The Old Gods are Dead

Exploring the Third Way, a reaction to Postmodernism

For the men of the 21st century West, their culture has been stripped away by deconstructionist left wing philosophy. Postmodernism has torn apart and laid waste to the old gods of the democracy, egalitarianism and the free market. Postmodernism brands these once great ideals of hope, justice and freedom, as modernism interpreted them, to be racist constructions designed to keep racists in power in order to propagate racism. Therefore, the left, high on their self-perceived moral standing, attack Western foundations with every weapon they have.

For the young men of the 21st century West, starved of responsibility, seeing their fathers’ achievements torn down in front of them only to be replaced with the drivelling, anti-logic of postmodern movements such as feminism, cultural Marxism and critical race theory, it is an assault against their very being. What have these new wave ideologies created for these Western men, eager to fight, eager to protect, eager to be men and strive for some greater glory, just as their fathers had done before them? What it has given them as they come into the world is an economy in ruin, manipulated by banking elites, run on debt, designed to fail and used as a tool to keep them struggling. Their future wives are indoctrinated with the left wing religion of oppression, taught that marriage, children and femininity is a social construct meant to keep them locked up and imprisoned. Now the Western man looks upon family life as a shattered dream, doomed to fail.

In education and history, the great stories and national epics of the past centuries are torn asunder by the leftist ideologues. The founding of all white culture, civilization and their greatest achievements are now taught as something reprehensible. Critical race theory, the favourite among sociologists and soft-science professors, implores that even the very existence of whites, that their nations, land, language and culture, comes at the expense of every other, allegedly equal, race. The follow on from their accusations is the combative and destructive determination to see total racial equality and equity within Western borders.

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The young men of the West are forced into a dichotomy. Either embrace their destruction and watch their land, culture and people be erased, or fight. In a vast cultural upheaval, like the violent cough of a drowning victim expelling water, they chose the latter.

Now the young men of the West reinterpret their world, understand the failings of their fathers and fighting a desperate combat to save their way of life from extinction. They now reinterpret the old gods, just as their postmodern adversaries did, this time for the constructive goal of reaching greater heights and greater glories.

The old god of Democracy, once the deemed the height of Western civilization, then reinterpreted as a racist machine of oppression, has now become a machine of compromise and stagnation. The new West demands action and they will not see it come about through conventional democracy.

The old god of Egalitarianism, an opioid only applicable in homogenous populations, has destroyed the nations of the west by justifying the importation of millions of culturally, ethnically and religiously foreign people. The new West rejects this lie, refuses to be drugged into submission and demands a philosophy based on objective reality and scientific evidence.

The old god of the free market, a natural progression of millennia of economic progress, has reached an end point, now so corrupt and manipulated it begins to collapse under its own weight. It no longer serves the people of the West. Instead it sells everything, strips away what little is left sacred and sells that too. Culture is profitable, taboos are profitable and people are profitable. The unbridled capitalism of the 21st century comes at the expense of life, culture, family and tradition. Every perversion can be purchased under raw capitalism. Weapons, soldiers, drugs, organs, sex slaves, every depravity is available for those with the funds. Instead of creating jobs for working men to provide for their families, to create homes for their children, it sends work overseas, imports millions of low wage workers and sends wages plummeting. The new West reinterprets the free market, reshaping it for the gain of families, rejects capitalist decadence and the profitability of immorality.

It is the duty of all men to strive, with noble determination to embody the perfect ideals which we understand to be right and just.
We must, as men, fight and fail in our goal, with great effort and solemn responsibility, to become the perfect ideals with the understanding of our imperfect nature, accepting the inevitable failure of our impossible task yet fighting on regardless, with vigour and courage despite the odds.

If you glorify the past, something is missing from the present. Strive for the ideals of the past which you glorify, bring that greatness into the present. Become what you glorify.

The old gods are dead, long live Europa.

That was beautiful. I love being white

Thank you. I spent a few days thinking and writing in order to produce this. I find the new aesthetic to be beautiful in comparison to the old age and I want to do my part in growing it, through both my writing and my mediocre art (see first two images and this image). I guess I'm just sick of being a silent observer, it's time to fight in the culture war.

My VPN has dropped in and out three times, so I may have a different ID to OP.

As if democracy, the free market and egaliterianism were ever anything but the beginning of the slope. Nothing about them was ever good, righteous or the foundation of the west. The enlightenment is where it all went wrong.

