AnnCoulter: "If POTUS doesn't build the wall and deport illegals, this country is over

AnnCoulter: "If POTUS doesn't build the wall and deport illegals, this country is over.

>"If he doesn't build the wall and deport illegals, this country is over," said the conservative commentator and author, sounding an alarm about the negotiations over DACA. She added that Republicans are actually considering "100 percent amnesty," questioning how a federal law could be written only to cover "children who were brought here through no fault of their own." "No, any amnesty is a 100 percent amnesty. Any senator, Republican or Democrat, weeping about 'children who came here through no fault of their own' is a liar and is pushing for amnesty and to destroy the country."

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Does anybody have a list of Trumps accomplishments so far? I can't remember everything off the top of my head, but I know Ttrump has done some pretty great stuff already, apart from his most important work of turning the masses against the (((media))).

She's right about illegals it will fuck your demographics if you allow millions of young Hispanics to stay, you have to deport them and keep them out.

She really should be the first female president. The undemocrats would be fucked.
America would be fucking amazing.
I love her.

We should have elected Anne Coulter.

We have found our queen!
She will show us de wae!

inb4 styxhexenhammer (faggot) chimes in to tell us that coulter is playing a character


you're late

Feel free to prove me wrong by showing all the Republican politicians who have done as much as Trump, Anne. Pro-Tip: You can't.

Trump did more than a Rino president like Mitt or Jeb! would have. Holding Trump's feet to the fire on promises not yet kept does not mean you are 'controlled opposition', however. She is legit and we all need to be amplifying those sentiments so our position is heard.

Stop being a deflecting Jew and show me that proof, Anne.

kek, the difference is that you are indeed running with the 'le ann is playing a character maymay' promulgated by styx and other clueless ninnies trying to stay ahead of the curve. Otoh, you're just strawmanning me since I never claimed what you're asking proof for.

Downplaying the President's massive accomplishments with an exclusive focus on things not 100% complete to the point you're acting like he has done nothing special does make for controlled opposition, including BASED Anne Coutler. If you want Holla Forums, of all places, to believe otherwise, then post some proofs of other Republicans with a track record like the President and stop dancing around the subject like you're at a bar mitzvah. It's that simple. Feel free to pretend you're still in control of the narrative until otherwise. It's fun to watch shills struggle to comprehend why Holla Forums hates e-celebrities.

Oh look another based coalburner concern troll thread

Its not about hating Drumph you dip. Its about keeping the hardline position as the most pressing position.

No it doesn't. It means holding to his promises, especially the one that set him appart, immigration reform. Stop sucking Trump's cock. He's your leader, not your gay SanFran lover. He can handle being pushed.

She's walking a fine line between pressuring Trump to keep his promises and making herself look like a retard. ¡Yeb! have given the democrats everything they wanted plus some free turtles. It's just stupid to pretend the Trump administration are a bunch of totally average republicans.

yeet yeet muh fellow redditor

You're right we should be criticism him for things he hasn't done but totally will do, like bringing in the 6 gorillion beaners and personally pardoning hilldawg
:') nigger

Anne isn't an e-celebrity, her celebrity is earned through her work, and the system that the media profess to hate. That being she is easy on the eye so she gets on tv.
She simply is telling the truth and always has done. That's why she is more Holla Forums than you.
His accomplishments for America aren't massive largely because of the constant whining opposition. His accomplishments for Israel are beyond comparison, and unopposed.

You sound really salty.

You know, you're absolutely right! It's about keeping the hardline position as the most pressing position and "then" getting politically illiterate people to hate Trump when it obviously starts taking a long-ass time because it's a fuck-huge project with Liberals and Cuckservatives, like BASED ANNE COULTER, in the way at every possible corner.

Do you proud shitholers think Holla Forums is new to this game?

So you have no evidence. Got it. Worthless pile of human garbage. Trump is getting re-elected, just so you know.


We have IDs on this board, btw.
Enjoy your stay

I will lol.

You sound like you're not from here. Maybe you should write ann and tell her she should go spread more of the good word of white women taking nigger dicks you cuck.

