Can't scale 30ft wall?

"The testers were unable to overcome the assortment of barriers due to their tall heights, according to the report. They were able to reach up to 20 feet, but required “help” after that. The border wall prototypes are around 30 feet tall."

Two weeks and they couldn't do a search to find this?

Now, the wall we unwillingly paid for in israel is 27ft and has been effective so the 30ft prospect should be a benefit, but as the hooktube video shoes, 30ft can be scaled with ease quickly.

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Thats not a wall, thats a fence.

just shoot the people trying to invade your country people will eventually stop trying to invade


you don't even need a wall for that.



My wall is made out of fence

Faggots, watch the video. Hint: it's not the picture.

Learn how to OP.

Then why isn't it embedded instead of that image, faggot?


Trust me, in this day and age, there are multiple methods to augment walls and fences. The jews are actually pioneers in this field and Magal was mentioned in the past about being a possible contractor.

so your average house is made of wooden fences?

The wall will have pressure sensors and other tech to detect things like this

try harder faggot

I am learned, I pulled a Trump and got this thread traction faster than usual.

OK, but note how fast they get the guy to the top.

why not put some electric wires on the top?

Yes, this demonstrates that any wall can be climbed, but there are important differences you are missing. These people are highly trained, skilled, and asian. And the pole they are using was not made in Mexico.

Also, I imagine this would be very hard to do when nine months pregnant.

Fun fact, die.

lol those are fucking gooks, not spics brother. couldn't keep those crafty fuckers out of anything. don't worry/shill so much you faggot.

How about .50 cal machine gun nest every so many feet, cheaper than a wall and is a scary fucking deterrent. Pedro can't climb over bullets

If you shoot them and let them rot where they drop, would they continue to climb?

>But jore wife won't
You really think we're gonna let beaners QC them for us?

I guess our prisons should be fenceless now you showed me op.

They tend to have a few guards to make sure their prisoners don't run up and use wire cutters at their leisure to get out. Generally speaking.

I don't remember so many with shit reading comprehension yet now as seen in this thread there's a bumper crop.

all the rich and ghetto areas are all fenced up, if fences don't work then why do so many places have fences

Perfect post

Why can't we run 660 volts of electricity through the wall on a top portion?

fences don't work giuse

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Grease up the fence, problem solved.

Reread my OP, retard, this thread isn't a case against fencing or the wall.

HAHAHAHAHaaaa there are gonna be so many beaner splat spots along the border. Thanks for the laugh OP.
Can't wait for my border to be littered with the blown out bodies of would criminal illegals.

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the owner of Holla Forums is a Muslim and the moderation team is Jewish

iirc Mexico is the 2nd fattest county, weight makes even standing or breathing harder let a alone climb a fence.

Isn't that what he said?


Also, those appear to be some kind of special forces and are far, far from the average quac goblin. OP need to take a knife to his throat and just start cutting.

Yes, by ninjas. How many ninjas do you think live in Mexico?

Your black-pill will not work on us, Satan!

"Not a barrier wall" is irrelevant, it's the same, hard flat surface 30ft tall, and you don't need to be anything special to pull that off, just some extra guys and a pole, and in the walls case, a rope for climbing down. The wall will weed out a lot, just as the wall in israel, but not all spics are fat, pregnant, or some other variation of weak. What this thread is highlighting is that 30ft is not unscalable as is being suggested by the report, that "Military special forces and U.S. Customs and Border Protection special units" are rather dim bulbs that they couldn't take a few seconds to search to find it already done instead of being foiled from doing so for three weeks, and that the wall is going to need to be higher than 30ft &/or a slope/hill in front or something else to foil/cover this method.

Just put the automated gun on the drone and assign them to the electrified fence. That will solve the problem completely.

Oh no, too bad nobody invented barbed wire yet. Too bad that border patrol doesn't exist. Too bad that Mexico is the most athletic country in the world. You really showed the error of our ways, so let's just not do anything at all.

I like the way you think but the simplest solutions tend to be best. Hardware maintenence is expensive and who knows what turrets might shoot at outside of Mexicans. Wildlife, friendlies, various glitches due to exposure to the elements. A trench with spikes at the bottom on our side would be good, or a second wall.

Trump would never admit to that, but still gj

it could be remote controlled like drones are, it has sensors which when triggered put it under drone guys control

no mexican woman is doing that over a wall. you sure showed me.

Here you go you stupid nigger. US special forces cant scale it, wall's fine smart brainlet.

You must be as smart as those special forces who couldn't do a search to find all it takes is a few guys and a stick, instead spending three weeks getting nowhere, putting the special in special forces.

Satan trip approved this.

