What's the deal with black people and 'kangs'?

Why are Africans in general so obsessed with kings and queens? Let's just say that the whole "kangz of Egypt" thing is real, why do they care about it so much? You don't see Japs or Chinamen always talking about their empires history. Not even Arabs care much about their historical empires that much. I have never seen any white American with British ancestry say "We were the Kings of England and shat, chaps." or any other Europeans.

Only Africans are obsessed with this heavily debated idea of being decendents of ancient royalty.

Because their failures in modern day. Just like they've been failures for all of history. They have nothing to be proud of in their own lives, so they look back on "history" and cheer themselves up by thinking back on the "good ol days" that never actually existed.

This is a question that doesn't deserve an entire thread. Sage.

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No, it works, think about it
You can read it as “because of their failures”, or as a typo of “because they’re failures”. It satisfies both sides of the negro debate by containing a level of doubt, this is the unconscious genius of the white brain

Their ancestors never bothered to record whatever they considered to be achievements and now lack the foundation of many other civilizations.

I'd make up shit to if I came from this.

Niggers have no history. So the only way to get is the same way as they always do, stealing.

Japs can look at the only society to ever near successfully merge modernity and tradition, as well as the single most long-lasting country on earth.
Chinks can look at centuries of decadent Empires and gigantic cultural output (and then praise the communist party to not get organ harvested for wrongthing).
Arabs can jerk off to centuries of white slavery and how they overran the entire east and south coasts of the once-white Mediterranean.
Americans can look at their freedoms and the constitution and muh democracy.

Africans can look back on 10 millenia of mudhuts, with their single greatest accomplishment in the entirety of history being that one KANG managed to stumble upon so many goldmines in his territory that he ruined the entire region's economy in his incessant search for bling.

Because only in a land of niggers could one of them possibly reach the top and that's the top?Hence history repeating itself these lest several years.

Anything to look less like a nigger.

It's just low quality counter propaganda to the truth of reality that: for every worthwhile version of them that could have possibly been a kang if that version of history were true; there's thousands of them that fall into the stereotypical behavior we all know and love.

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They think they came from Egyptians.
The only Egyptians that matter were the kings.
They think "I came from the Egyptians. The kings. I came from kings. I am a king."
Next time, take this to QTDDTOT

The simple answer?
It's only the american ones that does this btw, the rest of the world is laughing their ass off.
You wont find nigerians or whatever, that stands there and claim to be an egyptian….

They're still trapped in that primitive tribal mindset to a much greater degree than we are. Look at all of the gang wars that go on. The constant struggle to become "King" of a few feet of squalor.


Not trying to defend them, but in the plains of Africa, could they have made something of architectural significance? I don't know what the material for pyramids was made of (nor what a brick/mortar is made of), but is it possible to cultivate such things there? If not, with only the presence of mud/sticks, wouldn't the material not support a more complex design?
(Merely a question)

Because they subconsciously recognize the utter worthlessness and lack of history of 99.9% of the members of their race and want to come up with a historical narrative that they can take pride in.

Ancestral pride is one way in which people take pride in their culture and shared history, and the only realistic ancestral heritage that blacks have is one of tribal warfare, primitiveness and more recently, slavery. They want to believe that at some point in time, their race had also ruled a great empire.

They have a biological need to be top dawg ("negus"). This manifests in various typically pathological, violent, self-destructive, or ridiculous ways, including the we wuz kangz proclamations of CURRENT_YEAR + EPSILON.

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can be made into brick

can be found everywhere. It's not like africa is lacking in labour.

Thanks, twas just a question is all. I wouldn't call myself stupid, merely ignorant.

The Great Pyramid is said to have been constructed from a core of large granite blocks with a fine white limestone casing and a metal coated capstone.

Most Egyptian architecture is made out of sandstone or limestone, cut by the block from the various quarries surrounding the Egyptian empire. Granite was used in very rare circumstances (such as the king's chamber in the great pyramid) because it was known to be a superior building material, but was incredibly difficult to cut and work with at the time.