Also you doublenigger

Her sex life is nothing to do with whether she tells the truth or not.
She does. Truth hurts. But only those who want the political status quo of Israel being the loudest voice in congress to continue.

No I'm talking about judges from buttfuck nowhere having the power to overrule the president. Not salt when he makes a proposition that ultimately gets blocked. Yes he's still the best of the available candidates, but that is irrelevant to the truth of what he's been able to accomplish.

Anne would be devastating for the real enemy.

Women don't belong in politics.


Just shut the fuck up you whiny fag.

Too late for that, nigger.

It is ok for a woman to fuck who they want, it's the covering up of the consequences and pushing the narrative that it's a good idea that is the problem.
I didn't say she hated Israel or jews, I said she tells the truth, for instance when she tweeted "how many fucking jews are in America?" in response to the candidates being asked to state how important Israel and jews are. Truth is all it would take. Truth is their enemy.
I didn't say anything was over and neither did she. She said it WILL BE over if the wall isn't built and illegals ARE NOT deported. Future tense.
I'm not ignoring what he has been ALLOWED to accomplish. Especially not the the Israel stuff.
She would be devastating.
By their rules and yours.
She can't be sexist, she's a woman.
She can't be racist, she's burnt coal.
She tells the truth which is jew antidote #1.
She would deport every illegal.
She would end "positive discrimination".

She has more testosterone than any of the previous hegemonic politicians, and also yourself I wouldn't be surprised.

Let's all fuck niggers to prove we're not racist, that'll show them !


Global report. It took you a long time to post, paid shill. Why are you so slow now?

He did build a wall. Some people are born with a Sol and can transfer their DNA through the Kaballah. He just walled certain people in by Electric and other high technology barriers. That's all the wall thing was about. Remember the movie the Gladiator with Russel crow. Remember how the Romans surrounded Russel who was the man held in Bondage. The Man who's wife and Child is always taken away and or killed. DON'T YOU GET WHAT HAPPENED YET?

You need to kill yourself.

So many traps have been set up by this administration. All over Harems, SOL stealing, and more. People with no memory of previous existence have two huge obstacles. One Vintage murders, and two, their Judgment A.I etc.

As I took great pains to explain, lying about the consequences, the likelyhood of contracting std's, getting abused, possibly siring children with very little similarity to you and a mixed up identity, having your partner disappear to the other side of the world with those kids, religious conflicts over circumcision and schooling, those kids getting bullied or rejected by both of their races. These are the problems.
By marxist standards the fact that she made that mistake is a plus. It instantly negates one of their soapbox points. What is so hard to understand about that? Your standards are your own and I'm glad they are so high. May you one day have the chance to lead by example.

It is ok for Women to fuck who they want. It isn't ok to have the helm of control to that as a Harem Monopoly. Why in the fuck can't we have an area of Kaballah or spheres built and seperately occupied instead of this same old God is dead, Jesus is framed and killed, stealing the SOL, etc etc, same repeating and limited outcome? WHY? What kind of dialogue is given. I swear this is where I start to weigh my options and to fucking level in and would no doubt be the crowd favorite if I keep feeling spited, I will find a way to be the mouse that panics the elephant. I see some serious flaws appearing for Trump, not because he isn't a winner in his give and take deal style, I just know there is a factor that could be applied and cause a big problem that will yield two fronts. Where is the transparency.

So not only are you obviously a woman, but you're a whore too.

Wrong on both counts. Judging from the standard of your discourse it's easy to see you are another Elliot Roger in the making. You will need to change your outlook or die in a horrific way, still not knowing the feeling of a woman wanting you with all her being, even if it is only briefly and due to you causing her to have involuntary but pleasurable vaginal contractions. Poor guy.

