FREXIT: Macron Admits French Public Would ‘Probably’ Vote to Leave the EU if Given the Chance

FREXIT: Macron Admits French Public Would ‘Probably’ Vote to Leave the EU if Given the Chance

French president Emmanuel Macron has made a shock admission that the French public would “probably” vote to leave the European Union if given the chance in a referendum.

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But will they get the chance to do so?

By the day I'm more and more convinced that he is /ourguy/

Imagine being a man and dressing like this

gotcha goyim!

Is it not the Hero's fate to go down as a traitor while actually doing the most good? The hero is the one who pretends to be a viper in a den of vipers only to burn the entire den, being remembered as a viper himself.

Macron is chaotic neutral.
He's not our friend and he's not a friend to the left, he's completely unpredictable.


So is Donald Samuel Baruch Trumpensteinowitz.

Of course not :^)
The public are simply not smart enough to understand the devastating consequences of making such a terrible decision, which is why our democratic system requires qualified representatives of each nation to vote on these issues on their behalf :^)


Trump is chaotic good

Yes, and Santa is real and if you behave well you can get into Hogwarts.
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Hmm. Take them out and whats left?

Macron is a former Rothschild banker what the fuck are you on about you nigger?

Could you imagine a world in which he can no longer stomach the crimes theyve commited?
Sure, he could be an evil man, but he is a man, a mortal, elastically minded man, he can be shaped, he can be forged. Meme it. He will bend.

He was one of the most obviously planted candidates seen in recent years without dispute. Having said that one cannot deny he is not acting as expected. The Rothschild family is a lot of things but they are not stupid. Macaroon could be the implementation of a new game plan. I don’t trust him, I will not celebrate his rhetoric but he should be monitored closely.

Everyone who grew up playing D&D are all gen-X or early Y, at least, you complete fucking retard.

Reminder that a Europa united will never be divided.

Who's that chick? Ace genetics, whoever it is.

He's establishing bona fides so any challenger from the right will look extremist by comparison. Look at his actions, not his rhetoric.

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Daily reminder that the last time the french had a referendum on the EU they voted no.
And their parliament ratified the same text a year later.

And people are still pissed about it.
The result of a referendum on leaving the EU wouldn't be the same as in the UK… it would be 70% leave 30% remain.,_2005

See you filthy kike!
He's not in any way unpredictable, he's very much so. He's a globalist trained by the Rotschild puppetmasters.
Into the oven he must go

If this does not make people drag into the streets the politicians and skin them alive and boil them, then I don't what would

Much like the rest of Europe, those sweet sweet gibs from Germany are just too tempting to France. The people might want to leave but they won't want to stomach the consequences.

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Incorrect, France is a payer country. Very much so, in fact.

I’ve got to tell you something real quick as I chug my Mountain Dew, because yes, I’m a memer. I’m not the alt-right, but I still drink Mountain Dew. Anyways, yeah, I actually consider myself more of a ‘social hacker’ than a memer. Every hacker is either addicted to chaos or addicted to order. I myself am addicted to chaos, but I’m chaotic good.

You're a fucking retard. France for the longest time was the economic power house of the European Union. It took heavy handed regulation on the production of their primary sectors (agriculture being the main one) to fuck them over, and it was all done in favor of Germany.

If you want to blame the krauts, or the kikes in power in the country, that's your prerogative (protip, if you don't blame the kikes, you're an idiot), but ultimately at a national level, France was shafted in favor of Germany by the EU regulations. Just like every other country in the EU. They want to centralize power in Germany because it's the country they have the firmest grip on, both in terms of state power, and the brainwashing they've inflicted on the populace.

Corsicans need to exit from France and become a nation again before the degeneracy destroy their homeland permanently.

Macron is the real God Emperor. He even included a Cock in his photo which was taken during the year of the Fire Cock.

Because that's France's national animal.

Salut Gandalf!

Regardless of the economic strength of France, right now Germany is the EU gibs slave. Every regulation is built around keeping PIGS and France afloat at the expense of Germany. That is why everyone, including the German politicians, are trying to keep Germany "in".

Where do you think those vacant seats from Britain will go to in the EU parliament ? To France, Spain, the Netherlands and some eastern European places. Germany gets none.

They are also intending to raise and reform the EU taxes, which will be spent according to the vastly overrepresented shithole countries.

This, Macron was always meant to be a cucked replacement for FN. Just right enough to release the pressure valves, not right enough to actually do anything of value.

The entire thing is a shitshow.