This is embellishment. The Army corps of engineers and SF tested all the prototypes and were each able to breach each one of them. They were measuring how long it took to do so, how much personal risk was involved in doing so, what tools were required to do so, etc. The objective was to pick a design which was defensible (e.g. which border patrol could respond to invaders before they made it through,) not to build some magical impenetrable barrier.

They still hiring pajeets to write your code? kek

How long is not long at all, 10-20 seconds/person, personal risk is falling up to 30ft if they slipped, tools is a pole with a couple of guys on the other end.

Or china is breeding an army of jackie chans.

Personal risk is more that if they try to use a saw to cut the posts the weight over top can't be supported and will crash down on them.

That's to scale the wall, I forgot to add however many seconds it takes to slide down a rope, say double it, so 20-40 seconds, or round up, a minute/person.


There will be drip nozzles lubing the wall with old taco grease.

Holy fuck charlie is on my Tibetan knitting pattern exchange board.

It doesn't take super duper vietnamese soy sauce to pull this off.


No, but I don't see a lot of mexicans attempting this, especially after a few attempts.

And to top all this off, we haven't seen Donnys final design for the wall. I would imagine they account for the stupid stick trick.

That's what I want. What I don't like/find concerning is the report puff piece building up the wall as insurmountable with special forces managing only 20ft in three weeks of trying as if mission accomplished when I found the gook clip in under a minute of being able to get over the wall in under a minute.

In, the wire, zip.

One of D's jobs is testing security at nuke facilities. They likely have a few words in this.

How is a wall supposed to fix legal immigration from non white countries and non whites breeding in Amierca? Not to mention interracial relationships.

The wall makes them use the door.


It doesn't, that's what not renewing obama's dreamer proclamation, sending back 25 year "visiting" hurricane "victims," invigorating ICE, stopping immigration from particular countries, halting h1b1 poo, and hopefully more to come actions is for. Mind you, we are far from up to speed, for example, ICE should be deporting more than 10k a day for eight years to flush out the illegals that have accumulated.


We need a lot of Drano.

This faggot is really imblying that spics are smart, and crafty enough to achieve that Vietnamese swat trick? Even if a few are able to, that doesn't make the wall useless.

Don't have to be smart, it requires all the intelligence of pushing a stick with another holding on doing an imitation of Adam West, and yet another yahoo with shit reading comprehension, I've argued the contrary to the "he's saying the wall is useless!" strawman.

Too bad everyone got cheap and hired pajeets to do their cyber plumbing. The shit's everywhere.

Another dink? Jesus fuck is there no end to them?

porbably violates geneva conventions. thats why we cant use flamethrowers anymore

1. cheaper insurance
2. makes residents *feel* safer
im a security guard btw. my job exists for the same two reasons

Wall needs another ten feet.

he didn't assail the fence so good!


That's pretty cool. We could totally secure the border with robots. Maybe armed with tear gas or something so they aren't just ignored.

Any wall, fence need someone defending it, otherwise it will be scaled, breached.

Waste of material.
The US had to spend the double for thousands of miles of wall and fence, while any Mexican just needs a double length ladder.
The Berlin wall was much lower. For economical reasons. Instead of doubling the height, they doubled the wall, with ample space between, trapping anyone trying to cross inbetween. This gave the border guards enough time to catch them.

The GDR used mines, spikes (spike mats) and barbed wire between the fences. Spikes were used to stop vehicles or to stop jumpers, who would land on them.
Against the breakthrough with vehicle one need very robust barriers, step and wide trenches.

Ground mines were troublesome because the elements, rain would move them, wash them out into creeks and rivers.
They had alarm wires on the sides and the top of the fence. The fence was not some cheap chain link fence you use for your garden, but plates from “stretch metal”. One can not scale such a fence without tools because the openings are to small and for cutting one needs angel-grinder or similar tools

Between the fences they had an access road exclusive for the border guards to send reinforcements.

Rope ladder, abseiling, nothing some intrepid coyote wouldn’t be able to organize in a short time.

You put ready-made covers over it. Not exactly nuclear science, burglars do it all days.

checked for shooting invaders

The wall is more psychical to send a message: come legally or fuck off.

USA would not even need a wall if they'd have robots patrolling and shooting anything that passes the perimeter.

fucking oww my ass

You realize that the point was that they needed assistance from another person to get up, and that the video you linked has the people needing help from another person to get up, right?

Yeah, because America is just surrounded by chinks and bamboo. We as so screwed, yuo guise. Might as well just gib up now.

Fuck off, Moshie. The spics can't climb, they can barely even into repelling.

This argument is so fucking stupid every time.

You're going to sit on top of the 30-foot wall, lift 30 feet of ladder up, and put the 30-foot ladder down on the other side so you can climb down without breaking your legs?