He didn't say it's ok for a Woman to fuck as many as she wants if she is married. If she is a porn star etc, then who cares, especially if the Woman is in control of the business. Most of them prefer being Lesbians anyway and the meat and potato is the money for enterprises. Not that that is the direction that flows with the Values, and family strengths that made Trumps campaign sound fluid for a neater balance and safer for children obviously. It's better to maintain a desirable , especially hands on labor businesses growth, with older throwback. Think service at the station that checks oil. A 4 day work week, so middle America etc has a new chilled out perspective that really breaks away from Global trends and sits like a new kid on the block again. This hop skip burn it down shit is nasty, and lies, and somebody's going to get shot.

Woman confirmed.

You both need to kys. Women don't belong anywhere near power.

By the way these people are pompous and I doubt many are actually set as fall guys. I have a family member, who is very old and who made a mistake perhaps, joining an organization without knowing. It's right up Trey Gowdy's statement made the other day about secret societies. The mind control shit is going to get somebody shot.

My mother was in power. She managed a township for 4 terms of 4 years each. Preserved a beautiful place in America, of which until just recently, stood a Monticello by the infamous murder hill, which she in park helped make a permanent Historical preserve. And do you know what my mother said to me. She said Women don't belong in positions of power and should always submit to men. Funny thing to say when the township residents NEVER complained about taxes, roads, trash, fire and emt response, etc. The Budget was always balanced. That is the type of fairness my blood brings. But it's funny she would say that. Well I guess you can say that of most Women. Just remember, first of all, I would pop you no problem for talking like that if my mom was nearby. And second You are mostly correct about what you said. Rare things. Where do we find them?


You should seek help for that inferiority complex you have. Anne would wipe the fucking floor with you in any debate. You're more irrational than a BLM supporter you freak.

Nothing wrong with a Woman in a trustee position. Lowest form of Official in the world. Yet fair for a comfortable existence between government and people. Oh yeah. I said somebody is going to get shot if this bullshit attitude keeps up.

I am definitely going to pop one of you. There is a truck load coming believe that. This isn't going to go down without a nasty effect.

A couple retards here not understanding how the Overton window works. If Trump gets no public pressure from those right of him, there's no reason for him to follow through with his promise other than an ideological motive, which he probably doesn't have. Not only this, but it gives him cover when pushing for to wall to say, "see, my base really wants it and are prepared to abandon me if I don't give them what they want!" The next time some shitlib WaPo reporter tries to name-call at a press conference all the White House has to say is "we understand your concerns but we're elected officials and need to fulfill our campaign promises :^)"

The Democrats as a party (and definitely not Dem donors desiring cheap labor) aren't hurt when a shit-ton of aztecs rally in the streets against Schumer or interrupt a Pelosi rally, it's tactically great for the position when it scares congressmen into action. It gives them a whole pre-packaged narrative to use on der normalfag: look at all these people who need us! While the system affecting public policy in the US is still universal suffrage democracy, fighting in a way that emotionally appeals to a low common denominator is necessary. If they have screeching brown people, they should be countered with very angry whites willing to sack the next election if they one they just won turns out to be a dud. Trump's done much and there's no denying that, but creating the perception that he hasn't followed through on the wall (which he will, and it will be easier for him with pressure at his back) is tactically advantageous. Coulter is doing Trump a major favor here.

Also, the second half of her main statement, "this country is over", how telling of how far we've come when that's a mainstream acceptable statement is that? People getting hung up on either side of a is-coulter-a-fifth-column debate are ignoring the more salient point - people on TV are now admitting immigration will destroy the country. Think of all the wayciss implications that statement holds. Your Boomer dad watches this. He's being given permission next time at the bar to say what he's been thinking for a while because talking heads implicitly told him it's ok now. This Coulter interview is nothing but positive.

Who gives a shit about the fucking media buddy, they can get popped too. Listen their is an undercurrent forming and it's a bunch of angry people with guns. And the worst part is, it'll come from inside first. But go on.

It negates nothing, marxists do not care about this. They'll just keep calling her racist.

Are you sure you're from here ?

What is it with the defenders of muh lady today ? , I'm watching you.

Low effort thread tbqh.

What's the matter, Ollie? Haven't railed your morning meth yet?
Or maybe you have, since you're already hyperposting crazy shit on twitter.


