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Kike free

Already a thread nigger

Old one is close to cap

Oh yeah, sure looks like it.

You mean


For fuck's sake, pay attention.

You do know that this isn't just about EBT/SNAP, right?

You do know that we have a thread already. The shutdown will end sometime this afternoon.

Other thread is low effort, this one should be stickied.

You're the same crowd that Shutdown didn't last up to Monday, yet here we are. It's still happening

Nope, I never said something that physically could not happen. I have always said Monday. Get a goddamn clue, retard. The republicans will give DACA amnesty, like they have cucked out for the last 30 years of shutdowns. It's clockwork.

The thread was made in middle of the night, I literally woke up to the news and made the thread then.
Soon statements from Mitch, other repubs and general democrat, plebbit and kike salt

Polderfag here,

Isnt it basically going to be so that this whole thing backfires for the democrats? What the fuck are they doing? Will they get away with it? When do the chimpouts start?

Oh I will screencap this.

Last shutdown happened in 2013 and that was Obongo doing shit, it lasted 16 DAYS
Not to mention the costs of it

Basically DNC prioritize spics over native americans and children. Just so they could get more gib dependant voters
Of course it would why the fuck do you think Lugenpresse is having a field day, Plebbit is salty and #TrumpShutdown is happening on twatter. If normies, hell even nogs woke up they are fucked.

You'll quietly delete it once it happens. Once enough republicans start voting against the bill to have 51 'No' votes, you'll see Mitch McCuckle start to spread the rhetoric that we need to accept amnesty "so that we can get the wall," and then it's over. You've proven that you're underage. Now prove you're mentally ill.

Glow in the dark rabbi
Thanks for the bump, rabbi

Right, and who took the blame? Who CAVED in the end? Get a clue.
Okay. And?
They prefer control to running up costs slightly faster than normal.

Not Republicans, considering they gained 16 seats while Dems lost 16 in the election the following year. You're really bad at this you know.

Thanks for proving you're mentally ill. I mean holy shit, you did it to a T.

GOPe cucks bend with the political winds. Trump is bludgeoning the Dems over the head with this shutdown over illegal immigration. They will go with whatever side appears strongest.

Yes, that's certainly true despite them taking the blame and caving, of course. That's what "not taking the blame" means, right–"giving your opponent everything they want" is totally not caving.
When you can show one instance of democrats caving in the last 30 years, feel free.

No, they'll go with the jews, since they're hired to go with the jews. Congress can very easily get a veto-proof majority on amnesty.

Dems will put out enough votes to hit 60, this whole shutdown is blatantly retarded to anyone who can analyze current events beyond the level of a CNN narrative. The rest of the dems will virtue signal about how they stood up for DACA, even though the GOP was going to legalize the spics anyway.



that requires a rules change, correct? I can understand McConnell's reluctance to go nuclear. If I remember correctly, the Dem's did it when they ran Congress.
It bit them in the ass after Republicans used their (Dem's) rules change against them in a later Congress.

To pass a budget with enough votes to bypass the president? I'm pretty sure it doesn't, but maybe that's not what you meant.
My problem is that I don't see what's so difficult about just immediately changing the rule BACK after the vote. Yes, it's petty, but THERE'S A LITERAL FUCKING GENOCIDE GOING ON. It would not be illegal for republican congressmen to execute their democrat colleagues in the chamber itself, but we all know who the republicans actually work for.

no, I'm not talking about a veto-proof majority

That's just a 2/3's+ total yes vote in both the House and Senate. No change of rules required.

yea I know, I'm not speaking to that. I'm saying leave the Dem's out of the process completely, like the President has strongly suggested.
I'm just wondering how much pressure needs to be exerted onto McConnell for him to find his turtle testes and go nuclear.
The larger point being that he's going to lose the Senate if he approves any DACA amnesty (R base stays home + displacement from new brown voters)…
he pretty much has to cut the Dem's out to survive ( assuming he actually wants to).

Oh, look. It's over on Monday. Just like I said. How about that. AND THEY'RE GOING TO VOTE FOR DACA AMNESTY. Just like I said.

Okie, just to shut everyone up about the food stamp thing: The shutdown wouldn't affect SNAP unless the government were shut down for a long damn time. SNAP is funded for the entire fiscal year, which doesn't end until September.

Yo gibs be safe, niggas.

The shilling wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so fucking insulting by sending all their fucking retards at us. I realize they are too chickenshit to get BTFO directly but damn, using tards is a coward's act.