Or are you just going to use the corpses of other spics to break your fall?

No the argument is, you can‘t prevent the Mexicans climbing over the wall, even if you double or triple the height.

The economy of scale is against you, while you have to defend and build a wall for thousands of miles, a doubling of height would double your cost, with nearly no effect. The Mexican trying to breach the wall just need longer tools, that increases their cost, but their costs are negligible.
Technically it is more easy to build a longer ladder, than to build a higher wall.

You seem under the impression that only individual Mexican would try to climb over a wall, while in reality they join forces and have professional helpers.
They can drive to the wall unload/deploy their scaling help, climb over it, use rope ladders, abseiling, or rescue tunnels quite quick, while the border patrol has to rush to catch them before they are scattered and away.

A much more sensible use of resources is to build the wall just high enough, lower than your current fences, and build second wall behind them. With that arrangement you, first do trap them between the walls and second make it difficult/impossible for them to move tools to scale the second wall in place.
Such an arrangement gives border patrol more time to catch them. It uses more land, but much of the territory to control/patrol is desert anyway.

Can we just do that instead of a wall and deportations?

I don't think you will be able to climb a wall like that if the wall has a ledge at the top.


Did NUNYA actually read the articles about this? There's a direct quote saying that getting down was found to be far more perilous than getting up.

If you slip at all you're fucked. The first person to think they're special forces fit, fall and die will seriously curtail this strategy.

Also the wall is zigzag surfaced not flat and it's round on top so you can't stop there and attach a grapplinghook and shimmy down.

The real threat is the Mexican Olympic polevolt team. All they need is some spring shoes to cushion their fall to make the wall pointless.

Wow does the CIA really not want the wall. The reason is obviously due to the fact that they traffic sex slaves.

< any wall can be climbed
By WHOM?! Commandos in their prime, or pregnant ladies?

Piece of cake

There are tool to do this totaly safe even for normal, not trained people.

The form of the wall makes no difference with the right tools.

< any wall can be climbed
By anyone prepared

Easy peasy to lift a fat pragnant beaner over a wall.

I've got an idea to add to this: just sprinkle a powder on both sides of the wall that can only be detected by infrared. When its disturbed, you can see (more or less) where they've come from and where they've gone and start your search there



I'm not sure anyone has ever treated a wall as an impenetrable barrier. The purpose all walls and fences serve is to slow down incursions. Monitoring and border patrol response is the real deterrent to large scale crossings. If you can't see the difference between a 12 foot chain link fence and a 30ft concrete wall then there's no helping you.


They have it covered and mexico is paying for that too. kek

That is done by raking the ground in front of the fence/wall

This is just the newest divide and conquer shill tactic you retards. Literally "walls are too easy to climb, just don't build a wall, ignore hungary and shit"

But no one is taking the wise approach. Seal off the border with a 100 foot wall. Put an ultimate ninja course in a few border towns, put deep water in it, make it tough.

If the spics get through, they become citizens.

Pay per view the whole thing and everything will pay for itself in a year. Who wouldn't want to watch spic ultimate ninja warrior: USA citizenship edition.

Above a certain minimum height, the height of a wall makes no difference.

Saudi-Arabia has double fence build by EADS:

I would advice against chain link wire fences, because they are to easy damaged. Instead stretch metal fences, like the GDR used, galvanised steel mats, are more robust and impossible to scale without tools. Individual mats can be exchanged much more easy than concrete panels or steel pipe fences. This is an important aspect because it is to expected that the wall will be permanently sabotaged from the Mexican side and from the US probably too.

Who is the idiot here?
Hungary has a relatively low chain link fence. After the first line has been finished, they are now building a second fence behind it.

Let's strap a m3 grease gun to it

The wall is symbolic as well as practical. A fence looks weak. And indeed many people have made fun of Bush's border fence and some of the fence proposals for Trump's wall. It should be tall and imposing, even if it is unnecessary.

Although I do believe very few people would attempt to scale a 50+ foot wall, and certainly not quickly. Walls have been historically very effective even against large organized militaries.

Incidentally, Hungary also isn't dealing with Mexican cartels, CIA, MS13, etc etc

This has been answered in

The reason why Hungary has this is:
Quick deployment, anything is better than nothing
Price, Hungary has very limited founds

The reason why Saudi-Arabia does have the same low quality fencing material, is probably
Shoot to kill policy for the border guards, no Mexican minors trying to damage the fence.
Terrorist trying to cross might bring heavy tool to even cut through steel plates, so it would make not much of a difference to chain-link.
Defence in depth, they have a third more nasty fence in between, eventually mines between the fences. So the outer fences serve to keep, wildlife, grassing animal, Bedus away.

After the climb what do you think it's gonna happen?