Jackson Maine; City Manager Interview

The mayor of Jackson Maine is being interviewed in a half hour on True Capitalist Radio tonight after the economic hour.


"Ghost interviews Jackman, Maine's city manager Tom Kawczynski, who's come under fire by mainstream media outlets for statements he made about preserving European Heritage in New England. Ghost gives Mr. Kawczynski the forum to articulate his perspective, and questions him about his independent political, economic and racial views."

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The fire rises.

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Seems Ghost is starting to wake up

I can't wait for the salt after this interview.

That is a salty jew.

15 minutes till interview

Good for Ghost, shitting on the Aut-Kike. He's being pretty wise right now.

But the ultimate question is, will he name the Jew? Because that's the biggest one, the JQ.

Article from a few days ago that started all this. Honestly I want to buy this guy a beer, he's fighting the good fight.
Also link in OP has 404'd for me, and it's Jackman, not Jackson Maine

This is true, even if it's suicide naming the kike as the source of the world's woes is crucial. I was curious how quickly BTR would shoah his account if he mentions them. Alan (((Levy))) sure does sound kikey.

Wait did this guy actually admit to being a Holla Forumsack? Shills who claim we're all basement virgins BTFO. At least one of us isn't :^)

Wew what are the odds? I was just listening to it.

Hes still half a boomercuck.
At least he is somewhat sympathetic to whites.

Makes sense, he never says Zionist, but the filterman word "Globalist".

He had Freudian slip once and said jewtube.

It has been like 7 years since I ERP'd as fluttershy in his voice chat and made him ragequit half way through a broadcast. Since then I realised he was right.
Good to see him back.

I was surprised to her him say those words.

I thought him getting mad was just an act that he does when he reads the gab shoutouts and does the call-ins. He rage quit half way into the show and I was surprised.

So let me get this straight, they're mad at him because he wants to preserve the ethnic character of Maine? Can you imagine if some spic in LA said that? He'd be the darling child of the media.

Is he the guy with the engineer and stomach cancer?