Lets meme Jordan Peterson fans into white nationalism:

Lets meme Jordan Peterson fans into white nationalism:

Add your memes and lets go to the youtube comment sections.

*Slay the dragon (but do it individually – individualism is our strength – especially against a collective of dragons)
*Slay the dragon – but if you do it as a collective then you are a Nazi! Don't you dare team up.
*You have to fight a collective of dragons alone! – Your super power is being an atomized individualist all alone!
*Let women clean your room while you're out battle training to take down the dragon.

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That would be counter productive, peterson is a easy first step redpill for normies to swallow.

In some cases yes.
*IQ, Gender differences etc

But he actively opposes collectivism.


This cuck talked the same shit for twenty years and nobody knew him from a hole in the wall. It was until he said he wouldn't call a man in a dress a woman that anyone took notice.

He's a liar, coward and fraud. You like what he says? That would be because he's regurgitating the work of others. As such, his popularity is a direct result of poor public schools and broken families. So yes, you can manipulate the dumb fucks who follow this faggot but they're worthless.

inb4, Jordan Peterson fixed my bum life by telling me to clean my closet.

If being white was about the colour of your skin then Chinks would be white


He isn't any kind of redpill. He's kosher conservatism mixed with self help for autists.

No they aren't.
Pawns are not as valuable as knights but they're still valuable. Better they be on our side than working against us. Even if its just a single action like voting Trump once every 4 years rather than some open borders Hillary.

Yeah, I'm sure the Neanderthal agree.

He's such a little weasel, I wish I had him in front of me so I could rough him up until he defines to me what White people are.

I have such intensely mixed views on the guy. On one hand, he's currently the best socially recognized spearpoint we have against Marxism. His self-help advice is actually fucking useful, and he doesn't play nice with leftist ideology. On the other hand, I go straight up the wall whenever I hear him talk about anything involving National Socialism. It's infuriating. I'm not even National Socialist myself, but I know when I'm being delivered a caricature of the speaker's opposition.

He didn't even say he wouldn't. He said he objected to the law that required him to because it's a direct infringement of free speech. That's all.

Yes, and it is made worse because he has read authors who have talked about the JQ, and he actively refuses to let on. It makes sense given his Leftist detractors want to pin him as a Nazi and that frightens a man in his position and knowing that if they got the better of the fight he'd be put into a gulag himself though frankly that will happen anyway if they win. I think he is highly mistaken about attributing everything good to the individual and discounting groups entirely.

It makes him extremely useful as a stepping stone figure towards a truer understanding found on Holla Forums. You don't have to like him, but he is bringing more people over than those who are already here for the most part. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but doesn't mean I have to call them an enemy too.

He is a bad male role model.
He is submissive, weak and awkward.

That over politeness and stupid nervous kermit laugh.

That's basically where I am with him. Though in spite of everything I do still actually find myself liking him a lot. His talks on how to grow up and be a better person are, from what I can see just knowing other people that listen to him in real life, having a major effect on turning the new right wing movement from a meme into a permanent social change.

Have any examples? He lectures extensively on the need to cultivate a capacity for violence, and he's stared down every public detractor I've seen him take on. As for politeness, he's an intellectual in Canada. What are you wanting?

JP loves both Dostoevsky and Nietzsche –both extensively discuss the JQ.

Anyway: rather than masterbate to what a cuck he is – lets devise strategies memes to redpill his audiences.

Maybe Peterson is on to something…

The way he let that bitch interview (bulldoze) him and totally control the conversation.

He let her interrupt him at every turn and change the subject. He was very weak.

He hardly ever challenged the woman. He was always on the defensive.

Oh, minor addendum. He's also in Canada, where free speech doesn't protect holohoax exposure or Anti-Semitism. With how much, and what, he's read, there's no way he doesn't know the JQ. Whether he's intentionally ignorant or just smokescreening is hard to tell, because his whole life would be undone if anyone got so much as a whiff of anything.

My own personal theory is that he's under his own "ideological possession". I heard him talk at one point about how the atrocities of the 20th century dominated his curiosity and imagination since he was a child. That says to me that a large portion of his worldview is based on something he received uncritically in his youth and he hasn't gone back to work the kinks out of his foundational learning. Now he's got a Ph.D. acquired in the pursuit and on the basis of that foundation, which is an extraordinarily uncomfortable position to have to start re-evaluating core assumptions in. I almost, almost, don't blame him.

He is good within his area of expertise (psychology)
I dont expect him to say anything on the JQ.
But he needs to be shut down on the individualism (tm) shit. Every time he opens him mouth on anything outside of psychology he makes a massive fool of himself. Look at his bible series non-sense.

Were you watching the same interview as everyone else? By the end of the thing he and everyone watching was laughing at the bitch for being absolutely retarded. I'm not sure how you can call that weak. He's a bit soft spoken, sure, but he never let her devalue what he was saying.


She was interviewing him, nigger. Now go sort yourself out, bucko.

Are you just pretending to be retarded so you can falseflag the opposition? I don't know what the fuck sort of point you're trying to make otherwise when the evidence that she was ideologically trying to goad him into saying something he didn't mean and he flipped it around on her is clearly out there and seen as such by everyone who watched it. It being an "interview" doesn't make it less embarrassing on her part.


That's entirely fine. There are plenty of likable people who have imperfect or even unpleasant political views. Frankly there will never be another person in the world who has the perfect views, and that is probably a good thing else we would all become complacent.

Exactly. He knows far more than he lets on about the subject, but that combined with his belief that it can be resolved without substantial change to current society is why he rejects talking on those subjects. You're probably right about ideological possession. At the very least it may be a flaw of wishful thinking.

That's the ticket. His audiences are starving for purpose, meaning, and understanding. Jordan can provide a lot of what Holla Forums is classically about self-improvement, responsibility, reading dense shit, and when the JP audience member is ripened they can then be coached through the limitations of his views and taken to the next level. Obviously JP's limit is how he has an awkward blind spot about the JQ and his conception of the individual being the center of the universe is contradictory to his own observations about intellectual development from being a teenager to becoming an adult. Those are the fissures through which redpills might permeate.

Your dubs don't lie.

His interpretations are haphazard at best since he tries to fit all the stories into an individual context when they are multi-faceted like all good mythologies. He couldn't understand the Sacrifice of Isaac, even though his own idea about sacrifice being a bargain with the future leads to the conclusion that the greatest sacrifice a person could make would be not himself, but his posterity. To JP's notion of individualism, it is only the self that can be the ultimate sacrifice, and he literally cannot figure it out past that. He also believes Jesus means only an individual's sacrifice, which informs the rest I'm sure.

Are you? The nigger I was replying to inferred that JP was weak because he let himself be interviewed by said moron woman. Now go clean your room, bucko.

I'm actually glad we can have a relativity non-shit-flinging discussion about JP, I personally enjoy his work tremendously. However I still disagree with what he has to say about Freud who was a massive perverted kike and other facets of his individualistic views. That being said I think he is an excellent stepping stone into the JQ as the people and topics he teaches are inherently self-beneficial and anti-degenerative, which leads into a healthy constructive mindset to research and question the jew. Anyone random faggot can call out a kike for being a filthy kike, but to know why Jews are what they are is powerful.

Even in the ideas he expressed he was very apologetic. eg when talking about pay gap he kept going on about how women arent assertive enough and how he was putting massive amounts of energy into making women more manly and assertive.

But the main problem was non-verbal stuff how she emasculated him and he just took it. He only called her out once – the big free speech moment. And even after that he did a submissive smile or nervous kermit laugh.

Pls re-visit the tweet picture in:

Rather than specifically addressing his work, it's worth simply framing some of our arguments in the words that he uses to facilitate the advancement of his listeners. At the end of the day it is the natural progression to go from his position is to ours - and unless someone spends 30 years of their life in a university setting surrounded by leftists, they're almost certainly going to move on to us. His fault was that he was ensnared by his compatriots, all of whom are the enemy, but to him are the only real community he's ever known. It should not be any surprise that he has certain conflicts with us; it would be amazing for him to have been in that position for so long and not see the world like that. Everyone else will see the truth though and they are not burdened with such a history.

To those who hate on him: I do not think that is productive. Most of his perspectives are pretty similar to ours, and those following his ideas and viewing the outside world with a fresh mind (something he encourages) will become ever close to our way of seeing things. There might be some advantages in clearly laying out that a lot of the negatives he speaks about find their absolute form in the jew, the nigger and the saracen. Beyond that I don't think associating ourselves with him or attacking him is beneficial.

It would've been way more manly if he punched her in the tits, right?

It's known as "professionalism" kiddo, speak softly and carry a big stick. He knew that she would use baiting tactics and other slimy Jewish tricks to lure him into a position where he could be easily targeted, by denying her that position and staying firm like a boulder caused intimidation. The cunt didn't know what to do, as he wouldn't fall for her tricks, so she continued to play her emotional spiel like every liberal cunt was taught to do and she lost because of it.

That "interview" is a good example of strong moral ethics combined with a hardened mind and wisdom destroying a hedonistic liberal who runs off of base emotions alone.

Thanks man for your post.
We could all learn from you. You stayed calm throughout, no attacks and made all good valuable points.

Lets be more like this guy.
"Clean your posts"

This is an excellent point.
For those who are better with words than I am – how could we boil this down and meme-ify it?

Why not just ask him about the contradiction? He answers questions.

Probably do as says and let the memes develop as they may. More important is to solidify that argument that Jordan's worldview is literally juvenile and needs to grow up to its full potential. And probably go clean its room.

I would disagree.
He should have used humor, interrupted her occasionally, asserted himself more, called her out on her tactics etc

After the 3rd "So you are saying…" he should have called her out for it. It would have disrupted her totally.

He should stick to lectures and stay away from interviews.

Checked for truth. Jordan is introductory tier in regards to our goals, but he is very intelligent, and in his realm of expertise he is enlightening. There's a lot of people that disappoint me for being brilliant, but still not quite taking things to their logical conclusion; however they're worth listening to anyway. Sometimes just hearing something you already know communicated a different way is hugely beneficial.

Take what value you can from people like Jordan, whilst keeping People & Fatherland the defining principle that directs the use of any acquired knowledge.

He was witty when he pointed out how she was a woman in power who was disagreeable. That's why they both laughed.


I think this describes a lot of people at the gates of truth (Molyneux). Well put.

JP exposing his power lvl

An argument for racial value proclivity is also an argument for the potential of racial evil. He's so fucking close.

You're the one that has to take that last step, kiddo.

Ill say this:
He is hip to the JQ but smart enough not to fucking make it his fucking platform

It's like he's
on the border of chaos and order

That would go far huh.
That's what makes JP so successful. They cant nail him. Over 9000 hours of dialect. Not a single soundbyte, even out of context to get him removed even from his job.


…but I was a nazi before I became a Peterson fan…

It won't matter until the man himself discovers the truth, and I suspect he'll do everything possible to try not to expose himself to 'dangerous' information. If we could get him to review arguments for and against the holocaust though, man, that would be something.

They are well on their way. They just need a nudge.


It seems like he's implying the fucking Bolsheviks were good people… Anyway, I had a video come up today titled 'Why Hitler Hated The Jews' by Peterson. Seems pretty kosher, but maybe normalfags can gain something from it.


Is there a single example of a meme from this board ever being popularly reposted elsewhere?

Is there an example of this in the last 6 months?

Do you really think "pepe the frog" meme originated here?

