PA Supreme Court Rules State Congressional Map Unconstitutional

Interesting Development for the 2018 Midterms

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the state’s congressional map is the result of gerrymandering, to the point that it violates the state constitution.

The court ordered that the state must draw a new congressional map ahead of the 2018 midterms, according to multiple reports. The decision is a major victory for Democrats, who argued the map had been gerrymandered to benefit Republicans.

Republicans redrew the state’s map in 2011. The state’s general assembly must submit a new map to the governor for consideration by Feb. 9, according to the court order.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf then has until Feb. 15 to submit a plan to the court.

Pennsylvania currently has 13 Republicans and five Democrats serving in the House.

The upcoming special election in March to replace Rep. Tim Murphy (R) will still take place under the previous congressional map, the court ruled.

Pennsylvania had been reliably Democratic in presidential races, with the Democratic nominee winning the state in each election dating back to 1992.

However, the state was a fierce battleground in the 2016 election, and narrowly went to President Trump.


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From the Pennsylvania constitution:
Okay. “Contiguous” has always been easily followed by both parties (to ridiculous effect, hence the term ‘gerrymandering’). Compact, however, has never been the case in any state. Let’s take a look at the districts from the last time the Democrats had power in Pennsylvania.

They'll surely remedy this by gerrymandering the map to benefit democucks instead. This is just demanding to cheat an election and acting as if they are entitled to do so, once again treating every vile behavior they engage in as some mandatory human right.

PA is going to be fucked in future elections regardless

Jesus Christ the democrap version is somehow just as bad as the current map. No doubt they'll use this to fuck the state over even more than they already have. Redistrict parts of Shitsburgh and Filthadelphia into the surrounding rural areas and you have a consistently blue state

Translation: We lost and need to fix it so we don't lose again.






>“Throughout her career, Judge Donohue has had the opportunity to litigate or preside over landmark cases protecting the rights of injured persons, holding corporations accountable for fraudulent behavior, eliminating bias against LGBT parents in custody matters and more. She has been an adjunct professor at Duquesne University and lectured before legal, professional and student audiences. She has served on or led every ethics enforcement body and tribunal established in Pennsylvania to ensure attorneys and judges comply with the highest standards of conduct. Judge Donohue, who represented individuals, corporations and business people throughout her career as an attorney, earned the title of Pennsylvania Super Lawyer and is listed in Best Lawyers in America.
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO
Pennsylvania Building and Construction Trades Council
Teamsters Joint Council 40
Allegheny- Fayette Central Labor Council
Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council
Westmoreland County Central Labor Council
Western Pennsylvania Carpenters Regional District Council
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No. 5 (IBEW Local 5)
Steamfitters Local Union 449
Pittsburgh Plumbers Local 27
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades I.U.P.A.T. District Council 57
International Union of Operation Engineers I.U.O.E. Local 66
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 23
United Mine Workers District 2
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No. 29 (IBEW Local 29)
Pennsylvania Federation of Teachers
Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers
SEIU Pennsylvania State Council
Pennsylvania Pipe Trades
Unite Here Local 57
Luzerne County Democratic Party
Schuylkill County Democratic Party
Gertrude Stein Club of Greater Pittsburgh
Steel City Stonewall Democrats
Pittsburgh's 14th Ward Independent Democratic Club

So, we've got a Supreme Court of a state that is 2.3% Jewish, wherein 71% of the Judges (5/7) are Democrats and 2/7 (~28%) are Jewish.

Hey, they don't call it the jewdicial system for nothin'.

for reference:

The fuck is up with the OP image? It won't expand, and opening it in a new tab shows it as a blank square. Not sure if the image is fucked, or Codemonkey needs to fix his shit

Anyways, Gerrymandering is cancer. I know voting is a contentious issue between left and right Jews and sensible people, but allowing eg federal inmates to vote or snaking a district around to benefit you is just retarded. It should be based around regional districts or geography, not how it currently is.

Anyways, this timeline has taught me that no matter what happens, we're gonna mine some salt so I look forward to the midterms either way

I'm sick of this twisted world.

so are the democrats going to put Philadelphia into 8 otherwise-republican congressional districts?

excuse me
GERRYMANDER Philadelphia into 8 different otherwise-republican congressional districts

They're doing this exact same thing in NC because gerrymandering is raycis. They're going all out for 2018 because they feel the noose tightening.

nvm im retarded

This shit is fucking ridiculous.

Nevermind this insanity.

This exact topic was just on CBS Sunday Morning two weeks ago. It was sickening watching the leftist scumbags whine how Republicans had disenfranchised them. Give me a fucking break. I lived in the Philly area for the majority of my life and it never changes with these liars.

The Jew cries out as they stab you in the back. Nothing but crocodile tears from a bunch of pathetic people

There's no difference! There's more blue taking over red than the other way around! It's just the red areas went even fucking redder! Which suggests higher voter turnout for red, or lower for blue!

How the flying fuck do they expect to fix this? The only consistently blue area is Philly and the whereabouts. You got Pittsburgh MAYBE. Otherwise, there's no way to draw this map to be more blue than it is, unless they literally just divide Philly into 3 or 4 districts and group up tons of other districts into a single district. And that's absolutely fucking retarded and clearly what gerrymandering even STANDS for!

Fucks sake that's already fucking shit! Philly should be a single district. Fuck urbanites, if they want to live in a major city deal with the goddamn consequences!

