You guys really don't play both sides at all, do you?

You guys really don't play both sides at all, do you?
I get the feeling we all want a better country, right? So no one should be exempt from constructive criticism. Does the senator have a decent point?
(I'll freely admit she isn't well spoken and has zero stage presence, but I think she offers a valid point.)
**Disclaimer: This post isn't the work of some high-horsed democrat shill who thinks Trump's getting kicked out of office tomorrow because HE FINALLY CROSSED DA LINE YOU GOYS.
There is no line, because our population pays no attention, and offers no consequence for any government official.** Trump will serve two full terms, and he deserves it, because he is a smart man with good intentions. He played ((their)) game and won.
When we find out Tammy Duckworth likes to eat babies or whatever, I'll want to discuss that too! That's what playing both sides is like. Even your idols are human, and we can't continue evolving if we decide a small amount of our population is infallible.
Are there any other criticisms you have towards people Holla Forums looks up to?

Kike free first reply by OP.
I'm a terrible fucking faggot who doesn't understand that the enter key breaks spoiler, and that text really didn't even need a spoiler. The whole post looks like a mess and also comes off as passive-aggressive and condescending. We can just let this die if you want.

natural and organic!

Why should we give our enemies–the very people who want to see us enslaved and then dead without further generations–space on our board, let alone in our minds, just for the sake of playing devils' advocate or saying we gave both sides a fair shake?
Fuck that shit.

There seems to be something missing here

Why would I give jews or their pets any benefit of a doubt?

What you consider 'better' and what I consider 'better' are not the same thing.

No. Because your vision for a 'better country' is not at all compatible with my vision. It's a zero sum game at this point. Either Western Civilization is saved, or it is kiked, browned and yellowed into oblivion and something ugly is borne out of it that I detest to every imagine, let a lone see. I don't have any interest in working with the left. You would be lucky if I decided I ultimately did not want you dead.

Nope. I want America destroyed.

Uhh… and what exactly was that point??
She didn't propose any solution and just spent the entire time slandering him. Gee, nobody's ever done that before. Thanks for sharing such an insightful post.

I for one was a lefty growing up. I know their arguments and their flaws inside out and backwards. I was subsumed by it and completely sheltered and protected from 'harmful wrongthink'.

I no longer entertain such childish views. I refuse to consider the views generated by a death cult any longer.

I choose a future for white children.

Fuck the other side, they want me and my progeny dead or enslaved.

For every truth, there are an infinite number of lies.
Why waste your time on the lies?


Kill yourself.

I'm confused, are you saying Trump's never made a mistake, or are you saying you're willing to sweep his mistakes under the rug and only talk about to good he's doing?
Only people who identify with Holla Forums should post here, I don't believe in bringing in outsiders to let them speak their mind; that's a divide and conquer strategy that would set the national conversation a dozen steps back, implying it would ever work. (It hasn't and it won't.)
I never said we should give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I only seek truth and honesty, and if I imply that there should be a more diverse array of thinking, it's only so more can be learned in search of fact and truth.

I concede, it was in very poor form of me to use the word "better."

She simply brought to light that he dodged the draft multiple times using a very minor condition that is also very strange and unlikely for a young person to have. He also claims his bone spurs "cleared up," where as that couldn't be medically accurate. If he was telling the truth, he oversimplified it greatly, something he tends to do with the public. It creates a lot of miscommunication and confusion, I'd much rather our people were somewhat on the right page, and yet I can not force them to educate themselves.
I've been lurking for what I consider a very long time, and based on your responses, I need to lurk much longer. Once this thread 404's, I'll give it another year. I am really enjoying your responses though, they make me think much more than university ever did.

I don't know where the fuck you came from, but you best return boy.

I actually took the time to listen to this fat ugly non-American pig, and I'm disgusted by her in every conceivable sense.

Absolutely Pig Fucking Disgusting.

You're an enormous faggot, and you should know shame. Then you should go back to lurking for at least a year.


I'm a fucking retarded cuck, yes, and yet your posts are a bigger waste of bandwidth.

I'll look into the points that I can research, but it seems like a lot of projecting.

I'm here to learn, not shit up your board. My last thread on 8/pol/ was about Ebola reaching Texas.

Ah, no, she didn't.
She brought that up specifically to try to shame him and suggest that she doesn't need to be lectured by him.

But she does.
Because, while she was a dumb fat non-White sow who went and got fucked up for ZOG, he wisely did not. You can call it cowardice or whatever you want, but the fact remains: He's a multi-billionaire with 5 beautiful children married to a supermodel and living in the White House, while she's a fat chink-mongrel with no legs because she thought 'I know, I'll be a strong independynt womyn and join the military! What could go wrong!'.
And that's not even why she does, in fact, need to be lectured by him.
Rather, the reasoning there lies in her proposed views - for example, her desire to open the door to illegal spics and 'Syrian refugees', as well as her pro-abortion stance, as well as her support for further regulation of firearms via legislation, and, a whole slew of other shit, not to mention that, whatever her opinion of Trump, AS A SOLDIER, which she's trying to present herself as, she should know that the US president holds the highest office in the US military, and thus she ought be inclined to show him respect.

Point being: She didn't 'just bring it up', she brought it up to attempt to impose upon the president, to guilt him into action by accusing him of cowardice, and saying she does not need to be lectured by such a 'cowardly' individiaul… Not realizing that any American with a bit of sense to themselves has long-since abandoned the notion that the draft was/is something to be honorably accepted before marching off to die for ZOG.