Entitled nogs are still panicking when their EBT gave 0 credit

Niggers don't care about SNAP because they can't buy electronics and lottery tickets with that shit.

isn't CHIP affected? I thought that's why Trump was so vocal about making provisions to keep it going.

SNAP is funded but the dept of Ag will be understaffed. The problem extends beyond just having the funds available for distribution.

CHIP is actually a really good program and should stay in place. There is no reason to not give medical care to a child just because their parent is a negligent drunk. SNAP can go for all I care, but some programs like WIC - and any other that require the parent to have a steady income - should stick around.

Nah. It's all automated. Once it's in the system, it stays in the system, updating automatically every month until Congress says "No more, sorry."

Yes they do. One, many use it as a supply sergeant for chimpouts. Gotta have dat grape drank yo.
1. If you aren't paying for your food, you can spend your ill gotten gains on other bullshit.
2. Some trade their food benefits for cash. Most of the time they get fucked on the deal but the kike store owners get to supply their stores to sell that shit to the nogs for both inflated prices AND costs diverted to the taxpayer. And cheese be cheese yo.

Democrats knew this and did it anyway, The fucks wanted to take money off CHIP and throw it to spic dogs

Keep dreaming. Make sure you livestream your next hunt.

So automated, until it isn't, which is why they get calls all the time to push funds because the system didn't do it. kek.
Bet they wish whites were still being hired to oversee benefit administration. Diversity is a bitch.

I could warm up to it; if I didn't pay for a bunch of noglets and anchor babies.

what if the child is a spic, nigger, or muslim?

that's because of their race/ethnicity user, not due to their quantity of funds. In order to care for whites, but poor, but not care for non-whites (regardless of weath), all you need to do is ban based off of race.

You were saying?

Yes, I was saying the exact same thing that you just quoted. Thanks for admitting I was right. Vote today. Shutdown ends. DACA vote a few weeks from now, and then DACA amnesty as the republicans give the democrats everything they want because "We (democrats) compromised with you!" If you don't understand that this is exactly how the last 30 years have transpired, you need to get out and never return. No amount of lurking will help you.

You were saying that the GOP will cuck out for DACA TODAY, faggot.


Just filter that nigger, next thing he will tell you that DACA will still happen and it's all a kike ploy even though he has been BTFO just 10 minutes ago. His sole purpose is to demoralize and always say that "we"re losing no matter what, i assume it's the new Shariacuck narrative after all the trump-touch-wall.jpg has failed and they realized it's time to change tactics.

And you posted the quote (but not the link) which proves me right. That's exactly what has happened. I'm not sure how mentally defective you are, but on a scale of white to jew, you're at least 'third wave feminist'.

You'll get your pretty pictures back soon, moishe.

This is how shitty the shills are these days.
I report all blackpilling I see. You have no argument.

Jesus Christ, you're absolutely bathetic to watch. You can't even defend yourself so you try to find something else to attack. Take a gun and shoot yourself like a good lying commie does.

Lmfao go away shareblue

What in the fuck is this brand of shilling? How would anyone think it would work? Reported.

He'll put the goal where he wants goyim!

Funny, we don't have to ask about yours.

You were blown the fuck out, shlomo.


Aww, is your little facade crumbling? Suck it, bitch. You've lost months ago and every new attempts of yours will keep failing the same way as your entire life is. A big fucking zero.

Bet the kike wishes he could delete his retardation. His handlers aren't going to feed him with this performance.

So tell me, is there or is there not a vote coming on DACA amnesty, and a vote for the end of the shutdown today?


Do retards feel fear? Do they realize their mortality and when the ovens are warmed up?

So tell me, is there or is there not a vote coming on DACA amnesty, and a vote for the end of the shutdown today?


So tell me, is there or is there not a vote coming on DACA amnesty, and a vote for the end of the shutdown today?

This kike pulls the same shit in pretty much every thread until it's anchored then he passes that off to the other sperg that whines about bans and white nationalism. Then he moves onto the next and pulls the same shit. The script never changes.

Oops. You were wrong. The shutdown is over.

So tell me, is there a vote for DACA today, like you said?

Oops. You were wrong. DACA is being voted on.

Yep. Thanks for getting blown the fuck out, yid. 30 years of this pattern and you expect us not to notice? LOL.

dems capitulate unconditionally

What a gigantic fucking retard.

The shutdown is over on Monday. Just like I said. DACA is being voted on. Just like I said.
Kikes are furious about our ability to predict their moves.

lol, will you kill yourself on the 9th?


This is your argument.

