Image upload disabled on Halfchan

So Halfchan just disabled all image uploads on the whole site, I guess someone uploaded a very interesting image, possibly the FISA memo or whatever. The image server isn't kill or we wouldn't be able to see the old images.

Other urls found in this thread:

Oy vey

It's diabled for at least two hours now.

pic related



So that's why I couldn't shitpost this morning.

Screenshot from /int/, it happened sometime between these two posts. It's 16:26 here right now, so no images since roughly two and a half hours.

Its all so very tiring.
Any word from hiroshimoot or mods?

nope, nothing afaik
Someone posted the "memo" yesterday but most "people" said it was fake. Not so sure anymore.

Cuckchan is beyond salvation since that 1/3 jewish moot colluded with (((Chelsea Van Valkenburg))) and (((Alex 'my father profits on dead children' Lifshitz))) press gang.

stop browsing cuckchan

let's not turrn this into a dick jousting contest. 8ch has problems too, you know?

Hmph. I saw that shotshow unfold last night, didn't think they'd shut it down over an uncoraberated jpeg. But they've done worse.

Maybe someone with some decency is trying to prevent the spread of fake LARP memos. Someone was mentioning that for proper happening news coverage, timing is everything and a fake ‘release’ going around will dilute the necessary angry public reaction. So maybe it’s for that reason, but it’s still most likely censoring kikes. Just my thoughts. Try not to spread bullshit around. There’s a strategy they might have to capitalize on normie apathy. Can’t let them do that.

You are both right. But cuckchan has basically no worthwhile posts anymore. It's a wasteland. I've possibly never seen lower level conversations. The worst thread on here each day rivals cuckchans best.

No one with any decency censors posts unless they are spam or include obvious degeneracy.

I agree fully. But still false information has to be avoided. The memo release, if there even is a memo, has to be timed well.

/qa/ conservation about this
boards 4chan org/qa/thread/1844907/4chan-happenings-thread



Also, What a gonna stop anons from posting it once the up the images again? Just seems like a stupid fix over something so… Unsubstantiated.

That makes no sense.

By overreacting in the extreme it suggests the memos were real and lends credibility to them.

True, it probably was something recent and real.

fake just because of grammar errors and unprofessional write up style.

Or maybe its just an unrelated "oh shit something broke" moment. nothing is stopping it from being uploaded here, and you can be damn sure if something actually damaging needed to be censored this sited would get nuked so fucking fast

It also implies that cuckchan is carrying water for the Trump DoJ and the republicans which is laughable.

Yea said it for me last night but still uploaded.

True. But some things about it like grammar errors and things that sounded like out of a movie script made it seem like false information. I’m someone of the opinion that this Q shit is either improbably accurate or is purposeful misdirection.

Oh great. More newfriends incoming, again. For fucks sakes.

That'Äs the conclusion that was also reached on halfchan, just posting for completeness. If you got a better idea I'm listening.

you still have to go back

I will, not into circlejerks. People are speculating something big is coming:

There's probably just something up on the server side of things, I am getting really sick and tired of you boomer paranoics from God like productions sullying everything with your schizophrenia.

If the image server was down, we wouldn't be able to see the already uploaded images Mr. Applefag.

This doesn't remotely look legit. This is basically the us military style of memo made into a doj look a like, you can see old doj memos, totally different format

I'm convinced the hardline go back to cuckchan fags are int or goons tbh. Cuckchan, no matter how you slice it, is still very much relevant and is ultimately the epicenter to getting out mass redpills.

Who gives a shit.

Reported for Q spam.

Tell me about Bill
Why does he get you banned

oh i am laffin
in any case, you have to go back nigger

Indeed, 4ch has become one of the most influential sites on the net. Them disabling image uploads is huge imo.

I didn't even mention Qanon
Why is qanon trending on Twitter btw?

legit enough for the deep state to fuck with 4ch?

cuckchan is pretty much reddit now
and you need to go back

The fake document you posted was designed based on his posts. It's a Q-LARP shitpost, originally.

Reported for being so infantile that you think we want you here.

That must mean I am a boomer larper? Just throwing a theory out there, if you got a better one, spill the beans.

Like this retard. No point or reason to such a post. Its nothing but static.

Bill was/is head of intelligence of the FBI and spearheaded the Trump/Russia narrative from behind the scenes. Couple months back an user found that mentioning his name on halfchan got you an instaban and your post discarded. Of course, this lead to the creation of the meme you replied to and the subsequent Streisand effect.

Nice dubs. Almost make up for your complete lack of argument.

t. cuckchan

Also you faggots are really easy to trigger by talking about 4ch.

Dude, I don't care what you did. Now that you know it's just Q spam, I care that you don't post it again.

This is how mentally defective cuckchanners actually are.THIS IS WHAT THEIR SITE HAS BECOME.

cuckchan, grandpa


They're still butthurt about gamergate being a failure and moot cucking them.

get with the times senpai

Wow, they actually shut it down. Jews proven once again to be living stereotypes.

Yeah I'll just believe you that it's nothing like a low IQ NPC

I don't care about your slang

Who even cares about your clique bs? 4ch disabling images is huge and the reaction to this thread is proof of that.


How can you run an imageboard with no images? Maybe Chinese moot went full kike so he can save shekels on bandwidth, and mine altcoins better.

maybe on cuckchan
why would we care?
cuckchan just exists as a containment for retards (like you) from reddit


Reads like texts from a bitter ex lol

why would I want normalfags on my imageboard?

