Cuckpol is getting cucked

Apparently somebody leaked the memo over there and now nobody can upload images, certain posters are unable to post on other boards, and some posts fail to upload entirely. Dear god help us all.

Other urls found in this thread:

1. We don't care.
2. I doubt it was the FISA memo. More likely DDoS with CP, like has been said by refugees.

Was in the thread before modfags deleted it, it was definitely something fucking important, and based on what it said and how fast it was (((shut down))), it was the memo.

no way that's what's going on
started about 20 hours ago btw

You mean this?

No, that's the Q-LARP hoax. The real FISA documents will be dozens of pages.

No, i was looking at a scanned Xerox not a digital document. although i did see that floating around, here have the unfagged version if you want to LARP some more.

It's not because they leaked the memo. I think that something big is coming guys. I think they're preparing for a false flag and shut the discussion down and locked image posting in order to have control of the narrative when it happens.


I feel it.

Honestly the lack of images on that board would probably only improve things. No more dank kekistani memeposting to trigger those racist liberals!

Spoken like a fucking kike. You disgust me.

i don't think they will ever be able to regain control of the narrative, trust in msm has been shattered and i can't think of a single thing they could possibly do to regain it

Someone actually believes this shit?

I get the same feeling user. I live in Florida and I've been noticing something here for a while now. Well two things that I didnt connect as related but after that mall bomb that seemed more like a dry run than anything and got memory holed pretty fucking quickly…..

I was thinking that my neighborhood was just going to hell, because the shitskin population seems to have doubled, but now Im starting to get the opinion that something is going on.

Brevard county btw, screen cap this just in case.

Trump also called immigrants Terrorists. DACA surprisingly has Israelis as part of the program!

couldn't get past that either

except drumpf is a fucking kike like his family

Even if they're right about him being wrong with the math, he would just have to change it to "nonwhite" to have it be accurate.
(Hopefully "right" enough to account for all the white false flags or (((white))) terrorists).

Could be a LARPing idiot, but I've found that many very highly classified documents have glaring fuckups like that in them because they're not written by the normal clerical staff. People with +10 Glow-in-the-Dark clearance aren't hired for their literary talent.

Hmmm, that's an interesting theory. I saw a post related to that right before the sight went wonky.

I mean, you're not wrong, but Jesus ,that's a fucking obvious mistake.

So this just got posted on cuckchan.

Even without that. Spics are a different breed of shitskin savage, I'd go so far as to say they are the most savage of the savage mongrels. They are also naturally predisposed to violent revolution and for that reason love them some communist uprising. There are somewhere near 30 fucking million illegal spics in the US.

The kikes got themselves a willing army at their disposal all they need to do is arm them. If we assume that half of the illegals are military aged males, that gives us 15 million of them. At civilian retail prices you could get a meh quality rifle and 1000 rounds for $1000. That $18 billion that soro's (((donated))) could fund that with 3 billion to spare. It has been months since he donated that money and I haven't seen $18 billion worth of anything come from it, have you?

Stop derailing the thread faggot. Israel is pulling some shit right now and it's not good.

Very fucking probably. Could fucking be. I was going to go to bed early tonight but something told me I needed to stay awake. Keep an eye out everywhere.

No fucking shit. One of the things they could pull is a spic insurrection in America. I am not derailing you homo.

jews are part of daca, and the most successful of that group.. imagine that. haaretz DOT COM/us-news/u-s-jewish-groups-blast-trump-s-decision-to-scrap-daca-as-cruel-1.5448499

fuck google it.. jews are getting arrested by the 40+ in groups defending daca.. and you bet your ass you know why.

Im checking all over the internet. Just found a thread on GLP about an emergency declared east of sacramento after a man was spotted entering a pipe near 'sly park dam' whereever that is

man, i'm too old to buy that crap…



This place is still up. Zerohedge, abovetopsecret, and r/conspiracy as well. Pretty sure this is just incompetence from the degenerate team running 4chan nowadays rather than anything else. At most, I could see it being a scaled up version of that narrative control test that was run on 4/x/ related to the posting of a "real alien" image.

user id:

come on now

God damn you, get the fuck out of here!

We should care because they are going to come here. We should direct them to another imageboard like mlpol so they don't come here.

Someone posted pictures of a TPW P4-15-NB, timestamped.

