Press F to spit on ruins


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Knowing the way the jews work they probably burned it down themselves in order to collect on the insurance.

But here's to hoping it really was /ourguys/.

Is looking at the catalog really hard?


Where was RWSS when you need them? they lit the fire

Although i hope it's not, it's probably this.


They probably should have followed building codes, then the fire wouldn't have spread so quickly

Checked. Rolling for more to follow.
F for Firebomb

This guy did it. He's a greek nationalist and is known online as "kyriakos grizzly from Thessaloniki"

checky brecky


Kek, that's a rough looking dude. I'm glad he's on our side.

Jesus fucking Christ that's a fucking shaved bear.

His wrists are the same width as his hands. That's weight lifting goals

Are you sure he didn't just punch the building instead?

Is it possible for a man to be too swole?

"Fuck the system, fuck capitalism!…but yeah definitely get some insurance."
If this is like most leftist hives just about every has been left to neglect, including insurance.

Not when it comes to squashing antifa skulls like sparrows eggs kek


Based Golden Dawn.

I hear you can get wrists like that from brick laying.


He entered into his shrine between priceless tripods, and there made a flame to flare up bright, showing forth the splendour of his shafts, so that their radiance filled all Crisa, and the wives and well-girded daughters of the Crisaeans raised a cry at that outburst of Phoebus; for he cast great fear upon them all. >>From his shrine he sprang forth again, swift as a thought, to speed again to the ship, bearing the form of a man, brisk and sturdy, in the prime of his youth, while his broad shoulders were covered with his hair: and he spoke to the Cretans, uttering winged words:

Holy fuck its 2018 and antifa are getting scorched again.


That's not how you use F dumbshit.

he's a big guy

For you

For jews

Antifa mogged by the bloatGOD

big fucking guy.
i gotta say, buff greek dudes are some of the scariest, hairiest motherfuckers in the world


balkan music has the most interesting time signatures in folk music. thanks for this user


Nice work, big guy.

Zyzz didnt have shit on this beast, Im not sure hes fully human.


How do you get wrist gains anons?

That guy better not just be trolling us, I cant find anything about him being a nationalist but hes still hilarious as fuck.




dubs of truth

Farmer’s Carries
pullup on a thick bar like a swing set

jerk off furiously

jerking off is a meme doesn't build much wrist

Once again Golden Dawn is leading the way.

That building looks kind of old. I'd happily spit on the smouldering corpses of any commies who died in it (although unfortunately none did as far as I know). But for the building itself I'd rather pay some respect to a small part of Greece which had to be destroyed in the fight against kikes and their minions.


Aren't the leaders all still rotting in jail without trial? Some "democracy" that country has.

< not spitting alcohol
< this fucking sober

Never did I think I'd see the day when not being a man who has sex with men would make me a revolutionary.



here he is on the way to the crime scene

He keeps getting away with it!

100% pure aryan material right dere


Looks like a T R A I N E D W A L K E R to me.

some dumb commie retard dropped his weed and burnt the building down

It was an abandoned building. Greek commie often squat in abandoned buildings and house rapefugees in them

I wouldn't fuck with that guy no matter how much you paid me

bulk so hard that when you step on the scale it simply says "FULL"

Ajax reborn!

Is he uh..curling that weight?

I wish they weren’t called ‘Molotov’ cocktails. I looked that guy up and he seems very much like a good shabbos goy. He was a bolshevik from their beginning.

It's ГРИЗЛИ, are you blind?

Leftists don't need insurance. The government will bail them out.

The reason they are called molotov cocktails was because the soviets were cluster bombing the finns during the Winter War and claiming they were dropping food, so the finns started calling them Molotov Bread Baskets, and invented this antitank weapon as a drink to go with the food.
More on this here: jaegerplatoon.net/OTHER_AT_WEAPONS1.htm