Hi Holla Forums. As communism is still looked upon as a serious ideology, i want to understand how it's supposed to work. I understand that it involves equal pay for all members of society, independent on class and education. What i don't understand is how you are supposed progress as a society when members of this society don't recieve any kind of reward for being efficient, as they recieve an equal amount of pay anyways.
An example. A farmer invents a new and more efficient method of harvesting his corn. Ususally in a capitalist society, this farmer would have been able to make more money because of his more efficient methods. In a communist society, however, the farmer would not have been at an advantage even if he was more efficient, because he would still recieve pay equal to all other farmers using the old method of harvesting corn. That's why, in a communist society, people are a lot less likely to invent new things or new ways of doing things, as they would not benefit anyways. This also makes it more likely that the people will be slacking off instead of doing their work properly, as it would not affect their pay.


How is communism supposed to be superior to capitalism, or any other ideology? Does it even work?

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"Judaism is communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society. It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race." - (((Rabbi Harry Waton))) (1939)

From the book:
A Program For The Jews and Humanity (1939)

Communism: A TL;DR

What i want to know is not wether or not (((da joos))) invented communism, though they most likely did as most communist leaders are jewish. I want to know, hopefully from a communist, how they think communism is supposed to work, and why they think that it is superior to other ideologies.

Marx was not only a jew, he was a nephew of Baron Rothschild.

Communism is a joke. "Equal pay" is the least of its economic problems. Failure to use market pricing leads to the The Economic Calculation Problem. So communist societies cannot function at any significant size (approx the size of a human family / tribe). You need real market pricing and trade to coordinate efficiently above that size. That is why communism is always a failure when it is forced on millions. Its pretty fucking simple, logic-wise, but the underlying motivation for supporting communism, envy and the prospect of stealing what is yours, is too strong for most morally deficient people (the far left) to resist.

Thank you for a precise answer not involving (((da joos >:())).

It isn't. Marx gambled on certain things happening and lost to history not working out the way he thought.

and a freemason.

It is literally the end-game of judaism you insufferable cuckold.

Post soviet here. They used to say everyone was equally poor. I could tell how shit it was a bit more, but look at North Korea.

Meant to say "stealing what is "not" yours

Basically the Jews stumbled upon a superweapon-level meme, Communism. Despite the genuine ignorance and retardation of low-level communists, at the highest levels, the management of a communist government does not actually believe their own propoganda. They simply abuse it as a tool to control the goyim.

It probably is, though i only wanted to know why some people think that it might work. I already know *what* it is, though i want to know why people still believe in it. Some can probably be called ignorant and just plain stupid, but i believe that there are at least some actual commies out there with legitimate reasons for believing in communism. I want to know why that is. Simply refrencing (((them))) doesn't serve any purpose here.

So Marx took a chance on distinct but unnameable events taking place, but lost because something that had happened in the past didn't also happen in the future.
It's almost as if your previous toin coss doesn't affect the outcome of your next coin toss. What a great mind, I can see why he was admired and his followers are so logical.

Again, for most it's just simple envy and economic illiteracy aka inability to comprehend the implications of their deranged ideology.

It's pretty simple. There are 2 classes. The slave masters(bourgeoisie) and the slaves(proletariat). If you're not part of the kike tribe or an extremely good goy, chances are you're a slave.

Well, first you're gonna need some jews coming in from somewhere else.
Your local Christianity or sleeper kikes will let them in, no worries.

Then you let the kikes grow a bit by allowing them to use your laws and right against you until they can do everything your laws and rights entail but you can not.

Then you wait a few years while the kikes grow bolder and bolder and your population goes nuts, being retarded.

At some point your country stops wanting to be retarded and the kikes get purged but they mostly flee.
It's usually the domestic commies that get butchered while the kikes get away.

Then your country is sensible for a while while another country goes behindert like that.

That's basically it.

This is a good response, but it is also the easy way to explain it. All commies cannot be called deranged, a few, if only one person, must have a real reason for believing in it. I think only a real communist can give me the response i'm looking for.

Simply put it isn't supposed to work. That's why lefties make a shitton of excuses like "not real communism/socialism" when a country gets fucked hard when it is in place, or they will say "if we x amount of more years it would've worked but the evil capitalists/fascists ruined it". I've seen plenty of rabid lefties claiming that Venezuela is ruined thanks to capitalism but not thanks to the years of socialism it has faced. They don't dare to admit mistakes because that would show people that are not big into politics that this shit just doesn't work and quite frankly they always target people that have no idea what they support. They also mostly push a "revolution", mass murder or pure corruption and lies in order to get what they want.

