#secretsociety will show you a twitter ad linking you to a mental help line.

Kikes are really panicking now….

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I wonder how far the societal implosion will reach when it all comes tumbling down. When people like this know, beyond all doubt, that they have lost and have nothing left to fight for.

Report it as spam.


They even project their own need for suicide.

Step 2 of that stupid propaganda lie email saying russians infiltrated your twitter account feeds

THIS x 10000000000

Isn't this timeline just the best folks, we really do have the best timelines.

They must realize the next one is #TötensiedieJuden

anyone called?

Fucking amazing. Jack Dorsey is afraid of his connections to the cabal coming to light when the ship sinks and it shows more than ever.

"Secret society" is a pretty generic term among the Gangstalking schizos and the like

Just saying, I don't think this was initially targeted at right-wingers specifically. It just so happened to appear that way because of the John Ratcliffe tweet

For prank calls?

Member when a couple of useless cunts bragged about their connections and the shit they had coming and then a UN visit?

There's a reason that soro's parted with 18 billion dollars…

thats right it wasnt aimed at us (((right-wingers)))

Need an OP with this and the "secret society" thread (>>11178906). Then mods need to sticky it.

Twitter is doing some real fucky bullshit lately.

Feels like agony tbh.


How typically jewish of them.

Did they catch much heat when those project veritas videos came out? I've been busy.

Yup, and suppressing hashtags because you are butthurt about losing? What's next, blocking anyone from seeing terrorist acts? Oh wait.

Yes, and then more after they tried to shut it down.

Wait… WAIT!


Everyone call that number and say "Hi twitter recommended your service to me and yes I know someone who is very much in crisis and struggling" And give them the dox of a random leftist piece of shit that you know. If you don't have dox handy give them chuck schumers dox.

Yeah I think we're definitely dealing with the aftermath of the fall of the soviet union now. They've carefully planted seeds since the days of the collapse. Now we're seeing suspiciously similar behaviour to add to the evidence. While ideologies may do this to a degree to ideologies that are against them, none of them do it to the degree that we're seeing other than the marxists.

Thanks, I see the other threads are still there now, I'll catch up.

And that would explain the paranoia about Russia, an ex-soviet state that likely got their intel from the soviet union after the fall. They would know about the seed sowing the most.

Meanwhile, Jack Dorsey eats another gentile roasted boy with fava beans. Oh, the audacity of those demon spawns.

Calling from your personal phone is already half doxxing yourself, use public phone.

This is like a whore accusing you of kissing too much ass at work. Hilarious.

So whose gonna prank call them ,moonman or happy merchant?


Is this related to the "you've been following Russian bots" message people on Twitter have been getting? What the fuck is going on? Are (((they))) that afraid?

This is either a top tier trolling or it is a long time baked in automated response attempting to deflect or discredit some one who stumbled upon some shit and tried to start a hash tag before this timeline took hold.

My money is on subtle trolling.

(((They))) probably are but the level of obviousness is getting a bit unbelievable. Or have I begun to notice certain things too much?

they're playing the sluggish schizophrenia card
sluggish schizophrenia:
call fox news and tell them what's going on, they WILL report this on t.v. absolutely sure of this

don't call the hotline at all.

there is no such thing as being too aware
feel your powers grow. embrace it.


Are they implying that digging into the secret society leads to barbell suicides?

Well given that cucknorris is a middle aged man, conservative, spergish job, has crisis in his bio and worries about the future of his country (which is reasonable), is exposed to social media shit were the crap gets shoveled in in an rather unfiltered amplified manner, it would be reasonable to assume given that this is an algorithm (depending on the calibration of said algorithm), it would detect such a "crisis" within cuck norris. Also secret societies have something spooky and mystical about them.

Also conservatives are more worried about the future than leftists, because leftists like progress (doesnt really matter if it is good or bad progress for the most part).

"Sluggish schizophrenia" tactic again?

What do you think that money went to?


the audacity of twatter

Your all just being paranoid. Too much Alex Jones. Obama was the greatest president in US history. She won the popular vote. There is no illuminatti. Get your flu shot. Your kids have adhd…

Release the meme-o


I think you are reading too much into that, my explanation would be that murican psyducks have the tendency to categorize everything that isnt within a very small interval that is seen as healthy behaviour as "abnormal". Then you mix in a bunch of naive techducks that calibrate said algorithm with that narrow intervals and their tendency to assume that shit is helpful and the result would be this popup.

thread related

please go to

(i misstyped it two days ago)
and tell me what you think


Why would jewish media report on censorship by jewish media?

Get back in your oven

This is our 5 goddesses moment, the truth is coming out and the deep state is done.

Not entirely related but r*ddit has been giving me these ads for awhile too so they're also using meta data to try to weasel out wrong think. I suppose I should get an adblocker of whatever.

Sorry, 8


It's happened before, but memory holed:

(no green text–too much)
The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.

Post that text: "If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, you are not alone. Our partner Lifeline @800273TALK can help." On every single one of @jack's tweets.

I'm not going to waste the money of an international call but I would call them just to tell them to kill themselves.

Also, #SuicideJack

Na instead of thinking about the general intrusiveness of techshit in your private sphere, this is certainly an oppa sovjet style overt mechanism to put political dissenters into mental institutions.

Look at Kennedy's speech. He was addressing statist tactics in cold war.

Janitors shitposting. This is not something new.

Also, I meant to add that we're in a unique situation where you have both Soviet-style secret society, communist, statist tactics of silent war waged on Trump, and unlike in Kennedy's situation where he had some of the press on his side, you have a msm and social media fully backing the covert deep state coup attempt. The deck is completely stacked against Trump and against whites in this country, period. That should be obvious.

So, if it wasn't obvious to everyone, it probably should be said repeatedly so it's clear: this has been and still is a coup attempt, and what they are actually doing is forcing communism.

