could use a bump in IQ. Will be funny seeing have the sand-niggers will interact with them. I can see it now Chinese-mafia vs. retarded snack-bar jenkem sniffers. China also does a good job when it comes to dealing with muzzies. Chinese are already woke about muzzies back home, they've attacks on their embassies recently and they have been dealing with them. Leftist outlets complain about it all the time. Look up "Uighurs" (Prounced: Wiggers, oddly enough)

Yeah, I know they do some fucked up stuff too, I don't like the whole dog-cooking bullshit. I have hope for them though. kikebart ran some interesting articles about how their government is worried about how their youth are more interested in smart phones than the party ideology. Also they have a very high number of christians who make them nervous. Wouldn't be surprised to see a revolution / change of the throne over their in my lifetime. I'd prefer Japan become the dominant power though. Heard they've been putting Mein Kampf in their schools now? LOL.


Yeah I know it's called "Self-Interest", it's this natural impulse that drives the desire for conquest and power, welcome to the universe.

Oh, forgot this thread was about Africa too. Yeah, Africa's going to be fucked by about 100 different direction this century. It'll sort of be like herding retards around untill they're all in nice like coffin shaped petting zoos, seperated by sex. I know this, because I am the future.

Good thread guys, I like the discussion going on here.

Oh they're no doubt already on it, they want those resources like they're playing Age of Empires. It'll be a silent war. My guess is something in the cheap plastic goods they'll send them, hormone disruptors, drones dropping some sort of newly created bio-entity they have miles underneath those south china artificial islands. They're probably tunneling underneath there already.

So yeah, long game talk: say Greater Israel does emerge one day. My guess is that by then, Afganistan and Pakistan will both by that time be absorbed into what will be called "Greater India". Greater Israel will be spread through northern Africa, China will own the south. Perhaps they'll come into conflict eventually. By that time I hope Russia has regained the states it lost from USSR as more territories have referendums and they return to Czars. Perhaps by then China will have taken an interest in Dugin's Eurasianism and that's part of the Silk Road plan. Eventually by this time, there's been a lot of push back against sand-nigs for sand-chimping and the power of the majority of earth's desire for an orderly world will have tamed them into irrelevance, perhaps even eventual annihilation.

I encourage the chinks to bring all the niggers they want in, it'll only cause social unrest like it does everywhere, and then Japan, Korea, and Duterte will sit back and laugh before dividing the place up into The Greater States of East Asia. I think China's biggest mistake was their one-child policy. They could have played up their ever increasingly population to justify expansion like jihadis do. Reproduction is not unrelated to War. Oh dear, maybe the China-bots are mining this thread. Good for them! I hope they do. Does one doubt there are Chinese on this board right now? Good, I hope the CCP is mining this thread. Here's a suggestion guys, rename your party to the Chinese Capitalist Party, won't even have to change your acronym and it'll make all your people happy because they'll see it as a mark of "progress" or "change" or something. But seriously pick up on ol' Adolf's philosophy if you guys haven't done so already, especially the social-capitalist part. I'd love for the CCP to do something about the JQ if they're not aware of it. Maybe they are? I don't know. I mean I know about the history of kosher influence on mao and such, but I'm not sure what inner struggles have occurred since then behind the scenes. Regardless, I dare the kikes to try screwing with China's economy. They won't though since they already get so much money from them. They're probably thinking "Oh yes azn goyim, send us your gibs, we won't try to screw you over in the next few hundred years or anything like that!". Perhaps China is like "Go ahead, take the gibs, spend them on your stupid shit and then make it more obvious, accelerate showing everyone what a threat you are!". Perhaps China wants Israel to clear the way of the middle east to make it easier for them to come in and take it? What happens when the Silk Road crosses through Greater Israel? Big Lulz, that's what happens.

Most don't even know of it as a concept enough to hate it.

I don't know, maybe. This vid is related to that though.

t. Donald.