They also in fight a lot killing each other for not being communist enough etc when they have what they want, making everything collapse even further while others have to clean up the shit in the aftermath.

They also keep blaming capitalism as the ultimate evil, it has it share fair of problems indeed but it is easy to blame as we all have to face money troubles one way or another, especially if you're young and a college student (and they target these young people the most). It's relateable and easy to blame therefor it can easy catered to the people that won't go deep into politics or ideologies.

Communists don't offer solutions either it's simply "x is bad because x is bad". Which is of course easy to do in whatever case.

The weakest half of society stand to gain from communism, or so they believe. It's an appeal to greed, envy & victim complex. Most communist types feel they'red owed by succesful people, didn't your mom ever teach you to share!?.. It's childish, but understandable. The real redpill is realizing that this mentality is being encouraged & weaponized against strong, succesful, independant people. It's no accident these are the same people who support gun control, they're scared. The thought of an armed free agent is nightmare tier to them, because they don't understand nor desire independance.

Read their books, don't ask on the internet, even less, on anti-groups

Communism doesn't propose that, that's the kind of retarded shit you believe when you educate yourself on internet forums
blablabla the rest of your text is rambling about the first fake "understanding" of yours..

It's not supposed to work. Communists have only two operating principles:
1. Theft (living off other people’s labor)
2. Desecration (defiling anything that they don’t like, which changes by the hour)
The purpose of communism is to reduce everything to zero. They are the cult of abolitionism, the religion of death and decay, which is only cured with bullets.

China is going to be the bigest economy in the world, and it's a commie country, despite how much it butthurst some guys on here.

I can't recomend you any book since i'm not a commie but you could start by asking on here >>Holla Forums

That's where you're wrong kiddo. Deranged or brainwashed. Have you not taken any notice of how many willingly spout the commie fallacies, when they are demonstrably false. Even when their ideology is laid bare as wrong, they return presently saying the exact same things with an air of assurance and experience.
That, my friend is deranged or brainwashed.

Also OP, read the book Rules for Radicals. It might shed some light of how they do it and how they get away with it.

What I also advice is reading Karl Marx's shit and try to employ whatever he wanted into our times. You will probably have a hard time of doing so, which is why communism can only be placed after a so called "revolution" as it simply wouldn't go anywhere if they where to play by the rules. Communists strives on the scrapes of the people they've murdered, only to get destroy themselves by their selves. They also strive on strength in numbers which is why a lot of these communists are low quality bottom of the barrel people.

Neither do communists. They can't grasp that rewards (increased pay) mean increased production quantity or quality, or both. They do not grasp that happy workers make for happy customers.
The citizens of soviet Russia had a saying which sums it up well:

I have to say, i love how "nazis" on here love capitalism so much. Kids, if you think capitalism is great, you are not nazis, you are nothing but the new baked wave of republican voters

Kill yourself leftykike

Spotted the chink.

Well, he banked on capitalism becoming increasingly unbearable to the average worker when instead it became more convenient and actually increased the well-being of the majority of people (to a degree and for a time).

Case in point here. You can only steal shit from others and claim it as your own, just as you always do.

Sure, it's ok to admit it mate.

China is the fascist's wet dream, Mussolini would be very content with what the PRC became.

Hitler took government control of Germany's currency and still had a free market, with minimal oversight from the government itself beyond making sure price fixing/gouging wasn't a thing.
What would you suggest, oh wise one?

Yes, they can. There are two types, user: (1) the useful idiots and (2) the malicious opportunists. Communists who belong to (1) are deranged because they cannot see where their ideology leads. They are literally unable to comprehend the consequences of their ideology in the same way that a chimpanzee cannot comprehend the long term consequences of ripping off your face.
Communists who belong to (2) are also deranged, but for a different reason. They understand, or at least suspect, that their ideology is destructive, but they choose to ignore that because they are also smart enough to figure out how to manipulate the system to their advantage and they don't want to give up their position / material wealth.
Communists over the age of 30 are basically almost exclusively subhuman trash: deranged, dangerous and worthy of immediate removal from the genepool.

Main purpose of communism is to gain leadership positions, subvert the lowest class of the population and have it kill the middle and upper class through murder and starvation, finally leading to the complete self-destruction of the nation. Once the hostnation has completely stopped working or forcefully expells the kikes responsible, they will leave to another country with all the bounty they've gained and try to repeat the process, either through merchendise or claiming the previous nation is hunting them and ask for protection in the new country.