Remember Brennan was an actual communist. If democracy cannot work, and it appears it cannot given that thousands of people aren't hanging or shot for this coup and probably won't be, and we do not have martial law yet, and the communists have rigged votes and silenced speech, I think they've forced us into a corner where we have to choose harsh measures to fight back. I don't see another way to fight back other than militaristic national socialism. Hitler simply knew how to fight against these secret society, vicious, evil fuckers. If we as whites are to make it against this cancer, we have to take national socialism extremely seriously as a model now and prepare for warfare. This is the way I see it, anyway.

Something I've found that is really fun is calling those that accuse me of being a secret Russian, is to simply call them Mexican. There's no way to make a distinction between what nationality is okay to use as an insult and what isn't. This freaks out white sjw women especially to no end.

Supposedly he shunted it into his open society freakshow. Watching their actions might give us a clue.

Like a Clinton warning message

This, pretty soon they're going to try to put people in asylums for being racist, if that's not happening already. Daily reminder to shoot when your freedom is being threatened, better to die in a hail of gunfire than to "live" as an over-drugged husk of a man in a concrete hellhole

The american liberals arent communists, the very essence of american liberals that you describe as communists are cultural marxists.
This cultural marxism exists because it is the natural progression of bloated moralism combined with the "blank sheet" ideology (to put it simple) of the individual that doesnt match
Now the millenials enter the workforce in a fucked up economy that lacked long term investment and adaption decades ago which are now under the impression that this form of cultural marxism is the saving grace or in a more passive manner only find an environment of political discussion that is dominanted by identity politics which in itself narrows or guids said discussion into certain main talking points which leads nowhere other than more bullshit in said direction. What naturally follows is a certain blowback from people that also notice something is "wrong" but instead of addressing other issues than SJWism they are also stuck in that same pile.

The techducks that for example develop such "popups" are in that very bubble because it would cost them their job or at least threatens their job existance if they for example point that out, but a big portion of them are just too naive aswell.

The idea that whites/right are somehow "winning," including the idea that the deep state shadow govt or useful idiots among leftists/communists somehow will actually lose hope when they have completely taken over the entire government and media, and will therefore cease or even slow long term systematic efforts to completely infiltrate and seize power, is a distraction and diversion psychological operation to discourage whites/right from taking appropriate steps and mobilizing. The one thing that is dangerous–the single thing–is unity, organization, and mobilization by whites and the right. Everything is designed to stop that. Even some propaganda artists working for the shadow government and useful communist idiots posting here on Holla Forums.

We arn't in a victory position, but we are escalating and have the momentum towards the victory position.

That's where they want to put us. Every now and then something surfaces showing the reality, then it's downplayed and memory holed for a while, and they continue the communist coup. Look at this as what it is. It's a long-term communist takeover. Far more effective than anything JFK even warned about, because it's got the full backing of all of those who control information in academia, publishing, social media, and mainstream media. They've succeeded in a coup and do, in fact, want to put us all in jail, either literally or effectively in a prison-like society.

The government has to fear the people. This is very important.

The depth of the enemy is just being exposed.

The winning meme is a psy op to discourage what is truly necessary.

Heil'd. Cultural marxism is a tool of actual communism. This has to be called what it is. People got tired of hearing communism communism endlessly over decades, but that's part of what they did. They exhausted the population and systematically, quietly, continued what they were doing. Brennan, who had awesome power for many years, was a literal communist. Keep that in mind. It's important.

Cultural marxism is one element of the communist information war. A lot like global warming. It's a distractor from what actually matters, the manifestation of totalitarianism and destruction of our nation completely, but it keeps their useful idiots mobilized and useful.

Not quite sure if serious or just triggered.

the media is nothing but a communication tool, and when people realize that it's 100% bullshit then they lose all power. Complete media failure is the precursor for power structure collapse.

You are absolutely right, my friend. I still have faith that Trump has a plan to get rid of these traitors, but in the long-run we will have to restructure our society to defend against subversion. Otherwise, if they ever get their filthy tentacles back into our institutions they will make sure to destroy any opposition before we can get rid of them again. My largest concern is what to do with those that have drank all the Kool Aid. They are going to be the biggest hurdle, and I think that is the deep state contingency plan (antifa, etc.)

And probably some ESL subhuman to boot

You're too new.

wow they copied the suicide watch meme

I know what They Live is, thanks

The funniest part is that when you account for it being jewish projection, then it means…

@jack is a cannibal

Do what the FBI does. Burner phones.


They will have to reopen all the ones they closed to push the crazies into the streets years ago.

I wonder of we can get Twitter to censor #TwitterCensorship

someone's gotta put the fear of god in their eyes. i would, but i'm on lockdown cuz like… lol.

Well global warming is a problem in the mid-longterm, but the main problem with this whole ideal and why people oppose actions against global warming is that it has the liberal taste or the the impression that people that are against global warming or pollution have to be liberal and toe the party line. It is like wanting to fuck a woman with big tits but they only come in company by a 300lbs walrus with an attitude.

Reported. Get the fuck out.

same as the reddit ceo, Steve 'spez' Huffman

Call them and tell them you are having uncontrollable urges to strangle liberals in the street.

That would be objective data, i think your problem with global warming are the screeching "jews" that promote it in their alarmist patronizing manner.

Nope, reported. The data shows Earth has cooled since records began. Kill yourself, paid shill.

The real problem is that we don't actually know what effect we have on the fucking environment. Climate has changed on its own for millions of years without us, and comets, volcanoes, forest fires, and other large-scale natural disasters have severely impacted the environment without our help throughout Earth's history.

I hold no illusions that human beings have some impact on the environment, considering that plutocrats, corporations, and government figureheads have not only recklessly polluted land, air, and water for thousands of years, but have also directly and intentionally modified weather for their personal, and often secret, purposes. However, any time someone brings up the topic of climate change, the conversation immediately gets politicized and railroaded into this ridiculous two-sided discussion about how horrible humans have been to the environment; people are having too many children, we're not recycling enough, we have to reduce our carbon footprint, we have to punish big companies that produce too much pollution or 'greenhouse gas', and we have to restrict or dissuade the use of fossil fuels.