Would you like someone to help you with that before you get frustrated and start flipping tables?
The (((zerohedge))) opinion piece isn't what is happening fucktard. Even with their kikey speculation which is just YOU SHILLING YOUR BULLSHIT OPINION PIECE, that isn't what it happening.
Feel free to pull up today's minutes and show me the DACA amnesty being passed.
I'll wait.

You just want them to vote for DACA so you can sperg everywhere in Holla Forums, isn't it? Why else do you screech for hours of wishing this to happen.

So suicide on the 9th for you, then.

This "Tyler Durden" cunt (((add764))) is a fucking ass-blasted 'tist that can't stand the fact that no one takes any stock in a single thought that runs through his retarded non-white head.
Stay mad alt-kike.

So you're saying that Trump will cuck out on DACA. That's what you're saying. You're saying they will reach an immigration deal. The deal being "DACA amnesty", because dems won't accept anything else. You're saying Trump will accept this amnesty. That is your claim, because you are saying that it won't be shut down again.

Where is your proof jew? Citing yourself isn't proof.

Holy fucking christ.

Massive shilling in this thread.

This is why these fucks will always fail. It is in their genetics.

I know moshe, stay mad.
The government is open. It opened on Monday. This happened. Shills are apoplectic with rage at the thought that Holla Forums has the ability to predict this. It's over.

What's next, calling everyone a "kushner bot kike" again? Admit it, you've lost royally.

So you're saying that Trump will cave on DACA. This is YOUR claim, moishe?

Is or is not your position that Trump will cave on DACA? Remember that not answering is an answer.

You were screaming that the GOP will vote for DACA today, faggot.

Oh look, you were wrong. How about that. Will or will not Trump cave on DACA, shill?

Holy fuck this kike

Aw how cute the fucktard doesn't realize what ID filter does. I do love me some jewish tears on side of nog tears after EBT started imploding.
You have enough time to squirm before a mod comes in and bans you. So have fun while you can.

You and your wife's children have to go back Pedro.

Holy hell, get a life.

This is what jews actually believe.

Are you retarded or just Shareblue? I'm kidding. There's no difference

you guys seen what half looks like recently? Looks like alphabet agency had their servers shut down

Is this the hill that they die on? Why can't the dreamers live and thrive in mexico? Oh wait it is a shithole. The longer they fight for the dreamers/illegal taco niggers, the more evident that mexico is a shit hole, and we need a wall. Trump wins regardless of the outcome. Right now he is playing hardball games with them. "I like this deal, but tillerson hates it, come back with a deal we both like" They can't win now.

fake news, the shutdown clock is still up

Nice fabrication. Your own link proves that wrong, though.

The Senate already voted for the continuing resolution.

It's the only hill the democrats have ever had. They win elections through (self-admitted) voter fraud and importing nonwhites. They wouldn't have one once since the 1960s otherwise.

No, you're a shill for saying that. It didn't happen. You're obviously a jew for posting facts.

The squirming over voter ID after this is going to be much juicier, just you wait.

Speaking of which, California is automatically registering all illegals to vote.

I didn't post a link. Well, guess this confirms you're retarded.

The hell are you running away for?
Admit it!
Your dream of removing Trump and Holla Forums will never happen.

Enjoy shilling for a jewish narrative, then.

Not even trying anymore, shills.

Nope the senate didn't resolve a thing

What's really funny is he thinks he's still got shekels coming to him after this performance.

A narcissistic scum like you is always getting laughed by everyone. How about running back to Holla Forums and bitch there in your little bubbles like you usually do?

The shutdown is over on Monday. Just like I said. DACA is being voted on. Just like I said.
Kikes are furious about our ability to predict their moves.

You fucking nigger morons.

Absolute mess of a thread, just wait it out and see what happens. Stop shilling and consensus cracking you nigglets.


Not even trying anymore, shills.

seriously though what do you guys make of half's current state?

Can it even be called damage control when no damage is being controlled?

Why the fuck would we give a shit about cuckchan? Why do you think we're here? Why do you think Holla Forums exists in the first place? It's jewish. It will always be jewish. Nothing can be done to take it back short of killing the owners of 2chan and 4chan.

We waited and saw. The shutdown is over and DACA is going to be voted on.

You're right, you aren't.

Nobody here worth their salt visits cuckchan.

It's pretty obvious that the shills still think they can stop Drumpf by shiling half chan. The place reeks of SB.

Your argument is that Trump will cave on DACA. This is what you're shilling.

Non-burger here. What does this entail to both America and the rest of the world, exactly?

We got the wall without a DACA compromise. This is utter and total destruction of the left.

So very true. You can't take back the lies you posted for everyone to see.

Filtered, reported for D&C.

It looks like add764.