This site is a trap, it's scripted and censored by government contractors, this community is being targeted and manipulated due to the possible threat it could breed against the status quo.

you forgot


glad to see that's been word filtered

I think his point there is that no one is safe from communism, not even the ones who start it, so all these modern commies expecting to be immune to the totalitarianism they promote will be in for a big surprise if they succeed in bringing communism back in full. He's still dancing around the most politically incorrect truths whilst making as strong an argument as he can to turn folks away from a destructive ideology.

What about this:

Cleaning your room? Be Individualist. Do it however you want.
Slaying dragons? Go collectivist. Smartest strategise, toughest fight, engineers build, farmers feed. Everyone sacrifices for the group.

I really like this idea of using his own memes. That way we can keep it short and sweet.

Yes. Go to funnyjunk. It has basically been turned into pol.

60,000+ views for top posts.

We should also be posting on 9gag – but they are much more normies and the approach will need to be much softer.

If you want to create something that JP fans can relate to you need to stop focussing on the collectivist aspect of WN and show them that it's compatible with their form of individualism.

Something like:
*Many individuals, united in vision
*I'm an individual, but also part of something greater
*In the face of collectivism, indiduduals must band together
*Only western nations defend my indivudual rights, that's why we must defend western nations

That's the stuff that resonates. Give it a little bit of a nationalistic slant and those "individuals" fall in line quickly

Oh god, it's so clunky. Why must all websites besides this one suck such shit?

Good points.

We need more of this and less shitposting.


In the biblical series, there's a whole lecture on Abraham's sactifice of Isaac. Even though the sacrifice is stopped, the point is the willingness to sacrifice the only child of the family, that Abraham waited for his whole life and got at the age of 100+ years.
It's true JP always starts at the individual - "Sort yourself out", or "Act towards yourself as if you were someone you cared about". But the next step is always the level of family, community, society and humanity as a whole, in that order. Why not prioritize the sorting the self out first? If you are a fat neet playing videogames all day *in a dirty room*, you are not in a position to be useful to anyone else.

There are hardly any other role models in western civilization that promote those values. The fact that he got such a huge following in such a short time indicates the lack of purpose that exists in SJW / milennial society and their """""modern values""""". People like JP should be promoted as much as possible by Holla Forumsacks, unless you think you can do a better job than him. And if you do a better job, I'd say the same thing about you.

Don't forget that all the attention that he got with the gender pronoun issue inevitably placed a "nazi" title on him, according to all of the left-wing / SJW / majority crowd. He had to fight back with incredible eloquence and intellect to promote facts and values in such a strong way that his personal convictions would be irrelevant. Most people would just shut up in a similar situation to avoid negative concequences.

muh free speech

the guy is alright but like all the youtube civnats, he won't address the jq, and for every awesome video you find he has some blue pilled lecture about ww2, oy vey


People need to stop falling into the rhetorical buzzwords of the opposition.
Society has both individualism and collectivism as inevitabilities - it's them that want to reduce everything, not us that want to aggregate everybody (this is the left).
Our order is close to the same practiced in Europe in the last centuries, before the whole French Revolution nonsense and post-WWII brainwashing.

The last thing we need is more lolberg entryists in White nationalism.


Peterson and is ilk are kikes. Jordan is here trying to meme the Ben Garrison treatment.

The fact that he has such a huge following in a short time means he knows what his market wants to hear.

lel, shills are late to the party it seems
Also seems like you forgot the soundbite of him saying he has Jewish friends.
Get some real arguments and learn to separate the wheat from the chaff, bucko.

Use JP to supplement my study of Nietzche, Jung, and Serrano. His encyclopedic breadth of knowledge and ability to rant about any philosophical or political topic is staggering.

Yup - but hey, he should sabotage his career for the cause by naming the Jew and going full 1488. Surely the normies will wake up seeing this egregious miscarriage of justice and start necking kikes in the street.


See, this is how I know you are either full retard or a shill. I'm guessing full on A and B.

How many shekels are you giving him monthly?

I love how obvious the wave of shills is as it descends over the board. A sudden and distinct plummet of post quality and argumentation while at the same time we experience a dramatic uptick in postcount and users whose entire post history is inflammatory and useless comments. I'm pretty sure they've figured out that we can't really be changed in our views, so now they're just trying to throw as much chaff and flare into the air to distract us.

No, seriously, shill somewhere else.


No nigger, you're just doing what other gullible sheep do: Recruiting for self-validation. You need to justify your monthly subscription to Jordan B. Shekels and the only way to do that is to convince other people to suck his dick too.

What kind of "individualists" need a thought leader? The guy is a huckster and a kike.

He might do a good job at being a first step, but I don't think he intends to be that.

Keep crying. Marxism has already peaked in popularity and will continue to disintegrate in the public eye.

Are you bot?

Only a sorted individual can become the hero, slay the dragon and bring back the treasure to his kin and kind.

The unsorted are of no use to anyone, themselves, their family, their kind.

Yes, I also have the AI supported ability to skip over posts from retarded fanboys that works most of the time, so that's probably why I didn't see your killer of a post up there.
Good thing that this is the only thing he's saying in his video and that there is nothing in there about them being superior to us and that we should be thankful that they are kind enough to rule over us - people who are against the jews are just jealous after all!

Go and clean your room, faggot.


Yeah no shit guy, so why are you trying to uplift this kike as a replacement? Oh because you're a civnat. So how much are you giving him monthly. Be honest.

Holy shit, the kikes that run this place aren't even trying anymore. Have fun brainlets, I'm out.

Mmm, that natural affinity for kikery. Such a BASED first step.Thanks user. Saved.

Gee, I wonder what sort of people would be angry at a well spoken popular individual who's main demographic is white young men with the message of autonomy and the importance of birth, marriage, preservation of culture and Christianity?

Chirstfag reveals himself.
Christian first, white second. Every. Single. Time.

here's a potent one


He needs the Alex Jewnes treatment, back when infowars did an interview with David "CIA" Duke and censored the fuck out of it. The viewers started calling him out as a zionist gatekeeper. Peterson is the same, a zionist gatekeeper. If you have the time, start spamming comments on any related video how Peterson is a kike apologist. He also likes to mention Solzhenitsyn and The Gulag Archipelago. This begs for a reminder of Two Hundred Years Together, which he never mentions for some reason.

Yid more, intl. We don't believe your shit.

If you had to choose between Christianity and the white race what would you choose?

Who is "we", christcuck?
Holla Forums is a Pagan National Socialist board.

Forgot to turn on your proxy?

Completely astroturfed arugement right here folks.

it's afraid

Who do you think is reading the thread? Are you another schizo?

Your little crew has been exposed shlomo in your poorly crafted and disastrously executed astroturf.
Your credibility is nil.
Filtered and reported.

Yeah, you fags were outed.

It's all in your head. Keep worshiping Peterkike. Don't forgot to support him on Patreon.

So how about it, user. If you had to make a choice between Christianity and the white race which would you choose?

You replied to with
You have no argument, you can only shit up the thread since your precious eceleb is under attack. Why don't you suck-start a shotgun?

I'm starting to see a pattern here.
You have no argument.

At least you're too stupid to know that you discredit everything your IDs have said when you do this shit.

Like I've said, Christianity is inherently anti-white. Christians will always put their religion before their race.


boomers should be banned from using internet

Yep pretty obvious at this point. The thread went well for a while and then suddenly it went to shit.


Damn you're bad at this.
So user, if you had to choose would it be Christianity or the White Race. For me I would choose the White Race. How about (((you)))?

This post could be just a string of numbers and your "responses" would be identical. You've outed yourself as the shill you are.

Maybe you should see if you can sponsor a video from Peterkike where he explains how to properly identify logical fallacies.

If you had to choose would it be Christianity or the White Race. For me I would choose the White Race. How about (((you)))?

At least you're funny, intl. Does it hurt your feelings to be called by your name?

Thanks for answering the question =)

Thanks for outing yourself as intl. Reported.

What's very interesting is that because of the completely unwarranted elitism that plebbitors have, everyone who isn't in their leftist bubble that they share with the Twitter BlueChecks fucking hates them and is thus far more willing to go against it.

That ship has already sailed. The Laughing Men have already won, the world just has yet to realize it.

He has a private clinical psychology practice and he's no different than Marshall McLuhan. (((They))) made him popular, like all (((alt-lite))) controlled opposition. He'd be stupid not to cash in.



Knew your were shilling your religion. Christ before White as always.

Interesting proposition, but he still didn't take the collectivist pill yet.

I like where this is going.

Jason "Unruhe" (faggot Marxist Canadian youtuber and Antifa member) is trying to flag me down and doxx me. Here's his info, use it wisely. Send him pizzas or Burger King. He drinks two litres of soda a day and is addicted to fried chicken sandwiches.


It depends on your audience which tactic would be more appealing, and of course if JP's temperament would even make him being aggressively assertive even respectable. We all know how unappealing it is when a mild-mannered person tries to act tough, especially when goaded into it. I personally think JP handled himself well and let the woman fall on her own sword.

This is why JP is a great stepping stone. He can get that redpill into a massive crowd that requires just another step: Ask 'Why are such polities now and forever always governed poorly, and why do the people in them not have longings for our system?' And it is as easy as saying, "Because they are not us - biologically, historically, or culturally," to get the audience swallowing the next redpill.

Also, as mentioned above, because JP is non-aggressive and non-threatening, he doesn't push away the bluepilled audience or give credence to the 'ebil Nazi' slanders thrown his way. Most people will become amicable towards him if even they initially think they disagree with his positions and stick around to hear them. I've seen it happen right in front of me with highly-skilled street preachers and their audience. They cultivate the hateful mob to attack them in a frothing, hateful manner and the observers (real audience) will listen to the speakers more carefully simply because they think the hate mob is unfair and disgusting. This worked with even heretical street preachers whose message wasn't even that unique, interesting, or appealing. Why else do you think JP got so popular so fast?

Not necessarily. He's much closer than one might suspect already, but even if he were static in his current state he conveys people from a level of bluepilled-ness to an introductory level of redpilled-ness. That's great for the people so long as Holla Forums can convey them further, even if in the end JP doesn't move himself.

Slaying the Dragon is often done as a team. Herecules defeated the Hydra while working with Iolaus. Theseus slew the Minotaur only because he was helped by a community of people. Enkidu only becomes useful to humanity in slaying beasts once Gilgamesh and a harlot induct him into civilization. JP waxes on about St. George's slaying of the dragon, but most cases in mythology require more than just the individual to empower the hero enough to slay it. Even in his own story about his nephew slaying his dream-dragon, it took JP's wisdom and suggestions to empower the kid to do the deed. Heroes are almost never born in vacuums. I'm sure that would be a fascinating thing for him and his audience.

Never said otherwise, nor does it contradict my point. Can you doodle mindlessly and listen to a lecture? Can you chew gum and take a test at the same time? One can improve themselves while participating in a greater whole - and in fact the combination improves both areas better than apart just like my examples above.

Unnecessary, and is against Holla Forums's philosophical roots. This is a place for anonymous conversations between anonymous people where it is the validity of your idea rather than your reputation that determines acceptance. JP garners and expands his following just fine. Holla Forums should treat him like a wildflower while they tend their garden: let it do its own thing while taking the more promising seeds in for further cultivation.

Hide. Report. Disengage. It is very simple however irritating to deal with chaff if you're not a moron yourself.

People like Sargon don't either, but they do. There's plenty of examples in nature of unintended stepping stones to other organisms' success. Their intention doesn't matter in terms of what effect they have on cultivating fertile soils for redpill sowing.