In order to do this, scientists have been 'motivated' to pander to a political argument rather than commit to any serious, objective study of our real effects on the environment. People have been caught red-handed falsifying data for decades, but nobody's ever gotten in trouble. Politicians have been caught repeatedly drumming up panic with bluster and omens of disaster that never happen. Everybody screams at the top of their lungs about how horrible things are, or are going to be, yet they provide completely unrealistic or entirely worthless solutions, if they even try to provide a solution at all; in fact, many of the people who screech relentlessly about climate change are the same people who personally have a far larger carbon footprint than the average person, despite their attempts to point fingers elsewhere.

I hold no illusion that humans do have an effect on the climate. We simply don't know how much of an effect we have because there is no motivation to take a step back and objectively look at how much of an effect we have, which direction it's heading in, etc. Warming, cooling, more or less extreme weather, it doesn't matter; we won't be able to properly understand our effect and how to turn away from any negatives until world governments can actually step away from the politics and allow people to actually commit to objective study and research.

Don't be a faggot. Jews screeching endlessly about muh climate change alarmism is the problem, and simply denying that it happens at all is just as bad because it only increases tension in the debate. The best stance to take on it is simply to say that we don't know, and we'll never know until governments step out of the equation and let unbiased researchers do their fucking job.

No the earth has heated just like your retractiled testicles.

We do know. We have zero effect on the climate. Period.
Environment, yes. Climate, no.
That's where you're wrong, kiddo.
Don't be wrong.
Except it isn't happening. You fucking kike.
We do know. It's proven that all warming has been fabricated. Earth has cooled since the temperature record began. Earth was several degrees warmer than today during the Roman and Medieval eras.
We already know.

Reported for being a paid shill. Kill yourself.

There is no doubt that humans have an impact on global warming, but what you correctly point out is the politication of said debate which is the problem because just like everything else that gets polticized it goes to extremes about what should get done and effectively people on the other side will shut down once it becomes too dogmatic.

And to your "pointing fingers" point, well it is clear that a person like al gore that jets around the world or other greens (like in germany for example) that drive around in big limosines have a bigger ecological footprint. But i think it is too "memetic", just like everything else to shift the debate to that hypocrisy, because effectively it leads purity spiraling.

The debate should however be on solutions that are non intrusive and effective on a large scale, and that would be technology that makes a real difference not telling people with highly motorized cars that they are evil as an example.


Kill yourself.

Given that it's proven that Earth isn't warming and that it's proven humans have had no effect on the global temperature, there is doubt.

So no, you're retarded.
a : the average course or condition of the weather at a place usually over a period of years as exhibited by temperature, wind velocity, and precipitation
Desert dust suppressing precipitation: A possible desertification feedback loop
Ecological feedbacks following deforestation create the potential for a catastrophic ecosystem shift in tropical dry forest

Here data from your government (despite burgernation having the biggest co2 emision per capita).

But then again overdramatic screeching jews, analog to immigration and other liberal issues shoot themselves in the leg when after their methods are obvious people recoil.

Thanks for admitting that environmentalism has nothing to do with global warming.
The planet is greening, dipshit.
So… not global warming. And not climate change.

Yes, thanks. We know the jewish narrative. I already proved it false.

I'm a Dutch silent. The money went to the (((Quantum Group))) which is located on the ABC islands, registered with Curacao i believe, the Island my government tried to sell to the native niggers for 1 gilder, devised in 1999 and worked on until 2004, but was prevented by kike media in our country, it was intentionally leaked by the (((freedom party))). The gifting was done tax free, and from there it went into his OSF. I know my government will protect this sorros kikes tax evasion status for as long as not a true right winger rises to power. The leftist commies constantly harp about tax evasion and taxing the rich harder but they would never touch the ABC island structures because it's a favorite route for rich kikes who deal with shady shit like gambling, drug running, prostitution / child rings and so forth. What these left only want to achieve is to tax those who live in the Netherlands and close the loopholes for our own citizens to avoid over taxation by these socialist shitheads. Being one of the persons stuck within a system filled with corrupt officials is getting to me.

I need a Hitler.
Forests transport large quantities of water into the atmosphere via plant transpiration. This replenishes the clouds and instigates rain that maintains the forests. When deforestation occurs, precious rain is lost from the area, flowing away as river water and causing permanent drying.
Rain forests store vast quantities of water, and when those trees are cut down, the water they store is lost. As trees and plants are responsible for extracting groundwater from the soil and returning it the atmosphere, deforestation results in the water not being able to be released back into the atmosphere, affecting the balance of the water cycle. This results in lush rainforests turning into barren deserts (Desertification), leading to dry climates, which affects livings conditions.

Alex Jones claims to have the memo, will post on his website shortly.


Great. That's how trees work.

Suck kike cock on reddit. Global warming doesn't exist.

If Alex Jonestein actually had it, he would post it before announcing it.

You know jackshit about the jewish narrative, because you fail to understand that a lot of these people are fucking oblivious to the perception of the public as a whole and not just some "enlightened" liberals and they just push their shit thinking it will stick to more and more people while they fail to see that others do not want to be sprayed byit.

Who are 'these people'?
Yes, and? How does that imply I don't know WHAT they're lying about? How does it change the fact THAT they're lying?


I personally feel that the finger-pointing needs to just end. We need to have objective study into the environment, because an overwhelming 96% consensus of climate reports agree with falsified data and alarmist data, and this is being used to push nanny state legislation.

I agree with you entirely that we need to come up with solutions instead of playing the blame game, but in our current political environment, it's impossible. The EPA is owned by the oil companies, world governments are owned by corporations, and the rich people (as they always have) do everything they possibly can to increase the gap between the 'have's and the 'have-not's; if that means the oil companies pay off the EPA to restrict car companies from equipping new vehicles with highly efficient engines to improve gas mileage, so be it.