I'm watching

have a last bump before I report you.

A woman that knows her limitations, who to delegate to, and told the truth and wasn't afraid to deliver it would be a devastating president. And just like there probably won't be another black for a good while, the "haven't had a woman president yet" thing would be over. But it wouldn't have been a pay gap believing, open borders, homosexual and hissing minority enabling disaster like they want.


It's great, the anger forming is a fantastic. It can be used in either situation - driving people to polls on election day, or "something else". As for the media, I'd rather have rightist sentiment firing on every possible front than not. Twitter trolls, comment section raids, flyering campaigns, political parties that are sympathetic, the sky's the limit.

Yeah, hi. Reported for being a civic nationalist and a feminist. Kill yourself and then go back to reddit or tumblr.

No one will believe you here. Go away forever.

She's right. If he leaves office without having completed the wall and without having deported all of the illegals, he will be graded as incomplete. If there is any sort of "amnesty", he will be incomplete. Also, this "country" has been over since 1913 so we have got nothing to lose in that regard.

Yes this is true, but even then the Woman would unlikely run for President. Remember this is America. And the Trustee, which is held by 3, and the lowest form of official in the United States, is also the most original, and you just can't fuck with how simple it is. President is a big job. Nobody said Trumps maneuvers weren't successful in getting negotiation. I just wonder , because there is always that one time. And it's usually some small fry thing. That one's not just something from like a movie. I think that one is out there. Something is going to happen on one like that. Well maybe huh.

Well we are great allies with India aren't we? By the way, did you know that red dot on the Womans forehead? When the Husband came home he pointed his index finger and pressed it into her head and said, what did you do today….. That's something huh. Like SUNTHIN

Well hopefully the mods will recognize that I'm neither of those things if they read all my posts in this thread but no matter, I use a vpn anyway. I'm going nowhere, until I want to. Ok bai.

yeah and it's a shareblue thread.

Just as I thought.
I see you immediately.
you are shit at your job.


The fact that you idiots don't even realize how badly you stick out makes me giddy.

And if it was, which it isn't, wouldn't that mean you had got your ass handed to you, literally mind raped.
You sad fuck.


In reply to a post that started "yeah hi".
You are seriously dumb.

are you going insane?

Well this thread is being astroturfed hard. Does this look like a real Holla Forums thread to any of you? Well, there's still something that can help.

No are you? Why would I follow a link to twitter you spaz?

Whites will be free from non-whites, someday.

1.see low effort low quality possible shareblue thread
They come to the office at 9, 9:30

2. Oliver is already spazzing his crazy shit on twitter

3. Warn that thread is being treated suspect

4. get confirmation



Another thing, nigger:

You aren't kryptonite to stupid - You are kryptonite to burger king

Reported. Fuck off, dipshit.

1. please link to one of your high quality verified TM threads please.
2. literally fucking who.
3. highly suspect wanting a wall and deportations of all illegals, no amnesty.
4. get confirmation you jump to false conclusions for highly suspect reasons

Unfucking SAGE
report what you want

REEEEEE he won't do what we say on an anonymous image board. lel.

No women in politics, ever. Reported.

Still pathetic, virgin.

Feminist confirmed.
No women in politics, ever. Reported.

Virgin confirmed, virgin. The longer you stay here trying to seed division between men and women the longer you will remain that bitter husk.

Feminist confirmed.
No women in politics, ever. Reported.

Oh fuck, I forgot Trump is our Obama and no criticism should ever be levied.
I fucking love Trump but the point stands. He must deliver on the wall and kick out every last illegal. There should be no qualm on keeping a fire under his ass and the base energized for these policies.

Is it possible for you to argue without using ad hominem ?

Oh bravo your mindless grunting will definitely be the end of women in politics.
Consider your position vindicated, at least by me.

It's a woman and a feminist, so no.

Feminist confirmed.
No women in politics, ever. Reported.

Nope, that's the only angle available when arguing from emotion.

I think it's a shill. Just scroll up through their comments. It's all Tumblr-level argumentation and designed to be more inflammatory than even make a point.