Popularity is sometimes a curse. Post counts of less than 100 tend to not have many shills or retards who feed shills in it because it is deemed unimportant by everyone but the interested. Such is life.

Hes anti-racist and spends all his time brainwashing people against working together to any degree against communism etc. He makes them think any collectivist is "ideologically possessed" and gives them empty buzzwords to spout, to defend themselves from logic and reason. He has zero solutions, and advocates against real solutions.

Pretty much that picture. He was outraged someone suggested whites and non-whites have different agendas and self interests etc.

You weren't kidding. Though I would say Holla Forums-lite, not full-Holla Forums. These were all in the "Top in 24 Hours". The first 40 images you see on the front page. We do seem have "tricle down influence".


That faggot needs to be gassed, fuck him.

Honestly he is about 25% useful, 25% naive and 50% problem.

The sad thing about the 2nd picture is that cuck with the belly glasses certainly thinks about getting his fair share of tits in his hand.

The sad thing about the first picture is that few to none western women will do that, either.

Actually they would, if you have a certain amount of control over them they will do that gladly, esp. women that come from countries that would do that naturally. Turkish women, russian women do that gladly and lots of other western women would do so too.

How he is even a first step? Because he says "communism is bad"? So did the neo-cohens, and they're trotskyites. It seems like more John Birch Society revivalism.

9gag is probably pretty heavily moderated and filled to the brim with bots, most big sites are like that, most smaller ripp off meme humor sites are essentially syphoning off content from 4chan since their very existence, this shit long predates 4chan turning into cuckchan and the first exodus. Politically incorrect humor is always popular because it has an edge to it, but the ouput of funny, on the line, OC has long plumeted here since things have gotten a lot more serious for obvious reasons. It would probably be usefull to once again have OC threads or at least put somewhat of a focus on creating humorus content, from there it would naturally find it's way to halfchan and from there to various other sites.

Funny junk has been Holla Forums lite for years. It's where I got my start 7-8 years ago. The dank memes redpilled me hardcore, considering lots of the posts were 4chan screenshots. Still is heavily chan influenced

How fucking dumb do you have to spend hundreds of hours listening to this guy, and on top of that you are paying him for it? Don't any of these people realize that it's a scam, just like all the other Youtube whores? Is it because he is uses a lot of big words when he talks so you think that he is smart? Do you really need this guy to tell you to do the most basic of things, things that are common sense? I'll give you some better advice.


I assume it is because the answers are more sophisticated than the "jews" and the "black sun".
But that would be just an educated guess.

It's the same reason people throw money at motivational speakers. He's selling them an image and offering them validation. Would it surprise you to learn he's a clinical psychologist?

They are all the same except on a few token issues.
They all use you as pawns in their bourgeois games.


Peterson is a father figure to a lot of people who never grew up with a father, or a proper one. If you want to convert any of them, you'll have to wait until there's an event where they would be disillusioned with him. He sells the mainstream argument that the Holocaust was real and Hitler was evil. Any work you do will be in vain, because he can just revert any effort with a short 5 minute video reiterating that nazis bad and muh poor oppressed and persecuted (yet still somehow very wealthy, go figure) jews.

I guess peterson is still great without throwing in any merchants as a main talking point.

And i also believe that hilter wasnt really evil, i honestly believe he believed in doing something for the greater good, which makes him nonevil.

No bueno.

I like how they don't even touch any of your arguements.
They just spout one liners and give no alternatives. Just the typical wait for Hitler meme we saw during the Trump Campaign

Nothing new,
Hide and report like you said.

Nice try.

So they aren't both part of the oligarchy?


While being a staunch defender of the killers of Christ.

But you're right, those jews sure do hate Dr. Peterson…

Thats right goy, keep on memeing, that will certainly change the world


Nah, reported for intl.

Ok nigger =D

He misinterprets Nietzsche alot.
Read Nietzsche without trying to force other peoples interpretations onto him.


It's a step away from the prevailing notion that Communism is actually okay, is it not? Plus a message of responsibility and self-improvement is what Holla Forums is about. Obviously he's not a Holla Forumsack, but he gets the normies thinking, and when their almonds are activated is when redpills will have an effect. Just because JP is not the last step doesn't mean he provides a step nonetheless. Recall your own redpilling development to see what steps it took you.

Those here on Holla Forums don't, but you'd be surprised how many people outside of this place are helplessly broken on even fundamental things to the point where laughable advice like, "Clean your room," is life-changing for them. If it helps a person get their shit together so they become a productive person rather than a piece of shit, how much money is that worth to them? How much would you pay for advice that would enabled you to make yourself better than you already are? And once they are put together enough, that is when you redpill them. Peterson is just one route to getting people aware and interested enough to pursue the truth.

That has already happened. His free speech conference where he and his (((colleagues))) rejected Faith Goldie's from speaking there was very jarring to many of his fans given the obvious hypocrisy of it. It also gives a direct line into bringing up the JQ and why Peterson is so vehemently against the 'alt-right' another imperfect stepping stone towards the wisdom of Holla Forums

Such is the way of the shill and the distracted idiot. The lurkers will derive from this thread that which is of value despite the junk in the way.

Great advice. Nietzsche is an extremely engaging philosopher anyway, and reading his stuff is very entertaining. Peterson naturally likes the individualistic bent to the Ubermensch and the observation about 'God is dead' leading to the unraveling of meaning itself, but the criticisms of Judaism and Eastern religions as being poison and creating sheep of men is obviously glazed over a bit… Among other positions.

Support for communism isn't as prevalent as you seem to think it is, but regardless, what sets him apart from any other kosher conservative/neo-cohen type who will condemn communism while fellating the race who gave birth to it?

The jews have always used kosher "ant-communist" organizations like the John Birch Society to misdirect the gentiles and keep them chasing ghosts, Peterson is no different. He might act as a first step for a few people, but he'll be a gamekeeper to most, just like the JBS, Jonestein, etc.

That he is actually quite intelligent and waxes on about deeper philosophy and individual betterment rather than the 'beautiful loser' types of conversacucks that think nothing deeper than surface politics. It is true that he is amicable towards Jews, which Peterson cites is due in large part to working alongside a bunch don't forget he is a psychologist.

Sure, so long as there is no group to scoop up those who begin to outgrow the uncomfortable constraints of his message, especially in times of contradiction and disappointment. Peterson's message does have obvious flaws, some which were explored here, and one can elaborate on them in order to redpill people further. The good news is that instead of having to take blue-haired faggots you'll be getting room-cleaning, mentally organizing, and curious people who are hungry for purpose and understanding. That the exact kind of base you would want to have for redpills.

It is partially the reason why anime is affiliated with current redpill culture, because it selects for those with enough open-mindedness to latch onto weird chinese cartoons and the resourcefulness enough to find them in a non-moonrune form to enjoy them. Combined with the less pozzed nature of the Japanese in some respects, it became a ripe group to draw viable minds from. So the hypothesis goes, but it is off-topic.

The way out of the cave is not to leap from the darkness into the light, but to make a drawn-out and agonizing journey up that is made bearable to all but the most masochistic only by the presence of those steps. And remember, it is up to those who know what real light is to go back down those steps to help others make their way up.

Fuck off.

I'm embarrassed even thinking about this.

I looked into Jordan Peterson a while back after seeing his name crop up everywhere and I don't see the fucking appeal; his whole shtick seems to be "watered-down Jung and Campbell for people too lazy to do their own reading plus basic bitch life advice".

God Speed user, I hope to be like you someday working on dating qt traditional virgin into real waifu

You’re both right and wrong. Peterson would never bring up the JQ or anything remotely controversial because he knows his enemy. They will sink in their teeth the moment they notice anything amiss. He knows who he represents and how to influence his viewers to explore heretofore socially ‘forbidden’ truths of their own volition. I think he is playing his cards masterfully in that regard. His influence will continue to expand and the holes will be filled by people like Kevin MacDonald. I don’t think OP even needs this thread, Peterson is doing exactly what we need him to. He’s playing his role. Others will play theirs.

Good luck with the qt. May your wedding sheets be stained with white blood, user. Have one of mine to tide you over until the day her father taps her head with a shoe and you lock her indoors.

Worked for L. Ron Hubbard.

It's like when artists explode in popularity over a song, or painting that they didn't really have much pride in. So much of the work people do leads nowhere near the intended destination.

Have you not noticed how fucked up the world is? In my mid 20s (2013) - after years of failure and depression - I started on a journey to undo decades of indoctrination, and replace it all with the truth. Like it or not, Jordan Peterson, and many other people on youtube are mentors to countless young people who did not receive proper education when they should have; not from their parents or anyone else.

last time i checked watching youtube is free


I have said this before and I will say it 1000 times more.

JBP is not /ourguy/ but he is fighting /ourfight/ You would all do well to be quick to see where interests align. And just as quick to shred a former friend to pieces when they go against the only real race.

The Faith Goldy incident was when I went from "sounds good but also vague, impractical and overly optimistic idk" to "this guy is a fraud". He's still a good starting point for people who have never thought about anything in their lives.

If we were more sophisticated like Dr. Peterson, we'd be grateful that we have the jews to rule over us, instead of being a bunch of collectivist anti-Semites.


Dude, wait for Hitler.
Everything I have ever learned in my life has been from Holla Forums alone. Everything else is kosher, and everyone who is profiled on the internet is an e-celeb. :^)

Arnt you sick of the 'multi-variant' 8th dimentional chess excuse yet?


So where are you youtube videos with your name on them putting your career, freedom, and life at risk to tell the truth?

Isn't that cute; the kike's ass-blasted about his puppet being found out.

Did i see the same interview as some here?
It was the Channel 4 'lobster' one right?
Because all i saw was a fucking liberal, individualist cunt calling out a feminist cunt like he was a 2013 youtuber.
As for the tranny thing. He doesnt give a shit about natural law and the biological truth of our people that we are required to ignore so that these degenerates wont feel bad. His only objection was that he didnt want big daddy government telling him what to say because hes a big boy and the government isnt his real dad.
At this rate the fucker will be ready to post a picture of a cartoon frog by 2025.
Woop-de fucking doo.

The only thing ol'jordan is risking is chocking to death on the circumcised cock hes sucking on.

Go back to /salt-left/ faggot, you're not wanted here


Peterson has already warned biologist that the leftists are coming for them next, or course he cares about natural law, he has based his entire argument on that base. Also capitalize the letter "I" when you are referring to your pathetic self and lurk moar faggot.

That's not an answer. You can't sit there and claim moral superiority for "telling the truth" when you face no repercussions.

That's the point retard. If you insist that you are better for "telling the truth" then you have to be doing it publicly. In which case you would be risking your career (if you had one), your freedom and your life. Look at Zundel and what the government here did to him. When the jews burned his house down the cops didn't even question the kikes who openly admitted to doing it. Telling the truth in Canada is very risky.

And if Jordan Peterson or Stefan Molyneux for that matter actually had a commitment to the truth rather than themselves, they would move out of Canada.

Or they could defend themselves in court for years as Zundel did, to add to that. But no, both of those ecelebs dont wanna spend their shekels in court.

That would be just as cowardly as what he does now.

Welcome to the point, again. Are you retarded or something? Yes, Zundel was, is and always will be better than Peterson. But you are not Zundel. You are a child throwing a tantrum online. Until you step up and be a Zundel yourself, you are not in a position to complain that others are not doing it.


Nobody said criticism isn't allowed, you aren't criticizing, you are just calling him a coward. If you can't do something, mocking someone else for not doing it is worthless.