It is not noble to live without hierarchy. Yes some are above others even amongst a people, but those some also have a greater duty TO their people. That is the essence of a leader, a king.

It is natural to protect those within your lands from foreign economic meddling. The free market is a kike ideal. Profit dictating production, rather than need. And even the USA with its filthy Jacobin roots had tariffs at first.

And democracy was never meant for a nation. A city at most, and always with heavy vetting on WHO votes. But never more. Even the Greeks understood this.

Not to imply that I disagree with you, because I don't, but this is exactly what I meant by my OP.

It seems apparent to me from this post taht you are firmly rooted in the perspective of the New Aesthetic. What I mean, is that each aesthetic has different interpretations of any entity. The entity in question is democracy in this instance.

The Modernist aesthetic sees democracy as the highest form of government, the end goal and that all means should have democracy as their end goal.

The Postmodern/neomarxist aesthetic sees democracy as a racist, white, male, social construct designed specifically to keep racist white males in power at the specific expense of every other group.

the New Aesthetic rejects both these interpretations. It accepts the grand narrative principles of Modernism, that is, the desire to create, build and reach new heights. But it rejects the Modernist interpretation of what defines those new heights, which, for a Modernist, would be democracy as previously define. Instead, viewed through the New Aesthetic, democracy is not the end itself as it is under Modernism, but the means to another end, that new end most likely being corruption, stagnation and compromise.

In fact I would go so far as to say that all of Modernity would be viewed as an incorrect assessment of Grand Narrative ideals and goals when viewed through the New Aesthetic principals.

Regardless, my point is not to disagree with you, or claim that democracy etc. is objectively noble, rather that the Modernists of the past generation believed it to be noble. My point continues that you, a subscriber, knowingly or unknowingly, to the New Aesthetic view democracy as quote: "…a machine of compromise and stagnation."

Still OP, I just have an India tier VPN but I switched nodes and it seems much more reliable now. I hope this is decipherable.

But the thing is ot isn'tnew. It's just finding the will to say the Enlightenment was a mistake. Go full reactionary or go home, basically.

It isn't new*

Fookin phone.



It's not an "aesthetic", it's a weltanschauung. The aesthetic is the image and overall stylistic package derived from the essential worldview. Stop memeing and learn the meaning of words.
Secondly, equating enlightenment values with "old gods" is complete blasphemy; the old gods aren't dead and if they were, then the enlightenment - i.e. a speculative, urban, and anti-traditional movement - would be the culprit.

You're not my dad

You might want to choose a different name user. The Third Way was a progressive platform started by the Clintons & the DNC and was promoted by Gaddafi. It's responsible for all kinds of evil.

So it is, I've often seen anons and non-anons alike refer to Fascist/NatSoc style policies using the term 'Third Way' or 'Third Position' and most often in the phrase 'We propose a third way' in reference to an escape from the false dichotomy of Marxism-Capitalism.

Regardless, in future I'll change the term, should I ever post this elsewhere. But I'm hardly in charge of philosophical naming-conventions

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Threads like these keep me coming back. Saved.

You. I like you.


yeah the Enlighenment was a mistake but the damage has been done, I did a thread like this a year ago and it got me banned. reactionary social stances are fine, but feudalism doesn't work and neither does capitalism.

same user but *feudalism ipso facto did work before the enlightenment. you can't expect society (who are at large, idiots) to condone going back 500 years. its fine to be pro-traditionalist, anti-degeneracy in the social realm. but feudalism and capitalism aren't revolutionary enough. either Corporatism or Social Corporatism will have to do.

Yockey was a saint shame the (((CIA))) had to kill him

I too disagree with saying that the old gods are dead, that is presumptuous in my opinion.
And perhaps it is even dangerous or at least not very careful, I am obviously agnostic about stuff like paganism.
I want to believe though, so I will still study runes and that stuff, just like Hitler seems to have done.