It's called justification to steal. Bugs get gassed.

Meanwhile, Western countries promote hip-hop and nigger culture as superior to European culture, exploiting biological scripts of women and causing them to shit out brown babies.
Video proof. White girl turns "lesbian" then deliberately seeks out nigger sperm donors because her female "husband" "likes hip-hop" and nigger culture is a "great thing to learn about."

Good news is that her body attacked and killed the invader the second time she tried it.
Learn this face. Learn how to spot healed over piercings. Piercing scars are the sign of damaged goods. Tattoos are the sign of damaged goods. Vocal fry is the sign of damaged goods. Outlandishly colored hair is the sign of damaged goods. Overdone lipstick is the sign of damaged goods.

Atrocity propaganda. There was a really good report on this on Japanese Geocities. Trying to find it now. A lot of the deaths were dumbass Chinese bombing their own. Were all of the articles you've seen attributed to John Rabe or Iris Chang?


Han chauvinism is a term coined by Mao Zedong on March 16, 1953 to criticize ethnocentrism among the majority Han people of China. In a party directive drafted for the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party titled 'Criticise Han chauvinism', Mao said "In some places the relations between nationalities are far from normal. For Communists this is an intolerable situation. We must go to the root and criticize the Han chauvinist ideas which exist to a serious degree among many Party members and cadres…"[1]

It appeared again in a 1956 speech, titled Ten Major Relations, Mao stated that "on the relationship between the Han nationality and the minority nationalities…. we put the emphasis on opposing Han chauvinism".[2] This anti-chauvinistic idea is part of the People's Republic of China's zhonghua minzu conception of China as a multi-ethnic nation, both historically and in the present, which includes not only the Han but also 55 ethnic minorities. This is expressed in the constitution of the People's Republic of China, which states that China is a "unitary [multiethnic] state created jointly by the people of all its nationalities" and that "it is necessary to combat big [ethnic group] chauvinism, mainly Han chauvinism, and to combat local [ethnic] national[ist] chauvinism".[3]

The PRC's notions of Han chauvinism and China as a multicultural state have been subject to criticism. One critical view is that the Han Chinese "are less homogeneous than official policy recognizes".[3] Zhonghua minzu has been criticized as an invention of the 20th century, and was only adopted by the Communist Party to criticize the failures of the rival Kuomintang, which officially promoted zhonghua minzu as part of its nationalist ideology, but was unable to implement successful reforms that benefited minorities.[4]

Wow, it's like Lenin and his criticism of Rus chauvinism.

Have the Chinese created a version of NatSoc for themselves? Someone with better understanding of Chinese politics answer please. I mean it’s clearly not NatSoc, but it’s also clearly not communism in the Soviet or Maoist sense either.

jews never westernize, chaimfag. Only whites can westernize.


Is it Truck-kun time?












Fucking retard, that's already been tried and failed. Enslaving blacks leads to miscegenation, adopting niggerthink, and git overrun aka the South. Doesn't matter if Jews brought them and were majority slave owners, whites still fucked up around blacks.
The solution is segregation or extermination

Got any more?



Asians in a nutshell.






This gook thought naked gun intro was real.



Let us pit them against each other.


Nation of Religion of Cuck™ is pretty good though? Or atleast they used to be.



Fuck! The chick barely makes it while the guy gets crushed.



We need to cause an "event" to stir the blacks up against the chinks. Meanwhile we goad or use subversive methods to terrify the chinks.
IR chink cuck porn may be one option.
Use the muslim angle on the nogs to solidify their excuse for rage. And nature will take its course.


I can't tell if fate just pulled him into it, or he wanted to kill himself in the dumbest way possible.

I want to see how exactly it latches on to him. What is the machine?

Save these two together for repostan.

Man, I've heard of asians dying in internet and gaming cafes, but never from electrocution.

It looked like a machine for spooling cable but I don't know how it snared him.