Second, you are way too blatant with the constant attempts to paint Peterson as some sort of hero to anyone. He's a useful idiot, which is far more valuable than you. If Hitler himself rose from the grave you would D&C shillpost about what a cuck he is and how he's a kike lover. You can't win your war against whites, it is already too late, we won.

A good game to play with these type of shills is ask them who an ideal candidate right now would be to act as a successful bridge particularly to white males that to align with our current ideals. The next step is they will give you some literally who, or try to pass off that we do not need someone as an ideal or someone who reflects 'most of our ideas.

Peterson is in a type of free speech battle in Canada, why would he admit defeat and move to the US? He is fighting and he is winning, you obviously have never familiarized yourself with the concept of trolling softly. Which always show that they give more results in our favor then some spergy faggot who can't even into containing his lower lvl. The paradigm is shifting, and it takes people like Peterson to give it that push, and it's up to us push further.

That was exactly his point you fucking mongoloid

In what way?

From what I can tell Canada has been doubling down on socialist policies for the past year now and academia is still as bad as ever
Just because he simply reaches out to more people now and has more attention on him doesn't mean that he's "winning"


You can bet that during Canadian federal election in Ontario, Peterson's ideas are going to forefront. He has talked personally to almost all the conservative candidates, and the newly elected Andrew Sheer even echoed a proposal of cutting university funding for schools that violate free speech policy. The Lindsey Sheppard ordeal was blown up to an international scale due partly to Peterson's prophetization of the use of Bill-16, that actually went beyond his imagination. Sold out crowds everyone and number one best seller book during pre-order. Yeah, I would say this guy is winning

Should read "sold out crowds everywhere"

winning for himself and winning for the country are different things, we've yet to see if the conservatives in Canada have any strength going into the next election. It won't matter if he's winning over conservatives if conservatives don't win.


I completely agree with you, but as other anons pointed out, he is top-tier entry-level speaker for normies. We don't need to put anyone on a pedestal, but using his speeches as a tool is exactly what he does while quoting Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, Jung, Solzhenitsyn. He stands on the shoulders of giants, which means others can stand on his.

It isn't that he is winning over conservatives, it is that he is turning kids into conservatives. If we get enough conservatives, we might be able to form a conservative party and start getting political representation. I don't see what the next election has to do with anything, there's no conservative party or candidates running.

Define positive, exclusively judaic elements of supposedly >>judeochristian culture.
Judeochristianity was a small group around palestine some 2000 years ago.
Everyone shilling judeo-christianity is a kike agent at best, a shiteater at worst.
Can someone post the wyatt mann cartoon with "well of civilization?

If Holla Forums existed when Buckley was bringing in the neocon Trotskyites, you faggots would be screeching out the same argument. It kinda worked for Trump, but it doesn't cut it for an eceleb like Peterzion.

You faggots threw around the same label for "le good jew" Milo, and just then, you're his useful idiots, he's not yours.

If Peterzion isn't winning, why did his appearance on this hilarious BASED jew's podcast get so many upvotes on reddit? Checkmate, collectivists.

JIDF isn't sending their best and brightest.

Ezra Levant raised funds for him, and they spoke together at an event commemorate the Balfour Declaration. He's ZOG-approved.

Wouldn't this be helping the leftist narrative? >mfw kikes need to create white nationalist to propagate their own racist agendas.

What's with these low energy shills and not even being able to into meme arrows?

Let's not forget there failed astroturfing attempt earlier in the thread.

Thread is reeking of new recruits and empty counter arguments.

I did nothing of the sort. Funny how you can't make an actual argument, and instead have to resort to pretending anyone smarter than you must have done something bad that you just made up.

Uh huh? You do know jews are not perfect right? They can make mistakes, they aren't actually the perfect highly intelligent chosen ones that they claim to be. Either you are too stupid to take advantage of their mistake, you are too brainwashed to realize jews make mistakes, or you are a kike trying to fix your mistake.

If the west showed an iota of collectivism things wouldn't be as bad as they are you colossal fucking faggot. Our countries have overdosed on individualism and it's led to degeneracy and the breakdown of the family, the community and the nation. I'm not saying to become the chink ant colony collectively but injecting a little collective thought for most people would be beneficial.

An argument against what? Your assertion that a philosemite with a cult of followers who are so invested in him that they shill for him on a National Socialist imageboard is really the "useful idiot" in that equation?

That's it, I'm just not smart enough to see how great Dr. Peterzion and his overpriced personality tests are. It's the same reason I don't watch Rick and Morty.


Any argument at all. You just keep repeating the same empty platitudes. "omg you worhship him u r teh jew!1111".

Fact: He brings people towards national socialism.
Fact: We can exploit this to bring them the rest of the way.
Fact: You are kvetching about this.

Now, explain how you aren't a kike trying to convince people not to take advantage of a useful tool.

yes user everyone who disagrees with you is a shill.

By condemning it and advocating individualism?

Because I'm not the one autistically defending a philosemite/zionist.

Your facts are correct, and though there are shills in the thread there is an important point to make when it comes to HOW denizens of Holla Forums might properly utilize the environment that Jordan Peterson creates without becoming fanboy faggots or degrading this board with e-celeb bullshit.

I would suggest that Holla Forumsacks should haunt the commentary sections and discussions around Jordan in order to praise the elements that he hits right, and to criticize his points of weakness or intentional omissions. Jordan brings in an audience that comes to adore him, so going full-frontal hatred is a sure recipe to give him further accolades and to diminish the effect of redpilling his audience. Remember that his audience is highly sensitive to noticing logical inconsistencies in his arguments and actions, and since he is rather careful it makes the moments when he does slip up more impressive on his audience. Point those out, reveal more in a civil fashion, and redpill the questioning folk.

Like I would believe you Satan with you disregard for Jewish tricks and shilling techniques.
Fuck off back to your synagogue.

Is "orange" red or is it yellow? See, there is no "red" or "yellow". It's all a spectrum.

Autist Awareness Note: This post is meant to highlight the absurdity of the argument, please don't dumb here.

jokes on you user

His arguments naturally lead to National Socialism, I think. I doubt he himself realizes it, but he lays a thorough philosophical groundwork for all the values that eventually build up into a socially conservative, fiscally liberal ethnostate.

No, by constantly paraphrasing Hitler. By telling young men to improve themselves. By telling young people to reject liberalism and "freedom". The fact that he says jews are good does not negate the useful aspects. We can use the start he gives us and show people the rest of the truth.

Look at that video for a perfect example. He clearly spells out how absurd the holocaust story is and how it makes no sense at all, and has to be hand waved away as some completely inexplicable evil where the nazis actively hurt themselves for no reason because evil. It is trivial to go from there to realizing that the reason the holocaust story is absurd is because it didn't happen.

This idea that he's some sort of god and everything he says will become 100% permanently engraved on the minds of anyone who ever hears anything he says is beyond retarded.

I'll file him away with the rest of the pink pill brigade. It's not our job to promote him at all, nor should we. He's yet another resource of information we can draw and show to others if we see fit

Some of the writing from Mein Kampf is almost identical to what Dr Peterson says sometimes, it wouldn't surprise me if he has not only read it, but enjoyed parts of it. Come to think about it I don't think I have ever heard him mention anything about it, would be interested not only on what he has to say about the book, but about Hitler from a psychologist's perspective too, given Hilter's artistic nature he is obviously high in both Openess yet high in conscientiousness too, similar to Peterson.

Some quotes that ring parallel are Hitler's quotes on the education system itself, unfortunately I don't have my copy on hand, but it references when schools prefer children over their book learning as opposed to their abilities the institution is failing. Hitler had a strong sense both of the Individual and culture, exactly like Peterson. Hitler, like Peterson emphasizes on the importance of hard work and responsibility, not too mention they are both great public speakers, and recognize the importance of such to a mass to make a movement work.

I think I recall him mentioning something about how Hitler often described his enemies as vermin or other forms of infestation-prone pests, which lends a poetic note to the use of Zyklon, which at the time was considered a pest-control chemical you'd spray for roaches with.

He said Hitler was probably highly prone to the emotion of disgust, which is a primary motivator in human actions. Being so disdainful of something that you can't stand to not change it.

They don't and you know that, but you lie here and to yourself to justify your investment in Peterzion. Please paypal me $10 for that personality assessment.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler frequently mentions opponents as vermin. I have heard Peterson refer to the study of diseases and the call for totalitarianism too. I know what you're talking about. I think he is referring to this study


You're four kinds of retarded. Peterson's advocated philosophies are for strong families, traditional roles, the importance of faith in community, the embrace of personal responsibility being where the meaning of life is found, inner strength and self-comprehension being virtues that don't need justification, and to cultivate enough malice within yourself that you can't be walked over. And as mentioned upthread, he's coming around to the idea of racial social proclivities, which is the foundation of National Socialism itself; the community is its people.

I haven't given him a cent, not even in YouTube ad revenue, but you obviously know nothing about how these systems work. Even discounting the fact that he put in serious research to make an actionable analytical system, he also didn't do it alone. You're arguing against somebody getting paid for work they did, including his grad students that did the research and development with him. You really want to undermine some of the only respectable work being done in the world on therapeutic psychological techniques that don't require a hundred billion dollar big pharma industry?

tl;dr you're a kike in spirit even if not in blood

People are often most critical, even irrationally so, of those they seem themselves in. If Peterson would recognize his similarity of temperament to Hitler and still doesn't quite understand the holocaust narrative is false, it would explain him talking about his Jungian 'shadow' being particularly horrible. It reminds me of The Third Wave experiment where the teacher whips himself for being evil while literally every effect he has is beneficial to his students by turning them into fascists within a week.

It makes for a great (((story))), doesn't it?

All things that Holla Forums recognizes as good things. One may disagree with tying ideas to individuals on an imageboard since that perverts the ideas to some degree as seen with the shills that want to throw the baby out with the bathwater just because Jordan Peterson said it, but outside of this board it means that his audience is enraptured with the idea. Throw in some discipline, hierarchy, and race realism and you have a National Volk eager for community action. Hence the value.

This tweet is very recent. He's never going to tell the truth about race because he has a nice little kosher niche where the jews promote him and redditors pay him almost $1 million a year on patreon.

Alright. Let's play it your way. Who should I advocate? Any alternatives? Anyone preaching full on WN 1488?

Or should I just wait for Hitler?

Try harder.

Read the game these shills play here

Just hide and report. They want to get the last word with a sage and some sensational statement without even addressing thought out arguments, they are try to shut down the thread with any real discussion related to the OP.

Oh, cool. You must have some idea of who to back, given Peterson's ineligibility.

I've got a pen and notepad. Please give me a list of names.

Tell your boss to switch you out with a level 2 representative. You’re clearly not up to snuff.

Get with the program faggot
You'll never be able to fight marxism without fighting the kikes, because they're two sides of the same coin

No, fuckface. Do we support people who are closest to our positions, or do we support nobody at all? Those are our options until we shift culture to the point where people who agree with our views completely can move up into positions of prominence. So you tell me, if not Jordan Peterson, who is correct enough to be worth our approval in the name of steering culture? Because it sounds to me like what you want is for us to be quiet and simmer ineffectively in a dark corner where we influence nothing at all.

Every user in this thread who is posting in support of Peterson is Countersignaling against National Socialism. I think you're full of shit.

I don't see any examples of that, so if you're inclined to point them out go ahead. I'm a counterexample.

Heading back to my house now, so if I'm back later it'll be under a different ID.


Looks like we have another broken shillbot here.