Fake and gay.

4ch is very influential, which is why you should care about them being censored(?) or whatever the fuck is happening.

That's not how it works you retard
CDNs and image upload functionality are different things

8ch has slightly less ledditors and goons at least

seriously shilling for cuckchan
i really really hope you're baiting nigger

My guess is (((they))) changed a DNS record or some shit like that. If you're good with this shit, why aren't you investigating yet?

but I don't?
this isn't cuckchan


Emily Jean is amazing

it was cucked already 4 years ago when we left

Because we know hiro is an incompetent retard who cares more about selling data to ukrainian ad servers than fixing his goddamn website. Why is everything a jewish conspiracy? There's nothing to investigate here. It has happened before.

… man, it's been since the gamergay exodus that I haven't really visited 8ch. Is the moderation still paranoid about shilling/sockpuppets?

y she so cuuuuuuuuuute

[citation needed]

This mindset makes me think about the fat, mean kid on the playgroumd that would get upset when someone used his swing, even when he wasn't. Its kinda sad.

No one is forcing you to leave your beloved 8ch fag.

I meant (self)-censored obviously. If you think it's nothing you just prove to be an NPC on the level of a Fagbook group poster.
nice clique narrrative
Here you go


loli related? Some bot with black/red flag was posting a specific loli image over the last few weeks in literally every thread. The bot must have had access to a huge number of IPs too.

Reported for spamming Q-LARP bullshit, then.
Holy christ. Nothing is huge. 4chan is nothing to us.Get out.

I was honestly going to use that exact word to describe it, but felt that an approach that directly related to that specific faggot was better.

there's been another one?
how fucking often do they happen?

sure you're not forcing anything at all faggot :^)

love love LOVE emeelee!!!

Okay, so where's the bitcoin mining malware that Holla Forums installs on your machine, goy?

At least sage the thread.

I meant the original one in… was it 2014 or 2015?


It's hard to be paranoid about what you yourself are.

It was already broken for a long time beforehand, though. He posted after half a day had passed.

i think it was in august or september of 2014 iirc.
but yeah, i thought you meant there was another one

So what then ASCII posting?

I see. Not convinced that this is nothing though until Hiroshi posts.

You might want to research what a honeypot is.

You might want to have a clue what you're talking about.

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   ||    Teacher's desk    ||  ||
   ||                ||


Will you take two videos?

Took long enough to say its fucking nothing.

Except no one is leaving. Theyre just crying harder.

Nice buzzwords from five years ago prove you don't know shit.
A honeypot doesn't only have a computer security-related meaning, it also has the meaning of a sting operation to catch radicals. But you know that of course.

[citation needed]
are you pretending to be retarded on purpose?

Interesting, thought it was just me.
Only admins, mods, AI, glow in the darks are making threads right now. you can hijack a thread that's newly created but that's not happening regularly.

Thanks for admitting you have no fucking clue what you're saying and don't know what thread you're in.
Thanks for asserting something that no one questioned.
So why are you wasting our time? Change your IP and go back to cuckchan.

afaik no new threads since three hours

you're a fool if you think 8ch has ever been anything more than a bunker for when shit gets over run on 4chan. Just like all other spin-offs.

Yep this. Time to fuck off into obscure video games and pretend like the brainwashed masses are interesting or fun to interact with.

Earlier post of yours:
Implying that a honeypot would install mining malware, ignoring the other, more popular meaning of the word

This is what jewish shills actually think we'll believe.

Mhmm, yes, we know you don't know anything about 4chan. Run along now.

Need I remind you, you're here forever. But honestly, I could give a shit if you fucking left. Board quality would measurably go up.

kek, post evidence or stfu

who are you virtue signalling to?


but that's wrong you fucking idiot.

based emma stone poster

you can call me kike all day it doesnt mean anything to me you dumb asshole . every time I post on 8ch you unleash your shills on me claiming im jewish. It really doesn't stop me from posting or being read by others it just makes your website a shitty 4chan off shoot that permabanned retards who didnt know subtlty remain forever.

queue all the anime pictures of laughter because I responded to you confronting you something your parents gave up on and left you forgotten and alone in the world


Already forgot the shit about 8ch collecting IPs? Would a nbewfag mention that? Not saying 4ch doesn't do the same but you are pretty retarded.
Why are some faggots so easy to trigger by the word 4chan and what does this tell us about the state of Holla Forums?


cry you loser. cry and yell the jews


Go back to your honeypot and suck hiro's cock.

You have to go back.

laugh you mind broken queer your laughter is the final cry of a dead human mind

Wait, is this why we had such an influx of shit over the weekend?
Fucking gookmoot sending all his shitholers here.

oh my GOD i'm still posting after being called JEWISH

It only started today.

OH MY GOD i'm posting replies and you're laughing


You are why we left in 2014.

cry me a river.
here's your undeserved (you). now go neck yourself

Guess that means we're going to be getting it from two sources then. Wonder what brought yesterday's mudflood though.


who here is crying but you you dumb asshole?
I'm here posting in a thread that whose topic I have immediate knowledge of and you here yelling and screaming im a jew what the fuck is wrong with you are you even a real person or an AI?

she had to WORK for it!!!

Yawn. Go back to 4chan.