When we can tell greedy Jew politicians to shut the fuck up, we can start working on real solutions. Make the EPA actually do their job instead of taking kickbacks and bribes. Get NASA and the NOAA to stop being political. Start thinking our heads instead of with our wallets. We CAN make real progress, but we have too many hurdles of greed we have to get over first.

Just filter this faggot. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Have you ever considered that sucking Koch dick is just as bad as sucking Soros dick? Whore.

What the fuck did you just fucking call me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I was the top student in the best dojos in Texas and California and was Middleweight Karate Champion for six consecutive years. I am trained in karate, judo and jiu-jitsu. You are nothing to me but another in a long line of pussies who couldnt keep their fucking mouths shut. I will kick your ass with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with mocking me like that over the internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am your IP is being traced and I am booking tickets to your hometown, faggot. An industrial drum of whipass will wipe off the pathetic little thing you call the smirk on your face. You’re ass is already kicked, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can adminster your thrashing in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my left foot. I am extensively trained in martial arts I will use it to its full extent to kick your miserable little ass up one side and down the other, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamned idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re ass is grass, kiddo.

You wanna reduce your carbon footprint? Get out of this thread and hang yourself from the nearest tree. Get the fuck back on topic.

I think it's fake though. Have a look:

Science has proven your claims wrong.
Nice strawman, yid. Global warming doesn't exist.
That's code for "You didn't post evidence because i say so ignore the links in this very post"
You spam reddit lies, so yeah.
Yes, thanks for admitting that your studies were falsified. Global warming doesn't exist.

What the fuck has happened to Holla Forums
Global warming doesn't exist. Get triggered, leftist.

Oh yeah, that's the old one from a few months ago.

You're not as intelligent as you think you are. You are a child sitting behind your computer lying to yourself and other people on your life. You do nothing, and you produce nothing.

My recommendation is to stop participating in the digital world, and get a job, any job, and start learning how to be self-sufficient instead of leeching off family members. If you start there, you can eventually build a life and call yourself a man, but for now, you are a puny child pretending to be something you are not.


It's telling that you can't engage in a discussion about the topic at all. I'm going to repost the links now. Take care not to shit yourself. Global warming doesn't exist.

I think Twatter ran out of foot to shoot a while ago, but they're still going because they're in that mindset that "hurr durr we can do no wrong". Eventually, they're going to get to the point where the Twitter brand name is going to be so toxic that the only thing keeping them afloat will be Trump's shitpost tweetstorms, and if some genius gets it in his fucking head to actually shut down his account for ANY goddamn reason, there will be huge outrage against social media giants' ability to censor people.

Twitter is fucked. The more they keep doing this bullshit, the worse it gets for them. Eventually, all of this will have to come into the public eye until there is enough support to start reigning in the power big tech companies have to monitor, corral, and censor people.

Trump comprises 1/8th (or more, I think… ZH had an article on it) of the entire site's traffic, so they can never get rid of him. That would be the only "wrong" they could do (it would be the best thing for us), and people are just going to keep using Twitter no matter how many other accounts they ban or hashtags they delete.

If you pump dirt into the air then there is dirt in the air, yes. If you put a stack of paper on the street then there is paper on the street as well - would that also be "effect on the climate", a paper climate perhaps?

Well i think that the impression of the "nanny state" is mainly due to the government thinking that the stupid goyim are too retarded to understand objective data or incapable of having a decent discussion about issues at hand, which will lead to a division in said populus. One the one hand people that lap up everything that the government puts forward and on the otherhand that correctly assume that the government is trying to infantilize them which will lead to a counter reaction.

Greed is a natural innate human drive, as you already point out the elite trys to increase the gap between have's and have-not's, because they act in their very own interest, and they also have the philosophy it is their god given right to do so. But the main problem here is that the "people" are acting NOT in their interests because the main issue here, and that is just pure assumption, is some sort of virtue signaling. A deep seated assumption that pointing out imbalances of said system must ultimately result incoperating said guidelines in itself.

Take for example, highly intelligent man.

In a way they reflect the immanuel kant, aryan rand sort of thinking.
But as a form as critizism immanuel kant for example was an extremely neurotic man, so neurotic that even the citizens of his town set the watch of his habits when he was going for a walk.
Maybe i m getting off the discussion too much but i think that is a general problem of libertarians as i see it.

user, you idiot. Do you ask a cow whether or not it wants to be killed to become your sandwich? WE AREN'T EVEN HUMAN IN THE EYES OF THE JEWS. THESE QUESTIONS DON'T EVEN ENTER THEIR MINDS. Their control is the same as our control of a slaughterhouse. We don't let the pigs run around as they please.


Are you honestly so stupid as to think we've already won?

Read the post of 8cc2c6 first before jumping the gun you dumbass, i'm mocking him because he deliberately inverts the meaning of "winning" and "won" and subtly tries to demoralize anons by implying we're still losing. We obviously have not won yet, but we're winning.


Greed IS innate for a lot of people, but I know a lot of people who are naturally altruistic; they care so much about other people that they actively put others in front of them, and it gets them walked all over and taken advantage of day in and day out, and they just roll over and take it because they're so used to it that their self-confidence is almost non-existent.

I don't give a shit about money as long as I have enough to live and be able to get the few things that I want; as long as I can live with some relative level of comfort and make good, healthy food most nights (which is surprisingly cheap), then I don't care about having millions of dollars. I don't need twelve cars, five homes, personal home staffing, or millions of dollars in assets to be happy, and the people that DO are never going to be satisfied with whatever they have and will always work to get more.

Greed isn't part of the human condition, it's simply a drive for a part of the population that inevitably finds themselves in possession of a disproportionate amount of money and power. The (((have's))) actively work to keep the have-not's down because they just can't see that pissing off the absolute majority of the public will get them killed.

