This is probably the reason Jews are chimping out trying to shut down halfchan Holla Forums. Also there's been pictures of a memo being posted around, but I'm not sure if it's legit or not.

It begins at 4:50 in the video.

Other urls found in this thread:


The next person who posts this Q LARP disinfo is getting his neck chopped with an axe.

2 Congressmen talking about a secret society within the DOJ is not Q LARPing. Second of all, I literally said that I do not know if the picture of the memo is real. ITS LITERALLY IN THE FILE NAME.

Is this referring back to this webm? Are they the same?

You already had a semi-interesting thread, you could have spiced it up a bit with some more work rather than just dumping that cuckchan fake. Now the thread's going to go to shit.

It was created in the Q LARP threads by the Q LARP people. Stop posting it fucking moron. Or take it to >>>/thestorm/, the standard cuckchan containment board.

You basically derailed your own thread by posting that thing, you double nigger

It's a fake floating around. Though claiming it was created by "Q-larp people" is false. Stop shitting up the thread more than you have to.


Christopher Wray is probably a Bonesman. He went to Yale and previously served under Bush Jr.

4CHAN pol shut down over this img

I'm a faggot, but at least I'm trying to help and not a liar/kike shill.

nope. fuck off kike.

Still can't get over that, seemed like big news but to this day it flew right past almost everyone

Is pic related also "created" or legit?

5:43 of link Gowdy and Ratcliff talk about (insurance policy) and (secret societies)

It's okay OP, I'm just giving you a hard time because you suck dick

Now let's forget the fake memo and talk about the actual topic

Try harder I guess. Also be sure to replace the "you" in youtube links with "hook". That way any youtube video you post gets zero hits.

Truly, OP's faggotry is legendary.


Why do you think I saved it? That webm is fucking CRAZY. save everything I say.

well it's new to me, and is better done than the other one.

100% fake, based on a Q-LARP post. Complete nonsense pulling together unrelated sets of emails.

This is only good when you're not giving degenerate propaganda videos hits. Informational videos beneficial to a discussion deserve the hits.

It has been passed around on twitter since the 2nd of January. No one has picked it up. It also has a big ass GCHQ logo on it, which most secret documents don't have such flair.

That being said it seems fake.

Secret ( ((society) ))

ORCON. What a fucking joke.

Oh. Forgot to include this picture.

Strzok and Preistap are both kikes.

DOTR draws closer.

Do you know who marks things as "Originator control ONLY"? I don't.

I saved most webms from that Comey hearing
Useless but might work later on

We already know the 7th floor group existed at least in connection to the State Department. This is not that shocking that this is the case. I wonder if there is any connection. Moreover, the FBI/NSA/Hillary have all felt comfortable enough deleting evidence probably knowing this group exists. The question is how long has it been in place.

NSA's wiretap record deletion:

Of course there's a (((secret society))) working behind the scenes. That includes the shabbos goys who are the equivalent of wiggers pretending they're a chosen one.

The secret society he's referring to is the FIFTH COLUMN. AKA ISRAEL CONTROLLING OUR GOVT FROM WITHIN.

Lads, its time we go all the way in


It looks nothing like the official documents ive seen. The top portion is too close to the department logo. The text would spill over onto a second page rather than mess with the header spacing. The amateurness of the forgery makes me think it is commie in origin.

His name is memetic as fuck there were a bunch of christopher wray judges over the centuries that were all take no shit in terns of kikery.

Trump's biggest failure so far is that he hasn't fired and replaced a lot of the leadership in these agencies which he has direct control over.

Jeff Sessions recently did an interview where he says that Chief of Staff John Kelly doesn't take shit from Shysters.

A (((secret society)))?

That one is legit enough for me to tentatively accept as legit

Fake as fuck. Whoever made this has never read a government document before.

(((secret society)))

Lurk two years. You don't get into (((power))) without taking it up the ass.

True and big.

That's not the point. The point is that FOX NEWS. NORMIE NEWS as well as congress are admitting to this on national television. This is huge.

Q is a Democratic/Crowdstrike project used to make Conservative Boomers look and act even more retarded than they already are. It's working. If the public had any interest in Pizzagate the retarded memes coming from that group has generated a cringing aversion to the topic.

That makes it all the more suspicious. Somethings afoot.

Indeed. Its time for a new offensive in this war. Taking the recent happenings into account I propose we launch a pincher offensive.

I also motion that this operation be dubbed Operation Memetic Sunrise

If that is the truth wew did that fucking backfire

Definatley vibrates my cashews


Nice one, Trudeau.
if you were trying to convey something else, maybe try speaking proper fucking English

First couple of Q posts appear to be legit, some LARPing happened too.

Remember there was larping or attempted larping on Holla Forums for years, remember all the LARPers who claimed to be FBIanon even though the real deal one never used tripcodes?

Why dont we just have day of the rope-a-dope?