Why the fuck is there one guy who keeps posting images of women and direct YouTube links to old music
Learn to Embed you newfaggot


you don't have that power over me to command me to sway me to do anything but insult you because you smell so bad.

check my fucking holy digits you clown

I bet your faggot ass hates wolf girls too.

Hahaha, still furthering the clique narrative, too obvious
Anyways, I'll bake a delicious lemon cake with my roommate now. You guys can speculate about why 4chan doesn't allow image uploads or you can continue to d&c. I know what's more likely to happen but I'd like to be surprised.

Alex Jones is confirming this silencing. He is saying how RIGHT NOW shit is being shut down and complete and total control is being turned on TODAY

Go back to 4chan.

then go back to the hole you crawled out of
point me to the post where i called you a jew you fucking inbred. do you even know what ID's are?
oh i see, you're schizophrenic


You have to go back.

obviously the shills dont want red pilled people to ever post on plebchan or reddit





you have to go back to ifunny

It's so easy to out you kikes.


do you honestly believe you're doing a good thing in acting this way

No one cares how you frame your arguments, 4chan. Just go back.

Bro, take this hardened steel autism you swing so aloft and aim at the chinese.

unless you are asian… would make sense. you ARE very narcissistic and retarded.

You have to go back.

asian confirmed.


It's common fucking knowledge. Lurk more and stop being such a prideful idiot. We've had 3 now 4 years of divergent evolution and you stand out like a sore thumb.

Actually I'm out, you think that Holla Forums is your bunker? I haven't been to 4chan since gamergate. How can you not comprehend this?

it's not malware per say, it's a background cpu miner when you have the tabs open

So, this is where all of the faggots are.

At least sage if you're going to post trannies.








Kek, why is the shill so triggered by this story?


I took a screenshot because I was scrolling through and saw it on EVERY single thread user
I blurred out the degeneracy

Don't care.

Exactly this, pretty sure a shill botnet did this. They must have had access to atleast 5k IP addresses.

LOL hahahaha
you got me im defeated haahaha

Oh hey I know that degeneracy

I have a hard time not believing that your someone new.


opinion discarded

Yep, it was posted over a period of ~three weeks in every thread on Holla Forums, not sure about the other boards.

w e w

it's bumplocked you retard



kek, didn't even notice. 8ch mods confirmed pillars of free speech.



That's just Holla Forums and Holla Forums, faggot.



True, but let's not pretend any other board besides Holla Forums is actually important.

cuckchan shitting the bed has nothing to do with us, why should we let it shit up the catalogue?


they are the mods who got fired from 4chan duh. that's why they hate 4chan users so much and shit up every single thread.

Futuba is fine, what are you talking about?

The thread shouldn't necessarily be bumplocked. And, turning on cycling, at least, keeps the cancer "contained".

Holla Forums wasn't the one that signaled the end of cuckchan.


the worst human beings on this planet are always internet admins or moderators. there isn't a single redeemable one anywhere at all ever once not anywhere now or in the future. it's a mental flaw to want to moderate others.

makes sense, also explains the clique narrative

Holla Forums? Meh, Holla Forums sucked even ten years ago.

Just ban them, fuck cuckchan, endchan can soak the cancer for us.

revisionism or retardation?

the amount of people still using it says otherwise


they call us cancer
they call our work "shitposts"
they call us "shitty people" in their walking life
these people think they are better than those they would insult
they live their lives like this lowering themselves in every minute of their lives and they think they are better than us
I will remind you that to them we are "shitty people" and they seek to ban "a way of talking"

[citation needed]
It could be Hiroshimoot being stupid true, but we have no evidence for that. It also could be the CIA shutting down 4chan or Skynet taking over. Don't be an accidental shill.

No one in the west cares about it though except some weebs.


I'm this world's worst nightmare
I'm a man who knows he is completely free.
My words are the most powerful in reality.

I know.

it's almost as if people enjoy shitposting once in a while.

are you stupid?
just because it isn't as popular in the west doesn't negate the fact that it's pretty fucking popular

Not surprising considering most fun shit is deleted and people are banned for fucking nothing. Still, it shows that this story is NOT a nothingburger unlike the retard shill tries to tell us.
Falling for and spreading jewish narratives
popular != influential

Good job kike mods

Loose lips sink ships. Don't post anywhere where we retreat to.





endchan bunker was taken down by goons before, it's not safe

What if the upload server was government controlled and thus shut down due to the government shutdown?
Why is 8ch/pol/ so bad at speculating and just throws shit around?

ah, i see what you mean.
still, calling it an accidental shill is pretty retarded. just call it what it is - falling for a narrative.
first of all; you never said anything about influence.
second is that i never mentioned influence either because i'm not completely sure about it myself.

fair enough, my autism goes haywire sometimes.
I'm probably still mad about the shill calling 4chan unimportant

We need to start banning for this shit. Grandpa here would move into your nice white peaceful neighborhood and start plastering the cars and houses with shitty xerox copies of leftard talking points and then wonders why everyone hates him.

one single image got through


When is the last time cuckchan has done anything? Much less anything worthy of the claim of being the most influential imageboard in the world? You were pulling shit out of your ass because somebody shit talked your clubhouse, but you've yet to give any explanation of why it's of any interest to us. Furthermore, this has nothing to do with politics, there are plenty of off-topic and meta boards here, you could have taken this to any one of them, it really doesn't belong here nor is it welcome.