The cognitive dissonance is staggering

I always enjoy seeing nigs and leftists pissed off, and I respect China for not being retarded, but from a purely tactical standpoint this is bad. China could use a few jewish subversions to cull the hordes of hungry angry antpeople.

I'm reading a lot of hatred for China, and that's understandable. But don't ignore the basic point here that this is a very good move on their part. I wish the Western nations would show as much balls and culturally self-preserving legislation as the Communist Chinese have.

this is a good set of videos/picture to show Shlomo whenever he comes around larping as tyrone, and spouting out the typical "Yo we's is going ta impreg-nate all o' yo' beotches white boi! what 'chew thinkin' man?

nope! turkey baster's get that honor bro, have fun watching a bunch of deranged lesbian feminists raising your halfbreed spawn into proper cucks that despise their own gender, and will likely end up either gay or cutting their own dicks off to become tranny's. lol


Why would anyone do this?

I bet next you'll say you aren't racist because you have Black friends.

china is interested in the rather abundant resources and land littered all over Africa. China also has a lot of single men with no dating prospects thanks to the lopsided gender ratio. It seems like China might just pull an Australia and throw much a bunch of colonists down there to take over (the local populations can't do much against a "soft" Chinese invasion) the influx of Chinese men with government connections have wealth and status so of course the local she-boons are throwing themselves at them.

No, that's literally interest. It's still theft if that hundred dollars don't get repurposed or used to pay bank workers/bank maintenance or given back in some way and they are instead loaned back to make more money with interest. You think that compound interest and collateral are the only problem but the truth is that all interest that is not a fee and instead for profit, must be abolished or everything will go out of whack. As a direct consequence, currency will be devalued and fraud made a "legitimate" bussiness.

By that retarded logic, France and Poland also "won" WWII

im glad they are. thats hilarious. they came for the mining operations and stayed for the easy wives. it will be interesting to see what the kids look like.

I listened to many speeches and lectures by their leader luis farakhan. They are often based, conservative, and promote civilized behaviour among the blacks. He mentions jews and slavery and degenerates, culture and men/women relations in his sermons.

Will Smith is arguably the best black man on the planet. NationofIzlam is meme tier. Who gives a fuck? lmao

Wouldn't be a war, nogs would get slaughtered. I am completely ok with this. China might make Africa worth a shit.

Yeah, like the U.S where white people turn on the local news every day to see how close last night's murders and rapes were to their neighborhoods or homes, but don't kick the niggers out because of brainwashing saying the problem can be solved with higher taxes.


Blacks gtfo, this kills the (((black&yellow))) propaganda shit.

Shut up cuck.



All that denial.

GTFO wigger, you're not welcome here

Pure slander! They ripped off the Russians instead.

That would be cummies instead in my occasion also buying defective toasters from time to time.


Seriously what they fuck were the drivers thinking in these?



The one bicyclist nearly speeds out of the way when the falling streetlight smites him. That's the only term I think fits. He literally disappears.

They must figured China was like a theoretical alternative if they got sick of being constantly shot by cops America. Sure as hell ain't going to Africa.

fuck off, cunt. Us Clets been wearing our hair like that since before niggers learnt to talk.


It's God's blessing on that nation.

Politicians tend to be ugly. It's a trait of evil.


So that's how pahjeets are made

>every Trump supporter is not a shill
>our fracture points are not indicative of our bullshit
Beliefs of alt-right.

So basically the alt-right ideal.

Is this why natsocs obsess about low-wage jobs lost to those inferior races?

I noticed that chink genes are more dominant than even nigger genes. In non-East Asian cuntries with a significant chink population like Indonesia or Malaysia you will see a lot of people who look very chinky despite having no chinks at all in their immediate family tree after their RICED grandma.

It's not. I do hate China though for what they have become.

You do know that that wall isn't really effective. The Chink Wall is pretty weakly build and has been destroyed a lot during history. Neat thing to see I give you that but the thing was never build to last.