I was showing the user above me examples of Peterson shills being fags, per request
cool your jets, user!

Alright, well, I'm the first two posts you quoted. I suppose the phrase you're taking issue with is that I said I'm not personally a National Socialist, which is true, but I'm not against it, either. I am very encouraged by its ideas and want to see it work, but I also can't sign on 100% to an ideology that has only been really tested for a period of 10 years or so. I'd want to see it get more trial runs in smaller countries and for longer times before I advocate a broad-stroke application to a place as large and economically vital as The United States. There is no second try; either the transition works, or we descend into chaos as the system breaks down.

I am an ethnonationalist without reservation, however.

I'm not seeing anything anti-NatSoc in the third post aside from him saying he's not one, and the fourth is anti-Peterson, going directly against the point you were trying to make.

So I'm not really sure where you're going with this.

This might be really good

Let's imagine the effects. Right now nearly nobody knows him. If it became news that his followers were dreaded WNs, he could probably quickly gain a bunch of false negative press. He has the ability to defend his actual self, and turn the publicity to his great advantage. Plebs who only get part of the story are left thinking WN is accepted enough to very peacefully exist even on Canadian campuses, which is actually true.

He has no problem calling a tranny (presumably a man) 'she' as stated in the Channel 4 interview. He also states hes 'not transphobic' all at about 23 min in.He objects to authoritarian ideologues not degenerates on the grounds of muh individualism NOT truth. Hes really very clear on this. Go and look at the interview again at 23 min onwards and this time pay attention.

Jordan has risked precisley nothing. His world view is insipid and consistent with kikery. Have we fallen so far that a man who would have been considered a liberal pervert 40 years ago is now a paragon of strength? What a joke.

so who are we aiming his army of internet trolls at?

You just repeated the same thing I replied to, and my reply was "that's the fucking point". How stupid can you possibly get?

And he is not a paragon of anything, he is a tool for us to use. Learn to read.

Richard spencer

For the lols and for watching what happens when two kike mouthpieces go head to head with one another.

Peterson edits are the best.

Have you ever read Dune by Frank Herbert? (s'okay this is relevant):
So at one point the Baron Vladimir Harkonen reclaims control of Arrakis but everyone hates him. Wat do?
He appoints his 'tank brain' nephew The Beast Rabban as administrator with instructions to 'squeeze them, show them neither pity or mercy'. Rabban is a sadist and happily complies.
The plan was then to wait for a few years and say 'Hey! My nephew Rabban is a really bad egg and i had absolutley no idea! I will replace him immediatley! Heres my favourite nephew Feyd. He a gud boi!'
The people of Arrakis would then be so gratefull that Feyd isnt an absolute cunt all the time (just sometimes) that the hail him as a virtual massiah and love him loyally.
Jordan=Feyd. so is Trump
It doesnt matter if this was intentional, this is how people are responding.
Jordan Peterson is spewing the same filth as the rest of academia with a slightly salty coating.
If you want me to take him seriously show me where he calls out his old pals the jews for their collectivist thouroughly nepotistic behaviour because its just not individualistic enough.
Hes the academic equivalent of Henry Rollins: Superficially impressive until you actually pay attention.

Give examples, please.
There is no way to National Socialism, National Socialism IS the way.
Speak it honestly, live it as best you can and by so doing show our people the truth.

I get that feeling as well, there's a hardcore idea that has flown under the radar for a lot of people that their revolution was okay until Stalin. Probably a mixture of 'enemy of my enemy' in regards to anti-communists like Hitler and the whitewashed version of Russian history we were fed. The Tsar wasn't a good leader/ WW1 was a shitshow but Bolshevik rule was a catastrophe, Trotsky would've made everything worse by orders of magnitude but at least he would've lost to Hitler. Realistically, the Bolsheviks never faced the indignation they deserved and are often thought of as 'weird' or 'bad' but not really evil. Thanks, jews.

This actually does bother me to no end. The resistance to Trump is so overwhelming, but we're also talking about it coming from two industries whose entire existence is based around deceiving people. I don't really know where to peg the enemy's competence. Are they as dumb as they seem and just get by on money, or are we being just-as-keikaku'd?

I'm inclined to think Trump has been an actual massive stumbling block for them, but the very idea of getting comfortable makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. That's when you get complacent.

Kill yourself. It's the only way you'll know peace from your inadequacy.

Peterson, like many others, may dangle a sample of truth and its users may or may not eventually find it in its unadulterated form. But as always the problem lies therein, after they learn of the problem, what is the solution? You see this same shit with Molyjew

Perfect comparison, I was at first enamoured with both, I mean throw a dog a bone we're fucking starving out here for any sort of relatable figure that's speaking more than a few half truths mixed in with pure marxist bullshit. But that's the game, they know it so that's how they get these guys in and slowly turn people back towards the same path as the rest of the heard.

We must forge our own warriors, our own spokesmen and our own path, everything else is bait, a trap or disinfo.

And so we must.

That's why we must always oppose anything Trump says/does that's against our goals. No matter whether he's 1488D chessing the system or not; we can't go wrong if we stick with our principles. And we should never aspire to be comfortable in the first place, because it's an impossibility. We know from all of recorded history, and our own lives that things collapse when we stop trying to achieve greater heights.


>Comparing some leftist edgy meat head punk rocker to a guy with a PHD with two best selling books
You guys are really running out of ideas

Nobody wants that you retard. We want to use him to our advantage. Nobody cares about you at all. Try reading what you respond to.

Read the thread, we've already done this. He paraphrases Hitler constantly. Watch the video of him explaining how the holocaust is total nonsense. He is literally taking people 90% of the way there on several key points. This is how I brought my parents over to realizing the truth about the holocaust, it definitely works.

It sounds sophisticated, because he uses some fancy words and has a (((college degree))) and is a (((psychologist))), so people are going to automatically give him more credit that he deserves because he has the basic trapping of an authority figure. That being said it is often those that are the most verbose that know nothing at all.

It's more a bunch of rhetorical questions because I can't stand this guy, and his fans more so; but what you said is the most important point of the whole thing: they want validation. Because they are weak they seek comfort, warmth and validation. They are too meek and fragile to realize that the true path to self-actualization and improvement is through failure, discomfort and strength.

The problem is I don't see people becoming productive from any of his, for lack of a better word, "advice". It just creates more robots that go around spouting the same garbage that he says for verbatim, instead of coming to it themselves and being able to come to solutions to their problems on their own; so that when you confront them on their ideas or even try to have a basic discussion they break down and revert to their previous state because they have no background or experience to back anything up. Imagine being smart and independent enough to come to conclusions on your own based on education and life experiences. The only thing I will give him credit for, if he does it, is turn people on to reading - but ONLY if they come to their own interpretations and not copy his.

P. S. I wouldn't pay shit because the library and the internet are free.

So you blame the world, you blame indoctrination, blame depression and not having a "proper" education, instead of blaming yourself for being weak and lazy, not doing anything about it for most of your life? If you need some Youtube e-celebrity to tell you not to off yourself or to wash your ass, maybe you should have offed yourself in the first place.

I thought people here used to question and criticize shit, you know do even some back research; I guess not anymore.

Chillax brozeph.
If you want to go and play with the Peterson fandom in the hopes of turning them into National Socialists thats fine. I hope you succeed.
The problem is that some anons cant tell the difference between presentation and content. Jordan is an example of this. Hes really is just a kosher liberal pissant spewing the same shit as always. It is quite disturbing to see some falling for it. Jordan Peterson is a dead end.

Yes, paid shill.
lol no
lol the shill triples down
Stop crying out in pain as you hit us, shlomo.

Top-quality post there, user.
Pics are warnings about shills.

Which one of you did this? The buckaroos in the comments are fucking livid.
See comments: youtube.com/watch?v=RhdEbOzcN1U

They have the 14 nailed down, the 88 is on the way.


fuggin saved

Another point that should be made about funnyjunk is that mods are not given the authority to ban users for political content, or remove or censor it.
It's actually a fascinating example of freedom of idea exchange leading to overwhelming support for our cause. Sure they are still infested with civic nationalists but there is no small percentage of them willing to voice their opinions on that being just as retarded as marxism.

Are you his wife or something? He really doesn't correctly handle the topic of haplogroups (that's not surprising - he's a psychologist, not a geneticists).

ment for

don't ever fool yourself into thinking she is still a virgin.

only a matter of time before he's on the adl watch list.


bump :DD

You do know what post-partum means…don't you? You see, when a man and a woman love each other very much…

You can't even meme. Go die in a fire.

He's probably already on their internal 'be on lookout' one. They probably have hit articles already written up and ready to go if they decide he's too much of a bother.

She had a serious condition with multiple bones/bodily joints since 8 years old. On top of that she had severe depression and sensitivity to certain foods that made it worse so she spent half her life alone, isolated and depressed while fighting a severe disease.

If you go through that kind of shit you'd want to show off what the power of spirit and will can do with a nearly broken body.

She is a living example of how his philosophy DOES work.

Start at 1:33:30 for JBP's full description of her story

That's all good but that's no excuse for posing like that on social media. Without you giving a prelude to her backstory she looks like just any other instagram whore.

According to this, it's diet that worked her.

Before she changed her diet, a cocktail of anti-depressants and her daddys' philosophy weren't enough. Really makes you think.

I wouldn't bother with meming individualism and lolbertarianism. It's a political dead-end; doomed to being irrelevant. Besides, they'll side with Holla Forums as long as you don't bother attacking their meme ideologies.

Always a (1) trying to finish the thread off with some vague statement and sage.
Can't fool me Shlomo.

"It was definitely the soy"
Soy threw her back into a depression apparently.

She doesnt have any retarded motivationals on her instagram history. So i guess she isnt any other instagram whore.

Enough to cure a physical condition? No amount of philosophy can fix that. What it can do is to make the person a formidable individual so when difficulties arise in life, they do less damage than they would normally do. Moreover, the well-developed individual is less inclined to use their weakness as an excuse for NOT doing things, and to lash out in revenge and anger because of the seemingly arbitrarily distributed punishments that get delivered to some people by God / fate / chance (pick your meta-world view).

The poster I replied to implied that Peterson's philosophy is what fixed his daughter. It clearly didn't. Maybe it contributed a little, but that's hardly the success story he made it out to be.

You don't really need to do much work to draw the dots for them. Peterson's primary influences are Solzhenitsyn, who wrote 200 years together, Jung, who at one point was a supporter of the NSDAP and Eliade who was a propagandist for the Iron Guard of Romania. Obviously the latter two "recanted" their beliefs for respectability but their insistence on racial alignments of the spirit ring out in their later works.

When you see it you'll shit brix

Forgot archive

Getting off on geared women makes you a literal faggot. Might as well jerk off to traps while your at it.

notice you didn't actually rebut anything I said.

You're yelling in thin air at nobody and by saging not really expecting an answer. You are admitting your comment is worthless enough not to be seen at the front page, so why is your comment worth engaging in? This will be my last response to you, and you didn't even truly deserve this.

Or maybe he didn't think a thread about a philosemitic self-help guru, who's hilariously on SSRIs, belongs on the first page?

Go shill for ✡libertarianism✡ somewhere else.


Are you legitimately retarded?
This an internet message board; you can't yell on it.
I'm saging you because the point of this thread is fucking retarded and it doesn't need visibility.

Please, go ahead and point out where I advocate for libertarism. Or are you just reading of your cheat sheet buzzword list you were given? This thread is about taking luke warm Peterson readers and luring them closer to our ideas. Like Jordan Peterson or not, some of what he talks about opens a clear path to NS and we should take advantage of that. Hence the what OP is about.


