EBT / SNAP system down


Pay attention to this one, Anarchy is only ever 9 meals away.

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Seeing a large correlation between liberal socialists and foodstamps. Maybe rednecks aren't the money drain they claim.


I like that they chose to represent the outage like a disease outbreak or pollution map.

Rolling for gib denial as catalyst for race war.

This has happened many times. Its no big deal, the government will make sure that gibs are to be had.


Illinois bankrupt now, how will Chicago get their gibs if there is no money left?

Expect to see more of this.

I have people in my family that could be called "rednecks" and they take more pride in their work than anything. Seriously, work is what they do for fun.

Niggers ARE a disease

Rolling for perfect storm


Makes sense, life is work, and you get out of it what you put in.

Just have the kikes print more. The value is imaginary anyways.

Anyone who actually knows the history behind the term would be able to gleam this much. Hell, just taking a shitty guess and thinking it refers to sunburn would be enough to clue you in.

Correct user. It originated from British upper-class making fun of poor hard working north English farmers.

By the way the term "Cracker" has similar origins.

Figured, women for some reason hate farmer's tans for some reason, every time it's summer try they to convince me to go to the beach to get a tan.

we Zimbabwe now

Most American nigger terms originate from the British South West. Which is where most South USA cultuer comes from.

Stuff like cracker, redneck, eating grits.
Basically all the words we think of as black people words were invented by cornish farmers.

Also all of their favorite foods except watermelon. That's actually theirs.


Why is it only down in certain areas? It's a statewide system as far as I know.

More niggers sapping benefits means more dollars in debt. The red areas just so happen to be were most of the niggers are.

The comments section is gold.

So they're running out of monopoly shekels? It's not the system coming down, but a lack of fiat funds?


Pretty much. As far as I'm aware EBT is completely automatic and electronic, hence the E, so there's really not much difference functionally speaking so the only reason we can tell it's a money problem and not infrastructure is because there's till places where it works.

This, the amount of whites that arent commie degenerates who would gladly take welfare are statistically insignificant.

We have a real good opportunity for memeing with this.

California, Illinois and New York all have had something brewing there for a long time. In California we are starting to se it looking like an eventuality.. All three of those states have huge movements brewing to declare themselves a state separate from the metropolitan areas that have been feeding off them like parasites. They will of course get turned down by congress. But I think that will be a good way as it will pave the way for the creation of a third option. All it would take is for the townships and unincorporated areas to flesh out a constitution of their own, cease the collecting of taxes for the state, reestablish the police force and forbid state officials from entering on official business. The state will of course react heavy handedly but the feds will have a choice to make, recognize the new state or civil war.

user, you've got to improve your niggerspeak. Check the BBC for inspiration, your shit just isn't very convincing.

Doesn't EBT work like debit though? As in shouldn't those funds already be transferred by now? I think that money goes out in the beginning of the month, so I don't know why it'd be a problem now. And if it was a matter of being out of money, shouldn't it still be a statewide problem?

That isn’t me, retard.

I would like to believe whoever handles this shit would have a bit more foresight than that and stagger it out through the month but I don't know for sure.

It varies based on the consumer, but yeah, EBT is electronically refilled between the 1st and 10th of every month. However, the SNAP program is funded through the annual Farm Bill and wouldn't be affected on a monthly basis. It's annually funded, so anyone who has SNAP now is safe until September, when the new budget is determined.

I heard it stretches over a week or so 1st-8th, I think. So by the 22nd, that shit should be handled if so.

Yeah that sounds right. But if so what exactly is going wrong now then?

Nope it depends on the state and your ssn

It's either someone spilled coffee on the old Dept. of Ag computer OR the deal they reached to re-open the government today includes making sure benefit recipients are legal citizens. That could cause a big hiccup in major cities as they go through every case.

Ok. Let me give this a shot.. Ive been brushing up on my commie logic.

Here are the variables:

So we got this EBT and it is for the niggers to buy food on the white mans dime. Right? We got a government shutdown. The government shutdown isnt a full shutdown all vital primary and secondary functions are still being carried out but tertiary functions are put on hold. Those tertiary functions would include state level gibs. And all these outages are all in commie areas.

If EBT welfare and government shutdown while commie city and EBT welfare outage then the commie cities are using EBT funds for a slush fund.

Check em.

Can't use EBT as a slush fund. It was determined back in September when the budget was passed. The funds are locked in until next September.

Florida has a spread between the 1st and 28th fns-prod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/snap/florida-issuance.pdf
Texas between the 1st and 15th fns-prod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/snap/texas-issuance.pdf
Illinois between the 1st and 20th fns-prod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/snap/illinois-issuance.pdf

If they did that we'd hear the REE'ing of the offended by now.

Commies don't have the money though, it should be in nigger hands already, if the 1-10th figure is correct. EBT is essentially a back account that gets topped off every month, not like a unified budget they all draw from.

Even if some states go all month long, it should be a city by city thing, but rather a state wide problem. The only way this would make sense would be some kind of hardware/software problem.

I'd hate to be living in the burbs while this shit goes down in Philadelphia or any city of it's ilk, the flood of angry nigs looking for Save-a-Lot would be real.

This enrages me. As much as a major chimpout would be helpful, I can't believe that the democrats are basically holding society hostage under the threat of riots just to keep illegal immigration on the table.

Libtards are pure evil, and are complicit in what is indisputable at this point as modern day slavery of America's shitskins. Will nogs ever, EVER, be able to realize that all they are is a vote farm to dems?