There are many sites for sandstone, limestone, granite and even tougher materials like schist and gneiss in Africa, but Africans were too primitive to understand what to do with them and never had an empire that could set up a logistical network to transport these materials and properly utilize them. It requires a complex system to cut and transport massive blocks of heavy stone over tens, if not hundreds of miles which the Egyptians, and every other great empire, were capable of doing.

quarry mining was already well known by this time, egypt also had made great advancements in masonry by the hieght of their rule, i think if anyone could have done these superstructures only the real egyptians had the knowledge to even think about pulling it off, lots of math to work out building like that. meanwhile the niggers in africa are still to this day fucking mud hutting it up,

this ->

One white guy vs entire African plains in construction contest, wonder who is gonna win.

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They did make a few things.
But these were generally unusual and rare.

Nubians who lived south of Egypt and frequently clashed with it built a lot of stone buildings.
Even their own pyramids.
They were heavily influenced by the Egyptians though especially after the Kingdom of Kush conquered Egypt (until it was pushed out by the Assyrians)

There was also stone construction in Ethiopa and other regions.

This poster pretty much hits the nail on its head. Only the Egyptians themselves really had the sort of construction and masonry knowhow along with established infrastructure to even attempt these kinds of massive stone structures.
Got to remember Egyptians tombs started out essentially as small stone rectangles before over time evolving into shit like the massive pyramids and temples.

The whole kangz thing is first and foremost a stern reminder to meme responsibly.

Because a king is someone who receives wealth, power and prestige merely for being born, which is every nigger's fantasy. They don't want to be famous for inventing something, or being a brilliant philosopher, mathematician or scientist. They don't even want to be president or prime minister, that's a job. They want money and power and they want to use it to buy "bling", to violently kill people for fun, and to get high.

Really what they want is to be a warlord, but that doesn't sound prestigious enough to them.

Nah see warlord ain't good enough either.
A warlord has to work, he has to put himself in some danger and display a certain level of cunning and intelligence.

The lazy nigger wants none of that.

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Other civilizations had the sense to follow water sources. These niggers will shit out kids in a semi-desert and expect us whites to sort out their shit when the drought is harder than usual.
They know they need a hut, but can't build multi room huts with different entrances, or even a shaded porch?
Heck, the Greek empire hasn't existed for 1000s of years but they still have better architecture around today than Afriniggers!!!

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It's jealousy. Most African-Americans have no idea who their ancestors are. Meanwhile other ethnicities can trace their ancestry back to the old country and many people in the US are descended from nobility, minor or otherwise.

In order to fight this crippling lack of personal history or "place" they imagine that Africa was full of kangz and queenz, and that they must have descended from these Nubian royals.

Look, it was simply a question as to whether there was incentive for them to create things/progress. The white man in the north needs to build a suitable structure to keep heat in during the harsh winters, as a consequence they look for means to construct such a house. In Africa, maybe there wasn't such a condition to advance, but the materials to advance existed. Without the pressure to move forward, they never did (when whites colonize Africa however, they'd bring their own form of housing because now it's just common knowledge to them on how to build a better house). I will state that, given the fact that Egypt was so advanced, there really is no excuse for their lack of advancement (beyond being mentally inferior), nevertheless I wanted to be capable of excluding other potential reasons (such as the materials present, the conditions, etc.)

Well medical circumcision has been a thing in most developed societies as phimosis has always been a thing.

Egypts population was not comprised of niggers.
Egyptians were a Mediterranean people that are now extinct courtesy of the Religion of Cuck™ic conquest of Northern Africa.

The main nigger population that Egypt had contact with were the Nubians who they frequently fought bloody conflicts with and whose people they often enslaved.
And as stated earlier the Nubians at one point ruled Egypt as part of the Kush Empire.

It should be noted that the original egyptians were Neolithic Farmers, and these people are still around and almost completely unmixed today. Native Sardinians.