The third way or third position is older than the Clintons appropriation of the word. Back in the 1920's it had a different meaning (rejection of the false dichotomy of Marxism - capitalism). I'm not dropping the label just because some (((goons))) decided to use it for their mischievous plans. The "third position" describes exactly what I reject (materialism, equal mediocrity, hedonism, globalism, supranational entities, etc) and what I embrace (nationalism, nationalsocialism, fascism, protectionism, traditionalism, the improvement of the spirit and body, the preservation of culture and races)

It's a metaphor based upon the concept that the boomer generation heralded those three 'gods' (notice the lack of capitalization outside the OP title which is capitalized for correct formatting) as a kind of objective truth and the greatest possible height of civilization. Obviously we reject these claims and, at least in macro terms, as the west in turn begins against these ideals they are discarded just as the old gods of ancient Europe were under Roman conquest. I think of it more as a the Nietzschean event of nihilism, but instead of religion, it is civilization structure. In this manner we see the old religious believers (the modernists/boomers), the nihilists (postmodernists) and those reactionaries which reject both and aim for new heights (the modern NatSoc movement). Or something like this anyway. I'm talking in macro, event, terms for nihilism, not in personal philosophical terms.

I've had someone like that in every history class ever.

Nope. They're not dead
Praise Kek
Heil Odin

To be fair, it's not like people are going to be taught anything closer to reality in a standard history class. I got the whole 'Indian genocide' thing in mine, no mention of inter tribal warfare or warrior culture that demands raids. No mention of the first Red Scare, no mention of suffrage proponents firebombing.
Only bit of history that went truly in depth to was prohibition, and that's because my state started it.
I entirely believe an average kid would get a more in depth history lesson from a historical battle recreator or reading the Civ Encyclopædias than listen to Mr.Borsky drone on a semester about the Egyptian dynasties.

We live in an age where amateurs are often greater than professionals. See: 'modern art', historians, sociology, psychology, journalism, etc etc.

I'm getting college flashbacks

Oh dear god you're one of them

Screen cap anyone? Can't do that from a phone

I disagree there. Maybe not the traditional concept of feudalism people think of, but something like the HRE, or the nordic pagan societies, or the Anglo-Saxons

Those aren't the old gods.
The old gods appreciate it if you throw faggots into bogs and light some fires.
And they're not dead, at all.

Civ 4 is a great game though


To be honest it isn't "unbridled capitalism", blaming a nebulous "capitalism" is pointless, not that a laze-fare system is a solution to the extant problems or that pure capitalism is achievable in any real way. But things are sold in such a fashion not because there isn't a law against it but because people exist who will do it to begin with. If there were no kikes or liberally inclined whites there would be no substantial media aparatus other than perhaps a state mouthpiece which would be counter-balanced by endless e-celebs and talk radio nuts. Nor would there be professional porno or even an entertainment industry. Rightist whites think of these "professions" as essentially prostitution and simply have no inclination towards them. Rather you'd have a disorganized folk culture without significant professionalism, though with the internet temporary popularity and wealth could be gained through perceived merit, albeit a directionless fad-culture style of popularity which wasnt designed to push kikey shit on us.

The issue is really the kikes, liberals, and pussies encouraging malinvestment at every level of society. There was no "economic miracle" in Germany despite what some around here say rather the Natsocs just destroyed the system of malinvestment put in place by the kikes to gut Germany and thereby freed up both private and state investment into all sorts of things some of which produces surplus and some of which failed but because the people didn't have the bread stolen form their mouths and given to trannies and kikes in total it produced a great surplus which enriched society.

Lets look at the current situation in the USA to get a good quantification of how much shit is getting shoveled into the mouths of heebs and muds at our expense. If the non-white contributions and costs to the economy and government of the USA were discounted America would produce a 0.8-1.5 Trillion dollar budget surplus and a 3.3 trillion dollar public surplus each fiscal year regardless of who was in charge over the last 40 years.

White Medicare beneficiaries

White Social Security beneficiaries

White Welfare recipients 2015

White Medicaid recipients

Total Medicaid Spending

Total Medicare Spending

Total US Government Spending at all levels 2014

Total US Government Revenue of all types and at all levels 2014

2014 income distribution of Whites, alone, not hispanic

2014 “Who pays taxes”

2014 US Federal Budget

US Non-Hispanic Whites in 2012

Think about what you could do with a trillion bucks a year. You could build 15 new aircraft carriers, or a nuclear pulse propulsion battleship, or have no private citizens who make under 500,000 dollars in income pay taxes, or field an army of 2 million men, or almost anything you wanted. And imagine the amount of private investment that would be put into material improvement of both private and public property. Who could stand against such a juggernaut?


ITT people who don't understand metaphors and the difference between nouns and proper nouns

what about lets say 4000h in EU4, CK2, Vic2??