Twitter, and indeed most forms of social media, are just another means to this end. They believe so zealously that their ideology can do no wrong, I would say with religious fervor, that they actively break the rules and abuse their power to their subjective ends. Any time any one group has too many fervent gibbering dumbasses screeching about "the right side of history", the public opinion pushes back and shifts to the other side with politicians using it as an opportunity to grab more power and push more restrictive legislation and corporations consolidating more power into the hands of a few. Eventually, the people will fight back against it and it will likely over-correct, but we'll see it get worse before it gets better.

tha fuq are you talking about

commies just distracted useful idiots while they created an authoritarian state with bullshit religion like global warming

this was a good distraction while lbj/ted kennedy's kike INA destroy whites first plan went into effect. took about fifty years, but even useful idiots notice how fucking terrible a bunch of niggers, spics, and other filth from shitholes coming in really is, so they push tolerance as a religion and shit like global warming. enough religious distractions like that while they destroy whites forever

war you fucking niggers. war war war

dba404 –douchebag asshole 404 error where a brain should be

you seem pretty fucking stupid

if you just begin to expose horrific evil requiring drastic solutions and call it winning, you're trying to slow down or discourage the real effort it takes by the people to stop the evil

fuck you. the only winning thus far is getting trump elected just to SHOW the evil. it's not even step one you fucking piece of shit nigger fucker

don't have the big mo, either. not even step one. trump is step zero–exposing. that's it

it's up to us. anybody who says otherwise is a fucking shithead, a moron, and/or one of them–pure fucking enemy piece of shit traitors who run this country

Have you missed the last 2 years? A lot more than just that has happened and ever since the winning began the morale has skyrocketed while most anons tripled down on their efforts, including myself. If you slowed down or are discouraged that's your own inability, don't project your failures on others.
Morale is one of the major factors in war and you're actually downplaying the efforts of anons by implying that we' or trump barely did something. If you want the company of blackpilled cucks then please head to Holla Forums

Greed is a part of human condition because otherwise you wouldnt exist, more wealth=better access to boobanimals, better chances of survival.
The communist mindset is that we are SUCH EVOLOVED but in essence we are still the same apes than 100k years ago, just put in nice cloths and pretty toys.

You dont need 12 cars and 5 homes but you need a motivation to keep up your spirit, that can either go in 20cars and 10 homes or in other shit. If it goes in other shit like georgy boy does it than most likely you are going to lack certain qualities, for example that people that do not have an excessive amount of resources have a different perception of being liberal and most certainly a much stronger vector when it comes to putting hordes of military aged men in a highly sensible environment.



Reminder: Leftists always project. They are the ones that are on the edge of needing to dial up those numbers right now, as every day MUH RUSSIA gets weaker and the Obama/Hillary crime syndicate gets more revealed.

Someone tweet @jack and ask him if he is projecting.

you're the one trying to instill false confidence.

fuck you

It would be bad if someone choked those helplines with spam :^)

sign them up for telemarketers. everyone of them you can find :^)

They dont project, they reflect, what you want is behind the monkey mirror:

Unless you're room temp IQ or a deep state fuck trying to avoid the people rising up, you and everyone else paying attention knows the entire thing is fucked. Top to bottom side to side. Nothing is going to fix this except drastic action.

What stupid faggot pieces of shit like you do is destructive. They'll throw a couple niggers and kikes under the bus and call it a day, and you're mouthbreathing/shill ass will be right there cheerleading going look, we won!

You're stupid or you're in on it. The whole fucking thing is fucked. The whole thing.

Fuck you.


Every single person here needs to realize this thing is completely fucked, deep and wide–totally rotten institutionally.

The solution at this point is examing alternative political structures. This could include a brexit or similar. There is quite literally no other way to unfuck this.

Anybody who tells you "we're winning" is a complete fucking idiot or in on it, period.


I know few air conditioning repair services in Pakistan Canada and Microsoft tech support in Bangladesh Illinois
Anything else?

This is actually encouraging. It's one of the very last tools they can use when they know the jig is up.

(((they))) are desperate.

Also this falls in line with what the shills are posting here.
Normies can use these talking points in argumentation too, often when they do not have any arguments. Pathetic.

The SJWism needs to be purged, the only thing i will examine is lisas (a poltical scientist born 1990) with red and white through eastern blue.

>sluggish schizophrenia:

More people need to know about this.

Spot on that one kike sperg in shutdown thread to resorted to that when he lost everything.
Day of the rope is nigh for libshits and CIA niggers

I've had it used on me way too many times in my forensic financial investigation career. They're usually on the other line booking a flight to Unga Bunga.

There is a non-stop effort to black pill, in fact it seems like 100% of shill resources are allocated into black pilling now. Theres no election taking place so what else can they do? They can't try to convince us not to vote, or to vote for someone else, so all effort goes to trying to downplay all victories Trump brings.

I'm pretty sure there are some good people that need some work in india california at apple.

AT&T has some pretty aggressive (and fucking stupid) sales and customer service reps in the Philippines Nevada, and Juarez El Paso.

In the tech environment it makes no difference on a larger scale if you have good intentions or not, because the outcome is jackshit at the end due to certain mechanisms at least how this is how it seems.

There are still people who haven't fallen for it. They keep pushing the Donald Trump wall picture, anything negative for israel (naming jarusalem as the capital) is instantly taken as kikey when in fact if you look deeper it has a negative impact on that shithole. The syrian airfield strike, which caused minimal damage (the airfield was up and running again in a few days) was taken at face value when in reality it had no effect on much of anything.
Blackpilling so far is one of the few things that has actually been successful for these faggots, except they mainly only manage to blackpill the impatient and ignorant among the comunity. The first blackpill that became obvious was his cabinet picks. Trump never campaigned as a white nationalist, yet somehow the idea that he did became popular. Trump is a civic nationalist, plain and simple. The difference is that he was supposed to be a stepping stone in the right direction.
Impatience and ignorance are the true blackpills, and should be completely avoided at all costs.




