Here's the results for the CAT- an IQ test taken at age 12 to measure cognitive ability- grouped by race

Here's the results for the CAT- an IQ test taken at age 12 to measure cognitive ability- grouped by race.

This is from GLassessment, the people who give out these IQ tests. You can read the full document here:

This is from a wordpress site because I can't find the actual document, but I hope this shows beyond reasonable doubt that this image is legitimate. Though this is from 2010, IQ scores are unlikely to change within a decade. If there were a newer document available, I would use it; however, our neo-liberal and foreign government makes discussing of such statistics properly very difficult. Now let's discuss the results:

As you can see, the higher the crime rate within a racial group, the lower their CAT score. For purposes of removing culture from the equation, I am not going to consider the verbal scoring- only the nonverbal and quantitative. In detail, gypsies have the worse score at a 10 point deficit, with blacks, pakistanis and bangladeshis coming in at a 5 point deficit; meanwhile, the indian and chinese do exceptionally well. This is fully representative of their respective crime rates.

To put things into perspective, 23% of pakistanis have an average IQ under 85 (using the non-verbal test). This is classified as 'Borderline Intellectual Functioning' by the DSM-IV. A society will not be able to remain functional if 22% of its population was borderline retarded. It does not matter how much liberal propaganda you spread, how much saudi money you pump into the country, it will not be able to function.

I would go into detail into genes that cause violence and their distributions among races, but the IQ (well okay- CAT) table above gives more than enough empirical data.

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Called it. Of course this would be the next vector of attack.

And yet this doesn't seem to quite quantify how europeans, and only europeans are able to easily learn a bunch of foreign languages, rather easily, but other races struggle with it their entire lives.

Pakis and Bengalis in the UK are heavily inbred, they marry off their kids to 1st cousins in their home countries to bring them over to the UK for gibs. See how that works? Chain migration at its finest, promoting inbreeding and birth defects.

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GL crew. /our guys/?

They're probably apolitical, but they did the right thing.

because the document has been removed from the website. You can probably guess why.

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And some shifty report from a Britcuck program doesn't hold much sway with me at this point.

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This tests childhood IQ, which is less heritable than adult IQ. Live like gypsies, your kids test like gypsies.
That same effect is probably causing other groups' IQ to be overestimated (92-94 is high for Africans, even given that there's a pretty big selection effect caused by limiting it to the ones who managed to immigrate to Britain).

Their version of gypsies.

Those scores are horrible all around.

Gee whizz, it makes me wonder if inbreeding has a negative effect on IQ?

I don't think the baizuo can argue that away, seeing as they all acknowledge that inbreeding is gross, that the I in RAIN stands for incest, and that they have commie peer reviewed papers that say those disgusting subhumans inbreed.

If they say anything bad about these stats, make sure to bring up the inbreeding. I also suspect that this can be tied into increased medical costs in the hospitals due to birth defects.

eurofag here, they are sending their best, not the starving ones as you would imagine. still cant compete, will get greedy within a crisis or when they are many is my guess.

Aren't Jews heavily inbred yet still score higher than any other race? How does that happen?

Just a guess, but because many types of jews are not smart (only Ash.s are), it's probably due to the European genes. For better or for worse, since they do better than (pure) whites there, it can be said that in leeching the white genes they created a superior breed with better verbal IQ. However, I would question if this benefit didn't come with some negatives (e.g., maybe less creative, a worse other type of IQ, being a rat personality jew, etc.)

Selection pressures. For most of their history Jews who couldn't learn to read to study the Talmud left the community. Also IQ tests are built in a way that overestimates their IQ. IQ tests are designed so that men and women have the same average score, so they underemphasize subtests that men have an advantage on (spatial reasoning) and overemphasize subtests that women have an advantage on (verbal reasoning). (((Coincidentally))), this split lines up well with Jews' strengths versus whites' strengths.

Africans tend to speak several languages as well. Especially in colonized countries where they'll learn one or two euro languages as well as one or two tribal languages. That's more of a childhood exposure thing than anything else. Children have prime language learning years, so if you're immersed in more than one language- boom.

Learning complex languages as an adult might be more of an indicator of intelligence than simply being multi-lingual.

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I appreciate more evidence but this is hardly news. Your assessment regarding stable societies is correct and explains why certain races will not and can not evolve past tribalism.

The major African languages lack certain core concepts of time and ethics and we all know about pidgin English.

I threw this together once. It shows how damaging even small changes in the distribution of IQ can be.

When is the best time to take IQ tests certainly not 12 your brain is still developing? Not defending shitskins genuinely just curios.

Your brain isn't technically fully developed until like 25, but probably 18 is good enough.

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Raw intelligence peaks at 14. Most 12 year olds would be very intelligent if they didn't receive heavy indoctrination 5 days a week at school (and varying degrees of indoctrination every day in the media and by their parents if they're heavily brainwashed too) and weren't treated like children.

Also, if you want to achieve fluency in another language with relative ease (this includes programming languages as well as traditional spoken languages), it is best to do so before the age of 14, because around the age of 12 (though with hormones in food, this may vary), it becomes more difficult to achieve proficiency in a new language. Not impossible, just more difficult.

I've not heard that. I know genetic correlations with intelligence increase through adulthood. Childhood IQ tests are unreliable, because people hit puberty at different times, and develop at different rates. Your brain is still changing until 25 as I mentioned.

Your brain is changing all the time until you die. Read that article, it's very informative and not the politically correct crap that's pushed every day in the media.

In USA most can barely speak English.

If you take out all the niggers, wiggers and spics that problem goes away.

Chinks scoring higher than everyone else? I call bullshit.