Why would we want to recruit people dumb enough to follow Peterson? TRS and the aut-kike are evidence of just how harmful lolbergs can be, and Peterson's followers appear to somehow be even more autstic.

Oh my God.


He talks a lot about marduk and keeping his eyes open and speaking magic words.
Make your own extra/pol/ations from that.

Libertarianism is a passive, irrelevant ideology; they have almost no political capital of their own. Even though they're autistic and impossible to convince of anything, they're not particularly harmful, except for the (((nazbols))) among us.

They're a cancer to any movement they're welcomed in.

I think it’s sad his daughter did this, but I can’t say it’s entirely the fault of Jordan’s worldview. His daughter had a serious illness as a child, and lost her hip and ankle to it. She was severely depressed, and although he didn’t say it, I would assume suicidal. So, I’m guessing she’s a little messed up.

But I’m open to hearing why I might be wrong. I just feel like what she went through was so intense that maybe it fuels the need for attention.

< Bucko

Holy shit that guy is a retard.


Cult member.

The Holocaust never happened. No mechanism existed for a genocidal operation. The most obvious area lacking is in cremation. Cremation is a necessity, simply because the bones are missing. They are not missing in Cambodia, and can be seen in piles.

Kikes control the CIA. The CIA's "secret" task is to kill all whites.

Very informative posts and I have to agree with your overall assessment of JP. Question though:
Which respects were you referring to here?

Because they're still waiting for someone to give them some. They're like cucks in the friendzone, being "nice" in hopes some 6/10 skank will give them a pity fuck. Little do they know, they just look more pathetic and despicable as time goes on.


It is interesting that he seems only to know about a select few stories in mythologies. There is plenty of mythological tradition that challenges many of his ideas from just as sophisticated traditions.

Incorrect. Libertarians are the gunk from which you fashion either Communists or Nationalists from. Replace the 'State' boogeyman with either 'Bourgeoisie' or 'Jew' and you basically make them on the spot. But only the latter is correct factually.

She is female too, so just add that into your equation. If it makes you feel better there are few ways for a female to show off her mostly-naked body without it being easily lumped in with attention-whoring. I chalk it up to a cocktail of accomplishment, attention-wishing, and prior depression.

An average denizen of Holla Forums will point out the lack of Jewish influence on their storylines. There is a veneration for strength and conquest in many of their shows, a deep veneration of Japanese culture and tradition both series and silly, and high creativity to the point of absurdity. But it does have its problems, like anything else. The Japanese have their own sexual perversions they frequently flirt with incest, bestiality, and rape, a tendency towards gratuitous wish fulfillment in harem fantasies, arguably sometimes emasculating themes female heroes while the males suck, but this isn't necessarily the only way it can go, and their creativity can make some really odd garbage frequently. Overall though it is much better than Jewish media that subtly pushes ideas of naughty shit not as playful fantasies but as good goy behavior.

That was the case when Ron Paul's runs were still fresh, but anybody who is still a lolberg/ancap now is as much a lost cause as a communist, and just as much our enemy.


The older ones maybe, but younger people are more malleable. Whatever the case though, Libertarians are half-baked and ridiculous in their ideas and assumptions.

Replace jew with white and replace the speaker with a black guy

You did it Holla Forums, you fucks. I told you to meme responsibly.

Peterson fucking BUSTED hard!


He's friends with a lot of kikes himself. He doesn't care about whites at all, nothing shows it.

He was mentioning Hitlers Table talk you kike, which is nothing more than a fan fic.

So he essentially stole the normalfags that were TRS' audience.

Who could've seen this twist coming?

Definitive proof he's a gatekeeper, this should shut up the cucks defending him.

Just skip Peterson and go to the sources he wants to interpret for you.

Actually he makes a living being a Clinical Psychologist, University Professor and Author, but who's counting right?

Charging money for a service, how preposterous.

These are the same arguments I see in leftist make against him.

Sure, the over 50k a month from pateron is nothing, right buckaroo? Go clean your room and fellate a shotgun, you spineless faggot.

YOu sound like an anti capitalist communist, fuck off back to lefty Holla Forums. What part of donations make you so buttblasted you fucking faggot, he obviously creates content that people find so intriguing they are willing to pay for it, what's wrong with that? He doesn't even have ads on youtube.

And you sound like a cult member with (38) posts defending the ebin skeptic community equivalent of Rick and Morty. To be fair, you have to have a pretty high IQ to understand how cleaning your room leads to a clean room. How much money did you give him, cultie? Couple a thousand dollars? Buy some personality tests, buckaroo? Don't forget that classic liberalism is the only worldview supported by 290IQ Skeptics™ and Intellectuals™ like your messiah.

What you're doing is less "meme peterson fans into being nationalists" as you are trying to "meme nationalists into peterson fans." Enough. Also, (38).

Given how it exploded, I say you're wrong. He gave the mainstream narrative such a kick in the ass that it went into hyper-victimization mode which only exacerbated the outcome. Imagine instead that they had those tasty clips of Peterson shooting back to spread along with the "oh, oh! He was being so threatening" line they tried?

You might win fights, but you would lose battles. Much less wars.

Since Peterson's writing, for the most part, is parallel to what Hilter has written in Mein Kampf, I would suggest everyone interested in NS to take a look what he has to say regarding self improvement, and responsibility, the importance of marriage, the poisoning of the educational system etc etc. There is obviously a hunger for this updated message that Hilter wrote about, why not capitalize on this and draw people closer to us. They are ripe for picking.

Learn to separate the wheat from the chaff, obviously Peterson has a lot to offer, but is still blue pilled on the JQ, which mind you, is illegal for wrongthink in Canada, so it's untouchable territory for now as the Ernst Zundel trials have pointed out. I wish Doug Christie was still alive, and I'm interested in if Peterson is going to support Doug Ford to defeat that dyke Wynne

Wait, what did she do? Did I miss something?

I've always wondered…
Too lazy to make a philosoraptor and not cancerous enough to revive a dead meme for it.

saging for off topic post.

A self-help guru on SSRIs has nothing to offer.

I like this boiled down low resolution image you guys at JIDF headquaters have constructed, cute.
Of course a number one best selling author, top percentile linguist, and the most famous and influential present day advocate of white births and marriage would have """"nothing to offer""""""
Filtered for not even trying.

By his own admission, acting as a gatekeeper to prevent Whites from embracing National Socialism is a "big part of his life's work". There's no reason any jew would shill against him. The best you can come up with in his defense is that he supposedly does some ok self-help work, but that isn't Holla Forums-related. and the fact that he's on jewish pharmaceuticals is a big blow to his credibility in that regard. You'd probably be much better off just reading a Tony Robbins book.

This thread isn't really about converting Peterson's followers to an ideology he "inoculates" (his word) them against, it's an attempt at shilling his kosher dogma here. You aren't anywhere near as clever as you think you are, faggot.

What part of filtered do you not understand faggot?

Jordan Peterson = GamerGate

GamerGate did not create lifelong GamerGaters who continuously virtue signal towards the left about totes not being misogynistic racists. GamerGate was a thing that came and went and it introduced a lot of new people to Holla Forums. Those former "gators" are now Holla Forumsacks. Trump's campaign did the same thing as did the Zimmerman trial. I think the online following of Jordan Peterson will have a similar effect. It's a thing that will pass, but it will bring us a new wave of fresh minds. And before you let out the eternal ree about newfags, understand that we need more people. We especially need the Gen Z.

We need a steady rhythm of these "introductory events".

He isn't an introductory anything. He's a gatekeeper, and proud of it. Watch

I don't think that's a proper use of the word litigation.

Yeah it is. Increase litigiousness for private issues in civil court to break down community bonds.

I agree, every event the paradigm shifts more into our favor. Shills will always try to push back the pendulum claiming it is "too kosher", but then again if Hitler rose for the dead they would still find something to complain about. They offer no alternatives, and not even constructive criticism, just filter them and we can actually have a constructive criticism into further accelerating the push. I think when the Ontario elections gain steam, we are going to see an growth of young conservatives come on board after what Wynne has done to the province. Peterson is very outspoken against her, and If Doug Ford comes on strong, we might see results.

only gaining 30 IQ points LUL look at numb nuts over here

That should be the entire message to take away from this thread and the other one. If you talk about the ideas of Hitler without attributing the name at first, you'll get even Leftists to stop and consider them at least a little. t. a guy who gave a small speech about Hitler's observations on the flaws of Republic systems to the entirety of my mostly Leftist student government and still got appointed to the job for being, "so insightful."

Well there are three conversations in here:
The people having the real conversation don't say even once that Peterson is the model worth following, but at best advocate for taking the opportunity he affords to redpill more people and appreciating the vector opportunity his activities provide. I don't think anyone said Peterson is /ourguy/ outside of some half-hearted and dubious speculations. Only the shills and morons who talk to them are 'confused' on this.

Perhaps you're too young to remember a golden time when Americans would handle disputes or accidental injuries with adult discussion and not race to their reptilian Hebe attorney to sue over every little thing. And just what parasitic ethnic group do you think profits the most in this current climate of constant lawsuits and settlements? It ain't the Eskimos.

when jp talks about individualism, I think he's referring to the idea that in western culture the individual is considered sacred. Which I kinda agree with. I like this idea though and as other anons have pointed out; if people are listening to this guy then there's a good chance we can take them the rest of the way.

I kinda agree with you here. A lot anons here can't stand him cause he's not 1488. But the stuff he says about pursuing virtues and
self improvement and room cleaning is ideologically aligned with a huge part of goals.

honestly man i was black pilled and unproductive. I know alot of his stuff is obviously common sense shit, but (((their))) culture of anything goes moral relativism coupled with the all pervasive indoctrination and pushing this on a lot of young mens minds seems to produce either soyboys or nihalists. I don't think it a scam perse, if he's profiting of his talks and books more power to him. I've never paid him shekels cause who the fuck pays for free advice. He doesn't really use lots of big words, he's articulate sure, but he actually seems to simplify of things more often then not.

pretty much the exact same process for me except after the REEEEEEE

I know a lot of you cunts just want to slay swarthy fellows but
a huge part and the most attractive part of our ideology is the self-help, self-improvement and pursuit of virtues and values (which flow on to positively affect your community). The only reason anyone from Holla Forums should listen to this guy really is for the self help stuff. If you're in a nihilistic hellhole jp's a good ladder.

If we're are serious about conversion therapy for jp zealots I think we should attack only his ideological faults, the self help shit should be supported and used as an in to open conversation with the zealot and as used as a chaser for the more sticky red pills.

" I agree individual is sacred but our great nations were built by the individuals collective efforts, it's easy to paint a horrible picture about the evils of collectivism, but if your going to do that you should also take note of its grand accomplishments and contributions to humanity" somthing like that?

also when in coversation replace all references to (((Them))) with communist, bolshevik or marxist this will make them easier to swallow. Then keep constant subtle reminders that they were in act all jewish.


and now we have faggots in threads like this trying to undermine our efforts with memes based on lies instead of truth.

That thread is a train wreck.

shitty attempt. i dont know how to do the photoshop

Who is this clown? Another Molyneux-type person?

Whoever made this is red blooded and red pilled.

He's the next e-celeb that is being pushed very hard, he has numerous moments on imageboards where his popularity excels and excels.
Other e-celebs like Molynexu had that too, but Peterson has had numerous attempted rebirths, and it seems to be working as his cult followers refuse to let him fade into the night like all the other e-celebs.
He's basically a pseudo-father figure that tells young men what to do.