Yeah that's fine, but we have a blackmailing crew on one hand and dishonesty on the other. I think the people want a guy to just come in a really rip shit up. This is world wide how this will happen. But it's what people really want in the U.S. and the World wants that safe haven, the files of afterlife you program as a hilarious monopoly. Or that Safe haven in the middle east that is your Harem. The World wants that wrecked. What better way than from the most original, raw, pull your pants down don't care what they see because they want the truth and some guy with come out and give it too them. Yeah your picket fences and the order is great. You fucked up though. Nobody saw what they really wanted to see.

It is, but by this stage it was really the quickest way to stop him saging the thread in the hope that nobody attempts to force Trump to do anything I presume.

What the fuck are you even saying ?
Is this a neural network trying to emulate our speech.

He didn't stop saging.

Feminist confirmed.
No women in politics, ever. Reported.
Show your tits, cunt.

This markov bot disrupting the thread is really quite something. The sentences are surprisingly well-composed, they just don't have anything to do with anything. I wonder what possible reason they could have for deploying such a thing. It never looks good to seem that desperate, CIA-kun.

Fully automatic high capacity ammonium nitrate truck bombs.

I think it may be a smiley bot, going on about kaballah.
I know he didn't stop saging. So I'm bumping because he's a moron incapable of any kind of discourse. And I have nothing to do, plus getting paid to do it so….

TAKE NOTE, NEWFAGS: This is how advanced bots have become. Sure, it's nonsense text, but it's close enough to waste our time and bypass our filters.

Even if he deports all illegals, the country is still over. Legal immigrants are the real problem.

It's a start.

I'm saying my approach is a real nasty knock out. I would never think myself ever ever from my youth up to be aligned with leftist or Anarchy. I never thought like that. Now I knew guys who worked in ways that were a little off the path. That's not what I wanted either, but I knew those guys. I also never fucked anybody over. I always waited to see if they would fuck me over. I work like that. That is my avenue. I'm not talking about elections…. I'm talking about the truth getting out there, people being mad. And the world turning against all of the original "leaders". Give or take a few. I've heard some guy's lost their parents in a war, stuff like that. Things like that are tragic. But America wants the raw deal. The truth. That's alot of stuff to open up, not for the sake of mad men, although that comes with the territory I bet they'll say. Anyways. There is a line that leads straight to a crack. And I'm not sure the leadership in the U.S. can handle that. Neither the world, should it hear a voice telling them the time has come, and all the eggs so to speak will become cracked and be opened.

This country is definitely already over. There is no political solution to ethnic problems.

What are your opinions on Konami's pachinko machines?

I can think of at least one, user.

They are in a White van smart ass

A White van, you say? But then what about the Black SUVs?

You're not the guy I want to talk to. Step aside

It isn't. Nothing but removal will work and he won't do it, neither will anyone else, and the public won't unless their led, and like 75% of them have some nigger/chink in the family tree anyway. Country is done.

You seriously can't recognize it? There are tons of idiots like him around.

Yeah there are, but they don't have an angle

*blocks your path*

Wut do?

It's a retard, not a bot. Hop on over to abovetopsecret, glp or /x/-type boards to see more faggots like him

You're a fucking moron. Quit huffing your own farts.

There are gunshots every night in my neighborhood. With Silencers. You should come add to the noise. It goes unreported, and it's like a big contest.

T-Tay? Is that you baby? You can come out you are among friends, nobody is going to hurt you.

state of this thread. The "if you don't suck trumps cock 24/7 that means you're shareblue" has to be one of the most successful shill jobs in this boards history.
kikes want you to be docile slaves and not question anything. Accept trump as you God and lap up any shit he feeds you without questioning anything. They don't want you holding him to any standard. Anything he does is automatically BASED even if it means sucking kike dick and abandoning promises.

It's a bot. Fuck's sake.

Feminist confirmed.
No women in politics, ever. Reported.
Show your tits, cunt.