Boards went down shortly after

And what precisely is a TPW P4-15-NB?

fuck you mummy just came to check on me

Find out.

At least now you can pull up info from dig threads, minus some pages removed with DMCA takedowns. Back in 2016 we got pages and pages of numerical gibberish and search jamming.

Holla Forums-user here.
the shill posts and threads on the other chan were getting to be too much.
the image ban was my last straw.
on closer inspection it seems that 8 is superior to 4.
newfag mistake with the user id.
so user will make a contribution:
a good way to characterize the kike – and it's a characterization that really grates them – is as
they also detest the term



welcome newfriend, please lurk for two years

who are lurk and moar?
are those, like, your avatar names?
when does user get his avatar name?

you guys seem really cool

Jesus you fags are retarded

Cloudflare is having problems. That's it.

>conveniently happens right as something (((shut down))) worthy is posted
Has this place taught you nothing?

you're just gelly cuz user got quads on his second ever infinity chan post – i don't blame you.

kek is with user, senpai.

Apparently some type of laptop that had special government-only encryption hardware for government and military communication, they made their way into the public through government surplus liquidation sales and now apparently go for something ridiculous like $3k.


I think Jews are chimping out and are gonna try and pull something big.

If 4 is fuck then surely 8 is double cuck

Feels like it. My ESP or autism is spastic. Was the memo really leaked or are we under attack?

user when are we NOT under attack.

>right as something (((shut down))) worthy is posted
This place should have taught you that hearsay is not proof that anything of importance was ever posted in the first place.

Memo wasn't leaked. Secret societies mentioned in MSM. Talk of treason. I think the final showdown is upon us.


Real shit tho, I think he's gonna get assassinated

Way to go user


Yet the only thing they shut down is posting images on 4chan? Information can still be spread through their Holla Forums just by pasting links to other image hosts. No other sites seem to be impacted.

Nice Chan you have here, mind if Holla Forums comes and stays a while.

Are you up to speed?

Perhaps the total destruction of nu/pol/ is for the best?

Q became too popular. Pic unrelated.

Gookmoot's incompetence finally catches up with him.
Sorry swirlchan, but there's no Jews to see here.

the rats are cornered.
they're in desperation mode.
staying up to see if something breaks.
the kikes are in a particularly tenuous situation because their principal weakness is that they're unable to sustain a war with multiple fronts.
their style of attack is to concentrate their efforts on a given target and apply all the pressure there possible.
but now that they hate trump and putin, coupled with the fact that they're fighting a media/information war here in the states and at the same time a political battle in congress, all while fighting the international community over the validity of israel, they're never able to sustain enough pressure to any of them.
that is to say, the international jew is losing on all fronts because he will sacrifice none and is not capable of defending them all.

Idk user? is Holla Forums welcome?

See you, Space cowboys….

well eat fried pig and shart on a muslim, bout fuggin time

Someone posted a nuke in a tunnel 20 minutes before the site shut down the image server.

>Leading (((evangelist))) Anne Graham Lotz warns that God will send a nuclear strike to punish the U.S. for being immoral.
We all know these pastors are paid off by the kikes.

I remember a lot of talk during Gamergate about fighting on multiple fronts. Maybe that's why it was a success in the end.

Thanks doc

That LARP has infected several other sites and has dedicated boards here. Unless those boards are truly dead and gone since the botting subsided. I don't keep up with all the nonsense. If all of 4chan was going to be fucked up to limit Q LARPing, there'd be several other sites being fucked up as well.

just went over there
that place is dead. It's like a hollow shell.

board speed has slowed down tremendously. It's just a bunch of people copypasting text art. Half the threads are some kind of bait or shill.

The great meme wars of the elections brought Holla Forums enemies upon it, the shills and slide threads where ever present. Holla Forums has fought a savage fight

4/pol/ was a necessary sacrifice

So long as that nuke and resulting earthquake obliterate San Francisco and most of CA, it's probably for the best.

The Q boards here are the most active on the site, often by a factor of 10. Holla Forums is truly fucking dead, and this is on purpose. The Q fags came from Reddit, where I assume they have their own board (though perhaps not, given that they’re viewed as “right-wing”), and they’ve infested the pizzagate board of Voat, as well. And then, of course, we have the FUCKING BOOMERS posting on Facebook and Twitter (of all places) about Q.

