Hello all, long time internet veteran here (since the first days of the 'net in the early 2000s)...

Hello all, long time internet veteran here (since the first days of the 'net in the early 2000s). Glad to be among my fellow cyberghosts again grin

It seems that while shareblue and other shill teams have lost the election, their attempts are nowhere near exhausted. While this may not be of grave concern to you, something very dark is happening that only the more adept users seem to be taking note of:

I've been seeing a lot of chatter on the 'Chans about a TPW laptop (P4 15 NB) that was popular with hacker types in the 2014-2016 era. Shills are VERY HOSTILE when this subject comes up, despite the fact that the only places this laptop has been available have been darknet forums or government surplus auctions where it has ended up by mistake. Has anyone ever managed to see one of these in the wild?

Look deeper… Try some digging on the topic, some people have reported bizarre results jamming their searches. You may see something different depending on your "threat assessment" to the system.

Many shills are using underscores (_) in their usernames. This appears to be part of a system for generating identities and keeping track of who is who. This is especially rampant on ar15.com which has a particularly nefarious group of shills, some of them are using long term sleeper accounts dating back years. However this is easily understandable as the government/cabal have prioritized gun owners and militia types as enemy #1 for the use of Counter-Intelligence psyop and infiltration attacks, all the way back to the 90s. As the largest website for gun enthusiasts, it is not surprising that they are targeted. Currently the Saudi purge discussion on ar15.com is one of the most active parts of that site, and shills are attacking it constantly, which makes it an educational real time shill recognition trainer.

Underscore_shills are especially rabid on the TPW laptop topic. And if you post about it on ar15.com, you instantly get dogpiled and they exploit the report feature to purge your post. Try it and see.

We are getting close, guys. They're terrified of us having access to hardware that may not be corruptible. Backdoored hardware is a HUGE part of the cabal's plan as you can easily see from the SpaceX/NK link.

Follow the white rabbit.

Other urls found in this thread:


Full Specs;



Clearly a fake website>>11180003


Has anyone wondered why this website is even still up listing obsolete technology?

Even on this site, the thumbnail is fucked up.

Auto censor.



Wow, the shills usually don't show up so fast

Nigger come on, this is cuckchan tier.


Debunk this topic. You have provided no contrary evidence.

Does anyone know what hard ware is in it? It might be possible to just build a computer with the same hardware instead of searching for that specific one.

you have a filter and a hide function available to you, fuck off and use them like any faggot who has been here for more than 5 minutes does.

if its clearly fake, have you tried calling the numbers listed?
Just because an old site is still online does not make it instantly fake.

I am happy to be shown otherwise

Keep in mind Sauds just got their AI supercomputer with the citizenship going. Also, along this thread the worst shilling I've ever experienced was exposing Barry Soetoro's lack of elligibility or possibly not even a citizen. I exposed a shill on that going non stop shilling on youtube vids for that subject and only that subject. I honestly can't be sure if there was even a person with a fake account and canned responses or full on bot. It was very systematic eitherway though. They or it was very aggressive on that for years actually.

further to my last post, I've found one of their supply contracts with the gov


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Interesting tidbit, the contract is valid until 2020
what appears to be their direct phone number;
tel:714-993-1095 x102

and I have found another address for the company when doing a DUNS check;

2112 N Orange Mall
Orange, CA 92865-3612

nothing leads me to your conclusion of this site being a fake at this point, care to provide me with something to the contrary?

now the domain;

Registrant Contact
Organization:the portable warehouse corp
Street:4430 east miraloma corp
Postal Code:92807
Email:[email protected]

Administrative Contact
Name:david fazli
Organization:the portable warehouse.corp
Postal Code:92807-1840
Phone:(714) 701-1830
Fax:999 999 9999


just search it on bing dummy, I got plenty of results there. jewgle is a botnet, try dogpile even

The internet in its modern form was invented in the late 70s to early 80s

You probably meant the 'web which came around in the mid 90s
Oh but you probably already knew that so-called "veteran"

also, did you also /g/?

You know how I know your a faggot forum sliding OP?
Dumb fucking statements such as this. Underscores in names are too common to be identified with specific activity.


That was also another warning sign about the OP.

he also outright stated that the website is a fake when everything I have dug into so far lines up. Have even found their old repair facility; 1247 N. Lakeview Ave, Suite H

OP can be a faggot but discounting everything because he is, is the kind of outcome shills get wet for.

build your own laptop

2000's ????
membah netscape navigator? i membah

1994 first time i accessed the "web" lol

oh i could tell u about the early days!!! lol

beep boop beep getting free international phone calls beep boop phreaks me out man


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if you never owned a commodore 64 fuk off. wizard of war was my fave.

still can't believe the downfall of yahoo

hacked cartridge wonder boy a close 2nd

yahoo chat? omg

dig dug fuk yeh i miss an old game called sport of kings, 1st horse racing game i loved


they were like 10 years ahead of the curve, membah when yahoo chat closed :(

altavista lol astalavista!!!!!