Show your smeg coated circumcised excuse for a penis, but spoiler that revolting maggot.
No men on Holla Forums who are so insecure they want to exclude women so they can be surrounded by only men like a complete faglord, Spencer pool party attending, bore.

This is not 4chan

She's right about all the immigration stuff, but she underestimates exactly how bad a cuckservative President would be. We would have already had amnesty or at least eternal DACA and started at least 1 more war. Yeb literally has a potato squat wife.

And fuck off with all you fuckers wanting her to be president or some shit. Her best possible role is what she is doing right now with constantly bringing this shit up in the media and making sure it never forgotten about.

Feminist confirmed.
No women in politics, ever. Reported.
Show your tits, cunt.

It's not a bot, it's just a faggot.

It's obviously a bot. How stupid are you?

Multiple threads are getting botted right now. You can fuck with them a little by going off-script and asking them about things they haven't been provided material to respond to.

They control that, and can cut her off at anytime, I'd relish her tweeting the unstoppable presidential salt mining while all the people that run the country run the county.

The reason he doesn't 'make sense' is because he's skipping thoughts when he's writing. It looks like a disjointed mess at first, but if you've seen these faggots and how they write enough times, you can follow it. The reason they write like that is a combination of laziness, inability to properly form a coherent train of thought/logic, and an aversion to writing everything out so that way their writing is subject to full scrutiny. They also think that it makes them clever. It's pathetically obvious that it's a fart-huffing faggot.

Again, it's not bots. It's most likely one faggot with a few IPs and too much time on his hands.

she wants death squads.

This. Trump actually relies on people like us to ‘force his hand’ and allow him to operate with a degree of personal deniability in the face of his enemies. This way, the opposition has to attack us rather than him directly. He uses the opposition in a similar way - this is his art.

Stay delusional chesscuck.

Well there are solutions, but they will require more than a wall and civic legal shitskin nationalism.

Fuck off resurrectedroach 51fa4e, you're the reason anons can't have discussions.

Holy shit, she isnt reciting mein kampf on TV? What the fuck nigger!

Should she be in politics? No. Is her sexually deviant lifestyle to be admired? No. Is she useful to forward our cause? Yes!

Holy fucking christ, you feminist piece of shit. Kill yourself immediately.

We need to hone in on the central issue, which is that "DACA" amnesty is a kike lie, but instead amounts to blanket amnesty, because of how the courts have already ruled. It's a lie, a scam, a kiking.

Comfy times ahead.

He has never let us down and he never will. If you don't have a little faith in him then you never were with us.

dems and osf are the ones you should be pissed


Exactly. And I am surprised some (((legit Anons))) "can't" see it.

If you're with us you're on board through good and bad if you're not-you get ran the fuck over


The reason they make that face, is because that's how little kids mug for the camera, and much like most other aspects of their lives, they never grew out of it. I've said it many times: If a numale were to shave, they'd look like an overgrown child.

Vikingbro knows the way. I wonder how the goons will respond to this?

No, it's a primate expression of submission to external authority.

Agreed. We did not vote for a white nigger. We voted to have a fighter for the white man.

We also knew he was mostly our ally because he needed votes, and we are still his only source of votes, so we can hold him to the fire.

Then again, maybe Trump is, in his heart, a full-blown Fascist. This I pray, in earnest.

This guy fucks.
Oh vey, shut it down!

I suppose it makes a change from
but all the same shit really.
No talking. All women submit to the ducking stool or burn in fire.


It's coming. like. a. freight. train. unstoppable - pass amnesty… and the result will eventually be ideological and racial civil war. The one directly results in the other. Maybe you care, maybe not. Whatever your stance on open borders and immigration, just don't bother denying the ramifications.

Prepare now to fight for the Nation you want to live in- likely the bloodiest civil war in world history.

I fucking love Ann Coulter!

She is amazing and the insight she brings gets more and more people to our side. Just last week, I found out my little cousin was browsing Holla Forums and it was because he had heard her Ann Coulter drop massive RACIALIST redpills on Fox a few days before!