What’s your evidence of this statement?

Welcome to Florida, where the Florida Man is real and the people truly are one of a kind. Come live in the swamp if you hate yourself. Don't swim in that water, its either growing brain-eating bacteria or full of crocodiles; or both. Want to hike? We've got snakes, wild boar, and bears. Also no elevation, so sweat your ass off while seeing little of interest. We also have a phosphate mine in North Florida that I could swear has infected main water systems. The "lakes" where I live here smell of phosphorus ~2-3 AM.

Reminds me of cuckchan 2.0

Complete bullshit.

Oh man fuck yes

absolutely. this is why the election of Trump represents such a titanic complication for the jews and their peculiar dilemma. so hillary was to basically continue the obama ploy of using proxy terrorist militia groups to clear out a buffer zone for greater israel, while at the same time pretending to go tough on the hardliners in the kinesset – so as to satisfy an increasingly indignant international community.
Trump is basically doing the opposite; and the invasion of northern syria by Turkey is truly astonishing.
anons, this is a seismic shift in regional policy' and it's as clear a sign as you're gonna get that the good guys are truly in charge.
the kurds and israel have been working hand in glove for at least 30 years.
and all the while Trump is making a grand show of his support for hardliners in likud.

the complete and total capitulation of shumer today was just astonishing.

something very big is brewing anons.
funny thing is, when looking back and understanding what was going on now, this whole time we were waiting on a precipitous happening, incredible things have been literally habbening behind the scenes and just beneath the surface.
but i do now truly think we're on the precipice of something huge in a very public and demonstrable way.
user suspects there may be a creshendo of sorts at the state of the union.


Learn how to crosspost.


That file was uploaded in May 2017. So you are telling me this super secret FISA file has been sitting in Scribd since May? Really user?

The thing about the TPW laptop made it too obvious. It's just a damn Pentium 4 laptop. Probably a nice machine, but not special in any way.


so what actually is happening to 4chan. Does anyone know?

If that is in any way similar to the official release when it comes out I will ignore any user of the word "larp" in the future.

I suspect ddos. Non-Holla Forums boards are slow too.

Gookmoot didn't pay the bill and cloudflare is throttling.
I told you already.

Gookmoot is probably adding more ways to dispense malware after everyone figured out how to block his last round of bullshit. Get ready to mine cryptocoins after downloading cuckchan images when they come back up.

To be honest embedded files in images are a serious potential threat.

yep, and it only took them literally destroying your board for you to finally realize that
nevermind the daily blacked threads, constant spam, and unrestrained shills


images are back on 4 Holla Forums now. I cross post so just thought you guys would like to know

I hope she’s right. Cali needs a nuke.

I like it here I'm staying here now


Secret society is trending on Twitter , start tweeting, normies are looking into it!

I saw a red/black flagger posting loli. I think they're trying to get dirt on posters in a last ditch attempt. I don't see how it could work though. I think law enforcement acknowledges how easily this shit get's accidentally logged onto computers.

since when did 4chan report loli to law enforcement

4/pol/ is completely dead after the election. Half the threads are probably bots and the other half is obvious bait with 200+ replies.

user im not kidding i thought that too i noticed this same red black flag poster yesterday, it was anime loli image i didnt click it. the image name was .jpg thats it. I noticed it on Holla Forums Holla Forums and /r9k/ , i knew they where up to no good.

It was getting a little better lately, though I just saw a subtle blatant Holla Forums advertisement bait thread.

Apparently sage is working again on there too. Just not visibly (I am sceptical of that though..).
Probably wise to check it for the little fragments of it's usefulness.

It's stupid. If law enforcement did crack down on that it would round up every human on the planet.

The illegality has to have contextual usage, so it's all in vain if this is an attempt to get dirt on 4chan users.

Day of the rake when?


You don't need to spoiler or break links here. I won't be checking your trips as punishment but know that it's for your own good.

me t0 m8
will not miss the shill and bait shit
if i never see another thread about trannies i'll be a happy user

"We" did talk about Bluebeam lately

Go back to cuckchan and fight there faggots. There is operation Lazarus going on and instead of fighting you flee like the weaklings you are. I never visited it before and I still partake in Op. Lazarus.

oh christ, thats why i feel soo good, i've been feeling great the last couple of weeks, feeling really optimistic, now i see why, thanks pal.