Every minute of you kvetching is pure entertainment. You can't create you're oh so long waited thread to scream "Trump a kike" won't going to happen.

I just want one more 19th century style senate floor brawl before I die. Is that too much to ask?

Is a D&C shill.

That isn't my argument you fucking retarded lying hebe. YOUR ARGUMENT WAS CAVING as per the evidence in the thread in your many kvetching posts.
My argument is that you're a kike fucking shill and I have the evidence to back it up.

I like the one second from right, that tube is aesthetic. If we could pump liquid hot magma into it that'd be even cooler.

Guys we got the Wall…

user. It's CY+3 right now.

Of course it is. I know exactly which fuck this is.

Link to video or something?

Your argument is that Trump will cave on DACA. This is what you're shilling.

Just stating the obvious for the

You better be recording the stream if that's where you're getting this. My internet is too shit to watch it live.

Shills are ass-ravaged that the shutdown is over.


That is why your memes will never work. We took all the power from you with truth.

I don't know what the dems were thinking with this shit. They're LITERALLY saying "we care more about illegal beaners than about actual citizens". Terrible fucking optics on their part, and during an election year, no less.

Counting on niggers being too dumb to see they were sold out for illegals?

I think according the news which I saw, the rightmost wall got the favor.

truly, wew

Is it mute for anyone else or just me? I can't hear shit even at max volume.

Their little shutdown meter is still counting up.


It is, in fact. See:
This statement means that DACA discussions will continue until the date the government shuts down again, at which time there will be a vote for or against amnesty. Here is your response to this:
This states that they will finish discussion BEFORE the government shuts down and that there WILL NOT be a vote. It's what you're saying. This implies that Trump will cave on DACA, because it's up to him UNTIL it goes up for a vote between Congress.
Nope. Nowhere, in any post in any thread, have I ever said that Trump would cave on DACA.
You have zero evidence and no argument. You claim that Trump will cave.

Since when? Do you have a source yet?


They can pretty damn well count on that, yeah.

In fact we have IDs you fucking idiot. Buh bye.

They can't rely solely on dumb niggers for everything though. The democrat's #1 goal for the midterms should've been to try to win back the blue-collar whites that flipped to trump, but instead they're doubling down on the "fuck whitey" campaign platform.

As for the niggers, IDK. They're too stupid to predict with stuff like this. Will they blame Drumpf for shutting off their EBT or realize it's the democrats selling them out for the spic voter bloc? I can't say.

Thanks for admitting you were wrong, shill. Bye!

I'm watching the live feed and they aren't voting, they are just sitting around. Also the government is still apparently shut down according to all news sources.

No sound for me either. I just linked to the youtube stream in a prior reply ITT;

The jew's lack of introspection will lead to his burning for eternity. I'm loving it.

Thanks for admitting you were wrong.

Can't but they did. Unfortunately they didn't have all the beans lined up before selling them out fully so it's coming to bite them in the ass. Again.

it's recess now

Black support for Trump has doubled since the election. They are coming around, slowly, but this is the biggest shift in black politics in a half century at least.

someone on Holla Forums said that there was allegedly some sort of CP raid happening on 4/v/ and they locked down the site in response or something.

He has nothing to argue anymore but to be a obnoxious liar, who replies almost to everyone to get the attention which he desires.


Apparently they get to go out to the jungle gym and playground right now.

We need to be on our guard this summer. I sense they'll try to associate Trump with an uptick in "law enforcement effectiveness", and then give us one or two more niggers shot by cops so that BLM can riot again.

It's beautiful. You're just so sad.

On one hand, it's a containment board keeping people off8chan. On the other hand I kinda want to see the while thing shut down for good.

That's kind of what the kikes do when shit doesn't go their way. Look at all the shilling by add764. Spam for days same tired shit same circles, doesn't matter if obama and hilldawg were dangling in their basement. They know when they spam CP here we get viscious. We don't take it like half so they temper their raids accordingly to avoid our full wrath.

We should probably have a thread with this as the OP if there isn't one by the time this post goes through. I can't reliably watch this shit.



See this? This is stench of a half-breed rat sweating in fear

There are some formalities to go through, but no one is obstructing it anymore. Too bad. But the even better opportunities come for us when the debt ceiling is reached again. That will give Trump something close to a line item veto; so the reeing will be nice.

Interesting, you have any data on that? You're saying nogs are up to like 15-20% in favor of Trump now?

How about that.


Thanks for the heads up Soros.

The retard doesn't know how to use quotes I think. He keeps quoting what he said about Trump caving and arguing against it. He's likely getting frustrated and not understanding why his handler is beating him every time he posts but he keeps on because at least it is some attention. Maybe also to have someone wipe his chin.

