Holocaust Denial Day

We need to have a “holohoax exposure Day”, in the same way there is a “Draw mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Day”.

If millions participate, they cannot imprison all of us.

We can set up a day: for instance May 14th, which is the day Israel was created.

People can be creative, make jokes, make songs, make fun, etc.

Set up a date, spread the word, and let it play out. It can spread like wildfire and go viral. The (((newspapers))) might report on it.. which will make it spread even more.

Remember they could intimidate the Dutch cartoonists, but when millions started drawing mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker, there was nothing they could do.

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Oy vey, 6 million jews died for this post. Only you can prevent holocausts

it's not denial, you shillcuck, it's common sense

Holocaust Remembrance Day is already Holla Forums's defacto Holohoax Exposure Day

don't use the Jew's own language. It is called revisionism, or if you want to, realism.

That said this is a good op idea. Have people print out holohoax redpill posters just like my borders my choice and iotbw and spread them out on 14 May.


maybe instead of a holocaust memorial day make it about something else that blows the fuck out of the holohoax in a way that will make them kvetch like never before. This way the goyim will see them kvetching for no fucking reason at all.

That shit is backfiring. And its backfiring in huge ways. Do not forget how the memes work.

William Pierce - Thoughts on the Holocaust


The best way to piss off kikes is to call the Judeo-Bolshevik mass murder of Russians 'the holocaust.'

April 20 should be the day.
4/20 1488

4/20 is weed day to the normies

Yes I know. We could hijack all the hashtags.

Fuck off redditor. Every day is holohoax exposure day.

Go back to school you stupid fucking cunts. If it is untrue, it is UNFUCKING TRUE.


I know "denial" is the kike-term and "revisionist" is the white man's term but, honestly, "denial" seems way more convincing ("It didn't happen. period.") while "revisionism" sounds like "I'm not entirely convinced, you know? i'm kinda skeptic… let's review the data…"

You mean like exposing the conspiracy claiming the earth is round?

You mean the real one? Oy vey!

I am willing to let a jew face fuck you before you both get thrown into the oven.

Always push the envelope.

That's something I learned from Trump:

If you want the media to highlight the real percentage of black crime, for instance, say "blacks commit 98% of all crime!!".

The media will respond with "That's racist and xenophobic and discrimatory and colonialist! BLACKS ONLY COMMIT 73% OF ALL CRIME!!!"

You're talking with someone about the NBA? Tell them how you saw this crazy guy talking about how Jews own the NBA, just because 22 of out 30 presidents of NBA teams are Jews. And you were like "No way! And so I did the the research! And it's actually just 13! AH! ONLY 13 OUT OF 30 NBA PRESIDENTS ARE JEWS! TAKE THAT!"


May 14th gives us plenty of time to push this.

But this user has a point as well

The name itself should be a part of the killshot.

We should organize a set of the ~15 pieces of evidence most likely to convince a liberal, put the arguments into an infographic like pic related and call it 15 Arguments Day (15th of August?). The arguments can be decided upon by getting anons to give the single piece of evidence that finally convinced them, and then picking the best.

That way, the media is forced to put out shitty "debunking the 15 Arguments" articles, or if they're too hard to debunk, would at least get people to look up what the arguments are.

Cities in Japan were firebombed. No atomic bombs. WWII propaganda film by the OWI

Cole in Auschwitz

This is why you fucks get filtered.


May 14th it is then

Friendly reminder that holohoax exposure is illegal. Why don't your follow you glorious leader? Are you kike?

Fake and gay. Sage.