'Borderline Intellectual Functioning' is determined by your IQ, the image shows CAT scores. Those are different measurements that aren't strongly correlated.

"Cognitive Abilities Test" is an IQ test.

bullshit. The CAT is a straight up IQ test.

Did anyone notice White (other) scored equal to or better than the White Brits? So much for the "Poles diluting the white IQ" D&C shill theory. Quit trying to divide the White Man….

Asian typically denotes South Asian in British English, rather than East Asian as per American convention. They're talking about half-poo

Isn't that the only thing the ant people still cling to in order to maintain their pride? How can they ever recover?

Keep in mind that China heavily cheats on their intelligence scores. They only showcase the top performing students and pose it as the average. With only a third of people being eligible for higher education it can be interpreted that Chinese nationals have an average 80-85 IQ. Most of China lives in mud or dilapidated housing for a reason.

This is interesting primarily because this deviates from what we see in adults - among whites and Asians (even Chinese), these numbers move towards 100, among Indians the relatively reasonable IQ drops down greatly (about 82: source , just for a quick estimate.), and it spikes down greatly among Blacks.

I'm glad to see that they included Standard Deviations as well - it shows that the IQ we typically use (15 points = 1 SD) lines up with this modestly well.

Correct. Your brain's neural architecture is still developing appreciably until about the age of 25.

That depends on your definition of intelligence. Your learning rate is highest around the age of 14. The accuracy of what you learn at that time may be not quite so great, and the difficulty of the set of things you can learn is lower dimensional. Moreover, you can tell what sort of capabilities someone might have at the age of 14; a student who cannot learn elementary linear algebra at the age of 14 is doomed, a student who breezes through geometry at that age is likely to do well. However, asking a 14 year old to understand Wavelet Analysis is hopeless.

That general age is a turning point, but it is not when your capacity as a researcher peaks. It was in the Renaissance, but the complexity of the things we research now is significantly higher than it was centuries ago. As you age, the complexity of the things you understand grows, but you learn far more slowly.

numbers are off from every other IQ compilation Ive seen
until something else corroborates this, it is a deviation and should be ignored

The "smart" jews possess white genetic mixtures. Not just for blending in but for intellect to jew others easier. Ever seen pictures of the most rich and famous jews? They hardly look like the subhuman caricatures in Israel.

They're still heavily prone to mental illness, physical defects, autoimmune diseases, and their jewish features usually surface later in life. It's like the white person inside them is trying to escape their shitskin counterpart. Mongrels, especially ones made from a semite or shitskin, are a genetic waste.

That's not the whole story. There are multiple races of slant-eyes. Consider the Roma. Many look "white". They're not, according to genetics.



Reminder gypsies are the reason for Irelands sub 100 average IQ on that one chart people like to post, and that white Irish are above 100 like the rest of Europe.

chinese students score within 1.1 of whites on verbal reasoning, in a foreign language. smash whites by about ten points on quantitive and non-verbal reasoning.

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As a racist of European descent :^) I have no problem with the kikes and chinks having higher IQs. I figure the Jewish IQ won't be a problem after we kill them off, and the smarter chinks will make excellent builders for our space colonies.

Chinks have a higher average IQ. Aryans have more people at the very highest end.

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Whites are more creative. Whites invented everything important. Nips are insect people. I don't know about you but I don't want a society of computer players no matter how well they can memorize ZOG propaganda.

You must denote averages/medians from IQ ranges. There is huge potential if you narrow the wide margin.

women have more infantile phenotypes than men. This makes it slightly more difficult to differentiate a woman from one race to another. This is why most earlier geneticist focused on male phenotypes. they are more pronounced/radical.

That is false.
Their idiots don't get to even take the high school tests because they get filtered out earlier. As well as the massive amount of reports about cheating.

Of all the mongoloids to choose from, you choose the one that is most objectively wrong?

Cheating in China — It’s an Epidemic

Test Cheating By Children Of Asian Immigrants

Chinese students falsify applications, hire proxy test takers, plagiarize and cheat to attend US Universities

Chinese parents and students riot over right to cheat on tests

Riot After Chinese Teachers Try to Stop Gaokao Cheating

Chinese found cheating on their Japanese driver’s license test via mobile phones

College Apps Cheating Scandal Is A Learning Moment For China

Crackdown on China GMAT Cheating

London 2012 swimming: Is China cheating the sport again?

China’s Yu Yang quits badminton after Olympic cheating scandal

Rampant cheating at Chinese games exposed

Ancient Chinese 'cheat sheets' discovered

Chinese cheating at the Olympics (not the athletes, but the performers / ceremony related stuff)

Did the Chinese Cheat in the Olympics – After Further Review

Multiple races in China. It's a huge country, the more northeastern parts are better than the western parts.

Only around 10% in a western country even has the ability to obtain a STEM degree.

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Maybe so, but they're real STEM degrees. Train as a mechanic in Bugland, and you go into the statistics as an "engineer" or a "technician." The poos do the same thing.

Remember that these tests are for 12 yo and superior races tend to take longer to develop. Early in childhood niggers can get higher IQ than whites.
(and chimps higher than niggers and whites, think it that for example chimps will learn to walk around and hang to trees earlier than any human but they will stop developing and will never learn how to speak)
There is a video showing that but i don't have it and since it's not pc it's hard to google it.

That's hilarious. But on another note, the combination appears to be creating some kind of slight mental hybrid vigor apparently. Not that the downsides are necessarily worth it. Poos are often good people though and integrate rather well in western countries. The Chinee scores are tops though. It's a good thing IQ is not the end all be all or we could all be skinning dogs and running each other over accidentally instead of purposefully.