Your daughter fucks niggers

it happens to the best of us mate.
well, it's important in the sense that a lot of retards use it. but it's currently sort of irrelevant to 8ch after the several exoduses other than the fact that idiots from there shit up this place

Ok this is what I am hearing from 4chan's /qa/ board on what happened:

It's good for random threads and board culture. The European art thread from yesterday was fabulous and mods delete that sort of thing from here. Also check out the architecture thread. Cuckchan has its uses like being good for keeping tabs on how hard TRSodomites are shilling their shit since they know better to post their cancer threads here. And they're looking pretty desperate this week.

Mods on IRC are saying that they have no idea what's going on. They are aware that Hiro is MIA and are obviosuly pissed off. Also their acting cocky

Trump, AfD in Germany, etc. pp., even the current memo shit has mostly been pushed by 4chan. Ignoring it is pretty stupid. Saging a bumplocked thread is pretty stupid as well.

Nice argument, implying I am not a useless, autistic NEET

While that is true, it's not like the mods have no fault in this, they banned the best posters, which eventually got fed up.

See >>11176883

Thanks for the report, too lazy to get into their IRC after getting banned for nothing last time.

>media 8ch net/file_store/0cf24891b79ccb7140e0d817cd9ce828f39aa6b31a58a375f52383beaea2275a.jpg

They gave me this but it doesn’t work

They're also denying reports about the CP bot

add some dots you newfag, it's this

Well the lolicon bot spamming this
image for a few weeks was fucking real

If kikefy won't even let us have fucking literature threads, I really do wonder how something like this gets justified in his turkish mind. Random threads and board culture is a pretty weak excuse though, there should at least be some tangential connection to either wider poltics or national socialism. The fact that they can't post pictures on cuckchan doesn't really effect us, and it really doesn't warrant more than maybe a post in QTDTT pointing it out.

If this thread was about any of those things it would be a different matter.
Don't ruin it for me.


lazarus bot reported this new thread somehow got through on pol

4cuck Holla Forumsthread/157631516#157631516

[13:26] == DC123 [[email protected]] has joined #4chan
[13:27] Does anyone have any idea why the image upload servers have been down for almost three hours
[13:28] == liborio [[email protected]] has left #4chan []
[13:28] All I'm hearing is that some botnet was spamming CP nonstop and now the mods are under invesigation
[13:28] == rubow [[email protected]] has joined #4chan
[13:29] hahaha
[13:29] oh shit its the feds
[13:30] hide all the hotpockets!!!
[13:30] drugs filled hot pockets
[13:30] Yeah I wouldn't be joking consdiering the image servers are down
[13:30] I heard from my dad's co-worker's friend's mother's repairman that something serious is going down
[13:30] my dad works at nintendo
[13:30] So its a joke to you
[13:30] shit, the servers are down man…
[13:30] we're going to die…
[13:30] Three hours, you got any idea what is going on? Where Hiro is?
[13:30] I don't take 4chan this seriously, no
[13:31] also no one in this chat has access to fix anything
[13:31] I'm… a joke…?
[13:31] I'm not shocked
[13:31] wtf man
[13:31] Really when was the last time you mods gave a flying fuck about 4chan?
[13:31] how can you just say that to someone…
[13:31] we're real human beans…
[13:31] DC123: calm down dude, none of us can fix it
[13:31] this is a site run by volunteers
[13:31] But has anyone attempted to get in contact with Hiro?
[13:31] I'm not shocked he's not saying anything, knowing how he works
[13:32] But people are getting pissed off.
[13:32] gee we never thought of that, thanks for giving us the idea
[13:32] YW
[13:32] I'm sure the problem is being addressed DC123
[13:32] should've never gotten rid of text boards
[13:32] vipper's revenge
[13:32] it's time now
[13:32] my time now
[13:32] give me my
[13:32] just relax and go outside or something
[13:32] give me my own textboard systeeeeem
[13:32] get some sunshine
[13:32] im very cold
[13:32] or make quality posts without images!
[13:32] vitamin D is important for your health
[13:32] why am i so cold
[13:33] == mauno [[email protected]] has joined #4chan
[13:33] the site is your text board now VIPPER
[13:33] another week of daily mcds
[13:33] >quality posts on 4chan
[13:33] I'm afraid that time has come and gone

[13:34] >quality
[13:34] ha ha 4chan is for shitposting lel! now let me post this funnay maymay to /r/4chan
[13:34] >4chan
[13:34] choose one
[13:34] made in abyss AA spam forever
[13:34] 4chan hasn't been up to quality in quite some time.
[13:35] so sad..
[13:35] I look at Holla Forums and /sp/ and wonder what went wrong.

It's because of pic related. Everything will change soon and you'll realize your full potential user. The blood of warriors runs through your veins.

He won't even allow threads about True Capitalist Radio, and that was long part of Holla Forums board culture even before the exodus

is he even trying to manage the site anymore or has he gone full retard with the datamining?

i'd blame that partly on the mods for being no-fun-allowed homos and partly on intl faggots & goons with their bait threads

Glad to see that some dissent is still alive in this echochamber.
I still think that image upload being disabled/attacked on the world's most influential imageboard is huge.

Apparently the DDOS isn't allmighty and a few images got through.

post the link to the loli image for fun

Hello Holla Forums. Asides being on 4chan for Holla Forums and /gif/ I also happen to often use your cozy little home here to fap and discuss.
But since the discussed accident I can't use 4chan anymore, and jeez I don't know what to do with all my OC pepes…
Would you like to carry them for me?