They're not human. They're not the same species as whites. They don't have that cognitive ability. Niggers won't help us save the civilization they were imported to destroy.

Nah, they should do this more often

Sounds like it's time for a truNIG party, commie cat ladies just can't get those gibs out. Dems would be forced to try and pit the spics against the nigs, and the fallout would be glorious.

I could see them figuring out a work around to get the money back out of those accounts.

The meme gives it away


Well they did cause this because of spics. They chose spics over nigger welfare. Shouldn't be hard to agitate that fracture point.

Id argue they are a different genus entirely. There are certain perspectives from which they are incapable of seeing. But there is a truth about them, as long as you view them as your inferior, and treat them as such, they tend to not be of little problem. When you treat them as your equal they will destroy you. There are always niggers who will have the wherewithal to try to reform the rest to more civilized thinking but they are always defeated. This has been attested to by missionaries for the past 2-300 years.

They try to wield them against us but the niggers will be the downfall of the commies. If you can think of them as retarded children and understand the way they think you we could get them to tear the left asunder.

As does the punctuation.

Try like this:

Isn't Ebonics just corrupted Southern dialect?


There are larger genetic differences between European peoples and African people’s - who are considered the same species by modern standards - than there are between certain animal species we describe as separate and distinct.

The old definition of a species being a group of similar organisms that can reproduce to produce fertile offspring is outdated. There are far too many differences - genetic, mental, social, cultural - between whites and blacks (or other races for that matter) for us to be considered the same. Make no mistake, blacks are different from us. They are our inferior and will always be


Really put that in perspective for me. I'll never see food stamps the same way.


Even the old definition shows the flaws in the logic applied. The old definition is "a group of similar organisms which, because of a lack of organic differences and natural boundaries, can produce fertile, viable offspring.

Merely being removed from whites because of being on a different continent and removed from normal, natural interaction, causes them to be a different species. If we had a large group of shitmonkeys and all of a sudden a gigantic river divided them into two groups.. it works like the collection of animal specimens from the wild.. All organisms alive before the river divided them are generation F0 and all subsequent offspring are Fn and the large n gets the more distant they are from the former group.

This is literally how the concept of evolution works.

The term redneck comes from wearing red bandanas around your neck during union times.

There are even older verified definitons of it referring specifically to anything from farmers to certain religious groups. The point really is that laziness was never part of the connotation until very, very recently. Even people like the Blue Collar Comedy guys never joked about being on government benefits or anything like that as far as I'm aware and that was barely over a decade ago.

Jew York here, one can hope.

just to add to this, this isn't even a silly example but real life
the ancestors of bonobos and chimpanzees were seperated by a big river (the congo river) and rather than the river appearing out of nowhere there was probably one founder group of very brave or stupid apes that tried to cross an uncrosseable river
now as to the outcome, chimpanzees are violent and lead in hierachical groups because it is necessary for their survival as in their habitat north of the congo river they haveto compete in the same ecological niche with the much bigger gorrilas
while bonobos are peacefull equalitarian societies due to being unoposed in their niche south of the congo river
unless you were a trained biologist you would struggle to differentiate a picture of a chimp or bonobo, yet they are considered separate species

does this remind you of anything?

When they had the illegal immigrants go on strike for a day, it was pathetic. A few restaurants closed and some beds were unmade.

If 'rednecks' went on strike for a day, the country would fucking collapse.

White Americans were and still are the people who build this country and make it prosperous.



As usual, some virtue signaling snowflake is kvetching. I can't tell, is this someone shitposting or is it real?


As a coloradanon I'm busting out the popcorn, fuck latinver

I want to know how in the hell New Orleans is not affected. It is literally Chocolate City. 68-70% nigger, no hyperbole. It is literally the niggest city per capita.

Look at the names and the language being used. It's shitposting. Funny funny shitposting.

It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

I can tell the obvious shitposts, but this Kristal one is not so obvious.

I loled

If I see a nigger eating my cow out I'm throwing him in with the bull.

We need more private prisons to throw all these gib-junkies in. I think that and then consequent covert-sterilization would be an excellent strategy.

Careful, I think that's how Indians are created.

Non-Whites are incapable of working hard, why do you think they're still crying about slavery and internment camps?

The majority of niggers live in the south.

Prison is just another form of gibs for them. Sterilization means we'll still be living with them all our lives. There's only one solution.

Look, communism can work, greed is not important.

Oh shit nigger! Chimpening inbound! RWDS time!

Which ever of you fucks is in there telling all those lazy niggers to get a job, you bring a tear to this anons eye.

Checked your trips of truth, even though the statement is blatantly obvious.

I'm understanding this tangent, though not convinced yet and don't arrive at the same conclusion. Maybe this was supposed to be a test run, to see how far the gimmie dats reaction goes. There is no end to (((sociologists))) data gathering. Rolling for this to be testing the waters for the real habbening in 17 days.

quite positive the system is back up, in NY at least

This shit never really lasts long. I can almost guarantee the reason it went down to begin with was ironically MLK day. Government workers get every fucking holiday possible off and when they do if often causes minor glitches and fuckups in systems like EBT and SNAP just because the vacation day usually dicks up and delays some paper pushing, causing deadlines to be missed or paperwork to not be submitted in time. It can cause the system to go down for a few hours or even a day, but it's always almost immediately back up. Pay attention and you'll see these little outages almost always happen right after some gay federal holiday.