Louisville Women's March - Fake Rape

Some monstrous beast is claiming that this man followed her around and harassed them.

Of course you can assume in the day in age we live in. That she would have some sort of video, or at least someone else would.

You can contact her tattoo shop at
Address: 502 State St, New Albany, IN 47150
Phone: +1-812-725-1351

Or contact her personally about the matter.

Name: Amber Ellnor


(502) 345-2155

[email protected]

Literal Satanists



Water is also wet; why would I waste my time on this sea cow?

Because they're trying to harass someone who probably did nothing.

Also, pretty sure the facebook post is open. Trolls are already raiding in it. So you can also get some lulz.

don't do this

obviously, you are too late by then.
That face should've sent you running.
About the fake rape. Doesn't the law punish those with wrongful criminal complaints? Read a book nigga



It's in Louisville, Kentucky the place is a Communist shithole.

Guy was prob fishing for future clients to sue in bogus shakedowns. Now he's the victim of a bogus shakedown. Oh well.

She didn't recognize the master.
Now she must pay


figured they'd be lavey tier satanists just by looking at that christmas pic
obnoxious shitcunts


What a Jew. How the hell did they make it into the modern world.


her facebook is big red flag. this the bottom of the totem pole satanist trash

Absolutely disgusting.

The sad thing is that if the "suspect" had been black, Holla Forums would be throwing a fit about a nigger raping "our women", and any user who dared to suggest that perhaps listen and believe is an outdated policy, accused of supporting nigger rapists.
Newsflash, most claims of rape are fairy stories, not only when the woman making them is a fat left-wing satanist.
Why is this even threadworthy? Was the march arranged by Rebel Media and that's why it's being shilled on Holla Forums?

That's actually pretty funny, since that sigil is specifically from the JoSM, a satanic organization that promotes race realism and revered Uncle Adolf. I wonder if they know that.

I disagree. I make an exception for a tasteful, simple wedding band tattoos can't take that shit off and hide it in your pocket in a bar :^)
I will also allow future RWSS members of distinction to acquire tasteful, memetically relevant tattoos to commemorate any outstanding achievements or k/d ratios.
Context is important.

If only there was a strong woman nearby that could have helped her.
bitches got played

Same sigil on her pendant. LaVeyan satanists are bottom of the barrel.

Who needs STD tests when they're more tatted than a succubus?

she knows gesundheit
and harasho

You should have hidden the third pic, OP. That's just vile and some of us are eating, though not as much as that landwhale.

Also Satanists being for the killing of babies and fat people being stupid and liars isn't worthy of a thread.