And why is she doing this? To attempt to manipulate the public such as to create pressure on Trump to cave on immigration restrictions. Disgusting.

… Do you think anyone here gives a shit about Trump potentially lying about medical condition to avoid going to die for ZOG in Vietnam or some shit? Nobody with a brain cares about that shit.
And if you think that's the worst as goes 'lies' peddled by politicians, then again, get a brain.

You are a fucking imbecile if you think anyone in government is 'on the right page' with the citizenry.

That's because you're a millenial faggot with no attention span.

That's not saying much.

As a Former IL Resident, I like to point out how much of a hollow candidate Tammy is.

She is the quintessential DNC Elite pet. She does their bidding like a zombie. She is only a candidate because her only talent is leveraging sympathy for her severe injuries. She is not an independent thinker, and brings only her masters ideas to the table. She got her start in congress by IL gerrymandering a district for her.

this woman is a moron who does her masters bidding.

Look whose talking.

You answered your own question, otherwise you would be in an eternal echo chamber not realizing your deep errors
Nothing makes one firmer than constant hits. That's why there's plenty of threads of americans wewuzing they were shaolin, incan, mayan and alien kangz

No one's going to pressure Trump, though, he's going to do what he thinks is best.
I don't understand how letting someone so different than you be 1% right (dodging the draft is wrong, she doesn't have any other good points) is a slippery slope.

And that in no way whatsoever effects the intent with which that effort was made.

No, its not. It was, at one point, but its not anymore.
Know why?
Because of people like this gremlin here who turned the country in a multi-culti shithole that basically only fights for Israel and world Jewry.

Its not, but she's not right.
That's the point.

I don't understand how someone can think that 'draft dodging' in the US is in any way disdainful or has been anytime since the 1940's, and similarly, I can't imagine how anyone could reason that this ugly little chink-mutt gremlin is even 1% right, in that HER ENTIRE RANT is nothing but showing disrepect for a higher-ranking officer as part of a political ploy to apply pressure to achieve an outcome that is, again, objectively bad for the country.

You come off as extremely disingenuous.

You don't belong here. Lurk or leave.

So what if he dodged the draft to avoid getting his legs blown off in some ZOG conflict; what does that have to do with his ability to hold office?
Dying on foreign soil so that the military industrial complex can profit is not "patriotism".

t. ZOGbot infantryman

Even if it were patriotism - fuck patriotism!
Patriotism is civic nationalistic state-coddling.

I do not give a single solitary shit about the United States of America as a civic entity.
I only care about a civic entity in so far as it acts in the interests and to the benefit of my people, ostensibly, in this case, the nation (a nation being a thing of blood) which that state is meant to serve.
As that civic entity does not serve the interests of said nation, and in fact acts directly against their interests, there is no justification for support of such a civic entity, corrupted by external interference as to have become the ZOG machine we all know and hate.

I serve the American people - the only true American people, who are White Europeans - not this corrupt civic bureaucracy composed in majority of kikes, philosemites, and mudfolk, all of whom hate and aim at the dissolution of the sole true American nation to whom I stand in service.

I'll delete this thread soon, as I feel my argument has been effectively dismantled, and I had serious flaws in the way I presented my topic.
I believe that anything Trump's moral compass would allow him to do is forgivable, including draft dodging, but I would hope we hold him accountable for his errors, big or small. We can take the bad with the good and still have a great leader. An honest one at that.
I suppose that was my point, as poorly formed as it was. I'm very inexperienced with political debate at my young age, and even less experienced in posting.
Thank you for guiding me, Holla Forums.

There's nothing inherently immoral about draft dodging, but alright. It takes a while to undue a lifetime of being spoon fed propaganda from schools and media.
That said your head is in the right place, so there's hope for you yet.

Trump knows that dying for ZOG is bluepilled.

This is such a tiny thing you do that accomplishes nothing but make you appear afraid.
White men are still having sex with white women everywhere in this country.
Is anyone trying to tell you who not to have sex with?
Would you stand for that?

There is a reason everybody told you to
lurk-browse this page for at lest 2 years
We don't exactly talk about Trump much anymore,most people here were here before and around election and maid their mind

My personal take ,which might help you
It felt cool to "meme a president into office"-a lot of people got brought in because of the fun and stayed because they learned politics
There is often arguments about him being controlled by jews , and the fact that his daughter married a jew.For "health" of thinking assume that everybody but Trump or everybody but you is a jew in the government ,how would you operate in that situation
It's obvious he won't just take down USA flags and put Reich one up-contrary to what SJW's think
He keeps repaying "us" in memes like the recent "shithole"(…or more specifically how it makes people who never tought about it think why and how can one country be better than the other) ,and with how he can make fools of the media,There is a contest for getting a contract to build The Wall right now , There are the Presidential Decrees ,revisiting of the Uranium 1 , Obama crimes and Hillary crimes
Is he perfect No , are the people around him shady and jewish yes they are
But at least something is happening
"We" wait and see what comes next


Playtime is over, op. Their song and dance means nothing to us. We are already on the brink of war. All that remains is the tipping point. Once the point of no return has been crossed all out war will commence, the likes of which this continent has never seen. There are 327 million people in the U.S. right now. When all is said and done, there will be less than a third of that remaining to rebuild. No more games. It is time for blood.