I kinda agree with this. If it weren't an excuse for more gibs.

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We've come full circle.

We genuinely might be able to get Blaxit to happen.

Fucking Frankfurt kikes, it's a shame we'll never get to torture/kill those rats.

pretty soon they are going to say air is racist/sexist

that's ridiculous but true

The chair one has to be satire.

Do not want

What the fuck does """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""academic""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Jane Boner want? Fucking couches for the wymyn to lounge on while the men sit cross-legged on the floor? These """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""people""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" get paid to professionally be mentally retarded yet it's hard to get real work.

Kill yourself.

What defeatism, you fucking faglord?
The OG Frankfurt kikes are long gone, so no, they'll never get their dues, at least not by earthly hand.
Stop trying so hard to fit in.

I'm going to go ahead and agree, desks are too. You ever notice that its impossible for a man of average height to sit with proper posture because all the desks and chairs are sized for women? I'm only 5'11" but my natural and healthy posture has my eyes centered half a foot or more above the computer monitor so you're forced to hunch over all day. Older desks are usually a fair bit taller and a lot easier to work at.


I’m 6’1” or 6’2” or thereabouts and my counters are JUST short enough that working in the sink hurts my back after far too short a time. You’re right about desks, too.

Why do all these academic roasties look like 3rd grade teachers?

Invest some money in an office chair so that you can adjust your height, when sitting, relative to the desktop.

Not a solution, tbh. Proper height desks can be had, but they're rare: all the computer desks at my school are built for asian insects and beanpeople. After some searching, I found a good height desk at a second hand furniture place.

It'd probably be worth it to get sub-saharan negro traits recognised as serious heritable disability, even if in the short term it's an excuse for gibs.

Fucking kitchen counters are heightist. I'm 6'4 & I feel like I'm prepping up for a fucking prostate exam every time I try to use a kitchen sink. God fucking damn gimme money cunts

I am just shy of 6'-0" and have installed over 50 kitchens and both of you anons are correct. Counter height is determined by the population mean which is what works for the vast majority,
You 2 fall just outside of it and are subsequently punished.
Your only solution is to take out your bottom cabinets and shim them up to a height that is comfortable for your use.
Put your wife to work in the kitchen where she should find them perfect for her and you can always slough off kitchen work and say but it is the wrong height and hurts my back etc.
And for added bonus points make some one stand on something tall enough to put them to your height and say here see how it works for you now.


Downie/Jew eyes.

Menopause probably has her going batshit. Bitch needs to be put on leave.

The sun is racist against whites, gibs me a disabled parking spot and a MAGA sombrero.

My monitor is sitting on a stack of books, should be able to do the same at work/school.

Is this commie campus-whore arguing that niggers can't sit in chairs? It can't be that, because when I said something similar in college everybody got really mad at me. See pic related.

Do these fucks even know what they want any more?

6'5 reporting, I know your pain

My monitor is raised at least a foot and a half on cassette drawers.

We should astroturf heightism for the lulz.

Don't cut yourself on that edge kiddo.

Chairs are implicitly white.

They alread have…

Does it exist? If yes, it discriminates against someone and must be banned for everyone everywhere, forever. Welcome to the left.

Even whites are better at squatting than nonwhites.

Well, I guess it's time to rev up the old false flag accounts and screech about the newest symbol of white nationalism and hate.


That was a kike typing away from Haifa (or London tbh).

That's some relatable datamining, pal :^)

Blacks are disabled?

Lol kill yourself manlet, why even live? Hahahahaha


She makes a good point, and I would elaborate on the further implications of this.

To treat blackness like a disability means that black people would be segregated into different prisons than white people, along with people who are also disabled. For fully abled white people, this means that prisons become safer places than they were before.

To treat blackness as a disability means that it is easier to simply pick a black person off the street and put them into an institution - this is what we do with certain types of disabled people.

To treat blackness as a disability means that it is OK to refuse to hire them for certain classes of jobs. We do not hire mentally retarded people to work at cash registers. We do not hire physically disabled people to work on farms. This is not illegal - pointing to the black person's likely inability to perform certain tasks frees employers from anti-discrimination laws when refusing to hire them.

To treat blackness as a disability means that people are not socially expected to treat them as equals. People do not treat mentally retarded people as equals.

Moreover, blackness is obviously inheritable. It would be considered a genetic disability. People with genetic disabilities are socially discouraged from breeding. The majority of people are willing to question the right of such people to breed, and bringing up these questions is not taboo as long as you limit it to inheritable genetic disorders.

I am in favor of treating blackness as a disability. It's an excuse for them to get more gibs, and I'm fine with that. However, it also means that all sorts of new options are available for dealing with our black population on a societal level - the amount of gibs they will get from this will not exceed the amount of money they would get from a job, so our nation will save money in the long run. We have mechanisms to limit their breeding because of this, so the problem is on the path to getting solved. Lastly, it segregates the problem away from the larger populace, and makes our society safer, immediately.

This could have been written by Holla Forums, if the person did not have her name attached to it. This is utter genius, and we should support this professor's attempt to classify blackness as a disability.

She's from pozzbourne, not straya. Common misconception.

To anyone who tries to use an appeal to authority fallacy on me ever again about post-secondary education: this is where I will point. This is the so called high minds in the ivory tower - Chairs, are sexist.

I'm still trying to get over being taught that the slippery slope was a fallacy, everything I have seen throughout my life since has displayed as clear contradiction.

I remember being a young shit lib arguing with my parents when they thought gay marriage was abhorrent. This was maybe 20 years ago - and they said to me, "Well what next? People marrying their dogs?"
And I felt so intelligent that I could shout "FALLACY!" But guess what? I was a Canadian - and they were fucking right. Now you can fuck animals. The slippery slope doesn't apply to politics or Human interaction as we're such pattern influenced creatures.

I feel the feels canadabro, shits the same here we only lag behind by a couple of years.

my life was threatened multiple times as an kid because my father was a staunch anti gay proponent in the 90's

How tolerant of them - it's all about love of course - the love of having another man wearing your anus like a sock. Day of the rake can't come soon enough.

Heat and pressure creates diamonds. I have a feeling this is part of the push with the 'anti-bullying' agenda, remove the pressure and heat and you end up with a bunch of soft dirt.

I've got my helicopter and fixed wing training ready for the day.

The world is sexist and racist. And probably reality itself. Why can't I walk through the local black area, or into a woman's bathroom? Or safely around my own area? You guessed it. Because of sex and race.

What the fuck is their proposed alternative to chairs


same old shit

Why can't I comfortably sit in these chairs, in a plane, in a car or on public transportation? Because the Axis didn't win and mandatory eugenics isn't a thing so I'm a 2 meter tall ubermensch in an untermensch squat goblin world.


(((approved non-racist chairs))) for only $7000 goy