Changing your IP won't change the fact that you were blown the fuck out about the shutdown, yid.


Read your post.
>"I have always said Monday. Get a goddamn clue, retard. The republicans will give DACA amnesty, like they have cucked out for the last 30 years of shutdowns. It's clockwork."


Yep, thanks for repeating the thing that destroys your entire claim. You were wrong about the shutdown. You were wrong about DACA. You're an ass-ravaged shill screaming impotently at The Wall (which is going to happen as soon as we get through the forthcoming debt ceiling nonsense).

Notice how he won't directly quote what it claims is evidence of things said by anons? Just responses to other responses after anons have moved on after shutting his bullshit down.

Notice how you won't say, "Trump will not cave on DACA"? I think that's interesting. Notice how you can't prove me wrong when I say that republicans have caved on everything for the last 30 years, either.
Fun fact, shlomo: Trump's not in Congress. Your inability to comprehend this is why I've been laughing for the last hour.

Hm, I'll wait and see, it will all come down to Cryin' Chuck.

He started too early of celebrating about the possibility of DACA being voted today so he can act all smug for the entire day here. And he fucked it up. Now the only thing that he has left is trying to cover himself with more bullshit that he can pull from his ass and pretend that he won in something. He will never accept it.

I have it in a background tab with audio maxed so if sound starts I'll know to go to that tab.
or I'll think the demons are back in my head and freak out and the "Dr" will have to put me in the locked room downstairs :(

Just filter that babydick blood drinker and move on.


they make more and better oc than this place tbh.

Yid more, torfag. Shutdown's over.

So go back there.



Consider doing something else with your time tbh.

Go back to 4chan if you love it so much.


Meh. Both places have their pros and cons. Like you. You would be a con.

What pros does cuckchan have.

Jesus Christ, he's going all out in asperger-mode.

I guess there's nothing to do when we're waiting for more developments, but really, now.

ah, you're right, I crossed the memes. I meant


Will this man dethrone the Star Citizen shill of Holla Forums legend? Find out tonight.

You still think that anyone can take you seriously anymore after all of your fuck-ups and sperg-outs?
Christ, you truly remain an idiot till the end.

wewoo laddo

I thought the Evolve guy held the record.

This isn't Holla Forums

Utter poetry.
The shutdown is over on Monday. Just like I said. DACA is being voted on. Just like I said.
Kikes are furious about our ability to predict their moves.

We can see how badly the shills are bothered by this shutdown. I suspect many of our shills are actual Federal employees or are still somehow getting money from the FedGov. This shit has them as ass-mad as Drumpf's election win.

I saw a meme the other day with the GOP and Democrat voting numbers of the government shutdown that showed it was the democrats and like 5 republicans who shutdown the government. Anyone have that?

Nigger, I genuinely don't give a shit about the shutdown other than the possible chimpout it'll cause, I'm just amused by your absolute autism.

Why did this start happening? Just to dilute the credibility of any supporters?

Here's the list:


We got the wall!

It was 1 with 1 abstain (((John McCain)))
All 49 dems + 1 GOP vs 49 remaining GOP
No tie breaker Pence vote because (((McCain))) abstained.

More of them fresh dank memes, I just told you retard. What spurred so much butthurt from you anyway fren? I'm not like the other anons, you can tell me.

There's no sound though.

Hi, reddit. Go back.

I think you're replying to a shill. There is literally nothing happening in the live stream.

It's the new sleepyposting.

No, you dumb niggers (who seem an awful lot like you're trying some D&C shit) that's not what I meant. infinite bump limits, no new thread creation, no image posting
it's stopped sometime in the last hour, and everything seems normal though
seems to have had the best idea what I was referring to.

no shit, 8ch is containment and it's blatantly obvious
understanding them both is useful, don't act like such fucking tools

They removed their bump limits? Holy shit, this would be a perfect time to bot raid them and get the servers to lag. OH WAIT, you can only post ONCE PER MINUTE and need to solve a self-driving car captcha EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU POST. Never mind.

Notice how I never said he would. Try not to break anything in your tantrum. kek



Dubs but no I think I'm right.


No selfies, please.

add764 is a shill, filter and report
add764 is a shill, filter and report
add764 is a shill, filter and report
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add764 is a shill, filter and report
add764 is a shill, filter and report



Looks like you were. Sucks.


Proven false.
Proven false.
Proven true.
Proven true.

You're that chubby nigra that runs shareblue, aren't you.


WH has said that DACA recipients will be deported!!!!