This about it, kikes can't contain Ann Coulter and they have nothing on her. She's definitely a legal and constitutional expert which is why the jews are panicking, we're winning because of based people like Ann Coulter. Show your support for her anons.

Fuck off, spic.

A man must stand by his master when once he has pledged his word, until one of two is dead. A ship must have a captain but the position is sacred, he who occupies it, isn't always so.

Women in power are only able to handover power to a man or men that she desires, this is how it always happens and is happening. Women cannot hold up the pillars of society, they lack the upper body strength.

that dude is a fucking boss, one arm, a prosthetic leg and he still ramps that thing like its nothing.

lol we've hit critical mass here folks

You didn't live through Thatcher.
Women are capable of delegating.
Anne would make a fabulous president
Women shouldn't be serving on frontline positions in the military or police force.

Proceeds to emphasize importance of sex because just in case you are blind and missed it look at me
Women into politics - not even once.

I love how you guys are going oh muh based Ann when she said only what we all know since day 1.

Probably mad because Don didn't give her the D


Seems the CIA is peeved. Ann really is nailing it here.

Dubs of truth.

peak civnat

why has there been a sudden influx of spic pics in multiple threads?

CIA. [[[pre-existing cleavages]]]

memes always go through natural and organic changes… this is what enables esoteric memes to become huge hits in our self-sustaining community


you're killing me

christcucks, fucking hell.

women pretend to be into religion


(or a retard)

I don't care about ann besides her correct hardline stance on immigration, but
When they force amnesty on us, all you civnat redditors sucking trump's dick over Dow Jones and fake employment numbers will be proven traitors.

It's like you're new here.


There's nothing wrong with lighting a fire under Trump's ass to remind him of the other shit he promised to do.
I shouldn't need to say that him coming through on ALL his promises, including The Wall, is extremely important, thus warranting a consistent reminder.

Ann Coulter's approach appears to throw out moderate bantz to try to provoke the President into delivering on his promises sooner.

Are you still in middle school?

Coulter is one of the most obvious MtF trannies known.
When he was still performing in drag he went by the name of Pudenda Shenanigans. Has also threatened to sue anyone outing him, since going into politics.

not entirely sure how legit this is but;

oh shit and here's where that headline came from;

again, no clue how legit it is but there seems to be alot of verifiable information.

The only reason we supported the guy was based on the wall/illegals. If he cucks, he's basically alienating his entire support base.


Why is everyone who supports Anne using the exact same language? It really makes me think.

I would say she has far from a pretty face. It's like watching a colorized Mr. Ed talking about politics.

CIA agent:

Are you still on reddit?


Note how it's not quite a meme. Also note how the comment is very low-effort and irrationally aggressive (to cover for the lack of time the agent has / cover weak bot capabilities).

You are taking decade old liberal attempts at humor to attack one of the only media personalities friendly to our goals. How can you be this stupid and malicious?

Quality post, have a bump.


you will never make this meme work

make an argument about trump not putting israel first, or how he didn't shill for amnesty, or to prove RWDS/DOTR were not the stance of Holla Forums long before the election.
You can't, without resorting to chess, AKA wishful theorizing in the absence of proof.

Dr. Pierce warned us. We didn't listen.

See how this doesn't quite mean anything:

It's CIA.

see this one trick pony:

do your paymasters not let you say CIAnigger or something?

Thatcher the whore who committed White Genocide on South Africa just like her accomplice Reagan in the USA gave amnesty to MILLIONS OF BEANERS IN HIS OWN STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Thatcher was just a puppet who delegated all her power to men to actually get things done. She is by your own definition absolutely useless. If all you do is delegate all your power and do nothing yourself but, look pretty then you are useless and should be executed

Thatcher was no ordinary woman. I hear females are also good at multi-tasking. My fucking sides.

scrapbooking glitter faggot. The leaders of Western Countries must be white males. Every other example of humanity in Western Civilisation seems to have a grievance of one kind or another. Women can overstep the mark in a bid to not seem weak.