So I just read about this guy on another board.. He's literally nothing and has said nothing of worth.

Truly organic discussion fellow Holla Forumslacks amirite?
H has been discussed on this board since last year when he created his first outspoken video regarding mandatory anti racist / anti-bias training at his place of employment.
Lurkmoar, or get out newfags.

You've been defending this guy for 44 posts. You're trying to force a meme onto this board when JP belongs on sites like youtube, reddit, tumblr, etc.
Calm down brah, nobody is taking the piss out of your cult leader too too badly. You've done a good job in saving him from a natural irrelevancy like the other e-celebs got, though.
He says nothing I haven't heard before from my parents or other authority figures. But then again I am not 18 like most of his fans so maybe things have changed a lot since I was a kid, and maybe he really does fill a void parental and authority figures can't these days.

Go ahead and try to make a coherent post without using these boiled down buzzwords you've been instructed to use.
Do you even know what that means?

No kidding, have you seen our cucked out leaders and educators? These kids are begging for responsibilities and a judgemental father. Holla Forums can reach out and take this position COLLECTIVELY and demonstrate again that's one of the values that make anonymous imageboards so effective.

You're deep in dogma. Stop being so pissy.
He is a cult leader and an e-celeb, why are you so sensitive? He gets pushed on different imageboards constantly, in successive waves, like the other e-celebs.
He's the flavor of the month, he just has more staying power than say Southern or Molymeme.
Forced memes are those which die out if not constantly pushed. He is constantly on the verge of losing popularity only for his fans to spring up every now and then and push him back into the spotlight.
People like Peterson, if genuine, should only grow stronger by being criticized. Yet his shill cult fanboys can't seem to grasp that, I guess.


I gave you challenge to come up with a coherent post without using those words and you just doubled your usage. kek. Filtered for being illiterate.

Pic completely unrelated.



"undisclosed location"
well done lads

The more I know of that guy, the more those terms come to mind.
He is an e-celeb by definition. People like you who try to cut off others from using certain words so abruptly the way you did is done because it's your way of trying to control the conversation. I'm not threatened by you and hence I don't wish to control your language, see the difference? You remind me of the era when leftists were in so much control and had so much power that they'd do their best to control the debate by controlling the language.
I have a hostile aversion to cults. I don't like cults, considering I've seen so many internet cults over the years and I've never really seen anything good out of them.
It's not necessarily Peterson's fault that his fanboys are so zealous, and to his credit (!), his teachings on individualism run contrary to what cults teach so maybe his fanboys should take a note on that.
And Peterson has been wrong about a few things yet went back and admitted fault and corrected himself and apologized, so that doesn't make me want to follow him but it does make me respect him a lot more than 99.9 percent of anybody who has ever 'debated' anything on the internet.

they try to subvert language but fail



We have MANY kike communist in our ranks, its how they work. They would NEVER let a White Nationalist movement form without trying to be part of it. Anyone who is trying to paint Jordan Peterson as some sort of anti-White Identity shill is most likely a kike / communist controlled op shill, or just painfully stupid. Classic prison tier neo-nazi.

Jordan Peterson has turned 9gag, YouTube comments and imgur more AltRight / WN than 4chan/pol/ currently is.

He's able to infiltrate and destroy the broken logic that the kikes use in the MSM in front of the normies is unmatched, and hasn't been seen before. Breaking these MSM shills down on live TV effectively "lifts" the spell / brain damage that the kikes have cast on the normies, allowing them to think logically, and thus recognize the Jew.

Jews DO NOT want us spreading Jordan around to normies as a gateway drug.

He argues like a fucking marxist.

My definition of white people is "people who write and perform operas". I think it's a good one.

Kikes have always pushed kosher "anti-communists" like Peterson to to misdirect gentiles who might otherwise become jew-wise. Read what former B'nai Birch Society members like Pierce, Rockwell, and Oliver had to say about that Rockefeller-funded organization. It all applies to Peterson, AntiCom (with the addition of sexual deviancy), and the cult of Pinochet, who was lauded by Commentary, the trotskyite rag that gave birth to neoconservatism.

This passage by Dr. Pierce is especially relevant:


Do you fags get a bonus for how many times you can slip that word in or something?

You mean Jordan 'no one has a genetic interest in their race' Peterson?
I admit i had no idea who he was till that lobster interview so i may be wrong but isnt he a big fan of the kike and an atomised individualist as well? Seems a bit koseher tbqh fam

you say filtered like its an accomplishment

Easy way to spot a shill.
Filtered as well. :^)

Lurkmoar faggot.

So what you're saying is, we should just give up?

Check out the comments too

The Peterstein cultist is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a shill, autist, kike-enabler, buckaroo, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat.

You don't even try to dispute the post, all you do is autistically screech at the use of the "c" word, which wasn't even in reference to Peterstein.

I don't think JIDF would be happy with their employees abusing the bonus system.

Good example of someone coming closer to us using a Peterson as a stepping stone, you know, what this whole OP is about. It is possible and this is evidence. She doesn't "denounce" him so to say, but says she has moved away yet still respects and is thankful for his output.

fuck off peterson cultist. he's saying he's a prophet. this is an example of someone coming closer to us because they realized they'd been had by a crackpot.

clean your soul, not your room. do some spiritual housekeeping. is a zionist soyboy that calls himself the prophet of kek really the person you want representing any pro-white movement?


see what? the fucking yarmulke?

Wut where?



proving he's more accustomed to hugbox-tier forums than imageboards.

Forgot to mention you're filtered m8 :^)
I'm sure you'll just get a new IP tho amirite?

Sorry, I'll spoiler it next time so you aren't triggered, cultist.

If you're filtered and respond to me m8, I can't see your post. That's what that means FYI. Read your manual. :^)

People like this are useless to the cause, they are demoralized by the false left-right dichotomy and will always be lemmings that gravitate to the current popular system. If they are 'outsider' lemmings they will gravitate towards anything that panders to their sensibilities.
The only hope for them is that a new NatSoc system will provide them the comfort that they desire. Sadly, the system we desire will not be a stand-in internet daddy. People like this make good factory workers, especially if their boss tells them what they want to hear.

No you idiot. You lurk for two years, filtering on imageboards doesn't do shit but isolate you unless everyone else gets on board - and judging by this thread they see through JP's garbage. You're having a one sided conversation with yourself while all the "shills" you've filtered continue the thread without you.



You've proven beyond doubt that you're a sad, fatherless beta, and ff4ec1(45) from the thread are also yours.
Is it strange that people call you a cultist for spending so much energy on defending a philosemite e-celeb, married to a kike, on Holla Forums? No. Are they shills? No.

Fug, meant for


what an absolute faggot

Since you're shilling all the Petershlomo threads, SURELY you've noticed the monstrosity that is his wife

And this concludes she is Jewish how exactly?
A picture? Shill harder faggot.

I just figured it out. He actually hates jordan and wants us to think that his fandom are complete fart sniffers.
I take it all back.


Have you seen the nose? The nose! Show me a non-jew with a nose like that. You can't.

Maybe 4cuck is a better training environment for you until you figure out how this place operates.

What, are you retarded?

That is rich, coming from a e-celeb worshipping kid
>>>/cuckshed/ is your home

Forgot to mention you're filtered m8.
Switch IPs and try again. :^)

I agree with you. Your detractors do have points as well, but I agree with you more. Your comment was nicely put and timely.


But anyways, she's just evolving as a person.
Considering I came into my own on the internet in a time when leftist dominated and everything was stagnant, it's good that there are some people left that still evolve.

Its true. Peterson is just Jung, Joseph Campbell for idiots.
Which does have its place.

I'm just pissed at him for his recent BS about how jews have high IQ and thats why they rule everything lol

Like, There is no way he doesn't realize jewish IQ numbers are SELF REPORTED. Same with asians. Its just bad science.

I remember this girl started getting redpilled after she went to a lunch with her friends and wore a girly dress and the feminist girls bullied her for it.

clean your room goy! :^)

like all the previous e-celeb cult leaders you faggots keep astroturfing, Pearlstein too will be outed and exposed

20 cents has been deposited in your account.

This vid+comment section is top notch.

Vid related is a good description of JP's big jewish blind spot:

thats the best Holla Forums meme ive seen and it still sucked cock







Figure I would give this thread a much needed bump after I just witnessed yet another failed Anti-Peterson thread get the b& hammer.
Seems like they have been trying to slide this and counterbalance with numerous pathetic attempts and low resolution ideas on what Peterson brings to light, and why it resonates with specifically Young White Men.

Meanwhile you have Dusty Smith trying to take him down from a liberal atheist perspective

I don't get it.

That would depend on how many half nudes there are. I can accept one or two photos to make a specific statement about beating an illness and the like but if she does this regularly she is just another, slightly smarter, attention whore.

This kills the Jordan B. Peterson:

(mirror, share, spread):


Was flagged for hate speech after only 15 views. (((They))) are shitting themselves that Peterson is being exposed as a Zionist, and that the Peterson meme they have spent millions injecting into the public consciousness is being used as a vector for hardcore JQ / Zionism redpills.

Expect Peterson to kill himself soon.

Stilling waiting for a single shred of evidence.

My main issue with Peterson (aside from his cult and zionism) is his philosophy doesn't make much sense. The whole "clean your room" thing is an admission of his own hypocrisy.

Saying one should improve their surroundings (which is obviously what he's saying) to improve oneself is admitting that outside factors play a role in personal development. Given that someone's surroundings are mutable in value (to 'clean your room' you are changing the surrounding circumstances) shows that people are capable of changing their environment and (more importantly) that is necessary for personal development. This goes both ways, if you can change the world and make yourself a better person by upgrading your own circumstances that same environment can be changed by someone else.

Weird how these warriors for free speech keep flagging videos that are critical of their medicated messiah. They managed to take the entire channel that hosted the first one down.

10 cents has been deposited in your account

"antisemitism, which I regard as an absolutely abysmal and, uh, reprehensible… a priori stance"

Read between the lines dipshits, and pay attention. He's the best, closest thing the West has to a champion right now and he knows it. Gotta keep the redpills in your pockets lest you spill your spaghetti. Embed related.

Not an argument.

damn that is some deep level chess is peterson dare i say it /ourguy/

He means it this way
Even this way would be a negative
In which case he would be comparing us to the leftists who suggest that its self evident there is a problem because X disparity between races exists. Thats a self evident problem argument from leftists.
Those are from Merriam Webster btw for Priori. Jews admit they are doing it, and we see whos pushing the non-whites in etc. Its not a "self evident" argument, and its also not presumptive or without analysis. Its with decades of analysis, if you put in the amount of time combined that we as a group have spent on this, and all the people before us back to Rockwell, skipping WW2… it must be astronomical, how many thousands of years we have spent. Learning about how kikes are fucking us.

Yea just ignore the second link in that post. Almost posted it in the wrong thread and I guess I kept the reply tag for whatever reason.

.. and when I say that, I mean - the argument we are making is not based on the logic that it is self evident, however, it is actually self evident despite our much more advanced and reasoned arguments.


woke cuck those zionists


This guy can't even into Doug Ford.
gif unrelated

Meme this


He is running for Premier of Ontario.
Are you retarded?

I'd be up for this but his followers are just as stupid as people who still unironically think "drumpf" is insulting to Trump



I don't need to be a clinical psychologist to see the daddy issues at work here. Enjoy purity spiraling until you can oroborous your own dicklets.