Source or don't post, newfag.

That'd be great but I think you're spreading disinformation. All four of your posts have been lies so far.

He just flip flops to snag as many bites as he can. Sad!


I don't visit halfchan. How about you say what you mean?

The media briefing they just had said they expect the shutdown to end today. They must havereached SOME deal right?

holy shit


Hahahahah so much salt.


And here come the rest of the brigade.

Who said this? I can't find anything, but Bibi and Pence just finished having a confab.

user, he's lying. Don't listen to him.

Everything you've said is false so far.

Ha. You are that chubby Shareblue nigger. What a day this must be for you.

You'll have to change IPs again.


Merely pointing out that you're simply making stuff up at this point isn't "salt." I'm just pointing it out so other anons don't waste time replying to you.

Now THIS, THIS is salt:

Reporter: Would the president support a pathway to citizenship?
Sarah Sanders: The president would support a permanent solution.

A FINAL one, would you say?

Nothing you say is accurate.

add784 (81)

They're going to call Trump Hitler again once DACA deportations start.

The very first sentence.

Did your shitposting have a point or are you just so autistic that you like the way numbers look?

Bwhahahah not gonna be a path to citizenship guys. I suggest you self deport before physical removal.

Aw look at the poor kike for mad for not getting the first post.
You suck at your job, rabbi.

Sarah just said they're def looking for a permanent solution to the DACA scum. This won't do.

Because sending them home on the bus isn't a solution? kek

add764 (83)
I can sum up your ranting in (1)

Got it: "so autistic that you just like the way numbers look"; thanks for clarifying.

You don't deserve that full house, Pollyanna. We don't listen and believe here. Back to your feels hole.

read literally the next sentence after what you quoted. I explained it pretty clearly

Newfags all want to cherry pick the words without looking at how Trump uses his words. He WANTS you to cherry pick because it allows him to smugly call you out for being wrong something pretty typical of Holla Forums and still get his way.

Get the fuck out jew.

One more thing but holy shit, at 2:42 there's the old Hillary coughing up shit again.

I should clarify before the autist tries to twist it. Holla Forums calls out the idiots smugly when they cherry pick.

kys kike. Anyone who manufactures any meaning out of that vague answer from SS is too stupid to live.

Where the fuck are the mods. These niggers along with the anti Nehlan kikes need to be gassed.

Rolling for death to (((them)))



For concentrated, terrifying, and psychopathic autism, please see the following thread.

Chubby shareblue nigger is triggered.


We know, you should go back there.


Here is Flake admitting they got their asses whooped badly, and that their final bill will not pass if it has DACA^tfw&ref_url=

Just gonna go ahead and filter you.

There you go kike, find another piece of cheese. I'll wait.

The kike has been lying in circles all morning. He seems pretty upset about how the happenings are transpiring.

Huh? No, this is my first insult from you.
Not saying you're wrong about what you said, I'm only pointing out your shill manual needs updates.

This is just sad and pathetic.
Trump 2020?

Its the same kike from the first thread that I made. Kike got upset when he didn't get the first post

Never happened. Reported.

Try harder.

Dear lord, he just keeps digging deeper and deeper.

This black pill shilling is next level pathetic

He's hitting others now because he keeps getting BTFO.

This is how pathetic the shills are these days.

Thanks for breaking. You've now admitted that every post in this thread is a lie.

Wasn't that guaranteed about a month into his presidency?

I have a strong hunch it really is that mong looking chubby shareblue nigger that's always getting doxed.

See? Just another thing to kvetch about. jews ALWAYS argue in bad faith. There is no exception.

what the fuck is happening in this thread?

And my saying what he wanted does nothing for his argument because I never said otherwise, he just lied about it. Post history is right here for everyone to see.
These jews need to be exterminated for their own good. It will be a mercy. They are so completely miserable because they are so disconnected from reality and the world around them.

Shills shifting back into their "pretend to like Trump and make his voterbase look bad" mode. It didn't work these last 3 years but surely it will now.

I guess

read: permanently gone

Autistic kike sperged out and forgot that he isn't achieving anything outside entertaining us. He fails to understand that anons can handle multiple things and juggle multiple topics.

On other news Dems got cucked hard again.

They also seem to be operating under the premise if you call everyone a jew it doesn't hurt so bad when you are identified. Diluting the power of their label.

Well, yes. Where do you think the "Judeo-Christian" label came from? It sure as shit wasn't the Bible.

I love that woman, she is poison to the lyin' fake news.

sound doesn't work anymore here is one that works


Salty salt incoming.