The latter. He's pretty much letting the manager RapeApe run the show while he datamines the hell out of 4chan. Ever since he talked about the site costs skyrocketing he has posted less and less on 4chan. Its clear he's only in it for the money and no longer cares.

You can still post images on futuba, what are you talking about?

t-thanks, actually read that book in latin class, also I understand your argument now, thought you were just shitposting.

in that sense 4chan is way better imo, dissent is not censored but drowned in shit usually.


Your shilling is getting tired by now
This site's userbase is proof of the contrary

4chan fag here with a fresh, warm batch of peps.
Tbh it's probably the mods themselves creating bait threads to keep traffic high.

4chan mods on IRC right now: "I'm too lazy to contact Hiro you can go and do it"

[13:48] Is RapeApe the only one who can get in contact with Hiro?
[13:49] you can get in contact with hiro
[13:49] So can you Kami. And you know he doesn't check that.
[13:49] You don't know that
[13:49] I do
[13:50] zzz ok
[13:50] He only focuses when you tweet at him
[13:50] don't pm me unless you need help with a ban
[13:50] if you insist, I will have to ban you from the channel
[13:50] feel free to talk normally in the channel
[13:51] fair enough

[13:51] thanks

Nigger you know full well Kikey has censored and banned people for not going along with the group think

Japmoot has some serious respect there, any ideas how he punishes people bothering him ?

Japmoot has some serious respect there, any ideas how he punishes people bothering him ?

you have a link for that IRC?

anyone who never got banned on 8/pol/ is a low IQ NPC

mods are faggots, what a surprise


Yes, everyday since a year and a half ago. Even Holla Forums and /a/ might get the same treatment
But that doesn't mean 4ch doesn't do it, or that (sane) people allow it here, as we know this board is infested with bugmen

hay gaiz I'm from 4chan do you love pepes too XD?


i wonder if he'll somehow manage to kill it with his incompetence.
then perhaps normalfags will finally forget about imageboards like they did with myspace and the likes to move on to something else to ruin.

i sort of begrudgingly agree with you since you raise a good point.
now if their mods weren't rainbow haired shitlibs, maybe it wouldn't be as bad as it is.

i honestly wouldn't be surprised if he's a halfchan mod under a different alias

kikes recognized the power of imageboards and infiltrated most of them, there are only very few free ones left, all irrelevant in the larger scheme of things imo.

t. (58) Turkroach

Thanks based x2chan for taking us faggots refugee while 4chan is burning down btw.

An OP that keeps posting, shocking for someone who is accustomed to OPs posting once and then leaving, I know.



there is no way this is all a coincidence. not fucking buying it


the day when 4chan was more popular than KPOP

Hiro most likely stopped paying the server bills for the site. He wants to take any money can get out of this place, let the site die, and then split.

we did it reddit

Half chan is FUCKED. I can’t post at all now!!!!

Why is this anchored? Is this real? It looks it

It cycles, you silly newfag

hahaha holy shit

Julian Assange’s Twitter is restricted, Sara Carter’s Twitter was hacked by Turkish hackers. WTF IS GOING ON?

I'm able to a bit. But yeah the servers are starting to shit the bed. That gook is probably asleep right now and has no idea what's going on




None of this can be coincidence right??

The only reason the servers are probably going downhill is because Hiro most likely did not pay the bills lately, as he is now trying to take all the money he can and then run. Either that or the servers need a massive upgrade, Hiro knew about it, and knows its going to be fucking expensive and he doens't want to spend the money.

IRCfag, are the mods worried now?

aren't we all just AI in the matrix?

Servers are just down. This shit use to happen all the time. Itll be back in a bit


No David,people becoming robots ain't no god damn coincidence

I think 4chin is starting to work a little again, I have managed to make a reply.
I will soon investigate if image replies are possibru again.

Image uploading has been down for almost 4 hours now. This isn't normal

mine took like 2-3 mins to get through. i got an error but it shows up somehow.
But theump timer on catalog is stuck

Posting new threads or images is still impossible


Then this is something on Hiro's end. Again that gook is asleep right now and the mods don't feel like reaching out to him. In fact I don't think they even know how. Hiro probably never gave them a direct means to contact him.


this thread is 20 minutes old

pretty sure it's a huge DDOS

A DDOS wouldn't even let you get on the site. This is a server issue

Uh guys, isn’t ANYONE at all concerned about Julian Assange’s Twitter being restricted?

/PTG/ has over 1,000 replies!


A Kraut/AfD thread just got through with picture. Still takes minutes for posts to show up

What is the significance of this for those of us who aren't Twitter-using normalfags

Yeah, this is what I'm getting too.

A DDOS targeting the "upload server" and now the "posting server". I'm not good with this shit so excuse my unexact words.
Perhaps admin foiund a way to get rid of loli spam and loli botnet is retaliating by ddos'ing 4chan.

Its slowly improving, but this is a serious issue with the servers. It looks like to me they're on their last legs and need a massivev upgrade. However, that gook is not going to pay for a new one. Luggage Lad probably knew this and never told Hiro

I think that using different servers for handling text and image posting processes isn't a realistic idea. But I get what you're trying to say.