It's important to remember that most young men today grew up without fathers. Which is why they cream their pants as soon as someone tells them to clean their room. The whole Peterson thing is an obvious kosher controlled opposition thing and as other Anons have pointed out, only 50 years ago he'd be considered so left leaning that most normalfags would have shaken their heads in disgust. That's how much we've fallen, that's how much we've lost. Do you really think the kikes in charge care about faggoty pronouns? Average lefties laugh at those insane tranny fucks just as much as everyone else. The extreme tumblr-left is the "average" left's alibi, making them look reasonable and rational in comparison.

Just like the migrant "crisis." Dissent and anger was building in Europe with the normalfags in a rapid pace. Then the migrant operation hits and immigration increased 10x for a year. Now we're back to "normal" with just a shitton of immigrants flooding in instead of a shittonx10 and it doesn't seem all that bad to normalfags. Now we're conservative when it comes to immigration because we're only importing the "normal" amount (which is what people was getting angry about in the first place.) This is how the system operates. A radical strawman to make the slightly less radical seem like a middle ground. That's how you boil a frog.

Peterson is creating a toothless kosher cult while fleecing some shekels, nothing more. Whether insane gays are called "xir" isn't even in the top 1000 of real important issues today. Helping him is the mainstream media, which should tell you something. His bullshit leads nowhere. Notice how when the bimbo e-celebs get chased out of this place their whiteknight cohorts use exactly the same argument as the Peterson cultists: "b-but… she redpills normies." But the same thing is true with the ones who want Peterson for a daddy as the faggots who drooled over Ebolios or Shillheads tits. Anyone who gets "redpilled" by the bluepill is never going to actually get redpilled.

How to judo their memes to nationalist ends? He's collecting a lot of people, where can the truth be injected to BTFO their kosher dreams?

Do the opposite what the Peterkike shills are suggesting, and exactly what Anons are doing in this thread. Call him out. Explain the fallacies of his position. Truth is what redpills, not pretending cucks have value to "sneak-redpill" people. Remember that most of his followers will never be redpilled. The camwhore e-celeb whiteknights never wake up, so why would you assume the daddy complex faggots will?

No, they'd be yellow. You must be swarthy.

Things Jordan Peterson has said
1. Hitler was exactly like normal people except he was an organizational genius
2. The purpose of the individual is to make order out of chaos
3. The individual should practice making order out of chaos starting with their own life

Things he has not said but inexorably follow from what he has said:
The purpose of life is to aspire to be Hitler.

This is fucking hilarious!

I've said before here that I love DBP, but Goddamn you gotta give credit for a good meme. What the fuck is this anyway? Can't be photoshop?

slay yourself yid

I was literally at this point with JBP, especially after that 4chan convo that with a leaf that spoke exactly like JBP please post if you have it

But I listened to his personality lecture on Hitler and he threw in some pretty anti-Nazi sentiment I couldn't mental gymnastics my way through anymore.

I still think what he is doing is on the whole a good thing: it's not pulling anyone farther left although he claims it does and it pulls a ton of our youth farther right.

As far as his stance on Hitler? He is a smart guy who spent a decade or more on research of Nazi Germany alone. I am pretty sure he knows that a vast majority of the Holocaust was Jewish lies how could you not, reading that much source material and trying to prove historicity of everything? BUT his research is not whether the holohoax happened, but what are the archetypal pathological / psychological aspects of that.

You can tell the difference when he speaks about Communism and Nazism. When he speaks abut Nazism it is all in a very relativistic, moralistic… (Ie NOT LITERAL) sense. He has even literally said that the stories of the Holocaust are not literal and not history many, many times throughout his lecture - although of course he never expounds on that because again 1) its not his research / job etc. 2) Remember, he is basically about to lost his job and maybe be arrested for not calling males females, and 3) Hear him say, "I choose my words very carefully". On the last point he is no 88 D maga chess man, but he points to his hundreds of hours of lectures online as proof of his 'non-antisemitism' - Its good cover See ch. 7 Machiavelli's "The Prince" Not something he should throw away because a couple of austists on Holla Forums want to be sure he's not a crypto-kike subverting their online movement.
THEN when he speaks about Communism it is 100% literal. Murder, degeneracy, hate, torture, meaninglessness.

JBP is not /ourguy/ but he is fighting /ourfight/

As you should be

Wtf is this shit?

oh right, pic related


You're not even trying. Low energy.


Take Note anons. This is why you lurk for two years. Get's you past that blackpilled trough and into the shining hwite light of reason.

Hello Mr Moishe. Please see above, and pic related.

You are a hatefilled, spiteful nigger. I am speaking openly and honestly. That's what this place is for.

Nice try. There's a budding far right community on Tumblr, where more than just memes are shared.

In this interview with VICE, Peterson calls out (((Hollywood))) multiple times.
He calls out superficial women who wear make-up as a sexual display in the workplace.
A large percentage of Peterson's opponents in his debates are Jews.
He draws extensively on Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn, so he's definitely wise on the JQ.
HOWEVER, yes, Jordan Peterson has "lots of Jewish friends," countersignals "Nazis," and "can't do it" when actually confronted with the JQ from Solzhenitsyn's writings.
He's DEFINITELY useful to us in a lot of ways, especially given his popularity.

People never question anything until they are made fun of. It's called bullying and it works. A newfag watches kike peterson. He comes around on an imageboard and references him, then someone makes fun of him by saying something along the lines of Jordan "free speech for me but not for thee" Peterson. The newfag is confused and either asks questions for researches it himself to understand why he's being bullied for liking Peterson. Then he finds out what a kike he actually is.

You cuckchan retards need to fuck off with muh PR and d-don't punch right shit. The productivity of Holla Forums is directly in link with being as truthful and honest as possible. This has always been the case. We don't shill, as it's not the time or place. Shilling and subversion is a late stage tactic, and ever since the failure of the trump administration the momentum for ethno nationalism was heavily stunted and pushed back to very early stages.

Lurk more or fuck off. You know nothing of productivity.

das rite!
honest bluntness is necessary
else people pretending to be retarded actually become or stay retarded

How can you clean your room if mud covered people keep coming in?
You need a wall to keep them out then you can clean your room.

Nice id.

What if you're the smartest, toughest, engineering farmer around?
Are dwarfs the greatest dragon slayers?
Are dorfs the greatest?

Yet he who unretards himself now knows the ins and outs of retardation, thus initiating into the Dark Enlightenment and harnessing the inner retard 'impulse' to be his beast of burden.

I suppose it's a Twilight dusk or dawn Enlightenment.

holy shit its hitler himself

Such a pleb tier concept tbh


He's on Tucker right now talking about school shootings.

no fuck off


Manitoba has the most kids in care in the western world. Winnipeg used have underage male prostitutes in Bonnycastle park which is 4 minutes drive from the legislative building. During this time (((sam)) Katz had multiple tax scams and several scandal. Bribes were paid. And those that were to investigate delayed until it was too late.
What kept the silence?
How did Scam Katz always get away?
Why did Brian Bowman turn Bonnycastle park into a dog park?

Here's the fucker reading his new book.

Fantastic 4 the Father Land!






Really makes you think.

Love him or hates him for not naming the Jew. He's what we have for the best right now.

Good on everyone who put the effort in to get her offline. I've been working on this one who used to be a very larpy lesbian but is slowly changing primarily due to Disney killing her Star Wars and is all like I never said I was a lesbian or not.

Women take the Internet way to seriously, that's why its bad for them to be online without male guidance.

Reposting since last thread hit 700 replies and is sinking

I believe he knows but can't accept it because it would destroy him. He is already tottering on the brink of breaking down completely - its common among psychiatrists because they have to deal with overwhelming amounts of despair in their patients lives. Its partially why he's on anti-depressants (also seasonal affective disorder in Canada?).

He's researched national socialism extensively as part of his work on 19th century ideologies and he knows the prosperity that the NSDAP brought to German people. He also clearly understands that people can live in absolute hell, and that Hitler brought Germans out of a state of living where there was mass starvation, rampant suicide, open child prostitution, etc into the greatest society has ever known and Hitler did it in a single year.

His defense against breaking to this knowledge has been to take a grain of truth - that extreme order can lead to absolute sterility and stagnation - and he tries to include national socialism into this category. This is absurd, because there will always be chaos to delve into - for starters we have not begun to scratch the depths of own internal world, the distant cosmos, frameworks of perception of reality, and so on. Which is ironic, considering that these are the very subjects he is interested in, and so he would benefit greatly from living in a society where people would pursue these aims.

He also clearly believes that politics is not a choice - we are conditioned by our inherent nature and framework of perceiving and understanding and interacting with the world to hold certain views. He also seems to understand that blacks and Hispanics fail in society due to lower in IQ and conscientiousness than whites and thus the vast majority of nonwhites cannot pursue a meaningful life or achieve any level of success in a "competence-based hierarchy", which is a structure he clearly values. The logical conclusion of this is that non-whites would do better among their own peoples as they can only live in nihilism, resentment, and relative poverty, when they live in white countries. He knows this, but can't face the fact because its too rough, and he also repeatedly says its a fact that he doesn't know how to confront or deal with since it breaks his entire weltanschauung.

In any event, getting ~500,000 mostly young white men to shape up and get their lives in order is no mean feat. There's some danger of him preventing young white men from standing up for their own people, but I believe that those who are red-pilled will stay red-pilled, and those who he fixes up from broken train-wrecks into passable men will have an easier time swallowing the redpill.

so is that a she and is it a lesbian?

so overtly defending israel and villifying hitler is okay because he keeps men from being depressed?

y tho

These sorts of memes make me think the bulk of ((( White Nationalist ))) online are Jews trying to control opposition by leading it, or you're fucking retarded, thuggish, un-thinking, un-feeling, piles of shit … confirming why people hate hard line white identity politics.

Here's your (you), you fucking retarded faggot.

I think most people go through entry level.
>Read book about the genetics of crime when 10which today would definitely not be kosher as the white another just so happened to mention racial differences. Brain never the same since.
>Read commie books, actually read them so learn of jew
>Penn jillette still have a soft spot for him
>4chan Holla Forums started for the porn
>Reddit r/coontown
>Stefan Molynuex I think he's been the biggest source of semi-kosher repills on YouTube
>Commonfilth even if he's a filthy fucking communist
To be honest I've only had two "ah ha!" Repill moments, reading the crime book when I was a kid. This is because it logicality be explained the clearly observable difference of blacks and whites that always puzzled me and I never got a logical answer for. The second being finding early storm front while just trying to find blood type and build size data on alpinoids, and black Irish.

It's really interesting see the vector points of, for lack of better word, infection. Seems like from what I've heard gamergate and the atheist fadora movement. Just goes to show the validity of having transition points. I'd also wager there's a whole generation of future Polacks being bred by filthy frank, maxmoefoe, and (((h3h3))), dispirite if it's their intentions or not.
Ironic that (((google))) suggested me to storm front. I spent literally seven hours cumming at all the genes and anthropology threads, all the books I could ever find were the equals of HBO softcore programing, while SF was equal to finding Motherless.com. I miss those days, it was beautiful.

Very good user. So you know where to find people who are searching for something but don't even know it is because they are being lied to everywhere else.

Kermit's on Tucker Carlson now.

Again? Is this a weekly thing now?

The lemmings love him.




Being more thrown into the bucket of white nationalists and accidentally saying something too redpilled is one of his biggest fears. He's a great introductory redpill, instead, learn to craft arguments like he does.