It completely has lost its use to function as a base ever since the exodus, so it is now a place to spread information, redpills and memes like you would in plebbit, twatter and every other "social network". In fact, it is one of the most useful places to do that, NatSoc influence is still the strongest there apart from here.

The NAFTA negotiations seems to be reaching to a climax soon.

Discussions of the new testament aside, the old testament which was completely jewy. Hebrew Yehudah (Judah) Jude, is where they take the Judeo part from. Christianity is based on hebrew scripture. Jesus teaches that even though he came back to (((free))) you from jew oppression, you are still beholden to the laws of moses. (Make sure to tithe goy)
Polite sage.

Did you notice how the CIA press stooge framed it? Trump has been against NAFTA in its current form and has said he'll end it if it's not to his liking.

The Mexicans have been dragging their feet as much as possible because they know no matter what happens they're gonna get fucked. If Trump actually does just withdraw from NAFTA altogether, the Mexican economy is gonna crash.

kek She's getting so tired of the liberal's shit her lazy eye is going straight.

You mean they'll pay for the wall in other ways besides handing over a check written out to trump for THE WALL? But without that Check written in those exact words, it didn't/won't happen I'm being told.


This extension seems like a win for republicans. They can wait a few weeks, and shoot down DACA again. If Dems vote against it, the shutdown can be blamed entirely on Dems holding the government hostage for illegals.

It better happen. Those spiks have only been a sore to the US. What does Mexico produce anyway except for soap operas?

Awww did our little buddy run off to another thread? Guess I'll have to go look for him.

Thanks for breaking. You've now admitted that every post in this thread is a lie.

Honestly we need to get a lock-down on the wall before repealing NAFTA and tanking the mexican economy. If that wall isn't up when their economy crashes, there's going to be multiple times more beaners running across the border.

>do, do you really want to end chain migration, end the visa lottery and build the wall? Is Drumpf really serious?

These faggots can't believe what they're seeing.

What would you have expected from a no-life who wants the entire thread to be only about him?

Cry some more, DACAfag. The spics are going back.

We're at maximum overshill. We're winning & they're scared. we're getting the wall, they won't get daca, & we're watching it all happen in real time. Enjoy the ride.

wow, just… wow…


This could be it.

Are the gibs still shut down?

We know jew, that's why you're so assblasted and playing this contrarian game. Stay mad.

Mr. Sanders: NO
A cuck for illegals until death.

He is the chief living advocate of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. I don't think he cares so much about illegals, it's about bringing down the system.

The dems’ top 5 presidential candidates all voted to hold American citizens hostage. They don’t have a PRAYER.

Not completely we're still in the general chaos phase. People aren't sure what is going on. And are people helping to inform the nogs of their options
And other gems.

You redditors really need to go back.

The kike is getting really scared. See how furiously he posts

Thanks for stating what we have said all along. OUT.

wait, what? Did she meant Rand Paul or did I heard incorrectly?

Paul is a libertarian let em all in at least I have the constitution not 1 cent more for the deficit as if we're ever going to be assed to pay it back without massive inflation conservative. His cringey as fuck Detroit Republican campaign that crashed and burned wasn't the mistake of some consultants, it was his own brain dead idea.

Think if we wind the המפגר up enough he may unleash his tard strength upon the yids in the room or do the המפגר handlers have tranq guns handy?

Rand Paul is a neocon. He’s nothing like his father and never has been, ever. He votes with the neocon lobby on everything.


and stop shitting the thread up please

You’re talking to paid shills, torfag. They’re not allowed to stop posting.

You can fuck right off. At this point with all that kike's kvetching, it won't stop. We both know this. As soon as everyone else filters some random will coincidentally pop in to pick it all back up again.
I'll stick to kicking the jew in the teeth thanks.


Fucking based!

Shutdown’s over. You lose.

Jews continue to prove whites right. Must really activate the matzo eh?

Prove me wrong by never posting in this thread again.

jew first

Now I'm wondering if they hired 10 year olds. God damn that is so cringy.

'ere we go Dems getting cucked real time

Get fucked kikes

Whats going on?

You have over 60 posts ITT and it's basically just you and your wife arguing.

Get a room, filtered.

Dems bent the knee GOP passed the spending bill.

Read the fine print, dipshit. That's not what happened. They agreed to vote on ending the fillibuster. That's it. Still 17 days out my boi.

Does that mean what I think it means? No DACA, and the wall gets funding?

Thanks for admitting it.

Listen to what they're doing, user. They just appointed some Ambassadors and made some rule alterations as well. The Democrats cucked out hard and now Trump gets some more stuff he wanted.