Best ever………………….i think pamela anderson was 1st internet celeb ever……membah looking at pixelated nudes that took ten minutes to load lol

warez ftw

anyone nostagic reading this thread check out realmz for pc 1993 or 1994 i fink……years ahead!!!!

first time i altered a config file xy coordinates to circumvent the registration !! ha sorry for the Holla Forums post

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looks like Naveed K Falzi is the man to look for. The business is still lodging as of 20/12/16; Listed as CEO, CFO, Secretary, Director and President.

Corporate #: C1811301

I'm sure you could get them to sell you one if you have $3000 to blow. I wouldn't do it unless you're really not bothered by the idea of losing that much money on a Pentium 4 laptop. Also P4 was released well after the start of the Meltdown vulnerability.

yeah, okay nigger I'm sure.

One reason underscores were used was because spacing allowed people to pretend to be other accounts. You could use someone else's 'nym that had spaces in it by using two or three spaces between names, and no one could tell the difference between the original account and the troll account. Really, what you are saying is that the earliest individuals on the net that were aware of shills are the actual shills, which sounds like a pretty shill thing to say. Sounds like you are trying to poison the well of oldfags on the internet who came up with an early anti-shill method for namefags.

Other than being a shill, you type like a fucking dipshit larper.

If the minimum order in that contract is accurate, you can definitely get them to sell you one. But, again. If you spend $3000 on a Pentium 4 laptop, you're a sucker.

it's a govt supply contract, it has nothing to do with the public.

This shit is a 2014 larp on cuckchan.
Shit was retarded 4 years ago, it's still retarded now.
Go look up the archives, about a dozen threads from 2014 on it.

Hey halfchan faggots, your failchan has images again, you can go back.

Is this Q shit

It's a bit older than Q, but it's just as autismal.

Had bbc b with cumana 5.25" floppy that cost as much as the pc. Elite, chucky egg, citadel. Had fun with c64 and the cassette loading, mapped Cauldron II with a friend one summer. Totally blown away when the completed thing was the shape of a haunted house, which you would never know unless you went to the trouble of drawing it out.
Look at it now; poor kids. At least there's mame.

next you'll say you were only pretendin to be retarded

As a protofag/oldfag from this era I laughed too. BBS and fossilizedfags were even before this.

And this shit is slide larping. Ime/me etc was introduced around core-core 2 transition. Previous CPUs still vulnerable to the latest exploits. ME is just one part of it.
Other exploits are controllers at hardware level eg Lan/HDD/etc.
Doesn't matter if it's some horseshit p4 larptop like op or not.

Tldr; temple os/linux/vm etc means nothing when your poz is hardware level.

But yes, call me a kike shill for telling the truth.

What pentium chip was it specifically? I still have some desktop P4's lying around, but theyre all vulnerable.

Afaik, even laptop designed CPU's get created by their respective companies as well so I dont see what would make this laptop special.

Besides, why dont you buy some pre 1995 hardware? The exploits are open on github,you could test youself if they are safe or not.

The P4-15NB is a shitty forced meme from /g/ for faggots that felt a toughbook wasn't snowflake enough. Its apparently being adopted by Q shitposters only now with a little "John Titor" sprinkled on top.


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oh, the kids these days….I tell ya….

TRS-80 baby. 16KB of RAM and no harddrive, no floppy. If you wanted to save your work you played it modem-style onto a cassette tape.


Don't you want to just punch them right in the mouth?

Nothing can ping from inside a faraday cage.

Being this schizophrenic

Core build specifically for the military,presumably without jewish backdoors ,that's why it's illegal to sell,buy and own it
I think some /techpol/acks are working on making their own cores

I want to flame about them in the usenet.

Meldown and Spectre 2 different problems
Intel Isreal is responsible for cores starting from 1980or1990

It depends on how well the cage is build and wave frequency ,Don't take any security for 100% fault proof


I was around at almost the beginning of the www, still doesn't make me an internet veteran.

133, 134, sequential sections.
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Tavern of the Red Dragon was pretty awesome tbh. Too bad I don't have my Amiga anymore, Syndicate was pretty awesome on there. It was nice to have a frog corp take over the world pre-Kek.

appeal to authority

false claim

no point reading the rest its all bullshit