Also by "fix", I mean in the "fixing it so they win" way, not fix it as if it's broken. It is, but they want to break it fucking further.

All district mapping is Gerrymandering.

Dosen't really make any sense because PA is generally a blue state. So Democrats drew the map to benefit the other side?

so far (((they) )) have flooded FL with 'Ricans, PA will be gerrymandered to fucking death, what else?

Oh and Number 12 isn't Gerrymandering?

not at all surprised that it gets (((screwy))) near the dim's urban strongholds.


It's the kind of stuff dead serious people do. Apart from not agreeing with their political motivations, it is an eminently preferable strategy to the typical "leave as many structural problems in place as possible for all eternity so we always have something to campaign on" approach of the republican party.

I'll grant you that.
Yes, but that's beside the point, isn't it?
They have different goals, if similar masters - the Republican party doesn't exist to win, it exists to lose 'gracefully, on principle'. That's their purpose, or what their purpose was supposed to be.
The preferable strategy from OUR position would be to abandon this utterly fucking corrupt organization, if the intent is actually to achieve victory and meaningful power.

Hah, just caught a great one… Look for Indiana county, compare old districting with new. Tip Top Kike.

I don't know why Chester county went blue though. I guess it's from all the beaners flooding into Kennett Square en masse? The entire rest of the county is peak whitetopia.

Perhaps I'm just reading the article wrong but isn't this a good thing for Republicans? I get the system is shitty as fuck but I don't see any advantage to the Democrats here

At face value it's not because a presidential race is determined by statewide i.e. democratically, but with redrawing the districts, the denser blue areas get split into red areas to downplay their significance, flipping more districts blue and causing fewer republicans to be representatives. As a result this causes liberal policy like no voter ID and repeat votes over the long term, so the state irreparably becomes blue a la Commiefornia

obviously the biggest difference is the state college university faggotry not being enough to change conservative pennsyltucky blue like it does every election. Erie is another hub for retarded students that flipped.

Because you bumped this PA thread I'll leave this here.
Democrats criticize Paul Mango for 'homophobic and extremist' interview
I know who I'm voting for in the primaries now. I need to look into this "second king" Hyung Jin Moon guy too, could be funny.
AK-style rifle

Are the libtards in Pennsylvania from Commielifornia?

Nah. Philly, and to a lesser extent, Pittsburgh have been leftist. If any of them are moving in their probably from NY

Why districts, why not by the counties?

They're fucking with the maps in North Carolina too

I feel sorry for the yanks because the few states are destroyed by the Libtards. Every time they move to somewhere safe but do not like the culture that aren't leftist so they change it to suit them personally at the expense of millions people's livehoods. It is downright evil and they don't seem to connect the dots that they are the major problems for many problems.

Yankees are a literal disease


Replace "Yankees" with "Californians" and you are discribing the same exact situation happening out west. It's the nature of leftism/jewry and it spreads like a disease.



The Democrats are always trying to bend the system to win elections, instead of actually doing things that would actually make more people want to vote for them. Biggest example is flooding the country with 3rd worlders, pandering to illegal aliens, allowing illegal aliens to vote for them, allowing felons to vote for them, etc.



Harrisburgfag here.

The entire Penn State collegiate institutional infrastructure is responsible for the blue in the middle and it just barely waned back republican because it's pretty rural and electors get nothing out of kawtowing to commies, they just please the Penn State Cabal when they can.

The blue to the west is Pittsburgh, niggers and spics, the north east is Erie, niggers and spics, the blue in the east is philly, niggers and spics, and the other blue is harrisburg

Meh, Mango - like basically all Republicans - is balls deep in Israel.

I don't care how anti-fag or anti-mud you might be, if you're pro-Israel, I'm not supporting you. Period.

PA Supreme Court was Republican and it got fucked by Kathleen Kane the State Attorney General (over anime, Sarah Palin nudes, and Pepe memes) who in turn fucked herself fucking everyone and went to jail

wait F’d up , she never went to jail , but is appealing her case to PA Superior court and if that fails she can appeal to the State Supreme Court filled with justices she just helped elect

That cunt wasn't punished enough.

This is yet another way the DNC attempts to control areas as they recognize their "base" is often inner city types while normal/good people flee those areas into peaceful suburbs. They then try to expand county lines to nullify that white flight and assure these "cultural" groups are thrown into the once peaceful areas of people trying to get away from the Nigocalypse that is ever growing and, quite literally and since the dawn of mankind (literally) has devoured and destroyed (again, literally) every single area, city, county, town, village, country or continent they come into contact with.

They're going to "consolidate" two rural districts and create a new one outside Philadelphia that will include the niggier parts of the western suburbs.


Ok So lets get this on paper

We know what they are doing
We know what their goal is.

What can be done to stop it.
Who do we need to contact???
Who do we need to lobby???

Here is a video explaining gerrymandering for those who don't understand what it means.

The whole series on elections is pretty good (and for some retarded reason, there is no playlist for that), so is Rules for Rulers (which sorta explains why trump can't just pen whatever he feels like, as he is not a king, and even if he were, there would be consequences)

I will be accused of being an agent provocateur for saying this, but 2A is the only solution to the Judiciary.

From what I hear, a federal appeals court overturned that ruling, if I am not mistaken. But yes, the democrats are being very obvious when it comes to election rigging.

They've appealed but no action yet. Will have to go to the Supreme Court.

Why must districts be drawn? Why can't we use counties instead?

Holy fuck get out of here with that demoralized expat. You have to go back