Oh i remember

I want to say that everything up until the return of trump from his Asian trip was legit. If it was anything, it ended there. After that it turned into Alice in wonderland bullshit. Maybe I just want there to be a connection between CIA, obama, and the Norks. They’re all commies right? Is the commintern holed up in a dystopian fortress country?

Zero Q posts have ever been legitimate. Get out, torfag.

Norks are authoritarian nepotistic ethnonationalists with a splash of commie paint, they're not commies.

Comintern sits in Brussels handing out fake laws as far as I can tell.

You're a black pilled faggot and you're filtered now too.

I think the funniest possible thing to do to the kikes would be to gaslight them, make them believe they're still in power and being obeyed, except everything goes horribly wrong for them all the time.

The word has officially lost all meaning. Thanks, kikes; you’ve destroyed your own tactic. Reported for Q-LARP spam, by the way.

I really, really like your idea. It's brilliant actually.

I showed it to my wifes parents. They couldnt get the words.


At the very least the next time you want to make a fake, slap a top secret or something on the top of it so information so super critical doesn't end up in the waste bin or the shitter.


Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

That cache of gay Anime will be your undoing.

Goddamn checked. That says plenty tho, an unnamed entity being the source of some of the documents…kikey af user.

These seem about as credible as most dossiers in the current year as well as previous year. I'm not sure I see the problem. Most people don't scrutinize like Holla Forums. You picky cunts.


Fake and gay. If it was real, Rich's name would be redacted.

You realize that you're the only person here who cares don't you?

I remember when this came out people named Mossad all the way. That or ISI because it deals with the Awans and DWS and Clinton.

4chan isn't allowing anyone to post anything on any board. What gives?

Nobody knows what's going on, but if the mods are involved and working with the zionist kikes I hope they get investigated and arrested for treason.

This happened a few times before:
It means they are afraid.

What was DAK by the by?

When do the frog marches begin?

Absolutely jack shit.

Day assange killed

Indeed. Recent events have me a bit perplexed. We know that throughout history the kikes have shown plenty of examples of them pushing until they find resistance and then pushing harder until they get shoahed. So them shooting themselves in the foot this much seems historically predictable. But, at the same time we know that they have fully kiked much of history, so is it possible there is a piece of the puzzle missing in that regard?

It seems almost too good to be true how much they are getting blown the fuck out.

I'd enjoy this.

Then it's rope time.

Don't get tired of winning, user. They were never anything but dumb and lucky, and now their luck is very quickly running out.

It's been over a year in the making. You don't use buckets to drain the swamp. You pull the plug. All at once.

It seemed most legitimate around that time for me simply because of the whole Saudi Arabia prince arrests event. Didn't see it anywhere in the news (only saw some tweets about it) and probably wouldn't have known about it if it weren't talked about in those threads. It also helped that Trump tweeted an image of himself and others with a newspaper in front of them with a headline about it. Though after that it just turned into posting about different random bullshit (that was cryptically written to avoid sniffer programs, but go ahead and defeat the purpose by trying to solve my puzzle anyways), and it became a total waste of time. Not to mention Q never talked about the fucking jews.

meh, the jews are going down? no fucking way without some nuclear bombs, just saying. no fucking way. some jews maybe, but not THE jews.

You and asses and eggoes would be the best of friends.

What do you think the fucking meteors are retard? Hawaii? Vegas? They HAVE been trying.

Way ahead of you, boss
I taxi people and i acted all sweet to these moshis and they open up about crimes and shit that they do. Imagine if we did gaslighting kikes on a large scale?

It really is though. They have even stopped any image posting there

we should first have us an ol'
night of the long knives-kabibes

Trump needs to TWEET "secret society"

Get this fucking war started.

Its not even that secret. Its a blatant society.

Meteors? Have they destroyed the federal reserve bank?

To us yes, but not to normies and we can't start a war without more normies waking up.


that is how you see leftism is a fraud

legitimate or not it redpilled a lot of fucking normalfags

Interesting developments
2018, shit getting real, real quick

like 90% of people here will automatically take anything you post with a grain of salt
you realize you're retarded


as silly as it is… I could see Rope-a-DOPE being a fairly successful memespell.

No. Lies, false trails, well poisoning, civic nationalism, and refusal to name the jew have not redpilled anyone.

(((secret society)))

So fucking many normalfaggot plebs woke up to serious crimes occuring because of that shit. And it got them to start asking questions. Regardless of a well being poisoned or false trails once a pleb starts asking questions it inevitably leads them to the kike question. Take your blackpills and shove them up your ass.

did this shit get slid?

Get out and never come back, redditor.

I wont let (((them))) slide this

GOOOOOOOOOOOO fuck yourself.

I'm really worried that a false flag is coming soon. (((They))) are scared shitless and will try anything.