This has repeated itself for the last 2000+ years, led to partial or full destruction of many nations and has proven just expelling them is not working in the long run. You're welcome.

I don't see anyone advocating capitalism as THE perfect system, especially when you consider that the "capitalist bigwig" and "greedy jew" stereotypes are one and the same.

without the
talk communism is suppost to be something like this

how to get to that is suppost to be sth like this

really thats about it.
aside from the logistical impossibility and the practical fragility of such an attempt in the modern defacto world theres a whole bunch of other flaws, like corruption and other crap you can read about in Animal farm,
then theres also the always scourging stupidity of the masses that succumb to those cehap tricks in the first place and wont do shit if theyre not disciplined, which inturn automatically means some kind of a hirearchy and repressive apparatus.

overall troughout history this pretty story was used as a carrot on the stick for the masses. anyone who wasnt cannonfodder was smart enough to know the real rules of the game and climb up the ladder.
the USSR was just another country run by an elite with a different color of a system, its essentially all the same (muh communism/democracy/fascism/X system); big guys sitting ontop of the masses giving them a pretty picture to look at and telling them that the other big guys picture is worse

t. a former commie that went to study this sociology crap in university and went so far into it he realised that its just retarded

>(((da joos >:())).

>(((da joos)))
You're going to hear about them if want to discuss communism you whiny little nigger. If it's too antisemetic, go back to r/thedonald >>>/reddit/

Hi fellow CIA

I sugest you to clear up your mind, is the state intervention socialist/communist or is it fascist? Don't just randomly rage about things you don't like when you don't even know what you defend.

butthurted about the truth? Sorry you can't handle it

Yes it is, but it calls itself communist and isn't capitalist so..

I do see a lot of people repeating here on pol that any state intervention can be called socialism, and that's the retarded kind of speech you could only find on the american republican party

crony capitalism is communism, the bourgiosie are the central bankers and the cartels of the ftse and nasdaq 100.
What else do you call an elite that don't follow the same rules as the ordinary slave. Rules they enforce.

why was he a bum for most of is life then? engels had to house him

You're wrong. People here are critical of capitalism either way. This doesn't mean they they'll weep and cry wolf constantly about it. Again it has it's troubles and no one is denying this.

Also Hitler pulled the German economy out of the gold standard, forming a new currency and pulled out of the internal banks. That was the critiques they had at the time and they changed it as such instead of killing off everything completely and fucking people over by taking away everything they owned.

Calling a man a woman won't change the man magically into a woman, it only makes you look like a fool.
Every time.

Too lazy to do anything of value and leeching off other people. Quite ironic as it reflects within the people that love him today.

so are countless other rotschild family members. but theyre still richer then everyone on this board

That's true enough. But once a leech gets too bloated it will splat and die.

Communism's sole purpose is to create a society where kikes are the ruling class and own literally 100% of everything while the goyim live in poverty and rubble. Which it does really well. So in that respect it actually works.

What communism doesn't do, is anything whatsoever it claims to do on the surface.

first of all such kind of karma talk is bullshit to keep the masses subservient and in order with false hope. its the same crap as everything trough history
second of all how does that prove marx was a close rothschild associate and family member if he was bum dragging his family trough the streets of london?

That's not what a meritocracy is at all, user.

Yup. Its an exploit that works on people who have never really worked, because it plays on the value of "fairness".
Fairness is really the negative of "Not-Fair" which is the pereniall cry of children. Advocating Communism is how an adult shrieks "Not Fair!" It end result should be a pacification of the soul, but to get there it requires investing the State with the power of the Parent and removing it from the individual. In essence communists want to go back to being children and having someone else decide how resources should be allocated. In other words, all ACTUAL communists are dupes. Its a political philosopy tailor-made for hijacking by psychopaths.
It is most efficient whenever a group hasn't got sufficient capital to apply the Pareto principle to the allocation of productive resources and remains suboptimal but socially viable while the group stays under Dunbar's #. After that, it becomes a trick played on the gullible by the (((cunning))).

You can look up his bloodline, family tree and ties he had to people or research it yourself if you're so unsure.

How does make him less close to the Rothschilds? It's strange either way I give you that. Maybe he got told to fuck off and take care of his own shit. Hell if I know.

Desert religions work mostly like that yes.


You reflect yourself by your actions and people will pick up on it or might get inspired or disgusted by it. I didn't meant it as a karma thing.