This isnt medicalization of dissent you analmouse fag. It is merely a miscalibration of what consists of mental illness and techduck shit. And the endresult is an upset of conservatives due to that crap.

This is simply applied cyber phrenology. If Hillary had won, Twitter would automatically direct the local (Democrat voting) mental health authorities to your home, as well as alerting child protective services.

Classic gaslighting.

If hillary would have won a lot of numales would have received CIAesque underhand threats depending on bodyweight and haircolourspectrum.
Color, colour, i imagine an american commercial that puts the U into the aquarel, contrary to the stiff upper lip.

Like clockwork.

Gaslighting at its best


Aaaand the D&C spam is right on time

you said it life-partner!

If you care about it, then stop the nigger and spic logging, and stop the populations of India and China from reaching this levels requiring more agiculture. Europe and American were never the problem, and is still not the problem.

There's a difference between blackpilling–all hope is lost–and deliberately overplaying "victories" which is really just Trump exposing the massive evil and treason. They ALSO do the latter. Like everybody gets a trophy when the situation cannot be unfucked structurally because it is too rotten.

You have to really use your almonds to understand that BOTH techniques are used. Trump is just opening a door, which is indeed a victory. But the system is completely, totally, 100% rotten and treasonous, corrupt and criminal, top to bottom and side to side. Anyone telling you "YOU'RE WINNING" ALSO has to be looked at with complete suspicion, because the idea is to encourage inaction. Either say things are hopeless or "they're taking care of it/it'll be ok/Trump's winning/you're winning." No. Only drastic, basically insane, harsh measures have to happen. Nothing else is going to cut it. It's completely, irrevocably broken.

So, PLEASE your almonds and PAY ATTENTION to the EFFECT of how psy ops operate. They BOTH say "all hope is lost" AND "hey you're winning, Trump's handling business" BOTH are bad because Trump JUST OPENED THE DOOR OF KNOWLEDGE. IT IS UP TO THE PEOPLE HOW TO PROCEED

The funny thing about burgers is that they are so divided over petty shit basically as if it would be part a part of their very being.

They are like cousins if you want to hear that.

You know that if you get a reaction like this out of them that pushing secret society is a winning issue. Keep it up lads.

We're on the Tex Murphy timeline.

I assume that the biggest conventional gap in graphical improvement was within that timeframe, from 256 colours to something that comes the closest the fastest in 99 aka q3 arena. I think this was the gap, including the early 2000s were i wish i could have freezed the "social" advancement of tech and only emphazied its improvement in sophistication.

Under a Killing Moon is the most kiked thing ever. Play again, and it's obvious he's a kike among kikes.

As an example, it begins with WWII crap, despite supposedly being set in the 2040's.



I like the art in Quake. The style. It's the best to date. UT went a bit too much in the Avatar direction.

I always liked the way i needed to progress from 14" 80s screen with an overclocked graphics card and an overclocked celeron to play that masterpiece. Will stick with me and brothers until we die.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

I kekled at this one


Twitter always was a CIA op. This makes it invaluable, as, by observing [[[them]]] we gain sophisticated tools of propaganda.

That doesnt make us meet big titty girls.

The most effective form of pickup is to become a drug dealer. I do not recommend pickup. It's manipulative, and illegal in some states.

Jesus Christ, if anyone needs mental help, it's the CEO who sucks off a nigger every night. What a fucking joke.

I m always being unfortunate that the really cute small titted girls find a liking in me.

< ignoring my advice

omg it's like you're retarded or something.

You are right, i will consider that.

Oh no, don't do that. Don't do anything illegal.

Your lack of practical consideration leads me to believe that you are a nigger.

< not breaking the law is nigger-like
le fuck?

Pretty sure that your birth was the first reverse engineering noble prize, bonus points in finding your father.

Ever try habaneros? They're hot.

No didnt work i wanted to write hapa but then the form said it is too racist and i should reconsider.

fuck off

Maybe it misunderstood hapa neros, like modern art, staring elliot rogers, copy that?

So to reiterate:
1. The CIA created Twitter for various propaganda purposes. It's their toy.
2. The CIA is presently engaged in a campaign to implant thoughts of suicide in members of the WN movement, indeed in whites in general.
3. This campaign of Twitter is an example of such an attempt. Many occur here, frequently. Most have a bot-like quality. Very low effort, barely seem to make sense/relate. "memes" that aren't really memes. But with the implant: "suicide" or related concepts.

Sounds like a libtard just being a smartass.

Maybe they ment sui cider, like swiss cider, i assume the nazi gold is hidden in the cider since everything is so expensive.

It's the CIA. It's a brainwashing op. It's incredibly widespread, actually. And it's a desperate move :^)

Maybe the CIA is my mother since in washes bra.


Sodomy is sodomy.

Tell us about gorilla warfare.

Gorilla warfare would be waiting until a female specimen enters your perimeter so you can mate with it.

Respectfully checked.

Excellent archival of climate science fraud. Its such a shame people are caught up arguing about some chimera when real issues with massive amounts of shit and plastic in the water is choking off the bottom of the aquatic food chain. The sheer scale of misdirection of well intentioned environmentally minded humans, WHICH IS an expression of the stewardship qualities of a superior human, is tragic.
Slay the green meme demons. Free your brother mind.

The inevitable, change. It's only going to get worse, it only ever gets worse here. There'll be brief moments of respite but they are fleeting.

What's causing the change is a multitude of things i'm sure you don't need me to tell you. Don't be dissuaded by it though. It's for the most part a good sign that things are heading in Holla Forums's direction, believe it or not. Once this place was unknown and not worth caring about, know though, quiet different.

Stay the course, improve where you can, Holla Forums is always right. And remember to laugh right in their faces.

wtf I love niggers now
still clutching to this as if it means something

Blackpilling attempts aside there's no winning until we have a stampede of angry normalcattle on our side. We have considerable momentum in the meme war but it can be all moot if we don't fully expose the extent of the corruption to the masses and without a broadcasting platform that's the trickiest part, on the upside we've managed to raze the credibility of (((their))) platforms and their appeal to the normalfgas.