Saw that claim a few times but his Twitter looks normal to me. Elaborate please.

this thread is almost reaching 1488 posts

I don't think it's DDOS, it seems like old posts are not dying out as usual, that should be taken care of in servers. It might be a bug exploit which prevents threads from deleting, that'd drain storage space pretty quickly

Last time it happened they killed it because he was going to release very damaging shit Clinton related

This is Holla Forums right now.

I actually liked the past few hours before the text ban, longer living threads make the whole thing more serious and effectively decrease the whole rush-iness of it, you know? The kind of magic that makes bait threads work.

Ever since that SJW feminist Jack Dorsey took over Twitter they've gone so far to the left. If Dorsey and all his lackeys were to be removed, you would see a massive improvement.

Was there CP Spam?

Frogot image,
This is Holla Forums rn.

see >>11176883 >>11176906

Holla Forums is extremely fast that's true. Been shitposting on slower ones where debates last days, pretty neat expierience

Pics related
Assange’s back up.

last post on Holla Forums was over 30 minutes ago

Fucking roaches

What fitting last words.

thanks, pretty weird.

Sure AF is.

The question is: Will they come for Holla Forums or is this place to irrelevant?

Update on the looks of Holla Forums

Habbening. threads closing

I came from 4chan to seek asylum in Holla Forums because I also use it as a lurker.

Thanks for pointing this out. Can confirm saw this image ( ) a lot, I just filtered it after seeing it 5-6 times in a row.
Is loli hentai shit illegal in the us?

Holla Forums is blocked at work. 4chan is still better than reddit and sometimes they have good threads even though 99% is shit
i do not regret anything.

someone said shut down wifi or you'll get sleepy
anyone confirm?

some user posted these
is there a cyberwar going on?

nothing out of the ordinary right now

That's how attack looks like

Holla Forums is back to it's old, disgusting self.
I think posts are returning too, we won the war(?)
It's still a bit slow, but we're getting better.
Also, hiro increased the difficult level of the captchas by an incredible amount, so maybe it really was a bot attack?

Posting works again for the moment

these maps always look like a cyberwar is going on, iirc they get their data from honeypot servers

11:33 < [lazarus]rbot> ::4/pol/:: Anonymous posted at
11:33 < [lazarus]rbot> ::4/pol/:: for your convenience: - for your convenience: this is a bad place, you will waste your life here don't watch/read/believe any news just come to Holla Forums to get redpilled then leave
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11:33 < [lazarus]rbot> ::4/pol/:: Soy Boy - So this is motherfucking 4chan? Wow i've been browsing your boards for a fucking while and I got to say you're all a bunch of Right-Wing, Nazi, ignorant, intolerant, biggoted, cis-gendered, transphobi…
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11:34 < [lazarus]rbot> ::4/pol/:: We had a similar thread the other day and it was really good… - We had a similar thread the other day and it was really good. In this thread post things like: >What was your dad like >Advice for prospective fathers >Tips from current fathers Let's get wholesome /p…
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11:34 < [lazarus]rbot> ::4/pol/:: It has begun - It has begun


And supposedly 4chan is the "cuckchan"

image server ddos stopped for a few minutes I guess

We are not proud of our mods, hence why it lost hilarious amounts of posters in the last months

You can't say nigger ?
Is this fucking reddit ?






You can't diss mods or the american frog
P.D. you get banned from halfchan /mu/ and Holla Forums for saying nigger too. I tried in incredulity some months ago after the rumor got out.

Who are they? This is new to me, and is awfully weird.

What if you post timestamp on black hand, banning nigger for saying nigger is double racist.

1 post by this ID threads are automatically considered shill ones


You get banned for being a nigger, the previous action is cancelled due to a more egregious action taking place at the same time

Holla Forumsigot here, text posts are possible again, apparently some organized fuckers have scripted a bot to shit out twenty threads while 4chan was back to full functionality for a few seconds and then fuck back off.
Incredible how anonymooses have given up on doing botattacks on normie services and instead turned to destroying their own home, but let's just wait and see how those energy-drink imbued fuckers manage

google ayyildiz tim

Holla Forums speculates it's just the usual shill botnet. Even when no posting was possible, some of my posts got through and appeared after server was up again, I guess the shill botnet hammered the servers non-stop and a few of these got through as well, giving the illusion of twenty shill threads being simultaneously posted.

Pretty sure kikes are finally shutting down everything. The final stage is approaching.

We need to find out exactly who is behind this? The only suspects are either a far left subreddit or Holla Forums

Okay isn't captcha the basic protection against bots ?
If today we got enough proofs it doesn't work, we might want to use something else.

The Turkish government is now going after any big name verified person on Twitter in order to silence them

I don't think captcha is invincible against bots, even if it's designed to fend them off, it's not perfect.

text based captchas can be solved by AI or a captcha slave farm in China.

We had that conversation with him months ago. He is unwilling to change from Google captcha because its sadly cheap to use. Any other new captcha system would cost a fuck ton of money

mate, do you realize shitskins in India have people solving them 24/7? And besides that, whites aren't fucking retarded. Captchas are being broken by programs every second.

They've been botting nonstop. 4chan can allow their servers to not require captcha(4chan pass) to anyone they please. The cucked shareblue modteam is allowing their D&C/slide bots to fucking shit the whole catalog up.

Hence Operation LAZARUS

It works for me. You might be on one of the many fakes.

