Ongoing Holla Forums blackpill shilling. evidence

someone screencap all of these for proof before they disappear. I did my part.
and go ahead and consider this post

how am I supposed to react here? give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're all too busy in other threads? should I get really pissed off that nobody even gave this a single courtesy bump? I can't really know that this is reaching the people it should be reaching. I did my part, they slide this into oblivion because you faggots wont do anything, fine. they'll keep being a thorn in your side as long as you stay ignorant, not my fucking problem. you're welcome and bye bye.

This and the defeatism threads show that they're betting it all on a FUD campaign. This is normally their protocol for when they ran out of every other tactic. Defeatism means paralyzing the enemy, a basic psyop built around neutralizing the enemy so they believe every move is a futile move, to put the enemy in a faux-failure state.

Defeatist shills show up every so often but work almost always in concert with others. Weak-willed faggots start parroting them, masking their movements. Overall once you've read enough you'll recognize their posts by their composition and although it's a waste of energy to tear their posts apart, every defeatist post is invalid once you process them. They rely on Uncertainty more than any other component of the FUD campaign, keep that in mind.

Calm the fuck down dude. It's 8am burger time and 1pm for a good chunk of Euros. People are either sleeping, at work or getting ready for it. The boards on Holla Forums move slowly, in comparison to other imageboards. Your thread isn't going anywhere people will see it.

That said: Have a bump you whiny faggot.

Correct. Considering how incompetent these people are, i guess it took them several months to change the main approach. Notice how all the other shill narratives have nearly vanished, i think i haven't seen any trump-wall.jpg in a while, it's like they completely dropped it from one day to another because anons gradually stopped replying.
What baffles me though is how instead of coming up with something entirely new, they simply rotated their maintactic to another already used tactic we know in and out. I assume they decide their next move based on how many replies it generates, rather than how effective it is. We're dealing with utter morons.

I just block them. Sometimes I offer a courtesy post for the newerfags letting them know what's up. The one insidious thing they do is use TOR sometimes, thereby fucking over anons that may have a legit reason for TOR. Hence you often see this torfagging in threads that may have a sensistive doc drop.

you posted this bread at 6 in the morning, chill the fuck out

We are dealing with subversive kikes who deserve nothing less than the oven. That being said, I don't understand what they think the black pill demoralization shill tactics are going to do. The freight train of facts about FISA abuses is coming at them full speed, posting "nothing is going to happen goy" here isn't going to stop Nunes from releasing the memo and supporting docs. Even if we all become blackpilled to hell and back, its not going to stop what is coming. The wheels are already in motion and the plot is too far advanced.

The corruption will be laid bare for everybody to see, and I hope the evidence is enough to convince half the useful idiots on the other side that they are on the wrong side of history. Its going to be an amazing time in history to watch unfold.

DEFEATISM IS NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER! You have to come to terms with the fact that you are being lead by the nose with CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Alex jones Qanon and the like are designed to keep the millions at bay. The MILLIONS OF PATRIOTS THAT WANT JUSTICE WANT WHAT DONALD TRUMP PROMISED DURING HIS CAMPAIGN RUN. The pedo's need put in jail. The corrupt Government protecting the Federal Reserve Stealing AMERICA'S WEALTH NEEDS TO BE ABOLISHED.




I've seen this a lot lately, and that's absolutely not chan culture. It is however a normie "attack" in argumentation

Run along back to reddit and suck Q's cock.

The blackpill's implication is that when you've lost everything and don't care if you live or die, you'll be more likely to actually get off your ass and go make something happen. Thing is, no one will ever make anything happen and if we wait any longer the genocide will be complete.


Holy fuck.

Why do you have to be such a faggot about it though?

This is the quality of shills they have now. Look and laugh people.

Horseshit, jews are always called out on their deficits including the schizophrenia inherent in their genetic makeup.

I've been seeing a lot of black pill threads too. I try to call it out them multiple IDs try to troll me. It seems to be coordinated effort.

Kill yourself.

Black pilling is the only thing the left are able to do now. They know they're losing every single day. They just got cucked hard with the shutdown a few hours ago.

lol you have been put into physical pain simply through words

Its a bit of a gaslighting tactic. "Every single newspaper and TV show disagrees with you, goy, you are the crazy one, not the boomers who are destroying society."

It is a good sign that (((they))) have resorted to this and it is important to call it out so newer/more impressionable anons don't latch on to these thoughts.

I'm cross posting cause this is true.>>11176053

Some wisdom from an old man…….Shills post with their heads not their hearts. What happens when you disconnect your head from your heart? physical and mental SICKNESS. A 97 year old Buddhist told me this. Can you imagine these shills posting with their heads and not their hearts….imagine putting their heads on their pillows at night trying to justify their lies? no wonder the american left is so sick. Most anons have their heads and hearts connected….not these diseased fuckwits. rest easy anons keep your heads and your hearts connected and let the diseased shills wither and die.

Yes we should countersignal black pilling and thank you for making this thread OP.

I want to point a major black pill that anons still regularly engage on here is calling everyone (((controlled opposition))) or shill based on shitty speculation or nothing at all.

It happens way to often for public white activists (hmm…) and really anyone actually getting out there and speaking on our behalf.

That to me is far more demoralizing, it is explicitly carrying water for (((merchants))), doing their divisive work for them, and anons are falling for this "hang them on their principles" divisive tactic right out of rules for radicals.

In fact, last time I tried to countersignal this and stand up for people explicitly standing up for us, saying we owe others that are overtly white nationalists the benefit of the doubt, a mod banned me for 7 days citing "muh PR".

…talk about a fucking blackpill.



The blackpill shit is obvious as fuck. Even in that weird thread with the sovereign citizen shit they are going at it with blackpill + disinfo >repeatedly stating the same points that have been refuted through digging.

Not all but quite a bit of these shills have obviously been through advanced cointelpro doctrinal training. In otherwords its not just shareblue and interns, but also panicked glowinthedarkniggers who are furiously trying to stop us Could you imagine what it is like to be "the cream of the crop" of the intelligence community and get your shit pushed in repeatedly by what you had pegged as nothing but a bunch of 'socially outcasted retards that just wanted to play video games'? How many fucking dimensions of shamefur dispray is that?



Ya know what, this is the perfect thread for this:

When this is all said and done, do you really think your employer adequately protects your information? Do you really expect to not be held accountable for aiding and abetting a coup lead by a bunch of moloch worshipping pedophiles? Do you really think that there won't be public hangings once the common idiot is well aware that not only were hundreds of children raped by these fucks but also tortured and murdered for their pineal glands? Don't be shocked when it happens, you fucks have been warned countless times of the extent of the crimes you are committing by working for them.

thanks for destroying this board imkikey :^)

If I had to guess I would say that the standard blackpill stuff is what the shills "default" to.
What I mean is that if they have received no other orders from their (((masters))) they default back to blackpill.
Once they have their new narrative they then switch into pushing that. The problem with this is that Trump has been destroying their narratives almost the moment they start using them.
This leads to the shills pushing an already impotent narrative and they soon go back to the default blackpill stuff.

Holla Forums should start blackpilling the enemy. The time is right for blackpills.

It's incredible how one soyboy can fuck up this much, and still keep his job.

Why do they waste the time to do it here?

They're among wizards, that's why.