Say that to my face and see what happens, baka!


I'm really not sure if this is the place to post this but when I post on botnetshit I get ads telling me I'm schizophrenic, it's like their ad algorithm is gas lighting people with different opinions or information now. I'll screencap one next time it pops up.

Step further: call from a virtual phone program.

>helping and defending a (((global warming))) shill

Is it as late for you as it is for me and you’re just tired or are you an illiterate faggot?

Another amusing thing damaging wildlife in weird ways is all the Fukushima shit drifting across the Pacific to Oregon and California.

Obviously, though, in light of a massive treasonous syndicate selling nuclear weapons material and classified intel to al queda-affiliated terrorists to dump those nukes on our heads here in America, whatever horrific destruction our own government will ultimately cause because of the nuke and classified intel selling may dwarf anything we've seen so far from Chernobyl or Three-Mile Island. So, there's that. It's funny how we have very real horrifying threats due to our own government's massive treason, yet here we are worried about MAYBE temperature MIGHT change SOMETIMES. lol. honestly we deserve to get fucking nuked by hillary/podesta brand nukes.

This scam upsets me so much. It's been going on for decades now and they keep forging data to keep siphoning money out of people. I worry we'll never be able to finally reveal this bullshit for what it is.


The memes of communication.


Shutting people down with "you're mentally ill for even looking at the tag" is going to redpill the fuck out of people.

It looks like it's already happening. I love that ((they))) don't care about #eatingdisorder #anxiety or #depression.

They will never cease setting themselves up for a game they don't know the rules of.

Why can't we start accusing democrats of being communist now that they've started the whole Russia witch hunt?

Because we've… already proven it? Because they openly admit to supporting marxist ideologies? I don't know what year you think this is, but we've been outing the commies for a decade now.
It's not December 2016.
What does that have to do with your statement?

ad nauseam if you want to fuck up their advertisement money in the process

Exactly man. I'm always baffled by these God emperor people and the 14/88D chess memers losing their shit and trying to make excuses for the fact that he isn't Hitler 2.0. That wasn't the point. He's shifting the Overton window towards us. We've entered the mainstream, and that's huge. Hillary Clinton, one of the most powerful people in the world, called us out during the election. We're the top priority of the kikes at the ADL. We have multinational corporations breathing down our necks because they're that afraid of our ideas. Ron Paul didn't do that for us. I remember 2012 we didn't do shit but make Paul into a meme. We might as well have been an underwater basketweaving forum back then. That was before Holla Forums harbor, before GG, before we started really militarizing as cyber guerillas. Trump was huge for us, there's no denying it.
People like to refute this by saying, "Oh Trump, he's controlled opposition meant to keep everyone complacent" but even so, the fact that our enemy had to make such a concession, had to sacrifice their golden girl is tremendous. Hey so what if he's making everyone complacent, because they're being complacent with civic nationalism. That's only one step away from ethno. Hell of a lot better than just lying down and accepting libshit dystopia. Just give it some time. Trump's controlled opposition won't affect us, we'll keep working in the shadows like we always have. As Thomas Paine said in common sense, time makes more converts than reason.

I hope you're right user, Holla Forums has been blue-balling me with this shit long enough.

Hyperborean quads of truth checked five times.
The war has begun, and this is just act 1. We're in the interlude to act 2 as we speak, preparing and gaining skill, influence, and experience.


mega super double dubs and trips

agree in part, but impatience is actually important. we don't have a lot of time until they oust trump one way or another. they'll certainly rig the shit out of november elections and certainly 2020. telling people they're winning is a major way to shut down opposition.

the nation itself is going down. the problem is trump is just exposing a bunch of things we sort of already knew were there. we the people have to decide what to do from there. the system is irrevocably broken top to bottom and across agencies, congress, you name it. it's the systems and institutions that are no longer functional.

i don't agree on working the shadows. that to me sounds like classic blackpilling. it's time for a phase of unification and organization, and that includes in public. unite the right, contrary to what assholes say, was a huge massive turning point for the good. the reason it was condemned so harshly was that the nigger kike loving boomer faggots fear it. it's fear that spawned the backlash. unifying as a public force, not of retarded kkk or swastika wearing idiots, but just the way they did it at unite the right…clean, organized, focused, overtly ethnonationalist…that's massive

working from the shadows is part of it, but it's time for a real movement, because the clock is indeed ticking and we have a limited window of opportunity before trump is gone and the powers that be never, ever let anyone like him in ever again–then it's all over

Also, I meant to add that it's important to stop, by force if necessary, anybody who shows up to a public event ready for a negative media photo op. KKK, Nazi, anything like that. Even if they are not actually feds or whatever the fuck. No more of that whatsoever. This has to be a clean reset and start fresh. The basic philosophy behind the unite the right optics was outstanding. Some dipshits show up waiving Nazi flags or wearing KKK stuff–in the future, those people need to be forced physically to get the fuck out. They can change clothes, but they have to fucking leave period from any public event the media intends to discredit.