Alcohol is a thing found in nature you idiot. Different races "invented" alcohol all around the world before even having any contact with the chinks.

Well the Japs and Koreans certainly hate them, so who's right and who's wrong? Honest question.

The CJK hate each other because despite being descended from the same people they almost immediately split into similar but still significantly distinct cultures with equally long histories but not too far from each other geographically, eventually competing for hegemony in the centuries that followed. Like Jews and Arabs or Indians and Pakistanis, the greatest antagonism is usually between two or more peoples who are most similar to each other.


And not just different races, actual wild monkeys:

you do not belong here


Hip hop culture IS automatically nigger culture.
No arguments to be made here.

Meh, it looks like they let Coco through. Their children are being trained to like capitalist garbage about the underdog succeeding through uh hard work. Soon Kunta Kinte crying will warm their hearts to a black plague.

I think people don't grasp the full implications of this. This is China. Where all online communications are monitored by the government. That means the Chinese government knew what was going to happen and did nothing to prevent. The Chinese government endorsed cutting off a nigger rape ape's dick. Let that sink in. The Chinese government not only let a mob form they allowed people to post pictures of it online.

What's wrong with capitalism? You wouldn't be able to type that message if it weren't for capitalism

Then get out nigger, the chinks aren't going to give a fuck how they treat you, they don't even treat their own people decently.

Yeah, it boggles the mind how some people still insist on magical dirt instead of recognizing obvious genetic factors.

You seem lost.

lol Holla Forums sucks chink cock because they did something they like. Pathetic

All good in the world must be praised.

Yeah, Verizon invented the internet, right? Ferocious competition with the R&D departments of AT&T among others and shrewd investor banking made it happen. Good goy.


Lurk more faggot

Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck

China will have their First Reich when?

Awesome! I like asians even more now.

I've noticed that too, it feels entirely artificial and its most probably a psyop, but aimed at who and by who? I mean, the chinese are aliens but they are interesting aliens. I wonder what chinky thinks when he looks upon whiteys crumbling and dying societies? "Look at them suckas" or "fuck we're next" ?

If anything, it's "my country is worse so I still want to move there." Seriously, most of them want to leave.


In China, despite their red flag, if you bring someone to the hospital you pay for it (unless the guy is doing well enough to fill the forms).

consider south Korean hip hop culture, it's seen in all of their entertainment, and now youth culture. A distinct ppl long proud of their difference in phonetic language from the Chinese sought to maintain a separation of culture between Chinese and Korean…… and in the last 50 Jew influenced TV-driven western culture has turned the men into make-up, girl jean wearing, sockless sissy boys….. all while the South Korean female lusts for nigger cock.

China is right to ban the nigger, over-all I am certain the nigger has displayed such a low level of intelligence worldwide they need to be eradicated along with the Jew.

The Chinks are dangerous and quite literally the Asian Jew, yet I can't help but to respect this move on their part. Nigs always ape about how racist and oppressive the hh-white man is, but the reality is that (almost all)Asians despise the apes, perhaps even more than we do.

I hate to say it but it's far less likely for an Asian girl to bring a niglet home to daddy than it is for a white girl to do it. Maybe because Asians in America are a minority, so they can more easily get away with blatant racism, so they instill this knowledge into their young with no regards for repercussion and of course in Asia they barely have any nigs in their lands(intentionally of course).

I thought this was well known? We always have to keep an eye on them, but most Asian countries hold white people to high standards. Just like in the west we have weaboo's, they have the opposite phenomena in the east. It's not a myth that if a stereotypical white dude travels to Asia he will very easily get laid, Asian women love the white cock.

Europeans will always be the most creative and morally just people, but the biggest mistake anyone could make is underestimating the Chinese.

