Found out this weekend I'm going to be a father. Baby is due July/August

Found out this weekend I'm going to be a father. Baby is due July/August.

My question today is this, are there any worthwhile non-pozzed books for expectant fathers?

Once my child is born, what are some good ways in which I can protect it from getting pozzed by the cuckolded society I'm stuck in? (Sweden)

The bible. Start reading now.

slide, sage, report.

Already have, not a whole lot of advice on fatherhood in it.

Aesop's fables
Brothers Grimm

Marcus Aurelius: Meditations

good luck bro

Art of War
Art of the Deal
The entire encyclopedia
Mein Kampf
Fuck the ( ((bible) )) and its semitic teachings

Re-read Protocols of Zion and do the opposite. And don't ever circumcise your kid.

Good god why would anyone who isn't a kike?

It's never too early to teach a child about treachery and its disastrous effects.

Hi OP. user here. Two questions for you;

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Learn about developmental / behavioral psychology, a nice accessible gate for that is Jordan B Peterson, as he deals a ton with Jung and translates things.
Go into that stuff so you can learn more about what we are and what we need to be happy / successful / and have good and honest relationship with each other.

Lycka till!

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remember to teach your kids fairy tales, the morals they learn will help them in life.

I recommend some of pushkin's stories

Also congrats user

This is the mother.
I too am white.
It is mine.

Saw that debate between him and the channel 4 cunt, I like him very much. Has he published anything specifically on fatherhood?

These. Read your child real fairy tales, including greek myths. No nonsensical semitic shitskin ramblings (bible).

Homeschool your children.

>(((Jordan Peterson)))

Also make sure to have more babies to give him brothers/sisters.

Good job user. She looks very nice and traditional.

Congrats OP. I don't know much about books but your best bet is probably stuff written 70+ years ago.

Protect your child from psy-ops. Read about common tactics of gaslighting and emotional/psychological abuse so that you can recognize it. For the love of god do not let your kid watch the electric jew. Get your hands on some McGuffeys readers if you can.