Which means it doesn't only apply to that.


is there any specific source that isnt a shady (citation needed) web article etc, because i still put things on credibility. and so far it just seems that people connect the two because it sounds like something theyd wanna hear

any 17th cousin to the rothschilds probably has his own bank or corporation today, and back then when the rothschilds werent even a spread out family he was still a bum?

desert religions seem to dominate the world today

in a close community of equals perhaps. in the broader society shit floeats to the top and everyone is a boot licker

work our ass off at the law firm for 30 years
you just didnt work hard enough goy

No it's not designed to be superior, it's supposed to give unlimited power to those propagating it: the Jews. Which means shalom or "world peace" in their religion. And of course 2500 goyim slaves for every kike.
Their best known mantra is: Religion is the opium of the masses.
And by religion the mean sex, personality, actual religion, ethnicity, etc.
They basically want to make the Borg out of humans.

And both are completely different systems.
Even you fell for their propaganda.

It works brilliantly. It's main weapon is D&C and Hegelian dialectics which you can clearly see in their usual inciting of dumb people against the Other:
By dividing people you make them weaker to resist you. And by slowly pushing the limits they force the opponent to go with them.
And in time communists infiltrate and lead both parties in question themselves f.e.
The end synthesis is the jewish plutocrats incorporating more and more socialism until they both become the same.
Modern world economy is basically an illusion and is centrally planned through central banking.
Look up the history of feminism. While noble it got completely subverted by jewish women after 1900'. They cite Rosa Luxemburg as one of the most influential feminists.
It's basically capitalist vs. communist but insert everyone on earth vs white man becouse they dominated and still do.
It's combined with war economies and socialist welfare systems to create war torn regions that ejects imigrants who go to white countries and breed on free dole the the natives provide. All the while the natives can't have kids becouse the jewish plutocrat wrecked the economy so it goes to shit SLOWLY. The goy doesn't die from starving but goes into slow decline.
So basically the white man chokes himself while funding the rat flood that slowly eats it's country and votes in communism in the end.

China has state capitalism. The ideology is still communism.
Which in it's essence means totalitarian control.
A commie will use any tool to get the NWO prize. Even shove dildoes up their asses if it meant power.

Getting payed is a capitalist idea. I think they just get an equal ration of goods from the government.

That’s called nepotism, you stupid nigger. You’re not arguing anything, just proving how misguided and foolish you are

People and Fatherland. Capitalists with that principle are welcome. Commies are never welcome. Shoot on sight.

To give you a starting point his real name is Chaim Hirschel Mordechai. His cousin was Lionel de Rothschild.

That is not true. They spread out during Napoleons time, 5 sons if I remember it correctly and then settled with the mission to control the economics and banks in the countries they settled. Which they did. Again, him being a bum won't make him less of a jew or Rothshild.

Sure and that is a problem in itself.

I wonder which board uses that expression constantly. Then again if someone doesn't dig deep that's all on them.

That's all on you. You seem to think work only means working for a company or under a boss which is a false definition of work. If you work out properly you get rewarded with strength, muscle control and so on, it's still a form of work.

Commies got paid in coupons too, which is just another form of currency though they won't admit that because that's totally not capitalism.

GG mods.

its called the real world where anyone claiming we live in a meritocracy is retarded

one man cannot serve two masters. and you know who the idelaistic politicians end up serving

yeah ok. i guess communism works too if you work it "right" as someone specifies

ill look into it

in napoleons time one of his sons was already a major banker in London. And when waterloo ended he was the first to know, started selling bonds and stocks to make it seem england lost the war and to create a sale off frenzy which dropped prices to rock bottom. then he bought two thirds of england in a year

then whats the point of presenting him as a part of the rothschild thinktank if he wasnt in on it, even if his work was used as a carrot on a stick later? its a flatout slippery slope

i did learn it from wrongypol actually, because my first language isnt english. i wanted to write "they crawl up other peoples ass" but i tought that doesent translate well

Are you fucking retarded mate? Out of every 10 bucks of wealth created in 2017 8 went to the top 1%

Really think porkies do 80% of the labour round the world? They are the ones living of your labour.

all i could find were sources that track back to this one guys book that makes conections as credible as the last hitler related pics
anything more solid anywhere?

thanks hotpocket


because theres alot more imporant shit going on, but (((someone))) doesent want you to be critical of (((something))), so you have this chewed up spam thrads that have been done over a thousand times and anyone can find sauce for everywhere on the internet