Do you have a problem with that?

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
And to the Republic for which it stands:
One nation, Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Fuck commies.



No, but why do we need this thread OP?



Because there is no better alternative.
Because fuck you for needing to know why.
Also because this is the insanity killer.
Why do we need this thread?
#1 I dare say we simple plebs have become too stale and need more ammo in the bin.
#2 You thought it's okay to be white was a success, eh?
#3 Because there isn't a social media platform this shouldn't be plastered all over.
#4 No leftist reaction to this wins and it's a nail in their coffin.
#5 Peepeepoopies

If you want to shit up a board or are trying to troll commies you would fare better over here >>>Holla Forums

Every good deed begins with the first step forward.

Why does the thread exist.

Fucking halfchan tier thread, fuck off back there.

No problem whatsoever. You can give your heart to the ZOG, but your ass belongs to state.

If you are trying to prop up democracies or republics you are in the wrong place.

can halfchan upload images yet I want these faggots gone

ZOG is trying to kill this and pick it apart more than just about anything it does in America.

As this guy said, democracy fails as corruption takes its reins from within.

I'm not an American faggot, but if my state asked me to swear allegiance to it, I'd tell the cunts to go fuck themselves, tbqhwy.

You're confused, albeit for the reason that you have been shillbombed here for long enough and might get me misunderstood.
You don't have to support the message.
See its impact and what people will do when it comes from saltmining dealers of the dank.

this tbh

I can't understand if it's a troll or one of those larping boomers that follow Quckanon.

Notice: We're in such a timeline that the Pledge of Allegiance is considered larp tier by some.

You forgot the pictures

Oh you're that same newfag claiming that that we don't know why memes work over in the other thread. Nice OP and formatting nigger.

This is the only thread I've posted on in about a month. Any other retarded claims I'm supposed to answer to will go unanswered.