There were much warmer periods, for example Britain had large swamps and built houses on stilts. Look at Southern Italy too, not too far from North Africa, but still developed without cold winter pressures to develop.

checks out

There's another group however who's always talking about something despite lack of evidence.
The kangz shit makes no sense though since even if it were real the number of niggers who descend from kangz would be tiny (just like the number of Whites who descend from kings).

What you mean Sardinians?
Nah they're not Egyptians though common ancestry due to also being Mediterranean.

Egyptians are gone. Dead as the dodo.
The muslims came through and race mixed them into extinction.

I'm saying modern Sardinians are more or less identical (or the closest thing you'll see) to what the ancient Egyptians were like. Sardinians are not Egyptians, but they're the last remnant of Neolithic Farmers, the ancient people of the Mediterranean, including Egypt.

the same is happening in bosnia
the muslims there think they are the direct descendants of the christian kings even though they converted as soon as the ottomans arrived and forsake their slavic heritage to adopt a new Religion of Cuck™ic identity


Good one lol

the concept of royalty fits niggers perfectly, no wonder it resonates so strongly with them

Egypt is in Africa

The situation was favorable in Egypt, much more so than in Europe.
Egypt had stream for transport, irrigation and fertilization.
Egypt therefore had surplus of food.
Egyptians had a surplus of labour/free time during the time of Nile floods.

Comfy living condition compared to wet and cold Europe.

Still, because of it, Egypt build a grandiose civilization, one of first big one.

They did already run out of steam in antique/very early antique, were one of the oldest civilizations. While in antique/late antique they were still state of the art, under Greek management.

Then came |slam…

Because they know what we know:

they are primitive primates, not humans.

Not a lot of architectural achievements but metal-working of various levels of complexities has existed on the dark continent for while. Smiths, depending on the region, are either venerated as magicians (masters of fire) or chiefs (the Yoruba for instance) but also in some regions reviled as outcasts among their people (the Maasai and other Hamitic Eastern Africans).

Nogs are so dumb that they think because they are from Africa that means they have connection to egypt which is on the literal opposite side of the ENTIRE CONTINENT. Western Africans have zero connection to real Egyptians genetically, culturally or racially. Their race has accomplished nothing in their existence and they have been ruled over by Superior people for most of their existence

When you have this little relevant history to speak of, any attempt to narrate your history to others is bound to be overridden by fictional elements. I mean, European history stays in Europe and any colonial attempts are evidenced with physical artifacts. "Black" history on the other hand, is kinda "worldwide", with nig supremacists claiming peoples and history from the Egyptians to the Anglo-Saxons to the Scandinavians to the Greeks to the Chinese to the fucking Aztecs.


They have nothing because they're nothing so it's larp to a fantasy like a small child. Niggers literally are small children mentally.

Nope, for most of their existence they were left to their own devices. Only relatively recently, history-wise, niggers were contacted by humans, with the exception of Northern Apefrica.

A need for validation now that they've officially entered the public forum and have nothing to offer as far as healthy contributions and community value.

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Funny thing on the first image.
There was a negro kingdom called Dahomey
It was a major slave trading power.

Basketball Americans are in an interesting and unfortunate position.

The brunt of them cannot trace their lineage back to any specific region/tribe/people because of being sold off as slaves by their own kind.

As we are all aware, heritage is important to ones identity, and in the void that's left because of their historical rootlessness they fill with uninformed speculation.

What are you more likely to cling to as your ancestors, civilization building kangz or tribal savages?

It's no different to Northern Europeans larping as vikings when they have no right to be tbh.

I couldn't imagine the torment that would come with being a talented tenth Nigger.

They have no history. They were enslaved West Africans, and invent the fantasy of being rulers of an empire on an end of their continent that their ancestors never walked upon.


The key here is identity.
Something that continental niggers don't have an issue with.

Granted, it's because they're goobers and have an animalistically short time horizon.

No incentive to sit down and think "who am I really" when A. You still live with your people in mother Africa and B. all that drives you is bix nood muh dig

Sardinian user here, so can i go around saying WE WUZ KANGZ N' SHIT now?

I would say no more than your average Greek or Italian.

Goes on to show physical weakness of white man.


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