Kill yourself.

It's still not enough faggot. Unless you use that as a sort of springboard for further reading that is.

Today I learnt that metaphors and figurative speech are Jewish tricks. I guess we've gotta get to the book burning sooner rather than later then

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I miss effortposts like this OP, too rare these days. A good read not seen here since beaverposter.

It all started with (((Humanism))).

It did. Destroy Humanism.

Have a fun interpretation of why Humanism is to blame for all of this.


Thank you for the breakdown. I don't believe I have seen this information presented in this fashion before, and believe me, it is appreciated.

I understood it; just didn't care for it. It was a misguided attempt at gravitas in what was otherwise a good series of posts, and it came up enough times in the text to warrant criticism.

Quality posts OP keep up the good fight.

Capitalism is a system that only works when used for a people. Free trade was never a thing.
It's not even that capitalism is necessarily bad. There is no system we have yet discovered that is better at the production and accumulation of wealth. That much is true, but ultimately, you can't allow that to go without fundamental checks and balances. A private company must always pledge allegiance first and foremost to the country of it's origin. Capitalism serves the nation, not the other way around.


That right there is irl shitposting/bullying trying to turn his son normal. It's the correct approach.
Short of disavowing, it's what you do.

sounds familiar

Yes, because it's a centrist group that already exists that's full of complete fucking faggots. Fuck the Third Way.

Very inspirational.

There's been numerous parties and movements using the definition of third way or third position, but the original meaning is fascism, natsoc, falangism, the iron guard and other such ideologies.

Genuinely comforting. This place has certainly changed me.

Sometimes I wonder what goes through the minds of these kikes and I come to the conclusion that it has to be occult in nature. If it weren't, why would they not just sit back and make fortunes off of a prosperous white society like they've done for centuries. I mean even now they are the top 1% and have massive nepotism towards themselves so it's not like they are trying to free their people from anything. Was owning massive sums of wealth and power not enough for them? No, they have to be the sole rulers of everything with a mud people sub-race as their pawns. I now realize that the motives behind all the shit that goes on is really not grounded in reality and there must be an outside force or reason for them to do it whether or not that force is real or not is irrelevant because for them it is real. Just makes me sick that this irreparable damage is being done just for the sake of doing it.

These are the kinds of threads we need.

Let’s give them the holocaust they seem to want so bad.

Everyone who reads Evola should read Dumezil as well, given that he's essentially presenting the same points with archeology and comparative mythology rather than history and history of philosophy as Evola does.


Bumping thread with some OC art featuring Pol's Knot

Thanks, good tip.


You can tell a yankee doodle with no actual cultural or racial identity wrote this.


there was a brief period of near-free-trade in 1860s USA and whatever currencies were in use at the time tanked. A 100% free market isn't viable because it incentivises behaviour that disrupts the market itself. I forget the exact details but free market has been pushed for a very long time and each time it was put in place it broke the market. I think this is what you're getting at not taking away from your point.

Cheers OP, quality thread.

The DFW image got me thinking. (pic related) If derisive, reactive post-ironic memes/subversion is the result of a failed system how do we get to an answer to that failed system? It seems those same memes/subversion is yet another hanging-on to or stopping-post from post-modernism and the irony that came with it.

(pic related)

As a leaf that name always pisses me off. It's (((free))) trade.

Those were some great posts, too bad the thread got anchored/deleted.

Yahweh isn't an old god, he is an upstart.
The old gods the ones like 20 Million Years of Hate, which I doubt even many of the "wizards" here know about.


The primeval forces of nature, and the force of life, of will before sapience. Before there was I, there was Hate. There was Wood and Stone, and Blood, and Bone. Together they forged Iron, and Iron refined became Steel, and Hate shaped all of it.
They are coming, they are old and strong, and they will crush everything in their path. A glacier of impossible years, unstoppable and relentless, and it is made of Hate.
These are my gods. What are yours?

Becoming one of them to a lesser extent myself

Imagine a rock crushing a skull every day for over two million years, and you have a brief glimpse of true human history and the deep knowledge of our DNA. The kike gods are pathetic and weak in comparison.
Kek and his brethren, however, are very interesting. They're older than the kike gods, but younger than the oldest, and they are fun. I can't wait to see everything play out, because the old gods are angry.
And as far as becoming one, have fun trying.