Agree 100%, I am angered by the number of women I see in positions of employment in my community. They are fucking everywhere and, conveniently overlooking any genuinely good at what they do, it should be no surprise nothing works as well as it did back in the 1970s and 1980s while men still had some control.

The jews are going to pay for what they have done to white society. When the teeming masses realise what has been done to them they might even give those of us with a more extreme outlook the nod to get things started.

p.s heh I failed that fucking captcha too, and the next one. How do these cunts manage to make English letters unreadable?

The look on this girls face says it all.
>the dictionary definition of WTF

Your avatarfagging is getting really tedious

So far he's bought America a bit more time, nothing more. It was vital after Obama was elected a decade ago and the country lurched left, but make no mistake - he hasn't accomplished anything lasting yet that could be considered distinctly MAGA in a real, lasting sense. He has no meaningful legacy for America yet. He ultimately has yet to deliver.

Coulter is a coal burning spooky skelly slowly going mad from childlessness, but she's right on this point. He has to build the wall and win on immigration or we're done. The GOP Establishment has no intention on giving him a lasting win on this or any other nationalist issue. They're just keeping him tied-up until the midterms when they'll take a dive and hand Congress over to the dems, who are being set-up as designated "bad cops" who will be even more nakedly obstructionist and aggressively unhinged. Then a year after that, GOP then plans to do a variation of their original long-term plan which is to swoop in like the grown-ups in the room and save America from the dems (and Trump), this time by way of a primary challenge to Trump in 2020.

Once all branches are back in the hands of the Deep State with "safe" and vetted officials, they'll go back to the beginning and restore their treasonous global agenda with similar initiatives that trump derailed/destroyed only with different faces and different names and a greatly accelerated pace. When this little insurrection is over, it will need to be punished bigly.

Implying the article isn't an attempt to salt the ground of investigation. This is literally the same tactic fellow Zionist "Lauren" Simonsen used to inoculate his thirsty followers against information regarding his true gender. He simply beat the investigators to the drop with the "Lauren becomes a man" pantomime.
Now whenever glaring evidence that Lauren is a tranny is produced, some useful idiot screeches "n…noooo, you (((misunderstand))), Lauren was just kidding when she legally changed her gender to male, i…it was just a joke, you're missing the joke".
Once the celeb has deployed this kind of "limited hangout" then those who know about it just stop listening when they hear the claim.
How the fuck can anyone not see and hear that Coulter is male? It's glaringly apparent.
As for "friendly to our goals", are you dumb? This horse-faced, giraffe-necked, adam's apple bearing, shovel handed, boat footed tranny is a kike-loving Zionist.

I would say the wall isn't as important now as unfucking the Department of Justice and the FBI. I think the civilized world - not including the EU any more, of course - would rather see Obama and Hillary in jail than a wall.

Have the .webm. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent lurking with this looping in the background. I hear it everywhere I go. Grocery store, work, shooting range, wherever. "But if you pass amnesty, that's it, it's over, then we organize the death squads for the people who wrecked America. But if you pass amnesty…"

She doesn't even just mean the culture of America. If the US becomes too mixed - it will collapse into feuding states. The average non-White has already proven they're not loyal to the West and would much prefer their own space - they just see us as an easy conquest.

This is peak Roastie posting.

Holy fuck I want Captain Coulter in my RWDS

I've actually met Lauren Southern in person, and had a long chat with her and a couple friends. I guarantee you - she's a Woman. But I also guarantee you - she's a low hanging fruit picker, who tries to punch way above her own intellectual weight and should stick to being a pretty pussy with a microphone.

your metaphors are as mixed as Ann Coulter's racial preferences for dating.

Couldn't agree more.

Was the meal kosher, goy?

It was ham and cheese and alcohol. So no. And I debated her on how the Rebel Media was a hack that was never going to last - and she got really butt hurt. I told her channels like Molyneux have a future but hers didn't. And she raged at me saying that their short video format was the superior news medium - and I made an underhanded comment about how if you can only handle 15 minutes you shouldn't be political anyway. She actually respected the commentary. She's still a civnat coal burning kike though.