Unlike Europeans, they are not susceptible to guilt. Stealing western technology or polluting the planet has no moral repercussions to them. They will send millions of their daughters abroad to create beachheads in every western country which creates a tactical advantage over the west, they don't worry about racial purity because Hapas never are accepted as Chinese citizens. The chinese are exceeding obedient to authority, if the state party says jump they say "how high", protests are quickly stomped out while in the west a single billionaire jew (Soros) can orchestrate protests with impunity. The Chinese have massive in group preferences and a language that is very difficult to master, so good luck subverting them by any western means.

And most importantly, they think long term. Western politicians concern themselves with GDP growth and unemployment, the Chinese government doesn't care about such things. They think in terms of accumulating resources, technology, and geopolitical advantages. If the Chinese government needs to run 90% of their country into poverty in order to crush western manufacturing, that's a good move to them. If their youth must face a miserable upbringing with endless studying in order to make the country stronger, so be it. If their citizens get cancer because running filters in their power plants would increase marginal cost, that is a sacrifice they are willing to make.

Don't underestimate them.

By killing all the animals for their horns?

Uh oh, does that mean it's no longer "PoC"? Now it's PoD (people of darkness) vs PoL (people of light [skin])

No one's right or wrong. Reminder that all three of them routinely fuck each other over and have legitimate reasons to hate each other.

I've already seen blacks on Twatter talk about Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans as being part of "white people," so that distinction already exists to a degree. You don't actually have to be white anymore to be white, it turns out.

This must be what hell looks like, being the lone human being among a bunch of retarded gawking antpeople.

After seeing the 2018 Grammy Anti Trump Highlights, maybe the USA should take note of China's decision.

our own people care more about a dog being eatin in china than they do their own race as they sacrifice their own daughters to niggers and allow their boys to be turn into transexual blobs. ….and youre calling the chinese ant people?

China wants a uniform and clean-cut culture, something that was taken away from us. You cannot effectively have multiculturalism. It doesn't work. It blocks assimilation and creates division. Hip-Hop culture is a "culture" like Religion of Cuck™. If another culture is allowed to take root and resist assimilation, it becomes a cancer that threatens stability. China is doing something else that western nations will not do that could be considered strategically sound. Your concern should be with finding the reasons as to why the fuck we aren't doing the same thing, and fixing them. In America, we had a culture. It was pretty clean cut. All of the sudden we allowed some groups (ethnic and otherwise) to get out of hand. Now look where we are at. Watch as the same shit that China is preventing, gradually rots the west from the inside out.

Depends on the Asian as far as not burning coal goes.

>China bans degenerate jew engineered (((black))) culture
>"Dats raycis!"which is another jew invented concept
Gotta wonder if the (((person))) behind the channel even is black though.

This nog can't even understand that they killed their best alternative and are now stuck with a race of collective bugmen that don't care about their wellbeing.

This would be like if a white guy tried to claim McDonalds was a European tradition.

I'll tell you exactly why and people in this thread have said it before, they are the jews of eastern asia. They come to places like Vancouver Canada and buy up all the property and drive out the white people who live there so they and there other gooks friends can shit up the area. They want to take over our cities. This is happening in cities in California too and Oregon

hapas never look white what the fuck are you talking about? The asian genes are dominate everytime. If you racemix with a chink you will have a chink looking child with identity issues who hates itself

Isn't it white people who are selling these properties? If they wanted it to remain a fully white city, why not only sell it to white people? or don't sell it at all.


That's interesting. Reading Holla Forums lately I had the exact opposite impression - a shift to being pro-Chinese that feels, as you said, artificial.

Someone should tell him about Mansa Musa.

Dreadlocks come from multiple cultures. We waz dreads N SHIIEET!

Either way, let them take care of those negros
We should stop the flow of food and donations to these beasts of the field.

Asians are our bros. Niggers want us dead.

… I would be very happy if I woke up and heard China began cleansing the world of that issue.

They've already lost. The Chinese have no reservations about eugenics programs. Mass sterilization imminent,

Now if only they had a culture that could be degenerated to begin with..