I don't have to accept what I am, why not strive for the ultimate? Even in failure it would be the highest I could go.

Effigy of dead god moloch is smashed when?


I agree.

But there is a huge gap that MUST be overcome when it comes to this kind of stuff: TRIBAL nepotism

Whites larp glory and "revolution" but they are very disloyal and cold to each other. This may be evolutionary considering our various extreme environments. But on the whole whites have ban family relationships compared to browns/yellows (niggers are shit in all categories of course). Modern rightwing whites are still afraid of offending Jamal and Jose but will spit on their own in a heart beat.
Jobs threads on Holla Forums. Look how people act towards each other. Would Jews act this way? Would Muslims? No, they'd be trying to help each other out. Instead there is antagonism "poorfag" mockery and hatred inbred by generations of capitalism and marxism.
There is endless hatred in the Right. The Left is fueled by hate for the enemy, but the Right is fueled by hate of degeneracy and this comes in so many post-modern flavors that there is no standard.

I'll tell you the source of all this: MONEY

Class in a financial caste system (which is what we live in today) is the marker for division that influences attitudes and separation. It's also the main reason the (((Alt-Right))) was able to take control because they are not only funded by lead by trust-fund baby, faggy pseudo-intellectuals who have lots of time on their hands.

IF WE ALL HAD at least 60K a year:
1. Christianity:
The debate wouldn't matter because charity and financial/social connections are the main reason to go to church. We can all read different books and have different beliefs and be fine with each other but it's the church-government industrial complex that separates whites from each other in the Rightwing. Money would solve this problem because we wouldn't need to connections. With money comes women who want to get pregnant. With money comes no need for charity and lots of ability to gain valuable hobbies.
So a person would no longer be defined by these large church complexes, even if they were a bible reader, as reading the bible makes you not want to go to corrupted churches.

2. Class distinction
Because we all have different levels in the caste system we can't related to each other's life goals. Yes, "it's OK to be white" is fine for trustfund kids who work as computer techs making 70K a year white collar life is easy. But for blue and grey collar people, "it's OK to be white" sounds like fucking pussy faggot talk because they've had to physically battle nigger/mexican or Muslim hordes just to be white. That's just one example

3. Putin:
If we all had money and were in the same caste level then Putin would be a threat as he's trying to establish a global hegemony with China and India (or biggest job steelers) by way of a usury scam called BRICS. But we would also hate the Zionists because we debt/taxes of their usury banking system. It would become more clear that these people are just criminals and thieves.

4. Trump:
If we all had money then Trump (Zionist or not) would still be a good thing in the West as he's establishing basic economic stability. All that would be left is to vote in Rand Paul after 8yrs and take down the FED.

But there are no jobs and there is no escape from this Mexi-American hellscape if you're a white man over the college age. So the rich hipster-nationalist kids will play their poetic games (like the many youtube philosophers) while the real men who might have made a difference rot and struggle to pay their basic bills.

If Hitler were born today he would just be another out of work bum for the rest of his life.

Sorry for not proof reading

I feel like you are a bit confused. Firstly this board is not a white community. Secondly; This board is not here to agree on things and create a consensus. Thirdly; Every "problem" you have mentioned is a symptom of the larger judeo-economic/protoculture problem. You are miles behind the current discussion taking place in this thread.


Stop saying that!
T. Le 56 Face.

I really like that image's aesthetic, and check'em.

We must build a new culture from the ground up, remember Hitler wasn't traditionalist but something new. Sometimes, we'll have to grow new memes. It's good that we never forget to be new, fresh, and radical.

You seem pretty confused, destitute, and just wanting to meme Universal Basic Income Free Gibs despite what that would do to the population of everyone who isn't white.

If he was on your shoes he wouldn't be you.

Seriously just go find some work to do, you'll think a lot differently when you can afford a decent meal I feel for you user, but you're still a faggot

sometimes working a shit job is NECESSARY in the mean time while you get better things going

These three anons are a prefect example of the lowbrow consumerist sludge we're dealing with in the Right: mean spirited, stupid, and quick to spew platitudes and create strawmen

Hateful antagnostic whites that won't practice the nepotism of the tribes that outflank us.

The more I talk to people online the more I see that it make take 40yrs for these generations to die off. They have too much Boomer ethics in them.

May take 40yrs before white stand up for themselves and drump the semitic religions and consumerist ethos

Stopped reading there.