Its a shame.

I'd love to see the republicans go nuclear to pass the budget (and add the border wall just to spite the dems), but I can see why McConnel is hesitating. The longer this goes on, the worse it looks for the democrats. Literally every single incumbent democratic Senator running for reelection is going to have to explain this shit-show in a debate. Napoleon said "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." I agree with that. We can just milk this for all it's worth, and then if the dems get super pedantic and childish, and this goes on for over a month then it's time for the nuclear option. Doing it now is just asking the lugenpresse to call all rightwingers undemocratic thugs, brutes, etc - it would negate the fact that we're gonna win bigly from this.

That said, there is no democratic solution, and the more volatile our government: the more likely we are to get a fuhrer.

Fuck me. These cuck (((reporters))) keep asking about DACA and the # keeps going lower and lower. Reminds me of that comic where the kid asks his kike father for $50 and it keeps shrinking.

[REQ] that comic

Meanwhile their twitter shills keep increasing the number to make it seem more “powerful” that the big bad republicans are killing all these “undocumented citizens”.







Military gets their funding, border patrol funding. No monies for spics

And temporary spending bill to boot, that was the thing that ended the shutdown.


Well that sucks. I hoped it would last indefinitely because it makes the democrats look bad.

Glad you hate it hebe.

It's temporarily over, this spending bill is their last chance. Trump totally won this round.

Why so upset, chaim?


Kikes furious about the shutdown being over.

I don't see that anywhere, looks like Fake News. Although he did retweet that webm.

Remember when the blackpill shills where spamming that Trump "Cucked on amnesty"? This doesn't look like cucking on anything, but instead cucking the cucks them selves.

We're all republicans now.

I think you should stay innocent, user.

Is this the best you can do?




Do you have a life at all or is this your job?

Reality really isn't kind to them, is it?

They will keep on doing the same thing, their tactics are so predictable.

I forsee a big surge of their blackpills now that the temporary spending bill has passed. They'll be moaning about how Trump will cuck, or Mexico won't technically write a check for the wall, and so on.

It's just a particularly refined form of salt.

Conversation that happened 30 minutes ago, in front of your screen.

They're butthurt that their little plan to derail the thread didn't work.

Learn how to read.

Keep switching IPs, moishe.

Thank you user.

So it is your job then

Shutdown’s over, mordecai. Your narrative is destroyed.

Cryin' schumer, is that you?


No one cares.

Look at the shill panicking
Lo and behold democrats bent the knee.
So much for impervious left.
You lost, deal with it, kikefag

So if the last government shutdown lasted 16 days… this means nothing at the moment, but it could mean something if it goes on far longer.
Although I wouldn't like to see that, considering that my country could get fucked by eu and russia.

Is your country Israel or something?

No, it's Poland. And we can only rely on the US to help us in case it gets serious at the moment.
Best case would be to be independent of course, but well, 50 years of (((goymmunism))) do take their toll

its an assblasted mod kek

Oh, you guys will be fine. We’re ending all foreign aid soon, anyway; you’ll have to stand alone in a few years. Poland may not ever be able to into space, but it will be able to recreate Poland-Lithuania if it wants to. Save Europe. Leave the EU.

Amazing how he melts down and gets defensive instead of just admitting he misspoke and attributed the wrong statements to the wrong anons. Typical shitskin, doubling down on the stupid. And they wonder why we do not tolerate their kind. They are simply incompatible on the most basic of levels with whites.

Hahaha, these cucks.

It really is something, isn't it?

To be fair, and it's a good thing; the libcucks are now the cucks.

if it goes on too long then people realize how little they need government to begin with. except the niggers when ebt goes down.

EBT is supposedly funded months/a year in advance, though.

It takes a special kind of retard to accomplish that


You can attribute that spergout and post style to resurrectedroach.



He's worth more entertainment value unbanned than banned, faggot.

No, it is literally him. Kek. He ran off to make a new thread and sticky it. And fuck me, it's the flappyposter. It's all coming together. Literally the cancer poisoning the board. Weu.
I'm all for slapping him around. It is my new life mission.

What the fuck are you doing

This, I've seen the exact same shit before. Look at how the same tactics are being deployed in the new thread.

They also produce avocados and big-titted women, but we already do both those things better so Mexico's help isn't needed there either.


Wait, EBT Is actually down? Some blackpill shill said it was funded through February. Oh baby I'm looking forward to the first of the month.

Fighting shills, numbnuts. What the fuck are YOU doing?

It was already funded and the shutdown is over, anyway.



Now that's some real autism.


Holy shit, get a fucking life, loser.