/g/ wanted to establish their own network,maybe they can come out with some cheap anti pajeet and anti shill system

The very point of captchas is to be hard to read, the ones I've seen here are extremely easy, simple machine learning can do that, but there are better ones/

Ah, Obama's buddies. How is the situation with Turkey since the Trump administration?

it apparently got restricted for some time

IT-Fag here, you can beat a lot of bots but you cant beat 6 gorillion poos.

Then /g/ needs to get their shit together, get his attention, and present it to him.

your opinion on this clusterfuck? DDOS or coordinated government operation?

DDOS by some far left subreddit. Most plausible reasoning

Doesn't seem consistent enough for a DDoS and the DDoS maps aren't showing anything out of the ordinary.

I'd say Hiroshimoot is letting it all go to shit or there's a worm of some sort fucking up their servers - likely launched by the CIAniggers to try and counter the hopeful coming happening today.
apparently it's a CP botspammer somewhere.

I'd go with bug exploit, threads were not being deleted when reaching maximal threshold for some reason.

nah, plebbit isn't good enough to launch a ddos

but imo the few pauses during which we were able to post images indicate it was a ddos. Also note that the "targets" changed from image server to image+posting server back to image server.

Most likely a DDOS to quietly implant the bot system. (((This site is under maintenance))) You know, for some reason I feel like this all has something to do with the /CBTS/ bullshit.

Yeah improbable, and I don't think a /g/ network could be based off the simple removal of the post limit.
The reason posts didn't die of age is because the way the system works is that once a new post gets created, it kicks out an older post. They don't just get deleted after people lose interest, they need to be replaced, normally that happens after they use their bumpability, but since noone could create posts the threads practically became invincible.

Some anons are saying that Mods are actively deleting threads and banning users on /g/ and Holla Forums now.
Lazarus doesn't seem that far off now, but I'm still not sure it's those fags.

more like #releasethememo .Who the fuck cares about roleplaying faggots? Q-user is larp to make Holla Forums look bad.

threads weren't deleted because no new threads were made.

interesting, they're posting slide threads since over a year though

confirmed, thread was pruned while posting

that doesn't necessarily mean it's a DDoS. If it is a worm/corrupting files etc they could be working to return their files to a previous state and the worm could be fucking them up over and over as well.

LAZARUS here. it's not us. we don't hack. just a information campaign

Whomstested are you referring to?
Options so far:

lazarus sounds like shit.


you don't know what a information campaign is, do you? also - since most of you stay on infinity, you haven't seen the difference LAZARUS has already made.

It's a Disinfo campaign. Anyone telling you who is doing all of this is leading you around like a jackass. People won't do their own research, so they need some faggot, political profit to tell them everything is fine. Meanwhile, Trump is surrounded by Goldman Sachs, is doing Israel's bidding and has flipped on Iran. Get ready, lads; it's about to get wild if they're shilling this hard.

good thinking, that's why I wrote "indicated" :^)
Something weird is going on, possibly even a false flag?

another short pause ~10 minutes ago

(((they))) are shutting it down and it's been proven countless times the 4cuck mod team is complicit with sharecuck. today may be the day of the happenings and they're going to try and prevent the info from getting to as many people as possible by trying to shut it down - but it's likely going to backfire massively in their fucking faces.

Usually shill threads have the biggest count as they are baitable and retards just can't organize to Sage them. At this point we don't know if mods are doign good work or not.

anyone who is interested, we have a rbot that spits out real-time feed of new posts to 4cuck Holla Forums on #lazarus-spam

Looks like shills are surrendering and instead of the typical shitpost they re straight up destroying the whole website now

no but feel free to elaborate

since the kick off of MPGA and LAZARUS we have seen a counter shilling movement the likes of which hasn't been present since election time.

users are routinely dropping redpills in slide threads and effectively counter shilling. we've weaponized the userbase against shill moderation and it's only picking up speed at this point.

big if true

Yeah, keep taking that nuspeak right up your ass user.

Would totally join if not the gay cryptonym


There have been multiple "Pro-Isreal" threads on cuckchan Holla Forums in the past few days, if that doesn't tell you anything…

LAZARUS, a code name


it's nt a fucking code name. LAZARUS = to rise from the dead.

Operation LAZARUS, bring 4cuck back from the dead

wasn't very hard to figure out now was it


CP is posted everyday and the site runs normally. My bet is on sheer incompetence and niggatry of Hiroshima and his cronies.

Code name usually has ties to target or purpose of action like Heimdall (a god whose power was "to see for a hundred miles") – long-range radar. LAZARUS is a code name, no matter how obvious one pal.


Operation LAZARUS is made by the same people who make /htg/ /atg/ and a bunch of other honeypot shill threads.

LAZARUS is not legitimate.


wtf is operation lazarus

this is operation LAZARUS

i still wondering how

So a larp


no, a counter-shilling information campaign. and it's worked quite fucking well over the past few weeks

shills worked as usual with the same bait threads

and the userbase has became angered and weaponized just like intended. they're calling out shillmods way fucking more, posting more redpill threads, and dropping redpills in shill slides just like intended.

the operation is a success and we haven't got to the next phase yet which will seriously cause some fucking problems for sharecuck/JIDF

Shit satan, does this mean Holla Forumsacks are fighting for their home? If we are able to get it back, we can spill more redpills due to how big of a dent 4chan has on the normie culture. Retaking 4/pol/ will make massive gains in the long term.

Yes, we are taking 4cuck back by force.

Phase 2 will involve undeniable evidence of shill forces that will effectively debilitate their entire fucking agenda.