"muh popular vote" Yeah, a bunch of filthy kikes, niggers, and spics, and sorts of other filthy shitskin cockroach parasites in NYC and LA etc.voted for a pro-nigger pro-spic candidate

the founders never thought cockroaches like that were even people, let alone that they should participate in the democratic political process. democracy can't work with tribalistic animals who are literally too stupid to understand the constitution or history and who hate whites generation after generation.

whites need an ethnostate where it is whites only de jure. whites can use 1789 constitution doc and the bill of rights. add in equal protection but no fourteenth amendment type language. just make sure it is equal protection for citizens, and requirement of citizenship is european descent. the whites only by law part is extremely important and may help restore a semblance of the founders' vision

the most serious problems we're experiencing in government, including massive treason we're seeing right now, are due to niggers and spics and shitstain panderers like hillary and particularly the many kikes who influence govt who appoint those niggers and spics to critical positions in government. those niggers, spics, and various shitskins cannot be criticized due to nigger/spic identity, and then you get predatory jew fucks manipulating the shit out the unassailable 85 iq animals who can easily be manipulated to commit horrific abuses like massive treason. the system cannot work with demographics as they are. so talking popular vote should set off alarms. it's an indicator of the true problem in this country. vast armies of shitskin 85 iq fucks ruined it. hence "muh popular vote muh popular vote"

fuck all the 85 iq animals and all their allies and manipulators who ruined this country, and fuck the kike masters of manipulation and financial manipulation of politics most of all. and fuck "much popular vote" and anybody who says that. anyone saying that is an enemy on the side of those who destroyed this country and deserves the death sentence like any enemy

It's pretty fucking clever because it's a way to distract well-meaning whites who want a religion but are too cool for a religion. It's a nice distraction from the country burning the fuck down and a lot of shitskins surrounding us destroying what was once a great white country. just another jew scam to distract enough whites while jews import vast armies of shitskins and shift the overton window so whites commit suicide.

slaughter all kikes and see if the global warming narrative mysteriously stops

I don’t know how we got from manufacturing consent tier propaganda to roll in the dirt limbs flailing like a retard crap like this. The quality of propaganda from the “left” has deteriorated beyond what could be reasonably expected of what in the past have been commendable propagandists. Why?

Two generations removed from the source of an ideal is all it takes to dilute it beyond recognition. It's like a game of Telephone, except over the course of decades and usually with thousands more than you could fit in a room.

You start with "Destroy capitalism" and end up with "FUCKING WHITE PATRIARCHY"

But this isn’t a pedestrian movement at its core. The useful idiots may have malfunctioned to an extent but why would the architects allow fundamentally flawed methods such as social media corporate bias to repeat over and over. In the past this spiritually wicked cabal put serious academic work into their subversion, critical theory and its implementation as an example. I find it hard to believe that the architects of the wests decline merely died off without a well-groomed and active line of successors established.

In my opinion they are playing into our hands a little to abundantly. We shouldn’t underestimate our enemy.


And I think you're forgetting that these are people, same as you or I.

They're as susceptible to change and failure as anyone else. While it's doubtless the original Commies selected their successors, they're still working with people that have their own ideas.

Further, the inability to turn on a dime is one of the major downsides of becoming the establishment. They have all the infrastructure at their disposal, but none of the ability to make all of the people that make up that infrastructure simultaneously fall in line. Part of that is because of sheer inertia try to get a roomful of people convinced of their moral righteousness that they all need to stop what they're doing, right now, and do what you tell them to do. I'll wait and part of that is because they're out of touch with the populace.

The overwhelming majority of us haven't really invested as much of our lives and resources to this as the Commie-descended side has. If it turns out that we need to change strategies, it's as easy as deleting a meme folder and starting a new one. Meanwhile, these guys have to deal with a flock of PR guys and a panel of shareholders when they want to make use of their platform to bellow "Wait, maybe supporting gays isn't the best idea for the future," assuming they ever pick up on the fact that normal people aren't on board with that kind of crap.

Far be it from me to overestimate the abilities of a Finnish fingerpainting forum, but I'd say we have the advantage of not always having to be sixty steps ahead of the left. If the left is underestimated, that will only last as long as it takes for the dumbest Holla Forumsack to realize he made a mistake, not as long as it takes for the most persistent shill to give up on trying to convince him.

They seem to be right a disturbing amount of the time, I think they're just hyper vigilant and get carried away. They're the canaries in the coal mine. This actually happened in the communist world quite a bit, the secret police would just spy and stalk "potential political subversives" so they wouldn't lose their funding. I'm not saying they're doing it, just saying it's not unbelievable.

I remember when dragnets, elite pedophile rings, weather modification, computer hardware backdoors and zionists doing 9/11 were all "schizoid conspiracy theories". Those are all old hat, the schizoids are talking about space weapons these days– getting kinda worried.

We all laughed at Dr. Carol Rosin, we called her a loon, now a days after all the bullshit is settled on what was once considered some of the furthest-fetched conspiracies people are back tracking on that fast.

@jack just recently resigned, very abruptly

it's part of the very under-reported glow in the dark shutdown which is happening before our very eyes

Only shills, user, and the idiots they hoodwinked.

I meant a little broader scope than the chans on that one user.

We are well into "oh fuck territory" by my estimation, all they have to do is put their UFOhoax into play, the one thing Dr. Rosin is wrong on imo is first contact is going to be another psyop stage.

Bluebeam will be enhanced with Black Mirror, essentially using cell phones, computers, and TVs to fill the last-mile gaps which the holographic projections and other dazzlers don't reach. Woah man, my computer/phone/tv came on at the same time as the alien speech in New York and I watched it live!

Yep… and I think we all know it's going to go basically like this..
GG Earth

Enough people will laugh it off that even if they present a couple handfuls of deformed humanoid chimerae and some combat bots it will fail.

It worked in Iraq in the 1990s but they used images of muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker IIRC, but of course those were different times.

it'll really freak people out when they unplug the devices and they still have power from the wireless scalar energy

You mean the batteries built in to the phones?

no I mean pulling the plug and the screen is still on

You're clever, trying to go all the way with this. While the technical capabilities for emergency messaging and management engines make it possible to show things on a screen, sadly I don't think a run of the mill TV will work when the power's out. Will it turn on at the appropriate moment? Probably depends on when it was built, but no there's no scalar Tesla power which will work with a normal TV.

Neat strategy though, ask me about the hollow earth next!



Is that some kind of interrogation technique where we torture soyboys with the most heinous forms of meme magic? ==DRUIDS PLS RESPOND==


A better alternative to dying for your people is to live and to have lots of children. Think about it.