I'm sure they'll try to pin something on "us" under the guise of domestic terrorism. Our only hope in such a time is to get the masses redpilled as fast as we can and stand our ground both politically in regards to 1/2A and physically IRL should it come to that.

impossible language

See, how the hell do you know that? That's a problem that seems endemic to Holla Forums, is the assumption that """normalfags""" are being constantly awoken to the JQ, and that it's purely a notion of introducing the idea to them that kikes mean us harm. It doesn't work that way, and it never will. Only a tiny fraction of whites will ever be truly redpilled (as retarded and unimaginative as that term is), because, and I know it will piss people off to say this, the kikes and leftists have many more articulate, educated and intelligent people able to level arguments for racial egalitarianism. The people who publish detailed and thoroughly researched journals and history books like American Apartheid, The Half Has Never Been Told, A Slaveholder's Union, ect. Books like this, which have a LOT of influence on the power-makers, weave together a potent narrative meant to disempower white men, and until we're able to meet them at that level, we'll have a hard time convincing people of our message.

Let's not forget that multiple foreign entities infiltrated that server and most likely have duplicates of these ultra secret squirrely docs


God damn, those are some powerful numbers. I really hope he does. His shitposting took a dive recently since he's had to focus everything on the shutdown. Now that it's over expect him to ramp it up again. Can't wait to see what happens with this.


Do the (((MSM Kikes))) really still push the ebil white conservative terrorist meme? Do they think it works?

Yes, and yes.
Its hilariously sad.

#secretsociety will show you a twitter ad linking you to a mental help line.

Kikes are really panicking now….

LARP harder.
will suck a dick if im wrong



Of course it did, because the media puppeteers are connected to that party.

What I don't get is why we kept so quiet about this. We knew this from day fucking one. Now we're seeing proof.

We’re going to have a grand time on day of the rat.


Well, yeah.

And holy shit, that’s actually what comes up.

Wow, they're trying to make users that use that hashtag doubt what they believe. Fuck Twitter. It's done.


Trump is going to disclose lizard people isn't he?

In my day they called that gas-lighting.

But he is a lizard person.

But honestly, the media will try to push this as "bullshit tinfoiler" disinfo or some shit. The rabbits being yanked out of it's hole and it will not like it.

It's a commonly used soviet tactic apparently. They used to label people that disagreed with marx as psychotically deranged or mentally ill.

We're seeing Twitter show it's true classes. Old Frankfurt must be in panic mode or something, OR we're dealing with an organisation that works through using similar tactics.
Frankly, I'm just about done with the psychiatric industries forced meme-ing. Them and the pharmaceutical industry will need to be cleaned out.


mfw Hillary manifesting is actually real.

I think this shit is getting slid ay.

why isn't it level with the page? looks badly faked

this is distraction tier shit. hillary is donalds cousin (both descending from king edward the III along with 13 previous presidents) and the entire election was a sham. this shit is just a joke to keep the DOJ and co busy while the jews pillage the country.


Muh jews

Tis said these secret societies initiation involves embarrassing compromising video. I wanna see Anderson Poopers (secret scriptures society) ping pong paddle and ball insertion video.


Yeah, Washington could use a visit from the Orkin-man. That place is due a gassing.


Keep trying, iterate and improve, one day you'll hit that magic note that BTFO's all Torposters forever. I suppose you'll kvetch about proxy posters and phone posters then.

Absolutely pathetic.

this x 9000

nasty scum of the earth these kiklets

The blue frog that makes a dent in the post viole(n)t normie society. Reminds me of game of tanks.

I just say:
And lel.

1. Disconnect Network
2. Close Browser
3. sudo su
4. killall tor
5. rm -rf /var/lib/tor/*
6. Reset MAC
7. ???
8. Profit

every person who don't believe about pizzagate or the carzy clinton satanic practices should be pointed out that the witch ex-president of south korea is in jail

You actually made a coherent convincing argument and that wasnt meant in an ironic way.

If it wasn't created by th Q larp people, the details that coincide with Q post imply it isn't fake.

What are they going to do?
Kill jews and blame it on us?
Oh noooo
Anything but thaaaat cia

This, frankly. Not the actual orgs at the lower degrees (although every female judge and most female politicians seem to be in eastern star) but the framework that allows winks and nods for this type of thing to happen at all.

All these FBI agents should be tried for treason or at the very least having a secret commission.

I dont remember noticing the text


You couldn’t chop softened butter, Moishe.

If it were legit there would be no reason to emphasize at the end, any non-disclosure to inner circle spook fags.

Distraction does seem to pin this down. Start including bastardy and said bloodlines get really fitz-interesting.

It's bribes and threats that do the influencing.

Because they have no problem whatsoever killing the intelligent people on our side like Rockwell.

Head choppers.

This. Remember what happened in South Korea. People warned about that group of women and that secret society shit, chink normalfags thought it was all a dumb conspiracy but where proven wrong hard. Same counts Americans. Shit has to unbelievable so that the normalfags can only laugh at it, making it so is just another kike tactic.