Well I don't know if you're one of the organizers of operation lazarus but we're pretty pissed off right now. Just have post some webm, gifs and pcitures of elite pedofucking little girls and we'll send it everywhere because we're fucking bored.

I'm one of the organizers but I dont have access to any of that. If I did it'd be spread wide and far

nah, its down, just tried to upload a picture.
Someone managed to make a new thread tho

Crypto-Shekel or GTFO

so what's next part of the plan

Why don't you go there and start doing shit. The plan is pretty simple, I already sage shit threads and tell faggots to kill themselves.

Honestly only I and other key members of the operation are aware of it at this time… should be launched in 7-10 days.

It kinda seems like you've got glorious task,yet one that includes fighting against windmills.
If it's bots who spam those threads first thing to do is get stronger anti bot protection - better captcha.
Then you can use your manpower to either flood subreddits where they gather or try to infiltrate them.


captcha is useless against the bots

4cuck literally gives the bots a go ahead to shitup the catalog without even having to use the captcha


That's why we need better protection

like what
posting big redpill text files that no one reads
there's so many times somebody can others a faggot in an hour until it gets stale
ASCII pictures is autism which I don't have

ok see ya then, they seem to delete random threads and maybe shadowban different IP's. Seen it happen to a thread of mine. Maybe they plan to only let the generals go up and their bait threads.

What's with the spam of this chick? Could you not do that?

Anyone else getting a connection error when trying to post, even without pictures?

Yeah, here too

i decided to block the scripts just to be greeted with an unfamiliar


Well, you can make threads with images again, however you cannot post images in threads. It has been hours and Hiro is still not responding to anybody. This is either something on Cloudfare's end or this is a massive DDOS attack

I can't post any thing on half chan but here is just slower than usual.

inb4 go back to half chan. lurking grants clear sight.

You can make new threads with images, but you cannot post images in threads it seems. Its gone back to a text board like thing, which honestly isn't a bad idea.

I managed to make one post, which of course was a lazy shitpost I didn't read over since I expected it to no work, then when I deleted it to fix it, it doesn't work.

The only explanation I can come up with for Hiro is that he is not paying the image server bill anymore. Its possible costs have gotten so high he's not bothering with it anymore. Hiro is a cheap ass so I am not shocked.

Mods on IRC continue to say there is nothing they can do on their end because they themselves cannot get in contact with Hiro. This is a major problem. If Hiro never gave the mods a way to directly contact him, it would explain why things on 4chan are so fucked


Difference is Hiro is smart about being a scumbag, moot was just a luggage lad who got cucked by his gawker girlfriend. Speaking of which, did anyone actually dox her or go after her IRL?

I would be wary of 4chan being text only guys. redditors might end up coming here instead.


That's actually a good thing. Do you have any idea how much quality will go up with no newfags to post shitty wojak and pepe images? This will legit scare off normies

Well it's not going to help when the kiddies look up "4chan is dead" and "other chans" on jewgle and find 8ch and maybe masterch.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

someone is using:
(a very recent exploit) to find the origin image servers' ip, and ddosing it. that is what is causing this shit storm.

mods, admins, gookmoot restrict network access to the specific image servers CloudFlare IP

The site has literally got malware built in.
Fuck that. Just make a new board about aesthetics of culture.


Which one of you faggots posted this

go back to shilling this on cuck chan you fucking faggot. No screen shits, no Holla Forums.

I though hate chan wasn't listed on jewgle.

it's anuhdda shoah, oy vey!

But its on the officall chan links

And plus even if it links to they will find way to


8ch has been getting constant 502 bad gateways for the past 20 mins too

I just got a cloudflare dns error message when trying to click on a thread here. :/

Yea same, Something is going on. There was a "confirmed rumor" that 4chan cant sustain server costs and will be shutting down.

Posting is slowing down again, also looks like whoever is DDOSing halfchan is going after us now. This is coordinated

I've been hearing that as well. There's no proof though. And if Hiro does shut down 4chan people will go after him and make his life a living hell. He needs to come out and address this flat out.

infinity seems to be working fine for me atm

i take that back, took way longer to post than usual

Telling you whoever is going after 4chan is hitting us now

Confirmed slower than usual what's happening? Coordinated ddos?

Maybe it's a military format because the treasonous nature has them applying a military brief format to proceedings?

Just a thought

are we next?

I got banned from Holla Forums for not knowing a stupid ass meme, for two days. Never got banned from 4chan in almost 10 years.

Fuck. What do we do? Orders?

Is this board accepting refugees , where do i apply?

What happened here? I missed it.
Whenever Assange shit goes down, people should be watching the blockchain.
Coincidentally, this address started posting a shitload today:
This address was also one of the ones thought to be a part of Assange's DMS back on DAK.

I read about this idea in a different thread and it seem like a good tactic:To spread fake version then go "ha ha you got played"-it might discourage people from trusting and reposting Chan content ,and an argument mentioned when I read about it was also that anybody that wants to drop some info is more likely going to do it on a Chan than on Wikileaks
On the other hand ,even if the content of the image is faked , the name of the issue and the issue is would still be real , and people would still investigate
Logically you should take no single source as ultimate truth not even a Chan,but we are often the only source on newest events
(on jews it's simpler , there are books and history that also provide source)

That would result in either us raiding , making a more secure one or going offline "this is it"mode ,
Untactical at least to actually shut both down for good